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REVIEWS OF Louisville Mega Cavern IN Kentucky

Kim Hight

I had been to the Christmas light show but had no idea about all the other things to do inside the Caverns. One of the best looking zip lines I have ever seen. Great place to take children but also a great for older people as well. Plan to take the trolley tour through the Christmas show this year. Great place to take out of town visitors.

Big Bore

Great time hands down. Kyle and Abby are the best!

Lori Winks

We had an awesome time! I’m afraid of heights, but I was ok with this because I was strapped in the whole time, there’s never any risk of falling. Our guides Ethan and Jordan were awesome!! They were fun and very friendly. We would definitely go back.

Jeffery Boggs

Interesting place if you have a few hours to spend. The Staff was wonderful and very knowledgeable. Our guide was Don and he was Awesome. I'll definitely be returning to take the drive during their Christmas event.

Aksh Aggarwal

Great fun for everyone. The tour was amazing and it explained everything about the mine.

Michele Bielema

Gage and Trey were amazing guides. We trusted them immediately with our safety and they never let us down. The ziplining is an amazing experience and so glad we did it.

Brody Anderson

We did the Mega Quest. Spent 2 hours climbing and exploring and ziplining underground. There were still parts of the course I didn't fully discover. Definitely want to go back.

Renee Giordano

Cam is the best! The electric bike was so much fun exploring the cave. CamTy was the coolest and so knowledgeable! Highly recommend this tour!!! Great times!!

Nancy Heaser

Enjoyed going thru the caves but the narration should be changed. Wish there would have been more information and facts. Should be giving the tour 2 stars because of the narration

Tabitha Taylor

We were first time zip-liners and had a great time! Our guides Jay and Jorden were THE BEST, EVER! They were knowledgeable, kind, friendly and funny. I didn't feel rushed or like it was dragged out. If you are trying to figure out if you should zip line at Mega Caverns, you should! If possible, request Jay and Jordan when making reservations. They won't disappoint!

Marcus Baucom

David and Sunny were great tour guides. Really had a great time with my wife and the group we went with

brynn Meredith

This was a great experience for the whole family and inexpensive. My almost 1 1/2 yr old didn't get too antsy during the driving tour of the cavern ( and there was room for her to walk in the aisle when we stopped.) It wasn't a horrible walk to the actual cavern either. When we come back we are forsure going to try out the ziplining

Mornin Acorn

We took the tram ride. While I don't doubt this would be a great place to drive through during the holiday season, I didn't really find the tram ride very interesting. Our guide was great but there were running trucks down there and the smell of exhaust at one point made me feel physically ill. The zipline and bike ride looked really interesting and fun though.

Lillie de Castro

Wear your jacket no matter what time of year... this is a different way to spend a day and have fun! Put it on your list of things to do in the Louisville area.

Audreyanna Hodge

Trey and Gage were the perfect people to guide us on the trip. They made jokes to ease you throughout the entire zip line. They were friendly and I’m definitely gonna come again. They made a scary experience into a good one.

Ethanclan neese

I would have given 5 stars had it not been for one of the employees. I have never came across a nastier person working with the public. The kids had a great time on the course and playing games! I would definitely recommend this place.. However I would stay very far away from the girl we were given. I didn't get her name I should have because she needs to be fired!

James Clifford

Savannah and Tiffany did a great job! I'm sure they tell the same jokes all the time but they did a real nice job being excited and entertaining. Tour itself was fun too

ReDonna Turner

Picked up the brochure at our hotel and drove an hour after checking hours and days of operation. Not a word was said about reservations. Read every inch of the brochure as well. Got there at 11 and we were told all reservations were full the rest of the day. I pointed out it was not printed to make reservations. She quickly told me everyone knows that. I told her we are from out of state so we would not know that. Wasted day of driving. Update your brochures! Your clerk literally said “oh well too bad”. Glad we spent our $300 elsewhere.

Derryck Holston

Great experience and Excellent service by the staff especially Jerrod! Don Green the tram driver was AWESOME! Very Funny as he educated us!

Benjamin Ramey

I really enjoyed myself this was the most fun I've had in a while. Trey and Gage was very fun tour guides they were very funny, and fun to be around they made the tour extra special

Douglas Baldwin

Ok, the tram ride itself is really cool. I could have done without the lame jokes, but our host was certainly working hard at it and I respect his efforts. The informative parts of the tram tour were amazing. To think it was all dug out by people, and it does go on and on. Would have liked to have been there for the Christmas lights. Some of my group also participated in the obstacle course which was well liked. You can also do dirt bike riding and intense zip lining if you so choose. Good restrooms and snack bar available.Fun way to spend an afternoon.

mobetta gaming

Ziplining was so much fun. Can't wait to do it again. Was such a fun scary experience

Jamie Fink

Very intresting. Took the tram tour, nice facts, only an hour, and easy since rode the whole way. Zip line and bike tours looked fun too!

Jodi Trierweiler

Came down for a girls weekend and we had a blast zip lining through the cavern. Anna and Emma were great guides!!! We will be back!!

Darhla Roberts

Penelope made this a delightful experience. It was very interesting and informative.

Arlene Butler

Very cool experience! Anna and Jacob took superb care of us!!! My husband and I zipped on 8 different lines in the cave. Took 2 1/2 hours. 900 ft was the longest. Some were very, very high up and you just stepped off the cliff to start!

Eleanor Roderick

This was fun and educational our tour guide Tiffany was awesome. We did the tram tour, next time maybe the zip line or mega quest

Scott Newby

It was a neat experience. We did the tram ride. Interesting history of the place - guide was great Penelope.

Cave Larry

Wasted time doing other things waiting for them to open just to find out that they open at 11 on Sundays but not all their attractions open at 11. The kid and I went to go to the zoo and be there when the zoo opened but it was way to crowded already so I thought about the adventure quest, so we waste time till they open at 11 to go and do that. We get there to be informed that that attraction does not open till after 12. Update your damn website with correct information so I don't get my child excited about doing something that we can't do and now don't have the time. Don't know if I'll come back!

Shareef Elkady

First of all the staff was very kind, welcoming and worked with us to accommodate our specific needs. We did the electric bike tour and I could not recommend it any higher. Trenton was our tour guide and was simply amazing. Not only does he spend as much time needed making sure you know how to operate the bike, but tailor makes the tour to accommodate your ability to ride it. That was the best tour I have ever been on and just an amazing experience Trenton and Mega Caverns curated for us. I highly highly recommend you take this tour if you can!

Cailin white

Wow, so cool! Tour guides Anna and Aaron were funny, patient and helpful. A total blast, highly recommend!

Kirstie Smith

I had so much fun in the ziplines! I was nervous at first but quickly started to enjoy myself. The Cavern was beautiful and the guides Aaron and Trey were fun and entertaining. Would definitely recommend checking it out!

David Bitter

Super solid time! Trey and Dustin were great guides. They were knowledgeable about the caves and did a great job of safely guiding our group through the zip lining tour. It’s a massive space, and the experience of zip lining underground is one that I will never forget!

Terri Schmidt

Tram tour was great. Our tour guide Jarrod was wonderful. Loved learning the mine history. Our kids had a blast. Next visit we will try the zip line

Chris Clark

This review is for the Lights Under Louisville during the holidays. It feels like it never ends and is great for the whole family. The lights and sounds get you in the season greetings. I plan on go with my family ever year. I would recommend going during the week to help with crowds.

Sylvia Gordon

A fantastic family event. I took four of my kids and no one has ever used a mountain bike before. It was terrifying! The first hill into the cavern is a big one, but everyone had a wonderful time! We learned a lot of new skills and got really confident by the end of the day. A great way to spend a winter day as it’s warm down there.

Vernon Sproul

Amazing a must see for anyone going to Louisville area. Very interesting and informative. Highly recommend. Very educational for kids as well.

Chery Harkness

John and I really enjoyed the Mega Caverns. I can remember the lady's name but we're at the 1pm tour.

Kevin Sandes

I normally would really like something interesting like this however today I found the tram tour to be kinda boring, not well done with the history displays along the route. Although I liked the last 15min I thought it should have been over 20min ago. Surely the zip lines would be fun.

Jason Ferris

Tour guides were Dave and Dustin for 1:30 tour on 8/3/19. This was a birthday gift and it was great. I've zipped before, and they did a great job of entertaining us and taking care of us on the entire trip. They hook and unhook you, so no risk of falling or messing up. They basically catch you at the end, so no sliding on the ground to stop, etc... The 6 zips ramp up in intensity as you go and it's about the perfect amount of time. Really had a great time, worth the money and I'll definitely go back in a few years.

stephanie marshall

Did a walking tour w/ Tiffany , she knows her stuff , excellent job on the story of the caverns.

Julie Wollerman

Great time! Long and fast zips. Clay and Rich are awesome guides.

christie s

Just finished the ziplining tour. Emma and Rich did a great job. They told us a little bit about the history of the caverns and were very personable. I would highly recommend checking out the Mega caverns.

Justin Amrhein

My wife and I visited Louisville for the first time last year. This seemed to be highly recommended so we stopped by while in town. I cannot emphasize this more, that this was one of the best highlights of our trip. A year later and we're still talking about this place to friends who say they're traveling to Louisville. Definitely worth a visit! Derek and Trevor were our guides and they were so funny and made our first time zip lining a wonderful experience. Two thumbs up!

Mason Johnson

We did just the tram tour. Went on a Thursday around noon, not packed and didn't have to wait. Don was our tour guide and he was hilarious. Treated the small group he had like it was full, cracking jokes and teaching about the caverns.

Tim Cole

Perfect experience on the e-bike tour! Don’t worry about a “wait” because you can book ahead. Tour guide was friendly, knowledgeable, and had great humor. Was a great time!

Louise Blazucki

We loved our visit here. Very interesting and something for all ages. We took the tour on the Jeep, but we will come back for Christmas and to do the zip line.

Michael Shepard

Once in a lifetime kind of experience. The scale of it is monumental. The tour guides are friendly and knowledgeable. It is a great trip into the Cold War Era and the preparations our government took in the event of nuclear disaster. The caverns are cool. If you chill easily, bring a jacket. It is bumpy in a couple places, but is not really bad (like a large speed bump). A truly good time and is shockingly affordable for families. Also the world's only indoor zip lines (additional charge) for a course of 8 lines (longest is 900 feet). As well as a cool high ropes course to conquer. I highly recommend this attraction. Really has something for everyone.

Tom Soto

What an amazing time I had there with my friends place is massive did the Ebike tour would highly recommend. Probably the best value excursion I have ever done Trenton was Awesome had us laughing the entire time and was knowledgeable of the cavern and its history!

CC Bram

Wow. I did a Zip Line again, and I AM afraid of heights. These are in Louisville, KY...MEGA Cavern. 6 Zip Lines in a former limestone quarry. The last one was terrifying...up 3 large steps & you jump into the the 5-6 story deep cavern. We had the best zip line guides: Trey & Anna Gail. Trey was fantastic w/ me especially w/ the last zip line as that one is very high up.

DJ Dycus

My experience here was absolutely amazing. I was in Indiana for work and decided to come down for some adrenaline fueled fun. What I got was so much more. Abby and Savannah are stellar guides. They are funny, entertaining, and engaging. They gracefully lead our group through the course. Always keeping safety their top priority while aslo inspiring us to push ourselves. Told jokes and made sure everyone was comfortable and entertained. I highly recommend this if you are in the area and if you're not then the drive is definitely worth it. Thank you Abby and Savannah for such a wonderful time. Also while I may of won against Abby on the final zipline I do believe I may of jumped the gun a little partly from nervousness and excitement.

Michael Smith

We took our granddaughter on the Mega Zip trip and had a blast! It was our first time on a zip line and didn’t know what to expect. Clay and Jordyn did an excellent job of calming fears and checking all of the safety gear and harnesses. They gave tips and ideas to help make the experience the best possible. I highly recommend this trip for a fun family trip.

David Shen

Excellent place to visit. We did the mega zips with Richard and Trey and it was a great experience. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the area or passing close to Louisville.

Kym Townsend

I loved it! Savannah and Abby were our guides they made the experience very enjoyable for someone who was scared out of their mind. However it was awesome totally would suggest this 2 anyone!!!

Bart W

Terrific guides and a great experience. Super easy to do by a novice as the guides do everything for you

Hallie Repovich

Most amazing family time I’ve had in ages. Super fun and adventurous. Fun facts all the way through with jordyn and Dustin were amazing. They took super good care of all of us and were so fun to be around.


I had a blast here. Did the adventure alone and only did the zip lining....they have a mega course that's great for a family experience with kids. The cave zip lining and the guides were so much fun!

Jaclyn Perez

Went on the tram tour. Its fun for all ages! Our tour guide Don was hilarious, and we all had a great time! It got quite chilly so i would recommend bringing a light jacket.

Jenny Johnson

My husband and I had a great time! Coy and Jordan made us feel safe, allowing us to just relax and enjoy. Worth every cent!

Robert Henderson

Zip line experience was amazing. Our guides were Cassie and Jay— very knowledgeable and very safety conscious. Need to be fairly mobile and if you’re at all afraid of heights this isn’t for you. Great family fun—took our middle school-aged kids and they loved it.

Jonathan Cook

It was ok experience, just was under a different impression of what we would be seeing. I had expected to see large wide open caverns has they had been when excavated. I was disappointed to see that 80% of the height had been back filled in and it was more or less just a bunch of rocks on the Tram ride. It would have been great had a section been left untouched that we could have driven into. The kids thought it was alright but none of us said we would do it again.

Allanah Brady

Loved this experience! Highly encourage anyone in the area to go! Thrilling ziplines and, an experience you literally cannot find anywhere else in the world! Recommend strongly tour guides Jay & Tiffany:)

Jack Butler

Excellent place to check out for an underground zipline tour! We went back during the holidays to drive through their Christmas lights and it was really fun as well

Trevor Whited

What a cool place! And I'm not talking about the 60° that the cavern stays at year round! A great way to wear out an energetic kid by letting them climb all the ropes in the Mega Quest obstacle course. Or for the more adventurous bigger kids, try the Zip Line Tour! Or you can do like I did and take the Tram tour. Learn some geology and history with the very friendly tour guides! We had a great time. Can't wait to go back around Christmas time and see the lights!


The Mega Cavern is a waste of time. It's dark most of the tour and you can't see really anything. What you do see are just large 'rooms' which is not entertaining at all. Don, our tour guide, was very enjoyable and made the whole thing bearable.

Christy Thompson

Had an absolutely great time here, our guides Michal and Anna were amazing. Definitely recommend this place and these two ladies for a great day.

Bailey Schmitt

Great experience! We had a blast and I was so excited to see that they have multiple uses for such a large space underground. I can’t imagine how beautiful it is during their light show in December, we will definitely have to come back to see that.

Arania Perez

This place was pretty fun. Only downside is weight requirements for zip line. 50lbs-286lbs. But the littles got to climb the rocks while waiting for the tour.

Libby Malanowski

Our guides Ethan and Savannah were the best, they are both truly great and have great senses of humor, as well as making a person feel at ease throughout the entire course . The entire experience was amazing I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to have a memorable trip.

Julia Zygadlo

If you’re contemplating if it’s worth doing the electric bike tour, worry no more cause it is!!! We had an incredibly chill guide who made the tour feel less like a tour but more play with the electric bikes but don’t get hurt with some facts sprinkled in here and there. But it was a lot of fun, and the bikes will make you wish you bought one sooner in life! Not to mention the cave, to which as textbook boring as it sounds it’s really an experience anyone and everyone should try atleast once and enjoy!!


Had a fantastic time. Really a must if you're in the area. Couldn't recommend more. -SoyBoyRVA P.S. Also don't remember if this is part of the competition but Abby and Anna were 11/10 guides, would zip line again.

Brooke Schaaf

So much family fun!!! Our guides Abby and Emma made the experience even better and helped coach my daughter through her fear! Thanks for the great adventure!

Betty Mendelsohn Watson

I was scared my son's and husband loved it. The tour guides were wonderful talked me off the ledge more than once lol. I made it!!

Lance Stevenson

Great learning experience. My family comes from Kentucky coal mining so it was a great way to learn some family history.

Jane Bischof

Our guides Jody and Trey were focused on safety ans fun!

Shelby Gonterman

For $15 a person(actually we spent less with an online coupon I found) , this is a MUST DO! My 82 year old grandpa and I did the tram tour with Don at 6pm on a Wednesday and it was such a fun, cool, informative tour. Don has a great personality. I definitely will be back to zip line one day.

Emily H

Safe. Fun. Unique. My family went here to zipline last summer, and had so much fun that we came back during Christmas time for lights!

Eliot Engelking

Jacob and Rich are awesome. The whole staff I could tell were also incredibly nice. However, I really want to highlight Jacob and Rich. Super nice, funny, and professional. I wanted to have a good time but also be reassured I wasn't going to die (joking, kind of). They nailed being hilarious while having a calming, professional demeanor about them. The whole experience was extremely efficient and enhanced by their expertise and humor. Would highly recommend that anyone who wants to have a good time but also get out of your comfort zone go and give this a try. We kind of went on a whim so minimal planning went into it, which was kind of the beauty about it. If you have an urge to go ziplining, DO IT, it's terrifying, but you only live once. We will be back! Thanks guys!

Colleen Mcauliffe

Awesome zipline experience. Dustin and Trey are fantastic guides!!! Made are time so much fun. Thanks!!!

Carrie Tough

Its was very intresting and Thanks to Penelope for a great and funny experience.. these Canadians enjoy the journey

Krista Mitchell

Such a fun experience! Trenton was a super great guide, very knowledgeable and helpful. Went here for my birthday and had a great time.

Brittany Bullock

We had such a great time! We did the MegaQuest due to my son only being 6 but it was great. When we first seen it my husband and I weren't sure about how fun it'd actually be but most of the obstacles were challenging for even me! The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Driving up to thr entrance and seeing the caves is cool in itself. It is NOT cheap but I feel it was worth the cost.

Lizzy Castillo

It's a man-made cavern so it's different from a natural cave in many ways, but it's still fun if you enjoy going underground and getting some Louisville history. If you can spend $100, the zip line looks like a lot more fun!

b Blowers

Did the walking tour it was great are guide Sunny was amazing pick her

Sammie Smith

I was really nervous going into it but the tour guides we had,Kyle and Rich, were super nice and made everyone feel safe.10/10 recommend.

Jennifer Parkison

Penelope was awesome as our tram tour guide! She was so fun yet informative when she was teaching our group about the cavern. She even moved my family up an hour ahead from 5p instead of 6p to tour the cavern since we arrived early. Definitely a great experience everyone should try.

Jessica Keith

We went on the tram ride through the cave. Absolutely amazing experience, especially with the charm of our tour guy Don, he was super knowledgeable and hilarious! The sweatshirts and T-shirt’s are well priced. They also have tip jars for the workers so bring some cash! :)

Viking Pilot Car Services, LLC

OMG!! So cool. My wife and I had an amazing time. Thank you Anna and Rich. You guys did an awesome job. You guys are very knowledgeable and also had us laughing, which made the zip line tour even better. I highly recommend the tour.

George Spaeth

The tram ride was great with just us and our 3yo. Good ride, interesting information. Would be fun to come back and do the zip line course (looked amazing!) and my son really wants to do the rope course.

Emanuel Cuevas

Tremendous excursion with the super guide Penelope. I have never seen an employee with such enthusiasm have dedication to the public and their work. They made me and everyone on the tour feel the center of attention.


Our "tour guide" was Cameron and he was fantastic. It's about 50 min or so, if you are cold natured bring a sweater..stays around 58-60 degrees. I thought it was perfect temp wise. Had a very good time, my family loved it.

Bruce Gilbert

I'm terrified of heights, but it was still an amazing experience. Tour guides, Trey and Michal, made it as painless as possible. Both were personal and professional. Would definitely do it again.

Stephanie Finney

Good trip for family. Our 8 year old and 11 year old had a good time. Tour guides are fun.

Margaret Smith

We visited on 7/12/19, we did the tram tour. Overall its an awesome space to check out. The tour was longer than I expected. Our tour guide was Cameron, he did well with the little info he had to work with. There is a recording that plays, 2 female workers I guess. Didn't care for that part. I would suggest some kind of photo op during the tram ride. We recommend it though.

Cindy Haley

Emma and Anna, our guides, were hilarious. They did an excellent job of instructing our group and making sure we had a great time. The zip line was a unique experience that our family will remember for a long time. The cavern was a beautiful setting, and the cool temperature was icing on the cake. We’d highly recommend this adventure to anyone who wants to do something out of the ordinary on vacation!

Alex Gauthier

This is a must-do in your lifetime. And we plan on going back many more times! Our guides, Garrett and Anna were knowledgeable, entertaining and hilarious.

kristin nicole

This was our first zip line adventure, and it was amazing! We will definitely be back. Kevin and Jordan were awesome guides. They gave clear instructions, were funny, informative, and helpful. Everything you would want to make a great trip. Looking forward to coming back and we just left

Michele flaherty

I did the zip line tour with Ethan and Aaron, both were great and made me feel safe the entire time. Ethan is hilarious, love his sense of humor!! This is now in my bucket list to get my family out too from California, they will love it!

John Dwyer

I took the e-bike tour and it was fantastic and super fun. Our guide Cameron was terrific. He ran us an extra 20 minutes and knew his stuff. The underground zip line looks exciting and I will definitely try next time.

Brandon Duckett

This is such a great experience for the family. And to think it's under this great City.

Austin Stein

This was an unexpected gem of our small trip to Louisville. We saw a plethora of billboards advertising the attraction, and our original plans fell through. We arrived at the semi-hidden location to see an old mine. After a short jaunt through some iffy looking corridors, we came upon a massive play area. It looked geared towards kids, and our group of five were a bit skeptical. It was a blast. I'm a bit out of shape, but the course was super challenging and fun. For $30 per person, the Mega Quest course was easily the best part of the day. Would definitely recommend!

Iraida Avila

Very nice. Would do it again. Jordan was very good telling us the history of the Cavern.

Sarah Engstrom

The zip line tour is amazing and Abby and Savannah were awesome! They got us ready in minutes, and were not only quick and efficient to get every guest on and off each zip line, but they were hysterical and very fun to spend time with. The cavern is quite a fascinating site, and they made the overall experience even better with their outgoing personalities and cheesy jokes! I'd highly recommend this tour and these two long ladies as your guides!

Eileen R.

My family took me here for my birthday and I had such a great time! I’ve gone zip lining a few times but never somewhere quite like this. The guides (Kyle and Rich) were friendly and personable and made the experience that much more amazing. Thanks for an awesome birthday experience!

Robert Lindstrom

Nice tour to take a family old and young and even one with a broken foot because you write out a tram on your ground you better bring a jacket

Jamie Campbell

Great caves to explore and Trey and Rich made sure we didn't fall to our deaths.

Zack Lacy

Our guide, "young Margret" as she is refered to there, was wonderful. I was there years ago around 2009-10 it is even better than last time. Margret was great with her stops and provided a great deal of info not only about the place but added a personal touch with a few stories of memories with her co workers, it really added to the experience.

Joseph Van Hoose

We had a great time on the zip line tour. Savannah and Tiffany were awesome guides. I highly recommend you request them if you want a fun experience.

Marcel Plant

With a amazing tour by Ethan and Trenton it left me in amazement that how the cavern was this gorgeous.With the zip line tour and the facts and humorous jokes it left in just gratitude how a zip line course even in indoors could be thx. We booked this tour as a last minute idea and it was fantastic. Our guide was fun and knowledgeable. Great time! Had an Awesome time zip lining the old mine! Rich and trey were great tour guides and had lots of jokes =)

Josh Kahl

Mega cavern ziplining with with my wife was an awesome experience especially with the guides we had. Gage and Michael were funny and well experienced. Ready to doit again already.

Carl Aronson

We took the ride through the tunnels. Had a great time. Recommend you sit away from speakers and take a pillow to sit on. Watched grand kids on zip line and on " jungle gym". Wow, they had a great time and left tired , smiling and excited about the experience.

Allyce Zim

Wonderful tour. Great decorations when walking to the cavern. Very clean. Nice spacious store/waiting area. Wonderful staff. Many activities to partake.

Amani Shalash

Dustin and Trey are great guides! Trey is way better than Dustin. Great time for family fun and bonding!

Shari Graham

We had an AMAZING time ziplining today. Dustin and Abby were by far the BEST tour guides for us today. They were both VERY patient with me since I was afraid of heights. They went out of their way to make sure I was OK and at the end of the tour they both told me I did good. I highly recommend this tour. They offer a photo package for $10 and took 2 pictures of us and were emailed them to us by the days end but told us to wait at least 24 hours for them to arrive via email.

Ashley Blair

We went on July 4th and did the zip lines. Rich and Trenton were our guides. They were awesome! It was so fun being underground and so high above. I would definitely recommend a trip here if you're in the area!!

Lyn C

Great tour. Lots of space. Be sure to save time for the mega ropes and such afterwards. Very neat experience and fun to see all the things that are under our world

Joe Doss

It's interesting. There are good activities for kids and adults. Good family time.

Mason Roberts

My friend and I went on the zip line tour today and it was so much fun. Anna and Mickal were our guides, they were excellent, knowledgeable and very safe. It's an exciting and unique way to spend the day. I highly recommend this business to anyone. They have colored lights set up throughout the caverns, it's a consistent temperature year round so weather is not an obstacle. You won't regret taking a trip to Louisville mega caverns!

Bryon Spaeth

Was a great place for the family to visit. Went with my 8 and 5 yr old son. They both had a good time and enjoyed the tour of the caves. I thought the tour was great and informative. They have a few arcade games down there too which was fun and a tray for the boys.

Tori Bloodworth

Great place to visit! A unique adventure, great guides (anna and camrin), and well worth the price. Highly recommend!


Our tour guides Trey and Gage really made our first zipline experience amazing! They joked around and eased our nerves, and overall were just really helpful and made sure everything was perfect before sending us on our way.

Samantha Houts

Rich and Aaron made our xipline tour super amazing! Great time. Highly recommended!

Barb C

We did the mega zip and had the best guides! Stephen & Clay- personalities plus!!! Thanks for making our tour that much more exciting!!

Laura Murray

What an amazing experience! Nothing like it and we've ziplined many cool places. Austin and Trey were the best tour guides. Funny and educational. Made for a wonderful tour. Must do!!

Charlotte Robert

First of all Don, our tour guide ... No complaints; very knowledgeable, very friendly and funny. Second ... This place is sketchy to get into, you go through an industrial park, walk through dingy hallways, across a parking lot into the info/ticket place. Third ... If you are looking for pictures, this is not your place ... The whole tram tour was conducted in the dark. The "rooms" were sectioned off by picture plastic dingy curtains. It was ok. Nothing to write home about.

Alexa E

What beautiful scenery! We were given facts about the cavern in an easy to understand manner; Trey and Dustin spoke slowly enough for me to understand the process of how to maneuver around safely, all while having fun!

traveling panda

If you take the tram tour hope you get Don he was so funny and did a great job. These caves were a wonder !

Ron Kuzmirek

I did the zip line tour, and it was a really fun time. We had very informative guides, Anna and Gage. My next trip to Louisville we'll be back.

Michael Klisus

Absolutely amazing place! Definitely a must do if your in the Louisville KY area. Guides Ethan and Abby are awesome!

Rick Roberts

A very unique and awesome experience! Great ziplines and our guides Richard and Grayson were very knowledgeable and entertaining!! We had a blast! Highly recommended for all ziplining fans!!

Jim Doe

Gage and trey really help make this place shine. They effortlessly keep everyone at ease and having fun.

Shawn Frazier

I only went on the trolley tour but it was amazing! I had about a 40 minute wait but that's because I showed up at 1320 and the next trolley didn't leave til 1400. Garrett was a really great tour guide. Definitely family friendly!

Kim Bryan

Love this place especially around Christmas. The lights are awesome. It's always very busy but you never have to wait long

Patti Branch

Tram tour was interesting and enjoyable. The zip lines were amazing! Highly reccomend!!

Alec Stout

Gage and rich were awesome during our zip line tour!

Jane Batchen

Had an incredible experience zip-lining in the cavern. Gage and Dustin were wonderful- experienced, supportive and lots of fun - highly recommend!

Josh J

Ziplining review: The Mega Cavern underground ziplining experience hands down has been one of my favorite places I've ever been. It was extremely enjoyable, for all ages, and our guides Abby and Savannah were absolutely wonderful. This experience was quite the drive for me (5 hours) and because of the great time I had, I think another 5 hour trip is well worth it.

Brian Baker

Very cool! Heard about indoor mountain biking and wanted to come check it out. Unfortunately, the bike jumps were down, and they plan to reduce their intensity. Decided to try the tram tour, which was great to see the rest of the cave, and even better with Don's humor. That tour sold us on the zip lines, which we'll do next time for sure. Our boys also did the obstacle course, which they said was super fun!


Richard and Michal were awesome guides on the zip line. Would highly recommend stopping in. There's something for everyone there.

Gwen Feher

It was really cool and a little scary on those last 2. But still super fun. Tim was great and had lots of energy and corny jokes to make us laugh. Ethan was horrible. J/k

Karly Bumgardner

A group of us went this past Saturday for my bachelorette party! 5 did the walking tour and 4 of us did the ziplining. Rich and Trey were awesome, very knowledgeable, and funny!!! The only thing I would change, is the max group number. We had 13 people in our group which made for a lot of standing around, waiting. However....We can't wait to go back and we have told everyone how awesome our experience was!!

Coty Edwards

So today I went to mega cavern with my girlfriend. Her second time and my first. The instructors Trey and Ethan B. made the experience fun and easy. I loved every moment i spent there and I highly recommend it to anyone that is a novice or experienced zip liner

David & Darla Foulker

My husband and I took our kids (9 and 12) zip-lining in the MegaCaverns and had so much fun! Abby and Trey were such amazing tour guides that they made it a great adventure, while making us feel safe throughout. This attraction is a must-do in Louisville!

Megan Shook

We went on the 6 pm tram tour on Mother’s Day, super fun, funny, and impressive. Don had us laughing the whole ride. Mannequins throughout where ridiculously funny. I feel like there is so many other things the owners could do to bring a profit in this huge space. Crazy what they have done with the time that they’ve had though

Natalie Zalinski

Pretty cool next time I will do the ziplining and would love to see the holiday lights.

Chris Berinato

We did the Mega Zips tour. It was as unique as it sounds. The tour was a great way to explore large parts of the cavern.Trenton and Dustin were amazing guides. They were very knowledgeable. We felt very safe with them. They were engaging to everyone in our group - from kids to seniors. DO - follow their recommendation to wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. It is chilly in there even in mid-June DO - give yourself plenty of time for this tour. You want to be safe and see everything you can. DO - bring your patience. We were in a large group, so we were standing around for a bit while others zipped. It gave us time to look around and chat with others. DO NOT - have anything loose in your pockets. If it falls out, there really is no way to get it. BE AWARE - some of the platforms you’ll be standing on are not large and are fairly high up. You ARE clipped onto safety lines and the platforms are sturdy but it is sometimes disconcerting. Go to Louisville and ZIP!

Isabelle Ku

We did the zip line tour here and it was very interesting. The guides were friendly and funny, making sure we were clipped in safely and also telling us about the history and some geological facts about the caverns. The quarry here is still in use, so there are loading trucks that come and go in the caverns. Zip lining in dark caverns was a unique experience and definitely worth the price. The caverns themselves were spectacular and it was fun looking at them while zip lining. Walking across the caverns could be a bit rough in places, so watch your footing. It also got a bit chilly in some parts, so I recommend wearing long sleeves.

madeline gleim

The ziplining was really great! 10/10 would recommend. Our tour guides Chris and Savannah were amazing and made the experience even better. :))

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