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6255 N 1000 W, Shipshewana, IN 46565, United States

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Where is Dutch Creek Farm Animal Park?

REVIEWS OF Dutch Creek Farm Animal Park IN Indiana

Jack Russelljr

Nice people and cool zoo

Michelle Wright

This is becoming a yearly tradition for our family. Our grandchildren love it and it gets bigger and more animals every time we go!! Great day trip for the whole family

Russell Raiff

This is a great place to go. Great for children too. I don't know anywhere else you can hand feed Zebras, Camels, reindeer, and lots of animals. Very friendly people. We have gone three times this year. Love this place.

Dawn Gulik

We discovered this gem while traveling in Northern Indiana. Highly recommend it.

Lila Philbrook

What a fun place to take children. Feed the animals

Audrey Horstman

Hidden paradise. So unique & fun. Blows my mind everytime to see the hilarious and adorable selection of animals. Pet a camel, brahma bull, zonkey, zorse, & zebra all on the same wagon ride!! I dare you to slide into a pin of baby goats & not smile. Bring cash for admission, carrots, & fruit loops to feed the animals.

Renee Hall

Kids enjoy it very much but I was concerned for a lot of the animals. No water in a lot of the cages. I felt so bad! And a lot looked in bad health I’m not a professional on these types of animals in any means. But from what I see in some photos a couple of months ago they sure looked way better than now. Hopefully things will turn around for the better.

Massage Oasis

A fun place for the whole family.

Terri Jones

Very fun place, highly recommended

Jennifer Allen

Fun but enclosures could seriously use an upgrade.

Catherine Cleghorn

Fun place to visit!! So many cool animals!!

Heather Kennedy

affordable and very friendly staff. we enjoyed this experience

Carolyn Schwarte

This is a wonderful experience. A small zoo and then a wagon ride in a pasture filled with exotic animals. All animals very well cared for. It is a delight for adults and children alike.

Larry Hickey

Loved it , for what it is, it has a lot going on .

Dan Farris

This place was the Bee’s Knees! Our granddaughters had the best time ever! It was so fun to see the variety of animals and getting to feed them individually. Holding the tiny bunnies was a treat and a half! The wagon ride to feed the animals in the field was a blast!! Can’t wait to go again!!

Jimmy Williams

Great place to take your children. Loved it!

Javier Caballero

So many animals I have never seen before in person! Including Zebras, zdonks, monkeys, and ostridges.

Kim Novak

Awesome place. Only complaint is lack of parking to handle the crowds

Sheree Behrendsen

This place is amazing! I thought the entrance fee was high until I got in there. It is an absolute bargain. Folks are nice, it is clean, well run and inviting. We will definitely return!

Amber Green

Great variety of animals and very interactive. In my opinion, better than a zoo. We will be visiting there everytime we're in town!

Jennifer Crouch

We had such an amazing experience here. The owners are so friendly and make sure everything runs smoothly. The animals were friendly and well taken care of. The variety of animals was better than the zoo and you could get so close, even pet most of them. The wagon ride was the best part where we got to feed all kinds of wild animals. Definitely a must for places to visit. My four year old had a blast - I did too!

Jane Avila

What a fun interactive "zoo"! Extremely friendly staff! Definatly returning!

Stephen Getz

An amazing safari park experience with great petting zoo opportunities. Highly recommended!

Diane Kellogg

Awesome petting farm. Very friendly and reasonable

Elise Whobrey

This was fun time with our grand kids. The animals and wagon ride was very good.

Joyce Terry

Saw a lot of animals. Nice place to visit.

Marilyn Myers

We were there yesterday and the whole family loved it! The wagon ride that we were able to feed the animals from was amazing! Such fun!! We are still talking about it today!

Kimberly Brindley

We loved this place, as did my 4 year old daughter. We spent several hours here and would definitely rerun in the future. Wonderful animal experience. Well kept grounds and pens, clearly the animals are well taken care of. Loved it. Wonderful experience.

GREG Siberry

This is a great place to visit for children and adults. For petting and feeding animals of all kinds. A real hidden gem. The prices are reasonable too. My granddaughter and I loved the place.

Jacqueline Palencia

We loved it here! Great experience for the family, of all ages! Great variety of animals you and love ones can pet, feed and interact with. You get your money's worth! Such a wonderful family owned business, wonderful, friendly people that help add to the great experience.

WyvernLoveAndWolfLove The bestest friends!

I went here today and I am still talking about it with my kids. I can't believe I didn't know about it before after living here 2 years. The goats are the best, so sweet. The wagon ride is wonderful, the camel that sticks his head in looking for food and a little pat on the head made it all worth it. They have some Ostriches that eat like a mess but I took some great video of my daughters feeding them. I almost think I had more fun then my 2 and 4 year old. This is so much better than going to the zoo and really makes you realize that even our native animals, the goat, the cow are just amazing and fun creatures with great personalities. The Amish community is really a very beautiful community and what they have done with this place speaks wonders of their community. It is fun for your children and it is as much fun for you. A really great experience and I will be back as many times as I can fit in for the summer.

Jill Robison

Very disappointed in this place. I kept hearing great things, so I went to check it out with my daughter (2.5) and Mom. We were so disappointed in the animals. They seemed malnourished and while we were in the ride many seemed aggressive. (We honestly wonder if they withhold food so they will approach the vehicle when guests feed them.) The goats seemed aggressive too. I also felt like there were not enough employees to explain how things work and monitor guests as they interact with animals. We will not be supporting this place ever again.

Ksenia Kowal

AMAZING! Even the adults enjoyed it! EXCELLENT!

Jenny Stritzinger

A unique experience. My 3 and 5 year old love this place. A great way to spend an afternoon.

Dwayne Newton

I feel bad for the animals here. They were all very dirty and didn’t look like they were taken care of. Especially the turtle. That turtles natural habitat is much larger than a 5x5 puddle of water in a small fenced in area. It’s wrong how some of those animals look. You can feed them all you want..doesn’t make it any better that they’re not in a natural habitat like they should be. Clean your animals more frequently and stop using them for money.

John Miner

A must for anyone visiting the Shipshewana area. The price is reasonable and they have a wonderful variety of animals, many of which you can see up close!

Norma Pritchard

Absolutely loved it. We will be returning again. Lots of fun. The staff was very nice and friendly

Cynthia Vasko

Needs some updating but still very nice with new owners

Chrissie Thompson

This place is AMAZING! great opportunity for up close encounters with many animals you normally would not get to. Be sure to do both the petting zoo (and buy plenty of carrots there) and the wagon ride, it's so worth it!

Kyle Opp

Great fun spot for the whole family. Filled with sheep, foxes, bulls, camels, porcupines, monkeys, and a whole menagerie of assorted farms animals and exotic wildlife. Highly suggest the wagon ride, loads of fun for the kids and family. The Amish that run the farm are ultra friendly and the farm and it's animals are well kept and loved. Had a great time!

David Shankle

We had a wonderful time feeding all of the animals. We were surprised to see so many exotic animals. The wagon driver was very friendly and informative.

doug farrer

We went on Saturday and we all had a great time

Linda Craytor

One of the most delightful places we have found.

J Gramling

We've been a few times and we love it! Well worth the money IMO. Fun to feed all the different animals. Watch out for those camels though...they are very hangry!

Barbie Fisher

This place is amazing. The animals are active and you can hold and pet them.

Sha Moore

The kids had so much fun on the tour. Everyone working was so nice. The animals are well taken care of.

Marcus Mayes

Genuinely nice people here. From the entrance through the wagon ride in the animal enclosure, everyone goes out of their way to be helpful. They made such an impression that my nephew immediately recognized the woman the ticket stand the next day in a bakery the next town over.

Jenn Vielman

Never thought I will fall in love with this farm this place will be my place to go just to get away for a mini VACA

Chris Craig

Wonderland . great ppl

Avj Zur

Amazing place ! Family fun!! Happy Healthy Animals!!

Michelle Ivey

Had a wonderful time, with a whole bus load of kids here..

Angie Dryden

We love the hands on with animals you can only see at a distance in a normal zoo.


Worth the hour and a half drive!! Loved it

Jaime Capron

We love taking our girls here! They have so much fun.

Betty Shrock

Amazing place. Lived in this area all my life, never expected this. Better than any zoo I have ever been to.


Very interesting place!

Aaron Miller

Wonderful farm off the beaten path. This is definitely not your corporate zoo. You get to be up close and personal with many animals.

Bonita Riley

Best animal farm. Way better than a zoo. You can feed and pet all the animals. Anish owned. Less rules. Freedom..

K Eckert

We brought a group of seniors and we were treated so kind. The people are so wonderful and we are definitely coming back!

Ann Huntington

A hidden gem. It’s a great experience. You are able to feed all kinds of animals and get an up close encounter.

Bridget Patrick

Awesome experience. Wide variety of animals to touch. Excellent wagon tour. Can't wait to go back!

Fred Welker

Good time .....decent price... Decent parking available, not super wheelchair friendly however probably doable with able bodied helpers. Animals looked decent with a nice variety. No food seen for patrons, so plan accordingly. Can be done in a matter of two to three hours. Oh and wagon ride gets you very up close and personal with animals!

Rac Pz

The kids loved feeding the animals on the wagon ride. It was an amazing experiencing seeing the animals up close.

Angelita Ledesna

I loved this zoo. I got to pet a zebra! I've always wanted to do that. Archie the monkey was the funniest. I can't wait to go back again.

Kevin Howden

Good way to spend a morning. Getting on a wagon ride is very organized so you can have fun and walk around while you wait. They will find you when it's your turn no need to compete in a line with the pushy big city people. Brilliant. My boys did the barrel ride pulled by a small pony she just did circles in the parking lot but they had fun be better if she went around a barn or 2.

Candi Westerberg

Very cool animal interaction

Danielle Fuller

We had an amazing time here. We took 5 kids and they all had a blast. From the wagon ride, to the rabbits, ducks, and all the other exotic can't go wrong.

Matt Lightner

Fun for all ages! Nice variety of animals. Barnyard, birds, and more.

Jenna Gibson

Love this place. Prices aren't bad and the animals are amazing.

Brenda Langeland

Fun little pricy

Owen Christy

Entertaining, educational and enjoyable. Grandkids loved it too.

aaron coberg

We'd have stayed longer if we could. Everyone really enjoyed the experience and although not as big I enjoyed it more than City zoo's.

Kelsey Hardin

So much fun. I loved the zonkeys and monkeys!!

Misty Washko

I've been here twice and had amazing experiences both times. This farm is operated by an Amish family, so there's no website. You can call the Shipshewana Chamber of Commerce for current info. There are a lot of different animals to see, some you can hold or pet. You can purchase ($1) small bags of food (carrots & cereal) to feed them. The wagon ride ($13/adults & $9/kids I believe & that includes a large bowl of animal feed) is an unbelievable experience, unlike anywhere else. It's like a safari ride. Please use caution with small children. Many of the animals you see out on the wagon ride have large horns. I always get some incredible pics. The whole farm adventure is very family friendly & everyone working there is very pleasant. They do a good job caring for these animals (was told many were rescued) & keeping things clean. They have a sink set up outside with running water & soap to keep your hands clean. There are port-a-potties available also.

Yvonne Vanderwal

We had a great time on the wagon feeding the animals.

Amanda Toi

This place was amazing!

Mason Neel

Wonderful place to take the family! Very well put together and isnt just the typical petting zoo!! You can interact with thhe animals and go into many of the pens! Animals are exotic and friendly! Truly a hidden gem! Will be sure to come back!!!

Heather Tompkins

Went as a group . We all had a great time !

Coretta Hedstrom

This is an amazing animal experience, definitely worth the price! It is so much hands on than a zoo would be. The number of animals you can walk into the cage and pet is impressive: deer, chicks, rabbits, piglets, horses including miniature horses and adults, and more! In addition to a petting zoo full of things to pet, there is a wagon ride where you can feed the larger animals safely. My favorite animal was the talking parrots, which would say "hello", "let me out", whistle, and laugh. Very cute!

Bethany Stuckey

Loved this!! We took our almost 2 and almost 4 year olds! Petting zoo part was entertaining then enjoyed the trolley ride through the larger animals! We went in the morning so the animals were very lively!!!

Rene Purcell

Just happened to run across this amazing animal farm several years ago and have been there at least 2 to 3 times yearly with grand kids,Kids, friends and in-laws. It is now a staple for the family vacation time every summer. Owners very knowledgable about individual animals and the wagon ride and closeness to the animals is great. Always get extra food. Children less than 2 are too young as this is not just a petting farm. It is quite adult oriented and so much fun !!!

J.T. R

So fun my two year old loved it! Tons of animals and people are friendly

Nobel ned hi

For the experience you cannot go wrong,feed a zebra by hand,or emu,ostrich or any of the other animals,what a good time for all ages.

Michelle Ashbaugh

Very nice and small place to take your family. Don't take them expecting a big full scale zoo,this isn't anything like that.

Grant Rine

This place is awesome and great for little kids. The goats are my favorite.

Tamara Colon

We love this zoo, we've visited it three times. It's fun for children and grownups. The people working in it are very nice too.

Stephanie Gomez

The farm is wonderful! There are animals everywhere that you can pet and feed. They offer rides $12.95 for adults. Under 2 is free! If your in the area you should stop and visit!

MaryBeth Conte

They have a lot of animals to feed and pet. Many exotics. Was concerned that they didn't seem to have food in their living spaces and we're begging to be fed from visitors. Carrots and fruit loops were available to purchase to feed the animals. Fruit loops was also alarming to me as they are not part of a natural diet. Noticed the enclosures needed water. Stopped a worker to inform him that the Belgian, mini horse and cow needed water. One worker was filling water troughs in the pasture enclosure. I assumed that that would be done for all enclosures. Note: the day we visited it was a 100 degree day.

Grace Bass

I loved taking my daughter and Nephew. Family who owns this is very friendly. Best place to bring your Family!

Rich Motz

Wonderful place to visit. EVEN GOT TO SEE DONKEY GIVE BIRTH.

Brian B

Great family atmosphere. Loved the tour guide. Very fun and knowledgeable. Great to see all the different kinds of animals up close and personal. Lots of babies too! All clean and well cared for.

Lisa Klaiber

Awesome experience, the kids loved it! Well worth the money .

Paula Leavy

You have to go.. best time of my life.. animals are treated like gold

Lindsay Graves

This was the perfect little farm zoo! Petting zoo too! The wagon ride was the most fun bc you can feed the animals.

Emily Wingard

Nice little farm. You get to ride in a horse drawn wagon and feed the animals. Also has a petting zoo area. It was fun to go in the spring and get to see so many babies. A nice little day trip that the kids will love.

Joe Miller

Nice little gem in Amish country. The staff do a good job to help you get to know the animals.

mike bergen

Always fun to see the animals!!

H Miller

The most fun I had all summer!!!

Krissy Glass

What an amazing experience! Loved seeing all the animals and being able to interact with them! My kids had a blast and can't wait to go back!

Mr Johanson

Wagon rides through a large field with a number of exotic animals coming up to eat out of your hand. It was pretty awesome. Needs a place to buy drinks and snacks though so bring your own.

Terri Haines

Awesome and friendly place. The people who operate this establishment are very knowledgeable.

Jennifer Lichy

Loved this little yet wonderful zoo! Want to go back.

Joshua Stover

So much to see and DO!! Was perfect for our six and three year old. You just can't beat hands-on experiences. Well worth the money!!

Kollin Brugh

Fun carriage ride, lots of animals to see that come right up to it for food. Everyone gets a free bucket and it takes about half an hour. They also have a walking area with a giant horse, several birds, and monkeys

Jennifer Gebhart

Awesome place.. Even went on a rainy day and still had fun. Great for kids

Eric Settineri

This was a very enjoyable place to take the family, there was everything you can imagine, monkeys, zebras, wildebeest and many other exotic animals that you could feed out of your hand,

Joshua Coots

Wonderful experience. Some of the animals need some better care, but they're all well fed and seem happy.

Kate Schmidt

TRULY fantastic place to bring your kids. Great staff, friendly place, amazing animals! You get to directly interact with a wide assortment including a Zorse (part horse, part zebra) ! Absolutely coming back again

Jonas Maurer

Terrible place. Too many animals not enough room. (Dairy farmer here ) Lacking in food and water. There were irresponsible cross breedings going on. Animals looked sick and malnourished. Dangerous having so many wild animals at your literal feet. I regret taking my daughter. Places like this are what give agriculturalist a bad wrap. Take proper care of your animals or get out of the business. Needs to be shut down.

Anna Vieyra

Absolutely amazing. I’ll be back many times. They have a wagon ride that is a must. You get to hand feed zebras, wildebeest, longhorns, camels and many more. I couldn’t believe how nice the family was either. Just made the experience even more appealing. You can feed the monkeys and kangaroos. Every animal is so friendly it’s very easy to spend hours and hours here

Kriss Harris

We were so excited to come but we were almost there and the hours were posted and everything. We called when we were almost there to see if they took debit cards and the recording said they were closed for the season. We drove almost 3 hours for absolutely nothing

Lucas Iobe

Great place.. my daughter loves it

Ken Oman

Great place with a lot of different animals. Nice walk through with a guided tour of the farm.

Don Ruszkowski

Very friendly people running it. Lots and lots of all different kind of animals that you can walk up and feed and pet also when riding on a horse drawn covered wagon the animals will come to you for feed. I highly recommend taking your kids there.

Curtis Drake Sr

Great little zoo

Megan Rowe

Best animal park we've been to. The staff is very informative and friendly.

Angela Sutton

Surprisingly great! An up close experience with farm and zoo/wild animals. Great for all ages. There are pens you can go inside with the animals. You can pet and feed animals. There's an open wagon ride that gets you super close with the pasture animals. We were expecting farm animals and were surprised to see so many exotic/zoo animals. It's good to plan for about 1.5-2 hours.

Angie Gouker

This was amazing! There is so much contact with the animals. Pay the extra to do the horse drawn wagon ride around the site and feed the animals from your seat.

Dawn Buuck

Had a great time. Many exotic animals. 2nd time visiting.

aaron cross

I love animals...very hands kids love it...going back soon

Gwen McCormick

GO HERE THIS PLACE IS ABSOLUTELY AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME. I'm not going to tell you what they do there because it's a great surprise!!!! Great for adults and children both!

Chris Obudho

The kids selling tickets at the gate were knowledgeable and professional. I was impressed. The animals were a bit ragged looking, but that may have been due to the heat. All in all, a nice place to visit.


This place was so much fun!

Megan Payton

So much fun and great for all ages

Adam Cooper

Great day trip from Chicago out to Amish country where kids can get up close with animals they might not normally be able to at a large zoo. Feeding all the long horns and buffalo of different types on the wagon tour at the farm is a real trip. The kids will have a blast!

Philip Onslow

Visited from England, Great place to see some interesting animals up close! Would defiantly recommend.

Britney Patrick

Great place Had alot of fun with my girls ... 3 and 5 yrs old

Sarah Bailey

We had an absolute blast today at Dutch Creek Farms! There were 4 adults and 4 kids and it’s hard to tell who had more fun, the adults or kids! The variety of animals is amazing and they seem to be well taken care of. The staff were friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Dutch Creek to anyone!!

Wes Arter

At forty years old this the best zoo I've ever been too by far. Would gladly go again!

Ryan Ismay

Fun times here feeding the animals!!! The kids loved it!!!

Cassandra Linklater

Amazing place and experience! They have animals you never expect and would never imagine you actually get to pet. Animals are well cared for and friendly. We plan to go every year. This was awesome.

Steve Butler

The amish kids that are running the park did a great job. Family had lots of fun petting and feeding the animals. The animals were clean and very interactive compared to a zoo.

Ashtin Nicole Rinehart

Me and my daughter enjoyed the animals

Jeff Hirons

Good place to take the kids.

Luke Pratt

First off i want to say i have no intention of directly bashing this place. My daughter and i had fun. The people who ran it seemed kind. There was more exotic and regional animals to see, feed , and touch than imaginable. This is a neat place. My concern was the living condition and treatment of the animals themselves. The horse drawn buggy ride was through acres of trampled, barely shaded grass areas, way too packed for the animals. The animals eagerness to eat from the feed given to us led me to believe they may also not be fed much. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Foxes and monkeys in small cages. A miniature horse that was tied tightly to its stall, barely able to move its head (for i assume hours and hours a day) Other animals in similar cramped pens or tied up tightly, too restrained. There was a beautiful almost 7 foot horse that had almost no room to move at all in a small walked in tight circles, looking panicked. Also safety...some of the camels, ostriches and bulls were aggressive. The bulls horns were HUGE and could've easily hurt my 4 year old. Signs up at the farm say, "not responsible if you get hurt" and for good reason! Overall these and other low conditions made me feel that the ownership might care more about quantity of creatures over quality of their care. Made me kinda sick to my stomach! Its hard to watch small, cute creatures unable to move freely or happily as they sit for hours in the hot sun. I hope they take better care of the amazing aray of animals under their care!

Suzanne Tzifas

Although we loved seeing and touching all of the animals, we were concerned that there didn’t seem to be enough water and there was no evidence of hay or any other feed being feed other than what the guests purchased and hand fed them, all of the animals were oddly eager to eat and several of them were very thin, the fawn deer looked healthy but you could feel all of their bones and one was missing most of its coat, a donkey with rash and hair loss on his head, a horse that tried to get to the wagon for food but was so lame he couldn’t walk, several birds including the ostrich were missing feathers and the HUGE horse’s right rear leg was very swollen. We saw several horses tied up on very short leads that never moved the entire 3 hours we were there and they had no access to water. There was also a cow in the barn with the HUGE horse that was tied lying down and couldn’t get up because she was tied with a short lead, she also had no access to water and there was a sign that said she had a 4 day old calf but it was nowhere to be found. Too many animals, not enough food, water or Veterinary care. I think they are likely providing the minimum care required by law.

Casey Walker

This is better than any zoo you will ever go to. Was there on 05/05/18 in the morning and had the most incredible time. Would make for an exciting thing to do on a date or day with the family. You won't regret it.

Kyrsten Burke

Best petting zoo ever.

Stephen Morphis

The people were super nice and there was lots of unique animals and there poop

Kathy Morey

Absolutely incredible!! The variety of animals...all living together...eating from your was a priceless experience! We would come again & again!

David Miller

Who'd have guessed kids could see and feed exotic and large animals in s most engaging, working farm and zoo? Camels. Zebras. Water buffalos. Bison. Horses. Gazelles. Reign deer. Goats. Bunny's and ducks. Foxes. Monkeys. Outstanding place. Wonderfully presented. Fun and interesting. We love taking the grandchildren. Its entertaining for adults too.

Sylwia Zubkovskis

I love this place. It is perfect in its simplicity. Everyone are very friendly, and horses are amazing


Totally unexpected. I was expecting just farm animals but they many many exotic animals. The wagon ride was amazing and the gentleman that drive us was patient and informative.

Danielle Munguia

A fantastic place! A truly secret treasure!


A neat experience, and a fun horse and wagon ride to see all the different animals,

Marie Smith

This little zoo/animal park is awesome. Everyone enjoyed it from kids to grandparents. I love that the animals come right up to the wagon. U can feed or pet all of them - bison, zebras, antelope, Texas Longhorns, camels, etc. Truely amazing experience. We will be back.

Mike Kridler

Really fun! We got to feed and pet animals (Water Buffalos, Ostriches, Zebras, Yak, even a Wildebeest and many more) you would never think of being able to do that with normally. We will be back!

Cristine N.

Forget shopping! This place is the BEST kept secret in Shipshewana! The admission charge is dirt cheap considering the fact that you get to interact with animals you'd normally never get the chance to get up close to. I mean, how often do you get the chance to kiss a camel named Charlie, hand feed and ostrich and a zebra and ride on an Amish wagon through a wildlife safari? If you go, take some extra money for carrots and Fruit Loops so that you can feed the animals in the petting area before you go on the wagon ride. I'll be going back for sure!!!

tiff griffin

The best petting zoo I have ever been to. Animal are treated well. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the animals they have.

Megan Stanger

This place was an absolute blast! The kids loved every part of it. They enjoyed feeding the animals and petting the random ones that would linger. They had a great picnic area that is covered to relieve some of the summer heat. We will definitely be back

Lindsay Davis

Truly lives up to what it says. Best experience ever

c0rRupt3d Jr

Awesome animal place

Laura Boylan

One of my family's " Happy Places"! It's always a good and informative trip. The animals are friendly and well looked after, and the owners/staff are awesome. We look forward to it every year. So much fun!

Jimmy OD

Great time for a good price kid friendly

Courtney Shepherd

This place was so much fun! A great place to bring kids. You get to pet so many animals, it's better than a zoo. The wagon ride was really cool. The driver takes you right up to animals to feed, they provide one bucket free and it's generous. I highly recommend!

Darcy Burns

We loved it here! So many different types of animals and we enjoyed feeding them.

Kevin Gunn

Such a fun place for a family outing. The wagon ride was a blast; we got to feed and pet zebras, camals, and so many other animals. Highly recommend for kids and families.

SuEllen Yoder

Family fun time on a guided tour/ wagon ride to see and feed the exotic animals that live in Amish country.

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