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8991 Bellevue Heights Rd, Dubuque, IA 52003, United States

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Where is EB Lyons Interpretive Center at Mines of Spain?

REVIEWS OF EB Lyons Interpretive Center at Mines of Spain IN Iowa

Joel Martin

Really neat and informative place. Would recommend 10/10 (or 5 stars in this case) due to the all the neat stuff here. Seems a little off the beaten path but clearly is a well loved and maintained repository for all things nature. Would be great for kids and adults alike.

Chris Hanson

Awesome views

Ashlyn Manternach

Bryce Eipperle

Always an awesome place for pictures! (horseshoe bluff) Easy and moderate hiking trails.

Imperative Now

Donna Simmons

Nice center with information on nature. Walking trails there also.

Tyler Hallahan

My eagle scout project is here

Zach Lewis

It is a very beer beautiful place to go on a hike.

Kpop kingqueen

Its realistic. I wouldn't recommend it if u aren't a fan of stuffed live animals.

adam griffin

Beautiful place to spend time with the family. Miles of great trails, great photography opportunities, and very nice place for the kids to learn about nature. Please bring home any trash you come in with. The number of water bottles, cans, litter I pick up here each year is sickening. Stay home if your going to destroy the place for others.

David Heyden

tapan chaddarwala

Iowa does have good state protected wonders!

Melaine Gray

Great adventure walks beautiful surroundings a must go place to see

Brian Manning

Beautiful hiking trails. Nice picnic areas.



Great walking trails.

sylvia Cirilo

Great for hiking

Hugo Hackenbush

Free admission, tons of parking, Helpful staff, clean bathroom, good displays, animals downstairs (turtles), interpretive displays upstairs, map of the trails.

Brian Numainville

Very disappointed. Arrived only to find a locked interpretive center along with several other carloads of people. Called only to be told they are now closed on Wed. Might want to make that more clear and visible on your website.

Bob Skahill

Miles of trails to hike. Nice scenery of Mississippi River.

Christina Mireles

Amazing place to hike and explore.

Harry Schultz

Pamela B

A local treasure. Great place to experience nature.

Jurgen I

What a place!You could scarcely believe formations like these exist in Iowa.Can't wait to come back again.

Jessyka VonRayven

Very cool place to hike and enjoy

jessica mcwilliams

Fun site to see. The shot tower/ monument to Julian Dubuque is wheelchair accessible as you can drive all the way up to it and walk on the path or you can hike up to it

Charles Clift

Plenty of hiking and great views of the Mississippi River

Sue Fenstermacher

Very pretty

David Schmit

Emmanuel Bellard

Awesome hiking in that park

Jennifer Tigges

Free admission to this Interpretive Center with information on history, wildlife and nature. Children’s area downstairs has aquariums and live animals. Small gift shop and pop machine too. Serves as Mines of Spain park office too. All handicap accessible

Jane Clift

Really nice trails with some impressive high bluffs. Moderate trails with plenty of elevation but easy steps.

Charles C

Great park for a hike! There are some beautiful views of the Mississippi. You can also ride your bike on the road through the park.

barb preston-broesder

One of the prettiest hikes we have ever taken .The flowers are just gorgeous. Their map could be better. Hard to find.

Rebecca Briesmoore

Awesome place to take a hike, see some history, and learn about natural resources. The visitors center is a great place for kids and I highly recommend stopping there. Beautiful trails!

Sam Harrington

Absolutely loved this place! We will be able to go again and see a completely different set of trails everytime!

Heather O'Donnell

Took the kids on some of the hiking trails and we had a great time. The only thing that needs work is to repair some of the signs along the trails.

Shelby Hassen

Sarah Meyer

Becky Montgomery

We really enjoyed our hikes. Very nice area with interesting trails and views.

Edward Chenard

Great park for wild life viewing

Julie Booth

Beautiful park. Lots of trails.

Karen Schloss

Jason Madden

Like this place. Found it by accident.

Kurt Schultz

Nice visitors center and trails.

Krista Roa

This park is beautiful! Lots of trails to explore and a great bird room in the nature center to quietly observe a large variety of birds

dylan thill

Great place to learn about the mines of Spain

Taylor Sulva

Very cool park. Definitely recommend checking out the museum inside first to learn wildlife, geology, and human history. Afterwards put on your hiking boots and trek thru their various landmarks, watch your step for wild snakes or broken glass.

jennifer hyslope

David Schmitt

If u love nature, u gotta go here.

Christopher Moressi

Fun place to visit

Christopher Van Horn

Shannon Massingill

Great location for a hike

Brett Meyer

Looked promising, ran out of time before getting to fully explore it.

Moto Marck

Cool place to visit and see native iowa species.

Mark Johnson

If you're visiting the Dubuque area, be sure to make a visit to the Mines of Spain. It is a truly magical place, and Dubuquer's will always be lucky to have it's presence nearby. Some of my favorite areas include the Horseshoe Bluff area, the train tracks and river nearby, some of the catfish creek trails, the ones farther down closer to the "Secret Circle" have some pretty amazing cliff/bluff structures and rock formations and outcroppings. This place was very sacred to the indiginous Natives that lived in the area. The forest here holds many secrets, and you can truly find yourself in this nostalgic place. I have many good memories here. A part of me will always live in the Mines of Spain.

Ben Biver

Extensive trails, Historic Dubuque monuments and access to Mines of Spain. Trailheads are confusing to find since the Nature Center was expanded, just wander around the building to find the old entrances.

Shelby Williams

Gorgeous hike and Nature Center

Hongwook Suh

Nice and friendly staffs. Kids under 10 will like the facility. Need some updates for displays but generally acceptable.

Patrick K

This park is spectacular! This is the Dubuque's version of the Grand Canyon, with the option to hike a top the cliff overlooking the Mississippi River (for the more adventurous), or you can take a stroll through the canyon and walk down along the river. Either way is beautiful and the park is definitely worth a visit.

Melisa Wilson

Jennifer Gray


Susan Uhal

This is a beautiful place to spend time outside.

Nick Urbain

Nate Schmolze

My mom has limited mobility and loves birds. There was this wonderful bird room where you could see out but birds could not see you. We saw a humming bird and serveral different woodpeckers.

Owen Robertson

Number Number

nicki esch

Dagmar Merfeld

Natural rugged trails. Took 3 year old grandson. Able to hike pine chapel trail without difficulty. Center was closed, but we have visited here before. Excellent outdoor activity.

Kim Bruns

Jenna Montgomery

Brian Burns

So beautiful!

pam metzger

The mines of Spain is an excellent place to explore if u enjoy long nature walks and lots of amazing natural scenery. I've been there many times and still have not seen the whole entire park! It's a huge and incredible place with great up keep. Make sure to bring mosquito repellant if u go in the early evenings in the late summer!

Phyllis McLaughlin

Craig Reber

Beautiful place to bird watch

Donna Ducote

Jennifer Garty

Neat place! Tons of recreational trails to explore and enjoy nature. Lots of parking by the nature center. The center itself is multi-level, and includes a kids area downstairs. Very family friendly. Perfect for the little ones to get learn about nature with hands-on activities. You could easily spend the day exploring the trails and center. There are indoor restrooms within the center that are very clean. Bring bugspray, depending on the time of year, for the trails.

Sam Fenstermacher

It's 0.6 mile to this location. Many steps along the way. It is unique, an old farm site in the woods.


Great place to get close to Nature. Very interesting exhibits an area to watch The Birds. Knowledgeable staff watching educational stuff

Jordan Avery

Cool park on the Mississippi river

Matthew Pfluger

Beautiful scenery and great hiking trails

Alastair Samuel

The interpretive center was closed when we got there, but that did not really detract from our experiece. We had a lovely little stroll on the accessible trail and were treated to some great views. Mines of Spain and Dubuque have forced me to change my terrible stereotype of the State of Iowa; it is much more than pig barns and cornfields. Awesome geology and a rolling picturesque landscape dominate this part of the state at least. Not what I expected at all. Beautiful. Some of the attached photos are from the Mines of Spain Recreation Area, which is close to the Interpretive Center.

Tye Powers

Popular for a good reason, and hidden to most locals

KatLynn DeVader

Chris Sweet

Meow, meow, and meow!

Steve OneInAMillion

James Moos

Small place but fun and very informative! If you times your visit right for certain wildlife, it's a great place indoors to see what they all would do.

Rabeka Kodrich

Beautiful trail and views

Mike Franklin Jr

Great place

Burnout Kings

Wonderful place to kayak gorgeous scenes to look at only complaint was bugs but can’t do much about that

Molly Loftin

The weather was not ideal for our visit to the Mines of Spain, but it was well worth it to check out the view in the fall. I will definitely plan a return trip when I have more time to check out the trails! I would highly recommend!

Alex Atchison

Good relaxing place to take in some scenery for bit.

Justin Reeder

Debra Miller

Grew up next to it

Rachel Lindenberg

Owl pellets are fun and a little gross

Angela Schumacher

Beautiful. Lots of trails. However when we visited things were extremely muddy so some trails were not passable.

Aaron Nord

A lot of interesting information on the area, its founders (both Native and European), and its natural inhabitants make this a must for anyone interested in local history and wildlife.

Wayne Buchholtz

Call before going.

Roberta Klisiewicz

Posted hours don't seem to match the public hours

Debi Perkins

Great hiking but take a compass

Roxane Harris

Very pretty, nice walking trails, quiet.

Raul Maldonado

This place is great to come with the whole family or by yourself. It's a great place to sit and relax or go on great hikes through the trials.

Tyler Peterson

Absolutely Beautiful!

Michael Aitchison

Matt Rawson

This is a hidden gem for the community of Dubuque,IA. The interpretive Center has a lot to offer for adults and children. DNR park manager Andy Roach, is one of Iowa's own. He lags behind no other in terms of knowledge, history and willingness to go the extra mile to make visitors feel welcome. Along with numerous volunteers from the community this is a place that puts their best foot forward for all guests to enjoy some of Northeast Iowa's precious Prairie lands and beautiful Timber. One is made to feel like they're stepping back in time visiting the Pine Chapel.

Mary Johnson

We got there as they closed, the ranger was getting in his car. He saw us, got out of his car and asked if he could help. We hoped our grandkids could get their Parks Passport stamped. The ranger opened up just for our grandkids - so nice. The place is beautiful and has something for everyone.

Kelly Bruett

All the hills and mosquitos in Iowa in one 20 mile loop! Great fun! For good parking, playgrounds, and flush toilets, park at Louis Murphy Park and walk down to the Mines of Spain.

Jacob Boyd

Shelly Reiter

Peaceful and beautiful.

Brian Daw

Lots of nice trails and a great scenic overlook.

Patrick Gordon

Lots of trails open all year long

Jay Vavra

Chris Stangl

Great materials! Smart top notch staff! Beautiful place learn, relax and explore.

Lon Jorstad

Very interesting, coming back I October to see more.

Doug McCallum

Mercedes Luze

It's a good place to take ur kids to

Callie O'Brien

Somniatus Industries

Awesome sights and trails :) a lot of fun in any season!

Eric Adam

We've always loved going to the Mines of Spain. We would hike there often when our kids were little and now its become a sort of family tradition to hike there.

Rowyn Olson

This is a great place to hike and to learn about the history of Dubuque. I love going when fall comes because the beauty of nature is truly brought to light.

Kk Bb

Korey Hutzell

Mine's of Spain used to be a great place to go hiking but now makes me think twice with all the issues you have heard of out there from armed robberies car break-ins tire slashing it's like it has become a hangout for Hooligans

Lonnie Rhodes

Great area to walk the trails. Beautiful.

gloria kraft

Love the nature .....beautiful walk

Greg Mc

Great hiking with well maintained trails

Jeffrey River Niles

Beautiful wooded area with a variety of views, places to run and spend time with loved ones. Bring bug repellent; some areas have a lot of mosquitos and gnats.

Hestia Sartika

Will definitely be back! Midwest hidden gem

Dan M

Nice trails for walking

Heidi Pettitt

Such a fun place to hike, learn history, and let kids play!


Barefoot Iowa

Nice facility, and beautiful park.

Joel Heilman

Loved it! Great visitor's center and plenty for kids to do.

Richard Schilt

Many interesting hiking trails. We'll be back and bring bug repellent!


I ran the Mines of Spain Half-marathon here. It was very scenic and memorable! Raw , untouched beauty that reminds me of what the natives must have enjoyed. It's very breathtaking to look out on the bluffs over the Mississippi. Be sure to bring along some bug spray as the mosquitoes can be very thick!

Ashlin Caelwaerts

A wonderful park with many different trails to explore

Alex Vandegrift

Awesome place to hike in Dubuque. Great views of the Mississippi

Paul Tallent

Great place. I would either hike or ride my road bike through here every day in the spring, summer, and fall. Super pretty with all of the trees and few wildlife that lives here.

William Myatt

Fun trails. Beautiful chapel in the woods. Couldn't make it down every trail because of flooding. But lots of beautiful wild flowers and local tree varieties.

Kimberly Schroeder

Fantastic place for kids, great displays and beautiful trails.

Patti Clore

Absolutely beautiful..

Dan Riedell

Lots of trails. Good moderate level hiking and changes in ecosystems.

Veronica Grommet

Hands on activities for children and adults, and beautiful views. It makes Mines of Spain a great outing for a rainy day or fair weather. If the weather is nice, we take a hike on the trails for a short or long distance trek.

Vanessa Brachman

Love this place

Katie Soat


Beautiful place to wonder around, and spend some time at

Korah Winn

Grateful to have this lovely resource to visit and take my son to see.

Jon Uzel

One of the most well-kept Park areas in and around the city of Dubuque, offers something for almost everybody. The Nature Center here has regular programs entertaining School groups and the like with information about all sorts of natural subjects from animals to geology. Plenty of hiking trails to be found around the area including the new state trees Trail which is completely paved and as such handicapped accessible.

Chrissy Rea

Fantastic bird watching! Great interpretive center with interactive and educational stations throughout. Outdoor trails were well kept and beautiful! The animals inside had beautifully clean enclosures and were well cared for. Thanks for a wonderful day!

Heather Demaio

Love it!

Danilo Jahn

Too bad it was closed when we were there on a Saturday.

Donald Steger

Emily Boise

BE CAREFUL! that is the most important thing i have to say. this place is not safe. it is not safe to leave your car unattended for too long. there have been reports of vandalism and slashed tires. there have also been people mugged and best up here. i strongly recommend not going alone. it is a pretty place and a nice hike, but you have to be prepared!

Abhijit Bagul


Dave Debonis

Great place for hiking. Beautiful scenery.

Cathryn Schmitt

I have so many great memories that happened at the Mines, for being in Iowa it is a really beautiful spot. My favorite place to go kayaking

Rob Thompson

Great place to go hiking

Brianna Gonzalez

Proving that Iowa’s not 100% flat

Jeremiah Kasdorf

Never been here til now 10/13/2018. WOW great views and so much to see. Great spot for nature lovers. Wasn't able to see it all but plan on making another trip someday.

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