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27582 Volo Village Rd, Volo, IL 60073, United States

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Where is Volo Auto Museum?

REVIEWS OF Volo Auto Museum IN Illinois

Scott Essig

A great museum to go to! It’s very easy to go your own pace

Mary Button

Awesome displays. Harvest host parking.

Jason Osinski

Not really a car person at all and loved this museum. Lots of historical items (mainly vehicles, obviously) with a lot of information through videos or related artifacts. I'm looking forward to taking my wife there and also shopping at the huge huge antique store right next door, using the same parking area.

zachary kurtz

What an awesome place to go to with family and friends. Alot to look at and do. Very reasonable price.


If you love cars, or trucks, antiques and history you have to go to Volo Auto Museum and antique mall.

Sandy Pacheco

Great Place to take kids! Cool antique cars and even a Disney and Hollywood showroom! The antique mall was neat as well the only thing I would suggest is that the people working there be a bit more inviting. I saw a couple of the vendors and they didn't interact with customers.

Paula Franklin

First visit. Very interesting and fun. Lots to see. Will go back

Petrus C

Great collection of cars and other curiosities. Only one issue, and that is wheeling a senior around in a wheelchair was at times difficult due to the steepness of some of the walk ways. Especially difficult with salt on the ground. It takes some strength pushing and pulling, and you'll need to lift the front wheels to get over some of the door thresholds. Otherwise, a fun time for the family.

Jamie Maclannan

I have never been to somewhere quite like the Volo car museum, it was a lot of fun, the exhibits are stunning and extremely interesting all while having every charm of a family business and a wholesome road side attraction. Please do yourself a favour and give this place a visit!

Altivo Overo

Impressive collection of "classic cars" restored to showroom condition, and many of them are offered for sale. Other nostalgia items, such as juke boxes and motorbikes are also displayed. For the most part, this is not an educational or historic display, but rather a calculated attempt to raise money by tantalizing the interests of a tabloid audience.

Renee Bradberry

Love every bit of it, brought back memories

George Abernathy

Wow...Volo has cars for all to see. The General Lee, the Back to the Future DeLorean, the Batmobile etc. Be prepared to walk. Also, cars to buy. Awesome

Jane Swift

If you like cars and all things Americana collectibles, this is the place for you.

Terry Nixon

If you're a car guy/gal, you'll enjoy yourself.

Danielle Just

Was a fun place to go. Lots of cars! Only marked down a star for the rude woman collecting tickets rolling her eyes at a confused old man (btw it's a little bit of a maze going in, you could be nice to the older folks).

Diane Pride

Great place to spend the day. I went with my son and two grandsons ages 7 and 12. They had the best time and want to know when they can go back. The museum I will give 5 stars to but the pizza area is way too pricey. Come on nearly $5.00 for a slice of pizza. Beyond that it was a wonderful day with lots of things to see.

Eric DeSantis

Disney Parade made the kids happy, cool old cars made Dad happy.

Jennifer Wawczak

Cute museum and antique mall. Great for families.

Lisa Coleman

wow it's been a long time since we've here and they sure have expanded! Does it say something that we wanted to get a membership as soon as we finished our day here? I think it does!

Maria Cotto

My nice took me to see the museum and all the antiques they had there, never seen to many cars and others stuff, I was there on vacation and I had very good time seen that museum, very good very nice.

Sam Salem

Great for the average car guy, history buff, and kids.

Kurt Hahn

Alot to see. Everything from 1930’s Duesenbergs to muscle cars to vintage campers and boats.

Bridget Schuenke

Such an amazing place to go with the whole family!!! A place that definitely pleases all ages!! My family and I went here on a Saturday to celebrate my birthday! I'm not personally into cars, I don't know much about them, BUT that definitely didn't stop me from having an amazing time, because they had so many different cars for all types of people! Fast cars, classic cars, famous cars, scooters, old fashioned, famous cars, games, fun facts, every inch of the place was covered in something exciting to look at!!! The kids really enjoyed themselves, they couldn't wait to see what was next!! My parents really enjoyed seeing cars that they recognized either growing up, or were by a famous person!! This place was also very easy to navigate, and if you need any bit of guidance just ask anyone of the friendly staff that works there, smiling and willing to help!! The antique shops were so much fun to explore!! All in all definitely a must visit!! We will be back!

Grady Carey

Purchased a old mustang a while back and had a great experience. Car looks and runs like a dream. Thanks!

kysaundra P.

An amazing collection in a nice community. The 33 exhibits offer something for the whole family. The classic cars, Hollywood vehicles, and kids exhibits are a ton of fun. The sprawling acres offer picnic areas if you want to bring a pack lunch. If you are a Batman fan this museum is a must. Their Batmobile collection is phenomenal.

Roger Havlick

Great place full of numerous different types of vehicles. We went on a day that was very crowded due to a Disney parade. Inspite of the large crowd it was an enjoyable day. I look forward to returning. However my only complaint is if you are handicapped and require a wheelchair or mobility scooter, there are no automatic doors, and the doorways are narrow and very difficult to access. There is no way a person with a mobility disability can access this place by themselves!

Erick Gomez

Great place! I go nearly every year and I love it, they have a lot of cars and other vehicles for display from famous things such as movies like back to the future or Batman.

Perla Torres

I love Volo , so much to see , good prices , second time I visited .

Aaron McMurray

Volo is amazing has something for everyone young or old. We will be going back for sure


Cars are mesmerizing. You never want to leave. Recommend see it at least once.

James Jennings

This is a must-see for anyone who loves automotive history, just make sure you leave at least 4 hours for yourself to see everything.

Peter Rodionov

Lots of cars and memorabilia! They keep adding more boats, cars, scooters, tractors and carousal pieces. This is one of my favorite places to visit when I'm in town visiting family.

Brian Gusak

Can't wait to go back. They do a great job of keeping a nice stock of vehicles. Worth checking out.

Rob Base

This is a really nice Auto Museum to take the family to, even for the members who aren't big into cars. It has a little something for everyone of all ages. The prices are very reasonable to get in, and they're even reasonable for auto sales. It is very easy to spend a whole day here because there is so much to see and do.

Marcie Hoenes

Fun museum in a tiny Town. A large museum with many displays outside and in several buildings There are many antique cars on display as well as vehicles from movies and television. Batmobile, ghost busters, back to the Future, green hornet and James bond to name a few. Small diner inside.

Vidal Rosa

Amazing place. If you love cars this is a must!

Paul Moss

This place is incredible!! There were over 6 thousand people visiting that day and it didn't seem crowded. The cars and other displays were amazing. If you are in the market for a classic, the prices were reasonable too.

Ruben Meneses Jr

It is a place that will bring you back to your younger years. Even in the Antique Mall/ Gift Shop.

Jennifer Ortiz

It was larger than anticipated. A wonderful collection of cars, boats, scooters, RVs, kiddie rides, pinball, etc. Great for the entire family. We will definitely be visiting again!

Josh Klecka

If you love classic cars, this is a place to got to. There are rooms of classic cars mostly from the 50's 60's and 70's. There are also original cars that were from Hollywood films. There is an area which is more of a kids area, but has cars that different celebrities had. Cool burst of history and engineering. The museum buys and sells thier cars so there might be a different car on the floor on a different day. Plus if you want a classic car, check this place out!

salina smithson

Nice place lots of exhibits where's the money when I'm back in Chicago I'll go again

Jocelynn Cribbs

Just Wonderful. I think my husband and I was more excited than the kids. My boys loved it and are already asking to go back. Great low key funfir the whole family!

84 Vette

This place was well worth the price of admission and a lot of the cars were for sale if you have the dough to buy them

Chris Kaliakmanis

Volo is a must visit if you're any sort of car enthusiast, vintage/antique fan, or movie fan. The museum is always a good time and has plenty to offer for all kinds of people. The antique mall is fun to rummage thru, not too hard to find cool things to bring home with you. I'm a diecast car collector and frequent the diecast car store in the main building. New and second hand diecast ranging from affordable to collectable level, Good pricing on tough to find stuff.

Syndee Mears

Always a great time looking at the cars, kids really seem to enjoy the attractions. And, they've added quite a few other exhibits. But I have a huge problem with the awful music that is played at deafening levels throughout the complex. And that doesn't include the music played around certain exhibits. All the sounds are in competition with each other. Makes for a less than enjoyable visit.

Judy Liesch

This place was great, what a treasure. Went there as something to do not knowing really anything about the place, and now can't wait to visit again. They have old cars, motorcycles, famous vehicles from TV and movies. Old time pinball machines and such you can play. Old planes, old jukeboxes, and so much more. Basically something for everyone. They have a tram tour that is worth taking. You get the story about the place plus the layout of the place. Plan a few hours if you want to see everything. You can also buy many of the vehicles if that's what you're into. They also have about three buildings of antique booths to shop at. The antique buildings are free to visit but there is a small fee to get into the museum part.

Ric G

Really enjoyed the vehicles and some entertainment for children

George Bobeck

Quick review: the Volo Auto Museum is an awesome museum. It is always changing, always growing. Great place to spent an afternoon looking at so many cool cars.

Stephen DeLurgio

Best attraction in Chicago,. Amazing collection, we love it, mom and dad and kids!

cindy raimondi

Fantastic, lots of great cars to see.

Ron Ali Young

Great place to see and experience the famous car collections from your favorite movies and TV shows. Where you can also purchase rare classics. While you can find a lot of antiques for sale as well!!!

nicole loki

This place is awesome! The whole family enjoyed it. Great collection! Well worth the admission price. We paid extra for the crime and punishment area which was small but pretty cool, worth the tokens. Bring cash for the antique rides for the kiddies!

Sara Tjardes

This place is great no matter your level of knowledge on cars, boats, etc. The hour drive was worth it. Well over 3 hours of cars to look at. It kept 2 adults, 12 yr olds, 9 yr olds & 1.5 yr old entertained the whole time. We only left because we didn't want the food one of the buildings had plus our legs got tired.

Paul Kandel

This place is amazing. There's soooooo much here. I probably took over 200 photos. The cool thing is they have a plan for you if you only have an hr or 2. (Preferably plan a day) There are 5 buildings, plus a military exhibit, some boats, an old stage coach exhibit, and 3 antique malls. There's so many cars. Movie cars, famous people cars, Pre-War, muscle cars, etc.

Adam D

This appears to be more of an antiques mall that is using the auto museum to draw people in. I found it quite disappointing. The owners do seem to be improving the parking area and adding new buildings. Perhaps it will improve from the small-town tourist-trap atmosphere that it now exudes Would not recommend it. Tickets were $17.

Judith Armstrong

Amazing place full of all things automotive and automotive travel related plus....


If you're a car buff, you'll love this place. Nice place to visit. A little something for everyone. Plenty of photo opportunities too, especially in the Disney and Warner Bros galleries. The kids will love the musical show in the pizza parlor as well as the playground areas. One of their greatest attractions is the section devoted to the wars and military. Makes you humble and thankful for all that served. The kids will also love the section with all the rides and arcades so bring plenty of change as this area is huge! The TV and Movie Cars exhibit brings back a lot of memories. The museum has 35 acres that you view at your own pace, or ride the train tram or Disney bus. There is so much to see and enjoy so you will be here for a while.

Ultimate Tint

The whole family loves this place

John Peacock

If you like cars, this is the place to go. Many cars on display from the 50s and 60s back to the early 1900s. Many of the cars are on consignment and available for purchase. Nice venue. Great way to spend a morning or afternoon.

Basty Feliciano

Such an awesome place for the family. We really enjoyed it. Looking forward to go back.

Steek Averang

We liked everything in this museum! It has lots of cool and exotic vehicles from lots of movies! We had an awesome day! This is an awesome museum.

Jose Cornelio

Great place to take the family all the old cars I even found a car I used to drive back in the early 60's

Michael Bussa

First time visit after knowing about this place for over fifty years. The museum is far beyond my expectations. Being a lover of all things old in the automotive industry, it is loaded with early auto Americana - and most are for sale! You'll not be disappointed. In addition to the cars, there is a display of early speedboats and campers. I also love old boats so I enjoyed this display. For kids there are old toys, games and amusement park ride displays. There is also a snack cafeteria with pizza, hot dogs, nachos, etc. I will return in a few months since there are routine changes in the displays and vehicles.

Mike Corsini

Went on Columbus day they have a promotion. It was a good time with the family. My only complaint is 15.95 per person to get in the charging extra to see a certain exhibit. Will definitely be back.

Owen Japuntich

This is a very nice auto museum with some famous cars including one from the fast and the furious, one from Jurassic park, and more even! There is a pizza shop there, but they also let you bring your own food. There is also a kids area with mini rides on machines you would see at malls. It’s easy too spend 3/4 hours here.

Matt Recht

This place is so much fun. Great shopping. The museum is phenomenal and huge. Restaurant has good food for a break between shopping and site seeing. And the tour has me scared to drive past cemeteries now, LOL

Debra Bell

I came with Stonebridge of Gurnee. Place was clean. Staff was great and Helpful. Most of all Love the Beautiful Cars!! Great Selection Love the Antiques with museums

AlwaysLovingKelsey Kasey

Had some really amazing cars and a playground outside the museum as well as inside. Just amazing.

joe mcallister

Amazing place. A step back in time. Brings back the days when style was everything. From advertising art, bicycles, scooters, sleds, and of course Cars.

Kelly Cramm

So many cool cars from different era's and I want some of my own love the atmosphere

** Mermaids

If you luv cars, this is the place to go! My husband was amazed, we both really enjoyed the history.


What a great way to spend a Sunday! What an amazing collection housed in a number of buildings. There was so much to see from cars to scooters, to RV's. Something here for everyone. Neither my husband and I are car enthusiasts but we thoroughly enjoyed the day we spent here and we loved seeing the old Chuck E Cheese and Show Biz Pizza animatronics.

jack riffell

Cool place. Worth the drive. Antiques galore. Loved the cars and boat's. A lot to see and brought back a lot of memories.

Richard Stone

Pretty cool. A lot of classic and antique cars. Nothing modern or super car type automobiles. A little unorganized but all around a good time. I would definitely be in contact with them if I ever were to purchase a vintage automobile.

Matt McGee

Well worth the price of admission! Definately will go back again. They have a bunch of old kiddie rides that would sit in front of stores, still operational, so be sure and bring some quarters. Movie cars, celebrity cars, old RV's, pedal cars, and even a military area. Didn't go on the bus or train, or see the crime and punishment area, but they are only $2 add ons, and def plan to do them on my next trip. It is a lot of walking, but there are benches throughout, play area for the kids, and a little eatery selling hot dogs, pizza slices, churros, and drinks.

Douglas Hamilton

This place is absolutely amazing! So many cars and more to see. The gift shop has something for everyone. If your hungry they even have a spot to grab a slice of pizza and more. Don't forget your camera! Plenty of photo ops throughout! Plenty of parking and handicap accessible if needed.

Rob Owens

Awesome place to visit, so many cool vehicles, from antique tractors, snowmobiles, movie vehicles to million$$ Duesenburgs and a bonus of high quality yet reasonable prices cars for sale. So much to enjoy and see 5 warehouses of cars and antique warehouses with a ton of great antiques and collectibles. So very much worth the trip there.

michael mckenna

Bought tickets online only to wait in a quarter mile bracelet line for an hour+ moving 5 feet every minute. Needs to staff better for events.

Michael Gruver

Well worth the trip. So many awesome cars and extra sites!

Brian Smith

Great place to see a parade up close and personal, plus they provide a photo op with them at the end of the parade. you can bring your own food and drink plus parking is free! They gave out free Mickey and Minnie ears! There are so many cool cars and Cars from past movies that you will definitely recognize. They also allow in and outs with a wristband. Definitely a great day with the family!

Victor Fernandez

Can't even tell u how cool and outstanding it was u will love it

Catherina Vasquez

One of the best experiences I had .! Great selection of cars and great animation!

Royce Hamel

Does this need a description? Because it's this incredible museum made of a hodge podge of buildings kept together by duct tape, and glued with hopes and dreams. That being said: the cars are AMAZING. Highly recommend going if you have a few hours, and ESPECIALLY if you're a gearhead. I am personally not, but it's one of the best weekend spots anyway.

Kyle Meng

Super fun place to take your family

Roger Reis

Nice place. Cant help to go there a few times a year. Just keeps getting bigger.

P. Perez


scott uglinica

Love this place. Great for the kids.

Mike Sporlein

AWESOME! Love to see all the great cars and old toys! Kids have a blast as well! Food is good but a bit pricey! The year pass is the way to go!

Nena Starks

We loved the variety of cars! Once we went through an awesome showroom, we went through another. There was so much to see. My son and I spent at least 3 hours there.


Great non-traditional museum. Consists of several "barn" style museums. They have restored child rides that run off tokens, food, plenty of restrooms, a "train" ride, outdoor playground for the kids, and a TON of photo ops! This place is of course, 99.9% cars. You can buy and sell cars. They do have RV's, boats, military vehicles and Luxury, sports, classic, offroad, celebrity, and movie cars. It's quite the place to see and inexpensive. A definite must visit.

Josh Jora

I went about 5 years ago. Awesome place. I am a muscle car lover, so this place is almost heaven. I'm going to go back soon to buy one of there 64 GTO's. Because almost every car is for sale.

Jodie inTexas

We just drove all day to get here. We are on a road trip from Texas. Our 9 year old was so excited and looking forward to seeing the Barbie car and some Disney exhibits. Gps took us through Chicago,which was gridlocked due to lalapolazo and other events so we sat in traffic for hours. We looked online and it says the museum closes at 5pm. We got there at 345pm walked around a few minutes looking around at the stuff outside. We went to the wrong building with the arrow that points to museum tickets and were told its in the back. So we walked back to where we were to be told they are closed at 410pm. I asked why does google say 5pm? The young blond headed teen just brushed us off with attitude. I tried to ask if we could please just show our daughter the barbie car, my poor daughter was in tears. I then asked to speak to a mgr. So she rolled her eyes telling me how she will just tell me the same thing. The mgr of course wasnt available to talk to me. So be warned they CLOSE AT 4PM not 5pm as advertised. That place had lots of people who were walking all around, no matter what they are going to be there for at least an hour. We just drove 3 hours out of way and sat in traffic since 1030 this morning and now have a heartbroken 9 yr old all for nothing.

Margaret Ruth McDonald

Must go. You will be thrilled

Michael Gonzalez

Great looking cars. Fun for family and everyone. If you're mostly into muscle cars, great place to visit

mr chikago

If you are car enthusiast you have to check out this place. This place has everything .awesome place to bring family ,friends to. Highly recommend it .

Scott Swimley

I did indeed "purchase my dream car at Volo" as their tee shirt says! Joey and the rest of the sales team made it very easy and seamless. I highly recommend Volo Auto sales. They stand behind each and every car available for sale. I will be back again!

Ashley Miller

Fantastic place to visit. Both the cars and antique mall.

Christine Slager

Great museum! Loved the different car exhibits

Mark R

Cool flea market.... great RV museum. Loved the military vehs as well as the muscle cars


They had everything. Old cars,antiques, and food. Very nice employees take care of your every need. Being the older kids

Denise Wadsworth

Interesting museum. Wish I had the money to buy some of the cars they have for sale.

Valerie Creedon

This is a diamond in the ruff...who knew?!? It is great, very interesting, and huge! There are several buildings of cars, all themed, plus bonus history information and displays. We we're very impressed with the military section. We weren't able to see everything in our stop so we will definitely be going back. The owner was very nice and we had a great time talking with her, she told us about some of the additions coming that also sound great.


Will be interesting for everyone:kids and adults.

Fred Spangenberg

It was a great place I took my friend girl there well she took me there we had fun all day so many cars bring back memories of the past Perrault anyway I like the Mad Max car because I saw all his movies I like Mel Gibson but I also build hot rods for fun and it gives me a lot of new ideas I like making cars run fast I love seeing blowers and how they're put on the cars we also ate there in the dining room on our way out that was good food there's just a real good day even though it snowed that day are you still at a good time I've recommended is a place to go with your family and kids

Mara Dayle

Just came here with my husband and 2 year old. We loved it and a day well spent instead of being at home. The weather was great as well.


Cool place. Some historical issues with the military exhibits, but otherwise a great effort IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CARS, CARS, CARS!

Mike Wolfram

Very crowded.dont just show up.check the website and plan the trip first

marc mota

Love that you see cars throughout the ages. Also the antique shopping is fun.

Kenneth Periman

I had a 1968 Camaro waiting for me that I ordered with my dad's help while I was in Vietnam. It was the same color as one of the cars at Volo.

Samantha Moore

Confusing to get to showrooms and crime and punishment cost you two tokens witch tokens are 1.00 each. The kiddie rides take tokens to. Some games cost 1.00 to play. There was a smell in there. It wasn't what I expected. So carry cash some attractions need tokens.

Marilyn Frank

Soooo many awesome things to see! Something for everyone!

La Tanya Ame `Vel Smith

I love this place, I can't wait to be able to afford one of their cars...!!! I'll definitely be back to purchase one of their beautiful vehicles..!!

Andy Saputo

Great place to take the kids or car lover in the family

Damin Petovic

Great place for family.Awesome fun for everyone. Very well time spent here.

Lennox Songo

This place is thee place to come to if your love cars. What an experience. Tops my list in Chicago places to see.

Kris Kaldenberger

Lots of cool vintage cars to see here. Interesting antique mall as well. Lots to look at.

Anthony A

A lot bigger than you would expect, and lots of fun for family. The vintage cars displayed there an unbelievable.

Song Brewer

Awesome place to spend with your family and friends!

roxana velasco

Very nice place with several things to see and lots of walking. Have visited during summer and there's a lot more activities available of course. Winter is fine too you're just having to carry coats around. Lots of pictures opportunities. We purchased the family membership which was very reasonable and gives us something to do due for the rest of the year. Friendly staff. Clean facilities. Looking forward to summer.

Sophie Norton

we love going to the volo museum as it has a very wide selection of classic vehicles, and we really enjoy going and walking around there antique small, which is absolutely huge!!

MistyLynn Farmakis

Museum was much better than expected. Not just cars, but so much more. So many nostalgic items on display. Exhibits were great. Loved the old time pinball and arcade games that you can actually play. Cars are gorgeous and pristine. So much to see. Great antiques mall too. Has a Showbiz pizza just like when I was a kid. Have not seen one since I was younger about 30 years ago. Plan on spending several hours here. We stayed almost 5 hours looking, playing. Plus lots of walking but there were many benches to sit on to rest. We had such a fantastic time and looking forward to going back. Can't say enough good things about Volo. Volo Auto is AWESOME. Great time, great memories!

Kelly Kelz

Loved this place! It's for young and old. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because each employee I encountered was a bit rude or unfriendly. I loved everything we saw and want to return to see some things I may have missed.

Fred Witmann

If you're looking for a car one of the best places to go lot of nostalgia fun place to visit great to bring the kids and grandchildren

David Kamensky

Great place to see all of those wonderful automobiles you've loved over the years. A lot of them are for sale at reasonable prices. They also have a very interesting military museum and a large antiques mall. A great place to take the family for the day.


I love this place, they have so much to see. Just one thing to consider, if you have sensitive smell, try to avoid the indoor military exhibit. The entire place is good for the entire family!

Roxanne Rebmann

Lots to see. Little expensive. But the kids had a great time.


Absolutely amazing place, well worth the very long drive.

Ragen Bostrom

Oh just set me up a bed in the middle of this place! I want to live here! Largest, most fun and outstanding car museum I've ever seen! It's OVERFLOWING with cars, trucks, vintage campers, movie icons, and antiques!! Building, after building, after building.... I'm trying to figure out ways to return to Chicago, just so I can visit VOLO again! They sell these beauties too! If you're a car lover, run, don't walk... RUN to VOLO!

Paul Avram

Lots more than just an auto museum

Terry Daniels

An excellent collection of vintage vehicles

Donna Ford

Cool cars good family fun !

John Carter

If your a car person like me youll love it

Alan Hoyt

Alot of really nice cars but mainly went to see Svengolie

Mr. Calabrese

This place is awesome me and my kids went here with my brother and his family and we have a great time there is something for everyone here young or old

Ervin Pawlak

Very nice , but just cars forsale are a little bit pricey

Anthony Psak

A great place to spend an afternoon. If you like cars, you'll enjoy the Volo Museum.

Lucas Narbatovics

Good selection of cars, nice that there are cars for sale that keep cycling in and out.

Chris Demeur

Lots of fun and a lot to see. Don't plan on eating there.

Megan Neves

Volo auto museum is a really cool place to visit, even if you aren’t a car enthusiast. There are a lot of movie props, fun stand ups, and don’t forget about the gigantic antique mall. Everyone in our family loves it, from our seven year old daughter to my forty two year old husband.

Dan The man!

Weve been in line for almost 2 hours now just to get tickets. Okay, im updating the review a few days past the message above. Once you get into thenplace, it is a good museum with a lot of history. 5 stars when the line issue is solved, though

JG Chester

Love this place! If you love vintage, retro, and antique anything, this is for you! It's like a mini-mall with over a hundred vendors spread over several buildings, plus an auto museum. Wouldn't recommend young children who love to handle stuff! Lots of glassware, jewelry, kitchenware, you name it. Nice staff. Be sure to ask to see upstairs. Had been there several times before someone asked if I'd been up there. Neat, old buildings to wander through. Don't expect to see it all in a couple hours if you like to take your time.

will hill

Many thanks to the Volo Museum for allowing FCBO to hold our event there

Larry Mondie

High entrance cost. Fun place anyway

Eugeniu Ungureanu

Very nice place recomande to visit

Glenn Taylor

Great place to relive some of your childhood.If you enjoy the nuclear car era you don't want to miss this

richard gunnell

This place is awesome great antiques great vintage cars and military museums added bonus

Daniel Malia

Life-long Chicagoan who has passed this place 100's of times; and, I had a fantastic 1st time visit. If you like antique cars and a bit of kitch to go with it... then this place is well worth the minimal price of admission for a few hours of nostalgia.

Jerrod Johnson

What more can I say. It's a man's toy store!! But the good thing is that you can purchase automobiles as well. I was with my wife and she had the check book. So come look with the wife and kids and make the car purchase by yourself!!! Lol

Tina Hadden

Had coupons for free admission and they wouldn't let us use them so i wont ever go back


Perfect everything.! Many visits have all been wonderful! Perfect family field trip, perfect date ! Staff always friendly!

Old Blazer

Don't be fooled by the name. It's much more than an auto museum. The Duesenbergs there are amazing ! They do have a large collection of collector cars for sale. The military exhibits are good too. They also have play areas for kids to keep them from being bored. I spent at least six hours there with a break for lunch but I read nearly every plaque. A must see! They also have several antique malls of which I only had time to visit one.

Mario Del barrio

Been here a few times, always fun. Lots of cars to look at. Even have some for sale. The gift shop is awesome! Lots of old stuff that u can't find anywhere else.

Bryn Callahan

The smell of fuems gave me a headech but the collection was very good

Michael Boone

Great place to visit lots of antiques and great cars

Jessica Baby

Way bigger than I thought! Fun place to check out. Pretty cool cars

Jim Francis

Love coming here several times a year. Their inventory keeps changing and there are always magnificent autos there. Sometimes we even walk all the buildings twice on the same day.


Cars! Cars! And more Cars! This place is amazing! If you are into shiny machines on wheels then come here. They have a wide verity of nostalgic vehicles and memorabilia. Ample parking and various activities for kids to do. You can also buy one of these beauties if you would like to. Come here and have a great time!

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Volo Auto Museum en Illinois
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