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800-850 Main St, Brandon, IA 52210, United States

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Where is Iowa's Largest Frying Pan?

REVIEWS OF Iowa's Largest Frying Pan IN Iowa

Grumpy OleMann

Interesting town to visit.

Michael Marrero

Joane Kerkow

Amber Bower

Seriously pretty lame...but it was so lame, it really made us laugh... and now it's one of my favorite memories from our trip across Iowa! Lol

Jessica G

Nice little spot for a picture. Worth pulling over if you are passing by.

Travis Osenkarski

It's pretty cool

Michael Hellemose

Fooly Cooly

Ashley Burns

Great stop to stretch the legs!!!! Quaint area, make it a must see for those who want to take a quick pic!!!

Whitney Hansen

Dean Gorton

Curtis Brown

Chris Hogan

Cheesy type of stop but you can say you saw it. There isn't much there once you get off the highway. If you like stopping at three types of places, then you have to do it.

Patricia Moyer

It not the kitchen it's Iowa

Tom Forney

Just a big frypan in a little farm town

Scott Schwartz

Okie Doke


Oriel Lee Huxman

People here are very nice and helpful.

Diane Mc Intosh

Abram Pierce

Andrew Johnson

Colton Halder

Cheri Lane

Good attraction to stop by and get some good pictures.

Master Bulldog

took forever to heat up. Eggs were raw. it was basically like eating the chicken 0/10 woupld not shop at Walmart again!!!!!!!!!!! UwU ;") xD

Robert Patava

It's historic!

Valerie Chesnut

Not a lot to see but the kids seemed to enjoy

Ted Kim

Frying pan was bigger than i imagined. Brought a 100 eggs for frying but got intimidated and ran back to my car and drove off.

Stephen Dawkins

Jeremias C

It's a frying pan in the middle of nowhere Iowa. Despite that, it is one of those things you need to stop and see when on a road trip. It is about 2 miles off the highway. There is nothing else there. It a quick stop to break up your drive.

András Tasi

must see

b hall


BobbieSue Watts

Freddie Crusoe

Fun stop on your way by, who doesn't like the largest anything?

Mindy Olsen

Fun spot to stop at if you have the time and are passing through. We walked a block down to the KwikMart and bought a tiny frying pan souvenir. The mart only had a few things and only one pump had gas. Part of the small town charm. There was a bathroom though!

Derick Taylor

Alyssa Craft

Love it! Worth the small stop!

Jason Erickson

Margaret Cronin

Kind if neat, although a little tight maneuvering with RV.

Connie Puckett

Great little stop


It was a good way to finish the road trip, seeing the largest something in our country

Mark Single

Sheena Lammers

Enjoyed a Wedding at the Brandon Community Center and Largest Frying Pan!

Dolores Hawkins

madhuri danthagani

Laura Hansen

It is a dumb roadside attraction? Yes. Was it worth the 20 min detour for a photo opportunity at least once in your life? I think so.

Alex Phillips

Best giant frying pan I've ever seen. Also there was a cute kitten nearby.

Kristina Lilleberg

S. Spence

Pretty sweet to see. Worth the stop to say you've seen mid America's history.

Sheryl Southern

Teri Meyer

Liam Carhoff

Interesting facts, let's get fry'n!

Chris Rowland

Everyone should be aware this is officially a "fryin'" pan, not a "frying" pan or even a skillet. Because they often appear so similar, I don't want any visitors to be confused. The Pan was great. No lines and no admission price!

Rachael Nigg

Cool to see and read the history behind it.

Jennifer Lane

Picture of our adventure

Maranda Zilk

A bit underwhelming and overstated but kids will like it.

David Richter

michael blair

Kolby Slife

It is exactly as described.

jason morehouse

Gene Blanco B

Jucj go

Diane Williams

It's really neat to be able to stand in a frying pan

Natalie Hayman

Pretty neat to view!

Kalobb Brown

Can cook a bunch of bacon here

Tabitha Baird

That was so fun!


Angela Carr

Ellie Heck

Admiral Snakbar

Mackenzie Reeves

What a great experience!

Kayleen Hunt

Ari Kim

I would rate 5 stars but it said it could only hold 88 pounds of bacon. Blasphemy.


It really is very large! You can stand inside the frying pan and take a picture.

Brianna Culberson Barton

Heidi Rich

Michelle Stockman

Christine Smith

Jenny Carhoff

Fun little stop every time.

Michelle Bella

Fun, kitschy place to stop for a few minutes if you happen to be driving by. It's nice that it was constructed to support a community breakfast.

Bryce Evans

It was pretty cool, although I thought it would be cast iron!!!

Lori G

Danielle Campbell

Informative and exciting. I couldn't have asked for more from Iowa's Largest Frying Pan. A real must see!

Glendolyn Sis Elliott

Not lots of anything here except for a bar and a store that offers drinks, snacks, auto misc. and prices are steep.

Robert Tyler

Awsome to c used location for a film

Lynette James

Very neat attraction for a small town in Iowa. Too bad we were there during an off time and weren't able to enjoy more of the cute town of Brandon.

Andy Russell

It's literally a big pan.

Dakoda D Sellers

Vandals done got the pan

J Foley

A nice little stop off the interstate. Something different to see in Iowa.

Kari Paige

nubblyrocks 2535

Tyler Spencer

David Keith

Something to see if you are traveling through.

Gerald Bishop

Tyler Luytens

It delivers a giant frying pan. What more could you ask.

Cindy Hoffman

olivia Mohn

Mike Townsend

Ha! What a joke, in a good way. 10 pm, 3 degrees

Katie LaFave

Matthew Feuerborn

It's a really big frying pan.

Amber Potter

Tyler Holm

It’s small.

vasiliy pakhnyuk

Cool roadside attraction.

Mark Seago

Caty Birbeck

Loved it.

william stevenson

Jessica Graham


Paulette Pardun

Attended the 98th Brandon all- school reunion banquet. A grand time!

miguel masberg

Luckily this was only a total of 10 minutes out of the way. We would have easily gone 20 each way for what we assumed would be a humongous frying pan. It was disappointingly not that large, 8 to 10 feet in diameter. I was expecting to be able to park (in theory) a car on it. I'm pretty sure Paul Bunyon's was bigger . Minnesota ftw

Jayson Frawley

It was everything it said it would be. Made me very hungry for bacon and eggs.

Sharon Koopman

Great experience, great people.

Matthew Burns

Country Tough

cute big frying pan

Robin Richardson

Pretty awesome we stopped on our vacation very interesting history

theboss42069skal 64

avery smallmonster


E Patters

I've drivin by the exit many times, and one day I decided it was the day I checked it out. Whens the last time you did something for the first time? Why not go check out a landmarrk you dont see every day.

Richard Goerwitz

Quintessential small town publicity stunt/promotion from 2004 that's still giving people a smile and a fun photo. Worth a short detour.

kayla oldenkamp

Justin Brown

Must see

Joe Heather

It was nice prolly cook bacon and eggs on it plus hasbrowns and toast to

Anonymous GRF

Nothing special. Frying pan wasnt as big as expected

Jason Jon Krueger

It was great!

Jeffrey Megown

A big frying pan displayed outside next to the community center, with a descriptive sign next to it.

Jean Warga

It was fun to get pictures

Fairytale Jones


Francisco Ahlberg

(Translated by Google) It is very large weighs 1200 pounds and it is rare to see things of this size and it is worthwhile to get to take a souvenir photo (Original) Es muy grande pesa 1200 libras y es raro ver cosas de este tamaño y vale la pena llegar a tomar una foto de recuerdo

Chris Bierman

Decent place. It was pretty neat to see.

Brittney Bienfang

Charles Bennett

Wonderful thing to find.

Hexiang Zhang

Mary Inman

Jason Peterson

Christopher Klostermann

If a bucket list item for you is to see gigantic cookware, you won't be disappointed!

michelle smith

David Kruse

Howard Waddell

A large frying pan, nothing else to see. Short drive off the interstate.

Ben Stanford

Woot woot!

Unkle Fritz

...its a pan

Tina L

Courtney Schuman

Becca Porter

kenny peyton

Linda Lee

Cute for picture taking. Very small town.

Robert Waddell

Great piece of America's oddities and large things

Randy Masterson

It was fun to see ,made a cute picture . it actually was hot like a sizzling frying pan!

Grant Hill

Rick Platte

I can check this off my bucket list!

Glendolyn Elliott

Quiet little town

Grace CATalano

I went here while on vacation with my best friend. It was cool to see and a good place to take pictures at. It was definitely more unique and fun than other places in iowa. Other than the experience and pictures there is a small restaurant near it. Anyway its just as really big pan.

Phillip& Sommer Garthoff

we was there for a wedding.had a blast takin pics in the frying pan

Connor Mckibben

Fun quirky landmark.

Rob Bradley

Daniel Spak

Very cool but I was looking for the world's largest non stick frying pan from the movie Michael

madison kelty

Shawn Mehlert

Josh Poehls

Cool thing to see

bro universe

Morrigan Sullivan


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