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Where is Diamond Caverns?

REVIEWS OF Diamond Caverns IN Kentucky

Mal Mack

Not exactly the place for babies in strollers lol but fun nonetheless.. the kids that could navigate the stairs really enjoyed the caves.. the adults really enjoyed the shopping

Greg iCE

Diamond Caverns was a lot of fun. We had an excellent tour guide (Chase) and the facility condition was very well kept (including the restrooms). Ticketing and tour organization was well run as well and we altogether had a great visit. The caverns themselves were beautiful and easy to navigate for the tour. There are quite a bit of stairs within the tour, 300+, and some of the parts were very steep, definitely not a handicap accessible tour. My favorite aspect of the tour was the historical background about the area as well as the cavern. Very nicely done and worth a stop.

Varun Mahajan

Too expensive . 20 bucks person . Better to look at youtube

Logan Altic

Our tour guide was great and the tour give you a great experience of being down in a close quarters cave which we found fun compared to a large room. The water features in the cave are also very pretty. It is a shame that a large section of it was vandalized several years ago and there are many broken stalactites on the ceiling.

Adam Bailey

Had a good tour with Sarah took our kids They enjoyed it

Reeve Antony

This was fun I would do it again

Sheila Noble

Sam, gave a wonderful your! Great place to visit.

Wade Thrower

By far one the most beautiful caverns I've been in...that includes Carlsbad and Monmouth...Tour guide is very knowledgeable and well informed. It gets a little tight in some areas but has many beautiful formations!

Sandra Reed

My guide, Allison, was absolutely wonderful! The cave itself is breathtaking. I very much enjoyed it!

Elizabeth Winkler

Diamond caverns is not under the sandstone cap like most caves in the area so it is very decorated. The tour is accurate and well done. Easy tour one for all ages.

Jennifer Urbanek

The caverns are very humid, and bags are not allowed, as some pillars are very close to each other. I would recommend even leaving coats in the car. Neat tour. We learned quite a bit about local history and cave formations. There are 350 stairs, with most covered with water and some are steep. Very cool formations inside that reminded me of dementor robes. I would not recommend for handicap people, including those with dropped foot. Interesting items in the gift shop. The tour guide was funny and informative, with a lot of energy.

Chrome Spirit

Beautiful wet cave. Knowledgeable tour guide. Great cave experience.

Natasha Turner

Beautiful, good, fun tour. Can take flash pics. Hope they're able to open underground river tour soon. Fun gift shop. Interesting history. About a 45 minute tour. You won't get muddy, fine for kids.

Kalie Kidd

Such a beautiful cave! Knowable tour guides! Beautiful formations and lots to see! Gift shop has some pretty reasonable priced items but large variety!

Joel Whalen

Very interesting cave. A good alternative to Mammoth Cave tour

John Coppinger

Fascinating and gorgeous cave experience. Tour guide Sarah is an excellent host.

Mike Railey

Thank you Sam for an Awesome tour of the cave!! It was Awesome!!!

Jeff Shamblin

Awesome trip. Great people, and they work for the government.

bro and sis 0709

Great price for a family tour. Mammoth caves were very busy but this cave had multiple tours and we only waited a half hour. Last minute stop on the way home. Has a lot of interesting features. The stairs are tough but even my four year did fine with assistance. We were at the back of the pack but didn't feel pressured to hurry. The hour just zips by and I could have stayed all day. Maybe not the most gorgeous cave but still impressive with a very interesting history. We were just driving through and were disappointed that most mammoth cave tours were booked up but this place gave my kids the opportunity to see their first cave and it did not disappoint. Full of formations and even saw some cave ants and beatles. I'm also interested in finding more info on the history such as the stairs that only have a few steps and seem to go nowhere at the beginning of the tour??? It really sparked some cave interest in the family to learn some geology. **Even the new tour guide did a great job**


Lovely small cavern. Not as many stairs as larger caverns have and the flights are broken up with landings so you can catch your breath. Wear shoes that are slip resistant as there is dripping water in some areas. There were few people there when we visited(October) so we had a personal tour. Would recommend stopping by and they have a nice gift shop.

J De Anda

This was our first cave exploring experience and we will have more. The attraction was well kept with a pleasant staff. The tour is limited to 20 guests which was just right. The tour lasts about an hour and the walking was not to demanding. Diamond Caverns has great history. The guide was well versed and could expand on it when questioned.

Katie Pitterle

Awesome cave! The tour guides are so friendly and knowledgeable! It’s priced fairly and the cave definitely cools you down. We had a great time!

Erika Moeller

Beautiful cave and amazing formations. Kaelyn was a great guide, very informative and funny too.

Ali Moore

My husband and I stopped by on our way to our honeymoon. It was a great way to start our vacation off. We had an amazing tour guide named Allison She made everything supper fun. She was very personable and made the entire experience great. Go check it out!

Thomas Krieger

Had an amazing time at cave would recommend it everyone

Keith Arent

One hour tour. caution there are many stairs and they are not standard stairs. The view is amazing

Kathryn Wagener

This living cave was beautiful with gorgeous examples of multiple types of calcite formations. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. The facility as a whole is a beautiful and serene experience. I definitely appreciated the cleanliness as well!!

Landon Nguyen

Great alternative to Mammoth Cave if youd like a shorter tour. We had a good time.

Scott Poehlman

My wife and I visited Diamond Caverns on April 26. Kaylen led us on the tour, we had a small group of 8, including 3 young children. The caves formations are beautiful and Kaylen was an outstanding tour guide, we learned a lot about the history of the cave, and Kaylen did a great job educating us. Yes, there are many steps, some rather steep, but this is communicated up front. My wife is somewhat claustrophobic, but had no issues at all with this tour. Unlike at Mammoth Cave, you can use flash when taking photos. Highly recommended!

Nora Gibes

Beautiful cave. Our guide seemed to know a lot. Stairs weren't bad at all.

Lisa Cheatham

Thery were AmazinG....From MI LOVED IT

Valerie Hess

It was an ok place. I was a little disappoint though.

Black Fire

This was cool as hell, it was a very good experience and our tour guide[I'm sorry I cant remember you name,] was fun, energetic and full of passion for the cavern, this is a go to, b-e-a-utiful

Latoya Nolan

Loved it here! We went as a family of 5, 3 of which were children aged 3, 8, & 11. The tour was awesome and our tour guide was alot of fun and very knowledgable! Definantly a must if your in the area!

Daniel Pike

Well worth the time and money to see if you are in the area.

KLTG DarkMoonDelta TS

Cool place to visit if you’re into hiking and an adventure.

TRASIAN Manufacturing Ltd

Beautiful intimate cave, well worth the time. Wish the stalactites and stalactites hadn't been tampered with but overall a gorgeous experience.

David Markunas

We have a wonderful time it was beautiful we love to learn about caves and how they were formed I would to go back again sometime

Bess Ann Bredemeyer

Nice little cavern. Pretty. Interesting tour with some history. $20 for adults.

Tonia Whiting

Pretty. Really neat

Quinn Herron

Vending machine was aweaome. Love the mystery drink.

Deborah Evans

Loved it it was cool and our tourist was hot so that's a +

Greg Rowsey

Haven't been to Diamond Caverns for quite a few years. Very special when we were there. Remember entering the cave system from the lobby. My great uncle either owned or managed the caverns. Elwood Rowsey. Am I correct?

Michael Farrell

We had a really great personal tour. We happened to show up between crowds so it was just the guide, my wife and I.

AlAN Merlin

Tour was very educational and learned a lot about it! Its a really good cave to start first since this has the more beautiful looks than the other caves nearby. If given make sure to ask the tour guide to turn off the lights to have that dark experience.

Frank Lamberti

Great tour if you go to the mammoth caves. It cost a little more but well worth it

Chaz Johnson

Small cavern. well worth the trip and entry fee ___ if you can manage the 350 steps. Just five minutes Off highway 65... On way to mammoth caves. Pleasant tour guide. No wait for hourly tours at 10:30 a.m.

Drew Dyer

We were married 28yrs ago May 20th, in the cave. We loved it.


Kaylen was our guide, and she was energetic and enthusiastic. The cave is a little cramped and you might hit your head or slip if you aren't vigilant but there are some really fantastic sights. The gift shop and lodge decor is engaging and not to cliche or childish. I would definitely go back to share the experience with a friend.

Jol Parker

Awesome guide for a beautiful cave

Karri Tapia

It was great. The tour guide was very helpful and formative and and charming.

Dan Dalecke

Awsome. We loved it

Matt Winje

Great experience. Went to Mammoth Cave and everything was sold out (tour-wise), so we did the self guided tour which was alright but pretty short (less than a mile). We decided to drive to Diamond Caverns and see what was there and were pleasantly surprised that it wasn't nearly as packed as Mammoth Cave was. The Diamond Caverns tour was pretty cool and the tour guide (Sam) was great. Would definitely recommend checking it out if exploring the area.

HydesGoSeek _

There are MANY steps down into this cave. I wold not recommend it to anyone with small children or walking difficulties. We enjoyed several spaces with pretty standard formations. There are several sliced and polished formations that you can touch which was a cave first for us. It was a good break from the hot weather. A bit overpriced considering Mammoth Caves is just down the road.

Ashley Matthews

This place is pretty cool, not my favorite. Our guide was quirky and pleasant, very informative! I feel like ticket prices are a little high in comparison to others. And their gift shop is not a place where there is "something for everyone" because of the prices as well. Overall I recommend stopping here if you want to skip going to Mammoth!

Steve Hamrin

We thought Diamond Caverns was great. We really enjoyed the long tour at Mammoth Cave and wanted to take another one but they were all booked up. We decided to go here and came in with mixed expectations. These caves could not be more different than Mammoth, with lots of formations and flowing water. We would definitely come here again.

Keri DeLost

Probably neat... wouldn't know. We missed out on buying tickets and didn't want to wait 90 minutes for next tour.

josh fager

Breathtaking formations! Better than Mamoth Cave, less crowded tours and sooooo many formations. Great cavern! Well worth the $$$.

Christine Dilbeck

My children are 11 and 7 and both of equally loved and enjoyed themselves and had a wonderful experience and family vacation

Knowledge applied is wisdom

Not too bad I'd say only see it if other caves are booked. Staff said tap n go pay doesn't work. I assured them it does but they wouldn't even let me try, like it would break something. They spent more time telling me it wouldn't work than just trying it. Ran to my car to get cc then they said I needed ID, had to run back again.

corinne mc taggart

Awesome & beautiful , really enjoyed it , not a super strenuous walk compared to others , passed on Mammoth Cave for this reason , was very happy with tour , guide was excellent

Jaime Worline

It was my first cave tour and I thought it was pretty cool. Our tour guide was a little quirky but very friendly and upbeat. She was knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. Was something perfect to do on a rainy day!

Karrie Andis

We had went there and really enjoyed and enjoy it

Lisa Cleaveland

Loved this one! A little bit of everything!

Cyndi Farfsing

Absolutely worth it! The guided tour was perfectly paced and it was wonderful to have a smaller group so you could actually hear the stories and info the guide was telling you. Beautiful cave and my kids 3 and 9 both had so much fun. The tour guide was fun and kept it interesting and had a great sense of humor, not at all boring and such a great experience.

Dan Kavanaugh

Came here after mammoth was sold out. Glad we did. Sam was a great guide, learned alot that I didn't hear from previous trips to mammoth.

Rishab Gaba

Beautiful caves. Active formations of stalagmites and stalactites. Its a wet cave. Tour is an hour long, starts every hour, costs $20. The caves are privately owned but owners care for the preservation of the caves. Our tour guide Kaylin was very informative, cheerful and accommodating. Highly recommended tour.

Christina S.

Great place just down the road from Mammoth Cave! I work in the locally, so when the busy season hits, Diamond Caverns is always something I send tourists to!

Angela Nickell

Nice cave with good formations. Be prepared for the hike up stairs to leave. I would not recommend this cave to people with back problems because of several areas of low ceilings. The people were friendly. The guide was knowledgeable.

Sarah Cofer

Beautiful cave! My husband and I really enjoyed our tour through Diamond Caverns. Our tour guide Alison was a pleasure, and she even used our phone to take a picture of us in front of the beautifully impressive formations. We later used the photograph as the back of a postcard we sent to our families. Thank you, Diamond Caverns and Alison, for a wonderful experience!!

Brianne Deck

Very fun and informative. Our 2.5 year old loved it

Big J

Not as big as mammoth caves but much prettier

Andy Brodbeck

A must see when visiting Mammoth caves. We liked that we didn't need to make reservations, and the smaller groups make it a more personal experience. $20 a person puts it on the more expensive side, but still a good time.

Jessica Gibson

On Wednesday my boyfriend & I toured Mammoth Cave & Diamond Caverns. Diamond Caverns is gorgeous; the formations are beautiful and everywhere not just in one section. It is a wet cave with some narrow passages, a lot of history and beautiful things to see. Even though it is marked as strenuous it isn't as difficult as Mammoth Cave's "moderate" tours. Fewer steps, and a smaller crowd. The tour will take about an hour, but you can use flash photography if you wish. They just ask to not record audio or video. If I had to go back to Mammoth Cave or Diamond Caverns, I'd pick Diamond Caverns hands down!! Mammoth Cave is popular because it is a national park, not because there's a lot of stalagmites, stalactites or flowstones. All of that is in Diamond Caverns, everywhere you look - literally. As well as cave ribbons, and "cave popcorn." The tour guide we had was awesome and very knowledgeable.

Roxy Wolf-Franqui

There's a beautiful scenery and it's awesome to see but our tour was rushed from other reviews I've read it's because they work within a certain timeframe for each tour and I think that's kind of unreasonable seeing as how there's so much Beauty but the tour was awesome and our guide was very knowledgeable so I was happy about that

Julie Martz

The price is very high. The caverns are very commercial. Listening to Kaylen's voice is a nightmare. Not recommended. And the owners response says everything. Apparently, they also do not care for honest reviews. Downgrading to one star from two.

Jon Schrage

Very nice tour. Our kids love cave tours, and this was a good one.

brandon rush

Enjoyed this with the family. It's a good long trek through the cavern and it's wet. Dress appropriately and you'll enjoy it more. Lots to see, great guide, and one tight spot if your above average in size, but nothing too bad.

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