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719 Wisconsin St, Cawker City, KS 67430, United States

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Where is World's Largest Ball of Twine?

REVIEWS OF World's Largest Ball of Twine IN Kansas

Matt Kuykendall

There seem to be several 'largest balls of twine' in the US. Minnesota has one, and a few other places. But folks... you can't beat this one. 43' in diameter?? I mean cmon'.... who wouldn't want their childhood to be filled w/memories of the family annual Thanksgiving eve trips to the 'Great Ball'. Sounds like it'd be straight out of a Charlie brown movie or something. Let's keep Cawker city on the map.

Andrew Born

Definitely something great to go see if your in the area. Join a unique group of people, sign your name and check out wheere every one else came from who all met at the same point at one time or another.

lisa gipson

"Having a ball" with the famous JFK - James Frank Kotera at the world's largest ball of twine just minutes from Lake Minnesuing!

James Kehoe

5 stars for what it is...."the world's largest ball of twine". It is way off the interstate in a small town but it is Americana at its best. Certainly something off the bucket list. If driving to Colorado don't miss the worlds largest Easel and The oldest Carousel west of the Mississippi.


This is a lie The actual largest ball of twine is in Darwin, Minnesota

Elissa Masson

It was about what you expect. Quirky..... in a run down part of town...a fun 10 minutes

Pamella Stomel

So much fun here! My husband and I called ahead of time and made arrangements to add twine to the ball. Everyone in the town was super nice. Great little stop on our road trip!!!

Adam B.

Lindsey Beach

Fantastic ball of twine. In the best state.

Tiffany Jones

There is an awesome Barber shop and thrift store right around the corner. Love this place!

Shirley Roper

It was crazy good...

Anne C

Easy to find. Just what you expect it to be and you can add twine to it, if you bring some!

Reality Rose

This tourist destination is exactly what it advertises, a giant ball of twine. If you walk around Cawker City, you can find a huge number of ball of twine themed art. My friend and I had a great time.

Ryan Pak

It was interesting and underwhelming at the same time. The twine ball was in the middle of nowhere. Spent only several minutes and went on.

Brenda Spangler

Unique tourist attraction. It's not everyday you can see the world's largest ball of twine!

Leota Shelton

I have lived here in Kansas most of my life. Enjoy taking visitors to see it

Terry Moore

It's a one of a kind but it's a ways to get to it

David Dickey

Kitschy and cute Americana. Throw back to the 50s & 60s. Right on the main street, but small signs, so keep your eyes open when you enter this small town. Ball has a shelter apparently built just for it.

lisa gipson

"Having a ball" with the famous JFK - James Frank Kotera at the world's largest ball of twine just minutes from Lake Minnesuing!

Christopher Acker


Sgt Sapper

It was huge!

Susan Ashley

Cool history

Cindy Paquette

Hometown favorite

Sharon Clark

Interesting roadside novelty attraction. Be sure to check out the playground and town museum nearby.

William Britton

While traveling accross country a lady friend and I just wanted to check out a bit of Americana. Turns out there are several places claiming to have "The worlds largest ball of twine." Some by highth, width, weight, and/or diamiter. The one we saw I am sure started out as a ball, but it is not a ball now. It's more like a giant cake made of twine.

Bev Cummins

Interesting, but could have a little more information to make it more interesting.

Susan Lane

Hysterically amazing! we found it by accident and actually had to turn around to go see it! Didn't really think it existed but people, IT DOES!!!

Mandy Earp

Must see!

Camaro Silverado

Kinda cool need to check it out

Cindy Adams

Dakota Niederhauser

You can touch it. You should touch it. Don't forget to sign in at the mailbox!

John Fiebich

Great spot to visit on a road trip.

Jerry Hoppe

Neat stop for a break

Jim Minkel

It's a giant ball of string. Interesting stop on your way through Kansas.

Jordan Janisse

It was neat to see. Unfortunately there are very few services near by. We wanted to have lunch near by but could not find a place to eat.

Globe Trotter

Friendly folks. Locals rented out every available room and there was no eateries but the folks wondered why we came. We reminded them the ball of twine.


It was fun to take pics and read about all the places the twine came from.

Jay Dorval

I have wanted to see this for 23 years. I am glad I did. My husband and I added to the ball of twine. It was really cool to contribute to the biggest ball of twine.

Tina Blaine

He is lives next door to me his name is jim kotera he has the world largest ball of twine

Gail Drew

This is a fun stop in a small town. We pulled in and within minutes a nice couple brought some twine for us to add to the big ball of twine and then took our picture.

Howard Wheeler jr

Its amazing and the time it took is really something and Elvis is just up the road !

Jodi Hackler

Very fun novelty to see

Ken Nichols

Cool place but in the middle of nowhere!

Savannah Stewart

In a very small town. Always wanted to see it and I didn't even know where it was. We just happen to pass it on our way up North.

c t

This was so FUNNY. So, we missed it! Yep, we actually drove right past it because no one told us it was under a gazebo. That's what we get for not reading any Google reviews! SO....this ball of twine is HUGE. It's in a small town, kinda in the middle of nowhere but we made it 1 of our stops on our way to the center of the US. The ride was relaxing and the views were stunning. Being from the East coast, it gave me a whole new appreciation for this beautiful country we live in. (Be sure to check out my sunset on the horizon pic I attached from our ride home) TALK ABOUT WIDE OPEN SPACES, WOW! Definitely add this as a stop if you are planning a simple day trip, or venturing across the country. I'm glad I did!

Tim Thunell

A must see for any serious traveler! One of America's greatest landmarks!

Ashli Morse

Seems like a silly thing to see, but it's actually pretty cool. You can add some twine to it and contribute to keeping it the largest!

Jason Hiscock

Fun. Be sure to bring some twine.

Ray's Random

Great place to to visit. It's free.

Tina Blaine

He is lives next door to me his name is jim kotera he has the world largest ball of twine

Kari Gilbert

It's a ball of twine... nothing too exciting

Gillian LaFosse

activated my hayfever :( will NOT be returning !

Matt Howell

A little underwhelming, but still a must-see!

Colette Rubio

This was so cool

Cassandra Fowler

Samantha Jewett

Accidentally stumbled into Cawker City, KS taking a wrong turn originally going toward I-70, (changed plans to go toward I-80) but it was a nice pit stop. The locals were very accommodating. No bathroom until dollar general down the road:)

Patricia Farrell

A fun stop as you go through Kansas. Definitely the biggest ball of twine I've ever encountered. The "city" it's in has about 10 buildings, a third of which are occupied

Doug Wells

This is the best ball of twine I've ever seen in my life

Worldsbiggest Loser

It is as described. You can see it from the car. You can stop and read the history

Howard Wheeler jr

Its amazing and the time it took is really something and Elvis is just up the road !

William Lickfield

Must see attraction

Kathi Rehrig

Everyone is so friendly. Linda Clover helped us wrap the twins. A must see stop for surr

Sue Bruss

Not only the ball of twine, look at the art work in displayed in the windows

Martha Manske

Was really fun. You can get twine to add at no charge from the city offices down the street next to the library. They do close for lunch so call ahead. They have a guest book you can sign. There is also a park nearby with bathrooms if you need either of those.

J. H. S.

Bring cash if you want a souvenir t-shirt!

Jodi Hackler

Very fun novelty to see

James Peek

Coming here was on my bucket list, and I was very pleased with everything.

Gabe Dix

It is a neat stop! They have a festival to add more twine every year!

Dirk Waldrop

By far the coolest thing in America, no, The Americas. I’ve threatened my family for years I was going to take them to see it and they didn’t believe that such a magnificent attraction existed. Today, they found out that it does exist. And it exists in the most awesome manner imaginable. Just look at the awe and wonder on her face.

Nathan Grebowiec

You are not ready for what you are going to experience when you confront this ball of twine. Calling it large doesn't express the grandure of it's majesty. The 3 minutes it takes to pull over and gaze upon its beauty is worth it. Also, sometimes there is an old lady there that let's you add to bonus.

Martha Gates

It was a fun, quirky little stop! The smell of the twine took me back the hayfields and haybarns of my childhood on the farm.

David Hawk

Wonderful exhibit. A must see attraction.

Matthew Langford

Really neat to see.

Traveling Man

Thus is a kitchy attraction but a must on any bucket list of roadside attractions. It was a sizable ball with a unique smell, which I could not place. Got some fun picks and headed down the way.

Dennis Demoro


Nikki Martinez

A have to go to experience!

Devin Gorman

Thought this was silly until we stopped, but it's cool to see and worth visiting you're nearby. Linda, the "keeper" happened to stop by while we were there and she will let you add one revolution of twine, which means you are making it the largest it's ever been.

mike cronin

Shop cloed ob Sunday bummer. Enjoyed the towns old west building architecture and love of art.

Brent Olsen

It's a huge a ball of rope. AWESOME!!!!!!

Scott Cooper

We happened to stop by at the beginning of their annual Twine-a-thon and got to wrap one new turn of twine around the ball. It was awesome!

Jason Bruce

It's a quick easy road side attractions if you aren't too far from it.

Sandi Wahlberg


christopher loghry

This amazing little gem is conveniently located, free to see, and simply breathtaking. When I visited, I actually had no intention of stopping, let alone idea that such a thing existed. When I spotted the sign and blew past the ball, I had to turn around. I can confidently say this is the biggest ball of twine I've ever seen. It's majestic and I look forward to some day joining the ceremony of adding more twine. Run, don't walk, and do yourself a favor.

Scott Heiman

Would have given it 5 stars if it hadn't been for the speeding ticket on the way there (91 in a 65!) I know...stupid. Anyway, really cool bit of old time roadside Americana. I didn't have time to explore the surrounding town, but it looked quirky in a good way. Do go see this place, but don't go like me, an idiot.

Stephen Zomcik

Seriously, no joking, the absolute best part of Kansas. I really wish I knew before we got here that you are encouraged to bring your own twine to add to the enormous ball! MAKE SURE YOU BRING TWINE TO ADD TO IT!!!!

Jim Myers

lived 3 miles from JFK; he is at peace with himself and the world and spends his spare time adding pounds to his creation. take the time to go see it.

B Wilk

Crazy to find this. Met the owner. Nice guy. 20,000+ lbs ball of twine.

Sean Hill

When I would tell people that I was driving across country and was going to stop at some roadside attractions, they would all say "like the worlds Largest Ball of Twine." So when I was coming back through Kansas and saw that there was a ball of twine to go see, I was thrilled. The drive from I70 to this giant ball was quite the trek. It was not close. Lots of middle of nowhere driving. But once I got the that big brown ball my heart filled with joy. Like somehow my life was a little more complete. I finally realized the meaning of my life. I sat down and called my dad, for the first time in years and told him that I forgive him and I love him. I took the appropriate amount of selfies and posted to my Instastories. I walked around the ball, both ways. I touched it, hopefully in the same way it touched me. I sign the guest book and after five minutes of mediation I got back in my car and drove the rest of the way home with a giant smile on my face the whole way.

Dawn Long

I are on a World's Largest Trip and this stop is defiantly worth it. We stopped and took our pictures then headed across the street to the giftshop. It was not open but had a sign on the door for a number to call, or we could go down the street to the Almost Done Inn. We decided to head down to the Almost Done Inn. We range the doorbell and a very nice lady welcomed us in to what I believe is also her house. We bought our "I wound twine on the..." t-shirt and she gave us each a large piece of twine to wind around the ball which we went back and did! As a roadside attraction this is really a unique experience because we had the opportunity to add to the ball.

Heidi Peterson

He is a very nice man and having a ball lol. Me and my husband enjoyed talking with him about his big ball of twin and it was amazing to see.

Sabina Cardenas

Its impressive when you think about it, it started with twine and apparently there have been times in its history when you can add to the ball. However, our visit was not one of those times and with the rain and the cold temp in early October, I wasn't overly impreessed. Its cool without a doubt but it's no Casey, Ill. Where you can see multiple large things in one spot. Nevertheless, I checked it off my list. Mission accomplished.

Enrique John

Went with my girlfriend for a little trip loved every minute of it!!

Frederick Krueger

The tour for the biggest barb wire ball was what i went for. Twine ..meh.. not so much.. Gift shop had nice smell.

Jerry Burrow

It was great

Bob Rutherford

Love odd points of interest to break up our trip. :( Gift shop closed.

james dawson

It's a giant ball of twine

Ann Samuelson

Fun with grandkids!

Sara Neave

Not much here, other than a HUGE ball of twine. Happened across it on my way to the Geographic Center of the Contiguous US States (Lower 48), and was happy I took the time to stop. Brief explanation of the history can be found at the site, and the ball smells great - they must keep adding fresh twine.

Edward Griffin

Something I wanted to see, I like it.

Mike Bazzle

Love it when people get creative!

Jim Myers

lived 3 miles from JFK; he is at peace with himself and the world and spends his spare time adding pounds to his creation. take the time to go see it.

planted aquariums guppies/tigers/mollies

Neat thing to see, it's not really that far off the main road

David Kahle

This is a complete tourist trap! We love these types of specialty items. No cost and a unique find. We have stopped here before when crossing Kansas. It is exactly what it says. If you are passing by it is a fun stop! Stretch your legs and enjoy the fruits of somebody's odd hobby!

Hank Marks

It is indeed a massive ball of twine. Quite neat and you can touch it too. It’s very easy to find as it’s on the main road.

Katlyn Fisher

Was on a cross country road trip and looking for things to see in Kansas. Took an hour detour off the I-70 to see this quirky stop. Was an interesting tid bit to know exists in the world. Glad I saw it because I would never have made a trip just for this.

Patrick Young

Clark Griswold would be proud of me for visiting this.

Zachary Gifford

I've never seen a larger ball of twine! Kind of out of the way and not much else around. Still neat though. Stop by Lebanon too and visit the geographic center of the US!

Keturah Mcallster

I grew up round those parts and always had a soft spot for that ball o twine. Was back home and stopped by

Joseph Buckreis

I visited and added twine when I was 11, came back 9 years later and added more. Both times we met incredibly friendly folks in town who gave us twine to add and were generally real helpful. Theres a gift shop across from the ball with some t shirts and other fun souvenirs. The owner and his son (I assume they're father and son) were very welcoming

Casey Forman

We went on a large road trip across the States and on the way back we planned on visiting this attraction. We planned it kind of as a joke but the closer it got to the day we planned to see it the more excited we got. Needless to say, it exceeded all expectations! It was a huge ball of twine and they even encourage you to bring your own twine to make the ball bigger!

Ann Brooks

Fun stop!!

Roger Cox

It's a good diversion from the hectic world around us. I had learned of it on a list of attractions in each state that should be visited. Not necessarily the grandest, but the quirkiest, or unusual. It was on our route from South Dakota to Texas, so I told everyone it was on the list. Couldn't not stop then, and I'm so glad we did. Met Linda the caretaker and she provided me some twine to add, now I can say I'm part of a world record setting team.

Magan Cowart

My children loved this! It is a great place to stop. Highly visible from the highway. The area has been kept nice and clean and makes for a great family picture.

Mike Evans

It's a big ball of twine as advertised. There is a gas station that has been restored and converted into a motel across the street. There is very little else to do here.

Jenny Campbell

It's a very big ball of twine.

Cherece Coen

Great stop for sight seeing!

Chuck White

Smells like pee


Great place been there twice

Jordan's Adventures

It's neat and you can add on to the world record every time you go there. It's also huge and getting bigger every time someone sees it because a lady will come out with twine and let you wrap around it once or twice

David Backlin

Kind of kitschy, but it's free

Adria B

Definitely better than the one in Minnesota

Erin Kerbs

It's a ball of twine, but it's a great photo opportunity on the side of the road. It's covered and has benches around it. There's plenty of parking in a gravel lot to the west of the site.

B Wilk

Crazy to find this. Met the owner. Nice guy. 20,000+ lbs ball of twine.

Eileen Martin

Cool. Love the history and story behind this.

Cookie Campbell

I love things like this, even was able to add some twine!

Blake Baynes

It was really cool to see. We live right by the biggest ball of twine by one man so it was cool to compare them.

Amanda Kochkodin

The World's Largest Ball of Twine was neat to see, but the gift store wasn't there anymore. Check that off the list!

Heidi Peterson

He is a very nice man and having a ball lol. Me and my husband enjoyed talking with him about his big ball of twin and it was amazing to see.

Lyle Buller

Quite an attraction.

Kathleen Rushmore

This town needs a good motorcycle rally to raise funds. This is a sweet spot in rural northwest Kansas. Another good idea would be a kite flying festival

Jimmy Byard

It was all the cheesy fun we had tied to our expectations!

Dara Troxel

Was hot but was amazing to see!

Dustin Adams

That's a lot of twine.

Brian Knaul

Just another cool place to se

Marise Shearer

What a WONDERFUL experience. Soooo down-to-earth. Loved it

Jennifer Crenshaw

Im from cawker city helped rap the ball of twine many times at the cawker picnic

christopher trochez

It's a quirky attraction kind of in the middle of nowhere but it's interesting nonetheless. Don't go here looking for something fancy or breathtaking. It's a large ball of twine. Having said that it is exactly what is advertised. We detoured here on a long road trip where we decided to just see everything we could possibly see. If you're near here go visit. What the heck? When will you get back again?

The Trump

Should be viewed with awe when one considers the skill and dedication invested in this monument of man. Dr. Zaius would find it to be a pinnacle of success. Thank You for the mirth.

Renee Griffin

Haven't seen a bigger ball of twine ever!

William Arbaugh

The ball of twine is impressive enough, but the town itself is charming as it gets. Hints of Radiator Springs from Cars here...and that's a great thing. Worth the trip off the beaten path.

Eric Rudberg

I've been to all four "World's Largest Ball of Twine." This one is definitely the largest of them all. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Unfortunately I wasn't able to meet and shake JFK's hand to thank him for this gift to humanity. It's a little challenge to find but consider it a quest, only those worthy will find it!

David Boss

Just ran into this on accident. I had always heard about these collections but was very happy to find this. Its exactly what it says it is a ball of twine. No surprises and exactly what you would expect to find when standing next to a giant ball of twine. Great for conversations in the future though.

Alex Perez

Whoa! Who would have thought? It is so cool that this even exists! Love the history and worth the stop!

Mdog Mcdog

Casket city picnic is tonight

Jennifer Wilson

Pretty neat attraction.

Kyla Hershey-Wilson

Huge, huggable, smells like twine. <3

Mike Hutchins

A must see. Cawker City, Glen Elder, Beloit and Lake Waconda are real America!!!

tamatha maddox

I just love a world's largest item.

Joe Hoffmann

This is the Jewel of North Central Kansas. Screw the Geographic Center of the contiguous United States! Not only is this tourist trap the most tourist trappy trap imaginable, it's honestly reasonably impressive. Like... That's a whole lot more string than you'd think it is when planning a trip. Needs a reopened gift shop, because if you drive 8 hours on Kansas state highways instead of I70 just to see a bunch of twine, the thing you really need at that point is a shirt that says as much so you can start conversations about it with people at parties.

Joseph Cushman

When I first saw this ball of twine it was 50 years ago and no cover on it , it's cool for Cawker City,Kansas .

kim slattery


Troy Hintz

Photo opportunity

Trucker George

Its a big ball of string in the middle of town and the only attraction that I know of in that town. I wouldn't drive out of your way to see it.

Anitta Staats

Don't miss seeing the ball of twine if you are traveling Highway 24!

Mrs Sassy Pants

Always a pleasure to stop by the old stomping grounds of my family and see how big this puppy gets each time I travel through

Mark Sugarman

A real Oddball item. I ran across it as I was coming back from the center of the continental US which was out in the middle of absolutely nowhere. The old gas station across the street was interesting. Not much else to see as a tourist passing through.

Ch C

This is a drive-through attraction that is well worth a momentary stop. One else you going to see a ball of twine this big?

Janice Trainstonton

I've seen this a few times and this last time I brought my seven grandcats and they loved it! Definitely coming back! xoxo

Ian Hutchinson

I traveled half way across the country for the single purpose of seeing the worlds larges ball of twine and let me be the first to tell you that i was not disappointed in the least. This is one BIG ball of twine! It was worth every mile flown and driven as we gawked in complete awe at such an American icon. It has to be seen to be believed!

Chris Archer

Not the world's greatest attraction but still pretty cool.

Randy Walling

Awesome display!! Really interesting. A must see!!!

Gilbert Magbag

I happened upon this place one Saturday, it's a pretty big ball of twine. I was the only visitor there, it is out on the middle of nowhere. I wonder if this is what Clark is referring to in National Lampoon's Vacation...

Caryn Kramer

Unique roadside attraction. Worth stopping and taking a quick picture!

Robert Milligan

Fun and inexpensive day trip

Jon Ferguson

Wife wanted to stop and was so excited to see it, easy to find, clean spot & had a nice place to play for the kids — where else are you going to stop in the middle of Kansas???

Bree D.

Sadly the souvenir shop was closed, and we didn't get to add to it. Fun to look at it!

Richard Davis

It was pretty cool.

Arnold Hunter

Interesting roadside attraction but don't go out of your way to visit.

T Johnston

It's a big ball of yarn in an abandoned town

Wendy Murphy

We had a great time. The son was there and let us wrap more twine.

Eric Rudberg

I've been to all four "World's Largest Ball of Twine." This one is definitely the largest of them all. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Unfortunately I wasn't able to meet and shake JFK's hand to thank him for this gift to humanity. It's a little challenge to find but consider it a quest, only those worthy will find it!

Val K

It's huge! Free to see!

Jeremy Luby

Very neat to see! Wow is that a lot of twine!

Matteo Zavaglia

Beautiful! Although the structure may attract others, I find it a little disheartening that it resembles the close physique of my left ball-sack.

K Peterson

What a fantastic attraction!!!! A Must see.

Jimmy Day

Going back this summer!

Alli King

Fun little place... cute town

Chris Chung

Nice cozy place at a good price

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