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REVIEWS OF Dream Car Museum IN Indiana

Tim Mcgillem

Great fun

The Pool Doctor

Very proud to see this display in Evansville. Very nice display. Can't wait to go again to see even more as they change the cars around.

Marian Martin

We recently had out of town guests and were looking for interesting sites in Evansville. We visited this museum and had a wonderful tour. Kayla gave us a very informative walk through, and we all enjoyed it so much. Everything on display is super clean and shiny and what a remarkable collection! We would highly recommend this museum - if you haven't visited it yet, make it a priority. Kudos to Mr. Bennett for such a top notch addition to Evansville!

Dale Long

Nice!!! A must see!

C Wyatt

Creepy mannequins and a life size trump in each building.

David Gilbert

Fantastic place for automotive & motorcycle enthusiasts! Restored gas pumps & related service equipment. Nicely displayed collection of vehicles & related historical items!


Dreams.... all dreams...

Joshua Ryan Crowe

Came all the way from Texas to see the motorcycles, classic & exotic vehicles. I enjoyed the wonderful nostalgia and merchandise. Thank you Eddie for explaining the information on the vehicles.

Sherry McBride

Biggest display of gas pumps (which was unexpected) I've ever seen! Nice car selection and miscellaneous other things of interest. Worth the visit!

raymond ehlers

Great place to see American muscle. They also have some exotic. Free!!!! They take donations to the charity of the month or week. 911 was when we went.

Kathy Richardson

An amazing nostalgic visit! Our friends from New Jersey loved it, too!

Penny Miller

Employees were very friendly and helpful. Nice assortment of memorabilia.

Juanita Cissna

My son volunteered there part-time. Fabulous cars! Very nice owner & other employees!

Lcns 2chl

One of the largest collection of memorabilia and truly authentic items I have ever been too... and not to mention $5 entry fee and affordable gift shop items. Must visit!!!

Rebecca Moran

Very cool place, lots to see. Cars of all makes and models as well as other collectables. Very tastefully put together.

Ron H

Nice little museum. Had some very cool, very rare stuff, like the actual Charger that VIN Diesel (sp?) wrecked in one of the fast n furious movies. Said they were going to expand and change it around some soon. Worth a visit. Oh, and did I mention that it's free?

Michael Primus

Absolutely amazing museum! So many "dream" cars, new and old, as well as a few of the actual cars & motorcycles used in various movies & TV shows. Spread out over 2 buildings, this is a must-do of things to see in Evansville! And ... They have more cars in a warehouse not on display that they rotate in & out, so it's something you can do several times & still see something new. Very clean, kid-friendly, and the guys there are super friendly!

Ron Renken

Oh My, a must see and it's free by donation which the owner generously gives to an organization that truly needs it. Very impressed, Evansville should be proud to have this in their city. A must to visit.

Felicia Johnson

This place was great alot of cool things to see the cars were cool and the fact that they had 2 cars that were used in movies. Amazing! I will definitely come back. Keep up the good work and expanding

Jeff Marshall

A must see if you are in the area! Unique cars and some with a great story behind them

Dina Fratis

Very nice displays with the cars. Kept very clean and the staff was friendly and informative. Great place. Loved it.

Alex Elliott

Fantastic facility! Very impressive in every way and a very knowledgeable staff. If you are in the area it is worth The Visit!

Karen Daniel

we went to the museum for a bourbon tasting event put on by a local Club. Unfortunately it appears they're selling most everything that they have in the museum so I'm not sure how much longer it will be open. So if you want to see it you better go soon. My husband especially enjoyed looking at the muscle cars from his era.

Nathaniel Boyett

Always a great time. We went during a car show. Great lineup of custom cars old and new from all across the Tri-State.

Ann Green

It's not there any more

Joe Conley

I enjoyed the visit. It was a little high priced for how much they had on display, but still worth a visit.

Daisy Laparra

Amazing place! The owner even allowed my son (age 4) to get in a few cars. My son is the ultimate fan of all things cars and he was in heaven here. Even my daughters loved seeing everything. I highly recommend it.

Melanie Hummer

Cool cars and gas pumps. Was sad to see they are downsizing and selling everything though.

Topher Gerton

It's like car heaven

Lilly Ihrke

Very cool and intresting the staff was so chill and cool

Jen P.

Pretty cool to check out of you're in the area!

Dennis Duncan

Not quite the museum it's been hyped to be. Lots of old gas pumps and bicycles, just not many real cars to enjoy. Disappointing at best. Won't recommend it to friends.

Ann Webster

There was a nice man that I met. You have some beautiful cars. He was very nice and I enjoyed talking to him. Thank you all for displaying such wonderful rides.

Llew Murry

Sadly, the museum is closed now. Thank you for the great tour through automotive history!

Kimberly Wilson

Its wonderful aleays changing iteams never keeps you wondering what is new so got to go see price great not just for car nuts but things from diffent things to see and enjoy history in our life from beginning of the car till now

Kevin Kelly

This place was excellent. Colorful, clean. Beautifully decorated. Staff was friendly and welcoming. Great displays...go see!

Bud Gardner

Great place to visit. Eddie is the best. Highly recommend it

Pam Hodgkins

There are old advertising signs, Gas Pumps. Automobiles from television and movies. Race and Drag Cars. There is something for everyone.

Wanda Seabeck

It was really exciting to see cars ..and enjoying the tour we took in both buildings.the staff was friendly..knowledable..helpful.

brandy Johnson

So much to see! Such a fantastic and FREE thing for a family/ group or individual to do. Every month they pick a charity to help and 100% of the profits (donations) go to that charity.

David Nelson

This is the second time I've been to this place. It is an awesome slice of automotive history. If you are ever in the Evansville, IN area. Take time and visit the museum.

Kevin Jackson

Awesome museum! Free admission, and lots of great cars to see. The staff is extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, as well. Well worth the visit.

Aaron Haney

Great little Museum! Worth the price of admission. There are currently two buildings worth of exhibits. Plenty to see. Also, it currently appears that everything is for sale. So maybe if you can afford it you can take your favorite things home with you.

Kanakasunanda Vemulapalli

All high speed old and gold car models can able to see.

Ben Augustine

I was impressed with the number of vehicles in the collection. The staff was knowledgeable and willing to share what they knew about the various vehicles. The entrance fee was very reasonable. If you are in town you need to go! !

Stephen Francia

Wish I could give more stars! Amazing car/one of a kind items - plan on 1 hour.

Gary Turner

Many cars, bikes (even bicycles) and large collection of classic Gas Pumps...

Joli Lawson

Very fun seeing all the cars, memorabilia and reading some of the history!

Candice Michelle


Sandy Ellison

Beautiful Cars, Neon, Motorcycles, Everything to do with old vehicles. Good walk down Memory Lane

Kingsarewin TY

It was nothing like the pictures I saw. It was a waste of money.

Brad Taylor

Had a blast! Great Fathers Day weekend afternoon!

Dawn Smith

The website is misleading. We expected to see cars that was not there. For $30 for a family it was over priced for what we viewed. It says they have over 100 cars. They don’t. No exotics as stated on website. One truck. Do not recommend.

Chad Brown

Fun and interesting place to go especially if you like exotic cars. Free with optional donations. Highly recommend going if your near the area and have some time to kill.

Robert Hopkins

Eddie was really cool. He was very nice to us and let my wife, son and i sit in the some great pics. Lots more to see as well.

Gary Quick

A Excellent example of auto history and exotic cars.

Beverly Ray

What a gem, I would never have guessed! I'm not a car fanatic but this place was fascinating. Lots of neon, restored cars and gas pumps and so much more. We were told a new area is opening in about 6 weeks, I will definitely have to go back and check it out!!

Jenn Barczewski

Absolute must see! We will certainly be back next time in the area. They said they swap cars in and out so you could potentially see different cars on your next visit. The cars, signage, and gas pumps were stunning! Entrance fee covered both buildings. Staff was very friendly. My ONLY complaint is that they didnt have any magnets in the gift shop! I need a MAGNET!!

David Steckler

Awesome stuff. Would love to buy something.

Chyenne Elliott

My son loved it lot of cool dream cars

Steven Shutz

From Ferrari Lamborghini Bentley and Rolls-Royce, too old memorabilia? Definitely not a dream car museum anymore.

bobby ray

Nice place we had a lot of fun.

bryon lee

Awesome place! Unbelievable cars! Cost is free - but be nice and donate to one of their charities

James Landsverk

I really enjoyed the old memorabilia. The refurbished old gas pumps were super nice. Great place to visit even if you're not into vintage cars.

M A Calve

Like cars a lot brought back lots of cool memories. Thanks guy for the fun....

Richard Wilson

Loved the drag race cars would love to see more drag race cars I'm a big fan it's nice to see someone of that kind of wealth share his collection the displays we're very informative when ever I get more free time I'm going to visit again thanks Bennett for sharing your collection

Clara Baggett

This place is amazing! They’ve got cars and vintage pieces that will take you on a walk through the decades. They’ve also got newer sports/race cars that are incredible; the cars are in beautifully kept condition. The place is a true gem in Evansville and is a hit for everyone, young or old. Plus, you can’t beat FREE admission!

Wayne Jellison

Awesome place to see old cars a need to stop

Shannon Gerton

Outstanding collection, frequently rotated with new exhibits. Staff was amazingly friendly and informative. Certainly one of the highlights of our vacation. Will be back next time through town to see what's new.

Sashi Glasscock

This place is great. Our grandsons, ages 7 and 12, really enjoyed it. The staff was very knowledgeable and made it a fun experience


Brought my friend from Indianapolis to visit my hometown and had to show him this place. To my surprise they added another building across the street. Very cool displays.

Sarah Hartman

Friendly museum staff, reasonable admittance price, and a lot of cool cars and memorabilia to check out. There were a number of cars and motorcycles from the movies which was really cool, including a car Dom crashes in the fast and furious movie. The museum is downsizing so a few of the items are for sale. There were a lot of mannequins which I found a bit disconcerting.

Kelsey Simpson

VERY neat place to visit!!! Super well maintained, and very friendly staff. HIGHLY recommend a visit here!!

Lynn Simmons

This is an amazing museum. Everything is beautifully displayed. The best part is there is no charge! The exhibit changes periodically so worth a return trip

Chloe Miguel

This place was waaaaay better than I expected. They have tons of fantastic memorabilia. I highly recommend it.

Bob Gusky

Free Admission. Cool cars

Dale Stanley

Very nice place to visit if in Evansville. They change up the cars from time to time so it's not always the same

Clint Lawing

Really amazing cars and the employees went over the top with service

Alejandro Meza

It's a nice place to visit, it has a flavor of mid last century not only in several cars but also in other items exhibited

William Wesbter

Great place to go on a Sunday afternoon

Michael Dawson

Lots of history to view along with a very sizable collection of cars

Regina Thomas

Great place to see! Especially for car buffs! It has everything - old, new, classic, even some other items of interest from back in the day! Eddie is the best guide ever!!

candace duvall

Wonderful! Everything is in pristine "classic" condition. $5 for 13 & up. Free for 12 & under. It's a must see! They are about to downsize & some things are for sale. Thank you to Mr. Bennett for preserving & sharing some of our history.

Jessica Irvine

Loved it so much better then we thought it would be. Took my son there for he's birthday and he feel in love

Troy Ware

Fun place! Awesome cars and more

Roy Hogge

Nice place with some really cool cars and other antiques

Tina Winger

To see my daughter's face when she saw Herbie... PRICELESS

Nando Compean


Cody Smith

Small museum that has a lot of memorabilia from a bygone area. A few cars but mostly gas pumps, signage, and mechanic tools. Worth a visit if you are into cars and in the area. Would not make a special trip just for this however.

Laurie Butler

Such a very nice man who showed us around. The museum is free and quite interesting.

Nichole Huntington

Nice staff but very small.

LA'Renzo Chavez

It was amazing. If you love vehicles come here!!!

Sherry Pfeffer

This place was incredible!! Lots to see! We really enjoyed our visit!

Judy Anderson

Interesting place to visit and see interesting cars and history. Loved the little details! Free to visit, donations go to a different charity every month.

Bill Stumph

We had a wonderful experience at the Dream Car Museum. We were blown away by the amount of cars privately owned as well as all the vintage signage, vintage vending machines and vintage fuel pumps. The staff was top-notch! They were happy to help and Eddie even gave our sons exclusive access to some of the cars. Eddie Robinson, one of the employees, took the time to explain the history of one of the cars to us (pictured). He, then, took the time to answer questions about local restaurants and gave us recommendations on where else to go that night. Having seen it once, we’d probably drop in to see it again. It was a great experience!

Tyler McCune

It was amazing! Great staff and mesuem pieces I highly recommend!

TammKat Hugs

Nice place to visit. Staff was knowledgeable and helpful when you could get a hold of one of them. They are in the middle of downsizing and seemed just a little more interested in selling than anything else. All the exotic cars were already sold so they could downsize to one building. A little overpriced for what they have now. Good thing is, children under 12 are free.

donnie white

Great place, Kenny the gentleman at the door was very friendly and helpful. So many beautiful cars and history. The #2 opened across the street. Nice cars and alot of historic gas pumps ,etc... In better than new condition. A must see if u are in the area.

Christopher Volpe

Super neat setup. Was shocked it was free (Even though they said they were going to start charging in a week). If you have a passion for cars they have a neat collection... Even if you have a passion for the old times the decor is remarkable... Definitely stop in if ever in town!!

Michelle Feldpausch

I have been to other car museums, but this was the best one. A must see if you are in the area.

Tim Redenbaugh

This was way cooler than I expected. Great treasure in Evansville Indiana!

Bruce Bryant

Awesome museum. Great value for the money. Incredible, friendly staff.

Joshua Burton

A very interesting museum with LOTS of cars AND gas pumps! The people that work there are VERY friendly and helpful. They have a gift shop at the second building with reasonably priced memorabilia. Surprisingly they have movie cars there, which were awesome! A person working there said that they take these cars out for test drives and that most of them and the gas pumps were for sale.

Phillip Evans

It's not just cars it's got alot of antique gas pumps with prices from the 40s and 50s plus other automobile related antiques from the 30s to the 70s

Tom T

This is a nice little walk in Car Museum that doesn't cost you a dime. They have some motorcycle displayed there also.

Brad Mullins

It's ok, selling inventory so kinda sparse

Sara Guy

Went with family and enjoyed every minute of it. If you're an old car fan, then this is the place!!

jake fogle

Nice cars and displays also a lot of stuff for sale

Chris Brown

Great place for gear heads. Nice collection with a mix of movie screen used vehicles.

Stephanie Reed

Bailey was an excellent guide!!! I learned lots of info on the objects in the museum. And they rotate vehicles every so often so there's always something new to see!! Loved it!! Will definitely go back!!!

Michael Garza

If your a gearhead, or any type of an automotive enthusiasts from an era when cars and life was not about social media and being controlled by a cellphone this museum is for you. The museum is "downsizing" whatever that means and selling off anything/everything if you have the money so the sooner you visit this museum the more exhibits and cars you will see.

Wm. Bruce Dockery

Love taking my kids. They love looking at real "super cars", I love looking at the "muscle cars". Besides displaying sweet rides they have some memorabilia from several eras that was a great addition to get to see. Top it all off, my kids had a blast, as did I. For free. Donations are welcomed, but not mandatory, but I happily donated a few dollars. As should everyone if your able. My personal opinion of course. Enjoy

Bryan Tucker

Awesome display. Relaxed atmosphere. Staff were very friendly and helpful with any questions

Momma Wolf 182

Amazing cars. Had a blast

Rachel Brown

This place is so cool. Amazing variety of cars up close and personal. Awesome displays from different eras of Americana. So much more than a car museum.

Denny Field

My guide Josh was awesome. Very knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to.

Warren Werner

Excellent variety, and beyond being free admission, having the possibility of buying nearly anything there is exciting

Jason marks

Really nice place... They are downsizing and everything is for sale...also closing to the public soon...will open for private events

Jacob Neu

Great cars and automotive memorabilia!

Ted Fujisawa

Great gas pump collections, not much for cars. Organized to simulate the old car dealership. Everything is for sale so I went twice to see any I like.

Bernie Rivette

Fantastic place to take kids. Will be back when in town again.

Kimberly Harkey

Beautiful cars. Definitely worth a stop!

Marcie Lavell

Loved it very nice place brought back a lot of memories thanks

The Caborn Chapel

Awesome place is bigger than you think. I hope the Trump mannequins were an attempt at humor. I don't want politics in a place this Excellent.

Shaun Thomas

Dom's 68 Charger from The Fast and the Furious to me was the highlight of my trip to the Dream Car Museum. Loved every square inch of the place!! The General Lee is there as well. Too many cool movie cars and bikes to mention. Do yourself a favor and head to Evansville.

Christopher Lance Shell

One of the best and funnest things to do in Evansville with or without family. And it's free.

Tvich Gaming

Full of sweet famous cars. Wished to have seen a few more luxury though

Manimala Ganguly

We had lots of fun admiring the old cars. The hosts were very attentive and happy to show us around.

Supa Cool

13 out of 10! this museum has a various display of classic and new cars. (my personal favorite being the 1970 chevelle ss). it is a great place for kids, as well as adults.

Butch Mueller

Decent place but small

Grace Ortalano

The local car dealer collects the vintage & classic cars. Charging $10.00 per person but worth.

shannon ferrini

This place was great!! The kids loved it, the folks there were so friendly and took time to talk with the kids! Very clean, would have never realized it was as big from the outside. Very clean, it fooled us as we thought it was a dealership!! They have the exotic cars across the street but you really need to visit both of them, and to top it off it was FREE!!!

James Lynch

I love cars so I enjoyed this

Billy Fugate

Really cool place , definitely worth the 10$ admission

Kevin Brown

It's a great place to visit, but the price of $10 per person is too much.

Grant Rudolph

Absolutely amazing place to see all types of vintage and new super cars. They have movie prop cars (General Lee and the wrecked car and the end of The Fast and the Furious) amongst NASCAR race cars, Bentley, Aston Martin, etc. The museum is completely free and the staff is very nice and knowledgeable. They have more vehicles that will fit in the museum so they rotate them in and out ever so often so you can go back again and again and see different vehicles.

Bret Murray

This is a great opportunity to view some nice cars. The staff is very friendly and helpful! I hope to return many more times. I had no idea it was in Evansville.

Bill Krueskamp

The collection of restored gas pumps must rank on the top lists in the USA. Worth a walk through.

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