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210 S Dubuque St, Iowa City, IA 52240, United States

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Where is Pedestrian Mall?

REVIEWS OF Pedestrian Mall IN Iowa

Emilia Deem

There's always something fun for all ages going on in the Ped Mall during the warmer seasons! Great place to take the family for an evening of free music, walking around, letting kids play on the playground, and maybe stopping for a treat somewhere.

Dan Stevenson

Needs... something. Was sad the other weekend to go from busy intergenerational fun Big Grove to a totally dead ped mall.

Wadeem from WSH

(Translated by Google) Cozy (Original) Уютно

Roger Servin


Jade Baccam

We enjoyed walking around, we went on a wrong day though. Due to the rain the water wasn't on. So I feel my rating is inaccurate.

Kyle Jones

David Borger Germann

Great place to be with family and friends, complete with shops, a fountain, playground, outdoor restaurant seating, summer concerts, and much more.

Brenden Clark

I have grown up going to the ped mall, it's a great place for you and your family to walk around, and have a good time. All the shops make it a fun time.

Eric Pedersen

The Pedmall is a great place for all ages.

Brian Herschberger

Great place to enjoy music on Friday evenings

John Evans

Mauled by pedestrians. Unsatisfied!

Rachel Hittner

I walk the Ped Mall frequently, and the inspiring atmosphere can't be beat! Also a great spot to bar crawl! Even if you're stumbling drunk, you can still get a grilled cheese or a taco from the various food stands around the walkway to sober up!

Soumya Joseph

Bonnie Brookhart

Just don't want to be here when it's cold and snow is flying

Drake Shores

Joseph Q. Pham

Nice open door play structure and open area bench seating. City events hosted here.

Anthony Koster

Ped mall is awesome.great place to chill and grab some Pokemon or have long philosophical conversations with interesting people.

Amanda Burns

It's always fun to go to the pedestrian mall. There are lots of shops and it has a great atmosphere.

Ashley Johnson

Kasun Rathnatunga


Felicia Nocentelli-Franklin

Very picturesque. Looks like a small town on a Hallmark movie.



Nicole Russell

Nicole Cullen

Great playground

Nicky Story

Charles C

Excellent area right downtown where all the bars and restaurants are located, plus it's right next to the heart of the campus. I'm not sure it's even possible to visit Iowa City without going to the Ped Mall area.

Jon Froehlich

It under construction. Disappointing. I hadn’t been there for 20 years and hoped for a little nostalgia walk and that was rejected. If I happen to live for another 20 years, I’ll try to visit again.

Gwenhwyfar Dickens

It used to be so fun to go down to the ped-mall and hang out and play hacky sack and meet people. But since people got cell phones, people stopped showing up.

Jens Zalzala

Aaron Van Noy

Fun place with lots of activities and music during the summer.

Jeff Linscheid

Rolando Larino

Will Ballard

Derek Henscheid

Nice little park and splash pad for the kids during the summer. During the school season it can get a little less "family friendly" in the evenings due to the college crowd, but it's a really nice area

Dr. Tanya English

Fun times always. Lots of restaurants and music!

Demon Overlord

Pap smear

Stacy Buchmann

Great place to walk grab a bite to eat and have the kids play on the playground.

David Arnold

Pedestrian Mall! There are pedestrians in this mall. For real though. Lit AF!

Sam Hisel

Great shops and lots of stuff going on

Justin Herbrand

Basically a State Street in Madison Wisconsin. They had a performance going on during impromptu jazz. Good stands. Shopping stores for clothes and whatever.

Alex Pacha

David Dzodzomenyo

Alan Peterson

It's gone downhill, the artisans, craft people and local characters that made it what it is, have been alienated and pushed aside by the city in favor of making a new image. It was the heart of the City, all cultures and diversity was abundant prior to the changes. Now, it's a political statement of sadly changing times. They destroyed parking lots in favor of buildings with non, which creates a huge problem unless you're willing to pay(more than you should, usually double)

sam knutson

Dont go at night.

Niki Fay

Lynn Hanson

Love this place. Great place to shop, hang out, and meet friends.

Mike McElhaney

Real nice area ...............................................................................................................................................................................................................

Rafael Morataya

Abel Soto

(Translated by Google) I was 3 days looking for the mall and it was a street hahaha (Original) Estuve 3 días buscando el mall y era una calle jajajaj

sufian haj

Best vacation

Derick Towar

Autumn Schuman

Troy McCarthy

Austin Boos

Chris Byam

Good place for kids

Samsung Asong

Shooting last night

Ameir Mobasheri

It's a fine place if you're not poor

c f

It's nice to be able to shop on foot you miss less.

John Schwab

Still haven't finished construction, thought it was supposed to be done by now..

Dallas Jackson

Relaxed atmosphere during the day, fun one at night.

Rex Clemmensen

One of my favorite things about IC is the Ped Mall. Friendly and inviting with lots to do.

Winfield Doner

Nice place to shop or get a meal. Construction is in progress but should be really nice once completed.

Issa Maalouf

nice small mall in Iowa city can do shopping and have food in few places inside the mall...

J. Andrew Elliott

Very cool place for walk and shop.

Michael Westfall

Michael Niemeyer

Under construction... :( It's a bit of a mess at the moment.

Tanner Welsh

Jad El Masri

Currently under construction but the areas that are open host a variety of wonderful local stops.

Melissa Caras

kendra robertson

Michael Decker

Great place to hang out with friends and family

Samuel Christiansen

Sarah Furnish

Everyone loves the PED Mall. It's a great place to grab a patio seat to watch live music on Fridays, buskers and possible pop up performances. A variety of bars, retail, restaurants and a independent cinema all most locally owned!


(Translated by Google) Here you can live. To buy, walk, play, heal, watch a movie, skate, lie on the couches, massage, just eat. And again to walk. Everything is very neat, in the American spirit. Everyone is smiling and trying to make you feel good. What else in life do you need? (Original) Здесь можно жить. Покупать, гулять, играть, лечиться, смотреть кино, кататься на коньках, лежать на диванах, массажироваться, просто кушать. И снова гулять. Все очень аккуратно, в американском духе. Все улыбаются и стараются, чтобы вам было хорошо. Что еще в жизни надо?

Rob Weingeist

If the construction ever ends.... This is the heart of Iowa City.

Kent Hutchinson

Very nice walk way

Abby R

Cute shops and great restaurants!

Madeline Ekstrand

Went here for the War and Peace book festival! Lovely and beautiful area, incredibly close to down town allowing for ease of access to a variety of stores if none of the ones here fit your needs.

Todor Petkov

Patrick Phillips

Go stomp around and enjoy the sights, sounds and many great local businesses.

Lisa Roberts

Tons of excellent restaurant choices, fun spots, and great people-watching.

Michael Honey-Arcement

Good crowd, fun activities, local shopping.

Michael Dewes

Nice place

Michael Ryan

A relaxing atmosphere and great people watching opportunities

Andrew Roers

Babar Bashir

David Rosazza

Live music in the summer

joshua wetherell

Dan Suh

Derrick Hall

Good place to take your kids

David Schaffer

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!

WonIl Kang

HeathCliffe Valentino

Steve Reed

Nice place to walk and unique shops and good restaurants in the area.

Kendall Peterson


New bricks just for you

Daniel Levitt

Nice to walk around in with plenty of shops and restaurants near by

Waddah Moghram

James Hartman

Josephine Oetting

Great area. Nice stores. Great to go in and look but also great to window shop at some of the stores. Lots of different places to eat.

Douglas Fulton

Easy access to the shops without vehicle traffic, bands play here.

Rhanda Darville

Stephanie Ertz

allen wells

Rose O'Brien

I walked there from the library

Jawon Walker

Tony Haddad

Adam Carr

Ramon Duron

Toby Bishop-Kent

Went for the Free Friday Night Concert to see Brick Street Ramblers, it was a great little event

dominique blount

Love it

Jeremy Kaemmer

Josh E.

A great place to eat or just hang out. I've been coming here for years and always enjoy it.

Frank Ruiz

Nice open area to walk around or just sit on the nice painted benches and do some people watching. There's is a children's playground and a a few bars and restaurants where you can sit outside.

Sarah H.

Bars. Lots and lots of bars. And a library, playground, and two froyo shops. Lots of events over the spring and summer.

Mike Jesse

An Iconic Iowa City spot. Shops and play area and Library in the day, live music and events on summer weekends, and at night is the nightlife heart of the city.

George Michael

One of the most popular places in the city, dotted with well-known stores, restaurantes, hotels, bars, a playground, parking lots and the public library, through which many college students, children and ordinary citizen walk incessantlyy, stop by, or just sit down for a few minutes.

Mark Philpot

Everything there is to see in Iowa City is here! Even live music and art in the summer and fall

Kristin Evenson Hirst

Kids playing in fountain, people strolling or sitting, a great place.

nathan diss

Cool little area. Have a play ground area for kids

John Krueger

Lots of construction but good place to walk and shop

Andrew Bohnenkamp

A great place to walk around and shop. They have a playground for kids, so it is really nice for the whole family.

Shirley Minser

Construction has it blocked!

ogola kange


Josh B

Could be a nice place if it wasn't for the dangerous bricks that get super slippery and are very easy to trip on.

Larry Martin

Always someone playing music. Great place to shop, eat or grab a drink. Or, you can just walk around and people watch.

Tara Krause

Bradley Kuester

Jonathan Neuzil

The bar scene isn't my kind of fun, but Film Scene, and Graze: Food Guru are amazing ways to make the pedestrian mall a great place to go.

Dan K

Very nice and peaceful(during the day) place to settle down and relax. The playground is fairly nice. There are changing lights that turn on during the night that are newly installed where they play live music some Fridays that is very esthetically pleasing.

Monique Holtkamp

The Ped Mall is a great place to relax and find nice shops and restaurants with wonderful food.

Paul Zander

Douglas Geisen

Hassan Rafique

Great place to hangout and enjoy a nice evening out.

Jack Wilson-Maher

Lots of good stores and restaurants

Ottis Bunning

Lots of memories and a place that will never (and should never) change. Plenty of seating throughout the ped mall and the downtown district and chamber are doing a great job adding new events and activities for all ages. Looking forward to the new renovations that’ll start very soon!

Melissa Acord

Making changes too improve.

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