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30 W Pershing Rd, Kansas City, MO 64108, United States

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Where is Union Station Kansas City?

REVIEWS OF Union Station Kansas City IN Kansas

Theresa Scott

Amazing history to explore. Science City is super fun for the whole family. The many traveling exhibits throughout the year are always fantastic to see & educational! Couple cafés offer quick bites and drinks. An annual membership is well worth it!

Muhammad Shahid

I found, history, amazement, astonishment, surprise, wonderment and many feelings which may be not able to express in proper words. I feel so happy, lucky, fortunate to have its visit in my life. There are several categories of blocks to visit and have fun. Children can enjoy the Science City section. History loving and senior citizens can have the glimpse of history of Union Station. Art loving ones can see how beautiful and wonderful building it is. Foodies will also have something to explore inside. Couple (married ones / before relation) can have good memory over there. Friends Company or Colleagues can have peaceful and memorable moments around. You will see attraction, not only inside the building, but also outside the building including Fountain and Beautiful lights at night. I'll suggest to every visitor, don't miss the golden chance to capture memory.

Team Crowned

Union station is an amazing place to visit. Our kids love it! There are a wide variety of activities to participate in. There is an awesome science center called science city. they have just newly made additions to the science city. They are constantly updating to the Different attractions. They have a planetarium that they rotate out the different viewings. They constantly keep it maintenance. And then every season they have things going on. As well as they they have festivals of all variety throughout the year.

Candace Perisho

We just pop in to see the model trains and play with the toys on the model train exhibit. Union Station is one of our favorite places. The architecture is breathtaking. We've been to see several exhibits, and it is always a good experience. Afterwards, don't forget a treat at Rocky Mountain Candy Factory! This place is a jewel in the crown of KC!

Daniel Lewis

ADMINISTRATION PLEASE READ I volunteered here with a group and went to the correct parking area only to have a secruity guard come by and tell us we had to park in the garage. After parking in the garage, I needed to get it validated. I went to the ticketing area in the first level to have them tell me I'd have to buy a meal first, then I asked a security guard who said I couldn't, then I asked several other employees who all tolf me I'd have to psy to volunteer. The ONLY one who helped was a young African American girl in security who finally validated my parking so I wouldn't have to pay $30 to help the building. Seriously Union Station, get your act together. Thank God you have employees like her otherwise I don't see how you'd stand

Kristy Lockwood

I really enjoyed the wellness expo, but parking was horrible. We almost had to leave because there was no parking available. I appreciate that there needs to be enough parking for the post office and IRS, but when 1/3 of two levels is not being used, and I've never seen it used, it can be frustrating.

Mari Campbell

Great place to start for first time visitors to Kansas City. We took the trolley tour and we're rewarded with many hidden treasures we checked out afterward. Good place to go when you don't know where to begin. Great for kids too.

Bryan Harris

Visiting Union Station is kways a good time. Very relaxed and neat to see all the history. I learn something new each time.

Ashleigh Tidwell

We love going to Union Station! They always have great exhibits on display and the train room is a favorite of our 2 year old! Science city is definitely a must if you have kids and even if you don't! It gets pretty crazy on the weekends so I recommend going during the week when possible.

Ben Quick

It is an historical site, sits across the World War I memorial. To walk into a building with 90 feet tall ceilings was a remarkable feeling. Standing there an thinking about how many people had gone through this station to meet a loved one, a family, member, a friend or just for business is an amazing feeling of Nostalgia.

Nikki Finley

Always a great time at Union Station. The dinosaur exhibit happening right now is incredible! Great for adults too. Kids will love it!

Ricky Johnson

There's a lot of history behind this place, good and bad. But, none of its history explains why it's one of the most clean and convenient train stations in the U.S considering it's size. Also, the different family attractions and exhibits that are hosted in the station are great too! And oh, can't forget about Science City, which is a all year long attraction for everyone in the fam to enjoy.

Lisa Marcel-Fariss

The Reflecting Motion exhibit is outstanding and a must see. The same day went through the Stonehenge exhibit. Love all the exhibits they bring to Union Station so I decided to purchase a year membership.

Frankie Snell

There's always something interesting and cool to check out here. My family enjoys seeing the rotating exhibits and visiting science city. My only complaint is there aren't many options for food (and the ones they have aren't very kid-friendly). But if you plan ahead and pack lunches you can easily spend the day here.

Brandon M

This piece of Kansas City history is truly amazing and beautiful. The shear grandeur of the main hall is awesome to stand and take in while thinking about what it was back in the day. Whatever renovations they made are incredible. At Christmas time the station is decorated all over and makes for a great visit. Make sure you go to the west staircase and take in the history museum of sorts to go back in time. Love this place!

Carlos Rivera

We had a good time at the museum presentation. A lot of the businesses were closed with a private wedding on the works. The reason for my 4 star rating is that after 4 PM because of the reasons presented before parking rates should be in line with this.

Meralis VA

Great place to visit!

Sherri Foreman

Beautiful old train station with alot of history [ ask about the Union Station Massacre ] & still in use. Several shops & restaurants. City trolley tour tickets sold @ info booth inside or on trolley. Best to buy ahead online during busy season. Trolley was fun & very informative. Free KC street car stops here. [ City street car. ] Connected to the station is a planetarium, Dinosaur show, extreme screen movies, Science City, Extreme Room, & model train experience. Some free parking around but fills up fast. ?? up the hill by War museum ??. Parking in front $5 for two hours. BUT garage to the left $5 for FOUR hrs. Third floor level has a bridge into the station.

Paula Rhodes

It's a beautiful building. Just walking through it you can imagine back in the day when trains were a popular mode of transportation and all the hustle and bustle going on. It's beautifully decorated for Christmas. Just breathtaking.

Nick Kahler

Union Station Kansas City is a well-known local destination for entertainment and fine dining. I actually visited this time to travel. It is beautiful. Especially when compared to train stations in other cities as I found out.

karen shelor

Union Station is beautiful and I have never been disappointed by any of the fantastic exhibits at Union Station. We are so fortunate to have the quality of these exhibits. What is unfortunate is to have Union Station be the location of one of the most expensive and horrific restaurants in downtown Kansas City.

Joseph Jernigan III

Union Station is incredibly accessible, I was shocked at how easy it was to park and get around. For a shopping and entertainment hub that is very important to me. You want to have fun and not stress about parking and pedestrian access. The architecture is is also gorgeous. I will definitely be coming back and bringing my family.

Jrod K

Stunning building architecturally! A working train station and science center for kids and also museum exhibits. Around closing time the lighting in the great hall is just surreal! A definite must see if you're visiting KC!

Sarah Kenney

We have a yearly pass to Science City at Union Station and my daughter loves going here. She is 11 and never tires of it. Union Station itself is beautiful inside. The history along with it is an amazing historical scene that is perfect alongside Kansas City's upbringing. The Amtrak station inside is a great addition to the whole feel of it. To be able to see passengers come and go sets a nostalgic mood. Along with an upscale restaurant, a more casual dining restaurant, or a coffee bar to choose from for eats is also fantastic. To walk outside and see the Liberty Memorial and downtown Kansas City makes it a really neat place to visit.

Steve Schenke

It's laid back and it's open for tourism plus still functions as an Amtrak station

Howard Wisdom

Union Station is an awesome place to visit. This time I was using it to view the poppy light show on the WW1 museum. The night view was awesome!

Robert S

Iconic Landmark of this city, a must see!

Helen Bing

KC Missouri is where I am from & do visit several times a year with family! My baby sister is the one that takes us to all the excellent places to eat! This is one of them I really enjoyed this "Special" lunch with my baby sister!

Jason White

Union Station is a must see if you like beautiful buildings with incredibly interesting history. Keep an eye out on the events calendar as many fun events happen hear throughout the year. And, of course, you HAVE to go in the month of December. Christmas at Union Station is a Kansas City tradition for the ages!! Highly recommend!!

Dakota McCleary

The laser concerts at the planetarium are one of my favorite things to do in KC. I check regularly for the weekends where they are playing. I’d go more if they had more shows!

Aniruddh Chavan

Its a historic monument which the city is rightly trying to adding children activities. We went to the rail experience part which is a really great free activity. You can see a contrast how a olden day master piece has now ended up into just a building.

Megan Sharp

I like to take my nieces and nephews. There is always something going on and if not you can always check out the model trains. I enjoy the laser shows and the exhibits that come through. The building is beautiful and is full of so much history. It makes me feel proud to be a Kansas City resident.

Alexander Page

Union station is such an iconic place in KC. There are always new events going on and more than enough entertainment for anyone. Science City, escape rooms, great model train sets, dining and gifts. You really can't go wrong. Parking is straight forward and ample. I'd recommend anyone passing through the KC area to stop in for a few and just take in the amazing architecture if nothing else.

Adam Peake

Incredible historic space with lots of activities/entertainment and dining options. You could spend an entire day exploring everything it has to offer.

Steve Litwin

Beautiful train station, recently restored and reopened. Supposedly it's the second largest train station in the US. It's not completely used as a station anymore, it's more like a business and social hub but you can still catch Amtrak trains here. Also the starting and ending point for the free K.C. streetcar. Well worth a visit!

Sulieman al azri

It’s very nice place to visit especially for kids. The science city is really awesome and has hundreds of games to develop the child brain. I highly recommend this place to visit. As well the palntraum show was amazing with its 360 rotation and high resolution plus the arrangement of stories for kids to be able to understand them.

Kc Casper

Bring the entire family! Fun place to visit. Lots to look at. A lot of sightseeing nearby. It's the first stop for the free, public, air conditioned, street car. It will take you all the way through downtown, to the city market. Union Station is also a wonderfull place to find a bird (electric scooter) and go on a personal sightseeing tour.

Siege Whisperer

Went to stonehenge exhibit and it was just a bunch of rocks and pig bones for 20 bucks a person. Rip off

Jeffery Parker

A great experience for all ages. Took some young men there and they were in awl of the exibits there. KC has many treasures and Union Station is one we should be proud of and continue to support for a very long time.

Ashley Fullerton

Love this place!! Such a fun place for kids and adults. Parking is limited on big events, but other than that it's easy to find and park. Our favorite is the IMAX screen

Amber Easton

We have memberships and visit often. Love union station and science city

Justin Sharp

Outstanding venue. Went there for a miniature train show. Really cool.

David Pentimone

Great place to go to see some KC history. While you're there, grab some lunch at Crown Center (attached by a skywalk). Located near the WW1 museum and Downtown Public Library. The electric street car has a stop at Union Station, and it's free to ride.

Michelle Hutchison

Union station is always a fun place to go. They have exhibits to view, great restaurants to eat at, science city, and more. It's absolutely gorgeous during the holidays and perfect for picture taking. The train station is still active! Whether you're from out of town or a local it's a treat to visit!

Larry Denger

The building itself is worth a walk through and look around. There are very few examples in the Midwest of this 100 year old plus building in this excellent shape of condition.

Shelly La Mar

A busy tourist spot in downtown KC. It houses the Science City attraction and features rotating educational displays in the basement, both of which can be visited for an additional price. The station itself is huge, clean and a pretty cool piece of the city's history. The parking is not free but not outrageously priced. My only suggestion is keep an eye on the clock. Many shops and attractions close right around the same time people are leaving work. If you try to leave during the 4-6pm time frame, there's a good chance you'll be caught up in rush hour traffic. That definitely added an extra 45 minutes of slow travel and tons of stress after a long day of fun.

Evan Rose

This is a really cool place. Kansas City saved an historic building and converted it to modern purposes. The model train displays are fantastic and the science center is first class. I enjoyed viewing the restored building and the views from the higher level, overlooking the main floor. The Maker's Faire is held here.

Jeremiah Daniel

It's very well built and put together and it's not going away anytime soon I love what the city's tax payers money done to one of Kansas City's main attractions not too far from downtown and it's near another historical land mark and moment is down the hill from Liberty Memorial it's a great view on the outside and it looks pretty good in the inside all in all I must say I hope they keep putting new stuff in there

J Williams

Union Station is a special place for me on many levels. An outstanding jewel in our crown, I go back and visit when I can. I bring out of towners here specifically. When I take Amtrak I love arriving. To know it was saved from desolation and decay makes me proud. Kept immaculately clean and polished, it is an absolutely beautiful building full of things to do and see. I have seen multiple exhibits (Anyone remember the pirates?) all interesting in their own unique ways. I've attended events in the Grand Hall, and dined on the perfect KC Strip right there at Pierpoints. We light it up when we can, so you don't forget it's there. Check it out. It has a detailed wall on the east side showing construction photos along with actual tools used. The new street car only adds to the feel of the building more. But with a modern touch.

C3 Real Estate Investments

You can ride the train from anywhere sining "Kansas City here I come" to check out the restaurants, numerous events, science and art displays or to visit history...Al Capone's gang once made a visit here...either way Union Station has a lot to offer!!


I remember coming here as a very small child to pick up my grandpa coming in on the train. How wonderful it was now to return and see Union Station in all its glory! Could use more shopping and evening dining options. But we very much enjoyed a superb dinner at Pierpont's after viewing the show at the Planetarium. Couldn't find a souvenir t-shirt of Union Station, though. Our one major disappointment!

Russell Mosemann

What a magnificent building. A model train exhibit is open with very small trains to quite large trains. Train enthusiasts will love it. Be sure to go through the walkway over the tracks and watch the trains come and go.

Pyro ManiAX

This place is crazy. If you sit in the rather small waiting room (Compared to the rest of KC's Union Station) you better have a ticket n be prepared to show it. If not, you will be kicked out. They also send you farther than necessary for their own profit. The train ride itself by far beats Greyhound Bus. Their ticket selling staff are low life's who just want to take advantage of you.

Oliver Wilson

Great place to go to see some KC history. Fun thing to do in Kansas City.

Alexandra Winslow

We went to the dinosaur exhibit at union station. Anyone who had a love for dinosaurs or anyone interested in learning anything about them should go there. Animated, "real life" dinosaurs made is easy to learn. The interactive displays like the sand pit am today shows how a volcano would flow through your mountain bass it great. Perfect for little kids or kids at heart. Staff was friendly and the gift shop had something for everyone.

Local Metro

Wonderful space, always something new and something for everyone.

Jason Woodson

The membership is definitely worth the cost for our family of 4. Science City visits are unlimited and that is a good 2-3 hour, educational activity that can be repeated several times a year. So far the discounts on other activities as well as the ability to register for or attend other activities has been an added perk. The only expense associated with most visits is parking.

Karen J. Campbell

Enjoy Union so much. My Daughter took this photo a couple of years ago. It is a Beautiful photo of Old Glory and the background setting of our Wonderful Union Station makes it a eye stopper. Never a dull moment at Union. So much to see and do. Kansas City is fortunate to have it in our midst.

James Whitt

We love union station. Especially Christmas time. The membership is well worth it. It pays for its self over and over. Parking can be a bit expensive but still worth it.

liz Elizabeth

If you have two kids, can get pricey. It's a beautiful historical site. Christmas time is amazing.

A Brown

Lots of fun 4 all ages

Alex Huneycutt

Nice place. There were some bridesmaids taking photos in the huge hall. I really enjoy looking at the model train room, I've shown family several times. Wish I could see what Science City is about, but I think it's for children and parents only? Oh well.

Rechelle Morris

This building is beautiful and massive! There are plenty of activities for the family with museums & exhibits, plus just space to roam. We checked out the free train exhibit and it was quite nice.

Billy Randall

Just passing through by train back to Pennsylvania.

kelsey Walton

Your fool architect and things to sing. Lots to do. Well worth the time to stop and visit.

Stephen McBee

Fun, old, historic and new. Iconic. There is something there for everyone!

Felicia Hyrne

I really love taking my children to Union Station for all their events, movies and Christmas events. We always go see the holiday train and take pictures with Santa and I love the extreme screen movie theater. The price is on $8 a ticket which is an amazing deal for a large family like mine.

Linda Deng

What an amazing building. Absolutely stunning and has been preserved so well from its opening in 1914. The exterior is unchanged and so are parts of the interior. They're very proud of their history and what Union Station stands for. So beautiful!

Eric Olmsted

Departed Kansas City on an Amtrak train to Los Angels. I Have not been to Union Station for many years. The remodel is wonderful. Lots of things for families to do here. Also looks like a great place to have a private event. The walkway between Union Station and Crown Center was also very helpful as we decided to shop and eat at Crown Center. Next time.I am in Kansas City I will plan on spending more time at Union Station.

Michael Nelson

We took our son here to see Dinosaurs Unleashed and he was blown away. Parking was easy. The history of the building and its significance was amazing. Neat little coffee shop inside as well. We plan on checking out the arboretum next.

Carmen Cervantes

The train exhibit at the end of the hall is one of my favorites!

Dave Burrows

Definitely one of the must-see sights of Kansas City. Great train displays at Christmas time too.

Geri Silva Neal

When the grands come to visit from Texas this is definitely on the list of "to go places" in our tour! Kids loved the model trains area and so do the adults! Visiting the old train station and looking at vintage pictures is more fun as they get older. There's always an exhibit that keeps changing, so there's never a full moment. Love the old architecture and you can feel the history!

Henry m

I love this place! The history that this building holds Is pretty exciting in itself. I loved coming here as a kid exploring science city. still do for all the great Exhibits that come. Or taking a train buy and ticket and go! Good place for lunch and or coffee

Linda Rumsey

Stonehenge was a fantastic exhibition & we are so grateful that Kansas City's Union Station was the first stop!

Derek Morris

This is a destination place in Kansas City if you have kids. The science museum that they have here is a great way to spend almost an entire day, and not have bored kids on your hands. Afterwards, the chocolate shop near the museum exit is a great place to get an afternoon snack. Make sure you go down the hall to ride the streetcar, as there are many great pictures of the history of the station.

Donald McGuire

First time coming here and went to the science city exhibit. Our whole family thoroughly enjoyed it. Almost gave it 4 stars due to the lack of refreshments but they did have a bunch of drinking fountains so decided to give it 5. Just know that once you are in the science city exhibit if you didn't bring a drink your only options are drinking fountains.

Steven Walser

They always have great exhibits to bring the family to see, as well as the trains! Always beautifully decorated for the holidays. It's a rich piece of history- an educational gem! Also it's a great place for an upscale lunch or dinner in one of the very cozy resturants located inside!

Cherie Curtis

Our whole family loves Union Station! There’s so much to see and do. On our most recent trip we went to see the Stonehenge exhibit. I love all the traveling exhibits they bring in. We’ve been to Stonehenge, Dinosaurs, and the Pompeii exhibits and enjoyed all three. We also love the planetarium shows, extreme theater, and Science City. We haven’t done the new zombie escape experience, but look forward to it in the future. The cost with a membership makes the shows at Union Station very reasonable and we can spend an entire day there having fun.

David Jones

Love Union Station at Christmas!! It’s totally worth the visit. If you have young kids check out all the trains. It’s FREE!

David Alfred

Amazing structure with the history to go along with it!

Kitty Ray

It was hard to get my bags through the narrow doors. Hard to open the door when you are carrying bags. There might be a door that opened with a button but didn't see one. Easy to find the Ticketmaster.

Erich Meier

Union Station was gorgeous! I also loved the train displays!

Doug Price

Always a pleasant experience! I visited for a celebration at the station. We listened to the Kansas City Symphony who were set up outside in the parking lot. 10's of thousands of people were present. The area was well policed and there was no apparent incident of any type of crime! This is certainly an entertainment experience well worth repeating!

Anna-Marie Mullins

Numerous selections of gift shops and a one-of-a-kind restaurant. Has an escape room and an IMAX theater with up-to-date selections. Absolutely breathtaking during the holidays and something to stop by and see if you're in the area. A great place for a date, and there is a catwalk above the train tracks that lead to local restaurants.


Very unique attraction for Kansas city. To think it was going to be demolished. Once you step inside you'll get a sense of how much of a tragedy that would have been. The really great feature of this place is its ability to house travelling display events. Like a pop up museum.

Shawnette Mansfield

Took my dad to the Planetarium for Father's Day. Actually our whole family went. It was a blast. The educated narrator had a wonderful sense of humor and a wealth of knowledge he shared with us all. I purchased a 3-4 person membership and plan to go back soon. We went to City Market and rode the KC Streetcar for Union Station for the very first time. It was safe, fun, and extremely enjoyable. I'm looking forward to going with my parents to the Planetarium Live Fall Sky show when it becomes available.

shravani R

We were in the area exploring KC downtown when we happened to see everyone going inside this building, so we did too. Amazing old-style architecture and interiors. Beautiful fountain right in front of it. Best place to stroll in the evening.

Mike Brodbeck

Awesome piece of Kansas City history. Always events and activities going on for kids and adults. I definitely recommend anyone who hasn't been, to go. Christmas time is a good time to go. Lights and tree are nice.

Christopher Williams

This place is the heart and soul of Kansas City. The history here is amazing. Two areas of historical interest I would love to covered better are the Union Station Massacre, and Walt Disney. I would also live to see even more ancient history exhibits come to Union Station. This place is home to me.

TheOther RayJ

Nice facility but it needs more stores like an airport has. Plus it should become become more of a mass transit hub instead. Overall, a much better alternative than KC's Greyhound station when it comes to ground transportation.

Sheryl Wallis

It was really neat to visit here, when i was 3 my daddy took my mom, brother and I here from Tulsa, OK to ride a train to California. I wish i could remember it when i was 3 because i can only imagine what a little girl thought when she saw this place. Looking at it now and imagining it back then is amazing. I am 60 now.

J Adina Humphreys-Reubenni

I don't even come here for the exhibits or food, just to take in the beauty of the building.

Angela Sola

Completely amazed at the renovations of such a historical place. The beauty is breathtaking! ♥️

JeanHelene Davis

The IRS office is downstairs but now REQUIRES AN APPOINTMENT - walk ins given the number to call for one

Kelli Jo Parr

I absolutely love Union Station. It is a beautiful, well preserved piece of KC history. They bring in various traveling exhibits (usually two per year) to town which are always worth going to. They also have their permanent Science City exhibits along with the Planetarium and movie theater. It is truly a place to bring the family, or an excellent place to take a date. I make all of my visiting relatives and friends visit Union Station before they leave. It is a must see if you are in the area. They also set up beautiful Christmas decorations and it is free to walk around Union Station. They have little shops and a nice diner in there as well. Excellent historic landmark and fun for all ages!

Joel Snyder

Hi there. I went to Union Station in downtown Kansas City downtown. (I didn't take any photos when I was there on Friday afternoon, but I would like to suggest that you try going Union Station in downtown Kansas City). I took my very young daughter, my ex-wife and my mom to the Dinosaur displays in Union Station... We also went see the Science City displays on last Tuesday afternoon after going to Jack Stack B.B.Q in downtown Kansas City. My daughter got the Ribs and the French Fries with her lunch at about 1:30pm. My mom and I got the pork sandwich with grilled vegetaritables to finish off our lunch. :) Sincerely, Joel Snyder

Ginger Murphy

Stopped by for the beautiful views inside and found the great hall closed for a special event. Everything else was delightful! Live piano filled the front hall, the model trains were running upstairs, updated and full of fun and surprises. We walked over on a rainy day, mostly under covered walkways, and continued on to Crown Center. Great outing (free!) on an afternoon with family.

Christine Sandidge

Definitely worth seeing. Absolutely excellent place to take the family. I would like to go again! We caught a laser show in the planetarium and bought some fudge in the chocolate shop. Five stars for historical Union Station. Awesome!


This is a great place to visit. Many attractions for kids. Science City is awesome. It's educational and interactive for kids. My 4yr old didn't want to leave. We visited the planetarium and they have several shows that are perfect for kids to get them interested in space. They had a Lego art exhibit I wanted to visit, but we spent half the day at Science City. We will most definitely be stopping here next time we are in KC. Want to see the art exhibit and try Harvey's restaurant next time.

Amanda Linfield

I enjoyed this place! I had seen Union Station on an episode of Ghost Adventures (guilty pleasure) for the Union Station Massacre that happening in 1933. The bullet holes are still in the wall! This beautiful station has been restored which is so nice to see. The ceilings are detailed and the entire building is clean and feels like you stepped back in time for a second. On the 3rd floor they have all the history nicely displayed and shows you how they restored it. I did not visit the dinosaur expo or the science center but the shop was fun! We also ate at the restaurant Harvey's which was fine, but that is for a separate review. :) Definitely visit Union Station while your in Kansas City!

Stephen Balza

Fun free place to visit when you are in KC. We took a nice trolley tour of the city that started here. The main hall is huge and reminds you of the grandeur train travel provided in years past. There are restaurants (mostly high end), a Science Museum (didn’t go..$$$), and a cool miniature train exhibit hidden in the back.

Joshua Anderson

We had permission from their desk in person and from over the phone to say that the station would be available on a particular day for a wedding photo session. When we got there, security told us we had to leave because of a business event taking place there. The event had already ended, but they still wouldn't allow us to take photos because not all the guests had left. So we went to a different then area that wasn't closed but got confronted again because we used a dim light for backlighting the pictures. The security guards here must be really bored because they were way too jumpy to flex their power trip muscles.

Clay Newton

Went there for a short visit because we were early for an event across the street. Talked to a very nice and knowledgeable volunteer about the history of the place especially the bullet holes from back in the gangster days. Very fun and interesting. Loved the architecture of the building. Will definitely go back for a more thorough visit.

Shane McIntosh

Incredible building, has such an interesting history too. My family has come here several times, both for trains and just to see the building. It has a museum that shows the history of the building too, and you can learn about how it was almost abandoned, then restored. Great food inside, and often has special exhibits to view. Love the Christmas decoration too!

Jan Smith

Beautifully lit at night. Fun miniature train displays. Pretty building inside. Good places to eat or snack. Amazing Science City. And if you get a chance to attend a Makers Faire here... GO!

Tilden Harper

Beautiful place to visit and see the ever changing event spaces. Several decent places to eat also. The railroad models are fund to watch and look through. The displays are huge and have various scale sizes. The architecture of the place is gorgeous. Huge ceilings and amazing stone work. I really appreciate that they restored Union Station for future generations. While you are they go across the street and visit Liberty Memorial and the World War One museum.

Brianna Eubank

No matter if we are going to see a movie, an exhibit, Science City, or simply look at the trains, it has always been a great experience. Movie theater is very clean and comfortable. Science City is an awesome place for kids and adults alike. Each exhibit is something special and fun. I would recommend this place, especially for families. You do have to pay for parking, but a few bucks is worth it to support the Station.

Bob Anthony

Yet another Kansas city icon. Rich history preserved by the generosity of the citizens of Kansas city. The preservation of this beautiful building almost didn't happen. From the planetarium to the theaters science city and 5 star restaurants all worthy of a family friendly venue. Constantly changing exhibits add to the experience. Easy to find with tons of off street parking available where the first 30 minutes are free. Bring the kids and plan on spending the day here you won't regret it.

Chris Dale

Don't come to a tourist destination in an RV. I was pounced on and told to park elsewhere. I parked at the wonderful ww1 memorial and walked down. At least the people were friendly at the museum. Oh and the train station. Yea worth a 5 minute visit?

Rob Overmeyer

An icon of KC, always something worth seeing or doing here, world class.traveling exhibits included. There are several shops, restaurants, attractions and a movie theater here as well. Close by to the National WW I Museum, between the two, plenty to do.

Christine Helmer

I love the Union Station it's very beautiful has beautiful architecture + science city is there + 20 restaurants + the amphitheater downstairs plus the train station very fun place to be you always find something to do and good food to eat plus I have a fudge shop and a coffee shop there's so much to do and more would definitely recommend this place that is easy to get to different places from here the street cars go from there to the city market and it's free can't complain about anything there the post office is also there as well so really it's like a home all in one!

Amber Nelson Wood

Incredibly beautiful, completely restored, Deco architecture and historic landmark! There is so much happening here with amazing restaurants, Science City, must see exhibits, huge events and a great New Years Eve party! I personally love the escape rooms!!

Keith Izett

Union Station KC is a beautiful and amazing building inside and out. The ceiling patterns, low chandeliers and polished stone floors add great touches to the cavernous space. There are shops, food and exhibitions to check out.

Richie Guzior Photography

Its Huge! Cut thru building.its beautiful!

Larry Zucca

Great place to visit. You must stop in for some Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Great chocolate treats and truffles. Science City for the kids. Very pricey gift shop that you have to navigate through. There is an escape room on the lower level for those who like that kind of thing. The Planetarium is spectacular. Good times and views.

Brad Jahnel

Great place to spend some time walking around looking all it has to offer!

Mark Tremel

Fantastic. This is what cities are supposed to do with their vintage train stations. Clean them up and put them on display for all of tourists. The fact that it is still functional is just a bonus. The exterior is gorgeous and is lit up in some cool colors at night. Special exhibits and events complement the day to day businesses inside. I plan on coming back and next time I am taking a train.

Nicholas Buck

Great place to visit. Lots of entertaining things to do. I would recommend getting the annual pass if you visit KC a couple of times a year. It's great for the family to enjoy time together. Just viewed the exhibit Art of the Brick. It was great to see the creations done in Lego bricks.

Sarah P

I use the Amtrak here quite frequently. They could do with more comfortable seating

Liz Shultz

I went at Christmas time it was beautiful I love the trains all the miniatures. I would have enjoyed doing a couple things but when you have two adults and one child it's just too expensive

neeharika yuva

Enjoyed spending one complete day inside the union station Kansas City. The first thing which I am very much impressed is about the parking, we were able to find out the payment system which is antiquated and the best (but) I still don’t know how they check the details!.. there are many shows and movies which are playing inside. The coffee shop is a great place for a quick coffee and also we tried the roasted potato latte! Which is very delicious.. the walkway between the station and Westin hotel and crown mall was a great idea for those cold windy days, but if it’s sunny day you can easily walk and enjoy the public artwork and water fountain which also includes a motion dragon which is the best place for kids to enjoy as well as to take best photographs which are added to your travel album

James Allee

Loved Union Station. My first time there and loved it. Specially the model train station. Fun fun

Amber Hickman

The cleanest restrooms on I35 that I've ever seen! The entire area outside was very well maintained & tidy, also. The history of the location & information provided was definitely a bonus. Will definitely remember this spot next vacation!

Dana Wynn

Very pretty and clean. Not a ton of things to do inside other then look around. There were a couple of neat little halls. We were not arriving by train and had 2- 6-year olds with us.

Mister Jon

Very pretty architecture. You can get ub abd out in about 15 minutes.

Sherelyn Wilson

Very beautiful historical building. Paris cafe small tables to set at. Cute. Nice old restrooms. Beautiful high sides. Good parking a fee.

Garrett Hartman

There is so much to see and do at Union Station and Kansas city, it is definitely one of the best places to stop by in the city. It has a movie theater, restaurants, art, train station, planetarium and science city. Went there with my family today and had a blast. Definitely a must see attraction in Kansas City!

Jessi Jacobs

Breathtaking architecture. Fun to explore and learn about the history of the place.


Union Station is a strange bird. It all depends on what’s going on there at the time and that will dictate your experience. They host special events and exhibits and it’s a nice place to attend those because the building is beautiful and architecturally stunning and significant. But unless the show or event they are hosting inside is very interesting, there just isn’t a lot to do. The Pierpont’s Restaurant is inside Union Station and it’s not bad, (I’d give it a 3.5 out of five stars). I have been there for lunch and dinner. But Science City just isn’t that interesting unless you’re a youngster and even then I don’t think it holds a kid’s attention very long. The place is really a lovely event space and I’ve been to some very nice wedding receptions and after-hours business events there. It seems the space is best suited for those types of uses, unless you just want to check out the building or they have an extremely interesting exhibit in the house.

Gerri Lynn Baxter

Union Station is a must see for locals and visitors alike. Visiting can easily be an all day affair, starting with breakfast or coffee, then lunch, and a high end supper restaurant. Union Station houses multiple museums as well as Science City, a hands on experience for children of all ages. One museum is for touring exhibits only, which calls for revisiting on a regular basis. Several government offices are based here, including the Post Office, voter registration, and INS. While I enjoy the amenities, I plan to use Union Station as my primary walk-about for exercise. The architecture is awe inspiring--all the intricate detailing creates a new experience every time.

Judy Hollandsworth

Great experience. Just a little crowded with slow pepple.

Ashley Burdell

I went last night with my family to see the holiday decorations. They were beautiful. Great opportunity for pictures and family time. There were a lot of couples as well. Just a heads up, there is a parking fee of $5.

George Michael

This location is a complex array of buildings, stores, restaurants, streets and attractions, hard to navigate to the first-time visitor. It requires planning and arrive early in order to get a hold of most interesting places.

Martha Boling

Friendly helpful, knowledgable staff, readily available. Excellant exhibit.

Debjani Moitra

The fountain in front of union station is sure a heart winner for many love birds. It is the perfect place to click a family photo and even a selfie! The Union station in Kansas City is one of the most beautiful buildings of the city. As soon as you enter through the main doors, you will see a grand hall. If three large chandeliers are not enough to impress you then look at the ceiling. It has some of the most decorative works on it. The building has a planetarium, many restaurants and lots of fun stuff for the kids. Although I have been to Union Station quite a few times, my favorite time to go there is Christmas. You can catch a glimpse of the holiday spirit at Union Station with the above photo. Complete review on my blog - Life Without Alu? #letsguide #localguidesconnect #lifewithoutalu #travelblogger #indianfoodblogger #localguides #googlelocalguides #googlelocalguide

Kimberly Henderson

Union Station is majestic internally and externally. The structure is solid and quite imposing. There is much to do from children's activities, fine dining, postal services, and the arts. I almost forgot, the train. The atmosphere is one of awe and appreciation! I plan to check out the dinosaur exhibit for it leaves! History is here waiting to be uncovered and restored!

Joe Filoseta

Fantastic restoration filled with great artifacts and interpretive exhibits. Main restaurant in the station is awesome what a gorgeous bar and lovely dining room. Steak and Fish choices were abundant and all food was well prepared and presented. Service was very professional with our waiter giving us to bits of history and restoration details.

jade milnes

It was absolutely beautiful. Upon walking into Union Station I felt as if I had been teleported to another place in time.

Paula Graves

Shops close early except the expensive restaurant. If you are waiting for the train it gets boring

Steve Strickland

Great place for family and friends. Great places to eat. Kid friendly and plenty of family things to do.

C Curtis

Incredible place to visit! Reading all the displays concerning the history of Union Station was interesting. The kids absolutely LOVED the Gottleib Planetarium show and Science City. We have been to two different exhibits held in Union Station (Pompeii exhibit and Dinosaurs Revealed) and they were both amazing. We like to take a weekend with the family and spend a mini-vacation just doing all the fun things Union Station has to offer.

Dave Lynn

Beautiful architecture, open spaces, interesting things to see . One star off due to the need for a long walk outside to/from the train platform.

Jennifer Lewis

We had loada of fun in the museum of illusion. Silly pictures made it worth $15/person.

Robert Granillo

All in all, it's a nice, clean and quiet station. Good security so that makes it streets free !

Winston Messer

I didn't see this listed anywhere as a place to check out, but I'm so glad I stopped in. It seems like they have a steady stream of things to do here, and places to eat. This is much more than a train station. If you love train station architecture, at least a quick stop is a must, but you'll find enough to occupy your time between activities and food that it may not be a quick stop.

Aaron Baker

Best thing is the price: Free! Beautiful building with lots of rich history. Building has been refurbished and is beautiful. Surprised to go into free model train exhibit that is like 8,000 sq feet of trains. It was awesome. Me and my kids loved it.

Don Dagenais

The dinosaur exhibit is quite interesting and extremely well done. Union Station is always a fun destination place for our family.

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