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Where is Iowa State Capitol?

REVIEWS OF Iowa State Capitol IN Iowa

Alexandra Henao D.

Amazing building. There is no words to describe the library!

Juan Hernandez Jr.

Pretty cool spot to spend a few hours.

Sandy Kay Johnson

Incredible architecture - take the free tour!

L.D. Ayers

I sat in on part of a tour it was fantastic! Engaging and filled with fan facts and information. The building is marvelous and full of detail and symbolism. It is one or the most impressive state capitols I have been to. I have visited the exterior multiple times but I am so glad I finally went inside. Make sure you see the library on the 2nd floor before you leave. A great work of architecture.

Chris VB

Pretty impressive. We have a young family and the kids had enough to look at. The law library was super impressive. The model of the USS Iowa was also pretty neat. The guard was super helpful when we went through security. Highly recommend it.

Norm Arn

Great experience. Worth the time. Very friendly helpful Staff and Docents.

Sylvie Bouffard

Absolutely worth a stop, even if as long as 1 hour, to admire every wall, floor, and ceiling surface in this magnificent building. The forged steel spiral staircase in the library was my favorite. The self-guided tour is free. Don't forget a stroll on the premises around the Capitol to see the various monuments. Did I forget to mention that you have the most beautiful view on the city from the Capitol!

David Collignon

Beautiful building. One of the best we have visited. Gorgeous law library. Don't know who uses it anymore what with electronic research but it is beautiful nonetheless. Had the opportunity to see both houses in action. Gilded dome can be seen for miles. Well worth a visit.

Robert S

This was a very informative tour. Could be one of the best tours for a state Capitol buildings. The building was beautiful. The top of the rotunda is awesome. The library is awesome. Go on a weekday so you can look through the library.

Dana Heavner

Lovely building and great tour guide! Visit!

Matt Krych

Very cool historical building in DSM


Beautiful. Don't miss the library it's amazing.

Pratik Adhikary

Beautiful place. Worth a visit!

Yong-Xin Y.

Good place to spend a couple of hours with family. Excellent introduction and tour!


Unexpectedly awesome. Free and well organized. They have guided tours, cell phone tours, or you can just wander around. Apparently everyone in Iowa is very nice, because our kids were given coloring pages and state Senate pins. The library is multi-tiered and beautiful. It is actually featured in a book about libraries called The Library Book which I read in that library and it all felt very meta. Tons of free visitor parking in the area. It feels like they have gone to a lot of effort to be welcoming and make it easy to visit.

manny carrillo

Beutiful and calm. Loved it.

jeremiah mcarthur

Amazing place great guard was really cool

Claire C Tsao

What a beautiful State Capitol! One of the best we have seen! Make sure you check out the library.

Gaagle Plas

The last state capitol building we visited prior to our trip back to Chicago and it was a return trip. We've been here before but our boys now have a state capitols passport book and are collecting stamps from each one we visit (did 10 this year!) We arrived, got the stamps and we're just in time for a tour so decided to join up. It was nice since we had no place to rush off to for a change. Karen was a lot of fun and gave a lot of information. Towards the end, you get to go up to the higher level but due to the railing having a sizable gap, no children under 6 (I think) are allowed so I stayed with our four year old while my wife and older son went on the final part of the tour. There's a lot to see here and I like visiting it even if it was a second time. If I make it back, I hope to travel around the park(s) nearby as I saw some monuments nearby.

Rachelle Goldman

Gorgeous building shows pride in Iowa and showcases the form and function of government.

Evan Recker

Visually stunning. Very interesting and informative. The tour guide that gave us the tour was pretty good.

Luis Molina

Definitely a very cool building. They offer free tours but you have to show up somewhat early for those (before 2 PM) the statues outside are very beautiful and the dome inside is amazing. Great place to come and see some great American architecture and paintings. I love how open it is to the public and how nice everyone was.

Josh Morehouse

Beautiful location. Great that it's open to the public.

Scott Caslow

Very nice to have free tours. Beautiful building.

Brenda Bogenrief

Nice walk tells about it and the Iowa ship was cool. Do the tour and go to the dome would be way awesome.

Joseph n Christina Wallace

Went in to see if. Kim reynolds husband had a doll in the cabinet yet mixed with all the dirst lady dolls I will say he is there and its funny to be the only male looking doll with all the female looking dolls

Akshat Valse

It is a great place to bring your family and show them this magnificent work of art. Its golden dome is as beautiful as it can get and it's also a very historic and old building. It's tour guide is very informative. The inside of the dome is very beautiful and it also has a great view if the city skyline.

Richard Martinez

Extremely beautiful grounds. Plenty of photograph opportunities. Some remodeling work going on but still worth the visit.

ben salyers

Tour guides are very knowledgeable and informed. The Iowa capital is a great place to learn about our history, as you dive through check out the decor. They are restoring everything on a constant basis to try and preserve the rich history of Iowa's past. I would recommend going when you have a few hours to wonder around and check out all it has to offer. If you go during active legislation, there is a chance you can talk a law maker into giving you a tour to the dome. Have fun.

Greg Strohbehn

This is the most magnificent structure I have ever seen. So detailed and beautiful! This is a must see!!!!

Sergio Flores

Make your state fair a husle free. Enjoy the convince of public transportation by taking the bus to the fair.

Caryl Miller

Beautiful! Tour was fun and informative.

Prickles Hoggington

Loved the tour! It was so cool to hear the history and interesting stories about the capitol building. The security guards were so nice, too. The building itself is beautiful. It doesn't look like much when you go through the entrance, but it is stunning when you go up to the main floor. I like how they have paint restoration people on staff to make it even more beautiful. I also loved the landscaping on the campus. They had so many beautiful established trees. The one dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. was a nice surprise to see as we walked through the grounds. Overall, this exceeded all our expectations.

Ann Heisler

Pretty amazing slice of Iowa history. My first visit. Definitely worth the trip!

Dorcyle McClure

Visit this unique building to learn about the history of Iowa and see where some of the governmental work is done. Beautiful architecture and design.

Julian Wong

If you are in this city, find time to visit the State Capital. Put aside two hours plus and join the guided tour and you will not regret it. Our guide Karen is incredible, knowledgeable and entertaining. The State Law library is the must see item and off course the House of Representatives is another to do thing. Both are covered in the guided tour. You can spend more time to explore after the tour.


Tour guide was good. Well maintained. Fun trip with kids!

Marcel Nienhuis

Beautiful capital building with nice lawn, steps out front.

Oluremi Okuboyejo

Historical and a very cool place for Iowa Civil Servants.

Gilbert Pierre-Louis

An amazing piece of American history. Meticulously maintained with and amazing staff.

Scott Fish

I loved checking out the Iowa state capital during October! The weather was snowy but beautiful. Great spot to explore around the city.

Sara Bordeos

The architecture is impressive. Intricate details. People are friendly. Clean and organized.

Bethany McDonald

This property is breathtaking. The area is clean, there are plenty of places to sit, and a lot of beautiful, detailed, historical building features and statues.

Linda Taylor

I love walking there and showing family from out of town

Lacey marie

Lots of sights....and stairs

Cedric Parker

While a tour schedule was hard to obtain, we arrived 5 minutes before a guided tour and had a great time on it. Saw the senate, house, law library, and the dome!

Elizabeth Solley

We love to visit different capitol buildings. There were too many school groups to join a tour, but we enjoyed wandering around. The law library is worth a stop.

Lori Long

Very nice. Always relaxing and enjoying to look around.

Bipendra Timilsina

Nice environment to spend time on Weekends

Caleb Jackson

Great field trip for my 5th grade class! Wonderful guide.

Tommy ABP

The most beautiful capitol in America (the roof is real gold!)


Nothing says a waste of taxpayers money like a building that doesn't do anything

David Winslow

The Iowa State Capital is a lasting active landmark of history. The BB1 USS IOWA in the entrance of the Capital was a perfect replica.Both chambers (Senate and House)represent the best in frontier architecture.The statuary of Abraham Lincoln and Tad Lincoln at the entrance of the Capital was a emotional portrayal of 19th Century Family memory.

Sega 146

Scenic views and very peaceful at night.

Peter Lamm

Beautiful building, inspired architecture and interior design. The library is a masterpiece. Outside are pleasant open spaces, lawns and various monuments. And getting to be very aged. The major monumental pieces out front shows an American Indian, docile, sitting at the feet of a white explorer and an infantryman. A posture out of tune with the times. And on the first floor an entire display cabinet of made-in-China dolls attired in the period costume of past inaugurations. Some would find this belittling and dismissive of our women who indeed with men built this state with equal parts strength, courage and vision.

Rhonda Brommel

Very thorough tour by volunteers. Presented a lot of interesting facts. My 2nd time through.

Shawn Bryant

Beautiful building, I highly recommend a tour.

Frank Stieg

Great tour guide (Dana) and well understand why Iowa is regarded as having the most beautiful state capital building.

kelsey Walton

It was a fantastic place to stop with the family. Lot of walking and great photo opportunities. We enjoyed everything we seen.

Steve Nichols

Very impressive state capital property, maybe the best I have ever seen. Super location for droning


Had an amazing tour with Dana & Randy, it was just my partner and I so it was really fun as we got to spend longer than usual doing the tour. Its free to do and has to be one of the most beautiful state capitals in the country. Definetely worth the visit.

Sabrina Kerr

It is a gorgeous building and all the staff is friendly too!

Art Clark

Authentic History and beauty of America heritage and Iowa color full past. Surprisingly worth the time to view !!

Brian Cook

Tour guide was personable and knowledgeable.

under dog

Beautiful artistry, I pass by this every day and it's always so gorgeous with the morning sun

Lacy Vardeman

We loved walking around the area, the capital square is very relaxing and beautiful. The statues are very interesting and kind of funny as well.

Miguel R

Stunning building with very friendly staff. Highly recommend visiting when in Des Moines. The library is beautiful.

CJ Bloyer

We come here every year for the Yankee Doodle Pops Concert. As with every year, the music was phenomenal and the company delightful.

Emma Sullivan

Amazing building, unfortunately we couldnt go in but the area is really nice to walk around.

Roy Lubkeman

Beautiful building and grounds. A must see for the history buff and those interested in architecture. Take the guided tour to see up in the dome.

Kimberly Waterbury

It's pretty Awesome absolutely Love the Glass cases with The photos and relics and History of Iowa and the Capital.. .. Governor Kim Reynolds Is the Most caring and Smart Lady .. her staff is pretty great as well !

M Cat

Today is a 2019 stormy, deep blue sky fall day when the two rival Universities are in battle in Ames (actually on hold due to lightning fears), but our state Capitol stands strong, sturdy, impartial, golden & true. 4pm 9/15/19. Then again, see how the Capitol's reflection dissects & devolves on the face of it's neighbor!

Amanda Harmening

Our tour guide was so very knowledgeable. She was so amazing with all the children!

Katina Merck

Very beautiful building!

Crystal Brugman

Take a tour! Such a grand building has a lot of great stories!

Fares Alahdab

We spent a couple of hours there while we were passing through town on a road trip. We really enjoyed the tour, walking around, going into the library, and checking out all the artifacts. I would recommend for anybody whose visiting town.

Mona Beth Flick

Time wasn't on my side to visit for a lengthy period of time. I had to be sure and at least get a good closeup view of the capital grounds in Des Moines before leaving town. It was very cold and windy, but I would get out in the wind, rain, and cold again to get just a glimpse and snap a few photos all over again. The community of Des Moines has much to be proud of! Beautiful!

Bob Harms

We enjoy the uniqueness of each of our state capitols...

Jermaine Fristo

It was nice, got my issue taken care of real quick!

Noah Torstenson

One of the coolest Capitol buildings! Additionally, check out Music Under the Stars, a free concert series that takes place on the steps of the capitol some Sunday's over the course of the summer. Cool capitol for a cool city!

Randi C.

loved visiting here with my family. Beautiful architecture, and the library was awe inspiring.

Kathy Silance

Wonderful tour by Gail. We have been to 15 or 16 capitols and this was the longest tour by far. Very informative.

Tim Gorre

Convenient to take airconditioned bus to the State Fair.

Rich Shockey

Don't miss the exquisite library! The staircase is a must-see.

jeff case

Fantastic opportunity to learn you grass roots.

Collin Marshall

Beautiful historic building with 23-carat gold leafed dome.

Sarah Black

So beautiful, and also free. You can go with friends, children and even a wife or girlfriend.

dennis evans

Learned things about Iowa that I didn't know before.

Jessica Hilton

The inside of the Capitol is beautiful! I appreciated that we were able to participate in a guided tour, for free, at the last minute without having to set it up ahead of time. The library was a highlight, and my kids enjoyed climbing up into the dome. (Warning: kids must be age 6+ for that part.)

Ryan Zimmerman

Great tour and a great place to see history.

Debbie Potter

The music was excellent and so were the fireworks!

Stephen Balza

Amazing architecture, interesting history, and totally free to visit. I brought a traveling choir here. The tour exposes you to some fun facts, beautiful spaces, and impressive acoustics! If it’s open, check out the law library.

Sue Pitts

Great day, stayed for Tankee Doodle Pops, show was assume.

Teresa Anderson

The library was gorgeous. Really enjoyed our visit to De Moines, Ia. Hope everyone is voting for Andrew Yang in 2020. #yanggang

Sarah Blakeney

Beautiful building and our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our questions

Bamboo Songs

So beautiful. Our tour guide was wonderful, not going too fast like some will do. She had time for our questions, and gave interesting answers that were in direct response. This is a place worth going.

Randy Souder

Lot of history in the building. Remarkable architecture.

Rebeka Farnam

You have to go on a guided tour to see the rotunda but we were told the guided tour would be too boring for kids. Its gorgeous inside and love that all tours are free and open on the weekends.

Michael Albrecht

It was great to walk through today. We did not take the official tour but were allowed to tag along on the last part where we climbed 91 steps up towards the dome. I'd suggest taking the official tour.

Justin Norman

Big dome is just fine. Round. Thickly. An appropriate level of shine. Surrounded by vegetation which bows before it. Has plenty of flags. Pavement is also present in flat, walkable form. The sky is clearly visible from the aforementioned pavement. Clouds are sometimes visible. Birds occasionally pass overhead.

Jim Warner

Amazing architecture & craftsmanship. A must see if you're in Des Moines.

Jason Baker

Tour guide Karen was phenomenal! What a special time for our 6 year old daughter's birthday. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable, even for young kids.

Linda Wilson

Liked the capitol. Lots of interesting history there.


Beautiful. Worth the trip.

Steve Brewer

Very patriotic and makes me proud to be an Iowan!

Steve Rawlins

Law Library, mozaic, glided domes, majestic site - friendly and informative tour.

Thomas Krajewski

beautiful parks surround this golden rotunda which is visible from all possible locations. The views of Des Moines are pleasant as well from the front steps.

E Arthur Robertson

Stunning architecture. The golden domes are magnificent in the pre-sunset light. Look for the reflection of the golden domes and the building in the golden windows of the building across the street.

Kenneth Clayton

If your in Des Moines Iowa, you must visit this beautiful historic building. Many interesting architectural features. Many levels to explore, great views out the windows of downtown Des Moines. Good gift shop as well.

John Reese

Lovely place. And beautiful capital building

Gail Olson

Excellent tour guide. She was informative and answered all questions. Beautiful building.

Jim Loes

Beautiful architecture, history and Grand views. Must see for families

Kyla Brunetti

Such a beautiful place. We only saw the outside but we loved it. Wish we could have done a tour! Maybe next time! Nicely kept on the outside!

Wofo Woof

It's lit. Know what I mean jellybean?

Lynn Chiles

Loved this place! Beautiful architecture but hard to get around the one way streets

Ya A

Every state Capitol building has its own touch, but this is very different experience. You need to take the tour because it in reaches you with valuable information.

Gloria Smith

Good place to go and learn history

Spencer Nord

I was a big fan of the Capitol. While the grounds and outside of the building are somewhat underwhelming, the inside is incredible. They give 1.5 hour long tours which are a lot of fun. The tour guides are knowledgeable. The amount of stone work paintings to decorate the Capitol is stunning. There is also a lot of free visitor parking. If you have an afternoon free, it is worth the visit!

Colin Mcclelland

Excellent day out great place to see some spectacular views and the state building was amazing

Briana Calderon

Beautiful!! Well maintained and friendly staff. They also have a free tour - do it!

R Chiostri

Beautiful grounds, impressive building and architecture. So glad I had time to tour the Capitol as it was very enjoyable and learned a lot. The employees are very friendly. Definitely recommend a visit!

Lee Pontious

The capital was beautiful I wanted to get a closer look

Chris Clore

Beautiful building. Worth the stop

Brent Price

Very awesome I would do it again or I should say go again I would highly recommend going

Edited Visions

We had a wonderful time visiting the capitol today. We got a guided tour and it brought out so much more of the capital then I thought possible. I highly recommend it.

Rebecca Lucas

Gorgeous! One of my favorites buildings in Des Moines

Chad Moss

Amazing tours and very knowledgeable guides. A ton of history.


Beautiful building!! So much detail has gone into it, and continuing to preserve it. They offer free tours every hour! It's literally right off the highway, so it's a perfect stop to add during your roadtrip!

Monica Lenarcic

Most beautiful building and great knowledgeable tour guide. Worth a stop here. Impressed!

Mara Gerke

One of the prettiest I have seen. Tour guide was excellent. Definitely worth seeing.

Dara Rodriguez

This building is so beautiful at day or night and you can get great views of the Des Moines skyline.

Jeanette Anderson

Beautiful Capitol complex!! Great tour guide! Worth a visit

Luna KC

Beautiful capitol with a great architecture in the heart of the city. The golden dome is the best part.

gerry mullane

Governor was great and the building "out of this world"

Hair by Amy Tanner

Wow! Go! You won’t be disappointed in the history!

Chad Sussex

So cool. Wish we could have stayed on the tour longer. Will definitely do the full your next chance we get. Some really great stories of history of the buildy and of Iowa.

Debra Gaskins

Wonderful tour of the Iowa State Capitol with the Ray Society. One of the painters (restoration artists) explained how they have restored the plaster and painted walls throughout the bldg. Very impressive. Beautiful wood carvings, mosaics tile floors and carpets. Dana was an excellent tour guide. Very knowledgeable about Iowa history. Only 5 domed capitol bldg in US and covered in gold leaf.

Taylor Burkhead

Nice public building that closes for private events if you're rich enough.

Donna Binette

Unbelievable beautiful. Great your too.

Londa Vandegriend

The tour is very informative. My children loved being able to go up to the balcony of the dome.

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