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101 Basilica Dr, Notre Dame, IN 46556, United States Located in: University of Notre Dame

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Where is Basilica of the Sacred Heart?

REVIEWS OF Basilica of the Sacred Heart IN Indiana

Patricia West

Beautiful, awesome.

Rene Sousa

Such a beautiful and unique atmosphere, a very special place.

John Burke

Stunning stained glass windows and paintings on the walls. Make sure you check out the relic chapels in the North end of the church

Beth Mattison

Awe inspiring.

Mark Robinson

Absolutely amazing Church with so many seats and beautiful architecture and painting. Definitely recommend coming here and having a look around and spending some time make sure your camera is fully charged. Very friendly staff.

Sara Dunn

Beautiful liturgy, beautiful building

Matthew Jerkovic

It is one of those places when you're at Notre Dame you must visit

Jose Ruvalcaba

Every mass here, is a High Mass! Great liturgy!

Carolyn Schwarte

Historic and beautiful church on the campus of Notre Dame.

Julian Waj

Beautiful church. Would love to catch a Mass here. Be mindful of people praying when you visit. Make sure to look up.

Randy Blum

Peaceful and prayerful.

Cheryl Weymouth

Beautiful church thanks

Gerard Simon Prosper


Gerry Stein

This is a holy place, suitable for an intimate connection with our creator, even in all its grandeur.

Martires garcia mojica

It's beautiful there!

Jupiter Videos

It is beautiful And A religious Monument. Lots of 24k gold all over the walls.

Kozhipatt Family New York

A wonderful place in a beautiful college campus.

Melissa Leda

I'm not catholic so I've never been for a service but the cathedral is beautiful.

Nancy Hastings

Very impressive. Drove 2hrs to go

Andrew Kinsella

Beautiful church in a great setting on Campus.

Sean Lynn

Awesome place

Ron Wing

Gorgeous Church and beautiful Mass!

Edward Gorman

A high school friend and his wife got married in the Basilica back in 2015. A truly magnificent church that glorifies God through its pristine art, architecture and music ministries. A must-see for everyone!

Kim Buschelman

Absolutely beautiful!

Joseph Wilson

One of the most beautiful churches I have ever been to Mass at, and it was "full, active, paticipation" by everyone.

Jeremy St.Martin

Inspired. Everything tells a story of God's grace.

Lynne Ruden

One of the most beautiful churches in the world, breath taking!

Laura Fiegelist

Absolutely breathtaking, inside and out. There are many areas inside the basilica to reflect in prayer and take in the beauty of the stained glass, relics, and ceiling artwork. Attend a mass if your schedule allows it. The University's student chorus is a joy to hear.

Ian B. Turner

Impressive! We were approached by a staff member who graciously offered to give us a tour. He enthusiastically showed us many of the building's features and contents. I would recommend!

Dan Gryp

Place is awesome!

Tammy Snyder

So beautiful!

Carol A. Estrella

Amazingly gorgeous!!

Bill Iannuzzelli

The Basilica is beautiful! Went to a musical tour of the Basilica and learned a few things I never knew concerning my faith. It was a well spent afternoon.

Shannon Welche

One of the most beautiful places on earth ! A must see if you are in the area. You will not be disappointed, If you can take a tour there is so much history to be learned. God Bless Notre Dame.

David Othus

Beautiful moving experience.

Brain Bernal

We were privileged to take a tour of this glorious church. We were there with a group so not sure how it was arranged but it was enlightening. So much history to learn. The history of the stained glass windows and the saints chosen was fascinating. I have often stopped in the Basilica for a contemplative moment. Now I have so much more to ponder. A wonderful place of peace and beauty. Don’t forget to spend some time at the nearby grotto.


God is also here and. Holey water

mike e

Beautiful church great service great homilies

Kristopher Takahashi

Absolutely breathtaking.

Mariana Farias Anguiano


Kevin Mette

Very beautiful church and awesome service

Caila Lindsey

Gorgeous interior and beautiful finishing. I always feel welcomed within the arms of the Basilica. As a non catholic Notre Dame Student , the basilica feels like a place for everyone to go to.

Kristy Vanderplow


Dawn Karmen

Beautiful ,historical and educational

Kristen Rogers

Very beautiful.

Dave Froeming


James Smith

Okay but never got to see inside because events going on that day

David Degroot

Incredibly beautiful. Must see.

Hyo-Kyung Lee

It's not big but beautiful inside out. Please don't forget to find "God, Country, Notre Dame" sign and take picture under it.

David Green

Must see if you are in the area. Lots of history and beautiful art.

Rachel S

Beautiful architecture, reverent Mass, lovely surroundings. Give yourself extra time to allow for parking though.

Frank Lucero

Beautiful! Exquisitely beautiful! It is a must see location!

Christopher Manning

My first trip to the hallowed University. After the home game, you are invited to attend mass. The Basilica was standing room only. You need to leave the game by the middle of the 4th quarter to get a seat. Such a great experience.

David Moses

Beautiful Catholic Church. Largest collection of French stained glass in the world (most glass in France destroyed in the world wars). Extremely beautiful and reverent liturgies.

Nicholas Petrillo

Beautiful chapel. A great place to pray. Very peaceful.

Margaret Sato

This is THE stop you need to make when passing through South Bend, IN. It is a gorgeous church with a rich history and it takes every first-time visitor by surprise.

Lawrence Rooney

Beautiful sanctuary!! Very peaceful

Jeffrey OConnell

Whatever your religion , the history, the setting , and the church itself is a beautiful sight.

Ajith Joseph

Historic place, established in 1879, if you want a traditional Catholic service, and a great choir. The basilica itself is remarkably beautiful!!

Christopher Drenth

Super ornate and pretty ceilings and stations of the cross. I am not catholic, but I could appreciate the significance of some of their pieces of art and symbolic theology. Great place to walk through if you’re strolling the grounds of Notre Dame.

Belinda Bloomfield

Very beautiful

Marguerite Haynes

Rachel is a wonderful lady I will never forget. She was my tour guide of this beautiful Basilica last week during my visit to the Notre Dame campus. She lovingly showed me around informing me of so much history about this beautiful place. I learned more from Rachel in one afternoon than I believe I could ever learn in any art history class. Thank you Rachel for the wonderful afternoon. You made my visit even more special.

Patrick McDougall

Awesome building. Couldnt take pictures during mas

Al Kach

Beautifully in awe viewing inside and out....near and from afar...

Gary Nelson

Very beautiful art work.

David Kastner

As church experiences go, nothing beats the Basilica at notre dame- especially when your kid is part of the ND family.

Joan Carroll


Gloria J Stevens

I felt like I was in Europe visiting one of the many beautiful cathedrals. It was a very special place to visit on the ND campus.

Nathaniel O'Dell

Beautiful church, and a very sacred place to worship!

Trevor Johnson

Don't miss the reliquary! Amazing.

Joseph Gutierrez

The finest basilica in the country. Very interesting Reliquary room

Mary Dennis

One of the most beautiful places to visit. And their choir is the best. Not just saying that because my son is a member:)


Absolutely beautiful experience!

liz quinones


Ron Hudson

Beautiful Amust go and see even if your not a Notre Dame fan. But then you should be a fan too.the while campus is awesome. Words do not describe it.

Kevin Large

A beautiful sacred place!

Tracy Schallhorn


Duff Wheatley

We were privileged to take a tour of this glorious church. We were there with a group so not sure how it was arranged but it was enlightening. So much history to learn. The history of the stained glass windows and the saints chosen was fascinating. I have often stopped in the Basilica for a contemplative moment. Now I have so much more to ponder. A wonderful place of peace and beauty. Don’t forget to spend some time at the nearby grotto.

Joe Goodale

It was very kewl

Jeffrey Wallen

Incredible, must visit if you're in South Bend

Chris Kelly

Wedding this time, so we couldn't your, but a magical holy place.

Mary Smith

Awesome, amazing, just beautiful, so inspiring!!

Erik Skurka

Beautiful place for a wedding! Strict timetables but other than that really good

Eduardo Pineda

It is such a beautiful place to visit, whether you are religious or not. Indeed, it has a ton of history, so take the privilege to get a tour whenever you visit campus. From the stained class windows to the incredible ceiling artwork, be sure to admire the sights. With a strong emphasis on faith and community and Notre Dame, this is an especially spectacular place to visit. Stop for a mass, pray in the silence, or just spend time pondering the beauty of the building itself.

Kirk Prough

Beautiful setting inside Wow!

Showy Anti-hero

If yiu like all that architecture and unique painting styles. Kinda weird for me as I'm not catholic. But it took the brothers 5 years to build it so hey it looks good from the outside especially

Brian Reilly

Wonderful masses and great relic room! Always enjoy the Women's Liturgical Choir's contributions.

Pedro Ruiz

Beautiful and relaxing

Arthur Rodriquez

We were privileged to take a tour of this glorious church. We were there with a group so not sure how it was arranged but it was enlightening. So much history to learn. The history of the stained glass windows and the saints chosen was fascinating. I have often stopped in the Basilica for a contemplative moment. Now I have so much more to ponder. A wonderful place of peace and beauty. Don’t forget to spend some time at the nearby grotto.

Patti C


Robin Fox

I thought I had gone to heaven. It is beautiful. There is construction going on around it so it was difficult to get to it or even find parking. Google maps got lost on campus.

Odette Förderer

Notre Dame is one of the most wonderful places to be ❤

Ed Holley

What a wonderful experience to To have attended Mass tonight after the game.

Jason McCaherty

Truly a special place.....

rich gruber

A must visit retreat. Very tastefully done.

MaryLorraine H

One of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen! Every aspect of the Mass is beautiful and is a very moving experience. If you have time after Mass, take a look around. The stained glass and statues are worth definitely worth taking a look at. I loved seeing the many relics toward the back of the basilica. If you're in South Bend, definitely make plans to come here!

Robert Foguth

Awesome place. The art is incredible and the people are very welcoming.

Nandini Agarwal

This is a beautiful Basilica inside out and if you are looking for some peaceful moments, its a place to be.

Ruben Reyes

One of the nicest churches I’ve been to,Amazing

Rowdy Yates

Notre Dame is a beautiful campus. The architectural structures are astonishing. The campus is very very well maintained. Grass is green and trimmed. No litter. My respects to the maintenance crew at Notre Dame University. The staff was very friendly. I am proud to be the father of a graduate at Notre Dame. God Bless America. Get them up move them out, rawhide.

John Hedges

More than a place to go; here is a culture to be a part of. Makes me feel at home!

Manuel Ruiz

Beautiful church

Garry Koch

Amazing. Beautiful.

William Duncan

Interesting place. Worth visiting if you're in the area.

Rufus Ayres

We live fairly close and have been to many a mass at the Basilica. It is a beautiful church and well run. On this occasion, we attended the wedding of a friend and the only criticism was that Father Jenkins kind of mumbled through the Homily and was difficult to hear.

Keith Buenzow

Beautiful and stunning church

Natalie Ingram

Breath taking and amazingly beautiful!

Eng. Alvaro Venegas

Impressive construction. Amazing basilica.

Ross Higginbotham

What a great place! The Basilica has the oldest collection of 19th century French stained glass in the world. There's also a beautiful reliquary chapel behind the tabernacle on the right. The entrance is from the lady chapel, which is the one in the back behind the main alter. Even if you're not Catholic, just go in for a few minutes and take in the beautiful art.

Arthur Zepeda

Such a wonderful place.

Christy Heupel

Amazingly beautiful!!

Scott Hawkins

Absolutely beautiful

Arlene Hawkins

Simply breathtaking.... Loved the artwork. The organ. The smells and the bells.

Jon Gottron

Very spiritual. As beautiful and breathtaking as a church can get. Humbling to assist the clergy. Staff is very friendly to chat with.

Chelo Manero Soto DCYIA

An inspiring place . Beautiful to visit

Terri Griffin

Nice tour, we could take pictures, very beautiful.

Mikhail Johnson

Stunning edifice and wonderful masses and organ concerts held here. It's such a sight to behold and great acoustics. Quite an amazing showcase of the treasures alloted to this amazing campus.

Annette Lucchesi

What an amzing, beautiful and awe inspiring place. Truly breathtaking. A great place to experience mass. Great choir and presider. And the Notre Dame grounds are spectacular as well. It is huge.

G. L. P.

One of most beautiful College catholic Cathedral in United States University Campus

Andrew Wemhoener

Absolutely beautiful and a must experience after any ND game.

Jeff Markel

Beautiful church with great acoustics. Make sure to check out the their museum.

Alyssa Chartrand

Such a beautiful part of the campus!!

Curt Dare

Very beautiful place.

Joseph Costa

Fantastic place

David Wemhoff

Great place to learn error and start your journey to apostasy. Beautiful building and grounds though.

Mark Checchia

Most beautiful college chapel in the world.

Mike Peddycord

Historic church

Mark Villalovos

This stunning, Gothic basilica will take your breath away when you enter. Attended mass and the choir and ceremonial services were first rate. Easy parking and from the Basilica you can wander about the magnificent campus, taking in its storied history. Be sure to stop by the Grotto for some quiet reflection time in an idyllic setting.

Alexandra Howland-Lopez

Phenomenal choir. Attended 9pm mass before Easter Sunday. Wow.

Bryan Durham

Absolutely Beautiful

Mark Leblond


Donna Eriksen

Stunning and breathtaking

Charles Murphy

Beautiful place must see

Peter Giersch

A sacred space of peace and beauty.

Rafael Tiscareno

Notre Dame University is a beautiful immaculate place. The grounds are pristine with lush green grass. It is nice to walk onto a campus with absolutely no litter. The people are very friendly. The whole place has a sense and an aura of love.

David Bazler

Be prepared for the incense!

Ana María Tomassini

Awe inspiring, amazing wind organ and beautiful ceiling.

Nancy Lunt

Beautiful stunning architecture on a green pristine campus.

clint gonzales

Always very spiritual holy place

Cordell Zalenski

Pretty cool experience, viewing other religions and how different they can be. Overall a pleasant visit!

Randy Foege

Even if you don't like going to Church, the art and architecture will put anyone closer to heaven.

James Henrickson

Beautiful breath taking

Elizabeth Rice

Beautiful place for worship! Wonderful, incredibly applicable homily. And very few places match the experience of the grotto for me. Just a beautiful, peaceful place!

Patrick Cottrell

It's a beautiful church with so much history.

Carol Flores

Beautiful and peaceful place!


Beautiful space in the middle of University of Notre Dame. Very beautiful and peaceful.

Jason Orange

Stunning, completely breathtaking. The artwork on the ceiling barely seems real.

Adrian van der Velden

It’s beauty had me in tears.

Rosalie Lewis

Beautiful and holy

julie tierney

Beautiful church. We went Easter morning. The choir sang beautifully.

Graig Guillotte

Just a beautiful place.

Pedro Ezequiel Ramirez Gonzalez

An wonderful and unspected place!

Diana Salgado

If I ever get married this would be on one of my top choices!

Bob Taylor

It's magnificent, the most beautiful "room," if you can call it that, I have ever been in. And I'm not Catholic!

Mike Mills

One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen

Aramis Fernandez

Anyone know how I can contact the Preca community?


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