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2818 Nashville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101, United States

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Where is Lost River Cave?

REVIEWS OF Lost River Cave IN Kentucky

Shara DeWitt

This is a great little afternoon jaunt. I came up from Nashville- a short drive- and it was totally worth it. The grounds are beautiful and the cave is SO cool- literally and figuratively. It feels so nice in there on a hot day. The boat tour was not too long and not too short. The guide was super sweet and knowledgeable. It's not as much of a commitment as, say, Mammoth Cave, which is exactly what I was looking for. They have a zip line course if you're into that kind of thing.

Matthew Bradford

Took the river cave boat tour. Started with some history of the area and then Matt our tour guide took us on the boat tour. He was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He was also very funny. Had a great time for the money. Have been on other cave boat tours and this would rank second. Which doesn’t devalue this one, just the other was great too.

Evie Ribble

Gulia was an exceptional tour guide..very educational and fun too!

angela mullins

Paige is the best guide! Zip lining was a fun experience

Mitch Templeton

Was the worst cave I have ever been to. Extremely over priced. If your expecting to see cave formations think again. The boat tour was only around 10 minutes long. Could barely hear the guide. More or less it’s a underground river with no sights to see. Won’t be back and wouldn’t recommend

Vicki Kelton

Was not a very long tour. Went into cave a little bit then did a couple of circles around while our tour guide talked about history of the cave, then went right back to where we started. Disappointing is how I would describe it.

A Phipps

Props to all parks, very clean and beutuiful park. With scenic and tranqual views. Worth the stop. Also have guided tours and a zipline course.Cool place for short visis or long stays. Please clean up after yourself and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It was pretty cool! I would not recommend going if it is over 20 mins out of the way unless you have kids. It is a cool experience though and the guide I got was super great and knowledgeable!

John Weaver

Very enjoyable. Guide were friendly and knowledgeable. Would have liked the boat ride to have been longer.

Joey Greco

Guilia was a great guide. We enjoyed cave tour and walking trails and children's zip line. Nice gift shop.

Beach GoinAnalyst

We enjoyed learning the history of Bowling Green. Our guide rambled too much and lost everyone's attention. Over all it was a nice time

Jennifer Urbanek

Shorter boat ride tour inside a cavern formed by floods. The tour guides are very informative and funny. Would be great if the boat could go further down the river, but they are unable to. If you are looking for a quick adventure, this would be a good one. Informative about the pollution found here and the clean up process, as well as how floods impact this area.

David Mobley

I loved this place so peaceful and a great place to walk and look at all the beautiful things.

Chris Trowel

Pretty cool place alot of shade... Maybe next time i can take the boat tour.

scorcher 33

No boat ride...flooded. They were nice enough to refund our money though. We were going to do the nature walk but there were accommodations for my mom so we had to leave.

David Hill

Great tour, walking trails, zipline and butterfly area. Great for families.

Michael Christrup

I love to take my puppy Ghost to the Nature trails and Ghost loves it topp0o he knows the way to lost River cave they have blue holes there. That is where the lost River surffaces for maybe 10 or 20 feet long and disappearing under ground again. Kentucky has more cave systems than any where else in North America and still have unexplored cave systems that could be thousands of miles still to map and explore.i will add photos later

Michelle Perkins

Very cool to ride a boat in the cave. Love the non-profit and educational parts.

Laura Schueler

I have enjoyed watching this place expand and improve over the years. It's an excellent place to visit for a first-time cave visit because of its smaller size and unique way of touring it. The nature trails are relaxing to stroll along, and the gift shop is as much fun to explore as the cave and grounds. There are numerous activities for both children and adults scheduled throughout the year, and are worth looking into... all in all, a lovely place to spend a day!

Chad White

Okay, so first, we have been through several caves. We have seen some of the most beautiful formations in the world. That being said, Lost River Cave isn't the most beautiful. However, traveling by boat down an underground river is absolutely incredible. Our guide was friendly, knowledgeable, and fun. The history of the cave was fascinating. Ducking down to pass under the ceiling in one spot was terrifying. The Blue Hole was just amazing. Overall, we really enjoyed our visit. Thumbs up!

70's child happy

I loved seeing the men getting down in the boat so their heads wouldn't hit the top of the cave! Wear your walking shoes it a good walk and beautiful!

MandaLynn Rankin

The employees were absolutely wonderful! I would go back again and again.

Rebecca Bagley

Loved the tour of the underground cave ! Have not seen that before. Nice place to go on a hike. We must have gone at an off time to the butterfly garden, not many butterflies. We’ll have to try the ziplining next time. Cute gift store.


This place is great. You get an understandable history lesson in a beautiful setting. There are nice trails for those who like to hike, and the zip-lines look well thought out and a lot of fun, although I did not use them. Your spendatures in this park go for maintenance and paying for middle-schoolers to tour the cave for free.

Kelli Hamilton

We all enjoyed our tour of the cave and our zip line adventure. The zip line coaches were fantastic. I would recommend this as a great stop when in Bowling Green!

Jessica Martinez

Beautiful Place... the only little problem I was with my Father-in-law. He is a veteran from the 2nd war and the only give discount at the are in duty or active not to the veterans... But over all beauty place

Martha Letts

What an amazing time. Paige is the best tour guide I have ever had. You can tell she loves her job. What a gem. I didnt even get a caveity lol. I will highly recommend this place to everyone I can. Thanks for being part of our Anniversary celebration

Aaron Huizenga

Ok for what it was. Cool to be on a boat in a cave, but crowded. Guides did a nice job explaining the cave and some of the local folklore. Very nice grounds. Good place to kill a couple of hours.

J. S. Tousley

Make a reservation and call before you go. I happened to luck out and show up for the one tour in which the boats "weren't working" (no one could tell me why). So I had to come back the next day, when the boats were working again. Also, the weather (rain) can affect their ability to enter the cave. The boat tour is short, but it was the best one I got this weekend (I didn't plan a month ahead for MCNP).

Matt Planica

Awesome experience and beautiful base. I only wished the boat ride showed a bit more of the river but our guide Sarah made up for it for being funny and amazing. Still a super cool experience to go on!

Diana Pitts

It was a very hot day when we visited so we didn't do a lot of hiking. The cave/boat tour was just the right amount of history, geography, geology, and cool relief from the sun. We walked a shaded trail to the butterfly garden/house and talked about doing the zip line but it was too hot. The venue was clean and well tended.

jennie saxon

Who would of known this was in the middle of Bowling Green! Very beautiful! The nature trails are a must! The tour guides were fun and knowledgeable, A+ to them. The visitors center has a lot of gift ideas for everyone.

Shyre Jordan

Tour a bust, very disappointed. River high so boats couldn't go. That was understandable but charged for a short eighth of a mile walk by tour guide that said same thing as plaques. 2 thumbs down.

Wendie Osborne

Went here on our mini weekend getaway. I loved learning about the history of the cave. I thought our guide was personable and funny. She made the experience enjoyable. The walk to the cave entrance was not bad at all, it was a paved walkway. The boat ride isn't long, maybe 15-20 minutes but for non caving people, it was perfect or for families with small children, they wouldn't get bored and restless. There was a gentleman selling drinks and hotdogs in the parking lot when we came out, so if you wanted a snack you could get one.

Shirley Wright

Don't waste your time. Very short ride into the cave then you turn around and come back out. The hole ride was only 10 minutes long.

Kelly Wilson

So much fun! Very neat place and history.


Amazing walk. I go there a couple times a year. Usually when I'm already in town and feel like an easy but beautiful walk and a sunny day.

Gary Lee

Me and the wife and two grandkids had a great time it was ever in the area and headed up time we go back and do it again

Roy Lewis

Lost river cave is amazing, the boat ride is incredibly fun and it is a beautiful venue for weddings and events! The cave tour is highly professional and the tour guides have a lot of charisma. The nature trails are free to walk at all times, and their are some nice scenic routes you can take. I highly recommend taking a look at the blue holes! Their is also a decent gift shop, if you are wandering thru our beautiful town of Bowling Green than Lost River is definitely something you should stop and check out. As a local I've probably been on the boat tour upwards of six times over my life and they seem to enhance and expand it every so often as the opportunity arises. When I was a kid it was a short tour to a man made waterfall and now it goes much deeper into the cave system!

Jeffery Barnes

Really interesting place to see, second time going here.

Jernigan Family

Fun but it was raining so much that I couldn't ride the boat

Mohankrishna Samrajyam

Nice tour.wonderful and funny tour guides. The history of the ace is good. The boat ride is scary with the ceiling too low at some spots. The trails round the cave are good to spend time.

aj oster

very fun but if you do the cave don't come after it has rained because the cave will be flooded

Richard Pape

I love running the trails and visiting the butterfly house. Though, the cave tour is not worth the cost in my opinion.

Michelle Provencher

Did the zip lines. It was an awesome first time. Guides were very helpful and friendly.

Catherine Weindorf

The cave was amazing. Lots of neat flowstone, and it the underground river was unique. The first 30 feet or so, you have to duck as there is not enough room to sit upright. If you are really tall or in any way claustrophobic, this is not the tour for you. Be sure to call before you go, because the cave is closed when the water levels are too high. The gift shop has beautiful jewelry and handbags. There are hiking trails, but we didn't use them

Mike Sullivan

Not long enough for the money ! Nice cave , but they make it longer by making you walk 1/2 mile down the hill and listen to the guide. Then you have to walk back up the hill . They have oversized golf carts that take the employees and guests ,that rent the whole cave, down but after asking for a ride back up the hill in an EMPTY cart , we were told it wasn't for us ! Did i mention that the cart was EMPTY AND ALREADY GOING BACK UP THE HILL !!! It drove right past the group EMPTY !!!

Robbin Papalucas

Love this place my first cave boat tour. Went on my birthday had a wonderful time. Went on a nice hike too.

Harry Ginnery

It was a good tour for the family. Lots of great information.

Tori Rasp

Good hiking trails though I don't recommend them if it has rained any bit recently. The lower trails were flooded or muddy when my husband and I went, though thankfully we both have waterproof hiking boots. The trails are okay, but there are a lot of invasive plant species (honeysuckle and English ivy especially) taking over the area. I feel the area would be gorgeous if someone had the chance to go through and take all of these out to allow native wildflowers to thrive.

Navaneeth Narayanan

Amazing place to visit! Better to book online for the boat ride.

Angela sales dye

They have great walking trails, a cute natural playground, blue holes, and a fun cave. The cave is a boat tour. They also have parties in the cave. They host a campout in the fall which is really fun.

Becky Howard

This was a fun and affordable activity. I suggest calling ahead of time for reservations. The river was not as long as I thought it would be but I don't regret going at all. You get to know a little history about the location and get to learn about the underground river and cave. Great learning experience for kids.


Great place to visit. Be with nature, learn about geological rock formations of Kentucky. Highly recommend you take the boat tour, walking tour is good too. Nice trail to walk around and see all the blue holes

Hannah Hayes

Beautiful trail, amazing scenery. butterfly garden could be revamped a little, seems like it hasn't been taken car of in a few years, also found these weird looking things I've never seen before, some say cow killers. Zip line is a nice feature

Randy Stowe

It was a great little boat ride into a cave. The guide was awesome.

Shelly Long

Super tour! Knowledgeable guides, about 7 stairs and 2 sreepish ramps. We were allowed to park on the lower section so my mom could go too. She typically uses a walker for balance but was not able to use it for this tour. Being allowed to park closer to the entrance was extra special.

Tara Sabic

So pleasant

Liza Marie

I definitely recommend Lost River Cave! The Tour Guides (Roma & Chad) we're so informative and kept us laughing! thank you all so much ❤️


Very nice, Rebecca our tour guide was very knowledgeable and witty.

Richard Mullinax

This place is beautiful.. Short walk through beautiful woods to the entrance of the caves, you feel the temperature change the closer you get.. Very informative guides with knowledge of the whole area. Remember its a cave, you may need a light jacket and it is wet and slippery so might rather where sneakers over the flip flops here... Loved it!

Donna Reed

Lots to do. Excellent staff. Just fun

Michael Brown

Not the most Mammoth cave in the area, but well worth the visit


Very interesting and exciting. With my sister Frances and Jillian stop here first before heading back to Illinois.


Have stopped here for 3 years in a row, twice last year. Every time they say, no cave tours because water is to high . Don't think I'll waste any more time stopping here.

Malachi Maglaya

Awesome hidden cave in the moddle of town. Nice walk too.

Frances Thornton

An interesting boat ride on a river that runs inside a cave! You will have a guide who can tell you the history and local lore regarding the cave and the "Lost River". The park also has a zip line for the adventurous; a butterfly habitat; and some short hiking trails. There is also a gift shop with unique items for browsing and purchase. We came with several ages from 2 through 70, and it was comfortable for everyone. A pleasant experience.

Zachary U

I recommend this for it's cave tours. But for the daring one's the Zipline!

Jennifer Coffey

Awesome tour guide Matt will take you through an amazing river cave tour and teach you many fun facts and history about the cave system in Kentucky. Highly recommend! The gift shop is a fabulous place as well.

Cara S

Great experience! Tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable. Boat ride is about 45 minutes long and nobody got wet. Definitely worth the $20 but reservations are recommended. You can buy tickets in advance online.

Hitesh Italiya

Linda was our tour guide. She had many interesting stories about the cave's history. This is one of the best cave tours you can experience. It's a boat tour and small children must wear a life jacket. I liked the low entrance. There are trails, ziplines, a gift shop, and butterfly pavillion. If you arrive early I dont think you would lack for things to do. The bathrooms are clean. Thanks Linda your love for this cave really comes through.

lorelei volstad

Nice hiking area which is free to the public. The trip into cave via boat is short but interesting. Small butterfly garden

Da Ciao

A historic venue. Year 'round activities, plus hiking on their trails. Have to do the cave tour at least once. The landing rents out for Prom or wedding receptions, though is contingent on prior rainfall. Absolutely beautiful place.

Jordan Kembel

Very short tour but very interesting! Great way to escape the summer heat if you've got kids!

heriberto rosario

Amazing place. We had a lot of fun.

V Guy

We took a cave tour by boat. Our guide was awesome and she was very informative. The cave and history was really neat! They also have an area they do weddings, which looks beautiful! After tour, we walked to Butterfly garden which was really cool. We also did a little shopping in the gift shop. Staff was all friendly.

Tina Franklin

Really enjoyed the nature trails . Did not get to do the boat tour because of weather.

Kelly Wentworth

What an amazing place! The tours are 100% worth the cost and all proceeds go back into keeping up the park. The guide for our tour was not only informative and entertaining, he is an expert on the place and area. The cave has been so beautifully brought back to life. The other activities on site and the shop are really well put together. What a gem to have amongst the hustle of a city.

Bryan Coffey

Great tour, moderate activity required. I think they'll give you a ride in a golf cart if you need it. The whole thing took about an hour. Great value for money.

Cassie Cullum

This was a great experience! The tour guide was smart & funny! He was very informed & answered all of the groups questions easily.

AlAN Merlin

Though I haven’t yet went on tour to this cave but what I can say that once in a while you should walk around the park and look around beautiful spots. During the summer you can visit the butterfly house with tons of monarch butterflies it’s really pretty! During fall season I’m not sure if they do annually they put up scarecrows with each represent different groups.

Troy Speas

Great tour. Very cool down on the boats. Great for all ages. Matt was an awesome guide. Must see in Bowling Green.

Tracey Smith

We had my grandson's 1st birthday party at The Birch Room at Lost River Cave. (We had his baby shower there also 14 months ago). Beautiful place. Nice kitchen. Clean bathroom. Clean building. Tables and chairs are furnished. Lots of room for the kids to run and play. We will definitely rent it again for all of our large gatherings.

Dirk Fraley

Very nice well worth the money. Paige our tour guide was excellent and energetic.

Todd Rarick

Super nice staff. We didn't get to partake in river cave due to flooding in the area. We had a great hike though.

Theresa Chenault

It was AWESOME, Ethan our cave guide was fantastic and Ben who helped us doing the ziplines was GREAT. Highly recommend this place.

Charity Smallwood

I liked the boat ride could have been longer the tour guide was great! I would recommend the boat tour for most people but not for people that have problems walking! Next time I want to try the zipline but it was closed only open on weekends.

Anya Goodwin

The hiking trail was peaceful. And the butterfly garden was relaxing.

Michael Rogers

A real treasure absolutely breathtakingly beautiful a must see when visiting soky

Shoeb Mohammad

It was awesome experience specially boat ride and very cooprative guides n staff

Phillip Hogan

Awesome place! Nestled right in the middle of Bowling Green, this oasis is a gem. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and funny. The gift shop was nice and had a wide variety of gifts to choose from.

Julie Moss

The tour lasted about 45 minutes. First they give a history of the land and lost river. The boat tour actually lasts about 20 -25 minutes. Nice family experience.

Dana Pratt

In town for the Corvette Caravan. Decided to go to Lost River. What a wonderful experience with my father. Staff was well informed, courteous and witty. The organization is obviously well managed. Memorable experience!

Bill Beyersdoerfer

We bought tickets online for the boat tour and had to change the dates, the staff is great, we also did the flying squirrel ziplines. The guides really did a great job.

Charley Clarissa

Paige was our tour guide. She had many interesting stories about the cave's history. This is one of the best cave tours you can experience. It's a boat tour and small children must wear a life jacket. I liked the low entrance. There are trails, ziplines, a gift shop, and butterfly pavillion. If you arrive early I dont think you would lack for things to do. The bathrooms are clean. Thanks Paige your love for this cave really comes through.

Tracy Helms

Lost River Cave has a wonderful history and offers a boat ride to those who are interested. My guide was personable and welcomed questions from the group during the tour. As the boat goes into the cave there is an area where visitors have to bend over pretty far to keep from hitting their heads on the ceiling of the cave. The pictures I took using my phone didn't turn out very good and it's difficult to prevent the flash from being in the eyes of other visitors since 1/2 of the guests face the other 1/2 on the boat.

Greg Simmons

Pretty cool place for the family to check out. Family loved it. Be careful of the wishing rock...

Joe C

Butterfly habit is a MUST see, if you are able to walk a trail, go, go, go. You won't regret it. The kids and/or grandkids or great grandkids will love it too and thank you as well. Our family goes at least once a year by request our kids

Korey Gilstrap

Scarecrow trail was great for my little one!

Jonathan Hoo

Review is for Chad as much as it is for the tour itself. After walking through dozens of caves previously, it was nice to experience a ride through one. Tour was informative and entertaining. Dad jokes galore!

katrina Loverose

Pretty have to come back to do the boat tour had dogs so could not do it this time!

Joanne Pike

.Awesome place to visit. The tour guides were just wonderful and accommodating for my son.

MeMe Love you soothing music!

Nice educational tour. Not too long. Good onefor kids.

Jon Brandal

Beautiful location, with hiking trails boat tours, butterfly habitat, zipline, great place for a light hike in the woods.

Mark Stewart

The boat ride was great. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and made it a point to engage my boys.

Paul Gibson

Knowledgeable staff, and everyone was friendly. Was an excellent experience, totally worth the visit

Paul Fathauer

We had a great time even though the boat tours were canceled due to high water. The zipline is a blast, the gift shop is great and the trails are beautiful. Definitely worth the stop!

Chandan Grayson-Pattar

Just absolutely wonderful. The only thing is that the boat tour isnt that long

Patrick Kieffer

This was a really fun little boat tour of a cave. I would highly recommend it to others


What a great thing they are doing for our beautiful country! This Non-profit works really hard to keep a piece of America beautiful,! Matt, our boat tour guide was awesome; extremely informative & passionate about his job & the Cave..this is a "Must Do" !!!.

Kelly Embry

It was beautiful and we will definitely go back

Ralph Maslo

The trip was short but fantastic! Our guide person Page was so great and funny. Very knowledgeable. The best in the cave if you are going under the rocks and you have to lie down on the boat! MUST SEE!!!! Recommend this for everyone!

Penny Boven

Had great time here. Fun boat ride in cave, nature walk, and butterfly house.

Brian Coop

Really good time with very knowledgeable tour guide. The atmosphere was great perfect weather for it as well. Would definitely do this again

Candis Polasek

We had an amazing time on our tour with Linda! It’s a beautiful place and she was absolutely fantastic!

Helen Swallows

Totally enjoyed this place, good hiking if u wish, the boat ride is a bit much for no longer than it is but is very informative & fun

Tamera Summers

Lost River Cave is a great place to go on these hot 99+° days It's very cool, bring a lite jacket Beautiful walking paths, cant wait for the beautiful autumn foliage. Had a wonderful day

hannah M

Our tour guide was great. Even my three year old had a good time.

Joe Shepherd-Points

The cave boat tour was so amazing! This experience is a must. Be sure to add this to your itenary while visiting bowling green or on your way thru/mammounth cave.

Jonathan Hale

We had such an amazing time! They have zipline courses for both adults and children, a beautiful butterfly habitat, guided tours, a boat tour through lost river cave- there is always a chance of the boat tour being canceled whenever there is much rain, as the entrance can be flooded. We had an amazing time!

James Watkins

Guides were informative and personable. Was a great experience.

The Long family

Great place to take the family. We live in an apartment with young kids so very grateful to have the trails and walking areas to explore at Lost River Cave.

Melisa Topher

I come here all the time. It’s a great place to spend the day outdoors, explore! The cave tour is great. It’s a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone!

Jan Stoddard

Fun but it's a very short boat ride. Guide was very informative and friendly.

Teresa Peer

The guides were very informative. The mouth of the cave was probably the best part. The boat ride was interesting but short.

Hot Eats and Cool Reads

Love the history and tour of the cave! We had a great guide and loved the gift shop too!

Rich Pritchard

Absolutely awesome. Cave tour guides we're great, cave/ boat tour was cool. Zip line was AWESOME, and guides we're fantastic!

nickol lugo

My brother had his wedding there and it was so beautiful. It was hot but the cave was so nice and cooling. It was so beautiful!!

Kevin Davis

Matt was our guide and he did a great job! I have been on the tour many times and his enthusiasm made this visit the best by far.

Sarah Skidmore

Great non profit! Loved the boat tour! Gavin and Ethan were great tour guides!

Adrianne D

This was worth the visit. Went with a group and we had 4 kids that were ready to go back to our hotel and swim well before we started our tour. Half way through I asked if they were enjoying the tour and they said yes. We all agreed it was worth the wait.

Ryan Halbrooks

Super interesting and a lot of fun. My kids loved it. We went to the butterfly house and the cave tour. Jennifer our guide did a great job of telling the history of the area and the cave. I could tell she really loves talking about it and it isn't just some speech she had memorized. Highly recommend!

Glenn Harrison

Very cool cave, with lots of history behind it. So glad I stopped here.

Karalee DeGroot

Beautiful place! We didn't get the chance to do any of the boat tours they offer here because of the rain flooding the enterance to the cave, but we did walk around the area. The trails are nicely paved and clean and there are info and history signs along the way. They also have a nice gift shop and the employees were helpful and informative inside. I will definitely be back to try to do one of the cave boat tours.

Tanya Silguero

Our tour guide was great! He (Ethan) took the time to answer all of our groups questions. Very knowledgeable and pleasant.

Michael Woodward

Just love this place. The fragrant blossoms in May make a walk through this park seem miles from the highway, even though it is so close. The cave is amazing and the lost river is just intriguing. I love walking with my wife in this little world away from the busy scenes just outside of this haven. And though I haven't tried the ziplines, they look way fun.

Anne Marie Chambers

Short but informative trip. Paige our guide was funny and very personable. She might be from Wisconsin but knows her Bowling Green history. Be sure to get her boat. The visitor center was pleasant with an eclectic selection of gifts and friendly associates. The bathroom was unique in its decor and was exceptionally clean. Worth the time and effort to see the Cave and ride the river.


Enjoyed nature hikes. The scenery was awesome. The gift shop was cool. The amazing history was cool. Primarily based on the actions that happened in the area during the cival war. Plenty of drinking fountains to stay hydrated. And a butterfly habitat. Completely awesome. Would recommend to friends. Defiantly going back. Zip lining and a frozen ice concession.

Nicole Albert

I had Paige has my tour guide she was very quirky and funny and if you go make sure to get her as your tour guide. We did the boat ride in the cave and we loved it hope to go again!

Douglas Akins

Had a great time. Our tour guy Matt did a great job of being entertaining and educating us the entire time. He is what made the tour so good. He was also teaching the new guy who did a great job of driving the boat. Very pretty location. The gift shop is a good size with a large selection of items that are souvenirs for Lost River Cave. Some items are normal stuff you find on Amazon. We ended up spending $150 there and stopped buying because they wouldn't proceed match Amazon on a regular non touristy item. Not such good customer service when it comes to price matching, especially when a family spends over $250 and tips the tour guides, disappointed that they wanted to haggle over $6. That was our last interaction with them so we left with a sour impression. We weren't asking them to lose money, maybe just not heavily profit on a way over priced item. Ordered the item from Amazon while paying for our souvenirs. Would have left 5 stars but poor understanding of customer service in the shop.

Ashley Davis

Great place to walk and enjoy nature. It is worth it to attend the Annual Butterfly release in the summer and the Scarecrow Trail in the Fall. There is a natural spring that is beautiful and easy to get to. We always enjoy walking here and seeing the birds and creatures through out the trail. The trail is not covered so the rocks are slippery when wet and the trail is super muddy after rain. The history behind the cave is really interesting though the actual cave tour itself is pricey for the ride in just to turn around. Lost River Cave also offers a small nature playground, mineral mining, gift shop, and zip lining!

Michael Morrin

Great place to visit and they have a fantastic event room for rent.

Michael Fisher

Good tour. The money goes to toward funding the preservation of the cave. Very worthwhile. Check out the butterfly exhibit if they're in season


Interesting place to see. Butterfly exhibit was nice. Trails in good shape.

Jessica Lawson

What a great experience. Short walk to the boat and the underground cave is really cool!! Our tour guide was fantastic!! Chad made us laugh and was super informative!! Definitely worth the visit!

Jeff Schmidt

Cool boat ride through the cave, gift shop is a bit pricy, but the proceeds go towrd keepong the cave open to the public, well worth the trip!


It's rare to find a place that offers so much with no fees. They have an ample trail area to explore with interesting stops along the way. When we were there the only charged services were the main event (boat cruise), zip lining, and the gift shop.

Kylie Grout

Really enjoyable. However, the boat cave tour was very short.

Meaghan B

This is a beautiful quite cave. The history is interesting and the landscapes gorgeous. The kids had a great time and loved the boat tour!! The guides are very friendly and knowledgable. Tours are not crowded with people so you get to ask lots of questions !

Diane McDermitt

Its a Beautiful place and for all ages and the is zip lining and a short boat cruise through a watered cave and its just very beautiful and great true story about what the cave use to be way back when. I love it !!

Roxy Wolf-Franqui

I loved the beauty and the story about the cavern, I am really glad there are people working to preserve it. The only issue is I wish there was more to see ,out of the tours we. visited. it. had an amazimg. history but it was one of the shortest. All said still a wonderful activity

Jason Dykstra

We showed up on a busy day, so we had to book our tour 2.5 hours out. We did get a good tip on Chaney's Dairy Barn to get fresh made local ice cream to help pass time away. It was a good story and educational on the way down to the cave entrance. The boat ride left something to be desired. About 15 minutes with stops to look at 2 flow stones and stalagtites a few inches in size.

Susan Brady

It was a wonderful time. The staff was not just kind and courteous, but very knowledgeable and informative. The park is probably the cleanest and best cared for that we visited in the area. Highly recommend this place.

Joy Sinegar

We didn't get to do the river tour because Kentucky had rains for several days. However, we did do the walking tour with a guide (her name escapes me but she was from Wis). She showed us some great views and even took us down to the mouth of the cave where the old night club was. There was a lot of history. Just be certain to wear gripped shoes as the ground can be very slippery.

Tim Sims

Awesome place. Well worth the money

Kevin Doe

Very nice facility, and friendly staff. We did the boat tour, but they had a lot of other things to do as well. Boat tour was very entertaining and we learned quite a bit. The gift shop had some cool stuff in it too.

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