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7401 SW 9th St, Des Moines, IA 50315, United States

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REVIEWS OF Blank Park Zoo IN Iowa

Alex Currie

Great place and Night Eyes is always fun but there are plenty of activities for children and adults throughout whole summer and even later in other seasons to. Always check it out and give it a try. I heard brew night is quite fun.

Eric Bell

Animals are healthy, staff is friendly, however you need to pay again after entrance fee. Riding the train, seeing the parrots, feeding giraffes, etc. all have additional fees. This isn't readily disclosed when paying for admission - maybe they could create a higher "all inclusive" fee?

randall alan

Nice little zoo for entertaining the little ones. It's clean with a nice atmosphere+ pleasant.

Norma Edwards

Love to take my grandkids there it's a nice place to get out and enjoy with the family and make some memories. Everyone there is so polite and helpful! Yeah for the zoo!

Debra Carpenter

Enjoyed seeing all the animals and taking our time to stroll thru the park. We watched the sea lion show and that was fun to see them do tricks and jumps. We also liked the monkey area. We sat and watched them for a long time. The monkeys were very active. The zoo is a good day trip adventure.

Joyce Matthess

Great little zoo!! All animals where somewhere you could see them either outside or in there air conditioned homes. It was in the upper 90's the morning we where there. Spent 2 1/2 hours there. All staff answered all questions we asked about animals!!

Pojo Saitou

Fun zoo. Alot of animals to see and things for the kids. Camel rides, train rides, seal shows, and a gift shop.

Beth Cox Hollingsworth

Surprised by this zoo. The zebras were so close! Visiting a feeding time is fun.

not suspicious user at all

Just wish rides or gifts wasn't so expensive. Other than that, really good. Great animals also.

marcy gesualdo

I was there. With my daughter and grandson, we had a lot of fun.

Karlee Payne

Just the right size of zoo that you can view in a few hours. Zoo Brew is even better if you need a break from the kidos. Just wish they moved the music back to the center area vs the boring event building...

Amanda Purscell

I love this Zoo. It doesn't change much from year to year, but they have some amazing experiences. (My family has not partaken, but it's an experience I'd like to include in our next staycation.) You can do a lot of behind the scenes things for a cost, but the other attractions are fun too. They offer a train ride, camel rides, a petting zoo, play areas, two food areas, a carousel and lots of different animals, some that just roam certain areas or the entire Zoo! We tend to go to the Zoo multiple times a year and I can always see something different, that maybe I didnt notice before, or actually is a new attraction! There truly is something for everyone, no matter the age. They even have motorized scooters that those with disabilities or elders can rent while visiting.

Laura Batey

What can you say about a zoo? Clean, prices are decent, interactive activities for the family. Shows are entertaining and worth the time. A great family time for all ages.

Lynne Luebbers

This is a lovely smaller zoo. They are constantly improving to make it better for the animals. Well worth a visit!

Zach Farrenkopf

This was a great place to visit. Unfortunately we had a medical emergency there but the response by staff at Zoo was probably the best I have seen how fast they responded kept people away and kept parking lot exits clear for ambulance to get there appreciate it more than words can explain.

Marshall Bohlmann

Took my daughter for her birthday, tons of activities to anyone of all ages, plenty of things for the kids to enjoy, plus very interesting exhibits for adults to enjoy as well, very nice, and spread out. A great way to spend a few hours.

Noe Ponce

Very nice staff but the animal exhibIts left much to be desired. Many of the animals were simply lethargic and looked bored. Not the zoo's fault, but still didn't help the experience. My 6 y/o wasn't impressed either and wanted to leave in less than an hour. The carousel was her favorite part of the whole trip.

Blain DeHeer

Very nice. Had our grandson with us and he had a blast! Attendants were very polite and helpful. It was very clean, well kept zoo. Would go back again.

Andrew Doss

Recently got my membership here, really good decision to do so. Have done it in the past, and it's great to have flexibility to come as often as you want throughout the year. Good sized zoo for Des Moines and they continue to make it better each year. My kids love coming here, and with the membership we don't feel pressured to get everything seen in any one trip, but we try to anyways :-)

seth anonymous

Staff was nice, just wish they can get more or different animals instead of the same for years. To pricey food that’s not even good, got me and my boy sick.

Shaun Speers

This is a great zoo. All the kids we saw seemed to be enjoying themselves. Reasonably prices concessions. My only issue is most of the indoor attractions don’t have handicap door openers. My wife who needed to use a chair that day managed well since I was with her, but I could see where it could be an issue for someone else by themselves


Yes we loved it. Was absolutely amazing! So many more animals than were expected. We would highly recommend stopping at the zoo if you're in the area and have the time. Wow! !!

Raegan B

Lots of fun! Very child friendly which is nice. Almost every guest at the zoo was a family. So my child running around like crazy fit in lol Plenty of bathrooms and vending machines. Food as well from Hy-Vee! So plenty to eat


What a wonderful little zoo. Nicely shaded throughout. Just big enough for my 4 and 7 year olds. Staff were very friendly. Train was $2.50 each if not member, short ride but still, I think was worth it, kids loved it. Play area/tree house. Seal show is a must see. Food was surprisingly great. Tenderloin sand was actual porkchop, delicious, and not a bad price. Highly suggest u go. They did accept my Henry Doorley Zoo membership for discount, $7.00 not bad cost. I'm suggesting to all my friends with or without kids to go.

Dolly Hovey

Was a great time. Can't wait to come back

rah Grandma

its a zoo. what can a person say. We took grandsons. oh and thanks for having the food hut in the middle of our visit. of course we had to stop to $$$

Swapnil Padate

Great overall family experience. Very good choices of exhibits. High educational value for everyone. Below average zoo cafeteria food quality especially knowing that the food is supposed to be catered towards families with kids. i.e. chicken tenders with extra thick batter. Fruit juices with artificial flavors, dyes & colors is not appreciated when you charge 2-4 times premium. Pizza slices with minimal cheese and dry sauce.

scott jackson

My daughter recently had a Girl Scout outing in the evening after hours at the zoo. The 2 leaders, Taylor and Cheyanne were amazing!! It was one of the best outings we have ever had. They did an awesome job!

Greg Strohbehn

The zoo is in a great location and easily accessible. The setting is peaceful and nicely lined with trees throughout. Once in the zoo you would not know your in town. The entire zoo and facilities are clean and we'll taken care of. There is …

Ronald Brinkley

I had more fun then I've had in a long time, and so did my grand kids. They have a little bit of everything. I've only been to one zoo that was better, but you would have to go all the way to St Louis to see that one. But this one makes up for not having enough animals by having more to do. We got there at 10 but when I looked at the clock it was 2 30. There's one really cool spot to see the lions at that you would have to go to bush gardens to see. I don't want to tell you anything that would ruin your experience, part of the fun for me was the surprises that came along with it. So take it from me just take your grandchildren with you, or your children and be prepared to have a great time.

Dottie Babycakes

Went for a memorial and was able to walk around afterwards and see some of the animals. Also received free tickets to come back again when they're fully open!

Christophe PETIT

I loved it but there is limit animals during certain times. I almost put a 5/5 though but they will give you a small discount because of it. They are nice people overall

Danielle Edwards

We had my daughter's wedding at the zoo. Guests were able to walk around & look at the animals while the family finished photos. The zoo staff drove those in need in golf carts & were available & willing to help with anything we needed. The only bad thing was no restrooms at the reception building. Would definitely recommend it to those considering a wedding or party.

Mary Price

Very good the animals look great . Had lots of fun

Trevor Hyatt

Went to night eyes at the zoo. My daughter got to go and collect a little candy and see the animals. Really good deal for only $6 to get in especially compared to other zoos I’ve been to. Closest I’ve ever been to a lion as well. It was limited access for the special event but good time for a good price.

Anna Kh

Well, yes, it's a small zoo, but it was really good for spending a day over there. I liked the kids Kingdom and the aquarium.

Samantha Cummings

Great little zoo. Very well maintained and can see all animals really well. Kids especially loved watching the sea lions swim and the tiger walking back and forth. If you are looking for a whole day experience with LOTS of animals, Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo is the best zoo around. This is nice for an hour or two just to see a nice variety of animals.

Darla Rowley

Ok. Madison Wisconsin zoo was as good and free!

Andrea Zitoli

Had as great time with my grandson he even fed a giraffe

Gaza Strip Club

Great exhibits. Cool animals. Wonderful set up for as many animals to see as possible.

Beth Thompson

Nice little zoo. Many of the animals were on display, including the infamous Baby Black Rhino. We took our time and spent a few hours there. Lots of camps and activities were happening that day and the employees seemed very hands on and knowledgeable.

Chuck Cook

Love the Adult late night ZooBrew with live music!!!! Absolutely amazing!!!! Highly recommend!!!

Hannah P

Very clean and well taken care of facilities. The animals looked happy and healthy. A great Des Moines activity.

Aubrey Spilsbury

I go here every year. It's always changing. Its absolutely beautiful!!! Good prices. Food places everywhere. Good interactions for kids. Always have fun here! The staff is always really nice and very informational!

Sara Mata

We loved our visit at the zoo, our daughter fed the parakeets, goats and llamas. She also rode a camel! The $1 dollar food containers are better than the $5. You will get more food if you buy 5 containers of $1 each instead.

Kim Miller

This is a totally child oriented zoo. My young kids loved it and took lots of blurry animal pictures. They loved feeding the animals and all the play areas!

Debra Mauch

Is a nice zoo. Can see the animals close up

Krystal Martin

A family friendly zoo that isn't too large but still has plenty of things to see and do. Kids loved the train and the chance to feed animals was neat. The staff that we interacted with were very friendly and knowledgeable. Bathrooms were clean and even had changing tables. Excited to go back next year!

Mark Mccormack

We had a great time! It's a wonderful zoo, perfect for children. I want to get a shout out to two zoo worker who retrieved my granddaughter shoe. It fell into a animal enclosure and they made sure to get it back to us. They work in the giraffe area, Thankyou so much for going above and beyond. More places need people like these girls. Thank again.

Amy Otto

Great zoo for young children. My children loved the rainforest area and Australia because they got to be so close to the wildlife. The seal/sea lion feeding show was great to watch and educational. Well worth a trip if you are in the Des Moines area.

Steve Molitor

Great place to be to get a closer look at the animals. A lot of different animals to see and learn about. There are also different activities for the kids to experience.

Melanie Mackey

Zoo Brew is amazing! Every time I am at the zoo I always meet wonderful volunteers that take pride in educating and celebrating conservation efforts with guests.

Seth McCoy

Zoo Brew. What more do you need? Multiple locations to pick up beer, no lines for animals, and friendly staff. It makes for a fun night out with friends that isn't just sitting around or in a bar. And even know the day it is an excellent place to bring kids. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and they keep the grounds amazingly clean for the amount of traffic they get. Don't hesitate and get a season pass.

Mary Ann Nielson

Enjoyed the day. Not that expensive. Kids has s ball. Loved the camel ride

Pam Bintner

A great afternoon spent with our grands, 12 and 9. Staff friendly, knowledgeable. Only negative..the Safari eating area needs a good power wash. Thank you.

Ryan Larson

Beautiful zoo! Had a great trip here and had a really good time. Got to feed a giraffe and saw a lot of animals. Very nice place and friendly staff.

James L Butler

The zoo I grew up attending has come a long ways and grown to great lengths! My wife and son also enjoyed our zoo. Great job Blank Park Zoo!

Cori Mack

So much more than I expected! My children had a wonderful time, and cannot wait to return.

Kylie Clendenen

While I enjoy the zoo it would be nice if people followed the rules and the zoo staff enforced them. No food is to be brought in but the 2 moms with double strollers and 6 kids sure whipped out 7 different snacks in the 20 minutes we waiting for the seal show and at least 4 zoo staff went by and nothing was said to them. Saw this all over the zoo. Saw wrappers from walmart brand fruit snacks inside a the fence by the seals. Just not necessarily.

Stephanie Brown

Awesome zoo. Large variety of animals, very reasonable price. Handicapped accessible. Beautiful settings. Loved it!

Thomas Wright

Very high priced for 2 adults and 1 child. There was very few animals and it took only 1.5 hours to go thru. Cages are very large, but that does not make up for lack of variety of animals. Been to free zoos that offered way more. Thumbs down. Lower the price to $5 per adult, free to kids 13 and under, then more stars.

Rebecca Huther

This zoo is the best! It is set up in a way that you can see all the animals in a short amount of time so it's not an all-day event. We love it!

Kelsey Olsen

This is a small zoo that takes 2hrs to walk threw. I grew up with the St. Louise Missouri zoo which was free and amazing huge. So I mean I felt like it was a little over priced but over all worth the trip. My 2 year old had a blast! Will go again.

Toni Parson

It was a pretty good zoo. we had a great experience. our only complaint is some of the employees could have been friendlier! but all around it was fun.

Tammie Fisher

Love the animals. Great place to learn and take the kids.

Brandy hearn

We like the Blank park zoo! My daughter has a good time. It's a good zoo for very young kids. It only takes about an hour or so to go through. When my kids are older we will go to Omaha, but for now this zoo is perfect.

PapaSlim SCE

It was a great place to get out of the house and spend time with the family. Overall we had a good time.

Janelle Finks

Night eyes wasnt what I expected. They didnt give out very much candy for the cost you pay to get in

Go Pro

Wildest adventure in town! Great way to spend the day leisurely around the park. The kids loved the excitement around every corner. Absolutely recommend season passes...

Jacob Jensen

Zoo Brew is a great way to get adults involved and excited to go to the zoo again. Along with that, the staff and the animals at the zoo make it an amazing place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life in Des Moines. Highly recommend.

Beverly Barker

Nice size zoo to be able to see everything in just a few hours.

Katherine Lame

I don’t know what’s going on at the zoo but the smell was almost intolerable in some places. Yes I understand these are animals and they smell, but I’ve never been there and had it smell so bad!

Sabrina Kerr

It was awesome! It rained a little this morning, so it was cloudy and cool. All of the animals were all awake and out when we went! We got to feed Giraffes, Llamas, and Goats. It was a really fun time!

Michelle Godinez

Love this zoo, was used to the zoo in San Diego. Of course it wasn't going to be as big as that. But loved everything about it.

Gale Hamilton

A really nice zoo for younger children. Exhibits allow to get very close to the animals.


Wonderful experience! Kids loved it. Clean and staff was friendly with an exception to the front desk lady she was rude to me and my kids but everyone else was very nice. We will be returning.

Julie Woodhouse

What a beautiful zoo! So well laid out. Exhibits are plentiful and interesting. The animals appear well cared for. Some staff at feeding time and they use positive reinforcement and clicker training to help animals get used to people. A great family experience.

Titanium Rhyno

We have a season pass and we go to Zoobrew every week! Best date night ever! Then weekends we take our 5 year old (once a month or so). He loves the new zebras! He even has his name on the adoption plaque!

Lindsay Greth

Wonderful place. Only takes about 2 hours to see the whole thing, so it's not overwhelming. They have expanded and gotten many more exciting animals in the last few years.

Tess F

Went to Night Eyes and was very underwhelmed. Left with buyers remorse big time! Hardly any candy was given out and only given out in ONE small section of the zoo. They no longer have a designated walking path and just want you to wonder …

Michael Stewart

I've been to many zoo's in my life and I have never been to one where the animals seemed so depressed and where there pens where so small and constricting and to see vultures and monkey's in the same pen you should know that in nature they do not get along so why would they in a cage and this is just my opinion but it seems like you just dug a hole and stuck exotic animals in it and to charge money for feeding giraffes leaves was weird. This zoo was so lackluster that it steered me away from ever wanting to go to a zoo ever again. Childhood ruined

Ron Marr

Isn't a San Diego zoo but still an educational and family fun zoo. Well worth your time to wander the paths and learn about some neat animals ranging from eagles to the big cats with a baby rhino thrown in.

Adis Nukic

Love this places. The animals always seem relaxed and not bother by people. The staff was nice friendly and very approachable to talk to. Would love to come back again. Thanks for the hospitality.

Aaron Kenton

Small zoo but they have great events like zoo brew and night eyes.

robin ricker

Had a great time with the family. Spent the whole day at the zoo

Jesse Hudson

Great day trip, the zoo is not huge but has very friendly staff. There is a good variety of animals and things to see. My daughter said this was her favorite part of vaction. You won't need to dedicate a while day to go through but could fill one if you wanted. Overall a really good time.

Brent Bowser

Nice and clean little zoo. We get our annual family pass and so far we still feel it is worth it. Parking can be diff at times. Staff are also hit and miss. FOod at food court is getting expensive. Wish they would get more animals too. WIll still highly recommend and keep visiting until our children stop enjoying the BPZ.

Rob R

Great zoo! Informative, compactly designed, so there isn't a ton of distance between exhibits, and it was all well organized. I'll be back again soon.

Chris Rush

Wow....!! Very impressed with this zoo! We were amazed how pristine the grounds were and the animals were very active! Not a huge zoo but a great way to spend an afternoon!

Caleb Wipf

Had a fun day out with the wife here. Animals seemed to be taken care of and had ample space.

christin maiers

All is one of my favorite places to be! Love love love

Matt Clausen

Blank Park Zoo pales in comparison to some of the larger cities zoos nearby such as Henry Doorly in Omaha. But by means of comparison when taking the population of Des Moines vs. Omaha, or St. Louis, or Kansas City, then I feel Blank Park Zoo is top notch.

Arianna Williams

I enjoy the zoo but it's just a place to go once a yr because it really dont have too much. We went to night eyes this year and it sucked. I will never go back. It use to be that the whole place had tents and candy. Now only by the giraffes to the rhinos has about 6 tents so you pay all that money for 6 pieces of candy. Was so disappointed

Valerie Hill

What a wonderful zoo! Great for young children that insist on walking everywhere. Lots of animals to see and the price is right! Cant wait to go again!!!

Tres Fielder

No working water fountains which forces you to spend $3 for a bottle of water. But I guess they have to have the 'mark ups' to keep the zoo running. Such a small area to keep the giraffes (I could almost make a case for abuse based on such limited space...). A decent selection of animals for a city the size of Des Moines.

Jaime Bower

Great zoo for a small city. Price is good. Can be done in a day and is entertaining enough for the whole family.

Mary Manley

Great place for kids to run around. Becky was fantastic!

Jesse Sass

While it's not Omaha, it does great with what it is. Animals are well cared for, and the education about them is enthusiastic and complete. The staff is fully committed to both animal husbandry and public education, and is well-educated to provide both.

William Lu

Overall I thought this zoo was alright. I wasn't really in the mood for a zoo, but my kids wanted to go. It was thoughtfully laid out, and the exhibits were pretty good. They really liked the baby rhinoceros as did I. If you're in the area I would check it out.

Amanda Jahnke

It's a good little zoo with an adorable new baby rhino! My 2 year old loved feeding the giraffes and train ride. Then stop for a memory in the gift shop. Some pretty cool art in there. Lots of things for all ages.

Russell O

What more can you say about the BPZ. It is always clean, the animals look content, and they are working on a new expansion to bring more to the park. My family loves coming to this Zoo and it is a must for a kid friendly adventure in Iowa.

Sam gaia

Wonderful place to go. Lots of fun things to do! Cafes, face paintings, the train, petting zoo, carousel and ship much more to do besides all the cool animals that are always there! In the gift shop there are always grab bags worth plenty more than the 8 dollars!

jerry klaas

Liked this zoo very much. Not huge, but very quaint and not over the top. Area's for the little ones to pet or feed some animals. Fun seeing the baby Rhino! Very friendly staff, especially nice was an intern named Emily, who helped us find different areas. Looking forward to going again sometime.

Matthew konen

This is a great zoo. My kids love to come and see all of the animals and ride the train, carousel, and camels. The new baby rhino is adorable! It is also a lot of fun to feed animals in the petting zoo ($1) or the giraffes. ($3 I think) This is a great place to spend the day.

Christine Cassill

Loved the zoo when we went there for my daughters school field trip, the staff was so nice and friendly; nice to have the staff talk to you about the animals too if the kids wanted to ask questions.

Laura B

Small but very nice. Wonderful play area for children. Clean and an overall great experience

Jennifer Grandquist

Fun for children! Lots of hands activities. Camel riding, giraffe feeding, face paintings, petting zoo and much more!

kathryn marie

Easy to get around. They have a play ground for the kids to play on and the parents to take a break. They have camel rides ( extra fee $5 / person) lots of animals, birds, underwater creatures. Pleasntly surprised. Just big enough that when you are tired, it's time to go, you've seen it all! Yay

amy cunningham

Fun fun family fun. Food a lil pricey but it's to be expected. Loved it!

James DiMaio

Didn't get to see much on that day but will definitely be back for more.

Cindy wheeler

It's a great zoo. Attractions are close together. Prices are decent.

Mike Lauer

Best Zoo in Iowa. Lots of great displays for younger kids (ages 8 and under). Petting zoo area is always a favorite.

Susan Ward

Amazingly small zoo that is grand to walk through. Not to big and not to small. Kept clean and lots of shade areas to seat and watch the animals.

Natalie Colosky

This zoo is the perfect size for taking little kids as it's not too large but still has lots of cool animals to see! And the playground portion is perfect for kids to burn energy. The whole zoo can easily be done in an hour or two.

Cary Treanor

Perfect for a day out with the family. We love feeding the Giraffes!

Nikcole Hotle

Very clean zoo. No outside food or drink. I'd suggest a cooler in the car, as the food was just so so especially for the price... Nice 4ish-hour day for my 8 and 2 year old kids.

sarah ramus

The animals kept in this facility are innocent of crimes yet are held in cages. They deserve happiness and freedom just as we all do. Our entertainment should not cost them their freedoms. They are often distressed and depressed from confinement. They are not rescued rather stolen from the wild and sold into zoos. Please don’t pay to watch these prisoners and taunt them with selfies. Please think twice. You can learn more about these animals on google than in these animal prisons. Help conserve their environment rather than imprison innocent beings. We can and should do better.

Pat Neal

Had a wonderful time with my great grandkids. Scooter was a life saver & food was good.

jhily Nation

Great place to spend an afternoon. Love all the work that has been done and improvements made the past few years. Not super pricey even safari grill is reasonably priced and has really good food!

B Coop

All the new things at the zoo are great. However several big exhibits weren't open due to LOUD They should do that before or after hours they also. They need to tell you before you pay if exhibit's are closed and which ones for that day. At least you could decide whether you still would go before hand. Other than that, all was good

Cindy Jones

Loved this PLACE! WENT with the kids and Grandson! VERY HOT DAY, but WAS Get adventure!

Samantha A

The zoo has a lot of fun things to do for the kids. Night Eyes is probably more fun for the kids who actually understand trick or treating, unlike my infant son who sat in the stroller the whole time. They don't hand out as much candy as …

Rae D.

The zoo its self was fine! 6.00 for a camel ride per person. They have two food places inside, we ate at one of them and I had ordered a cheeseburger. It was for sure mystery meat.

Kelly Carver

Fantastic zoo. Great for the kids or kids at heart. My favorite was the giraffe exhibit. For a small charge you can feed them a treat! Even though this is a smaller zoo there are many animals here. You won't be disappointed.

Lynn W

We had a great time! We got the total experience tickets, so that kept us busy. It was a really hot day... So my only "complaint " is lack of food/drink. It's not a large zoo but the one place for food and drink had such long lines! However, not worthy of losing a star. :)

Nikki Engelhardt

Nice zoo, good size to take the kids to. Couple hours to walk and enjoy the animals. Best to be there first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon, best times to see the animals. Typical zoo prices on food and drinks.

Ben Fox

This is a great zoo. The Africa exhibit was exceptional and they just had a baby rhino born. That little thing is cute! Many other great attractions including the wallabies that you can walk amongst in the Australia exhibit.

Colin Coulter

Went during Night Eyes, it was great. They have lots of benches.

Jeff Sorensen

If it's summer, bring water... We chose to go on one of the hottest days of the year. Park, animals and staff are awesome. Great family fun

Jane Hoerner

It had expanded and improved since 2 years previous visit. Loved sea lion show

Maria Scaggs

Small zoo. They have lots our seasonal events. Feed the birds, camel rides, and other extra things you can buy there.

Umesh Jadhao

Good place to visit with your family. Kids will enjoy here. There is a special section for kids to play. The good thing is this zoo is small and hence you can see most of it in 1 to 2 hours. Hence kids won't get tired so do you. Half day is enough to visit the place.

Marie Cosenza

Great place for families. Lots of Shade. Reasonable concession stand.

Eric Thompson

Fun during a cool fall day. Animals were as active as I have even seen them. Some were indoors due to the cool temps. Fun day with the kids during the week when they didn't have school.

Chevy Skiburban

Adorable Zoo. Amazing staff. Great place for bringing your kids to see a plethora of different animal's from all over the globe. Will visit again next time I'm in Iowa.

Ben Diehl

Perfectly sized zoo for young kids. Can easily take in all the exhibits in a half day. We didn’t eat on site, but the lines seemed manageable and no excessive wait times.

Keisha Lottie

Great zoo for children! Loved the African exhibit! Wish he could of seen the lions but there was just too many people inside the viewing area. My grandson enjoyed feeding the giraffes and watching the seals play. Just think some of the items to purchase is over expensive including the food! Maybe next time we'll have a picnic at the park next to it and watch the camels.

Harley Maher

My family and I always enjoy trips to the zoo. Our kiddo loves the animals (especially when the otters are out and get playful), and it’s a great opportunity to get out of the house!! It’s clean and there’s plenty to see and do to fill up an afternoon. I also love the chance to take my camera with and get photos of the animals!

Leslie Hatch

What a great little zoo! The first area is full of birds, fish and amphibians in a lush walk-thru garden. The zoo was clean and spacious enough to enjoy a walk around with young children but not so big that you were exhausted or overwhelmed. There were penguins and lions (my sons favorites) and a young rhino with his mom. There were interactive areas for the kids to play and a few nice areas to stop and eat a lunch. All the animals were out and about the day we went. Overall it was a great time!

Newton Resident

Disappointed...Paid for 9 of us to go. Feeding fish was a WASTE. Couldn't see fish in the water unless it came above the green surface. Adventureland is better than that. Animals seemed unhappy and not very active. Giraffes were the most active by walking. Overpriced. Will continue driving to Omaha Zoo

Mary Reiling

We had a wonderful time, very memorial day!! Kids loved the camel ride!!

Brent Price

One of the best lives I've been to in a long time great scenery some of the best animals camel rides, etc.

Shannon S

Great place for families. Not to busy, easy to navigate. Makes for a fun day without getting worn out to much.

Gabe Lanz

Blank park is great. Especially compared to large zoo's like San Diego whe half their exhibits will be empty. Blank park is a nice size to walk through with kids, has a variety of animals to see up close and is well maintained.

Khadija Kawra

It was so much fun! I went with my aunty and my cousin and mom and my siblings! It was a blast! I recommend whoever reads this to go to BLANK PARK ZOO!


Good for the area, but small collection of animals. Walk through fairly quickly

Marti Christensen

First time at this zoo. Staff were friendly and helpful! Liked the seal show!

Becky Kouang

We get the science center/zoo membership and enjoy taking the kids all year. Love how it reciprocates with other zoos, science centers and museums.

Andrea Wykoff

First time here and enjoyed it. It was a nice day. All the animals were out. Got great pics.

Liz Miller

We love the zoo. Can spend an hour there or 5, depending on my kid's attitudes. Ha. Our daughter loves the Zoo classes too. Something fun and educational for her to discover at. Great for all ages.

Monique Pinkins

Me and my family had a blast!!! so many activities kids learn some new stuff the people that worked there was nice and we had some yummy food everything was just great

Margaret Wares

First time to night eyes. My granddaughter loved it!

Anna Worthen

Sure I will , cause I will never waste my time to go again. Was very very disappointed. The best part of the hole zoo was the discovery center. Sorry but I can't recommend it , it's like a road side attraction. So very sad.

Dan K

Wonderful zoo. We go every year and we never fail to have a good time. The keepers are very nice and always willing to share their knowledge.

Kelsi Papesh

Awesome zoo with a full day's worth of things to do. We LOVED the sea lion show as well!!!

Jeff Hunter

A smallish zoo with some big exhibits. Giraffes, thinks, sea lions, tigers,etc. Reasonably priced. It's about a 2 hour tour.

Jennifer Reutzel

Very small zoo. Decent exhibits and and the animals seem well cared for. Perfect size zoo for small children who cant handle an all day zoo trip.

Jason Bennett

Went for Zoo Brew, first time there. I was pretty surprised at how great it was. Food and beer prices were very reasonable and the enclosures were great. Will definitely be back.

Brandie Webb

Great little zoo. Ton of things for the kids to do. Small enough its not overwhelming but still has enough stuff to spend the whole day! Only thing I didn't like was the long line at the food area and wasn't enough places to sit down and eat and didn't have shade.

Kyle Winward

A relatively small zoo (compared to other Midwest metros), but it has grown in size in recent years. Just the right size for a good healthy walk. The Outback, big cat, and African (especially rhino areas) wildlife areas definitely stand out. Very friendly staff. Highly recommended.

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