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Where is Marengo Cave U.S. National Landmark?

REVIEWS OF Marengo Cave U.S. National Landmark IN Indiana

Shirley Hart

Great visit! Caves were beautiful and educational! Nice day trip.

Brittany Albers

Awesome! We had so much fun. We did both tours and they were both really nice. The guides were friendly and knowledgeable. We are thinking of going on a crawl tour next time.

Elena S. Kim

I love this place, I wish guides had some special equipment so they won't have to explain things in a loud voice.

Brian Gornik

We went on the Crystal Palace and Drip Rock tours. Both tours were led by tour guide Phil. The caves themselves are amazing! Phil did a great job too. He was very knowledgeable and provided alot of historical facts and tidbits, along with educational info on all of the natural phenomenon seen. He was very friendly and was very open to answer any questions, from young and old. There are pavilions and picnic tables outside. We brought a lunch and ate it there. This is a great day trip for a family, I highly recommend it!


Had so much fun! Great , clean family fun! Wonderful place and friendly, helpful staff!

Randi Cunningham

I've been to Marengo Cave twice now and everytime has been a memorable one! The employees are very helpful and friendly.

Andrew Mallonee

Cave was awesome and the people were very nice.

Anna Gann

I went to Marengo cave with my 6 year old son on a cub scout outing and we had an absolute blast! The caves were so huge and amazing to look through. Our guide was awesome, very friendly, informative, and funny too. We learned a lot, and it was truly beautiful in there. I would recommend to anyone with kids (old enough to understand to not touch everything) who want to have a fun little adventure together, or anyone just wanting to learn a little local history and see some cool undergound nature!

David Rucker

Fantastic tour, moderate length, natural beauty!

Robin Moore

This is a beautifully decorated cave with many unique structures to see. The cave is in great condition and the property around the area is well maintained. I would highly recommend this cave for anyone who enjoys a leisurely cave tour.

Rebekah M

Beautiful place. We went on both tours and it was definitely worth the time spent. Take your time to check out the gift shop there is something for everyone's budget they have something for a couple dollars you can bring back to remember this place. The tour guides were well informed and while their material was dry they had a great sense of humor. We thoroughly enjoyed our walk and it definitely did not seem like we were down there for 2 hours total. Definitely bring a light jacket or a sweater it's pretty chilly at 54 degrees. Even if you think it's hot out and it'll feel good. Watch your head or leave with a knot like I did not paying attention and gawking at the cave and all it's glory. There's so much to look at. It's definitely a mild walk and smooth but not wheelchair accessible. We drove 5 hours to check it out and went to Hemlock cliff after I highly recommend checking out that out as well.

A Naughny Mouse

Very educational, a lot of fun. Not bad on the stairs, but there are a few. Kid friendly, and the temperature is great year round. The tour guide really makes the tour. Raeanna was an absolute joy and so much fun to have leading us.

Dan Skvie

Wow great place need to see it.

John Bosler

Marengo cave u.s. national Park has two show cave trails that are each approximately an hour long. It is easy access through the show caves then there's three trails they recommend to bring a change of clothes because they are not show caves but more in their natural setting there's a section of the cave where you can spend the night camping there are several formations in the caves as well. there is a breathtaking view from some of the reflection pools and cave formations

Bianca P

We took a tour on a rainy day and it was the best idea my sister has had in a long time. The tours are fun and the caves are beautiful.

Chris Dunahee

Great cave system. We went for the Crystal Palace tour and loved it. If we would have had the time, we would have definitely loved to do the other tour as well. Very busy cave system. Lots of formations and easy for anyone to do. Well lit. Great for a first time caver.

Sherri Wright

Came in March 1st...went on tour with Sage. We had a small group and she made it fun..very informative and she seemed very knowledgeable. Great tour! Would love to bring the kiddos back here!

John Koski

Great guide and spectacular formations well worth the trip

Jack Newsome

A great little tourist place my wife is from L.A and was blown away by the caves cheap souvenirs were really fun went there for the entire day had a ton of fun

Black Wolf

Awesome place, very friendly customer service, will help with any questions you may have

Mandi Gruenloh

Ive been here twice now, on the two cave tours and i love it, i might go back in the fall because its just so incredible

Karen Harrison

April 7, 2019. Went on both tours. Ace was our guide on the Dripstone tour with a small group. Very enjoyable. Kayla was the guide on the Crystal Palace tour with a larger group. She had a tendency to scream at the laggards, which I found annoying. I liked the sluice run for the kids outside. Didn't really explore the park much, due to rain.

Syed Mohammed Osman Hassan

Prepare yourself with about 1hr walk, there is no food or drink allowed in the cave. Really fascinating cave but no touching to any wall. Try to take a torchlight. Fun part is this cave stay 52F every time of the year. Don't forget to bury a penny onto the wall.

Nimesh Thakkar

Always a good place to visit. Have taken many guests and had great features. It doesn't fail to amaze any first time cave visitors I have taken

Marc & Debbie Whitfield

Came here with our exchange student from Brazil. She had never been in a cave before. Marengo Cave has all the features that you would expect to see in caves. The tour is very easy to take.

Lillian Arterburn

It was great for all ages and it was alot of fun!

Bing Law

We had fun in this place. So, family oriented, a place to learn about caves, amazing experience from kids to adults. My husband had a very good experience when he was a child and thought he would bring his entire family last summer. Alas! We definitely had fun. If you have children I would suggest bring a jacket because it is cold in the caves.

Theresa Tyler

We had the entire family join us and everyone had a blast. We took both tours and mined for gem stones. We were ages 3-77 and there was something for everyone. Great day for family

DeAnna Myers

Myself and my family always have loved Marengo Cave. We actually went to visit Mammoth Cave in KY for the first time last year and It is NOTHING compared to the beauty Marengo Cave offers. Take your family for the day or even a weekend! They have cabins/camp sites! They also have some pretty sweet owners who truly care about the cave.

Glenn Haggard

This was one of the highlights of a two week visit to my home state of Indiana. My wife and my son, both on first ever visits to the cave, absolutely loved it. The tour guides were informative and we got some of the best souvenirs!

olivia downing

There were two separate guided tours. One was about 1/3 mile and the other was 1 mile. We went on both and had a good time in each. You see different parts of the cave so I'm glad we we did both, but if you're crunched for time doing one side is still fun

Shelby S.

Great historical and speleogogical tour! Had so much fun and our guide was great! Tons of puns which we love!

Brian Forster

Very cool experience for the whole family! We'll be coming back for the longer tour!!

Sondra Moorman

Amust go see if you like Caves!

Jed Pulley

Absolutely loved this tour. I went with my fiancee's family on the Dripstone trail. It is the longer of the two options. Our guide was absolutely fantastic and super engaging. The paths themselves were concrete for the most part, with the exception of a few areas. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Samson Kangau

Fun place. It's a must go place .Historical place

Rae Clements

Excellent tours. Raeanne and Ace were great guides. They did a great job recounting the history of the caverns and pointing out the features. Definitely worth the visit!

Marcia Bortoletto

Very good outing! Lots to do in a very well organized place, beautiful grounds as well!

Deborah Asmus

I went to Marengo Cave about 35 years ago and never forgot the awesome time I had. Today I took my 9 yr old daughter and came along with about 30 more people and we all had a great time. We went on both tours and some did the crawl too. It brought the kid out of all of us!

Anthony Hester

So much to see and do for the whole family.

Rob D

Marengo has it all. Long or short tours, dry or wet caves, things to do inside or outside. The gift shop is very nice. Eating area for lunches. Cabins and RV spots. The tour guide (Phil) was knowledgeable and engaging for kids and adults alike. Highly recommend spending some time here.

Gabe Ballinger

Very interesting place to see your first cave. National Landmark. Lucas was a great tour guide.

Kyle Miller

We had a blast here and the kids loved it! My tall friend fortunately bought a miners hat at the gift shop, because he hot his head multiple times on the tours! Our tour guide was very friendly and informational bit we had him for both tours and he kind of just repeated himself for both. Bit they have other activities to do as well which is nice, and the gift shop is cool to look around as well!

kristy bowen

This place was great. My three boys aged 9, 12 and 14 even loved it.

Salah Shakir

Great place to visit. The tour for one cave is about 30-40 minutes. However when seniors or/and kids part of the tour will take longer

Shane's Books in Review

Staff was friendly, place was well thought out. Interesting to see even if your not into cave systems due to history. Only thing is lack of non-snack foods in area, nearest fast food for example is 30 miles out. Eat or take a picknic basket with you!!! Family friendly bathroom was available. Not a good place for of course wheelchairs, crutches, or people with back issues (long times bent over needed ) With that said I will go back again and again. Fun trip for the family, and much easier to access than some cave tours in a 200 mile radius.

Natalie Jackowski

Beautiful experience, my 6 year old son loved it.

Joel Bruick

This was the perfect cave for a first-timer like me. Both of our tour guides were absolutely top notch, informative and funny. Courtney was like a great Jungle Cruise skipper with all the intentionally groan-worthy puns, and our personal tour with Ace was an experience we won't forget. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Brooke Csikos

Awesome experience! We did both caves and it was worth it! Our tour guide, Ace was great. His humor and knowledge made the tour even better. There was some water on the walkways due to rain, but it wasn't bad and our shoes barely got wet. Definitely reccomend stopping here if you are in the area!

DinaMaria Ketcham

A great way to spend a day with the family. We even learned a thing or two from our awesome tour guides Maddie & her best friend!

J LaOrange

This is the best show cave in Indiana. Squire Boon would be next. It also has great formations but seemed shorter. Wayndotte cave would be 3rd but its not open regularly like the other two.

Trina Turner

Great experience. Our guide Lorna was fun and informative .

casey stroud

Excellent stop for the family. Like caves and history, then you'll love this

A&J Duckworth

Such an amazing place and great story!

Jackie Layman

Amazing cave. I am 52 and this was my first cave tour. I'm glad I came!

jon pounders

I have been here many times when I was younger and now I am taking my children. I still haven't spent the night in the cave; but I want to.

Leanna Reeder

These caves were awesome to look at.. lots of cool formations!


The staff is great and the caves are awesome. Only sugeestion: I do wish there was a way to make sure people don't use electronics on the tour though. We had a few kids in our group that played a game on their tablets the entire time and really made the experience worse.

Stephanie Smith

We went here on a family outing and had a blast. There are so many wonderful things to do and enjoy.

Hunter Burchett

Great place to visit in the hottest part of the summer. Tours are fair in price and the caves are both amazing and accessible to nearly everyone. I'm 5'9 and 260 lbs and I had no problems in the cave.

C Norris

This was my first stop on the "cave trail'". I did both walks. Both guides were great as were the tours. So much beauty hidden underground

Arrissa Katz

I haven't had the actual tour but this gift shop is by far one of my favorites! The staff are all very friendly and full of information and history! My next vacation I'll be a little bit wiser in the spending so I can see more!

Susan Fritschi

Marengo is a beautiful cave system. I enjoy the beauty underground very much. It's always chilly underground so you'll need a jacket. The tour guide we had, Lorna, was very knowledgeable and entertaining.

Hannah Covert

We stayed in cabin 3. It was clean and had ac so we felt comfortable leaving our dog while we did tours. The tours were informative and the caves themselves were BEAUTIFUL. The guidea were friendly and fun. Bring a jacket, the caves are only 52 degrees. The campground is well taken care of and I cannot get over how clean the bathrooms were. I can't wait to come again and try the 6 hour cave tour.

Kevin James

Awesome tour, especially on a hot day. Amazing formations.

Rachel Nunez

Had a great time taking kids through the cave!

clay keller

Cool place and educational tour. It would have been even cooler if I was into that sort of thing.

Jackson Krenning

Experienced tour guide, beautiful place.

mark terminator101

Great cave to walk through

Trevor Whited

Of all the caves I've been to in Indiana, this is by far the coolest one. It is also the easiest to navigate. Not to many areas where you would feel claustrophobic. And just naturally beautiful. But don't take my word for it. Go see for yourself!

Christopher Watkins

Had a great time. Very impressive cave. Knowledgeable guide.


A real national treasure, must see, huge cavity, need more /better/ way to get more lighting available inside, overall is dark, the tour is ok but too many people will not have time to take pictures, parking available, gift shop has great selection

John Mathatas

Great staff, very knowledgeable on the geology and general history of the cave. Good maintenance of the facility. Price was average for a typical cave tour. Food is limited, recommend packing a picnic or planning extra time for a local mom and pop diner.

Andrew Collins

This is a complex, and very well preserved cave system with adventures for varying skill and mobility levels. My wife and I were tbe only ones in the group so our guide, Ace, was able to show us many details.

Breanna Hogan

Great tour of the caves, our guide one the first tour was Maddie, excellent guide!

Randy Simmons

Went on boy scout trip and stayed the night in the cave. NO BATHROOMS!!!! RIDICULOUS... The rest of the cave experience (tours, staff) were good. Just can't rate them higher because of the bathroom situation. Don't let people stay the night if you can't figure this out! Get a portapot or something!

Kim Renninger

Great place to visit, especially on a hot day.. temps in caves 52 degrees!

charlie mcmillan jr

We recently took a 7th grade middle school field trip of approximately 300 . They advertise they cater to large groups, and they did. The staff was fantastic! I have been a parent chaperone on many field trips, Merango Cave tour was one of the best. They kept us on schedule and kept us engaged. I can't say enough about Hawk our tour guide, she was fun, informative and loves the caves and kids. (ask for Hawk). Can't wait to go back!

Beth Perrmann

We took the combination tour and both tour guides were amazing. This was an awesome experience.

Maria Beristain

We have a good time

Michael Casey

We had a great time caving and canoeing!

Tracy Gielow

Great tour guides.

Chris Carpenter

Great time - do both tours. Easy drive. There is no AT&T service, only Verizon, so plan accordingly. Airplane mode in the cave will keep your phone from draining.

Adam Byerly

Been there hundreds of times...i actually live in marengo and it never gets old


Wonderful! Stores are handicap accessible, there is a family bathroom, but close quarters in the store. Caves are not handicap accessible. Welcoming atmosphere. The surrounding area is Woodland, which is absolutely beautiful. Caves are striking, visually, and our guide was incredible. We received a group rate for having over 11 individuals.

Roger Whittaker

Marengo Cave we're back again! Went on both tours and our guides were smart and shared with us a lot of cave humor that made it a really enjoyable experience. Great gift shop. We enjoyed hiking the short trail behind the gift shop as well.

Teresa Jean May

I am rating this on the caves, not the guides. However your guide can make or break you experience. The caves are beautiful! I highly recommend touring both. Takes around 2 hours but didn't seem that long at all. Also has a nice gift shop area.

Nemo Swallender

The park is absolutely beautiful! I'm an artist traveling the country on my bicycle; putting together a collection of artwork, and writing a book about my adventures and when I stopped here I was in desperate need of some rest in a safe place, unfortunately they would not give it to me. I did not ask for a cabin or even a campsite, just two trees to hang my hammock between for the night....TWO TREES! They refused to even try to call to see if it might be ok......they were courteous in they're will give them that.

Nikki Brown

Nice and cool. Short walk, really neat

Zara Claudy

Beautiful caves. Very nice facilities.

Indigo Blue Dragonfly

2nd visit. Crystal palace tour was not as good ss the other one. Fantastic gift shop. Would visit again

Shannon Prock

Went on smaller Crystal cave tour. Nice temperature. Wore shorts. Highly suggest closed toe and closed heel shoes. Wonderful tour guide. Would go again to show other newbies. Say hi to tour guide Phil. My son will be back in 40 years to see that one formation close up.

Lindsey Smith

First time going to a cave and it was so interesting. Very educational and so cool to see how they actually look like.

Jamie Bigge

Such a fun places you can take a short tour or the long one

Julie Williams

Phil was an amazing tour guide! Our family had a wonderful experience! It’s nice to have a family activity that works for a wide range of ages- from 4 to 41 - we all had a great time!

Johnie Hamrick

The secound best cave I have ever been in.i have been in over 200 and counting!

cletus moore

Great big cave...somewhat out of the way but a cant miss cave

Ben and Ronda Sears

This is a unique facility that is very family friendly and truly a gem to its community. It is fascinating hearing the backstories on discovery and ways of the old in the finding of the cave site. Well worth the stop.

Adam Wheeler

2 walking tours of an actual living cave, and crawling tours available. On-site primitive and cabin type camping available. The new Miners Maze is up and running. Gemstone mining, and a very unique gift shop. There is also a cafe of sorts where you can buy food and drink. One of southern Indiana's best natural attractions.

Wyatt Arvin

An absolutely great time! Very cool place to spend with friends and family. We did the Dripstone Tour which was about a mile long and lasted about an hour. If you get cold easily, take a light jacket as it's about 52° F. There is also a nice little gift shop for souvenirs. An absolute must visit if you have a few hours to spare! I highly recommend!

Brian Stephenson

Great place to go when it's really hot!

Traci Richards

The cave was beautiful. The tour guide we got was a dud. He sped us through the gave and used the same joke 3 times on the 20 minute tour (which was supposed to be 40 minutes). We didn't have a lot of time to explore and hope to go back for a better esperience.

Cami Renee

Really a great place to learn about natural caves and the Crystal Palace tour is just short enough to hold a two year olds attention. So If you have a toddler that is a great tour to start with.

Andrew Okerson

A great cave tour! There is a lot of historical damage to some of the formations, and graffiti written in soot from the candles the first tourists used to light their way. But it looks like they are trying to preserve as best they can while letting people see the cave. I recommend doing both tours if time allows.

Zac Rister

This was amazing trip. Took a beautiful ride in the Harley to visit this awesome place. There is two different tours. I paid $28 to take both tours which took a few hours to complete. There is several sections that you can visit. Our tour guide was very informative and was able to answer a lot of questions. There is a cute little restaurant just outside of the entrance that had great food and will give you the feel of being at grandmas for dinner.

Sandra Ndichu

Hidden gem in Indiana! It was so cool to see the different formations. Amazing family day trip.

Matthew Latty

Great cave experience to be had with very friendly tour guides, beautiful cave formations, gorgeous grounds, and one of the coolest gift shops around. Went on the 1 hour Dripstone Tour and everyone in our party thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of various formations to see throughout. Marengo and Squire Boone are my two favorite in Indiana

Karen Bishop

Our guide knew the cave history so well! My husband and I ended up getting a private tour, so we had the chance to ask plenty of questions.

Jennifer Collins

Very cool! Neat excursion for the family. Crystal palace tour was easy and short enough for our 4 year old.


Very nice spot to stop and take a quick tour or more in depth exploring. Staff was wonderful and the tour guide was very good and educational

jeff grindstoker

The experience of seeing a beautiful cave without getting cold,soaked or covered in mud. Also no crawling.

Paul Perrin

This is an intimate, beautiful, privately-owned cave. Lots of different formations to see on very approachable tours. Not the biggest cave, but definitely a gem in southern Indiana

Teri Duesel

Loved it!! Our tour guide was awesome & funny! Thanks Phil!

Eric Cahoon

My kiddos and I had a great time. Even got the 17 year old to say it was cool

Rhea Gatewood

Such an amazing place with tons to do!

B.W. Hines

Extremely kind and courteous staff. Took my 5 and 7 yr olds and the cant stop talking about it. Worth the trip from Indianapolis

McKinley Todd

Wonderful family adventure. Perfect any time of the year. Fun for kids of all ages up to 99 as long as you do not have issues walking or climbing stairs. Lots of walking involved.

Lisa Romine

Caves are always good cool fun. The tour went very quickly. I wish we could have slowed down just a little bit...Dripstone tour felt a bit rushed. But structures are very interesting.

Jim Fisher

Amazing cave system and well shown with lighting and easy access walkways.

Virginia Gray

Beautiful caves. Crystal tour is magnificent. Not recommended for kids under 6 if they are remotely scared of the dark. Would definitely go again!

Christan Manning

Seemed rushed on the tour that day but guide knowledgeable and personable. Such a beautiful cave and nice place to be in the summer heat!

Petra Avontuur-Janssen

Beautiful! Good and knowledgeable tour guides with a great sense of humour, the tour through the dripstone caves is very easily doable, even when you're in horrible shape like me. We thouroughly enjoyed visiting and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Valery Hagan

Very cool natural landmark, I really had a great time here. I'd suggest visiting both trails, but it may be a little long-winded for small children. The staff were so friendly and kept the tour interesting for all. The campgrounds were fabulous - so clean and well-kept. Each site was clearly marked and well stocked with amenities, not to mention a very nice bath house. We'll definitely return to Marengo Caves for future camping trips!

DeAnna Collins

We had a wonderful experience on the dripstone tour. The formations were breathtaking, and the tour was extremely cohesive. We even got to see a bat! The path is easy walking, and there was something exciting every step of the way.

D Porter

We had a great time at Marengo caves. We took both of the tours and really enjoyed the formations, mirror like pools, and the history of the area. We had Sage as our guide on both tours and she was great. If you are in the area don't miss the caves, they are really worth seeing.

Rob Horton

O e of the neatest things my family has ever done. Amazing when they turn the lights on!

Janet mcvaaazzzy

It was an enjoyable family experience

Eric small

It is a nice cave and easy to walk. If you have knee issues, you do need to go up and down steep steps at the start. Great area for everyone!

Alexis Best

Ace was out tour guide, he took us to see the crystal palace. He kept the tour fun, energetic, and fast paced. The cave was absolutely beautiful and full of historical facts. Plus their gift shop had a great variety items to choose from, at great prices!

Tony & Tammy White

Our second visit, definitely worth the drive!

Mary Alice Purple

Maddy, was great guide, so knowledgeable. Temp stays at 52 degrees all year round, so take a sweater or jacket.


Enjoyable, and educational tours of the cave. Very knowledgeable guides, and reasonably priced.

Marc Denz

Cookie was an awesome guide thanks for the experience

Kyle Sgro

Was great an a great had a great person showing us both the parts of the cave Thanks AcE !!!!!!!

John Irvine

Crystal palace tour: Absolutely worth the money and FYI it's about 65 degrees inside which is really interesting but you might want to bring a light sweatshirt or jacket. Our tour guide was very funny, friendly, and knowledgeable! I thought that it would be a lot more cramped inside but it was fantastic and I had no fear of being underground or in a confined space because you could barely tell. I loved the stories and each stage of the tour since there is so much history here. I wish I could get a private tour down there because the children in the group ruined the atmosphere by yelling and screaming, but that's just kids being kids. The gift shop had a lot of cool items and I'm not familiar with the pricing on stones, crystals, etc. but they seemed to be fair for a tourist attraction. The parking lot looks like it's big enough for a Winnebago or trailer but I don't recall seeing any designated parking spots for them.

Jon S

Amazing place to visit. I can’t believe places like this exist. Easy hike and great for young kids that don’t need a stroller

Andrew Jones

Our family loved this experience. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. It's just breathtaking.

Johanna Ravell

Very nice cave tours, we went on the combo tour, so we got to walk both cave tours. Our guide Kate was nice and professional while people took their photos. Definitely worth the 2:00hr and 20 min drive from Indianapolis. The caves were nice and cool and had amazing views. I definitely would recommend to buy the tickets ahead of time, they are actually cheaper, I paid 66 online but if I had bought them on the spot it would have been 72. Also they have gem mining which was a nice activity to do with the kids after the cave tours.....we bought the family bag for $25 and it was also worth it....had all sorts of gems, shark teeth, fossils, and shells and huge crystal rocks

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