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435 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, United States

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Where is Tribune Tower?

REVIEWS OF Tribune Tower IN Illinois

David H. Nguyen

This building is very historic. Sadly, you can only walk into the lobby without a reason. However, you can learn a lot about the building just from the outside. This is one of the most historic architecture buildings in the city, yet most people walk right past it each day not even thinking about it.

Orlando Camacho

Great location, and the architecture is awesome

Dario Chavez

The Tribune Tower is among my favorite Gothic styled towers in downtown Chicago. All of the stone detail at the top is really quite beautiful.

Craig Spahr

#@WKQX 101 Sound Lounge and Lauren ROCK!

Love Life


Annie George



Historic place

Michael Silver

WGN Radio is hosted in here. I love that station.

Thu Pham

Didn't go inside. Pretty touristy.

Rod Gullo

Live the pieces of historic buildings imbedded in the exterior walls

Serena Uible

Such a beautiful building. Sad that it's now condominiums. And no longer the grand Chicago Tribune. Which is also no longer so grand. Sigh.

Kacy Schinnerer

Dont forget to check out the rocks along the outside walls!

Mike Seper

It's a tower. Enough said.

Jeffrey Brodzinski

Iconic architecture. Beautifully decorated with fresh pine during the holiday season.

Ahmed Sedrati

I want to fly so high

corey nunley

Cool to look at no clue what's inside

Paweł Depukat

Probably the most beautiful building in Chicago!

micheal mclaughlin

a stone from the old derry walls from the seige of derry 1690 ireland is in the building

Amanda Black

Found it easy. Great parking.

Hasan Ashour

Nice building

Corey Plunkett

Very nice older building. Cool structure

Oscar H. Fajardo

This building and nearby buildings are phenomenal. It's like going back in time when detail and passionate architecture was being built.

Will Johnson

Love it

Tomer Yogev

An architectural masterpiece. Be sure to check out all the small inlays.

Saravanan SV


A Soliman

A beautiful historical place

Sabika Raza

Really awesome! Rocks are embedded in the walls from famous places all over the world

Kenneth Bruhns

Be sure to stop inside and look up

Pablo Martínez

Great building at the beginning of the magnificent mile. Probably one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Kyle Johnson

The Tribune Tower is a neo-Gothic skyscraper located at 435 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, United States. It was the home of the Chicago Tribune, Tribune Media, and tronc, Inc., formerly known as Tribune Publishing. WGN Radio (720 kHz) broadcasts from the building, while the ground level houses the large restaurant Howells & Hood (named for the building's architects), whose patio overlooks nearby Pioneer Court and Michigan Avenue. CNN's Chicago bureau was also located in the building. It is listed as a Chicago Landmark and is a contributing property to the Michigan–Wacker Historic District. The original Tribune Tower was built in 1868, but was destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire in 1871. Cool building

Ada P. Storto

Great place. Loved it

Martin Rodriguez

Great place to have a radio station!

Ali Yeni

Just great

Vajinder Pal Singh

Great attraction. Piece of architectural marvel

Daniel Permuter

Miscellaneous office space leased from the remarkably ornate tower -but now I believe transitioning into residential units. Cool concept. Reliable meeting point for tourists and pedestrians which stops travel for quarter mile around DuSable Bridge. The view here is remarkable. Nobody's fault for appreciating.

Jason Fitzpatrick

Beautiful building

Matthew M

It's cool looking.

Nata Kostenko

Make sure you walk around to notice all beautiful stones from different countries and states. Neo-gothic building is something fresh!

Garrett Johnson

Historic Trib tower, I like the pieces of famous buildings around the world installed on the side of the building.

Ugo Art

I am seeking access to do a rooftop shoot at this building can somebody help

ira Wesley

Tribune Tower is good for Chicago it's a great tourist attraction with great history.

Nicholas Plada

Currently The Tribune Tower is being renovated. I am proud to say that this is one of the coolest historical buildings i have worked on throughout my years as a union carpenter. Unfortunately i was asked not to post pictures of the sight for particular reasons during renovation, and i respect that. When it's all said and done i will post the NEWLY constructed tower. Stay tuned my friends.

Michael Anderson

Beautiful building. It's fun to inspect all the stones from famous places around the world

Cristian L.

An impressive building with a beautiful achitecture in downtown Chicago. You can't miss it.

Bilal Naqvi

Historic building with magnificent architectural and design detail.

Fritz Golman

Unfortunately it's is no longer accessible since the Tribune moved out and is being converted to condos.


The place is a mess


On site during construction of the new space. Saw some hints of the end result and it looks to be awesome. Totally different as they have stripped out everything for the transition to new space. Should be amazing and excited to see the end result!!

Ray Chang

One of my favorite buildings. Look around the building to see pieces of other monuments around the world collected in one place.

Kavita Baluni

Great architecture of this historical building captivates every passer by. There are rocks/stones from different sites of various countries across the globe on the building..Most renowned ones are from Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, Great Pyramid etc.

Ted T

This is a beautiful Chicago landmark that must be seen if you're visiting the Windy City. Don't forget to hit the gift shop for what has to be the cheapest place for Licensed Sportswear in the City.

Azeez Sodiq

Nice place

Lizzy Fay LLC

Beautiful architecture. Take a moment and go into the lobby and read all of the quotes on the wall. Journalists will especially love it.

Nathanel Mori

Breathtaking, one of the nicest buildings in Chicago.

Robert Barcik

Currently under redevelopment

Lemarkipu Sylvers

Beautiful building

Mf Fitzek

Can't wait until renovations are done at this beautiful historic building!

Eric Zumwalt

Absolutely the coolest building in Chicago (in my humble opinion). A must see if walking the Mag Mile

Daniel Bogusiewicz

near Tribune maybe if you will be so nice to help WGN up with the sport the finals scores maybe they can get WGN back on here you don't believe me it comes on labor day with the labor day Marathon the telly

Carmen Rivera

One of Chicago's historic landmarks and most beautiful buildings along the maganificent mile, the Tribune Tower still stands amoung a few of the most handsome buildings along the Magnificent Mile. Tribune Tower was built in 1925 and is over 35 floors tall and has historice pieces of other monuments from around the world embedded in its facade inside and out.

Luca Quarto

Nice building

Margaret Larkin

Unless you work here or know someone who does (which won't be forever because they're turning the place into condos), you can only enter the lobby. But it's really nice and has ornate stonework with words etched in as well. The outside is interesting: stones from all over the world are embedded into the exterior walls. Go to the back near the dock and parking lot and you'll see the cornerstone circa 1920.

Dennis Maddox

Good place to work

Gregory Chisholm

A great site to behold

Isla Howarth

So cute, it was fun walking around and spotting the different landmark stones from some pretty cool places all around the globe (great pyramid of giza Egypt, Hans Christian Anderson's house, Edinburgh castle). Just such a shame about the restaurant that blocks a massive section of it with it's outdoor patio.

Scott dennison

This building has great architecture

Yogesha Lakkanna

Desk tower

Timothy Carroll

What a beautiful location for wedding or outdoor party!

Ringo 712

I just do

Erik Nye


William Sullivan

As Kid in the 1940's and Adult In the 1960's .I huddled between the Tribune and Sun Times as Kid hauler on local Paper Delivery Trucks. Very Fond memories . And God Bless the ALL PRINTERS.For Staying here and not GOING OUT OF CHICAGO. Also remember that Sun/ Time trucks where RED. The Tribune where Green. And the Chicago Daily News where Blue in COLORS. HOWEVER the out of town Where White in color meaning Suburban and Indiana ,Wisconsin ,Iowa and Ohio. As a helper you could get and extra couple of cents per two bundles. And if your where Lackey enough to be on the Railroad and Airport terminals you could get even more per bundle.

Madison Riddle

This is a great place to research about!

Anna Raniga

Awesome! Will definitely return but for a longer stay

Brett G

Dr Sebastián Gorka. Yes that’s right

Eric Ganz

News media is fake and controlled

Yazeed Alkrijah

I like this place

Addison Scufsa

Cool design and an amazing relief map in the lobby that everyone should stop and see. It is made entirely out of $1 bills and is super interesting.

Jillian Reynolds

Beautiful iconic architecture. The history and collection displayed on the outer walls of the building is an awesome collection of pieces from all over the world. The lobby is exquisite and the garden/park areas nearby are gorgeous. Worth a visit if you're in Chicago!


Yes like all the "funny" bricks from around the world.

Amar Ganbaatar

Beautiful building

Austin Lee

Beautiful center. The architecture gives Chicago a good name

Beth McKinney

From a purely visual standpoint (without regard to the mugshot issue that "Concerned" mentions below), this is an amazing building. It's amazing architecture, that has been in the city since 1922 (thought it took a while to complete). It's fun to look at and imagine yourself as Batman, sitting up on top watching over the city. Everybody does that... right?

Scarlett Chicago

the pink light on the top <3

Linda Di Carlo

Visited on my trip.

Ocala FL


Yuji Eric Yabumoto

The place is a historic landmark in the history of Chicago. I attended a rooftop wedding when I was there and it was absolutely stunning in terms of the views. The building is old so the amenities lacked the times that we live in. No air conditioning on the top floors made it almost unbearable with the summer heat and the 3 piece suit I was wearing. Overall, a good experience. I believe they are turning the tower into condos so I was glad to visit prior to the renovation starting.

Samuel Waggoner

Part of the reason i was excited to go to chicago was that i had researched many old greco roman style buildings were not roman at all but from a tartarian empire that spanned whole earth. This was one of them! Turns out there were buildings like these already here before we discovered america and even the indians didnt know who made them. Crazy but look at it carefully tho...

Ransom Janicek

She getting a little facelift

Russ Lacuata

Beautiful and elegant Neo Gothic style architecture. Don't miss and admire the many stone works from all over the world that's embedded in the exterior walls of the building.

Chicken Lady

Attended WGN Walk of Fame ceremony. Sad that WGN is moving from this historic building. Sad this building will be condos. One of the most beautiful historic buildings in Chicago!

Lupe Hernandez

Nice view

Alan Rutledge

A must see stop in Chicago

Timothy Stasukewicz

Being torn down.

Nelson Pirolo

Beautiful building. Loved the pieces of rock from several known places

Ali Vidler

Beautiful building with incredible detail on the inside and outside.

Amanda Peloquin

Pretty building.

Thomas Besore

Step inside the lobby to step back in time to an age gone by. The architecture is grand with an ambiance to match.

Antonio Iaffaldano

Under renovation (as of sept. 2019)

Ryan Stephens

Amazing building. Loved walking around and seeing pieces of history from all over the world. Must see if you are living in or just visiting Chi.

Zulmarie Merced

The ChicagoTribute Founded

Lorena Muñoz

It's one of the best experience that Chicago offer to tourists...

Christopher Vaughn

It's a great example of neo-gothic architecture.

John LeVally


Johnathan Daniels

I just walked by it.

ma aline

Nothing to see coz rebuilding

isabel vicente torres



So so beautiful ! Majestic building !


It’s worth checking out just to see the random bricks from other historical sites that have been added to the structure. Easily one of the best buildings in Chicago

Stephen Jesenko

Beautiful scenery from Chicago!!

phillip palella

Gothic, gorgeous one of a kind building!

Colin Mickow

The most beautiful building in Chicago.

Ольга Демидова

Architecture masterpiece

Ted Reis

Great architecture!

Faye Lanucha

Amazing tower!

Nick Passakas

One of my favourite buildings in Chicago, great architecture that really stands out these days.

Mandy Kirby

Absolutely gorgeous! The tour took explained the detail that went into this building and the alcoldates it has received

am inChicago


Tiffany Henne

We liked walking around this building and looking at all the pieces from other buildings. While we were the only couple doing this, it was so interesting we would recommend it! Make sure to go around the corner and look all the way to the bridge. The architecture is breathtaking.

Alexz Best

Love it!

Daryl Nitz

Great historic place. Worth a visit.

Grem Lin


Moumita Ghosh

You will feel the classic beauty of this elegant historic architecture. Do not miss the oppertunity to visit.


Beautiful, historic building right on Michigan Avenue on the Magnificent Mile. Check out the 150 historic rocks set into the walls. See the WGN Radio 720 studio in the first floor windows.

James Rogers

Love this building, its history, architecture and so on. Always enjoyable just to be around it browse the gift shop inside.

Paulino Montes-Solla

Tribune Tower is an emblematic and historic building located in the beginning of Magnificent Mile of Chicago. The building is of neo-Gothic style and was the home of the Chicago Tribune, Tribune Media, and Tribune Publishing, also of WGN Radio (720 kHz) and CNN's Chicago bureau. Its lobby is amazing and have an espectacular ornamentation.

Justin Stojkovic

Had a job orientation there. Security is on point. Great looking building but its not open to the regular public.

Johannes Krämer

Great building

Cosmetika Belem


Bryce Alan

All I can see is it is an architectural beauty

Marisol Ruiz

Beautiful building!

Teresa Henning


Michole Carter

I went to see Judge Mathis..... It was awesome

ishan gupta


Debora Dorsey

I work here

Michael Hastings

Great history

Chris Fuerth

Beautiful old tower now being renovated as it no longer belongs to the Tribune. I was really impressed with their collection of rocks when I was in Chicago about 6 years ago. Made a point of visiting with my son on a hot day in July 2019 and they have covered fences up all around the tower. Couldn't tell for sure, but it looked like the rocks were gone.

Ellis Williams

Lovely building


Must see

Stephen Exon Jr.

Needs more superman

Sam Sukumar

Great. Wish it was retained for what it was built.... I understand it's being remodeled to house apartments. 7.3 billion & going strong..... got to house them all.

Ken and Alicia Lund

Don't miss visiting this building on your Chicago architecture tour. Not only is the building a neo-gothic masterpiece, but the collection of fragments from famous buildings around the world is really fun to survey.

Diego Juan

Great building. Unfortunately it was under renovation but, don't miss the lobby and the different stones and sculptures in the front walls. You would be surprised about the details you can find!!

Urban Traveler

Very nice building, a landmark of the city

Veronica V

Lovely architecture and stunning views from the tower. Home of the Chicago Tribune, recently purchased by developers who will convert it into apartments, hotel and offices. This iconic neogotihic building is part of Chicago's history. I highly recommend you visit this building.

Janice Temple

Chicago Tribune Tower is an iconic historical building. The building has hundreds of unique artifacts embedded in the outside walls. Tourists from around the world can find a piece of their homeland at the Tribune Tower from the Great Wall of China to Abraham Lincoln's home. I enjoyed viewing the building through the eyes of a tourist. I went crazy trying to photograph as many artifacts that I possibly could.

Vaneet Dadra

Very overrated place

Cynthia Nancy Carraway

Just love it

Peter Knuerr

Historical Building!

David Swihart

The second best meal we ever had. The service was top notch. Worth every penny that you spend. If weather is good grab a table out but the river and enjoy.

omarr williamson

its a beauty

Ed Baker

One of, if not the coolest buildings in Chicago

Patti Vasquez

Check out this Chicago landmark before they gut the whole building!

Marius C

One of the most beautiful buildings in Chicago. Under renovation right now.

Robert Biard

I work there I replace all the elevators there I used to build elevators & escalators for a living and it's a very beautiful building it's all Marvel and it's very very nice

Cat S

There are pieces of historic structures all around the base of this building. It's fascinating and the architecture it's beautiful as well

Jason Cadell

Take the time to stop and admire the architecture and craftsmanship of the Tribune Tower, 435 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611. If you're a tourist reading this asking yourself do I stop here. Then YES you stop here and admire the building well worth your time!

Mark Moon

One of most beautiful buildings in Chicago

Zafar Rathore

Excellent place


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