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Where is Hidden River Cave Zip Rappel Adventure Park?

REVIEWS OF Hidden River Cave Zip Rappel Adventure Park IN Kentucky

LA Carrasco

My ten year old found this place on google and we decided to deive from Nashville. My husband and daughter did the zip line and enjoyed it. Zip line is short but you don't pay much for it. We all did the cavern together and it was fun, they had the new bridge opened. Great customer service!

Heather Cherry

Had a great time! Staff was very friendly as well as informative.

MI Verhof

Great day out with the kids. Large cave in middle of town. 1 hour to 1.5 hour to explore and do the things you can see/experience.

Jennifer Rutherford

Very neat. Friendly staff. We made sure we went back to get souvenirs and glad we did. Very cool to see new things being discovered and hearing about the newest things discovered recently. Another one highly recommended. Can you find Batman lurking only in the night?

Spooky Ivy

Such a neat place to visit if you're in the area! My bf and I did the combined zipline and cave tour - definitely worth the money! The staff was very down-to-earth and friendly. Our tour guide was very chipper and knowledgeable, and you could tell she truly cared about the cave and the environment around it. Speaking of - the cave is gorgeous! The zipline goes directly over the mouth of the cave, and then once you start the tour and go inside, you get to see a stream and a large domed area. It's very cool. The museum is very informative too - not only does it describe the cave in scientific detail, but also the history of how it was discovered and used by man. This was definitely our favorite "cave" themed stop in Kentucky!

Ms. Bridge

This place is great. The staff are courteous, accommodating, and friendly. It only cost $15ish for a child and an adult cave tour. There are 470 plus stairs round trip. Some of them and the walkways are slippery. There are handrails throughout most of the path, but be ready to get muddy if you use them (we did go a day after a good rainfall). The tour was informative. It was also very hard to hear. There was water rushing and a big group, but I think a few walky talkies dispersed in the group or speakers at the points they stop would solve that. The store was decently priced. It had some interesting things that I hadn't seen before either. The museum was something we personally rushed through because of time constraints. The zip line stuff looked awesome, and I hope they do add the new bridge and possible zip line in the cave soon! I know they are working on an expansion bridge, but it looks like they could clean up after themselves in the cave a little better.

Brenton Kinker

Great caving expedition over ungroomed sections of the cave. Bring boots and knee pads.

Keith Rodgers

Great and accommodating staff the tour was very thorough. Not the best cavern I've been to, but worth it all the same.

James Duke

They offer a short zip line, rappelling, cave tours, and a small museum. The staff is very friendly and acomadating. The zip lining seems a bit over priced, but, after seeing the set up and equipment, we felt confident allowing the kids to go. They also offer a variety of cave tours for all levels. Worth your time if you're in the area. If you found this review helpful, please like it.

Dan Steigerwald

Cute little museum. At the time of writing, it was $6 to walk around the museum and walk around outside by the cave entrance. It was a good quick stop on our way back from Nashville. Staff was very friendly. It was interesting to see all of the historical documents and newspapers they had on the caves.

Darca Jobe

Unplug and enjoy your day zip lining, rappelling, caving or a leisurely walk through the American Cave Museum. Hidden River Cave has the biggest natural opening of any cave in the United States. If you aren't impressed yet you will be when you go down 150 foot into the Earth and see the World's biggest indoor swinging bridge in a cave. These adventures when shared with family and friends will live on as favorable memories.

Elysia Bailey

Had a great experience. We took our 3 yr old and he loved the cave. One of the attendants had caught a snake in the garden area leading to the mouth of the cave and my little one was able to pet it.

Monneray Stevens

We had a great time! Staff was very nice and encouraging. Prices were reasonable. We will definitely be back to see the new cage bridge. Thanks guys !!

Heidi clifford

We do a lot of traveling and fun adventures... this place and its amazing staff ranks at the top of the best ! So much fun on our tour and caving with Peggy and Linda !

Heath Hatcher

Super great family fun. A great off the beaten path stop in the area. Going to be even better when they complete pathway construction.

Ashley O'Ryan

A last minute stop on our vacation but boy were we happy with this find. We went during their heritage days and found lots of vendors set up on the street there, music and of course this museum and cave!

Frank Meissner

Great tour, and our guide is very knowledgeable.

Derrick Barrows

Very fun! They did a great job of making the kids feel safe and showing us all how to wear the gear and rappel properly. The cave tour was great as well. The place was family operated and you could tell they had a lot of experience. It was a great time and worth every penny.

Joe Cozza

Cool, great tour guide! 450 steps down. Neat suspension bridge!

cyndi ahlmann

Staff was amazing Linda was our tour guide we had a blast in a very large group tour, the guides for zip lining and repelling were very sweet to the kids encouraging them the whole way down. Well worth the time and money if your in the area definitely go check out this hands on cave experience and make sure you do the zip and repel.

Aaron Huizenga

One of the coolest cave tours I have ever done. Education center was very well done and the cave walk was incredible and informative. Even though we have been we will be going back. The non-profit group that runs this property is doing a great job reinvesting in the ability to experience the cave and river.

Jenniffer Siero

This place was so cool, and I'm glad we were able to visit on our short stay! We didnt realize there was just the one zipline, but it was really cool because you zip over the entrance to the cave! We also didn't know about the rappel line, which you drop yourself down in front of the mouth of the cave; definitely would have loved that, but will definitely have to check out on another visit! We kinda of stopped in on a whim, but the website does say all that. The tour guide for the cave was really cool and seemed pretty knowledgeable. The cave had an active river flowing through it, which was awesome but made it hard to hear the guide at times. They told us in this cave, flash photography IS allowed because they try to encourage bats to live outside in the bat houses rather than in the cave. They found over the years that when the cave floods in the winter, that any bats living inside get trapped and die, so they want to do everything possible to keep them out to keep them alive.

Dominic Nicolau

It's probably a long cave unfortunately you can see only a very small portion of it. Heavy construction and debris along the way. Not historical debris but pallets, gloves electric tools....... The tour guide was very nice and informative and if she wouldn't laugh less for her own jokes it would take half the time. I did enjoy it and I would go back if they will finish the extension

Hannah Taz

Friendly staff. A great test run on zip-lining and rappeling to see if you like it.

Shana Bibee

Wish I could give a better rating!!!!! People running the musuem, zip line, and repelling were so nice and helpful. One of the cheaper adventures that we have done in the area. I would recommend this to family, or even couples to do together .....I loved this place

Brandi Williams

This cave is good, the museum is bice and the staff is amazing! It is a great small cave experience that the staff makes perfect!

Christopher Goodlett

Super nice place. Very informal

Tessa Washburn

Terrific staff!! Our tour guide was great really knew his cave history and seemed excited about it and the upcoming projects. My 9year old and I had a blast ziplining also. Nice place can't wait to go back. We learned a lot. Be aware it is a workout

Karl Hassebrock

Smaller cave. But very beautiful cave. Guide linda made worth the trip

Darca Harman

Great place to unplug, learn about karst areas, Zipline, rappel, see the world's biggest indoor swinging bridge in a cave, take a leisurely walk in museum and so much more.

Thomas Birkemeier

Awesome gift shop, knowledgeable staff, and cool tours of the cave. Next time we're going to do the zipline as well.

Anna Kalinowski

Awesome cave hidden in the center on the town

Pey Roadie

Really nice staff made visiting the town more fun! It’s a really pretty, well kept spot. Would totally go back with kids

Jennifer Swickard

Nice people & informative but we were not informed of the MANY VERY STEEP STAIRS! STRENUOUS!

Jan Woodcock

We had a great time!. Our first cave tour experience and everything was top notch. Gift shop is really nice and the staff is wonderful. Our guide gets extra praise for taking us on the tour after having surgery just a few weeks before! He was very knowledgeable and gave an excellent tour. Would definitely go there again!

Becky Howard

Going here was a happy accident. I thought this cave was the one with the boat tour, that would be Lost River Cave. I still took the tour and enjoyed it. Lots of stairs so be forewarned. I got some great pictures looking back out of the mouth of the cave. They also have ziplining and repelling which I would like to go back and do sometime. The gift shop has some really large fossils at great prices.

Jason Wightman

This cave is right in the middle of town with is really unique. Interesting historical context of the town. Guides are great and super knowledgeable. The cave was totally flooded when we went so the door was only 20 mins and only went a little into the huge entry too see the water. They only charged $5.

Lisa Siegert

A must do! It was our first time repelling and our guides Draven and Keith did a great job helping us through the 75 drop to the mouth of the cave! We also took the cave tour with Darla Job which we would highly recommend. The history behind ir and excitement of going over the longest cave extension bridge is well worth the ticket!

Dave Smith

Nice tour through the cave. Knowledgeable guides keep you thinking.

Brenda Mcconnell

Just amazing. Cheap little nic nacs, jewelry just an all around fun place. Found it while riding home after a long trip. Just made the day even that more great

Donna Tencza

Cave is most awesome. Zip lining was simple 1 time ride, 1 line. Needs improvement.

Tina Novakowski

Our tour guide Greg Hogan was very friendly and knowledgeable. Be prepared to get a little exercise. It's 242 steps to the bottom. 242 steps back to the top. Great workout. Great tour. Fantastic natural surroundings. A must see.

Beth Marion

Great cave to see, including the swing bridge over the water.

Nevins Parkinson

Really fun tour. Very interesting tour of the cave. We had small kids in our tour and they seemed to have fun. I'm a rock/geology buff, and found it really interesting. The cave has a lot of steps, but is accessible for anyone that can handle stairs. There's an elevator to the opening of the cave, and a ramp, but no wheelchair access past that point. The museum has professional quality displays about the history of Kentucky's caves. They cover history and biology of the caves in Kentucky and also water from the ground. The cave was used for water and electricity decades ago. The remains of the equipment adds to the historical value of the tour. Gift shop has good prices on a variety of mineral samples from other sites. I didn't try it, but their repelling site looks really fun.

Samantha Lambright

Had a great time and our tour guide was the best. Was the one cave we visited that we ddint feel rushed and was able to enjoy the experience. Kudos to you all

Lettie Duke

Awesome activities and great staff

Sheila Malone

we took the nephews and coachie our dog on a cave crawl...they had the best time

betty osmolski

It was fantastic! Well worth the $

Get Off The Couch

I love this cave!!! Our tour guide was very informative. We also got to do the zipline there, my 9 year old son was hesitant. Fortunately the guy clipping us in helped out my son and have him the courage to complete his first zipline. Looking forward to going back for the Wild cave tour! Thanks for everything, we had a blast!!!

Tonia Whiting

Fantastic! Guide was excellent.

Cheyenne Tarver

It is a really cool place to visit and make memories. But if you know caves, it is kind of messy. Plus another downside was the tour of the actual inside wasn't that long at all. The only reason it was as long as it was, was because of stairs lol. Other than that, seeing the different rock and hearing the history on it is pretty cool.

Jess C. Quazi

Incredible cave, subterranean stream, and exhibit! Dave, the mastermind behind this place, welcomed us so kindly and made the trip a fun, memorable one. The bridge was one of our favorite parts! This place is a hidden gem that is worth the stop.

Melanie Berg

Fun, quick stop on our way to Nashville

Nathan Huber

My first cave ever and I’m glad it was this one. Tour guide Keith made it an awesome, personal experience and was very knowledgeable. The museum was also really cool with a lot of info to take in. And don’t forget to stop by the gift shop. I’ll most certainly be back again! Definitely a must see if you’re passing through.

bobby price

Our family had a great experience. We found a four pack combo on Groupon for ziplining, rappelling and cave tour for just over $100. The facility was clean and included a small cave museum with free admission. The ziplining was quick but fun. They have one line 75 feet above the ground. Excellent for the first time zipliner. Equipment was sound, and we felt safe. Rappelling was the favorite of both kids who are 12. Beginning point is 75 feet high too. One of our kids had a lot of fear, and Jenna (their guide) was great with him - showing lots of patience, encouragement and advice. The other guide, Draven was awesome too. Both ziplining and rappelling are outside the mouth of the cave. The cave tour is less than an hour, but enjoyable. Linda was our friendly and funny guide. She provided a lot of history of the cave and its restoration. All 3 activities lasted about 2-3 hours. We are very satisfied with the value. The staff is incredibly hospitable and knowledgeable. We learned more about caves on this excursion than the cave tour we went on inside the park.


Lots of fun, a short walk, but a lot of stairs. Very open spaces amd not cramped like many cave tours, so great for the claustrophobic aadventurer. Gary, our guide, was knowledgeable and entertaining. They're doing some renovations, hope I can go back and see the result.

John scully

Awesome zipline course and cave tour!!


Best cave tour I have taken yet

Brandon Brown

Quite short tour, but very fun and informative. It IS expanding, to include the first ever zip line inside of a cave. Still a very impressive cave with a MASSIVE mouth that opens up right below the main town center. I didn't even see that I drove right over it! Lots of stairs, obviously, but make sure to plan ahead. They can close quite abruptly due to rain flooding the cave. And it floods DEEP.

Christie Peterson

Had a great time. Alyssa, our tour guide, was the best! So sweet and very informative. The museum was small but cute. I probably wouldn't pay for it alone, but to check out before the tour was perfect. The tour was fantastic!! Not a very far walk, but plenty to look at, and the best part was that we were able to go off the path and check out the cave a little. Very memorable and worth the price ($15). Would recommend!

Barbara Gaydosh

Great cave tour. One of the best caves in the area. This cave is often overlooked. Don't make the mistake of not going, if you are visiting the area. Much better than the better known caves.

Jemry Senneff

This is an interesting cave that opens in the middle of the town of Horse Cave, the town sits above it. We only got to tour a short distance of the cave because a bridge is being built inside the cave. Our guide, Gavin, was informative and friendly. The walk back up the stairs isn't too bad, although there is a change in the atmosphere half way up. The air seems really thick, making it hard to breathe. I have heart disease, so I'm not sure if it was just me having troubles, the rest of my family handled it well.

Lil Mnz

Staff were really helpful, funny and caring regarding our family safety!!! Love it!

William Anderson

Pretty cool place. Unfortunately the cave was flooded while we were there and never got to do the tour. But the museum was interesting.

Tony Miller

Fun place to visit. Can't wait to tour the new addition their working on

Kosta El Greco

Friendly staff and good tours. The private tours are totally worth it!

Bithia Jackson

Really fun

himavanth pabbati

Good place for Weekend getaway. Can have couple of fun activities too Repelling and Zipline with guided tour to hidden cave

Ethan Robbins

Great place to go to. Did cave tour and zipline.

James Willis

Unfortunately time was restricted, but staff are very friendly and a beautiful opening just right under the street, you can see it from the store.

Bret Barnes

Super crew and excellent venue

Jennifer Kyle

Awesome Experience!!! The employees at Hidden River were great and very knowledgeable about all the aspects of venturing into a cave. This is definitely a must see Cave!!! We went with a very large homeschool group and they were able to a accommodate all of us. The gift shop has something for everyone especially the nicest lady employee who helped me with everything I needed (including keeping my 2 yr old busy while I shopped :) I also recommend the cave crawl which my 15 year old son did and had a blast (I lived vicariously through his GoPro video) hahaha

Charles Webb

Festival and cave beautiful and all kinds of food today with craft booths and zll kinds of music live outside

Katelyn Lensch

They say they are open until 6pm. But don't bother going if it is after 4:30. Their last tour is at 5pm and they won't do any rappel or zipline after 4:30pm. If they just put that on their website we wouldn't have wasted the drive.

Amanda Philpott

It was awesome very well-kept and clean and they take pride in the cave and the zipline was really really fun and exciting

Heidi Reams

Great day with the family. Very informative cave guides and great zip for the kiddos.

Bake Batter 'N Bowl

Staff is very friendly and the gift shop and museum are clean and well organized. The zip-line is nothing special, it is one line it is not a course. The rappel option is similar you start at the zip-line and drop into the entrance of the cave. The cave is small not a lot to see, they are working on expanding. I would not return, not worth the drive, the only reason for three stars instead of one was how nice the staff were.

Nick England

Coolest spot ever! Awesome service!

Julie Neal

Loved the cave, had a very knowledgeable guide and the cave fairies loved my husband (he's covered in them in every picture, lol)

Ruth West

Awesome educational and fun experience! Looking forward to exploring deeper into Hidden River Cave in the future. Friendly, informed and passionate staff, and extensive cave memorabilia. Hands on cave tour!

Brandon Evans

I did the zip line and rapel course here and I really enjoyed it. The line wasn't very long but because it goes over the cave mouth it really messes with your head. The rapel is fun too, but not exactly what I expected because a good part of it is free fall. Either way, I enjoyed it a lot. The owners have done a great job at making the cave entrance a beautiful park.

Angela Nickell

The people were very nice. The museum area is small yet very informative. The visuals really show the effects of pollution and how quickly things recover with a little help from humans. The guide really focused on the children in the group. That was great for us because we have been to a lot of caves. We saw a white crawdad and a bar. We did not go on the zip lines or the rappelling lines. Looking forward to returning when they put a zip line through the cave.

Ravann Murphy

Awesome little cave with the river flooring though it. Interesting history behind this can't with a cool museum!

Marilyn Bilger

Fun little zipline

Andrea Briggs

The best cave tour ever!! Our guide was so knowledgable and taught us so much! I will be back again!!

Christopher Cuneo

We went on the three hour Cave Adventure Tour and it was awesome! Really got to experience climbing through a cave in a way that makes all the other cave tours seem very pedestrian and boring. As you might imagine, we were rather nervous going in, but it really wasn't very scary or too strenuous. It's a workout, to be sure, and there's a lot of bending and crawling, but the only time we had to stop and catch our breath was climbing the stairs at exit/entrance of the cave. Our guide was very knowledgeable and put everyone's safety at the forefront.

barbara yates

Beautiful!! Awesome watching history being made!!

Rebekah Howland

The off-trail adventure is excellent. I went with a friend, and it was just the two of us and a guide walking, wading, crawling, and sliding through the cave for 3+ hours. We were definitely tired and dirty at the end of it, but it was an amazing, immersive way to experience this region of Kentucky.

Brittney Anderson

Had an amazing time! I enjoyed not only the cave tour, but I also enjoyed zip lining and rappelling! Highly recommend this place for anybody who wants to get away and have some fun!

Liz Westbrook

Incredible experience!!! Keith, our tour guide, was amazing. He was knowledgeable, experienced, kind, and made you feel safe. The deep cave experience is not for the faint of heart...But don't hesitate.... Do the off trail tour!! Prepare with knee pads and an extra set of clothes...


Best place ever to go with young children! We visited the cave yesterday with my 11 year old, 10 year old and our 9 year old neighbor. The tour was great and very informative. My kids absolutely loved it! After the tour we zip lined and rapelled down into the cave. Anthony and Greg were absolutely amazing! My son was very nervous about zip lining and my daughter is a total adrenaline junkie. Thanks to Greg and Anthony both my children had an awesome day because they were so amazing with the kids. On our way home all the kids talked about was what an awesome day they had. Everybody there is so kind it felt like we we’re family. We are definitely coming back sometime and we look forward to it. What an awesome day!

Yohimar Sivira

Great experience. The zip line is fun and our tour guide was so fun and lively!

ewing graves

Wonderful time. Tour guide, Darcy, was very knowledgeable and she involved everyone on the tour which made the kids love it. My kids are already wanting to make plans to see Sunset Dome. Thanks

Meaghan B

Ok, first, this is a good tour. You learn a lot about the history of the area. The caves are cool. Secondly!! Know that there are a lot of steps and they are almost all together, so you have to do them all at once. There is an area where the oxygen levels drop, everyone in the tour were breathing heavily, be advised! The steps are steeps, and wet. The guides could use a bit more education so as to be able to answer all the questions. The rooms are neat to see and the suspension bridge is very fun.

Dokka 378

Well...It was great! My sister, she found some rocks and loved em, as she collects rocks herself.

Evelyn Corbin

Great staff with a fun sense of humour! The guide took his time, making sure people had plenty of time to see everything and take pictures. There are about 400 stairs round trip, but it's doable, and definitely worth it!


Very fun to do as a group, consider the solo tours!

Lisa Batcheller

Great family tour! Lasted about 45 minutes in the cave which was a cool 58 degrees! Saw a few camel crickets and toured the cave. Our group was small, only 3 families so it was much more personal. Would highly recommend!

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