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REVIEWS OF Indiana Caverns IN Indiana

jason sierakowski

Great group tours. Military discounts. Takes about 60-90minutes. Great gift shop.

Mike Hoffmann

Really neat experience, reasonable prices

Zach White

That was pretty cool. Long walk through the cave with a boat ride at the end. Be careful 170 stairs each way!

Brittany Ratcliff

It was nice, but kind of a short tour and the tour guide was unimpressive. He added so much unnecessary information that was already covered in the pre tour video, so it became pretty redundant fairly quickly. The boat ride was really cool though. We also did the escape room and it was the most illogical one I've ever done. The clues were extremely obscure, and it just didn't make a lot of sense. The zip coaster is what looked super fun. We didn't have time to do it unfortunately. It's decent for the price, but don't expect anything mind-blowing.

brendon morris

Way cool experience and the unique experience of riding in a boat so far below ground is memorys tjat will last a lifetime

Brody Anderson

Tour guide was fun. Underground boat ride was cool. The history video at the beginning was very informative.

A Naughny Mouse

Unlike any of the other caves you get to ride on a boat inside the cave. Almost kid friendly if you don't mind a lot of stairs. The tour guides are knowledgeable and fun.

Melody Pyle

The cave looks amazing, but most of the experience was very negative. The guide, Taylor, was very awkward and seemed bored and impersonal. You watch a half hour video before you go in the cave that talks briefly about the cave then goes into their view of how the world was created and how dinosaurs went extinct. It was very odd and you just want to go into the cave but you’re stuck watching a video for a long time. There are also tons of wet stairs, so I wouldn’t recommend it for smaller children or people who struggle to get around. The tour wasn’t all that long either because there was a lot of just standing in one spot for awhile. Would definitely recommend Blue Spring Caverns or Marengo Cave instead.


Very fun experience. Employees were super nice. Tour guide was very knowledgeable and spoke loud enough we could hear her over screaming kids. Gem mining and the bat chaser were both fun as well. Highly recommended.

Dan Skvie

That cave it is the best cave in the area. A lot of different formation. Most beautiful cave that I visit so far. Great tour giys as well.

Penny Kiffin

Cave tour for all ages, amazing experience to go underground and see all the features. Our group guide was knowledgeable about the history on the excavation of the cave. There's also a souvenir section.


Tour guide made the tour interesting. It will be even better once they add to the tours with the gravity coaster etc. The cave tour is on the smaller side and if you are not a fan of heights or stairs that may be an issue. I liked that it is in really good shape since they just opened around 2013. Nice people. Recommend if you are checking out all the caves in the area.

Carolyn Davis

Loved our boat ride.

Brittney Iowa

I took my 12 year old niece and my 4 year old son and we had a great time. It's a beautiful cave. The tour guide was very informative and helpful with any questions or concerns. The boat ride was the kids favorite part. I really enjoyed the underground waterfall. It's a long walking tour so have on your good walking shoes and make sure you can do stairs. The gift shop is great. Thank you for a great experience!


We recently visited your cave. Our experience was not very good. We waited in a line for 45 minutes plus with tickets purchased in advance. There was one lady selling tickets. After getting our passes to get on a tour we waited another hour just begin our tour. We could not hear the tour guide very well at all. Other caves use an ear bud system so you can hear what your guide has to say. And as far as a cave with alot of formations its not. You get down towards the end and ride along in a passageway that is dammed up so they can give you this boat ride. Sorry not worth the money.

Lindsay Scoffil

Awesome cave! Who gets to ride on a boat in a cave! Very nice staff and informative.also has gem mining. They are working on building a gravity forced roller coaster and an escape room.

Choice Electric nina

Myron was awesome and handsome very educated enjoys his job he has alot of education regarding caves Aplus rating The caverns were great Place is very clean I have gone to many caverns in my life this would be in my top 10 next to Carlsbad and Laurel caverns

Derek Hyland

This was one of the best surprises of our vacation. We were first attracted by the idea of doing a boat tour through a cave system and the fact that the facility touted being pretty kid friendly but we worried about the tourist trap feel of the advertisements we saw in the visitors guide as well as signs leading up to the center. I'm glad we weren't swayed by that concern as the cave is truly awesome. It would make a fantastic first cave experience for kids of all ages as the tour is not overly strenuous (though it does contain a couple of spiral staircases). There is a bit of an unnecessary 15 minute video prior to the tour that talks more about geologic time than the history of the cave itself that I felt was there to make the cave seem a bit more historic than it is (it is pretty strictly a show cave). That notwithstanding, the boat ride was very relaxing and informative and provided a great way by which to enjoy the cave including a lights out moment. The cave is lit enough to take pretty decent pictures throughout. There are several large rooms and plenty of stalagtites and other features to see along with some ice age remains. Our guide, Melanie, did not rush at all and was accomodating to our group that included my father who has limited mobility as well as three children under 8 years old. She took time to point out cave crayfish, answer questions, and guide us through the cave in a way that really maximized our enjoyment. Highly recommend and we'll definitely come back.

Emily Blevins

This was such a great experience! A friend and I went to lunch and needed an adventure, we googled what was near us and Indiana Caverns popped up! We got there and were greeted by the friendliest staff who answered all of our questions and let us know what to expect. Morgan was our guide and was so knowledgeable and personable! I highly recommend checking this place out!

Steven Everage

Awesome place! My son and I go every year to caves, and this was 1 of our fav.

Neil Kurtz

Very nicely arranged cave tour and underground boat ride! Really enjoyed it!

Matt Glentzer

We had a great time at Indiana Caverns! This is a great family attraction. Definitely worth the stop if you are in the are or thinking about doing some exploring. The gift shop had some awesome items for purchase.

Santos Arroyo

Great family friendly place for both fun and education. I will definitely be returning soon!

Chris David

Everything at Indiana caberns is great. Ive been twice now and would go back. Cave is still really new for tours and well preserved. Tour guides are very knowledgeable.

Jason Kenosky

Awesome tour we had a great time. The cave tour then you get to take a boat ride in a underground river which was super cool and strange we all loved it, just so happens it's the second underground river boat tour we've been on this year and we are looking for more to go see and explore. There were a lot of steps though but you can go at your own pace they will wait on ya. The tour guilds are very smart and informable about the cave and he had a good answer to all the questions our kids were throwing out. This is a great time and I would recommend it.

Paul and Andrea A

So new they took all the good ideas from other cave and utilized them here. The boat trip was boring for those of us that had been there done that, but the opening room to the cave was awesome, and we had just come from Mammoth. The zipline seemed relatively cheap, but was pretty short.

Crystal Gauthier

Loved it our guide was awesome. Steps were steep. Not meant for unfit people.

Ron White

Great tour. Caverns were just recently explored for the first time unlike most east of the Mississippi that have been in use for decades. Underground river tour as well.

A Google User

Great staff, nice tour, not as many formations as some of the other caves in the area.

Rae Clements

A lot of fun. Katie was a great tour guide. Very interesting to learn about the history of the cavern system.

jenifer teixeira

We had an amazing time here with my family and our tour guide Alyssa was great , and we will definitely be returning to experience the zip lining attraction coming in May! Thanks " INDIANA CAVERNS " for a fun and educational tour , my entire family enjoyed the experience

Robin Wright

I took my family here and had a great experience. Staff is friendly and made the tour fun

T1 Rider

Great place to take kids of an age to walk independently. A nice variety of formations and artifacts on display as found. Guide was excellent. Knowledgeable and personable. Front desk staff also excellent. Explained different price packages and found the best deal for us. Of note: many stairs and two spiral stairs, call ahead about ADA accessibility. Thus, also, my note about kids above. Also, this is a wet cave so everything is damp. Floor decks are grated so no traction issues. We did the cave tour and the gem mining. We all enjoyed both. For groups of kids, I recommend getting one big bag and splitting it up. We found many cool rocks, crystals and gems as well as shark teeth and an arrow point! Overall great visit. 4 stars only because of the accessibility.

Rhonda Dennis

Awesome tour! Great family fun in the escape room and on the Bat Chaser.

Mercy Lyons

The cave itself was interesting,but most of the time it was the long lecturing on evolution that was the drawback.It would be more appropriate to just state facts,instead of theory.

Deana Thurston

Great experience for kids and adults.

John Shanley

Fantastic, very knowledgeable guide, funny, entertaining! Clean, new, great zipcar zip line coaster. Worth it

kristy bowen

It was pretty cool. The neatest part was the underground boat ride. My youngest loved panning for rocks and fossils.

Mrs. Lemon

First this place is absolutely only for people who are relatively fit. There are a lot of stairs to climb and a lot of walking. And it is damp. They show you a brief picture of some stairs and a walkway that seems easy enough, be warned, it is not, if your not in decent shape. Bad knees no way. They also dont tell you it dead ends so you will have to go back up all those steps you went down.. I had to stand at the counter a good 10 min before I could buy tickets. No one was there to wait on me. There were other employees around but none bothered to help me. A nice man who appeared to be a construction worker of some sort told me someone would be with me shortly. When a women did arrive to help me the cash register didn't produced receipts and as I paid cash, she had to hand write me one, since I had to request one... it was 96.70. Which I think was outrageous for 3 adults and 1 child and 2 bags of fossils. It was ok, but we wont be back.

Selma Adamczyk

Beautiful! I love going on cavern tours. We did the boat ride and all, it was so cool!

Zon Risley

Of all the caves we have been to this one rates in the top on quality of the tour . Part of the tour includes a boat ride . And the facility is home to other activities as well .. Well worth the drive

Maddy Carlton

Absolutely loved this! The regular tour is an hour and a half and safe for kids. Probably not too bad for those that don't like small spaces; there were spots of lower ceilings so you have to duck, but width is never a problem. They also have a 4 hr adventure tour for those that want to harness up and crawl, climb, and kayak around! DeAnna was a wonderful tour guide!

Shawna Beauchamp

Wonderful place to visit! Employees are super nice and knowledgeable! Indiana Caverns was able to accommodate our group of middle school students with no trouble at all!

tina ingram

I've been to other caves, but this one has so far been the best. It was a walking part and a boat ride. They also had an Escape Room. Even though we did not solve it we had a blast.

hoosier dady

Family fun if you like outdoor activities. But there are other caves local with more formations.

Kristen Stives

This is great if you just want to tell your friends and family that you have been to cave and that's about it. Our tour guide Katie wasn't knowledgeable about many of the cave formations, some of the most notable were not even mentioned (hello boxwork). For those interested in cave formations, the first 10 mins of the tour will be about it. From there, the tour deviates to paleontology-lite and all remaining formations and impressions are identified by cutesy names (santa clause, cave potato, bigfoot's footprint etc). This was an incredibly under-welcoming tour that lasted significantly longer than most cave tours. If you want to go on a boat tour that is underground, you will get to experience that. However, the show portion of the cave is generally not well decorated. I would discourage any individuals who are seriously interested in understanding caves and cave formations from taking a tour at this location based on my experience.

Kevin Short

One of the newest caverns around. Easy to find. Nice underground boat ride. Staff were very friendly but did not know who The Grateful Dead are.

Sai Kamalnath Chitirala

The best part was the boat ride on the shallow waters inside the cave. These caves were discovered just a decade ago and are smaller when compared to the mammoth caves in Kentucky. I felt that they have put some good effort in promoting the place by adding other attractions like Zip line and walking trails around the cave. It's worth to watch once!

patty irwin

I liked it. Our guide was very informative about the cave.

Kristi Spencer

fun place to spend a day staff is knowledgeable and friendly

Lenee Hyatt

Taylor was a great guide he was well educated and informative. The cavern is beautiful and the boat ride very peaceful. Indiana Caverns has an array of underground formations that will capture the intrest of both young and old.

Martin Higgs

I read some of the lower reviews and I couldn't disagree more. Staff was friendly and informative. Kids had a great time. Have been on multiple cave tours in Mammoth Cave and in Bowling Green and this was just as fun if not better. Prices are competitive with other tours at other places. 1 1/2 hour cave tour with boat ride is perfect amount of time. Guide was great.

Lynn Hagen

they were cool caves friendly awesome guide

Angel León

Beautiful! Knowledgeable guides. They managed to combine the best parts of lots of other cave tours in one. A word of caution.....there are quite a lot of stairs.

Katherine M.

A bit expensive for what you get. Lots of slippery stairs so be sure you are in decent shape and not scared of hights. The boat ride was kind of cool.

Kelia Li

Our tour guide was fantastic! Great for a family trip. The cave also is a good temperature of about 50°F year round

Tim Etherton

The staff was very friendly and helpful the grounds were well maintained our guide Sarah was very knowledgeable about the cave made for a great day

Barbara Sweet

Best cave I've ever visited ! Great

Barb Nelson

Very interesting! Better be in shape somewhat...lots is stairs

Wesley Twiggs

We've been to many caverns, and this was one of the best! The gift shop area is very new and VERY clean. Alyssa was a wonderful tour guide, and all the staff was very friendly. The cavern itself is fairly newly discovered and therefore its formations are practically undisturbed and pristine. The underground Robert portion of the tour is also pretty neat. Highly recommended for a nice family outing!


Tour was an almost 15 minute Jesus charged video attempting to explain how Science is related to the bible (10 years ago, they didn't even try doing this!) to followed by an hour of "Don't touch anything, watch your head, we somehow got electricity and metal walkways strewn all throughout the cave" I would've honestly rated 3* but the saving grace here was the Escape Room. Those guys know what they're doing.

Bryan Newton

What an awesome experience! Caleb our guide did an excellent job. We will definitely be back again.

Audrey Foreman

The tour guide was knowledgeable and entertaining.. we only did the cave tour and visited the gift shop, but there's also a small zip line, escape room, and gemstone sluice. A little bit for everyone, and would be a good place for families to visit. Lots of information about the history and science of cave wildlife, and the history of this specific cavern.

April Wilson

Very neat. Fun way to stay cool during the summer. Definitely a recommendation.

C Norris

Too hot to hike too much last weekend (6/28-6/30) so I did Cave Trail tours This was actually the last one I did. After seeing the other 3 I knew enough to lead a tour myself :) However, I let our wonderful guide do the honors. There was more to see on the boat section of this trail than over at Bluesprings Caverns. This was a nice mix of walk and boat ride. Beautiful facility and the newly opened Bat Chaser looked fun (another day!)

stephanie moore

Fantastic place to visit nature, learn geology, some geography, anthropology, and paleontology. As a family or a single explorer, you will look forward to returning!

Nancy Alvey

A nice drive from Louisville. My daughter & I took the Grandsons here today. They had a blast! We walked thru the caverns and then took a boat part way thru the caverns. We had fun, they had great questions. Then they went over and were prospecting for gemstones. Lastly, my daughter rode on the Bat Chaser & the boys helped take photos. Fun day all around!!! GO!

Trevor Whited

Great place to take kids!

Trinity Seder

No way can a person with limited mobility or sick like I am do this. Sadly, we just moved on.

Danielle Scheurich

Beautiful caverns, great tour guide!

Michael Mills

I really like the people here. I work as a contractor for them, so I haven't had the customer experience, but the family feel between staff and others is apparent in everything. They just opened some escape rooms of which I got a walk through. There were some bugs still being worked out, but they were more challenging than I thought they would be. I haven't seen the final designs for their roller coaster (yes... A real one), but it looks like it is going to be amazing. If you like Holiday World, this place has a similar family feel to it


The caves where fun, But it looked more like a Trap to get money, Gift shop had really nothing to do with the caverns but over all worth the 5-6 hour drive (Not really)

Bonnie Dosier

This is definitely worth the money. Our guide was very knowledgeable.

James Fanz

Beautiful caves and knowledgeable tour guides. Lots of facts with a little humor. Boat ride is a great treat.

Donald Furr

A wonderfully diverse cavern. If you are near be sure to stop for a visit.

John Mathatas

Fantastic adventure for the whole family!!!! The staff was very friendly and knowledge. The facility was clean and modern. Prices were competitive and reasonable. We had a great time around the gift shop. The tour, with guide Katie, was entertaining as well as very informative. Her knowledge of the cave complex as well as local lore was great. I look forward to briningb the family back again!!! Will definitely recommend this to friends and co-workers!!!!

Sireesha Daruri

Loved it, unique caverns where you can go on boat in the Caverns.

Ryan Miller

It was very "cool" ... Cause it's a cave and it's cool lol . Working on dad jokes

Brittany Evans

I really enjoyed the caverns. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable. Also enjoyed looking around in the gift shop before the tour

Jared O'Dell

My family loved coming on a tour of the cave. I have always loved spelunking. This one had a boat ride in a cave! Pretty awesome! Long enough to be interesting for the older kids and short enough for the 3 year old. I definitely recommend it. They also have an area where you can pan for gems in a bought bag of sand, kids loved it (me too).

Margaret Souayah

We went to the caverns early, which was great. Only 4 of us on the tour. The staff is super friendly! The gift shop has some fun items and is reasonably priced. Our tour guide was Trey. He was very knowledgable and informative. He cracked me up with his corny jokes! Be prepared for some exercise if you come here, but the views are well worth it. The boat ride is fun too!

Ethel Schiller

This place was okay I guess, if it's your first time going to a cave you'd be impressed, but there was to much stuff man-made that I wasn't too impressed about.

SeptAngel75 Momma Lacroix

Beautiful cave. Tour guide was not really that knowledgeable. Did not make sure the tour was together, so we did not get to hear much of anything. I think for the price it is ok. When we went on the boat ride did not get to see much really because it was a quick shine of the light and than off again. I gave it 5 stars for its beauty. The tour kind of made it to where not sure if I would go back.

Anthony Smith

We mined for gemstones for hours. I do recommend kneepads for the saber tooth cave, ouch.

Kyle Hunchman

Great place, very informative staff, tour is awesome for all ages!!!

Lacey Nissley

Our tour guide was awesome... Travis I think was his name?

Elisa Marie Else

A must visit! Pictures can not even capture the magnificent beauty within this cave. Our tour guide, Alyssa, was so sweet, funny, and extremely knowledgeable! The entire staff was so kind and helpful. They had a very nice gift shop as well, very reasonably priced. We highly recommend, Indiana Caverns!

Marlin Willis

Had a blast,something cheap for the family, A great experience first time looking forward to many more caving trips

David Voss

Great place. Love the boat ride in the cave.

Timothy Grant

Seems a bit spendy, but the tour was fun and informative.

Jack Young

Really nice caves and tour. The guide Susie was excellent and the kids really enjoyed it. The bat chaser was fun the boys said, but a little short for the cost. We also went there because of their cave and escape room package, then the escape room broke while we were in there and we were all pretty disappointed. That was half the reason we drove 3 hrs to get there. They refunded the escape room but the not much of a deal was had for the cave tour. When that gets working it would be great.

Sherri Jackson

The cave tour was great. At 56 degrees it was very nice on an extremely hot summer day. We also did the Bat Chaser. Very fun but doesnt last very long. Great for families.

william hayes

First time going and it was a great experience, planing on going back and taking the grandkids.

Anthony hardin

Great place for the family, loved the escape room and the boat ride . The tour guide was very friendly

Amanda Vickers

They were very accommodating and the staff were super nice. We made an hour and a half drive to go to Squire Boon Caverns and we had no idea the drive was flooded out. We called over to Indiana Caverns at 4:30pm and they ended up giving us a tour of the cave anyway. They had staff stay late for us. To me that was unheard of and so awesome! We will be going back! The cave itself is a miraculous natural dwelling and not to mention the ice age bones! Very worth while and so glad we went!

Amy Collard

Very nice facility. The tour guide was very knowledgeable. The boat ride was a highlight. We'll be back to check out some of the new attractions.

Alyson Keaton

Short tour but is good for kids. There are quite a few stairs. Boat tour is on a dammed river that is about 500 ft long.


We had a great time at Indiana Caverns. Very friendly staff and the gift shop was outstanding.

Randal Miller

Very friendly and had a very good tour guide

John Patridge

Lots of fun one of the better caves I have seen.

Stephanie Martinez

we arrived at noon and waited 2 rounds for our group when the owner messed up and made us wait another 2 rounds which would make our group go after 3pm. She then went ahead and said “I am the owner, I apologize now if you could move so I can help my customers.” If I could I would put negative stars

Jeff Parrott

Great tour! Our tour guide Caleb was very nice and knowledgeable about the cave system. Very impressive.

Janice Marlnee

This was a great place to visit. We did the Indiana cave trail and this was our last stop. I absolutely loved it and the staff. The gift shop was also great

Robert Allen

I don't understand the negative reviews on here. I guess if you're a professional spelunker you might not find this cave challenging but for the average person my wife and I thought it was a very nice walking cave tour with a short boat ride at the bottom of the cave. The staff we dealt with were very friendly and helpful. Our guide (Riley) was a very knowledgeable young lady and made the tour interesting. Definitely worth the money

Karen Henson

Great experience! Put on your must do list when in this area.

M Godoy

The family and I had a great time here. Our tour guide Morgan was fantastic. They have a cute gift shop. They also have some outside activities but we didn't have a chance to check those out. Definitely recommend.

MS Maddox

Loved it!! Fun for the entire family! Well worth the money! The staff is awesome and friendly. Our tour guide Sarah was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. The gift shop has great souvenirs and the prices were pretty reasonable. I will be telling all my friends about Indiana Caverns!

Cheryl Foster

We enjoyed visiting the caverns. We watched a short video giving the history of the area and the discovery of the cavern. Our guide, Michele, was warm and very knowledgeable. She pointed out the many different formations and fossils. She did not rush us and answered all the questions the group put to her. The boat ride was lovely and again Michele pointed out different aspects along the route. We had a wonderful time in the cave. There is also a super nice gift shop. The prices were very reasonable. There are other things to see along some hiking trails. Unfortunately it was raining rather hard so we did not get to take advantage of the outdoor activities.

p g

Grandkids loved the boat ride in the cave

Chad Coit

Loved it. Nice , new, clean

Lukas Couch

Honestly a thrilling experience. Its great for families and such. I enjoyed it and just wished we could go further into the cave. Definately would venture again. I highly recomend this trip if you are looking for a small place to take your family, or even by yourself.

James Cunningham

The Deep Darkness Adventure was incredible! You get to climb 200+ feet underground where you’ll see cave formations, kayak on an underground river, and navigate your way through a place that few people have ever seen! It was demanding, but oh so rewarding! Our guide, Sarah, was fantastic! She, and the rest of the staff we met, have great knowledge and enthusiasm for what they are doing and it makes a great experience. This is an amazing, unique experience for the adventurous and I will recommend it to anyone who’s up to the challenge!

Kathryn Truax

This was a very surprising, informative, and entertaining tour. Loved the boat ride! Thanks.

superior installer

They were very friendly and it was a great cave and they even still had bones in there to see

Drew Balfanz

Do the deep darkness tour!! Sarah was our guide and it was worth every penny. She was just as great as it was to get super muddy, wet, and experience caving in a more authentic and adventurous way. Seriously, it was an experience I will never forget!

Laura Wright

Very beautiful cave. The guide was knowledgeable of the cave and the animals that lived there.

kara ingram

Family friendly. Very clean and educational. The cave boat tour was amazing!

Joshua Hedderich

The caverns were really cool, and our Tour Guide DeAnna was awesome!

D Kappes

It was cool down there, literally, about mid 50's. Our tour guide was delightful, the guides of groups we passed seemed enthusiastic. Overall a great experience for the kids

Haley Bosler

My children (5,6) & myself went to the Indiana Caverns a few weeks ago. We all had a blast! Our favorite part was the boat ride in the underground cave! This was the first cave any of us have been to; it did not disappoint. Our tour guide was wonderful! She was very knowledgeable of the caves, funny & able to entertain my children and the adults during the tour. At the beginning of the tour you sit through a short film about the cave and how it was found. It’s a really great experience for people of all ages!

Miss Andrea Reads

We had a group of 11 and between us we did all the attractions. The cave tour was cool, but since we had been to Mammoth Cave, it seemed short and small. The boat ride was unique. I thought the guide was very quirky. I think a more serious tour that teaches more about caves themselves would be helpful. It would be nice to have had more education than weird jokes. Jokes on tours like that are natural from older men, but when young ladies tell the jokes you know it's just scripted. The movie at the beginning started nicely, but the whole thing about trying to teach evolution and cram it into what the Bible teaches doesn't fit. Pick one of the other. Use the Bible to fit your science into. Don't try to fit Christianity into evolution because you don't want to give up billions of years and the world's ideas of how life started. If you're going to present yourself as a Bible-friendly place, then you need to mention the Flood and the biblical account of Creation! Those two things have a lot more to do with that cave than events that have happened over "billions of years. " The gift shop was nice. Employees at the desk friendly. Nice clean large restroom. I probably would skip the kid's crawl through the black tube. Three of us adults did the zip coaster and it was very fun. Very short, so if you're a total thrill seeker, this might be a little too tame for you. My husband went into the Escape Room with a few teenagers. They liked it a lot. First Escape room experience for everyone. A couple of our littles did the gem mining and they really liked that. They played for a while at the sleuce and then sat on the picnic tables and matched up their gems with the pamphlet. I think the cost of everything was decent. Not great, but okay.

Virginia Gray

Fabulous tour. Underground boat ride was amazing. Very scientifically informative. Real fossils. Even saw a white crawfish. A must-see!

Ritchie Flores

Great little tour even for our kids. Only bumped my head once. Lol.

Alexandra Bell

Really awesome cave system with super cool Ice Age bones. There was a lot to do there and my boys stayed engaged and attentive to the tour.

Sierra D

We went for a family weekend vacation. Having a big family it's hard to find stuff that doesn't cost an arm and leg, and is fun and educational. Jacob our tour guide anwsered all of my daughter's questions (and trust me, that's feat.) Will be going back when it's sunny!

Jeremy Hall

Great wholesome family fun, I I really enjoyed the true color lighting. I do wish it was a little longer for the amount of money that we spent

Dragon Yeet Squad

It was interesting but not $21 interesting. Kinda pricey for all it has to offer. Alissa the tour guide was awesome tho!! I'd ask for her again!! She made it fun and interesting!! I would drop the price to $10 a person for adults and $5 for kids


Pretty cool experience. I always enjoy visiting the wonders of nature. Price seemed a little steep for how long the tour really is after you take out the wait time of watching a short film and the photo op offered. Good place to take the family for a safe and educational outdoor adventure.

Dalton Poe

Alot of fun. Great way to spend a day off and to explore something different. Highly recommend

Shawn Green

Nice caves to see. The boat ride in cave is pretty cool. Really enjoyed it.

Wayne D Dawes

Very nice cave and property clean ans orderly.

Jill Stanley

This was a phenomenal tour, it was worth the price we paid. The whole family enjoyed learning about the cave, the boat ride and seeing the lizards and fish. Gift shop was huge, but very reasonable.

Christian Hernandez

Went with my family, a tiny bit pricey for what you get to see but overall it was a lot of fun. We go through about 1/2 of a mile of the cave, then go on a boat ride towards the end. After the boat ride you go back the way you came from. Has hiking and walking trails outside, along with a gemstone mining area outside. The gift shop is very clean and very well organized, overall a great experience.

Roxy Wolf-Franqui

The path is not the easiest ,but the beauty of the place is absolutely amazing and wonderful. Our quide Julia was very knowledgeable and funny .A must see

Beverly Swaile

This place if awesome!! The underground boat ride is truly fascinating. Exciting cave formations. Fossils. Blind crayfish. Knowledge, enthusiastic tour quides. Worth the quick detour.

Brian Shutt

Loved this place. Would come back. Clean, affordable and staff was extremely friendly and knowledgeable

reva rutherford

Our tour guide, Myron,was great. Very friendly and informative. We really enjoyed the tour.

the scrubbs

I loved it we were the only two people on the tour morgan was are tour guide she has such a bog sense of humor and it made the tour have some comedy involved while teaching us both a bout the cave

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