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Where is Maquoketa Caves State Park?

REVIEWS OF Maquoketa Caves State Park IN Iowa

Paola Batic

Pictures don't really do this park justice! Parking is very close to several trails, two of the trails are connected by a really cool cave. We didn't have time to explore all the trails but would love to come back to see the rest! Note that parts of the trails were muddy and a lot of stairs are involved.

Browning Fam

Went here in a field trip and it was awesome! The trails to the caves are amazing. The caves are also really fun! If you're looking for an adventure, this is the place to go.

Tony Reader

What a fun small park to enjoy. Kids loved the stay and the caves. No mosquitos!!

Monica Jensen

Caves are gorgeous, there is so much to see and for the most part it is easy to find everything. It is very easy to spend a whole day exploring, be prepared with a snack or something.

Kyle Wright

A great nature spot to spend a day wandering around. Bring head lamps and clothes you're willing to get dirty.

Sarah Gesiakowski

Amazing. We were in the area to purchase something from Facebook marketplace and decided to visit. If all you have was 15 minutes it would be worth seeing what you can see. The ballroom spaces are epic. This space has the defined paths and the explore on your own options.

Gordon Hellwig

Great caves to check out. Bring your walking shoes and don't get lost. Recommend a backpack with food and water. Hardly any phone reception in the woods.

Jake Brown

So many caves and trails. Lots of fun for kids. Small campgrounds so plan ahead.


This place is really cool We had a great time here

Rachel Jones

Took a bit to find our way due to just passing by but definitely a must see!

Terrence istheman

The largest cave right below the main area is breathtaking. Some of the others are so small you could miss them. My biggest problem here is the trails aren't marked well and neither are the caves for that matter. Lots of signs are small and not intact. I guess there's something to be said about it being free. Overall, a good experience but, could be great

Julie Raymond

It was really nice. We went a few years back and they have made a lot of new changes. Great family fun.

Gecko0 Games

Really cool park. Campsites were nice, though definitely will book a more secluded site next time. Caves were thoroughly impressive, and trails and stairs made getting to each one pretty simple. Bring a headlamp to explore them more fully, and prepare to get wet!

Benny A.

The Caves are amazazing. You can see a lot of beautiful nature. And it is a wonderful family location

Jack Czerwinski

Wow super fun! We went at night, and that was a really good call. Go to Sundance!

Brian Haslinger

Well loved state park. Great for hiking and exploring with kids

Marcey Pereira

Most other caves are still accessible but there are some that you will need to hike to and even some that you can only enter if you crawl! We saw families going in fully prepared with head lamps. This space has the defined paths and the explore on your own options. The main caves are large, paved, and large enough for adults to stand in. Other caverns are quiet small and require crawling. What was THAT? Sounds like bats. You crawl over some trash since the caves seem to be the only trash receptacle in the park. Trails are very nice,but some less traveled trails have fallen trees across them in several spots.

Emma Owings

This place has a magical, surreal quality to it. When we visited, we had the whole place to ourselves. We only saw 2 other people the entire time we were there. You enter into a cave system that takes you UNDER the earth, following a tiny creek. It drops you out into pristine decidious Forrest filled with animals. The caves are super easy to get to, and the trails are well groomed. And its FREE. this state park is absolutly amazing. I recommend it to everyone!

Charles Clift

Really cool hidden treasure of Iowa. Many caves and you don't have to walk far to see them.

Ryan Koch

Very pretty area and worth the visit. For the more adventurous, there are caves to crawl in and through, but for the less adventurous there are still beautiful views and fun picture places.

Bonfire Photography

Never been here before and was always on my bucket list. Wonderful views and we'll cared for walking paths. Lots of stairs so be warned. Caves are closed for bat hibernation but a wonderful park for scenery.

Ami Hull

This is really a cool spot you visit! You have to go get passes from the rangers in the main area where they will tell you what to expect and about the bats in the caves. The largest cave is the easiest to get to with stairs leading down. Most other caves are still accessible but there are some that you will need to hike to and even some that you can only enter if you crawl! We saw families going in fully prepared with head lamps. I would definitely recommend this place for a nice outdoor area to explore, but bringing a head lamp and clothes that can get muddy next time would make it even better. Go here!

Daniel Lindaman

It was amazing, I just event there for a scout trip and it was by far the best camp ground I've been to

Vadim Zaikov

Totally unexpected in rather flat Iowa. Wonderful and highly recommended

Eric Payne

The views were amazing! Such a unique park with well maintained paths.

Marta Smigowska

Beautiful park. Great place for family trip. Easy enough for kids but not accessible for strollers as there are a lot of stairs. The only complain is that trails and caves were not marked well.

nothing but love

It was really fun to be there and the caves were beyond this world. I really liked how u can go through some of the caves and explore it more and end up somewhere else at the end. I would really recommend visiting there I assure u it will be worth ur while.

Nathaniel S. RN

Great place to visit if you like caves and hiking. It is a very popular place and can become a little crowded at times.

Prickles Hoggington

We enjoyed walking around and seeing the caves. I wish the trail markers were better maintained, but otherwise the area is great.

Rebecca Panitzke

Very clean and spacious sites. Awesome fire pit for our cast iron needs. The caves were amazing....may I suggest though that you go up to #8 Barbell Cave from #13, #14, #15 Rainy Cave (did not do because you need a head lamp and crawl.) BUT if you go to #8 from the parking/picnic area it will be too steep. Just a little tip for anyone how may have hip/joint issues or afraid of heights.

Mark Kalarovich

Fantastic time exploring nature. Well maintained facility. Multiple caves to explore, from walking thru to plan on getting muddy and crawling. Many locations for great pictures.

Jennifer Pavlovec

It was busy, but the caves were fun. Great for a visit.

K Prell

Amazing! Caves 1-10 require climbing and wye cave is the most fun, it goes pretty deep. Caves 11-16 are for walking and dancehall is very pretty. Highly recommend!

Cassie Birk

Great hiking spot for all sizes! My roommate and I took her little dog and he was able to make it up through a lot of the caves. The lush forests almost made me forget I was in Iowa. Best of all the entire thing was free, even parking.

Nino Paz

This place if a great family place. There are trails for just about everyone, and places to explore if you dont want to stay on a trail. There are a few caves that a big. The Dance hall is the biggest. The Wye cave is definitely the most adventurous. If you can handle getting muddy and crawling through tight spaces, it's a very amazing experience. You'll for sure want to bring a flashlight, headlamp is best. Campground looks nice. One of the caves has an overlook above it. Its very high up, great few though.

Misty Everman

It's beautiful! And fun for all ages! My boyfriend and I loved it and my 6 year old daughter loved it! The stairs are killer haha but it was so worth it!

John Krumm

Very pretty and the staff is excellent. A lot to explore for all levels of experience.

Sam Braden

This is a great little state park. Who thinks of caves when thinking about Iowa? These things don't seem to go together, but here they are! The caves are fairly small, but quite fun. Honestly, I think I enjoyed the nature trails and all the beautiful moss as much as the caves themselves. The whole park felt like it belonged in Scotland more than Iowa.

Marty Hogan

Great place to explore. Hiked about 9 miles total. Awesome and the best's free. Great place for young kids and old kids. Unplug for a while and enjoy the will be glad you did.

GG Bro

Amazing place to visit and explore. Nice easy cave loops along with more difficult caves such as wye cave.

Samantha Ford-Aldrich

Beautiful area, amazing hiking, not enough tent camping spaces though

Armando Villa

Fantastic State Park, amazing paths and steps to visit several huge caves. Unforgettable experience.

Saba Farooqui

Beautiful state park. Easy to medium level hikes. Ice cave is the best! Upper dance hall cave is a must visit cave. Really exciting for kids and people of all age. The visitor center is right at the start where you take the turn for the state park. You can grab your map and complete the entire state park in 3-4hours easily. If you need a spot for camping it is advised to book it a week ago. Try not to wear very good/ clean tee shirts/clothes as you will get dirty visiting those tiny caves.

Brad Neilly

Friendly DNR staff with caves of varying skill level. We took our four young kids through the dance hall caves using the lighted sidewalk and they loved it! Wear shoes that can get wet and muddy.

Dylan Crook

Amazing. Would recommend for spring and fall. Caves feel nice in the summer, but take a while to get to.

Shari Bell

GREAT adventure...variety of caves. A spelunker and hikers delight. Some people had dogs, I wouldn't be comfortable taking a dog. Narrow passages, slippery surfaces would make more difficult with dog. I will be back.

Derrick Collier

Loved every minute of it. Kids had so much fun. Will go back again next year . It's now a tradition to go hiking out there.

Shannon Thome

What a fantastic gem right here in Iowa! My husband and I stopped on our way home from Dubuque to explore the caves and we were surprised with how beautiful it was. Super clean with great pathways through the caves. Great hiking and exploring for all ages! This is most definitely worth a visit. Highly recommend!

Rebecca Edwards

Beautiful park! Guided tours available per website, but none found upon arrival and no info posted. Brochures with maps would be very useful. Trails are well maintained. Highly recommend.

Caleb Schuman

Very clean park. Make sure to bring some clothes you don't mind getting dirty in as well as maybe a flashlight or headlamp. They are needed if you want to go into the caves and look around.

Lance Andre

Best caves in the Midwest. Plan on getting muddy if you want to enjoy them all.

Josh Kettelkamp

Maqouketa Caves State Park has to be the hidden gem of eastern Iowa. The park has a vast amount of different caves for everyone to enjoy. The main caves are large, paved, and large enough for adults to stand in. Other caverns are quiet small and require crawling. Plus there is many miles of trails, prairie grass, and picnic areas.

david blaber

Beautiful trail system. Ran almost the whole thing with my dog. Super fun and awesome caves!

Bill Ferrel

Hidden gem - but not a secret. We made the trip for an afternoon on Sunday in early August - was amazingly busy. But everyone was friendly and courteous. Be sure to stop by the visitor center. On this day an older couple were the hosts. They did and excellent job telling us things to do and see. Short video to see and a history of the caves. The cave can be very dirty and muddy. So be prepared to be covered in mud and wet if you go in much. You can stay clean and dry - but do not count on it. There were bunches of families and friends and a lot of kids. Can be dangerous on some of the trails - we saw several falls including one teenager with what looked like a broken arm. You don't have to get hurt - just be very careful and smart

Jim Hickie

Be ready for a hike. Even the simple trails have a ton if stairs, great exercise, and fun to explore the cave systems.

Mike Beyer

Great place to camp and explore! Very friendly staff.

Danny Novak

If you like the outdoors its a fun, easy and cheap way to spend a whole day with the family. But dont forget your flashlight...

Eric King

Great place to take the kids. Trails are not super rough and make it easy to walk around the entire park. Grab a map when you first get there to make sure you make it to all the caves.

C Norris

Arrived later Friday afternoon and didn’t have time to explore all of the trails. I returned Saturday morning and finished up. Beautiful park! Lots fascinating features. Rival to the beauty of Southern Illinois, where I normally hike. All of the caves were closed for the season, so I will have to try to make a return visit when they reopen.

Victoria Ballard

It's a Family tradition to go here we love it. Over the years I love it even more because it's fight before I go back to school so it gets me feeling better about school can't want to go again.


Make sure you bring appropriate clothing. It is wet and muddy. You may also want to bring a flashlight for some of the caves. Nice place to hike and enjoy nature.

Gerardo Hernandez

The best park I ever visited I really liked and I love it

Greg Cromer

This park is a true gem! A wonderful set of trails through and around a fascinating cave system. A must-visit park!

Beth Magstadt

I was amazed at the caves here! I've lived in Iowa 8 years and never realized such a great bunch of caves was so close!

summer junkie

Awesome place to hike around and look at caves. Campground is a very nice place to spend the night. They show nightly kids movies

Cory Bennett

Nice little park with well maintained trails. Great place to spend a day hiking.

Kinsey Schulz

Such an amazing place to camp & explore! We will be back! Rangers are fantastic and come around with creatures to show kids!

Tom Pearson

Even mobile great grandparents can have a great time at Maquoketa Caves. We spent 2 1/2 hours hiking on the trails. DNR staff and fellow kids and their parents were friendly and respectful. Ate at Bluff Lake Catfish restaurant nearby. What a treat! We'll be back!

Matt Lewis

Been years since I've been here but it's still amazing fun! The Wye cave is always my favorite. By far the best cave in the park!

Faiaz Rahman

The campsites were clean, had clean water an outlet and a campfire are with attached grill. The booking was easy and available on weekdays. The caves were marvelous!!

Jessica Heesen

Beautiful hike through an amazing cave system. The trail going through is easy. We brought a 2 year old, 9 year old and I’m 8 months pregnant. There are tougher caves to crawl through if you want. Also, very helpful staff at the welcome center and the lower pavilion. Best of all it’s free! Great family adventure on a Sunday afternoon.


Love Maquoketa Caves! Nice long canyon... Walk through Caves and some crawl thru for the more adventurous... Beautiful flora! Well developed with boardwalk over difficult areas. A great morning or afternoon!

Daniel Pineiro

I'm from Florida and we do not have anything like this there. The caves are just amazing! The main one is well lit, but all of the minor ones requires you to bring your own headlamp. Water proof boots is a must unless you like slogging mile after mile with wet feet. The minor caves, which are unlit, give you a sense of adventure. Trails are very nice,but some less traveled trails have fallen trees across them in several spots. Wildlife includes many types of bird & owls, white tail deer, & varmints of all types (wood chuck, chipmunks, etc). Facilities are decent & well cleaned. Great place to bring your family.

Terry Iverson

Great place to camp and beautiful scenery. Just watch your head in the caves I'd reccomend a hard hat.

Timothy Spelman

Great scenery easy access to all caves can view at own casual pace.

R Hanna

Plenty of places for great views. Bring plenty of water and a lunch and you could spend the whole day here. The camping spots are nice as well. There are so many small trails that you can explore for some great views.

Tracey Ingraham

Very beautiful. The caves were very cool to see. Only negative thing I have to say is the maps aren't the greatest. Each trail should be a different color so you know where you are at. But would highly recommend the trip.

Mark Hake

A great place to go. Lots to see and learn. Friendly DNR members to help you and take you through the caves. A must stop by yourself or with your friends and family.

Nicholas Tuthill

Awesome place to visit, been to the caves a few times over the years. Bring lights, boots, and a couple of pares of cloths. You should wear jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. The caves can be chilly. Never camped there but the camp grounds seem nice. Plan to spend all day there. So many caves to see and explore, the walks through the woods to the caves are just as enjoyable as the caves.

debby cassidy

Hiking the trails and the caves was fun. The campsite is nice and quiet. Showers/restroom were good. Water from showers were cold to lukewarm. All in all we enjoyed our visit.

Dhaval Shah

It's a cool place to go for an outing/hiking for a day. Get ready to experience ancient caves. I would suggest to carry adequate water bottles, food, a bug spray, sunscreen, sanitizer and a extra pair of clothes along with you, just in case.

Jesse McDonald

Beautiful scenery. Numerous caves suitable for varying levels of experience. Well-maintained trails and helpful staff. Clean & orderly campground. Busy, since it's a popular attraction. A wristband is required to visit the caves which is only available on weekends. To get the wristband you just need to listen to a short lecture about how White Nose Syndrome affects the hibernating bat population and how to avoid spreading it.

Jackie Tidwell

Awesome place easy enough for kids definitely recommend it

Roy Brandt

So much fun! Be prepared to hike a lot and to get dirty,your exploring caves after all!

Ryan Downing

Cool caves and really well done trails, easy for family hiking.

aiden christiansen

Cool big caves, recomended, if your not clostrophobic.

Colee Belzer

The rangers are very kind and informative. The beautiful caves were amazing. We will be back!!

Stacy Whitfield

This was our family's first time and we just loved it. Our 10 yr.old daughter had so much fun finding all the caves she could. The river was nice and refreshing and the trail was very clean. Enjoy a day here if you can, pack a lunch and enjoy

Sarah Garmoe

I love Maquoketa Caves! The caves are beautiful and the trails are easy going and relaxing. I wish I could find more state parks with caving systems.

William Thomas

Absolutely beautiful! It’s a hidden gem that most people don’t know exists in Iowa. It’s well worth the trip, even from Des Moines. It’s a pretty easy hike with lots of small caves and couple big ones. Just the landscape is beautiful enough alone to make it worth while. It’s great for both kids and adults. I would advise to make sure you bring bug spray.

Jacob Boyd

We can't get enough of this state park! The caves are small but a lot of fun for young kids, the trails are very fun, and the streams are fun to splash in. Just rember to bring your own flashlights!

Susan Lampe

My husband & I enjoyed walking through the big cave. Nice & cool on a hot day.

Dusty Creech

The caves were great...if you have not been to Maquoketa, expect a small park BUT the trail system is dotted with caves so you get a lot of sights to see...we tent camped and had a nice experience...tent sites were partly to mostly shaded...the sites look to accommodate medium and small camp trailers well... electric hookups available...there is a firewood hopper with donation box in the middle of the tent road...each site has a fire room and shower area was clean on the tent road BUT I don't think they have hot water will freeze off what your momma gave you. Haha...

Jennifer Calhoun

I've been going here since I was a kid. This park has only improved over the years. It's beautiful with great trails.

Mark Rewey

Great caves to explore on your own. I would especially recommend the wye cave if your looking for a fun and difficult cave. Bring some spare clothes!

Brian Bopp

For tourists like me and genuine spelunkers this park has it all. Come ready to crawl and get dirty or choose the "stand up" caves with hundreds of other less-adventurous types. This place is BUSY so be prepared to wait your turn at times. Iowa's natural beauty is carefully preserved and displayed well. A treasure!

Dallas Koch

The caves are beautiful and best of all its free. Some days the DNR are there and they have different animals you can look at/hold.

Jeffrey River Niles

Been here a few times but the day after a rain storm was spectacular. As wet as this year has been, the forest floor is teeming with life like I've not seen it before. Great caverns and caves to explore. Good hiking with well kept paths. A fun day for a solo hike or for the whole family.

Michelle Henson

Been here 4 times now and have loved it every time. Completely worth the 3 hour (one way) trip to get there!

Sarah McBride

Love all the trails to hike on, and love all of the caves. I was able to take my dog there, amd we both enjoyed splashing in the river and going along the trails.

John Wrobel

If your in to crawling around in caves, or light walk thru them very scenic

Eric Bearce

A great family friendly location. Expect a lot of hiking if you wish to see it all. If you are looking for adventure bring some spare clothes and prepare to get dirty as there is a lot that you can do.

Caleb Miles

Awesome place for hiking and cave exploring! More intense and adventurous than we thought it would be!

Robert Blackford

We had a great time. We were there about 3 hours. It is a good workout going up and down a lot of steps. The kids enjoyed crawling in the caves and up on the outcroppings

Christopher M

Beautiful. Perhaps because there are so few other unadulterated preserves in Iowa. I use unadulterated loosely. The stairs, railings, light posts etc. make the experience feel more commercial than organic. Carry in carry out is an approach that begs to be abused. Really? No trash receptacles? Found myself picking up others garbage.

Leesa Hebert

We love this place. The caves are great and the trails are good. We didn't get to through all the trails but we will definitely go back to finish.

Mrs. Carbajal

Very cool place. Lots of trails to hike camping is cheap and very nice layout of the campground. I visited in April and it was quiet the bats were in hibernation so I was unable to go into the caves but even without that part of the visit there was a lot to see.

Willard Cu

Great place to visit! Kids loved it. Caves you can explore on your own. No 'no touch' rules.

Aaron Grandon

This place is awesome. My 6 month pregnant wife and I took our little kids ages 2 and 4. Plenty of fun stuff to see and do. This place is a hidden treasure. Bring a flashlight for each kid (makes it more fun for them). There is pretty good lighting if you don't remember the flash lights. This park is probably ideal for kids 5+ due to the damp nature of the rock paths. We held the kids hands alot but it was worth it for the views! There are areas where if you really wanna see more caves you can crawl around, but most of the park is walkable. The caves a nice and cool in a hot day! If I could give 6 stars I would!

Alexandra Gomez- Benitez

I recommend this place for all families. It was a great adventure. Kids loved it. And the caves are really neat!

Len Oliva

Very nice park. The caves are awesome to explore, just be prepared to get dirty climbing around in them. Lots of parking, and bathrooms available. Great time!

Dylan Williams

A lot of the trails are physically demanding, but the scenery is a great sight to see.

Myron Zook

As you duck into the cave you feel the spiderwebs begin to strangle you. You sink to your knees as the ceiling gets lower and the spiders closer. The spiders are still very close to your head so you began to crawl on your belly. The cave narrows and becomes VERY dark...... What was THAT? Sounds like bats. You crawl over some trash since the caves seem to be the only trash receptacle in the park. There's that noise again...... Whoa! Its actually mice...lots of them.... You began to retreat...but wait which way is out?

Jacob King

There was a very polite young lady today telling everyone about white nose syndrome. Thank you to her and everyone at the park who make it what it is. Great place to camp or visit with the whole family.

John Gillette

Fun place to hike with the kids and experience the caves & a prairie.

yoom surber

Very fun and you can get a lot of steps in. Some caves are very cool in temperatures. Some you have to crawl and get your feet wet so wear appropriate shoes for them.

Brad L

Very neat place to visit! Well maintained trails for new and experienced hikers. Some trails require very little effort to get into the caves while others include a mud bath!

Jason Kaw

So my next adventure in Iowa took me Maquoketa caves state park. This is a cavern system along a trail that goes in and out of different "caves". Most of the caves are about 20ft deep 20ft tall and 15ft wide. There are about 15 different caves along the trail that you can pop in and out of. There was one called ice cave that is about 60 degrees and yes I chose the hottest day of the summer to climb up qnd down this trail. It put the beat on me and made me realize I need to get up and get moving more back home. This park usually get about 1500 people on a Saturday so your gonna have lots of people to deal with. Everyone I ran across was friendly and courteous Bring water and a flashlight to go in some of the deeper caverns that I saw the boy scouts crawling through. By the way prepare to get filthy if you crawl through some of the areas

Alexis Trout

The caves are beautiful! The area is not stroller friendly (just a head's up) but it's great for a mini hike! The views are definitely worth it.

Mona EL

Very nice place where you can see real caves. Some good stairs to reach them, just lovely to visit and enjoy the big trees around the caves.

corinne lattimer

Fantastic park! Amazing views you would never expect in the Midwest. Climbs are somewhat difficult so if you are not fit take your time and bring lots of water. Recommend good shoes no flipflops. Plan for 3 hours. Very worth the adventure.

Monique Holtkamp

A great day's adventure! Very peaceful and nice exercise. We love the caves!


Numerous trails and caves for various levels, some require crawling and head lamps. There is palace for camping, no staff when I visited. Bring good walking shoes, perhaps some gloves and be prepared to get wet. Nice place and surprising to find it in the middle of corn fields. Place was clean and well kept.

Ivan Dzanev

Nice and interesting park with many caves. If you decide to visit it, be prepared to crawl through narrow caves. Flashlight, long pants hiking boots are recommended for everyone who wants to enjoy all the caves in the park.

Janelle Randau

Long-time wish come true! My husband and I finally made time to visit and loved it! FYI, trails are a mix of natural foot path ranging from good to fair with a multitude of rocks and dirt, some concrete sidewalk, and some wooden stairs. Trails are clearly marked, but not easily accessible to all... be prepared to purposely hike. The sights are stunning, but the sounds of the water is amazing; flowing through the caves, along the rocks, OUT OF THE ROCKS, in the creek, into pools... just wonderful! Definitely a FULL day if not a weekend needed to really enjoy this Iowa treasure!

Victoria Rawson

It was very clean and trails and caves were so much fun I will be back

Karl W

Had a great time. Looked like a big storm came through and knocked down a bunch of trees but they had the paths pretty well cleaned.

Gary Styles

Good time. Good trails and paths. Great place to explore with kids. Parking areas were packed the day we were there, still a good experience.

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