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Where is Effigy Mounds National Monument?

REVIEWS OF Effigy Mounds National Monument IN Iowa

Tara Stage

The Indian mounds were interesting and the views were breathtaking.

Aleksandra Lukic

A wonderful place full of Native American and Mississippi history and a great area for hiking. My friend and I were in awe as we visited each stop. Eagle Rock will always have my heart however once you make it to the Hanging Rock, the view is spectacular. It took us near two hours to get to the end, and the hike back was about 55 minutes so make sure to block out 3-4 hours if you want to spend a little time in each area! This is my fourth time visiting and I know I will be back again. The main thing that made my heart full is that we did not see a single piece of trash on any of the trails- let's keep it that way!

Richard Diedrich

Great place to visit but be ready to walk up and down hills. A walking stick is a must

Christy Young

Well maintained mulched trail to see ancient burial mounts of the ancient people of southern now-Wisconsin area. Good overview of geology of region, peaceful hike through tall mixed hardwood second growth forest, birds and flowers, view of river from Twin Views. Nice museum.

Kim Bridges

Enjoyable walk

Nick Chill

Great park. Awesome place for a family hike.

Natalie Miller

Fun place to hike! Very beautiful and interesting!

dustin baudler

I went here twice in one week because of the views and the staff was great

Scott Bujak

Prepare to do some walking. Beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Amy Christensen

Interesting burial site of ancient native American.

Rachel Garren

Great place to visit if you are in the area. Very knowledgeable people working there.

Mark Boyer

The staff was very informative. Her knowledge was very impressive as to the history and future plans of the park. The film was a bit too short which left us with more questions. Very beautiful hiking trails to the various mounds. Take the time to go to the Sny Magill Mound Group to see some additional mounds.

Deborah Holman

So very interesting and an easy hike.

Barbara Dorn

3 of my friends and myself scheduled a riverboat ride for Thursday a.m. So on Wed night we decided to go to Effigy Mound for a guided hike. When we got there.Ranger Roxy informed us the evening hike had been canceled but they were having a presentation by Lance Foster. It wàs very good. Ranger Roxy informed us she was doing a guided hike at 10 am on Thursday and invited us to join. Well.. darn were supposed to go on the riverboat. We left and decided to cancel the riverboat go to the hike. It was without a doubt the BEST decision. Ranger Roxy has a personality that doesn't stop. She is so knowledgeable and connected with this place, and conveys those ideas about being connected to all of us. Her knowledge, humor, sensitivity, and genuine spirit were an inspiration to all of us. Thank you Roxy from the ladies from Lodi and Waunakee Wisconsin!!

henry dietmeier

Very informative Rangers, interesting visitors center , hikes were a little harder than expected, but fun to see

O Stremple

Beautiful hikes! Dogs can be on-leash. Small museum. Friendly staff. Big parking lot. Free.

Joey Cal

A few hours worth of woodchip trails taking you up and down the bluffs along the Mississippi. The mounds were interesting and the views of the Mississippi were pretty great too.

Gene Carlson

The views of the Mississippi are breathtaking

Jurgen I

Stunning place with intriguing history.You can see plenty of deer on some trails,which is a plus in my book.

Robin Bissell

Beautiful place. Not all trails are wheelchair assisable. Wear sturdy shoes and allow plenty of time if you plan on visiting Hanging Rock. The view from there is amazing. The trails are well marked.

Paul Erdmann

Neat visitor center and friendly staff. Nice hiking, beautiful views, peaceful.

Samwise S

The staff here is really nice. And if you like hiking this is a good spot there a great views and some good distance to go. There’s a nice little museum inside and I would recommend going on a cool day.

Josyah Brunning

It's very nice there even though I don't like the outdoors

Stephanie Tardiff

Beautiful and still available to walk through after closing.

Mark Uuskallio

Awesome views from the bluffs. The trails are well managed. The mounds are very moving almost spiritual.

Ray Brown

We enjoyed our visit and learned a lot about the site.

Clint Walker

Gorgeous views, a great place for hiking and spending time with family

Jeffery Pralle

Wonderful place

Lori Weitzell

Beautiful trails along the bluffs of the Mississippi River. Sacred burial grounds provide a spiritual experience of the Hopewell culture and their connection to nature and the Heavens above.

Jon Engle

Fantastic place with so much history about the Native Americans and the Mississippi River. Beautiful building with wonderful display of the history in the area! Can't wait to go back.

Jo Bockin

The hike to see "marching bears" is definately worth the hike!

Inquisitive Minds

The people in the welcome center were really helpful and knowledgeable about the park they served. Sadly, the one thing I really wanted to do was to take a couple of the hikes they had available, but I was unable to because of the time constraint. However, I did get to walk through the museum that was inside the welcome center and there were many different relics that could be viewed easily. This is a place I definitely want to return to.

Belphazhor Rabbyddirabhead

It's mysteriously beautiful place and many worthy souls rest here. Many worthy souls also visit this place.

Kayla Renckly

Beautiful and unique park

Marty Hogan

Iowa staycation stop. Worth the hike

Sally Kotschevar

Nicely maintained trails and beautiful views.

Joy Hope

To view the mounds a aerial view would be much better. Great for hiking. Stay on trails to respect our native Americans and their heritage.

Ryan Holland

Great place to hike!

Sheila Ongie

Well-kept trails, stunning views over the Mississippi River, excellent birding, and super helpful park rangers make this a fantastic day or weekend trip.

sandy mitchell

Great Outdoor National Park for hikers! We were here in November and enjoyed the many trails to the mounds. Pets are welcome too! The hike starts out climbing up a hill for a while but it is so worth it. The mounds are fascinating and easy to identify. The views at the top are astounding!!! You can see a open view of the Mississippi River and the area below. Great way to spend time outdoors. Another bonus is their Visitor Center They have an. Informative staff who will tell you about the background & history of the mounds. Also a nice free museum.

Wendy Wagner

Love the history of the mounds. Stunning view, could spend and entire day here!

Kevin Birkhofer

If you like hiking and a bit of history it is a great place to visit and enjoy.

Kevin Elens

The mounds themselves are only about 1-2 meters tall but it is nonetheless impressive to stand next to the effigies and the views of the Mississippi are some of the best

Mike Miller

Awesome park with unique holding trails ranging from handicapped accessible to 8 miles

Brian B

The hike was semi challenging to walk the whole distance to see the last viewpoint but worth the effort.

Curt Snow

Nice hiking trails on a mini vacation with my wife. Trails could be a little more clearly marked in spots. Nicely groomed for the most part. There's nothing you could do about the mosquitoes this year.

Dave Shapiro

There are two reasons to see Effigy Mounds. The first is te views of the Mississippi that are available from within the park. Of course then there are the mounds - the real reason for attending the park. I don't know how many mounds there are - it is many more than I would have expected. Some of the mounds were created in the shape of animals. Note: these are large and it can be difficult to make out the shape at ground level. This is an excellent place for hiking. It is not a place for the handicapped. Some of the inclines can be steep and the majority of the trails are not paved.

Mason Thomson

Park staff always so friendly, trails are amazing and the forest is full of wildlife.

Charlie West

Great hiking and views.

Rayme Pottebaum

Incredible beauty.

larry schiff

Very interesting. I never heard of Effigy Mounds before. Glad we spotted it.

Jason Wegner

Very interesting national park to visit with lots of outdoor trails. 90% of the mounds have been destroyed before they were protected.

Ryan Tuck

Very beautiful place along Mississippi river. People say Iowa isn’t beautiful, but those people have never been to north eastern Iowa or the Mississippi River valley. It’s a true gem that showcases a lot of not the largest amount of Native American burial grounds.

Alejandro Ortega

I was here yesterday for the first time. I use my drone to see some of the mounds. This place is peacefully. Great hiking. Great view from top.


Great historical place.

Jack hendron

Big bear- shaped lumps of grass. Pretty cool. Nice bluffs overlooking the River. Can kayak in Yellow River and Mississippi River nearby.

Violet Nelson

Good place to go. Me and my friend went with my mom. Lots of effigy mounds and a long hike

Tyler Hackman

Good experience for the kids. The walking trails were ok with wood chips. Only one spot was muddy, wear shoes if your going on trails.

Carlye Hileman

Beautiful place. All the rangers were so nice and very helpful. Paths were well maintained. We will definitely be returning again someday!

Amanda Gessner

Interesting site. Ranger very enthusiastic. Wonderful views of the Mississippi and an easy hike to see the mounds all a short trip from the visitor's center.

Jane kinney

The visitor center was really nice. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Had a nice little museum about the area. The trails are well maintained and the mounds are easy to see. Nice wooden walk way over the wetlands that is handicap accessible. Lots of birds and it's nature at it's best. Great place to visit.

Peter Brooks

Awesome hike to the top of the hill. There's amazing views overlooking the Mississippi and Wisconsin when you get to the top. The mounds are truly spectacular

Leonard A Buckner

Great, somewhat hidden National Monument. Stopped here without knowing it existed and found a lot of beauty. Want to see this place during different seasons to observe the changes. Lots of great trail hiking!

Marie Lang

Get your body ready. This is 14 acres with great views. If you can not walk far visit the center there. Full pictures and artifacts with a full scale model of the park. Postcards of different sites. National parks have a program for junior rangers plus being a point for park passport program. I had a happy satisfied time. Go here!!

Melanie Kay

Beautiful place to hike. History is amazing!


Awesome place for hiking!

john snyder

Awesome place.

Robin Hoffman

Nice hike!

Emily Wolff

What an amazing park. The hike is beautiful with the mounds breathtaking. So much history. It’s an amazing place to pay respect To some amazing people. Plus, the views of the river are outstanding. I have never seen so many Bald Eagles in one place. Plus, Pikes speak Campground is 20 minutes down the road and is outstanding. Will for sure be back!

Lonni Olson

Visitor center has a nice museum and enthusiastic staff. They even gave my kids a little "ceremony" when they finished their Jr. Ranger packets - they received cute little wooden badges that were engraved. Good trails, beautiful but long hikes to the mounds. Be sure to bring water. I recommend a hiking backpack to carry littler kids. The day we went it was cooler and the fog was settling in around the mounds, truly awesome experience.

Erin Lewis

Absolutely stunning and peaceful place to hike and learn about Native American culture. The park is extremely respectful towards the mounds by being adamant on visitors staying on the path. The view of the Mississippi is breathtaking.

John Hartogh

Beautiful historic park, excellent hiking trails

Kathy Foster

Very nicely done, well describes and preserves the history of the clans/tribes societies of the area Definitely a place to visit on a nicer day, and I'll be back will at least a lull day for more complete understanding of the cultures the lives here before European influence.


Wonderful mounds site along the Mississippi.

Jan Gamlish

Beautiful views from the bluffsof Mississippi. Nice peaceful area.

Roger Osorio

Definitely worth a trip sun or snow

Lance Strubel

Nice website

Rose Ann B

Great trails. Beautiful!

Josh Beyer

Love coming here to do some hiking and exploring. All the ranger are very helpful and informative.

Al Remetch

Effigy Mounds is a huge protected forest containing many Indian burial sites from 1500 years ago. The park is well maintained with clearly marked trails. The mounds are visible but it is hard to discern the animal shapes. For some it might be a spiritual and enchanted experience. The views and scenery are spectacular. We met a couple of park rangers while hiking the trails and one nice lady offered to take our photo. If you are over 65 the walk from the visitor center to Hanging Rock might be longer and more strenuous than you think. Also the trail is a little rougher toward the end. Lots of up and down walking as you pass through a couple of ravines. And believe it or not it can be just as difficult going down a hill as up one. Still well wort the effort if you are so motivated. Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes and take big spray.

Karl Kilian

Didn't have time to really see it.

Joshua Hicks

Effigy Mound National Monument has some very nice hiking trails with beautiful overlooks of the Mississippi River. The trails are well kept and the visitor center is relatively new. Inside the center there is an informative little museum describing the wildlife of the area and some of the Native American artifacts found at the site. The rangers were helpful in offering us maps with directions for the hikes. I would highly recommend a stop at this monument to stretch your legs on a road trip or for a full day of hiking.

Eddie Brown

Hiked up to Hanging Rock which had a great view of the Mississippi River. Took a few hours to go there and back. Starts with a decent grade incline, but it gets easier after that. Trail is very easy to follow and the 4-6 year olds with us handled the trek pretty well. Fire Point probably had the best view.

Will Yager

Beautiful little monument nestled in the Mississippi River Valley. I always went here as a kid and enjoyed hiking the trails in the surrounding area. It was only till I got older that I respected the mounds for their true value. Visitor center and staff are filled with lots of valuable information. Good Stop.

pokemon guy420

Great hiking trails, beautiful views, and very friendly staff waiting to ask any of your questions !!!

joel huebner

went with whole, entire, complete family. + niece and nephew. GREAT DAY

Will Hammel


Jonas Strandqvist

Nice looking forest, but average experience. It's hills with grass, maybe taking the guided tour does give a little bit more. Otherwise it is mainly a walk through forest on a very staked out path made out of barkshavings, good for families since it's an easy walk. There is also some lookout points which made the walk worth it.

Richard Grumm

Good place to hike. Good visitor center. If bathrooms work. Were broken in late July. Good history

Matt Sedelbauer

Good hike, nice trails and upkeep. Mounds a little smaller than expected but if I had hands and maybe a basket, I would have made small mounds as well.

Leslie DuPree

Beautiful. Great trails and visit center

Tiffany Lafave

Love this park

Julie Parrish

The National Park service does a great job at preserving these mounds in honor of Indian cultures. Their trails are absolutely wonderful with chips of wood on them making them really soft for walking

you never

Must see.

Keter Basil

The beautiful views of the Mississippi

Jeremy Arrington

Beautiful with the snow today.

Teresa Conville

Great place to visit! Love nature!


Much climbing on the North Trail.

Brittany Vavricek

Love the hiking experience you get. We brought our dogs and they loved it!!

Liz L

Effigy Mounds National Monument is a great place to learn about the Native Americans of the Woodland Period. We were here after hours, but there is a museum on the premises and ample parking. The Woodland Culture built the mounds 500 BC. to about 100 AD. The 2 mile round trip nature walking trail follows the Yellow River for a period & there are interpretation signs posted along the way, the trail allows you a view of some of these mounds and an opportunity for you to witness an important part of the Woodland People culture. Iowa is home to a large amount of effigies mounds in the shape of animals, such as bears and birds.

Wauzeka Methodist

Trails are very well maintained, but very steep in some sections. I will be making a return trip when the leaves begin to change colors.

Rodney Smith

Effigy Mounds National Park is a good place for a vigorous hike and great views of the Mississippi River. The trail climbed at least 100 feet up a steep grade. The mounds are not spectacular. They are highlighted by vegetation including flowers to show where they are. The park is right off the highway and has easy access. We visited mid-week and could park close to the visitors center.

Chris Edgar

The hanging rock trail is worth it. You go through ravines as you work your way up. Not overly challenging but you know you were hiking. The view is amazing. We saw a bald eagle as well. Please be respectful of the mounds, they are considered sacred.

Scott Groth

Nice long and quiet trails in the woods

Matt Haberkorn

Great hiking in a beautiful forest and great outlooks over the Mississippi.

Ryan Reisetter

This national park is a great place to visit! The trails were fairly well maintained. The main building is aging and in need of repairs and updates.

Herbert Miller

This is a beautiful place. It has some spectacular views over the Mississippi. And the effigy mounds are wonderful tribute to the people who came before us.

Jacob Panka

A great place for a long peaceful walk.

Pamela Moffit

Nice to do once, but wouldn't go back here. As far as truly seeing the outline of the mounds you'd need a platform for a view to look down on them, that's not possible here. Cahokia mounds near St. Louis have better viewing. Consider it a moderate to more strenuous 3/4 - mile hike up the bluff, only one place to sit half way up the steep walk and then another bench at the top. Take water on a hot and humid day in Iowa. Better views of the Mississippi and hiking can be done at Pikes Peak Park just south of here.

Jennifer Hagen

Beautiful park! Gorgeous views and so very peaceful here. There are bathrooms available in the visitors center. Movie tells you about the mounds, but movie is ridiculously old. Rangers were very friendly and helpful, but ignore their suggestion that you can't get to the top in flip flops. Not true! It's a steep hike so only do it if you are at least moderately in shape.

Dawn Marie J

Effigy Mounds is an awesome hiking trail steeped in rich Indian tradition. The Mounds are sacred & very special to the area & Indigenous ancestors. Stop in the educational center first & get a history tour prior to the hike. The views & climbs are amazing. Watch out for snakes & spiders to as they are vary skilled at weaving some huge webs along the path.

Samraj Natarajan

Had a nice time around here . Quite a bit of history of effigy mounds and the curio shop had interesting items and there is a ranger out there explaining the bow and hunting habits of the tribal people which was fascinating.

Janet Krenn

Loved this park! Enjoyable with several overlook points and lots of different shapes of mounds. Coming out of the visit center, the path is a pretty steep climb. While the rest of the path is hilly, that first part of the trail is the most drastic. Within a couple miles to the last overlook, the trees are so thick it is a little dark and the trail has big erosion cuts.

Daniel Sheehan

Fun! A lot to learn! Go on a walk and pick berries till the cows come home. Learn about Native American Culture and History!

bill sylvis

rangers put out good info and nice hiking trails

zavash zarei

History of Iowa and American indians

Heather Hasty

Loved the hiking, nice wide well maintained trails, perfect distances.

Samantha Stirmel

Theres a decent amount of trails to follow and if your looking for a good hiking trip that will take you a couple hours this is a great place to go. If your used to some bigger parks and you're looking for that experience again, you wont find it here, but that doesnt mean you shouldn't go. I've been to the Mississippi at a lot of different points in different states and the views you see from this park are completely different from all the other ways I've seen it. Go here and enjoy a peaceful time, you wont regret it.

Debra Bozik, LMT

Been coming here since a child and now bring my children. You will never see the same thing g twice or have the same experience. Great hidden gem of Iowa/Wisconsin

Lavonna Skeans

Loved it! Great views. Well maintained.

matt shaffer

Rough terrain but worth the views.

ginny ystenes

It was the first real hike , loved the mounds and the story behind the mound builders.

Ray McGlew

Great place to learn about native American history. Bring the whole family. Good exercise climbing the trails.

Cynthia Gaskill

Really enjoyed views and trails. Mounds are interesting to see in their natural area.


Very heartening and great hiking paths.

Karen Slatter

Had a great walk. Gretchen was very knowledgeable

Larry Flemming

Great place to visit

Kevin Musland

Great place you would never guess its in Iowa beautiful full of history and the old river towns add a lot of character it's a hidden gem in NE Iowa go find it!!!

Randy Baysinger

Went in spring, and turned out to be a great time to go. It was green, but the vegetation was very low so easy to see. Besides the mounds, a ton of wildlife and birds to see...trail is a bit of a hike uphill, but is wood chipped and in good shape. Once on top, views of the Mississippi are wonderful!

Gail Remaly

Great hiking, beautiful scenery, knowledgeable and friendly staff.

keary longmire

Take the guided tour! Its free and well worth it. They tell you so much about the Native history behind the mounds. Words or pictures don't do it justice.

David Nichols

A bit of a let down.

D Manley

Really special place. Nice views of the Mississippi River from trails along the bluffs.

Jackie LaVaque

I LOVE history so I'm always searching for places relatively close to my history/culture fix when doing a driving trip. This is a special place. Effigy Mounds features dozens of burial mounds, a museum/visitor center with many interesting historical artifacts, a theater with an informative introductory video, super nice rangers, and well-maintained trails that lead you to some beautiful overlooks, such as Twin Views and Fire Point. The overlooks from the park to the Mississippi River are beautiful. I assume that coming here in early October would be especially beautiful for fall colors. There were few people when we were here today, and few people I've spoken to seem to have heard of it, so this is a nice and well-kept secret so far.

Joe B

Very nicely done. Hiking trails are well marked.

Brady Harper

It is a very unique place, unlike any other National Park or monument I have been in. It is beautifully situated on the Mississippi River in Northern Iowa, at the Confluence of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers. The monument has at least 14 miles of trails that can be hiked, and they are going up and down the Bluffs in that area. With many many Mounds to look at from burials of ancient Indians. It is worth going out of your way to see but plan for at least a half a day to explore and make it worth your while.

Todd Buell


Jeff Sypersma

Must see.

Vicki Casey

Beautiful bark paths. Very interesting. Glad we went.

Organic Papa

Great hikes, but visitor center does a poor job at interpretation. Many things regarding these mounds remain unclear simply due to poor museum/visitor center exhibits.

Ray Johnson

It was a good place to visit lot of history

Glorkar Floki

Great place to go on a hike. We took on the northern section. It was a long hike to Hanging Rock, but a nice one. Best view was by far Third Scenic View. If you only plan to see one, that is the one you should try to make it to.

Judy Archer Brucker

A must not miss. Be prepared to climb the earthen ramp up 400 ft to the first found. If you make that far you will be fine. We did the 7 mile and I did find. Good and tired at the end.

Smoky Lake Maple Products

Beautiful hiking!

Sadie Pupert

Great trails very interesting early history

Justin Holten

Amazing park with a great look into the history of the land around us. Took many trips here with Boy Scout troops!

Thetoaster Thompson

Really cool place. I can't promise good weather but if you hit it right it's breathtaking. Decent pair of shoes required.

Christopher White

This beautiful place gives a rare surviving view into the meaningful lives that the Woodland peoples were living for centuries and centuries before Euro-American settlers arrived and obliterated most of it. I highly recommend the hike to the Marching Bear Group! We would love to live near here and hike all of the trails in each season!

charmayne gray

This mound makes me feel better and take a few moments of reflection on life. It's a beautiful place.

Andrea Wykoff

Went for a hike.

Paul Copeland

Long hike up to see them. But there is a museum which is pretty cool. The mounds are great once you get up there!

Margaret Behling

Great place to get a hike in. Also very interesting.

Kim Freilinger

Nice little hike. The map tells you what is where. Could use a touch more warning for the little ones as to where the edge of the cliff is.

Jennifer Auten

Beautiful historical scenic area right off the Mississippi River. Hiking trails & experienced employees trained with bountiful knowledge & willing to answer most questions of this historical area. Words don't do this place justice. In my opinionThis isn't something to rush through. Make sure you plan ahead. Good comfortable walking shoes will make this more enjoyable. Take yoyr time it's very well worth your visit you'll be thankful you stopped here.

James Scullin

Great place for a walk

SR Hildenbrandt

A hidden gem of a National Monument

Janelle Randau

First-time visitors on a cool Iowa Fall day... and absolutely worth every foot of elevation climbed! I’d definitely advise a stop in the Visitor’s Center and Museum before heading up. The background information and map guide is very helpful. My husband and I had been advised of ‘the hike’ to the mounds, but honestly had no idea of the literal uphill climb from the visitors center. WOWZA! Trails are a mix of mostly natural foot path and wood chips. Though winded, we made it to the split in the path of left/mounds or right/overlooks. Deciding to take the fork to the right towards the overlooks was a nice walk after the climb, and it was indeed worth every step! Insert: photo-op! Beautiful views! We then followed the interior loop, and a quick offshoot trail, around to see the Great Bear and Little Bear Mounds. At this point, the trail loops back around to the split/fork area, then begins to descend back to the visitors center... a much quicker trip heading down than going up!

theodore johnson

Small park, very nice for a day hike. The trails are well maintained and easy to walk on. This place has wonderful river views, and thought inducing burial mounds for the archaeologist in us all. One downfall and the reason for no 5 star review is the lack of a campground. There is a picnic area, although it leaves something to be desried.

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