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REVIEWS OF Indiana Medical History Museum IN Indiana

Lindy McEntee

Very interesting, off the beaten track though.

Tim Bequeret

Worth going to!

Ashley Taylor

Don't miss out on this place. This is one of the best museums I've ever visited!

Jill Pancini

Great experience...very educational. They have many great medical artifacts on display.

G.K Taurins

It was an amazing place and was very interesting. The tour and the tour guide were both very informative and they even made a few jokes which i laughed at. It was such an amazing experience to see parts of organs and to understand how this place worked during the 1890's.

Dianna Terrell

Very awesome place I have a nursing degree and I found this museum very interesting truly a great experience

Bryan Henchey

If you have any interest in the history of medicine, this is a must see if you're in the area. I was surprised at just how much I learned. The person providing the tour (which starts on the hour) was very knowledgeable in regard to the building and its history. There really is a ton to see in the hour long tour. If you're a Pearl Jam fan, make sure to check out the original copy and order form for the Vitalogy book. The only issue I had, and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5, is that there is so much to see, an hour almost isn't enough to see it all. I consistently felt rushed when moving to a new room, and kind of had to lag behind to snap pictures without having someone standing in the photos. Overall though, it was an excellent tour.

Krystal Kaster

What great history packed into this amazing building!!! The tour and specimens are AMAZING! Will definitely be coming back!

Dana M Campbell

Truly an experience. So much history here.

Louis van Belle

You must go to this place. A rare historical gem! A chance to get up close and see medical history from 100 years ago.

Heidi Mayo

Something this size could take one visit, but I've been twice now (with kids 10, 11, 15 the second time) and I loved it just as much. It's interesting to know where we were in history and where we are now. I visited more of the grounds years ago, but the buildings are pretty much in shambles now. It's pretty cool to see them though.

Christopher Lacy



Awesome little museum!!! Great place if you love history and/or medicine

Anna Laws

This museum is amazing! Someone who is interested in any area of the medical field or psychology, or just loves the neat, different and rather unique hidden places will love it here. The guided tour allows for enough time to explore the room and look at items for a few minutes after the guide explains the purpose of the room and the highlighted areas. The museum contained both items donated and items origional to the pathology building apart of what was once Central State Hospital. I would definitely recommend and return!

Matt Krych

It was very cool to walk around this building. Most everything is in tact and just as it was before. I think the tour could have been more detailed and more organized. The tour seemed very slow paced to me.

J Shanks

Very interesting history!

Melissa Sheldon

Very interesting exhibit! Our guide was a retired physician, so he was able to impart some professional knowledge as we toured. Displays of preserved human brains from various ailments. It was a glimpse into the early pathology. No touching - not a good place for young children that are unable to control themselves. Outdoor garden displays medicinal plants that are labeled with info about previous usages.

My Cry for Help

I enjoyed myself a lot. The guide for my group was knowlegable and patient. He answered all of questions. This is not a good place for kids though as there are several body parts on display.

Kelsey Martin

Excellent museum. They pretty much had to drag me out. Not very appropriate for children, as it's catered to a somewhat more intellectual audience. It's not hands on but there's tons to look at and you can walk around the rooms freely for the most part. Since it's on the old grounds of Central State, it's got a heavy psychiatric influence, but it goes well beyond the history of the hospital. Highly recommended for anyone in interested medicine, mental health, or the biological sciences as a profession or simply as an interest.

Teresa knudson

We wanted to go check out this museum pretty bad, but got kind of rudlly shoved outside the door because there was another group going on a tour I guess. The lady was not very friendly at all. All she said was for us to wait outside in the garden for another 30 minutes.... She could have been a little bit more pleasent. Needless to say we left and didn't come back. I guess they didn't want our business. We were there disappointed since we r both in the medical field and would have really loved exploring this old medical museum.

Sue Leuschke

Maria Alvarez

One amazing historical medical museum! Oldest pathology building in our nation.

Kristi Ferrato

This museum was amazing! $10 for the tour, and they only open the door a few minutes before each door so time that accordingly. Tours seem to be on the hour but call beforehand to be sure. The tour guide we had was very knowledgeable and happy to answer questions. Take time to peruse their garden!

Joanna A

The IMHM is a quaint spot off the beaten path but so interesting! It was really cool to see all the exhibits, and to see how work on mental health issues began. The anatomical museum was fascinating and very informative. Outside, there are cool examplea of medicinal plants. Overall, this was a very enjoyable experience!

Justin Baker

This museum is small but packed full of awesome information. The venue was rented out for a Chthulu based event, but it was staffed with a docent in every room that could better explain the objects you were looking at. The displays are varied and in depth. For a small museum it is just packed with historical objects. As a venue the setting was just amazing for what we were doing, it would work well for murder mystery parties, fundraising mixers, etc.

Mike Kane

The medical museum is worth the trip alone

Barry Cagle

The brains with the tumors were very interesting.

Kyle Turner

Staff was very knowledgeable and the artifacts were interesting. If you're looking for something to do, put this place on your list.

kurt bob

This is a good one- history of an early Psychiatric Medical Hospital. Don't you really want to know whose brain is larger: yours or a psychotic?

Melissa McKinney

Extremely fascinating museum!

Leanna Palacio

Didn't actually get to visit; apparently groups of more than three had to call and schedule tours.

Jason Chisham

Amazing historical museum. 50 minute group tours on the hour.

John Lieurance

I've been to many museums and this is a rare and special place. Beautifully preserved building and furnishings for over 100 years. A chance to see state-of-the-art medical science as it was in 1895.

N. H.

Very nice place to visit. Extremely informative.

Jake Hancock

One of the best museums in Indy!

Rheannan Shaieb

My boyfriend took me here for our first date. Very interesting if your into anything related to the brain or medical field. Garden tour in the morning is fun, and the tour guide is very sweet.

Jolly Green

One of the coolest museums I've ever been to, but I'm entering the pathology field, so I may be biased. Very unique and a lot of U.S history here. Definitely worth seeing if you're in the area.

Sarah Snowden

This place is neat! There are so many things to look at, and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I especially loved looking at medical equipment from the early 1900s.

Twisted Cupcake Cutie

They ONLY do tours on the hour. Can't look around independently. Museums usually offer self guided tours for those that prefer to look at their own pace. The elderly woman wasn't very friendly. $10 to go on a tour, on some one else's time frame, is a little crazy.

Adam Anti-pop

I go here to fly RC aircraft. For that purpose it's pretty good.

Evanna Singh

Our tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. She made an already fascinating museum even more awesome! I highly recommend this museum to anyone interested in Indiana's medical history.

Christina Ryan

Wonderful experience lots of interesting information

Diego Espinosa

A small museum packed with history. Surprisingly interesting

Abdul Hakam

The Indiana Medical History Museum is an Indianapolis monument to the beginning of psychiatric medical research. It is located on the grounds of what was formerly Central Indiana Hospital for the Insane, later shortened to Central State Hospital.

T. Mills

A touch of history. Recommended, especially if your in the psychology field.

Shane Worsham

(Translated by Google) jw (Original) Jw

Samantha Bailey

The medicinal garden tour was very informative and a great experience.

Ashley Zappia

Very cool! As someone who works on laboratory medicine, it was really interesting to see how the same type of testing was performed in the past. The volunteers at the IMHM have done a fantastic job in preserving a time capsule of a medical diagnostic laboraroy. I would highly recommend to anyone who works in medicine or has children/students who are considering going into the medical field. My husband who is not in the medical field also really enjoyed our visit, so if you just enjoy science and are looking for a fun afternoon, it is an excellent place to visit.

Elizabeth Joseph

Such an interesting place!

Tiffany Pulkowski

Very interesting and informative. The tour guides are very knowledgeable and friendly.


great place to take the kids for a great bit of knowledge and fun

Warren Robling

Nice place to visit and learn about how bad it was to be a resident there.

Chris C.

This place is a hoot! Simply lousy with medical artifacts from a terrifying time not too far into our past. We went at noon on a Saturday, and had roughly 10 people in our tour group (the guide said it was a large group, but we were able to navigate the space well). Our guide was funny and well informed, and the artifacts on display were incredibly enthralling! If you have any interest in medicine, history, or the horrors of the human body, this is the place for you. Highly recommended.

Grand Pa Mike

Very interesting

Augusta Isley

A great treasure in Indiana! Fun and educational!

Rise Helgemo

History told in guided tour.

Violet Grimm

Loved this place! Beautiful building, awesome specimens, phenomenal history. I really want to visit again, hopefully during the seasonal garden time. Dave did a great job with the tour too.

Gears OnAcid

It would be great if the museum was open for people to wander through it or do tours in half hour intervals. We missed the tour time by a couple of minutes and had to leave because we couldn't wait an entire hour for the next one.

Chelsea Weaver

Very interesting. Inexpensive if you are a student. Our tour guide was really informative.

Lisa Cloyd

This was such a cool place to visit. Tour guide was great. We will definitely be back for another tour.

Jayson Grube

Kiiiinda creepy.. So if you're in to that.. Go =)

Chad Harris

Very interesting place and well worth a visit.

Christina Miller

Was in the area so decided to stop in hoping that my museum membership would cover this museum as well of which it was not a participating facility. However, we were able to walk around and educate ourselves in the medicinal gardens on the property. I haven't taken extra cash with me as I was in town to support my granddaughters softball team. I would definitely like to return and tour the museum at some point.

Elizabeth Schmidt

Very interesting. Staff was great.

Ruth Clarke

Little known gem in Indy. My daughter found this for our visit. Lots of amazing information.

Wayne Twp 4H Cara Kowal

Very interesting, a hidden gem in Indy.

Robert Thompson


Kelly Floyd

Anderson Mayfield

I don't usually go out of my way to review non-food/booze spots, but I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the Indiana Medical History Museum today. I should preface this by saying I am a scientist with an interest in the macabre; a non-scientist who does not get a kick out of seeing pickled, cancer-ridden brains of insane people may not have quite the same experience as me, and I feel strongly I enjoyed the tour more than the other 6-7 people in our group. That being said, the presentation is interesting, the guides knowledgeable, and you will really see how far medical science has come over the past 100-150 years. They have some scientific and medical equipment I have only ever heard of, but never seen in person (e.g., an iron lung, an old-school brain dissector, and more), and they have a cool garden with medicinal plants. Not suitable for little kids: not because it's boring but because there are too many priceless objects for them to inadvertently run into! As mentioned by others, the hours are very limited, especially for working stiffs (of which I am not one), but it's well worth an hour of your time if you can make it between 10:00-3:00 on a Saturday (or the same window on Thurs. or Fri.).

Eduardo Gomez

Loved it. The tour guide was really versed.

Reginald Kearby

I loved learning the history of this building. The expirence was amazing and the people were lovely. Our tour guide took time to explain each detail and was patient with our questions. The artifacts were great. Overall a good trip.

Bob Bierman

Great value. Our guide was very able in explaining the relevance of the building/pieces, and most of the rooms had typed up displays for extra detail/information.

Stephanie K

Fascinating place! I'm glad we discovered it. I only wish we could have had more time to browse after the tour, but understand why this isn't really feasible.

Rhonda Clark

Great! Staff was wonderful.

Linda Girard

Don't stare at the brains; it's rude.

Lisa McAfee

Very interesting. The tour guide did an amazing job. She explained things well and was open to answering all our questions.

Josh Music

The lady that did our tour was spectacular....she was some kind of historian...wish I could remember her name... definitely worth a second visit

Rachel Ward

If you like medical history, or history in general, you will enjoy this museum. It's jam packed with things to see and hear as you are guided through a tour of the facility. The pricing is unbeatable as well at only $5-10 per person (the $5 is with a student discount). Tours start every hour on the hour. The only thing I can possibly complain about is that the content of the museum rarely changes, but this isn't much of an issue as there is so much detail that repeat trips are still enjoyable because you can still learn more and see new details.

Robert Newman

Guides are very knowledge and excited to share their knowledge of the building and medical history.

Normandy Halvorson

We had a fabulous intern lead our guided tour. He was knowledgeable and kind to answer all our questions. The museum is one of the better treasures of Indianapolis deserving of its historical status and efforts of preservation. The medicinal gardenbis so plentiful could also have a tour associated with it.

Diane Duffy Robinson

Amazing. Wonderful tour. Artifacts are overwhelming.

Pepe Perez


Scott Sterling

The tour was ok. They only let in a few people at a time, each hour. We had to wait an extra hour to get in. There wasn't much to do in the local area so we basically sat in our car and waited. Not sure it was worth the wait. The materials inside felt lackluster and not exciting.

John Ferreira

Awesome museum with a ton of history. Well preserved items, great price, super educational. Tours happen on the hour, but make sure you’re there a bit early. Groups of 12 are brought in, if the group is full you’ll have to wait another hour.

Jason Ginzkey

A little off the beaten path but if your interested in medical history it's a great little tour to kill a few hours. It's is located on the former grounds of a mental institution. They also have a garden with the former and current uses of the plants there.

Dakota Williams

I love it great place to go

Eghe Lenze

Pretty cool place if you love history or in the medical world.

Josh Pless

Sarah Hartman

Warning: tours start on the hour, and you cannot get in until ten minutes before! The museum is on the grounds of the Indiana state mental institution. This is the building where research and autopsies were actually done. Including a theater with original chairs than you can sit in. The tour was about an hour and the guide was very knowledgeable and took adequate time in each room. Very enjoyable. Real brains in jars!

Dave Z

Good lectures and displays

Jordan Rhude

My wife and I stopped in for a tour today and had a great time. Our tour guide David was really good and very knowledge. Tour takes about an hour and they leave on the hour. Very unique bit of history!

Jennifer Nicholson

Really educational and a littl scary

Neli Medina

Love this place. Learned a lot from here very interesting things. Is not expensive at all!. Will go again when we Visit Indiana again.

Mried Riedford

Amazing history, fascinating. Thoroughly enjoyed.

Suzy Stevens

Very cool time capsule of a medical school. A must see if you dare.

Noah Morgan

This place is great place to visit with incredibly sustained history. You will be glad if you visit here.

Samantha Hathaway

Oldest pathology building still standing in US (second oldest overall). Interesting brain specimens with tumors and other pathologies from people in the nearby hospital for insanity. It is a guided tour with more general information, rather than specific advances made by the doctors that worked there. If you have a science background its interesting to see how much and how little has changed (which could have made the tour more interesting to touch on i.e the machine they used to slice small sections in wax for closer exam is very similar to what is used for frozen sections from samples during surgery)

Bette Maners

Most was boring. The things patients swallowed was VERY interesting, but our guide kept her hand on the drawer and rushed us through it. Some people in our group didn't even have time to get a glance. I would loved to have been able to see that for more than 10 seconds.

Robert Constant

Cool place to visit. Artifacts are very well preserved and the staff is very intelligent in this area.

Christoph Bunger

Pretty cool.

Michelle S

Wonderful tour, I highly recommend a visit. We learned a lot about the history of pathology and was surprised to learn how progressive it’s doctors were in a time where mental illness was misunderstood and unethically treated. Thank you for the tour David!

Ashley Towal

Took my kids 12 and 14 and this was their favorite part of the weekend. Great history lesson.

Joshua Sadowski

Awesome rainy afternoon activity for couples, interesting history & great staff!

C. Gabe Ramirez

Very informative tour. You will learn a lot of history about this old building and the things done in it. Check it out if you are in the area and have some time to spare.

Seth Powers

Friendly tour guides and a lot of fascinating historical information.

Josh Young

If you like history check this place out. It seems pricey for what you get but the money goes to preserve the building so it doesn't get torn down.

Andrew Stucky

Such a cool location. The tour is great and very informative. We loved visiting this Historical Museum. It is such an underrated museum with a rich history and I really wish that it would receive more attention. During the summer they show old movies on a screen in the auditorium.

Cady Bequeret

I loved visit this place. So much beautiful history packed into this small building. Our tour guide was so friendly and knowledgeable. We will be back and will bring family.

katrina hertzler

It’s a shame there’s not more money put into repairing this glorious unique property. Lovely people there , lovely place to volunteer, enjoy going there so much, I just wish the city cared about putting more money into maintaining it’s historic landmarks

Dana Foster

This place is extremely rich in history. It's a definite recommendation when people ask me what to do around Indianapolis!

Jennifer Robertson

Dope. It was cool to learn about old medicinal practices. I also learned I don't do well at the sight of brain. I would not take children under 12 to this museum.

Leslie Risch

Had a great time today at the Medical History Museums in Indianapolis! Everything there is still from the time the Building was in use. Our guide had a lot of knowledge and it is totally worth the entrance fee!

Aaron Estevez

There's so much history in this place! It's a great deal for the $10 admissions. There's also discounts for students with ID and seniors. The tour takes about an hour, and you can't hangout in the museum ahead of time, so be aware of that if it's a hot day. They also have a free garden tour on Saturdays at 11:00 AM during the summer, and that's really interesting. Free parking too.

Michael Behrens

Amazing piece of history. I would definitely recommend.

Elijah Hovis

The tour is incredibly interesting, it withholds boundless knowledge and experience, the tour guides are knowledgeable in the topics and are very enthusiastic about the tour.

Jeff Sammons

Great guide, Kellyn, interesting artifacts.

Andrew Okerson

This is one of the coolest places I've toured in Indiana. Our guide took us all around for over an hour. She provided great detail and historical context to the facility. Very interesting.

Angel Williams

This place is awesome!!!! I had no idea of the amount of history sitting in Indianapolis. What is great is the amount of items that are original not only to the era but the actual building. There are some creepy things too, which made the tour that much cooler. Wierd Science

Kate Neary

I've been twice. the first time was a few years ago and it was really informative and interesting. The guide offered insight into how the asylum was run and a lot of history. The current tour had a lot less information provided thru the tour, but still a good time and I would recommend stopping by. the area on the grounds of the former Central State is really being built up and there's a coffee shop nearby.

Janice McMannis

Very interesting. We did the tour of the medical plants garden. Knowledgable and friendly guide, very nice and educational. Highly recommend the garden and museum.

Chandra Gunjak

Such an interesting place to visit

Rebekah Cotner

I think the guided tour makes this museum worth it! With their knowledge the rooms come alive and there’s more understanding of context. My sister and I really enjoyed all the history of the building and medical era in time.

Melissa Giles

Connor made up for Mary Mauer’s unprofessional reception. Connor was very interesting, accommodating, patient and professional.

Nicole Gimlich

Very educational and informative.

Todd Emrick

Wonderful gem of Indy's history. The Medical Museum shows how early research was performed to cure the mentally ill. Highly recommend visiting.

Flannery Vaught

Amazing! Definitely worth the visit!

Taylor Lauderdale

It was amazing and so beautiful and a little creepy but it was awesome to go to

Brendan Knapp

Very cool place! Tours run on the hour. Staff friendly and knowledgeable.

Sunshine McCarthy

Limited hours but worth the effort . The docent was informative and had interesting stories.

Brian Hammett

Interesting museum on the Westside of Indy. It was enjoyable and informative. A little cramped and hard to see some exhibits due to large crowd. I would recommend for fans of history, medicine, or the macabre. Not for the the faint at heart.

heather john

So much history and such extraordinary preservation! Highly recommend to anyone interested in medicine and architecture.

Patti Lacey

Fascinating tour. Stay away from sugar and reduce alcohol because it's bad for your brain.

Patrick Hoagland

Interesting history lesson, the museum was closed up and left operational and reopened as a museum. Our guide actually used some of the extremely outdated equipment when he was in school many years ago. It's like stepping back in time.

Cindy P

We drove from Nashville, Tn to visit the museum. We called at 2:49pm to make sure we could get in for the 3:00 tour, since it said "No Reservations needed." Told that we possibly could. We got there are 2:55 and were turned away. Very, very disappointing, after such a long drive.

Blake Baldwin

Very cool museum in a unique setting. Totally worth a visit to see the cool artifacts they have here.

Cordero Cervantes

Awesome place would so go again

Jimmy Williams

Great place to visit. Lot of artifacts.nice furniture

Kathy Bishop

It was very nice afternoon tour. Excellent history lesson

Garrett Scher


Andrew Noonan

Awesome museum for anyone interested in history, medicine, or the slightly macabre. The building site is packed with local and national history, and the exhibits are world-class. Definitely worth exploring, whether you are visiting the city or are a local looking for some adventure.

Kylie Leitenberger

Amazingly interesting! Great for school medical field trip. There are a lot of cool artifacts and stuff left there from before there was a museum made of it

Billgbill 6

If you are in the medical field this place is an absolute must. If you aren't in the medical field it's an absolute must! If you work in a shoe store this place is an absolute must! If you work as an axe wielding help.

Logan Rumbaugh

Fabulous museum off the beaten path. Inexpensive and unique, mandatory guided tour helps you get a lot more out of this visit than you'd expect. Be aware however, that tours begin on the hour and they won't let you in the building until 10 minutes or less before the tour begins. Easy to get to on both the IndyGo 3 & 8 buses. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it.


Well worth the vist

Cody Kramer

This is a great place for field trips it would be best for older kids though as younger kids may find some of the things scary and creepy. The staff is very knowledgeable and make learning fun, they have a lot of neat artifacts,

Peter Taurins

Cool place.

kelsey oleson

Happy that I came across this on my vacation. Staff was full of information and let us ask plenty of questions. Lots of the old equipment, records, chemicals, and books from when the hospital was functioning are still there and helped to paint a full picture.

James A Clark Jr

Fascinating place and local history! off the beaten path but well worth visiting for hospital and local history!

Jessica Bewley

My favorite museum in Indianapolis by far. Love how preserved everything is. They closed the doors and left EVERYTHING. It’s like you’re stepping back in time!

Thomas Whiteman

One of a kind late 19th century - early 20th Century medical museum which was built next to the Indiana State Mental Hospital. Great Educational displays on medicine at that time in history.


great ffa national convention stop

Kaiser Zenyatta

Extremely interesting and informative. May be slightly out of the way and in a "bad neighborhood" for some, but we'll worth going to learn about the history of how mental institutions began to develop research into the human brain and into how we should treat those less fortunate.

Shanna Lindsey

Supernatural stuff going on here !!!! Love it !!!

Patty Strother

Interesting. Architecture is beautiful.

Joel Cosme, Jr

I recommend visiting when in town. The artifacts are cool and the staff is very nice.

Denny Bush

Youll never believe what youll find there

Amy Linne

This place is awesome!!! It was a great learning experience for me and they got a lot of cool stuff from back in the day.. hopefully soon I can visit again with my friends.. I definitely recommend going

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