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715 S 6th St, Vincennes, IN 47591, United States

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REVIEWS OF Indiana Military Museum IN Indiana

Marcie Miller

Loved the 8 flyovers!!!

Theresa Scott

It's a wonderful place to learn about everything from t revolutionary war to modern day warfare. Everything is very nicely displayed and the new annex is set up very well. We visit at least twice a year.

Micheal Clark

Amazing hidden gem! Dedicated staff and great collection.

Protector of the Protector Of the Fluffy Boi

Thank you Army, Verry cool.

SafeHaven Babygirl

Great place to go with family or friends.When you walk in its like your walking back in time.

Jona Ewen

We had an amazing time. We had the place to ourselves. The staff was very friendly. We will definitely be back. I have spread the the joy about the museum. We can not wait to come back. Thank you so much again.

Louise Totten

Lots of neat stuff.

Debbie Phillippe

This place is a treasure. They have so many things to see! It's amazing to find so much military history in one place. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to see everything.

The Shag

Its very good and has a lot of stuff to look at.

Ginger Lanam

Excellent place to visit. So much to see, notice something new every time we visit PLUS, its ALWAYS changing, ALWAYS something new being added !! A MUST SEE for everyone young and old.

Keith Wodicka

Good military stuff was great

Happy Zips

Such an awesome place. Could spend all day here. The staff know their stuff!

Jim Michaud

An excellent place for military history buffs.

Lane Gardner

Great museum, lots to see, do & learn.

Jake Harrison

History is awesome here and on display inside and outside

S Flowers

Awesome place. Full of history

Patrick Kyle

Awesome place. Well worth the visit. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. A hidden gem for sure!

Tammy Tinsley

Very happy with all I got to see very informative

Pamela Jones

Wonderful place to visit. A lot to look at. You won't be disappointed.

John DeBoer

Awesome place to see a really great cross section of American war history. Very unique gem in the rough, and fun for all ages!

Rich Green

Definitely a must visit for military enthusiasts of all ages. The collection is outstanding and the displays truly remarkable. Plan for several hours of informative history the next time you visit Vincennes.

Wanda Creager

Most amazing place. They should have one in every city or state.

Bill Wall

Enjoy seeing all the military stuff

Mark Drake

Amazing..if you a tank guy...go!!!

Karen Hamm

The dedication if the USS Indianapolis SN 697. What a beautiful day!

Lisa Brown

My son loved it.. He loves history especially WW11 history. It only cost $5 to get in and they were loaded with everything you could imagine when it came to artillery that was used in that war. Machine guns (big ones) 6-7 war tanks, 4 airplane bombers, helicopter,a bunker, just to many items to mention. Well worth the money.

Jadin Reichenbaugh

Awesome place, lots of history! Wish people wouldn't climb on the stuff there though!!

Douglas Keogh

It was a very cool place to visit. There is a lot of history to see and a very good collection of historic artifacts including weapons. A very humbling experience. Big collection of things outside including planes, tanks, and turrets. Highly recommend this museum when visiting Vincennes Indiama!

ruth haberle

Very educational! What a wonderful way to pay tribute to those who fought for our country and our freedom. Reasonable admission price.

evan richard

Great growing place. Very knowledgeable staff with years of experience in their field.

Jeremy Stephens

Great museum.

Jill Schneider

What a wonderful place. Way more memoriabilia than I would have thought. The outside display was incredible and Soo much to see and read. Definitely give yourself plenty of time, at minimum 2.5 hours to really read and appreciate the experience. All the staff we found out were Volunteer and many are Veterans with great knowledge. Thank you for your service. Thank you for a great museum!

Brenda Shake-Osmon

Authentic, well presented, and it is a military museum on a grand scale! A must see experience!

Christian Andersen

Great treasure.

Dick Davis

Great exhibits

Larry Johnston

They have so many diversified great pieces of our military history. Well worth your time to stop and look.

Robert Hamilton

This place was facinating. It was hard to believe that everything was one person's personal collection. The employees were very friendly.

Joe Zuzolo

So many fascinating things to see! If your a military history buff definitely worth seeing.

Farrel Weisheit

What a great place to visit. They really have a lot of stuff to see plus some airplanes ,tanks .

Jc Frigge

Very Educational, You need more than one day to see it all.

Kelli T

Very nice museum. What an great museum to have in our area. It is so well organized and cared for. Staff is great as well. Thank you.

Nikki Butler

Lots of history and a place to just really keep your phone up and let the history tell the story!

Doug Rubsam

A must see for anyone who is interested in military history very well put together and knowledgeable volunteers

David Margraf

Great place. Living history.

Hussien M.S. Alsalahi

On of the best museums I have been to. I visited it while I was on my way back to IL and for sure I will visit it again when I come back to U.S.A....God bless U.S.A., God Bless Yemen.

Teresa Kirkpatrick

Great history close to home.

Dixie Burkett

Interesting place! V÷ry well done!

Sue Knipp

Good place to remember the sacrifices made, so we could have the freedom to go and do.

Collien Amos

Not a bad place to visit. Didn't go into the museum. Maybe next time.

yeet yeetus

Very cool!! One staff member showed us stuff he knew about and then we got to look around. So many cool things!!!

Gary Kramer

Very nice place to visit. Lots and lots of war history there that is very interesting. I would definitely recommend a trip here to see all the exhibits. Gonna try to make it back down Labor Day weekend for their war reenactment.

Andrew Hicks

Great little museum. Went to the WWI event and learned a lot.

Colleen Harrison

This place is awesome. They Saluted my Dad. He served in WWII. Well worth the trip. Thank you for a wonderful tour.

Chris Burkhart

Great addition to downtown Vincennes. Very friendly knowledgeable staff working it and giving free tours. Will be expanding as time goes by. Stands up very well to bigger city military museums.

Lior Segal

Museum had wonderful pieces from all of America's conflicts. From the revolutionary war all the way up to Iraq. Owners are extremely nice and knowledgable. Tons of jets, tanks and armored vehicles to ogle at.

Carson Marlar

The people were very helpful and shared a lot of different facts and stories about all of the exhibits. Overall a great place to spend time with the family!

Jessica Shaw

Awesome, had so much more than I thought it would. We spent hours there.

Heather Morrison

Loved the history and the stories that the gentlemen told us

Julie Justice

So much history! I specifically liked reading letters from soldiers which makes it all personal.

Angela Ventresco

A great museum. Military history from all eras.

Kerry Holtz

Very nice museum and my grandson loved it !

Shane Goodman


Jody Michael


LuckyStreak Gaming

Good collection of Military Equipment

Christopher Stine

Great displays

Todd Hare

Great museum. Set up was fantastic

Christopher Lyons

A lot of great items from all wars in American history.

Mitch Newell

Awesome museum the best around the state


I took my dad here after his VA doctor appointment. We both quite enjoyed it thank you for making this available to everyone.

Michael Dawes

Overwhelmed by all the exhibits. Thanks for the behind the scenes tour and showing my family items currently being restored. Great experience!

Juanita Copple

Very much enjoyed my time there. Will be back

J.R. Burke

Awesome experience .

Anne Pratt

New exhibit space is fantastic!

JC King

Awesome display & colection of planes, tanks, artillary, personal carriers, personal gear, bunkers, ECT. Very reasonably priced. If your interest is anything military, then this is a must stop!

Dennis Duncan

Made delivery next door outside displays look very interesting. Have never been inside.

Bob Esselborn

USS INDIANAPOLIS submarine sail is a must see.

Ruth Willy

We thought it was well done and interesting

Jean Duffield

This was my 3rd visit to this museum and I've thoroughly enjoyed every visit. They try to change up the exhibits as often as they can, so there is always something new to see My grandchildren also enjoyed seeing the museum and, I hope, learned a little history.

naomi wright

Very cool place!

Brandon Owens

It was very cool, they have a great collection ranging from the Revolutionary War to present day. It is cheap to get in and the guys working there are really passionate about telling the history of everything. I would just say to try and make this a part of a bigger day, as there isn't quite enough to fill a whole day! Still a very nice way to spend 3 hours of my weekend.

Kelly Wodicka

Enjoyed my time and hope to come back.

David Derr

There is exceptional work being done at this museum. The amount of money invested into the displays, vehicles, weapons, and repairs for these items was remarkable. I happened to stop in when there was a special ceremony going on for the USS Indianapolis (submarine) it was really neat to see the veterans who had served on board. It is a quality museum that once could visit multiple times and find it enjoyable. It was 8 dollars for adults with some variations on the pricing for seniors and children I believe. WWII vets could go in for free and other veterans get a discount. They seem to be expanding as fast as possible and I look forward to returning over the years.

Jancey Smith

A great place to visit with so much to see at your own pace.

William Souser

One of the better militay museums i've seen. Covers all services. Planes and vehicles are a plus

GalaxyFox7241 YT

Truly an amazing experience! I absolutely loved it! I'll only post a few pictures as not to ruin the experience.

David Switzer

The most impressive private collection of military artifacts and equipment I've ever seen. Definitely worth your time. Reasonably priced too, with discounts for seniors and veterans.

Wayne Leuck

Fantastic place to visit! Love the new building!

Yvetta Berry

Worth your time!!. Plan for a full day. So much to see. Loved the WW2 reenactment. We are members now and plan on supporting and visiting often. More events to visit also

Stephani Carl

The whole family loved it! Everyone was so friendly and outgoing. Not your typical grumpy museum staff! Very informative and interesting.

Tim Joyce

Great exhibits and educational for the whole family

Andrea Brewer

Very interesting place to visit. I would recommend

Chas Gorman

It was great to looking at all of the material they have their dating way back to the Civil War times. I believe the general public would enjoy this museum.

Bob Carnahan

Really well done military museum. Exhibits range from the War of 1812 to Iraq. Lots of various artifacts (guns, uniforms, pictures, etc.) Many vehicles, including wheeled, track, flying. Very nice, helpful staff members. They are expanding, so we'll plan a return trip in the future. There is a small cost, but we'll worth the price ($5 adults/$3 children up to 17/ veteran discount)

Joshua Burton

This is an AMAZING museum!! The people working here are very nice and add to the interesting perspective of the museum.. When you come here you have to get the stamp for the indoor part of this museum, the big building was worth the trip alone.. Sadly I was not here when they did the reenactment but I will def. make plans to come back when they are doing as such because, from the videos, it looks AMAZING!!

Adrienne Sparks

Loved it. Learn something new each I go.

Linda Collins

This place is great a lot to see and not expensive to get in. my husband and I have went there 4 times and we'll go back many more times. Lots to see

Lorie Cunningham

One of the best museums. Interactive, educational, and a monument to the brave soldiers that defended our country. Incredible actual history you can touch. Judge Jim Osborne has created a gem in the Indiana Military Museum. The military artifacts he has carefully collected over the years are amazing . A definite must see!

Kristi Roll

Very interesting exhibit

Rob Whitaker

Loved this place! Military history at its best!

Mark Miller

Of your ex military this is a nice place to visit a lot to see for a small place

Amy Vandergraff

So much to look at! Only open 10-4 but will definitely need another trip!

Girl Mine

It was amazing. There was so much to see and we went to a reenactment so it was amazing. The people were so polite.

David Steele

Great selection of time line to follow for different periods in history. Looking forward for return visit in the near future. Plan to make it a day so I can absorb the details of artifacts on display!

kelly leonard

Great military museum. Lots to look at. Very interesting items. Staff very friendly.


Plenty to see outside, including an F15, DC3 and an actual soviet Mig.Inside you have to pay $5 but its well worth it, very nice collection of stuff dating back to the civil war.

Ron - Knightscode Adams

Very pleasant atmosphere. Lot of knowledge available on history. Pleasant staff. Family friendly.

Rhonda Cox

Worth the admission price and drive!

alex finch

Very good price to get in very cool stuff would come again would be there every day if I did not live in ga.

Carolina Ramirez Mora

It is very interesting reading the plates for each plane, we learned new stuff.

Brian Hammett

One of the most thorough and outstanding military museums I have ever visited. Many artifacts from all major post Revolutionary War conflicts that the US has been a part of. Many indoor and outdoor artifacts that will keep all ages entertained. It offers a wealth of knowledge about American involvement in the many conflicts they have taken part in.

tom cobb

Very interesting. Almost too much to see in one visit. Great displays both indoors and out.

Christopher Young

Lots of cool things to look at. The new building with the running vehicles was open. It rained all day so the parking lot was flooded. The people were very nice and would have given us a guided tour if we wanted. Looking forward to the projected new large building. It will give so many exhibits a chance to be on display. This place isnt an all day thing but it's a good 2 hour visit.

Jaime Herr

Very well laid out and educational I would recommend it to young and old alike

Jason Hawkins

The place is awesome. If your a military machines and artifacts nut. You'll enjoy it!

Christan Manning

I think it's a little on the pricey side and there's no one there to tell you about any of it, which I think would be a plus! Nice to see a simpler, truer time of life

David Castleberry

That museum was really good in the volunteers were excellent if you like military equipment that's the place to go and the town actually offers a lot of history also

James Wornica

Very nice people very friendly they know there stuff it was a beautiful exhibit lots of information technology and general knowledge of military history I will return with more of my family and friends over an over . Recommended it for history classes an history buffs a any military vet

Mark Cannoneer

A must see if you are going to or passing through Vincennes, IN. Pleasant and knowledgeable volunteers readily available to answer history questions or local questions.

Dustyn Taylor

It was hot and I didnt make it inside the actual museum but there was plenty to look at outside. Will stop again and check out the inside on my next visit to town.

Anthony Beamon

It's a nice little Museum that was a dream for judge Osborne

Harmon Pinkstaff

GREAT Place to visit staff were very helpful and nice Amazing collection

David Snyder

Great place to spend the afternoon. The staff is very knowledgeable. Some of exhibits are one of a kind. I especially liked to see the tanks and the Higgins boat. My Dad drove a Higgins boat in WWII. This is a special place.

RaDonna Smith

Great place for history. Wonderful people who own it and run it and wonderful displays.

Suzie Schoen

Really liked it! Friendly staff and lots to see.


Was extremely surprised about the quality of their selection. The events they occasionally put on are a must go. The staff and volunteers are nice.

James McKibben

Visited he museum on Sunday. Memorial Day weekend. What a great museum. Wide variety of excellant exhibits covering all eras of our military history. They were just receiving a new piece of equipment as we were leaving. A must see for any history buff. As a veteran I was impressed by the quality of the displays. A great tribute to those who have served and those that have given there all in the defense of our nation.

Ariel Derr

So much stuff to seer easily spend the whole day there

Mary Hawkins

Great place layed out in order of our miltary past. Very informative, the staff were very friendly and helpful.

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