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Where is Daniel Boone National Forest?

REVIEWS OF Daniel Boone National Forest IN Kentucky

Hannah Hunter

So many things to see and do. We only had one day, but it was a really great day! Wear the right shoes, use bug spray, look out for copperheads, and bring lots of water!

Carlous Tinsley

The Gourd is beautiful now as it's ever been

Eleeshuh Kay

Breathtaking, grown up in the area and still amazed every day

Shawn and Jess Glover

It is a very nice place to go and see and spend the day with your family and friends everyone will have a really great time

Amber Henson

Wonderful roadside stop! The employees were so friendly and really seemed to enjoyed what they did. We loved it!

Scott Teague

The DBNF is one of the most beautiful pieces of land on earth. Over 700 thousand acres of trees and landscapes that would make and have made wonderful post cards, for those that can remember post cards. Hope this was helpful. If so, give a like.

Sherry Gac

Fun place to hike and be a part of nature. So much to see and do, and so little time to do it in! Will be back for more sightseeing and learning opportunities!

Jeff Gregory

Its home. Basically my back yard. Great place for hiking , boating and camping especially

josh eells

Peaceful as always,great people in Zoe,always meeting new off roading friends.

shawn donathan

Amazing rock formations and natural bridges. The area has the Red River Gorge. Natural Bridge State Park. Good fishing in the river and streams. Good place to hike and kayak. Camping spots and picnic spots throughout the park. Beautiful every season. Really nice area to take a scenic drive.

Nick Byma

So much fun to be had in here. Trails galore that we explored on our dirt bikes. Such an expanse of area with so many things to be seen. Come visit, it won't disappoint!

Carolyn LaCava

Absolutely loved it. Have bought property there ready to move. Great for hiking trails and fun family days

chico necessary

Great place to visit. Breath taking

Darrin Crawn

Was an awesome view with every place I went. Will definitely come back again

Sean McKay

Good but not enough industialism. To many trees and not enough evil capitalism

jeremy fetters

It was so beautiful with interesting stops like a very old Baptist church

sumkrzykat m

Lots of picture perfect sights & areas to do just that.... Take lots of pictures!

Rhonda Sturgill

Love going there....let my yorkies run around....☺

Jake Rohme

Very nice Forest! Lots to do and people need to clean up the messes afterwards! Overall beautiful

Russ Schenck

Colors during fall is breathtaking. Great time to take photos and hike.

Clark Ross

Actually, I kinda live here. It's not bad, if you don't want anything to do.. Also, nothing at all fancy in the area, yet beautiful driving/views.

Tommy Spencer

It belongs to all of us. Something to see, for sure.

Marise Mccomas

Got a cabin here. I LOVED it. Will be back.

Theo Thiergartner

Great place to unwind and the trails were great for dogs and kids

John Simcox

Beautiful place for rockclimbing. Super hard climbs, a lot of perma-draws. Would definately check it out even if the grades (~5.13) are out of your league.

John Choate

My family and I love going to Daniel Boone national Forest song short weekend getaways. There are plenty of places to camp if your backwoods camper or many other communal car camping sites as's very easy to find a check in station formats to navigate your way through the park.

Grant Sexton

We went to the natural arch and it was beautiful. The overlook is gorgeous and a very easy walk. To go down to the arch it is a lot of stair steps. children and the elderly will need to take their time but it will well worth it and very amazing.

J Laz

Nice park. We had a good time hiking and watching the Cumberland Falls. The river was pretty high because of the storms.

Christina True

Great time out hiking with friends!!! Some trails are super hard but there are easy quick ones too which I enjoyed the best!!

Leonard Coner

Great place to go hiking but make sure you have a map of the forest and study it well cause you can get very very lost real quickly if you don't know the Daniel Boone national forest. Also if you have a cell phone make sure that you get great service and make sure that you have it fully charged up. Have a great time but don't get lost.

Virginia Taylor

I love the falls and it's a beautiful natural place to visit bring your whole family there is lots to see lots to do just remember this is a place that has fishing wild life snakes are not pets neither is the Wolf's nor The black bear so don't try petting them be careful and please have wonderful time (Virginia Taylor)

Nik Jett

Great time on the water at cave run lake. Testing out jetski to make sure it worked.

Amanda Radcliffe

Beautiful place, lots of nature to be seen and it is huge! You will never be bored or not have something to do.

Miles Johnson

I don't know how I feel about this place. That being said I have never been... but I do support parks and what they stand for! Parks are the national treasures of our country, what says liberty better than mother nature! Love one nature enthusiast

bill denton

Great day for the kids and we got plenty sun and rest.

Jana Johnson

Great leisure place to just enjoy a simple life away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Mary Lugo

One of the most beautiful places on Earth. The mountains, the countryside, skies and falls make for a great weekend!

Roy Perrine

This place will forever have a place in my heart. The waterfall was amazing and helped create memories that I will hold close to me. If you ever get the chance I highly recommend going there. Be warned if you are afraid of very twisty narrow road's then have someone else drive lol. However IT IS WORTH IT.

Greg Welte

Just a great place to go.Great for a nice ride on your bike

Tim Tate

I fell off a 100ft cliff and desire to return and see more beauty. Breathtakingly beautiful there

Matt Jastrzebski

Easily one of my favorite weekend trips. I've hiked many miles out here, always a beautiful time.

Victoria Lynn Noe- Phillips

There is an arch in the rocks standing at the overlook. It is beautiful!

Della Shenoskey

If you take Highway 90 through Kentucky you will travel this beautiful scenic route that includes Cumberland Falls. It is a wonderful experience of nature. Quiet and worth the drive for nature lovers.

Pete Hustwayte

Stayed one night at Turkey Foot campground. It was perfect. I couldn't ask for anything else. It was clean, safe, well maintained and quiet.

Ashley Nolan

This is a beautiful area. Quiet and peaceful. I grew up here. Born & raised. No place like home.

Bill May

Great place to have fun in the sun. Awsome fishing and friendly people at pro shops

Luke Fister

Love the Faniel Boone National Forest. great place to explore and take the family. lots of trails

Debbie Ricketts

Daniel Boone National Forest is absolutely beautiful. If you like water sports Lake Cumberland is place to be . Hikers have many trails to explore and the terrain varies so you always see something new and interesting. Love this place !

Jessa Turner

It was a beautiful and scenic drive. Unfortunately for us, it was a bit nerve racking since we're from out of state & actually hadn't intended to end up there. We were completely lost & it seemed like a labyrinth. However, don't blame this lovely area for my husband refusing to use the GPS.

Maunica Gross

Absolutely love and here. It's beautiful Twin Knobs campgrounds inside of the Daniel Boone National Forest is clean they have nice tiled showers and flush toilets. The

chie tnk

Wonderful place to spend a couple of days to explore different trails and must-see spots. Beautiful nature and well maintained for hikers.

Amanda Davis

Bluegrass and BBQ. Can't go wrong. Local crafters have boothes set up. Wear your hat or shades, it's a beautiful day.

C Maximus

This was my very first time camping and I just have to say that I had such a blast! The views were incredibly beautiful and I loved the hikes and everything else I came across while camping. I feel like staying just for the weekend didn't do it justice. However I know that I will definitely be returning definitely recommended for nature lovers and campers. And such a great place for the whole family!

Joann Yeager

Absolutely love to come here! Tranquil, and relaxing! Fresh air always does me good! Good to see some nature! And get away from the world for awhile!

Jon faucett

Love the gorge and hollerwood offroad park is a blast

brian ables

Wild kittens run free in the forest.. Beware, they're cute and may take up some of your time.

Chris Butler

Visited several different areas and was not disappointed, including a small strip of shoreline located off of the 611B road and parking area. Having a boat would have been the only thing that would make your visit any more enjoyable.


Legit place to camp outdoors. Best way is to find a creek and walk along it in late summer so it's mostly dried up.

ky crager

Red River Gorge has some high quality 4wd tracks and the scenery is world class.

Joseph Corsetto

Beautiful country. Most take time and life in nature before it is all gone and you missed your chance

Sonny Moore

Most beautiful place to ever see in the USA Wolfe County Daniel Boon National Forest no where on earth more safe and breathtaking come on down and see Daniel Boone National Forest Wolfe County

Kevin Sparks

Great place to visit. Loved the trails for jeeping

Marion Herrington

Was raised playing here & now I visit Cumberland Falls & Kentucky as often as possible w/my kids and now also w/my grand babies. Even though they have the part where we used to play blocked I still think it's a beautiful place to bring family and just enjoy this park together

Will S

Absolutely fantastic scenery. The off road trails are top notch. Highly recommend it as a good get away with some fun wheeling. Get out there and enjoy a natural resource

Larry Brock

The Redbird park area was truly amazing! Manchester ky.

Randy Swinford

Visiting the forest is one of the most peaceful things to do. Or you could bring the whole family and have a wild time. Eutger way its the best

Kathleen Wachter

Beautiful hiking. Very little water in creeks. Not much in waterfalls and very dry.

josh shepherd

Had a blast hiking and camping. The scenery was amazing. It is so good to just get away from the world and spe d time with friends.

Jeff Halt

Quiet lots of beautiful nature right under your nose within a few hours of several major cities

Saud K

Beautiful forest to explore with kids camping and off roading. You can also check out the national forestry website to get more info on all kinds of outdoor activities which would help you with your planning.

Dianna Watson

Great for viewing wildlife, beautiful, great place to hike. Love being outdoors, great place to take kids and teach them about nature.

Catherine Kemme

As a climber, this is like the climbing Mecca for the midwest. The hiking trails are also gorgeous. If you get time, stop by at Miguel's pizza for some great pizza options.

Grandpa and Grandma Bryan Wandering Footprints

Very nice national park. Campsites are large and each one has water. The bathrooms are dated but very clean. Hot water too! Wish they had information on the park when we checked in. Unfortunately we had to discover what was around to do on our own. Hopefully didn't miss anything.

Robert Hoffman

Stayed ar Cave Run on a houseboat it was a blast. Lake was absolutely gorgeous and mountains of Daniel Boone surrounding it are a site to behold.

Jacob Burritt

So much to explore and see! White water rafting, hiking, and beautiful rock formations were our highlights! Be careful though, bring your own beer as some of it is in a dry county - yes, they still exist.

Mike Stauffenberg

My son, my brother and I visited my best friend for the weekend here. We were able to spend Saturday afternoon on my friend's boat on the lake. The lake was beautiful. A relaxing escape from the business of day to day life.

Dennis Camp

It is a beautiful place to enjoy the forest. Worth stopping by to breathe fresh air.

Scott Stopyak

I've only visited the SE corner. I'm sure somewhere in the vast park there's some cool stuff to see. That said, where I was, there was literally nothing other than a sign that would even indicate that you were in a national forest. People have houses and businesses in the "park" There's a bunch of new home development in the "park". There were no trails, scenic outlooks, picnic areas or anything at all park-like in the"park".

Abram Nicholson

Nice forest. Oak hickory complex. Lots of deer and turkey.

Leroy Cupp

Daniel Boone National Forest is a nice place to go hiking there is beauty all around and Wildlife I would Gladly take my family there again and again.

Jamie Thompson

One of the nicest places you can go and relax. Plenty of outdoor activities and people are always friendly.



Zen Dean

The greatest forest I've ever been to. I actually spend every day there, and it is amazing

Jessica Wesner

I absolutely love my house but sometimes you gotta get away. If you can't afford to spend a fortune on theme parks and junk food. Pack a nice filling lunch, or lunch and dinner. And bring your children phoneless to explore nature. They will take away a heck of a lot more and they will love for you to get them some fresh air and wilderness. This was one of my favorite things to do when my kids were little.

Jennifer Bunch

Awesomeness! Wildcat ATV Park, is 5 stars for riding. Beautiful trails through the mountains!

Liz Loring

Beautiful! So many hiking trails and waterfalls

Jarrod Lilly

Daniel Boone national Forest is an awesome place to visit for the whole family. We had a great time raining a houseboat on the lake. It was a great way to spend time with friends and family.

Scott Ridge

Just a wonderful place. Most of the arch pathes are marked well and well kept. The drive with in the gorge is great as the roads are maintained. Big rigs are not usable as there limited road in the gorge area. The southern part of the forest is just as beautiful with it's on sites. Great way to spend a few days.

Ethan Cloud

We’ve been to the Daniel Boone National Forest twice and it was a very nice experience both times. The locals were friendly and had helpful information. The forest is part of the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway we trecked over the course of 3 days. We slept in the forest one night and had no issues with finding camping locations. Trails are well maintained and marked clearly. We will be going back next year.

Deroy Conatser

Love just hiking and exploring and hanging with my baby and just talk. So peaceful.

Dawn Cheryl Vaughn

Beautiful drive through a beautiful national park. Rushing streams and nature. It was so quiet. A perfect evening.

Mary McConnell

Excellent hiking for most ability levels. We picked Greys...a little more rigorous and worth the hike! Gorgeous every step of the way ... Not just for the arch. Bring water! Parking was fine too, bathrooms clean, and good wayfinding. I will bring the kids.

David Kravetz

Kentucky hill Country is great for a visit in the fall. Red River Gorge area has lots of lovely trails for hiking. Gray’s Arch is amazing

David Byrne

Lago Linda Camp was such a pleasure to stay at. Nice distance between cabins and camp sites. Nice and clean, well maintained.

10xLifestyle Ryle

You can visit 100 times and never have to go to the same area. Something for everyone. God's country.

Bj Adams

The most beautiful place I've ever seen

Jennifer Slone

It was a very clean park an trail I went on very nice place

Thomas Ritchie

I love this area! I'm partial because I was raised here but the area has so much to offer and has kept growing with more amazing restaurants and adventures to go on!

Florida Prepper

Love this place. Kentucky is one of the best places to live in. Good fishing, good hunting, and the people are all so friendly. I just purchased land in the Daniel boone and couldn't be happier.


a nice forest area and property is really cheap here

Melissa Baker

Great place to ride quads and we had a great time we got a little bit of rain in the evening and everybody loves it there people with side by sides the real wide ones please stop digging up the roads with your quads or polaris's or the other type of razors the real wide ones because you make every other person have a hard time riding and it's just not cool

Timothy Wright

Awesome place to ride motorcycle. Lots of curves

Cheryl Kilgore

Love the Daniel Boone National Forest.. so many great waterfalls, hiking trails and fun stuff to do!

Chantelle Polash

Didn't see the right waterfalls, walked 3 miles to see a trickle of water coming down. The walk was enjoyable though


Always fun to hike and enjoy the silence.

Ashley Middleton Rodriguez

The Daniel Boone National Forest Runs all over Southern KY. It's got lots of parks included and all are great places to take the family to for an outing, a hike, or even just a picnic! You will enjoy the fresh air, scenic views, and wildlife, rock forms, lakes, rivers, streams and of course the Falls! And with all that beautiful landscaping these parks make great spots for snapping some good pictures!

Kayla Castle

I've always loved going here since I was a kid...driving through the red river gorge,hiking up on natural bridge,seeing all the neat stuff in the gift shops and so much more. My family and I spent a weekend their recently and had an amazing time! If you love nature you should definitely take a vacation here!!

james trent

Many places to go and adventures to be had. Always watch out for native animals and reptiles when on a walk. Do a little research before coming. Many cliffs so always watch your step. And watch your kids closely. To be lost there or …


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