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Where is Herbert Hoover National Historic Site?

REVIEWS OF Herbert Hoover National Historic Site IN Iowa

Larry Beebe

Lots of history. Nice place to visit along with the town of West Branch

Steve Petersen

Very informative clean well lit.

Cathi La Sota

Quick walk around the property with several buildings to walk in to. Rangers at the visitors center are welcoming and personable. Please note, the Presidential Library is not part of the NPS site.

Rhiannon Lillith

I loved visiting the Hoover Museum! It was fantastic. And the price of admission was actually fair. The gift shop was a little pricey but that didn't stop me. The man at the ticket counter was very friendly, and we had an enjoyable time. They also had an exhibit of Route 66 that was interesting.

Christy Young

Historic area of town restored to as-was condition that teaches about the background of the 31st president. Tall grass prairie, memorial cemetery, tiny house where he was born, working blacksmith shop. You can be from a small place and do big things.

Denise Doan

Loved this place! You will learn so much about this wonderful President, he helped people all around world. Great for the whole family.

George Lynch

Very nice exhibits, gave me a different opinion of President Hoover

Nino D'Agosta

Historic places intrigue me.

Daniel Herbert

We really enjoyed the library, museum and grounds. It was gratifying to see a man celebrated for his actions as opposed to just his words. It became very obvious he was a reluctant politician but a very accomplished Human Being.


A friendly well kept and well run piece of history. Well worth stopping to take a break from the interstate!


Excellent talent from The Young Footlifters Youth Theatre and the 12 days of Christmas they did on Sunday afternoon

Jim Jim

We are disabled and could not walk from RV parking lot sorry just like Ronald Reagan's a complete waste of our time some day you may learn what it is to be disabled

Douglas Remmey

Interesting. Lots of little known Information about the president. I think he was unfairly blamed for the depression.

Amy Schirm

Awesome place to come see and learn about one of our wonderful presidents and the era that he grew up in

Chad Lenoch

It's a great place to learn about our only Iowa President.

Natalie Acheson

Our family really enjoyed this historical site. While the visitor center is small, it is very well done and the informational video was great. The preserved buildings were very nice and worth the short walk to visit them. Worth your time to see this little glimpse into the past.

Cesura Whidden

Love this place so much and there's a nearby ice cream place we always go to. Helps teach kids who've not had much schooling yet history in a way that both they and adults can understand and enjoy

Gsry Myers

Very nice

Jannet Yoho

Very educational, I didn't realize he was such a great president and humanitarian.

Nancy K

Very informative. I was never much of a history buff, but this was done on a way that was interesting as well as informative.

Gail Strickland

Very well laid out and easy excess to all the buildings.


If you have kids, be sure to ask for a junior ranger book! It's fun to walk through hoovers birth cabin. The town is neat to walk through. Such a simple time! Be sure to stop and admire the ISS sculpture.

Molly Barnhart

Great historical visit. The museum provides a timeline of Hoover's life and often has new, rotating exhibits. The park itself is like stepping back in time, you can see the cottage where Hoover was born, a model meeting house, the blacksmith shop, and even has a prairie that you can hike through.

Mark Boyer

This was a real eye opening view into the history and accomplishments of this President. It wasn't until later years was the full scope of his impact recognized. A true humanitarian and statesman. We thoroughly enjoyed this stop. There is no charge for the NPS site, but the library/ museum does not accept the NPS passes and does charge a fee. Discounts are available. Well worth the price of admission.


The Rangers at this site are very kind and informative! This is one of the most easily reached NPS sites we've ever visited, as it's less than a mile from the interstate, low traffic and easy turn in/out. Don't forget your passport and to do the Junior Ranger badge.

Steve Silvas

To be honest wife stopped here to which I wasn't too interested in a president who sent US into a deep depression

Krista Dethloff

Walking into the old buildings and houses was very interactive and very cool

James Smith

Worth the trip. You have a knew appreciation for this man did even before and after he was president. I believe and Jimmy Carter were the only presidents with engineering degrees.

Bob Pelshaw

I was surprised how much I enjoyed this experience. I wasn't expecting much, mostly since history tends to blame the Depression on Hoover. This was something I whole heartedly recommend everyone do. A very good and educational experience.

Julia Chandler

We really like to visit presidential libraries so it was fun to cross this one off the list. It was smaller than some but they put a lot of interesting exhibits in a small amount of space. There was even a more hands on exhibit for the kids with milking a cow and vegetable farming, etc. The only thing we didn't get a chance to do was watch the film. I really felt they arranged the info in a way that it wasn't boring.

I. P. Dailey

This may not appeal to everyone, but I was blown away by my visit. The site itself is gorgeous, truly picturesque, so even if the history of the man or this location aren't a draw, you should come for the spectacle. Do not miss trekking along the prairie trail, which added to the feeling of being transported back in time. I visited early, before the buildings and exhibits opened, but I was surprised at the size and spread of the site. History buffs could enjoy several hours here taking in everything, based on appearances, at least. Glad I visited, and I highly recommend.

Dj Vanzile

It was a very informative and fun visit we had. The people there were very friendly and helpful, including the security. There is even a very nice hiking trail out by where President Hoover and his wife is buried.

larry cooper

The tiny cabin where Herbert Hoover was born and his father's blacksmith shop across the street are definitely worth a visit. The nearby presidential library has a superb series of diorama exhibits that really encapsulate his early years in a truly memorable fashion. It is must see stuff.

Stephanie Hall

Not far off the highway, so easy to get to. It's really a great place to stop. You learn about a president who you may not know much about. And the grounds around the building are a good place to stretch your legs.

Jessica Montalvo

Beautiful park! Its really interesting to visit the town and home where Herbert Hoover was born. I was surprised by his small beginnings, but also loved his little house and garden. My husband and I also spent the day just hanging out in the surrounding town, which had a farmers market. Great tourist destination.

Evan Recker

Interesting and an in-depth look into the life of Iowa's only president. I would recommend taking the tour. Tour guides were great. Definitely worth the visit.

Richard Schlieper

Beautiful property. NPS visitors center with a very good intro film of his early life. Lovely walk (or drive) to President Hoover's birthplace, gravesite and library. The library has an excellent film also and well presented time line exhibits of his life.

Phill Nelson

What an amazing place! Lots to do with your kids. Wonderful small town as well. A must see if you like history and/or LOVE this Country!

HiSkippy 0411

Great Place, Employees Rocked, presentations detailed and informative, grounds immaculate could have stayed longer but it was raining. A MUST DO the Jr. Ranger Booklet and Activities to earn a Jr Ranger Badge and participate in the Ceremony it will take about 45min but as a family everyone even the adults can participate and help with the booklet activities!!

Yuezhou Wang

It is a nice place to learn about President Hoover's life in this small town. The movie in the museum/library offers a good introduction especially in Hoover's lifelong humanitarian work. The site located conveniently on I80. It is a good place to take a rest as well.

Brian N Godfrey

It was awesome to see the roots of such an influential president that had to battle the great depression.

Dan S

A most interesting place to learn about Herbert Clark Hoover, the best 31st president this country has ever had. A brilliant engineer and business man, this guy rose from humble beginnings to become a world traveler, a multimillionaire, and then el presidente. The grounds are well-kept, the video is interesting, and the little historical village is amazing. You get to see his actual preserved birthplace, which is rather cool. Also, be sure to take a small hike through the tallgrass prairie.

David Bungum

Thoughtful presentations of an amazing man who was a better person than he was a politician. Quite saintly in his humanitarian efforts. Lived a long and very productive life.

Prickles Hoggington

I am so happy we stumbled upon this location. We originally thought there was only a museum, but we found the historic site and had a wonderful time wondering around the historic village. The park rangers were very kind towards us and answered all our questions. We did the Junior Ranger program, and that was a real treat. The activities were easy to understand for older kids and younger kids. It was a little bit hard to get the kids to pay attention to the informational movie, but I really liked the information provided. The historic village was very quaint. It is hard to believe how many people would live in a single home with only two rooms. It definitely gives perspective to see how President Hoover came from very humble beginnings. I came to this museum thinking that Hoover was just a depression president, but I came with a much better understanding of his life and philanthropic work. It was well worth our time, and we plan on visiting again the next time we drive through Iowa this summer.

Sue Foltz

The walk from the visitor center to the first bome, school, blacksmith shop, Quaker church and museum was interesting, well maintained and informative. It was flat, good walkways, and not too far, maybe a half mile.. We especially enjoyed the museum / library. There were no fees, a/c was comfortable, and restrooms were clean. It's a great stop.

heven58 mow

Impresive place, impresive life he had!

Perry Abel

Really enjoyed the library and all the historical buildings.

John Park

Very cool, great place for a great man! Definitely recommend! My family had a great time!

Ken .DeWalt

Well worth thevisit!

Jane Zwiener

The Brass Band was excellent on July 4th 2019

Jan Dittbenner

Lot of good information and history for one of our great Presidents!

elaine miller

Well maintained park, it's fun to watch the black Smith when he's in.

Andrea Dotson

The person that checked us in was very informative and nice!

Erica Ping

Perfect balance of information, outside and clean! Took kids 8, 6, 4 & 2 and could readily spend happy 2 hours here.

Charles Dickson

Never knew anything about this humble man, but this place tells about him, as well as life during while he lived. Excellent exhibit.

Mike Miller

Wonderful mix of an historic and environmental learning experience. Hike the tall grass prairie trail and then head over to the NPS visitor center. The Presidential Library and museum charges a small fee...well worth it. We have always felt like the library and museum were a good value, but, they are not free. What is free? Here's a list: hiking the prairie, visiting the gravesite, touring the birthplace cottage and ALL of the buildings (except library and museum), the NPS visitor center including movie

Miriam Hager

No matter if you are a Hoover fan or not, this library is extremely informative, educational and entertaining. Captured the curiosity of both children and adults. Inside museum and video, outside walkways and historical sites. Backa up to a nature preserve for even more walking opportunities.

lesa Hickman

Beautiful historical place

phyllis fleming

Wonderful place to visit. Reasonable price. Good intonation.

Anil Maddimsetti

Great stop over if you are around in the area, and easily accessible from the highway. It was interesting to know that Mr Hoover was the first ever president to be elected from the west of Mississippi. Great insight into how life was back in the day. It just amazes how one travelled all the way from a small town in Iowa to become the become the President of the United States.

Paula Shaw

Very interesting Presidential Library. Unfortunately, we only had time to tour the Library and not the rest of the park. Maybe next time we drive through Iowa!!!

Kaylee Kettler

This is a national historic site, that shows you were Herbert Hoover and his siblings grew up, his home, his school, even where his dad worked, the creek he used to fish in, the creek he played in with his friends, and even where he and Lou Hoover were buried. If you go inside the museum, there is a map of every where he visited in the world, pictures of him and jis family, and so much more. During the holidays especially Christmas, there are decorations for that holiday, around Christmas, there are decorated trees with all current themed decorations!

Linda Dianne

Very interesting.

Diana Swanson

So much to see. Well done.

Arielle S

Cool historical place! Learn all about former president Herbert Hoover and the town he grew up in. Many houses and all preserved as well. Old black Smith shop is one of my favorite parts!! They even do old reenactments some days!

Brytta Fitzgibbons

Great location

Andrew Chandler

It was really nice how they opened up the homes and buildings and you could walk right in and experience what he experienced. Its stunning to see the cottage from the gravesite.

Brody Pfeiffer

Teaching to next generation lifestyle of the past

Heather Schroeder

It's a nice little place. It's really good to go there during the holidays. They have decorated trees that are just beautiful

Darbie Clancy

It's small but there's some beautiful oil paintings

Molly Lurth

The history of Herbert Hoover is so interesting. It is a very nice display, educational but not too big. Hoover and his wife lead a very fascinating life.

David Joyeux

Very nice place, with Kim a very kind Ranger ! Thanks to him ! He explained many informations regarding the Hoover place and Iowa Area.

Mark Sharp

Right off of I80. Been meaning to stop here for many years upon returning from the east. Very pleases!

Emily Wolff

What a great experience. Very educational with most things with no cost. My only complaint is that they don’t advertise if they are closed due to weather. Would highly recommended

R Rand

Very well done. Takes you through an easy to follow timeline of his presidency. Exhibits were great and the movie is a must see before you start. The statue in the entryway is cool. You can get your picture taken standing next to it and the statue is so well done, it almost looks lifelike in the photo.

Kimberly Porter

We learned so much about this president! Wonderful displays and information. Very friendly staff. We did not have time to do the outdoor part, but regret that. Easily found just off the freeway

Derick Thoene

If you love history and enjoy showing your children the way things were before. their museum is one or kind for the area.

Peter Gebhard

Hadn't been there in a while. It was a nice get away and wander around.

Abdouramane Bila

Little gem at the edge of Johnson County! Go during visit Hoover Days and enjoy a small town feel.

Kathy Conrad

Wonderful experience. Wish weather would have been better. Will go back on a warmer sunny day as the town was really nice.

Nicholas Miller

Very informative. The rangers were so polite and kind. They helped my kids get their Jr. Ranger badges, which the were very excited about.

Bo Kapatsila

A great place to learn about a noble man and US history.

Kristine Brewer

Nicely kept up historical site, can spend 15 minutes at the house or a few hours exploring the town

Lee Mathis

Enjoyed the visit. Suggest to download app before visit to provide audio tour Info. Library and museum was worth extra cost. Pleasant outdoor walk to visit buildings. Plan +2hr for the Express tour.

Teresa Aceves

I love going to the Presidential Libraries and Museums when I travel. The Herbert Hoover Library& Museum was very interesting. I really enjoyed myself and loved learning more about that era and Hoover!! The movie was well done. GREAT place to take kids to learn more about pieces of history, this country during that era, and one more our President's.

Laura E

Must see!!! Hit the museum then walk the period village with Hoover's birth place and childhood home and then 1 block to a beautiful downtown with restaurants and antique shops!! A great stop just 2 blocks north of I-80 exit 254 West Branch, IA

Carmen Jernigan

It was really awesome to see past history

Linda Lariz-PNL

Very interesting info about Herbert Hoover. And great restored buildings.

Ashley Hammack

Really neat to learn about. Take your kids here for fun history lessons. Mine liked it

Carl Sandstedt

Humble but interesting presidential site --try to get to as many as possible and found this enjoyable. Well worth the time.

Ron Blythe

A good place to take your family

Jolan Bishop

Our high school students had a great experience. The historians provided a strong foundation for their work.

Wendy Feilen

There is a difference between the historical site and the actual museum. The museum/library requires a payment but is well worth it. Learned a great deal from both places.

Guillermo Finot

Quiet and peaceful. Walking path with historical data from the prairie. Can you believe? There were lamas when native Americans took care of the nature.

Cherie Litwiller

Incredible museum!

Dan Wright

Great place for a big party! Nice big kitchen, big dance floor, and a great bar. Price was great too!

aj kerberos

I always enjoy this place. The old time feel of the historic buildings is perfect. The blacksmith shop is the height and thrill of the place

Anne Snudden

Never knew Herbert Hoover was so interesting! Very nice museum, I learned a lot! Also a nice walking tour of historic buildings and homes.

Michelle Simpson

I live 10 minutes away and this was the first time I had visited. Loved it!

James Hufford

Very good, found out a lot about him that wasn't in the history books

Cyndy Harnett

Just off I-80 and close to Iowa City it is a good stop when crossing Iowa. Temporary exhibit on Iowa farming was very well done with activities for kiddos. The museum was informative about Hoover's remarkable life. I thought it was great that the gift store had blue and white ceramic figures since the Hoovers collected Ming Dynasty items when living in China. Enjoyed the park and prairie around the library.

bruce angleton

Great place to see, the Rangers are terrific. We took our Grandson who is ten years old and he loved it. Keith who is one of Rangers in the visitor center was extremely helpful. He gave our grandson a booklet to complete during our tour and then return to him that would make him a junior ranger. This really kept him interested. All in all great family time.

Linda Conway

Very interesting displays and lots of interactive information. We learned a lot!

Pamela Moffit

Very nice walking display, visitors center and the library museum is really nice. Learned several new things about our past president from Iowa.

Mark & Amy Smellie

Historical buildings including the tiny home where HH was born, an extensive and interesting museum, the burial site, and a beautiful prairie restoration area.

Nicole Napier

Informative, we learned a lot about him and his presidency. Friendly employees, good gift shop, had Iowa merchandise not just Presidential. They also had a rotating exhibit that we didn't have time to see but seemed like it would be cool. You need more than an hour to fully enjoy it. Well maintained, good flow to the museum, interesting artifacts.

cheryl haezebroeck

I do love this little park. Be sure to find the statue of Isis. Wonderful!! A prairie walk on a late summer day is recommended too.

Janice Simmons-Mortimer

Hoover might not be your favorite president - might not even make your top 10 - but this is worth stopping. Take a few minutes to watch the movie in the visitor center to learn about some aspects of his life and presidency that may have been glossed over in your US History class in high school. His humanitarian work has left a legacy that is still impacting others today. Still, the small cottage, schoolhouse, blacksmith shop and meeting house are gems onto themselves. A quiet little place to take a rest when traveling across Iowa. We were so happy that we took the time to see it.

Deb Schaffer

Wow. Who knew there was so much to know about HH! The grounds are lovely and the exhibits are interesting. Worth it, particularly if you're driving through Iowa City.

Mike Anderson

Very nice. And 62 age is 1/2 price of $5. Nice stop. Good movie .

Ara Carbonneau

Best kept NPS secret. Outdoor building and park always open. Interpreters are great as well!

Monty Mann

Well maintained and somewhat modest for a man that did so much and lived in such trying times. This was our third presidential museum to visit and they have all been fantastic and also all so very different. A great way to see history again.

Sarah Klein

Well worth the visit! This monument is a beautifully maintained treasure. Be sure to stop by the blacksmith shop for a demonstration and go to the visitor center and chat with a ranger. Don't miss the prairie trails either! A good site for birding or looking at some native flowers.

Dave Pockat

Beautiful park


Well put together and varieties of displays. Was a stop on an exhibit design course I took.

Robert Martin

Pretty area, traveling exhibits are great.

Debbie Hansis

It was very informative. We enjoyed the films at the Presidential Library and the Visitors Center. The exhibits and the buildings were interesting to look at. We spent five hours and found the information fascinating.

Catherine Moore

I learned things about President Herbert Hoover. Site is well organized and staffed by NPS staff who are versatile and well trained. I actually relaxed there. Go learn about the Quaker upbringing of one of our Presidents. Wheelchair accessible. Every wall is full of information about life in Iowa in another time.

Larry Schreider

Very interesting and well done. Very reasonable price. Plan to spend a couple of hours or more.

Rich Basher

Made an impromptu stop here. We were pleasantly surprised and wish we had more time to explore it all.

James Currie

Very positive presentation of Hoover.

Greg Catcott

Excellent museum with beautiful grounds. I learn so much during this visit...before I had not given Hoover his due, he was an amazing person, he was very smart, a humanitarian and a generous philanthropist. I believe history has not been kind to him, he needs a better PR person, go to this museum and your you will likely feel similarly. Plus the visit to his humble childhood home and family blacksmith shop is worth the time.

Cheryl Simmons

Good time learned some things, kids did too

Brad Clark

Great piece of American History.

Garnet Chaney

Very cool! Left with a lot of respect for this president. But did not find any manuals for my Hoover Vacuum Cleaner, somewhat disappointed about that.

Fierce One

It was a humbling experience to walk into the past of such an important figure in American history. This site not only offers you the ability to see where President Herbert Hoover was born, but where he and his wife both were layed to rest. It presents you with an opportunity to learn more about a man who help shape America as we know it today.

Paulo Castillo

Definitely stop in while passing through Iowa! You need to come in with a clear and non biased mindset, and about 2-4 hours clear.

Bill Ender

It's great that we have a Presidential library so close the Iowa City area. If you're anywhere clothes don't miss out on the opportunity to see this great Federal library

Barry May

This was my first time going to a Presidential Library. I was Amazed at the amount of History there is to see. Mr. Hoover and his Wife were quit Adventurous and very compassionate about the things going on in the world. I do a lot of traveling for work. I am going to put it on my list of things to see in my adventures a cross the Country to see all of the Presidential Library. They are a must see for anyone.

ernie Sandoval

He was a great man who did alot...more than our current president

Fia Flora

Very interesting park, friendly staff, and just a really nice place to go for a walk!

Connie Herndon

Wonderful setting to celebrate the overlooked accomplishments of a much-maligned President

Ted Mall

Despite his numerous wonderful achievements, US president Herbert Hoover is often denigrated for his handling of the great depression of the late 1920's. Herbert Hoover National Museum and presidential library is worthy of a visit, if for nothing else than re-evaluating his place in US history in the context of all his achievements. It is not as massive as many other presidential libraries or museums but still comprehensive. Since it is close to an interstate highway, it is definitely worthy of a stop during your travels.

Kim Hemm

This place is a must for everyone to see. I went here when I was in 5th grade & I find it much more interesting now that I'm much older. You get to see the house where Herbert Hoover was born, & the little school house where he attended school. The blacksmiths Shop where his Father had his business, & there is a community center that was used as a church as well I believe. This place is open 7 days a week & you can walk into the buildings as you please. Herbert & his wife are buried up behind the library so you can visit their geave sight too. I highly recommend this place for a great look back into the history of our 30th President of the United States. The city of West Branch has done an amazing job & preserving this site & keeping it maintained. It is very beautiful!!!

Shannon & Jason Wegner

Great spot for family to learn about Iowa History!

Kyle Morrissy

Very well put together and really helped to paint the picture of Hoover before his presidency. Not as much was focused on his time in office as I would have expected, but what they did focus on was intended to change the perception of Hoover. Items in the gift shop were a bit outdated. Make sure to save time to see the entire grounds - there is more than just the museum! The former President and former First Lady are buried on the grounds.

Dennis Edmunds

Great experience and we learned a lot about a good president

Dennis Sorge

A good place to stop. Get a better knowledge about Hoover.

Ancient !

Very cool environment! The houses/buildings in the little "town" are well-marked. I can't wait to visit the library during a future visit.

kevin graff

We really enjoyed our visit. The ranger was very nice and had a lot of brochures to share with us.

Love Cats

Absolutely fantastic museum and pleasant grounds with lots of info

Dorothy Heuman

A really interesting place. I was glad to learn of all of his life accomplishments, and sorry to realize that those got overshadowed by the National events that occurred during his term. He and his wife were both very kind and caring people.


My expectations are high I was expecting the grounds of a presidential library to be as nice as the White House prices could be lower.

Michael Gerhold

Well kept site good museum and interesting grounds

Lynda Cutsforth

Great place. All students should visit.

Brent Bloomingdale

Very informative museum on herbert Hoover. But they also have rotating displays. When we were there last time it about cars. This time was about farming. They always have small displays that the kids can interact with there. You can go thru the museum, they have a short film for more information and you can also stroll the walking paths to visit some of the old buildings and houses and also his grave. I would recommend checking it out.

Brian Nordstrom

This was way better than I thought it was going to be. There are buildings to see and walk through. A tallgrass prairie that you can hike. The grave site that is beautifully landscaped and reverent. The presidential library and museum is also on the same grounds. It is not run by the same department. The library has a cost, but the national park site does not.

Jennifer Swanson

Beautiful spot. So much to learn and find out about. Fun for all ages. Young or old.

dan brozene

A stretch of highway named after a locally grown President. Cool! Plus, it helps you get from one place to another. Quite functional.

Justin Skiba

Loved it here. Herbert Hoover was a true humanitarian and cared about the world. The museum and site gives you the in-depth history of President Hoover and how being tied to the Great Depression (much of which was out of his hands) and being perceived as the scapegoat. Beautiful grounds and interesting exhibits. They did not have challenge coins as other Presidential Libraries have.

Jason Richardson

Great place to learn about our 31st president

James Krikau

Outstanding - very enlightening regarding little known facts about this man.

Joni Birchfield

Great family learning experience!

Sharon McNutt

A great source of information and the best employees!

Travis Comstock

All fun and educational

Bonnie Sponsler

Nice historic village of Herbert Hoover times.

John Dawson

Great place and very hospitable.

Tamatha Redmond

We loved this museum. They have a great deal for homeschool families.

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