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500 Westfield Ave, Waterloo, IA 50701, United States

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Where is John Deere Tractor & Engine Museum?

REVIEWS OF John Deere Tractor & Engine Museum IN Iowa

Sam Niet

An incredible museum, full of history. I'm quite impressed.

Chris Baron

The way that the clothing is displayed and maintained, the museum captures the reality of how the tractors are kept so well. Thank you.

Ava Cascio

YES, JULY 31 WENT with my brother and mom.

Kristine Oswald

Free admission! This place was a gem! Everyone had a great time, and there were interactive displays to help us understand the history of John Deere.

Nancy Amdor

Very nice interactive exhibits suitable for all ages. We enjoyed our visit to this museum very much. Spent about 1 1/2 hours learning the history of John Deere and how the company became a major manufacturer in Waterloo.

Scott Walmsley

I'm a tractor fan. Plain and simple, so to see the museum, randomly while passing through town, looking right and 'voila' a tractor museum......I had to go. Admission was free, and the quality of the original tractors and implements in the museum was top quality. Staff were friendly, and I got to sit in a mid size modern tractor. The line of 70 year old kids to get in it was neat to see.

Randal Armstrong

Absolutely a wonderful tour of the legendary John Deere! You will be taken back into time when John Deere was still just a plow company. You will be sure to love the lessons of the past and how far agriculture has came over the years. Some of John Deere's rarest antiques are represented in the museum as with a fastword to the future.

Rick Sheaffer

This is a top notch museum. It is very clean with well maintained exhibits. It was interesting learning about the history of Deere and their association with Waterloo.

Ryan Schwartz

Nice little, FREE museum. Went on a free tour of the engine factory too, which was pretty cool to see!

Steve Kennedy

Best tractor made in the World. Worth every penny to see how world class tractor evolved. Put it on your list!!!

Fred Flinstone

Super neat,spotless, friendly staff , cool piece of history!

Patricia Moyer

Jenny was a fun tour guide

Kyle Lawler

Really fun place for the kids and adults.

Stephanie Shippy

Great visit ay the John Deere museum! Museum is free!


I really like this place as an adult and for children.

La'Rae Jenelle coppage

The different styles of tractors

Matthew Hamminga

It was a great museum and respectfully free for all. I honestly expected it to be bigger and more interactive but it was great for what it was.

Carol Fagan

Educating for a desert girl!

Lacy Smith

My son absolutely loved it here! Especially the engine he could hold the button on and watch it go. We live out of state and he keeps asking to go back

Robin Ann

From getting a timecard & clocking in, to pulling a rope to checking Your Own Horsepower; and all of the tractors and history - This is fun for EVERYONE!!!

Nathan Jones

Nice place but not sure who it's for. Not that much for kids to do. Not enough on display for a serious tractor enthusiast.

Doug Cain

The hands on exhibits were a hit for the kids and adults who I was with and the staff was really nice

Dale Ripplinger

Had a wonderful time!

Steve Schilling

Very interesting and educational!

Mariah Ohlendorf

Amazing staff, such a fun place to go

András Tasi

a museum mostly for children, but adults can have a lot of fun too.

Katy Armstrong

My kiddos are 1 and 2 and LOVE tractors! This was such a fun museum for them except for the rather large number of "do not touch" displays. There were a few interactive exhibits and 2 tractors for them to explore at the end but it would have been great to have one or two more for them to engage with. Perhaps a field to "plow" or a couple machines from the factory to "run?" Regardless, it was a great way to spend an hour or two and the gift shop was very reasonably priced.

Zsuzsanna Kocsis

Great fun for the whole family!

Dennis Wagner

For those who grew up on the farm it is interesting.

Josh Deeds

Great tractor museum for all ages. I felt like they captured the history of Waterloo John Deere very well. Lots of pictures, videos and information to read about the history of John Deere in a Waterloo. At the end you can climb into one of the bigger tractors, which the kids absolutely loved.

tami altrichter

Very cool place! Kids enjoyed it as well. (They are 7)

Mindy Olsen

Very neat interactive museum! I only have a slight interest in tractors but I had an enjoyable time following my 3 boys through this free museum. They also offer a free tour of the factory but you have to get tickets 48 hours in advance. Lots of neat videos to watch and things to try. There is even a couple tractors you can climb on and one is GIGANTIC! Overall a nice place to visit. Nice bathrooms too

Kaitlyn DoBraska

Went during spring break kids week, they have free admission so that's nice. My son loves tractors and had a blast.

6 Crazy Morrisons

Love seeing all the tractors and punching our time card. The big 8000 series tract is always fun to climb into!

thomas anderson

Great museum with hands on exhibits for the kids and history lessons about John Deere and it's growth in the Cedar Valley.

david crowe

Very informative, lots of history

Joel Washing

Lots of interesting history and great examples of John Deere tractors and engines.

Nelson Knobloch

A ton of information! The displays are phenomenal! So many awesome pristine condition tractors. Highly recommend the guided tour!

Todd Mueller

Great museum. Love to come back and do a factory tour

Jeff Vogel

If you like John Deere's it's a must see. This company did more than tractor's. Any company that's been around that long is a part of America History. Highly recommend.

Gary Simms

Cool museum lots of neat tractors to look at and several interactive areas.

Rex King

Very nice tour, short on people actually putting the tractors together thou.

Paula Kline

Very nice and staff was great

J Yonkers

Overall it was a great learning experience looking back in Time to the present only down thing they need more t-shirts advertising the museum and tour

Bonnie Rafaeli

We lucked upon this gem. Spent the night in Waterloo and saw this museum. The entrance was free and included an excellent tour with a very knowledgeable guide. We were there for a couple of hours. Cute items in the gift shop.

Chris Johnson

Very educational and fun time

Jamie Branstner

Great information about John Deere history. Fun for kids and adults. Lots of neat stuff in gift shop.

Nathan S

Great stop, good for an hour! Clean restrooms!

Courtney Schropp

This place is amazing

adam kopp

Can't wait to go back

Dan Mosier

If you are a John Deere person, this is a must see!

Kayla Krull

I enjoyed the fact that the museum took a general and John Deere specific historical overview approach. With interactive elements, I really enjoyed spending a few hours here.

Jeffrey Svarverud

Great little museum. There are a few unique tractors and gasoline engines. What makes this museum special is that it is in A building which is one of the original buildings of Waterloo tractor works home of the original Waterloo Boy and part of the original John Deere purchase 100 years ago. This event was the springboard that launched the company we all call John Deere today. Next to the museum are two more buildings that housed John Deere tractor production in the early years. One of the buildings is now Marriott, Courtyard Hotel. Directly behind the museum is the John Deere Drive Train Assembly plant. This is the largest machining facility John Deere owns today. If you love John Deere green come check out the Tractor Cab Assembly, Engine Works, Foundry in Waterloo.

Robin Zierden

Neat place to visit. We had an excellent tour guide named Lee he knew everything about what was going on,great tour!

Gordon Allen

I loved that it was free!!!

Jalisa D Wenger

Clean, quiet environment. Informative and interesting!

Christopher Davies

Fantastic! Fun and educational. Also free! Make a purchase in the gift shop, mail a coffee cup or keychain to a friend or relative and make them jealous (it's great fun).

Back Porch Hunter

The museum was great and all, but the service was not friendly and the gift shop had nothing. I wish they would take some pride

Suleiman Dikwa

Nice tour of facility

Ann Boehm

A well done, very informative museum that speaks to the long and prestigious history of John Deere. A must see if you are in the area. To learn that John Deere was a real man who helped his neighbor be better farmers was fascinating to me.

Earl Rogers

Loved it better than Moline

mahdi miri

Perfect place to spend a couple hours visit especially for children. Very well run museum with free admission. Worth a stop if you're in Waterloo or passing through.

Matthew Aronson

Great way to explore the history of tractors & farming. Of course they highlight John Deere, but had information about predecessors. And it's Free! Great souvenir shop too!

Jan Yates

Nice collection of historic John Deere tractors and historic items. Well presented with excellent story boards. First class museum.

pop'n johnys

As a farm family we loved it!! So great to see how much John Deere changed farming!!!

Sue Heine

The museum is very interesting, lots of real tractors, old and new, to look at, 2 you could actually climb inside of, even a plow. Information on the plant, how it started etc. and stories and pics of people who have worked there throughout the years etc. The gift shop was full of JD things to buy, toys and clothes mostly. Nice visit.

Chef Lumarie

Incredible place. For history learning process. Love it. Super fun for my kids.

Nick Bausch

Our three young children loved the tractor museum. There are a few tractors kids can sit on and pretend to drive. Most of the tractors are hands off antiques but there are informative displays about the history of engine manufacturing and the companies that eventually became John Deere. This museum is also free which you don't find very often.

Katherine Schallau

My husband is a huge john deere fanatic and loved this place!!

Josh Mcgowan

You can truly get a renewed appreciation for American farmers here.

Chris Matheny

This is a place that surprised me! It has awesome history of the area, the era, and of course, John Deere! It was free admission and was better than many museums we have visited! I highly recommend this for children and adults

Rex Ackerman

A place that you must stop and experience. A lot of history and very well displayed. People working there are very knowledgeable and love to tell you all about it

David Boland

What an incredible chunk of history! So much to learn. What of the best free museums we have ever run across.

Beverly Barker

My grandson is crazy about John Deere and he was in heaven when we visited this museum.


Great museum. There is no cost to get in. Explore from early 1 cylinder engines all the way to modern tractors! Great place to spend a couple of hours learning some wonderful Iowa history.

Erycca Manninen

Lots of history. Very cool setting the history, but hard for my 4yo to keep from touching the bright colored tractors! The large modern tractor at the end of the time was great and he lived getting to climb in it.

Brian Rutherford

It is a Neat place to visit if you're in the area and like Old tractors and how they were made

Robert Eldridge

Go check it out, lots of neat stuff to see. So much more than just tractors.

Nicole Botzet

Excellent. Very informative.

Andrew Ziegler

It was interesting. Kids had fun. Being raised on a farm it was kinda neat

Trisha Imbus

The exhibits were great for the whole family. There was a wonderful gift shop that was fair priced. A great experience from toddler to midage. Will definitely be recommending and returning.

Lori Ingram

Great Museum in Waterloo to learn all about John Deere & Company from beginning to current day.

Barbara Oltmanns

Stopped here in 2018. Had to see it for the 100th Anniversary. Museum was really interesting. Climbed on a combine harvester that was just a week old. Enjoyed everything that was in it and came home with some nice souvenirs. I recommend it to people of all ages.

Nick Mohr

Great place for gearheads

Steven Drexler

Wow, what a great little stop. If you have kids, be sure to have them visit the design area, where they can draw their own tractor.

margie kaufman

Loved it very courteous

J Carlos

The John Deere Tractor & Engine Museum is a great place to learn about the history designs of their tractors and engines. Interactive and educational for kids and adults. There is so much to do and see here.

Adam Scherle

Great self guided tour of the museum. Price is free, can't beat that. The staff at the museum was knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend any one to go.


Was a very interesting place to learn about the history of John Deere. It brought back a lot of memories from being a young kid on my grandpa's farm. And best of all this museum is free.

Carmen Jernigan

It was wonderful. You can walk around on your own but taking the tour with the guide is better because you get more of the history

Elliot Schmitt

Great if you like history. Or tractors. Or tractor history. It's a fun little place for any and all.

Stephen Aston

Great place. Learned a bunch and it was the icing on the cake after the factory tours. Highly recommend. Of course I had to buy some John Deere stuff to bring home

Tammatha Green

Very interesting very educational

James Taylor

Cool history lesson.

Carl Sandstedt

It's free and it's interesting. Well worth a couple hours.

Trisha Serfling

Grandkids loved interactive displays...

Austin Johnson

Pretty cool little museum especially for being free

Hanna Miller

Neat place!! We stopped here on our road trip up to Minnesota. We were able to stretch our legs and learn a little. Kept all four of our kids entertained, ages 6-14

Diann Crawford

Excellent museum.

Judi Talbert

Love this place for the history and everything John Deere.

Ryan Desselle

Very neat. If you're into tractors it's definitely worth checking out

John Willis Draper

Nice story

Clyde Hoekstra

Good information, kept kids interested.

Bridget Whiteside

We thought it was very interesting. Rick was our guide and he was very informative about the history of the company. We thought it was very worth while.

N Machunze

Very nice facility. Tons of history of farming and the evolution of mechanization. They have inactive exhibits, films, and tons of tractors and engines. Fun for kids and adults. They have a store, free parking, extremely clean restrooms and the tour is free!! Allocate at least 75 minutes here.

Samantha Hogan

The staff was friendly and helpful. Nice set up. Easy to navigate.

Jerry Bortner

Great displays, very attractive and well presented. Well worth the time to visit.

Sheik Syed

Great place to visit if you are in Waterloo. Good to know the history and foot steps of John Deere. They have a great display of all the tractors John Deere has produced in the past. Also, there is a display board before every vehicle which has very special information related to it. One may need close to two hours of tome to have a complete walk around. Don't miss the history video at start and the John Deere merchandise while leaving the place.

Gavin Dalrymple

The best place on earth

Kevin Templin

Great museum. Both the history and future of john deere.

Jordan Chapman

Great displays. Free admission. Reasonably priced gift shop. Worth checking out

Lucas Hewitt

What could be more boring than a tractor museum? A lot of things actually! We were really surprised by how fun, informative and cool this place was. As a Waterloo native it really made me proud of my hometown to learn all of the interesting things that John Deere has done here. Highly recommend coming, especially with young kids.

Lee Hopkins

Great family fun getting to see the old rings vs the new ones we have.

Mandy Muller

Highly worth the visit.

Douglas Main

Very friendly staff, kid friendly exhibits, plenty of free parking.

Jeromy Winter

This was really neat to see , show the kids to how tractors got started, and what they are today

Mark Larson

Great exhibit, very informative. I'm a city guy and I found it very interesting. There's even a huge tractor that kids (and adults) can climb into. Gift shop had good prices on hats too so I had to get one.

Jenny M.

Excellent displays of engines and tractors. Also some fun interactive things to do. Very informative and entertaining. You can't take it all in in one visit, but that's okay. You can always go back. It's free of charge. This museum (including the bathrooms) is the cleanest museum I have ever been to. They also have super friendly, knowledgeable staff. Enjoyed it very much! Gift shop as well. Try the popcorn!

Rabin Pradhan

Great place to know tractors John Deere tactor history

Bo Zander

Very interesting and a lot of information and history. No enterance fee. You must visit if you pass by

vasiliy pakhnyuk

Awesome museum and hands on experience for kids and adults.

Dennis Pixler

Great facility with a very nice staff. Very enjoyable.

C Nicholas

Great museum! Clean facilities and the staff there are exceptional. Ask for a tour. Has a lot of detailed information about the beginning of John Deere, and there Tractors and Engines. Free Admission. Pictures welcome.

Doug Black

Wonderful part of not only the history of a great American company but of agriculture in the United States

Travis redmann

Just a nice place to take my dad. I thought it was great

Dheepak Guruswamy

Love this place for a visit. Very welcoming and great to learn John Deere history here. Good amount of displays can be touched. Kids also love to come here and spend time. Must visit for an out of state visitor.

Judy Hebert

Very interesting museum. Worth seeing.

Gary Ravens

Great for company history. Very well done.

Jasper Blokzyl

Kids loved the displays and interactive sections

Evan Stark

Lots of cool stuff to see and do! Free!

Katie Jacobs

A must see for tractor fans! The volunteers were a wealth of knowledge

Dusten Rose

Really cool to see all the old tractors. Also it is completely free to go here.

Branden Sletteland

Would be nice if if was more interactive for the kids. Moline version is a little better.

J Rich

Very nice! Would recommend if you like tractors.

Adrian Roybal

Very knowledgeable. Loved it. Thank you Grandpa Roy for taking us.

Dylan Joyce

Great place if you love tractors. Takes about an hour to go through. Free and the staff is friendly.

Luis Loya

Excellent, great museum

Ryan Nevin

Great history on Deere's tractors but even more so on their presence in the Cedar Valley. It'd be nice if there were more engines to look at, plenty of tractors. Great for young kids

Nick Kramer

For a company owned and ran museum. I wasn't overly impressed. It's neat to see but lacks to really grab you.

Vickie Lowe

Nice museum. Enjoyed seeing the history of the JD tractor

Gracia P. Stafford

The kids enjoy going here on field trips and learning about farming and what the tractors are used for and how they operate. .

Savannah Hyssong

Very friendly and helpful staff, interesting things to see and read! Very awesome attraction and free! Gift store was also a hit!

Tyrell Shoemaker

Really cool to see the history of John Deere. Can be a quick walk-through with kids or a more informative slower walk with details about each model they have on display. The gift shop had some cool selections too!

jamie cox

Nice and informative. Little too high priced so won't go back.

jerry cavanaugh

Great agricultural history!

Brian Warby

Free is a good price. They had several things the kids could play with, but not enough to keep them busy for a long time. So my experience was somewhat limited. What I saw was interesting though. It was fun to learn some of the history of John Deere.

David Burns

If you like tractors or love John Deere this is an excellent place to visit. Come see the evolution of the tractor business at Deere. This year is also an excellent time considering it is the 100 year anniversary.

Tran Thanh Kha

Great place. Love it

Jean Hilbert

Very interesting!

Matthew Moore

I absolutely love this museum. It's interactive and fun for the whole family. Definitely a must stop for people wanting to explore the history of John Deere and the Cedar Valley, particularly Waterloo. One of many great things about Waterloo :)

Travis Allison

Good information, well displayed. The staff are super-keen and helpful.

Jason Neises

Fun and interesting exhibits for visitors of all ages. Especially interesting if your family grew up farming with the old John Deere tractors. Good info about manufacturing history, too.

Daniel O'Connell

Great place to walk through on a business trip to the area. I only wish I could have spent more time.

Russell Rau

Very cool place and informative.

Paul Kern

A must see for any John Deere tractor fan. Most on display are privately owned. Very friendly staff!

Laylem Dawa

Very nice tractor museum, lots of history!

Julie Hansen

Very nice! Took Grandson to Farm Days & they had fun interactive things for him to do. Also my husband, who is now retired, but has worked for John Deere, loved the displays. It brought back many memories of his childhood. Great day of fun!

Ryan Gehrke

If you love John Deere, you need to visit. Front desk guy was super friendly, gift shop has a variety of gifts, the museum is a good look at the past & doesn't take long to go through.

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