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REVIEWS OF The Field Museum IN Illinois

Jessica Dickerson

I really enjoyed my recent visit to the Field Museum with my mom and niece. The last time I visited was several years ago, so I was happy to see some old favorites like Sue and the mummies, while discovering new exhibits. The dinosaurs and Grainger Hall of Gems were my niece's favorites.

Twin Peaks

This place is HUGE, it will take you a whole day to see everything on display so be prepared. Their selection of natural history exhibits has to be one of the largest in the world. Lots to see and do for both adults and children alike, a must do if you're checking out the museum campus area and, indeed, chicago itself!

Teeradon Treechairusame

Good place. You can get a lot of knowledge snd inspiration here especially from special exhibition


Fantastic museum. Very large with plenty to see. I was there all day and wasn't able to see it all. I had a great time and definitely want to come back.

Jango IG88

Great place has so many fantastic exhibits. The dinosaurs, up on the second floor especially Sue makes the visit complete. I enjoyed the added benefit of looking out at the various views of the City of Chicago from the dinosaurs room. Incredible!!The entire staff is very friendly joy filled and knowledgeable. A special word of thanks is deserved for the custodial department. They perform their work at the most optimal level with little thanks and praise. The Theater in the basement is magnificent with plenty of space and comfortable seating. The Geological exhibitions are well organized clean and insightful. This is an underappreciated exhibit and needs strong recognition. The various videos that demonstrate conservation and humanitarian efforts are tremendous. A gem of the State of Illinois. Attend

Stan B

So much to see and do. Very informative, not as big as the Smithsonian, but still very nice. I wish they'd have better directions to get around while inside, but still a very nice museum.

Phx Trvl

Nice exhibits for kids. Bistro staff were rude to say the least. Management staff were supposedly notified of the incident according to the staff member I spoke with, yet I didn't get any follow up. I guess they don't care about their customer or possible discrimination by their staff member.

Krista Cr

I have been to a LOT of museums... But this one is, hands down, THE BEST. Better than DC or NYC. The way they display and engage visitors is exceptional. They display it to build knowledge and help you see connections. Will never think of the evolution of the earth and the rock cycle the same way ever again. And their animal displays? Better than a zoo. So so good.

Philip Dickson

One of the best museums in America. You can spend many hours here. The Native American exhibit is the very best I have ever seen. You cant leave without seeing Sue too.

Levi Rogocki

This place was so awesome! There's so much to do and see it's hard to fit it all in a day. The dinosaur exhibit is obviously a highlight but every exhibit there does a great job telling a story and keeping you interested and entertained. It should be on everyone's top of their list to do while in Chicago.


A great museum, they really put in a lot of effort and resources into making it as realistic as possible. We bought only the basic admission so I can't say anything about the ticketed exhibitions or the movies. This is in my opinion one of the best museums in the world. If you're a fan of dinosaurs, this is great. They have a huge range of dinosaurs, the first thing you see when you come into the museum is a dinosaur. The ancient Egyptian exhibition is very realistic and has a few mummies and a lot of sarcophagi.

Kaleigh Gaffney

Awesome museum. Free admission if you get one of the passes from the library (highly recommend). Plenty to do. Spent about 4 hours here and still didn’t get to see everything. Good for kids as well. The food was also surprisingly not bad.

Stephanie Boczek

Museum is entertaining and fun for kids. Make sure you eat somewhere else.... The bistro has small $12 salads and sandwiches and the vending machines downstairs don't work at all.... Wouldn't take cash or debit cards.... Ate the money we put in... Got one soda that wasn't even cold. Guess that's one way to make sure everyone buys the overpriced cafeteria food.

Steve Gieser

One of the great natural history museums of the world. My favorite exhibit is the Evolving Planet, an incredible journey through time. It’s sobering to walk through the five global extinction events, and then to come to the end of the exhibit and realize that we are living in the sixth extinction period. We are fortunate to have the many scientists at the Field working to understand and, ultimately, to protect our planet and its natural resources and its compelling beauty.

Ryan Bolduan

Absolutely wonderful natural history museum. Great collection spanning the ages and topics you'd expect to find. And there's Sue, which is pretty awesome. I'd consider this a must see for any trip to Chicago.

Ashley Weems

I love museums. Every place I travel, I try to see at least one. The Field Museum is wonderful. Very educational. Lots of exhibits. We sadly didn't get to see everything, as this place is monstrous. You will need to wear good walking shoes and plan to spend entire day.

Antoinette Gentry

The Field Museum had soooo many exhibits... we didn't get a chance to see all of the general exhibits let alone the extras. My toddler loved the dinosaur fossils on the upper level. I really enjoyed the look into Africa on the main level. My husband liked the rocks and meteorites on the upper level. You can spend the whole day here and not see everything, let alone learn about everything. We plan on another visit soon.

Sukshin Hubbard

The Field Museum is and has been the Natural Museum of History West of New York and Wagington D.C. for as long as I remember. Other than the Department Stores ONCE

Brian Shell

I've been here several times - on day trips from Detroit - and the kid in me - full of Wonder - comes Alive. Imagines. Ripples. As an author now, it's epic scale of Time presented has increased, inspired, and enlightened my wisdom of our Nature.

Cynthia Christian

It is a fun place to take grandchildren to. They enjoy the exhibits every time and there is always a new adventure awaiting. Most of staff members are helpful and friendly.

DeLia Micu

Lots and lots of exhibits! Good small cappuccino - not burned

Todd Lenser

Excellent exhibit for Sue. One of the best jobs I've seen of tying together the full history of evolution of life on earth. Could improve the details on the first five great extinctions, wasn't even obvious which was snowball earth. I prefer a little more detail. Titanosaur was pretty cool too.

Charles Christensen

Lots of new exhibits. Free on Wednesdays, but you have to pay extra for the special exhibits. Nature photography exhibit was awesome.

Leah Drapkin

Could stay here for days to really look at each exhibit. Unfortunately only had the morning before a flight. Went specifically for the insects exhibit which was so so cool. Really interesting and the bug models were impressive. We also had a chance to check out plants of the world and the jade exhibits before we had to run!

Carole Luchtefeld

Always a wonderful experience. They have rearranged a bit since I was last there. I kinda miss the dinosaur in the main hall.


Was a really cool museum a lot to see. Best to come at least a 3-4 hours before closing still possible to see things with less but not everything. Only thing I had wished they had posted when they would stop letting people into the limited time exhibits as we ended up missing one we wanted to go to when the attendant stopped letting people in as we were walking up about 30 minutes before close.

Robert Popian

Not bad, good exhibits, but exceptionally warm- to the point of visible discomfort not only to myself but to the other guests as well. Several people were fanning themselves when waiting in lines or during exhibits. We ended up leaving within 2 hours and skipping the show we booked as a result. Sucks that a place with so much to see and do is too uncomfortable to enjoy. P.S., it was only 70 degrees out today with overcast.

Michael Martens

Great for kids. Especially sue the dinosaur. My daughter had been on a field trip there a month before I took her so it was fun seeing her lead me through the Egypt exhibit and the dinosaurs and the gems and tell me all the facts like a tour guide would. It is pricey - right when you walk in people will approach you about buying a pass to multiple Chicago attractions . I declined due to the cost but when I got to the ticket counter I quickly realized I would've been money ahead to do the pass to more attractions. But definitely a must-see

Sondra J

My Four year old Grandson had an Awesome experience! Some Exhibits , where so captivating and amazing,ie ,The Soil/Earth lower level, we had to your them twice!! He can't wait to return!! So glad I purchased a Membership for his Birthday!

the doom king 654

I went here in the sixth grade and seen many cool artifacts. I learned more than I believed I would, so if you have children of any age level, I recommend taking them to the Field museum in Chicago Illinois.

Dreamer 80

Today is a free day for Illinois residents which we didn’t know about and purchased our tickets online. We tried to exchange our tickets for a different day but instead we received a really bad attitude from an employee we talked to. She raised her voice and pretty much told us that all sales are final! Definitely not a friendly and welcoming place.

Bao Nguyen

In exception for the rude customer service from the front desk lady in the membership line that rolls her eyes at customers and looks annoyed to assist with the general admissions line, the individual exhibits were absolutely exceptional. My kids were able to take a lot from the large collection this museum holds.

carlos moreno

If you visit a place in Chicago for a day so this one. It is amazing. I was tires but I loved it. Next time I go to Chicago it is the first thing I will do all day

Philip Whitehouse

The strongest exhibitions are on the ancient people’s. The weakest is definitely the meteorite collection which is more just labelled than really presented. The films on show are definitely aimed at kids rather than adults, but the Christopher Lee narrated Egypt one was watchable. If you’re interested in ancient cultures then there’s several hours at least - well worth admission.

Brett Bergman

Fabulous museum. You could spend all day there and not see everything. Great Dinosaur and Ancient Egypt Exhibits.

Monica Martins Iasz

I’ve been there a few times now, and they always have new interesting seasonal exhibits. Their regular exhibits are well kept, especially the dinosaurs’ section. Located at a beautiful place by Soldier Field, good Saturday afternoon entertainment with friends and family!

True Default

Love the exhibits. I like the wildlife photography. I liked the Bear Territory image of a bear having a rest on its mountain habitat.

Jay Sampson

Great museum. Minus a star because good luck getting a taxi/Uber, even though there's someone specifically there to help with that. Hour and twenty minutes waiting for a cab and 4 Uber requests. One cancel after another because they don't want to cross the highway. We ended up walking across the highway and hailed a cab in less than a minute. Best advice if you come in on a train for the weekend is stay out of the area or prepare yourself for a dangerous hike

Carlos Cordido

Large exhibition of dissected animals of all kinds and stones, crystals and meteorites - that's what got most of my attention. Clean and spacious. Lots of locals and tourists. A full day visit is recommended for curious people that want to see it all.

Supermom pooja

Wonderful place to visit in Chicago kids love this place. Lots of things to see and learn it has some free shows and movies inside the museum free with your ticket. It takes 4 hours to complete the tour. Love it parking is near by at soldiers field parking lot we paid $25 for complete day and covered shedd aquarium and Adler planetarium .

Camille Smith

What a fantastic museum. So much to see. Great exhibits. Beautiful building and the gift shop is awesome. Great place to bring kids, go alone or take a date.

William Fletcher

Amazing place. To start, its Huge. If you ran through the building giving everything a quick glance, you'd be in there for about 1hr 1/2. Come prepared there is a lot to see & a lot to learn. Personally, I would skip the theater stuff so you can get more time in seeing the actual museum.

Becca Kershaw

So great! I loved getting to see Sue and learning about the evolution of our planet. There are constantly new 3D movies and specialty exhibits to see as well. We saw the National Geographic best photos of the year exhibit, it was very moving. It is a very neat place to get lost for a couple hours.

Wendy Huang

They really thought about this museum. It’s very interactive and interesting. The T-Rex was pretty cool. It took us several hours to walk around. The videos were well made. And I really liked the animated ones. They had games and they were very fun. There was a little kid who thought they were too hard though.

Cheryl Ridenour

Great value on a City Pass! My favorite Chicago museum. If you love science, insects, dinosaurs, history - this is the place. It’s a beautiful building inside and out. And such a great location right on the museum campus. Take a whole day for EACH museum. You won’t regret it. I could have easily taken 2 days to see everything. We also ate lunch here with kids. Good variety & quality of food. Easy walk after to Maggy Daily Park, the Bean or lakeside. Location can’t be beat.

Aaron Degler

Excellent. While there are probably things that could be updated, there isn't a reason to since it is a HISTORY museum. Fantastic displays and excellent cognitive progression from one subject to another. There is a flow to the place. You just have to be able to make sure your feet can handle all the walking. Two thumbs up.


I have to give the dinosaur exhibit top marks. The recreations are spectacular, the fossils great and the whole exhibit is designed to view and theorize about what once was. Despite offering answers, it also poses many questions. Many exhibits, and a great place for kids who love dinosaurs (most kids). Would recommend this museum above all other for those traveling in to Chicago out of town.


I have been to several museums in different cities and in different countries and this is one of my favorites. I had visited this museum as a kid and hardly remembered it. I recently had the chance to revisit with my own kids and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sue the dinosaur was very impressive and that alone was worth the visit. We fortunately were able to use our season passes from our local museum and they were honored there. I would recommend a visit to this museum to anyone visiting Chicago.

Jaime Delia

I haven’t been to this place in years. It’s huge with so many exhibits!! We couldn’t get through the museum in one visit- we got through maybe 3/4 of it and we spend time in ever exhibit. I do wish the hours ere adjusted and opened a little bit later so gusts can have time to get though it all without having to return on a second visit. There are so many beautiful exhibits I wish I could have taken my time in.

Shea Gordon

This museum was incredible. The big draw is the Dinos, especially the T-Rex, the whole museum is just so good. It's very educational and perfect for both kids and adults. I wish there was more time in the day so we could see it all Not gonna lie, definitely got giddy in Sue's exhibit. The whole prehistoric section is spectacular.

Colin B

I was only here a few hours with my friend's four year old and 9 month old, but it was pretty exhausting just walking around. On a Saturday afternoon it wasn't even crowded, so we got to enjoy all the exhibits. I didn't get any bonus passes, as the basic experience was more than enough for a few hours of walking around. I do wish the map was a little more flowery, as I couldn't get a feel for any of the wings without walking by. I might come again for the after dark events, as I only bounced between the kid friendly exhibits.

Jennifer Ortiz

A wonderful walk through world history. A very admiral collection of historical artifacts. The dinosaurs are awesome! A family favorite for us. Highly recommended.

Drew Pratt

A must see while in town. A super museum by size, number of pieces for exhibition, the depth of information given for every piece and the knowledge of the volunteers who are enthusiastic about sharing their insights on their field of expertise.

Ryan VanderPlas

Was there from opening to closing and didn't see half of it. If it's your first time, don't bother with extra exhibits as the standard ones are more than enough for a full day. Morning is best to hit your favorite items as the afternoon crowd moves too fast to read and look at everything. Take good walking shoes and stroller. And take your own lunch. The food there takes too long to order and is bland. Even after a full day, the first thing our 3 year old said after leaving was "When can we go back?".

Rick Walker

If you're the kind of person to enjoy museums you'll love this place. Bones of biggest dinosaur in the world. They have it here. Most complete trex fossil ever found. They have that here too and I could go on and on listing the unique things this museum has but I suggest you go see for yourself.

Mike Johnson

Fields Museum is incredible. To be able to visit the entire museum plan on it taking an entire day. They have exhibits that change, so do some research on the current displays. They cost extra to see them and is easier to purchase everything at the sales desk rather than buying at the exhibit entrance. There are several exhibits that are kid friendly and interactive. The most amazing to me was Sue the T-Rex. It is the most complete T-Rex ever found. If you are planning on being in the Chicago area to see multiple museums the Chicago Pass is probably the cheapest way to see them all. The only downfall is the cost of parking, the cheapest I found was $25

Chuck Martin

Great variety of exhibits. More than enough to spend the entire day.

Vebol Rattanak

The museum itself is awesome. The exhibits on display were amazing. I could have walked around in the museum for an entire day.... BUT We were kicked at at 2:30 due to a private event happening that evening. We were warned about this when we arrived, but the tickets were purchased in advance and we were only in Chicago for the weekend. It was a bummer because we ended up skipping portions of the museum and rushing through just so we could get to check out the portions we were very interested in.

Kali Berlik

Cool museum but pricey. Takes a day to go through. We only had 3 hours and felt like we were running through it and we still didn't see half of everything. We LOVED their sign in the bathroom! Less waste!

Joe the goat farmer

Believe it. This place cannot be seen in a day. But you can bet we certainly did try! If you read nothing and never stop at any exhibit, just walk by it can be done. But it truly is too interesting not to stop and check it out. All ages should like but you might want to split up the sprinters with the folks that like to really digest what is there. Will definitely go again. It is just like I remember when I was a kid except they have really amped up the dinosaurs.

Mariusz Grecki

Just wonderful. I spent 4 hours there and it was at least 4 hours to less. Certainly I have to return there.

David Zigun

The Field Museum is a great place for people of all ages! I would recommend setting aside a minimum of two to three hours for any trip here. I only hold back one star because the general tickets (for non-members) and the parking are both pricey.

michelle carey

Exquisite building. Big beautiful halls. All specimens were beautiful and well maintained. I really loved it!

Meredith Harling

We had a wonderful experience with our ticket representative Julia. She went above and beyond to help us with a ticket issue. We had a fabulous time and my boys (14 & 17) loved the dinosaur exhibit. I can't thank Julia enough for her perfect customer service!

Cindy Elledge

Awesome museum. I went to see Sue, the largest and most complete T-rex skeleton yet discovered

Jamie Glisson

This was an all day adventure! So many great things to see and do and read. I went with my 13 y/o son and we had a blast! There really wasn't an exhibit that I favored over ll. They really are all great. The animals displayed are extensive and beautifully arranged.

David Gurak

The new Sue setup was pretty great. Overall we had a good time. It was nice to go on a free day, as for our family of 4 I'm not sure the full cost would have felt "worth" it. But that was largely due to the age of our young children and their ability (or lack thereof) to stay interested and energetic throughout the visit.


I have been to several museums in different cities and in different countries and this is one of my favorites. I had visited this museum as a kid and hardly remembered it. I recently had the chance to revisit with my own kids and thoroughly enjoyed it. Sue the dinosaur was very impressive and that alone was worth the visit. We fortunately were able to use our season passes from our local museum and they were honored there. I would recommend a visit to this museum to anyone visiting Chicago.

Oleg Dudar

Awesome place. A lot of different thematic exhibitions inside. Some kind of 3d theatre, bur the screen could be wider for better entertainment. You can touch a lot of things there. To visit all areas you will need at least 4-5 hours, no less. Shop with different goods also available inside. You could take great photos inside and reach a lot of interesting facts.

Matthew Anderson

This place is great. I wish that I had more time to go through it. Way to big for one visit.

Sheena S.

very nice museum. lots of things to read & learn about & you can definitely spend a few hours in there if you take the time to look at everything

Jeremy Odden

Many natural history museums fail to present their contents in a manner that's not 100 years out of date. This museum has comprehensive exhibits, and is actively attempting to undo old biases and racism, and for that alone they deserve your visit.

Karina Camarillo

Loved it...we didn't get to see everything. You need a good couple of days to fully take in the experience. Awesome collections and exhibits. Great educational experience.

n l

Plenty to see and do here. I was not able to finish the entire museum in one day. I will be returning in the future to see the rest of the exhibits and if I am lucky some new rotating exhibits.

James Struckmeyer

One of the greatest, total experiences of Natural History in the world. So much to experience for all ages, and such incredible effort made to make you feel a part of the visit, from examples to touch and smell, right down to "shrinking" you to microscopic size! Plan a few visits around it.

Hector Murillo

pretty amazing dinosaur and Egyptian exhibits worth checking out. By far one of the best natural history museums

Kevin Winklepleck

The Field Museum was very likely the best museum I've ever had the chance to visit. I was surprised at how many exhibits there were and the quality of each one kept me engaged throughout my entire visit. Although younger children may enjoy some of the exhibits, the vast majority of them would be enjoyed more by older visitors. I recommend planning a visit that will last the whole day, as you'll need that much time to see everything you'll want to see. Trust me, a day spent at this museum will be completely worth it.

Shawnie Clark

Went to Chicago for the weekend and had a blast at the museum. I’ve seen a few other dinosaur exhibits but the one at The Field Museum stood out. I loved being able to see the skeleton of Sue, and the use of screens made the whole experience better. I wish I had had enough time to see the entire museum but I will definitely be back next time I’m in town to see all of it.

Suresh Mungroo

Brilliant props and displays! This place is huge, but there is order to it: it is laid out well for a visitor to navigate. The front desk will give you a map and if you purchase the Chicago City Pass, you get added benefits in the museum. I highly recommend this place as a tourist attraction and an educational center! Children can even be entertained easily here!

Michael Baldwin

This place is truly truly Amazing! Took my son for the first time last year and we were completely blown away. For everyone who loves science, anthropology, paleontology, geologist and the history of humanity you can get a taste here. The exhibit displaying the history if world was incredible. You live throught from the beggining you wall through as life evolves all around you until the giant dinosaurs tower over you. Watch our ancestors slowly stand upright and go from hunter gatherers to city dwellers. Every culture, civilization in the world is represented including the various species, extinct an living.

Mark G

Good museum in a beautiful building. The vast amount of exhibits is a bit overwhelming. The Egyptian section was vere well designed and informative. The evolution section that brings you to see Sue was also really neat. Cafeteria has many reasonable choices and the bathrooms are clean. You can easily spend an entire day here. Worth a visit.

Kenneth Krumsieg

This place has enough to do for days! Honestly though. I think we only got around to about 1/3rd of all the exhibits. The building is beautiful and clean. The architecture itself is worth just looking at for hours. Plenty to see and do. Well worth the money.

Helena Pierotti

The Field Museum was wonderful. Looking into the past and future. The kids thought it would be boring but they loved it. My favorite was the gems!! Absolutely beautiful!! Great place to go. Chicago is a great city!!

Jeff Mayer

We enjoyed the wildlife photography exhibit. The pictures were amazing. I also enjoyed the meteor exhibit.

Becca Edwards

So great! I loved getting to see Sue and learning about the evolution of our planet. There are constantly new 3D movies and specialty exhibits to see as well. We saw the National Geographic best photos of the year exhibit, it was very moving. It is a very neat place to get lost for a couple hours.

Jaime Delia

I haven’t been to this place in years. It’s huge with so many exhibits!! We couldn’t get through the museum in one visit- we got through maybe 3/4 of it and we spend time in ever exhibit. I do wish the hours ere adjusted and opened a little bit later so gusts can have time to get though it all without having to return on a second visit. There are so many beautiful exhibits I wish I could have taken my time in.

Terry L I SchwartzLivingston

I love history, and my favorite thing in the world is a good story... If u like the movie the ghost and the darkness about man eating lions, you will love the REAL story, and the lions are here!!! (my husband's favorite is Sue, and it was so much fun getting to take him to that museum for the first time

Kaushik Shubhank

Loved the place overall and would totally recommend as a go to place for an enriching day out with family. Basic entry ticket of about $24 itself is god for a start as it covers almost all attractions (dinosaurs, meteors, gems, mummies etc.) and is more than enough for a days time. Also check out the free days of entry for Chicago residents offered almost every month at their website. You can also catch a cruise boat trip from right in front of the museum, surrounding places are amazing for sitting by the lake and walking around. Overall, this is an amazing place to visit!

L Oñate

This is such a beautiful museum! I really enjoy the Earth Conservation exhibit. The Field museum biologists and scientists are traveling to Peru and other places in South America! They are really implementing change to help Mother Earth. I highly recommend the exhibit!

Oscar Gomez

The bug exhibit was kind of lame to be honest. They had a very small section of live bugs. But the staff was very friendly and informative. Great for all ages.

Ron Helm

Let me say that I feel I've had the full Chicago experience... I came to a dense city, with super-scary drivers, and had all my money taken away. I really enjoyed the museum, it has been on my bucket list since The Ghost and the Darkness, but that is certainly not the only thing to recommend it. Seeing the 'real' Sue and learning some of the things they have found out about T-Rexs and their ilk in just the last ten years was amazing. The unexpected thing I enjoyed most was the Hall of Birds. Truly impressive in both scope and scale. Just make sure you go in with your second mortgage approved. $25 to park, $24 per person at the door (not including access to three 'premium' exhibits), $15 for a snack and bottle of water, then another $40 if you also want to see the museum next door, and $35 for a (one person) meal if you stay long enough to get hungry(?). For me it will be 'once in a lifetime'.

Andrew Ellison

Was wonderful, worth the money. SUE is amazing, I had always wanted to see her.

Samuel Waggoner

Field museum is amazing super easy walk to the museum itself through Grant Park spectacular paths beautiful gardens. Kudos to Chicago for having such a fantastic and clean cultural center. I was greeted by super friendly attendants. Fast entrance to museum . I would definitely go back given another trip to Chicago. Max ready to hear from Patrons. Great time. Worth going. Takes from 3 hour's to all day to go through. Parking is not great. but still a nice place.

Muhammad Sajjad

Lot to see and lot to know in this place. Not enough to see all in one day . Ticket is $26. Informative 3D video is very good to learn abt Sue dinosaur. It’s the only museum where I notice kids are even enjoying too much . Not happy food quality in cafe . And most of staff just busy in talking n looks not caring abt food presentation n customers , should improve .

Teri Hicks

I was there for the Green Summit with Faith in Place. The museum is amazing and the staff was super friendly and helpful. My grands lived the exhibits.

Ebony Acre

One of the best museums in the US, we love traveling to Chicago just to visit. Literally can spend a few hours exploring. Family friendly Great friendly and helpful staff. Definitely worth buying the membership

louise reinhardt

Wonderful place! It is free for people from Illinois today! I love it! More museum's should have it. Go! saw a movie it was great!

Michael Dawes

Have been twice and have had a great experience both times. My son and I were treated to an early morning lesson by one of the curators making their rounds in the Egyptian area. He took the time to take us around and point out a lot of different facts and made the experience very personable. Also visited several years prior when the King Tut exhibit was touring the country. I enjoyed the museums artifacts better than the traveling exhibit. So much to experience a simple review cannot do it justice. Will come back next time we are in Chicago.

Daniel Yosua

During our trip to the United States, we visited several museums in New York, Chicago, DC, LA and San Francisco. We didn't plan to go to this Museum but thought it would be interesting as we walked past the museum. Exhibits, though dated, were excellent and beautifully presented. Getting close to the preserved taxidermy is interesting, borderline frightening when it comes to the larger predators. We took my time, enjoyed the stroll in the museum. Loved this much, much more than the famous Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History which is a very nice surprise for us. Hands down, looking back at all the museums I've been to in the US and Europe, Field Museum is my favourite.

Leland Lockhart

Amazing collection, there was too much too see in a single visit. The evolution of life exhibit was my favorite, and I was lucky enough to come when Sue was being featured. I had great fun and learned some new things. Also, the staff were all very courteous and helpful. It was a wonderful experience.

Karen Wiley

The Bug exhibit would be such a wonderful field trip (no pun intended)! We also especially enjoyed the Egyptian Antiquities exhibit.

Niclas Bork

Very interesting experience. First time i saw bones of real dinosaurs and i was really flashed. It's amazing to imagine these walking the earth. Especially Sue is pretty cool and worth to have a look. Bring as much time as you can because the exhibition is huge and you can spend the whole day in there. Note that there are Ares that require special Tickets, so the trip may end up quite expensive.

Keith Griffin

One of the top museums in the country. The new Sue exhibit is stunning. Best exhibit of trilobytes I've seen anywhere. Very well displayed and explained

Linda Riley

The Field Museum is AMAZING. There aren't enough stars to give to it. The beauty of the natural world is depicted, well, beautifully. It is quite spendy for sure, but so worth it. Lucky for I have family in Chicago so I have all the excuse I need to visit.

Aaron Degler

Excellent. While there are probably things that could be updated, there isn't a reason to since it is a HISTORY museum. Fantastic displays and excellent cognitive progression from one subject to another. There is a flow to the place. You just have to be able to make sure your feet can handle all the walking. Two thumbs up.

Devra schmitt

DEFINITELY didn't disappoint! It was an Illinois residents free day and so busy but the him of children and families was very welcome. I will be visiting again with the while family.

Jon-Paul Grosser

Exciting for residents and non- residents. This museum makes for an excellent adventure for families of all ages to solo getaways. Make sure you have time or be prepared to go back and explore the wonders that make The Field Museum.

Lauren Schechter

Absolutely loved this museum! Sue is awesome to see in person, and the photography exhibit they had going on was so cool! Definitely worth a visit.

Angie McCoy

Plan to visit in multiple days. There is just so much to see at the Field Museum! My husband and I had a great visit on Saturday. We loved the Dinosaur exhibit and the Underground exhibit the most. There were so many things we weren't able to see though. Its definitely on our list to visit on our next trip to Chicago!

Mel Ramon

Had so much fun here! A must see is Sue the T-Rex and info presentation. They highlight interesting facts about the bones. So many exhibits so there's something for everyone.


Great museum for the family. Naturally they throw in the theory of evolution in there too but what so you expect from the world.

chris banta

I had the opportunity to visit the field museum after hours with a corporate event and quickly found that I could easily spend hours wondering this fantastic museum and still not see everything. My favorite area was The fossil exhibits as I've done a good portion of my growing up living near "Fossil lake Wyoming" and actually know the gentleman responsible for digging many of the fossils. If you can, take a little time there, but preferably a lot of time there's much to see!

Antonio Iaffaldano

Kids-oriented (probably even more than other natural science museums), but that doesn't mean adults won't find something interesting here, especially in the field of anthropology. And, of course, evolution - the path is well thought and you get to see and learn about SUE the T.rex. With a Chicago city pass (highly recommended given the steep entrance fee) are included most special exhibitions and a single event (e.g. a 3d movie). Checkroom is 3$, but you're not required to leave your handbag or backpack. Note: the native American wing is closed for renovations till 2021.

Larry Fain

Huge building with plenty of exhibits to walk around in. Seeing Sue for the first time was amazing, especially after reading about her when I was a kid. Great place to go by yourself or the whole family.

Ellie Mason

This place was the highlight of my trip to chicago. My only regret is not giving myself more time to spend here, if you enjoy looking at animals please plan a whole day to look around here! it's like a zoo but with way more animals, air conditioning, and no stink. But there was much more in other exhibits as well, so so worth a visit!

Leah-Nani Alconcel

Absolutely amazing experience. Arrived 11 AM, departed at 4 PM. Fantastic Bug Experience worth price of admission on its own. We also brought our lunches and ate outside in the picnic area which saved us some money (which we promptly spent in the shop but never mind).

Leslie Lewis

Amazing art collection. We were pleasantly surprised to find so many original works of art by world renown master artists here. The gemstone collection was also great. They had an extensive Indigineous People of the Americas display and collection, and natural history animal displays. So much to see, will go back again someday.


Gluten Free options at the cafe. The staff at the bistro near Maximo were amazing. They really understood the concerns of food allergies and helped ensure guests had food that was safe and tasted great. The entire staff there really seemed to take great pride in their work and care for all customers. The rest of the museum was really wonderful too. The exhibits were all well presented in a way that was enjoyable and educational for people of all ages.

Mahmoud Aboukheir

One of the best Museums in the country! 3 floors of collections ranging from animals, minerals, to human history. It is also kid friendly. Recommend it to anyone!

Paul Gibson

What can you say other than awesome.... It's an amazing museum. Really cool exhibits, of course, the lions of Tsavo... From the movie The Ghost and the Darkness.... Definitely worth making the trip to see. Only complaint I had, was a wedding reception was being staged, so, alot of confusion, and almost got hit by one of the workers.

Mattison Hain

I had a fun afternoon at the Feild Museum. The bug exhibit was great and it was nice to see Sue back where she belongs. I would recommend skipping the underground adventure exhibit, it is showing its age, but all the other ones were great.

Wesley Higgins

Wonderful museum. We could have spent two days here! There is so much to see. Thousands of species of animals. Some over 120 years old. The Egyptian exhibit was my favorite, and of course Sue, the T-Rex.

Erica Wang

This review is in regards to accessibility. Visitor services and museum operations teams need far better communications. I called a few days in advance for information on accessibility and wheelchairs as I was coming with a group of 12 that included some disabled individuals. I was advised that I should escort my group to the East entrance for the most accessible entrance and wheelchair access. When we arrived off the bus, I had two escort them all the way around the outside of the entire parking lot because of construction work. Ridiculously not accessible for disabled and abled alike. It’s also not safe to have people navigating a barricaded parking lot to find an entry and exit. This mimics the lack of wayfinding in the museum, which also isn’t accessible as it’s impossible to find exits. It’s basically like IKEA... you can’t get out! If you’re going to make people wander the long maze without any seats for resting, then you need to have some exit doors for people to leave. Exit signs should not be lit if you’re locking those doors. That’s a safety concern.

irony fodays

It's all up to chance. You could go in and enjoy all the exhibits if you are lucky. Or they will close half of them 2 hours within closing and charge you full price for 3 exhibits. Not only that we were heading to the exit we entered from and some guard kicked us out and yelled at us cus we walked through an area of an event they were setting up for. We werent trying to stay late we were just quite lost. I've been there before and it was nice but they ripped us off recently and that was ridiculous

Lucas Brandt

I could spend days at the Field Museum. There are so many interesting exhibits and they're constantly switching in new ones. You couldn't ask for more from a museum experience, and visiting supports the significant research and conservation work they perform.

laura bastidas espitia

The musseum has a great collection, many different things to see, you definitely need more than 3 hours just to see the basics. I wish they would suggest a path to walk through the rooms without missing anything or having to come back. Nice staff, clean restrooms.

Maureen Rzasa

I haven't been to the Field Museum in many years. The walk from the Orange Line (public transportation) through Grant Park to the Field Museum was lovely. Inside the Museum there were countless exhibits to see. I especially liked the Gems.

Emily Miofsky

Amazing museum. Their diverse collection of animals is outstanding. Very clean with very friendly staff.

Nazneen memi

Would definitely recommend my friends to visit this grand museum. It has reflected upon the minute details of day to day lives of the land's forefathers. Amazing exhibits!

Greg Cobb

My kids enjoy the museum. My only complaint is they up charge you for almost everything. The 3D movie to Titanosaurs was a little over priced especially when taking a large family.

Tony Buck

What can I say, everyone I go here, I learn something new. What a fascinating place top downs a Saturday afternoon. I love this place. Sue had been moved upstairs to make way for their newer exhibit, the titanosaurus, the largest dinosaur discovered so far. We're watched the 3D movie about Sue. Very fascinating. I love this place

Erica Rae

Hands down the largest museum I've visited! Expect to spend 6 hours here easily. Every turn was a new adventure. I loved the setup and displays. Sue was my must see exhibit. If your in chicago this better be on your list of places to visit.

Alexander Pinigis

Honestly, I was a little underwhelmed by the Field Museum. I went to the Fantastic Bug Encounters temporary show expecting some bug encounters and there were maybe two dozen live arthropods in the entire exhibit. The dinosaur exhibits are pretty good, but I wish that they would display more of their collection, as the number on display is pretty limited. My favorite part was actually the collection of birds, as there are a lot of them and also quite a bit of interesting information about them as well.

Elizabeth L.

Great time for the whole family and all ages. Younger kids can run around the play areas or stick to the classic animals and dinosaur exhibits while older kids can enjoy the travelling exhibits and more higher level texts within the exhibits. They have easier videos combined with longer texts and plenty of different media to capture everyone's attention. Great for adults as well and they have a (overpriced) cafe where you can get snacks, lunch, etc.

Mike Sigmon

One of the best museums I have ever been in. Wonderful exhibit along with helpful staff. It is worth the admission to see Sue the T-Rex!

Robin Tzucker

Arrived at noon and will have to leave in an hour... could spend days here. Haven't even made it to the top floor yet. Taking a snack break at the bistro. Well curated exhibits, helpful friendly staff, fun interactive activities for kids... what's not to like?


Sue was very cool. Great place. There is so much there you could go multiple times. There is so mich variety. 10/10 would go again.

Mike St John

Holy cow, this place is so much bigger than I expected. If you want to see all things natural history/current this is a must visit. Each wing of the building has it's own theme and one can easily spend multiple days here. The exhibits are well maintained and the staff is super helpful. A visit to here is a must.

Phil Wilmot

I'm not sure if I liked this place. Maybe it was because I had lots going on the day we visited so we kinda skipped and rushed through. There is certainly a bucket loads of stuff to see and read and watch. That is if you into that kinda thing. Sue is obviously a big star of the show. The giant T-Rex was pretty amazing. Ticket prices are fair and even better if used with the City Pass. Gift shop prices are what you would expect. Expensive for what you get!

Andreas Dahlin

Extraordinary museum with things for everyone such as dinasores, cultures from places all over the world and sharks from the Pacific, it is also kid friendly. There are also interesting to see how different organisations are trying to save the forests and the diversity of animals and plants. Recommended

Geart Bakker

A great display of various dinosaur skeletons and besides that great expositions on various biomes throughout the world. One could easily spend hours here and not get one identical display. This museum has evolved over the years into a must see experience.

Andrew Piorkowski - Goodeids

The Field is one of my favorite places in the city. The Sue display is an absolute jaw dropper & the collection of actual fossils in the Evolving Planet exhibit is world class. Bring the kids or go by yourself, there are so many things worth seeing in this place!

Danaya Chandler

Oh my gosh, this museum was huge! There was so much to see and do, and the exhibits were well rounded and very interesting to look through. I was visiting from out of state and needed to make it to a concert the evening of the rat I went, so I did not get the see the whole thing. However, when I go back for another visit, I look forward to getting to explore the whole museum. I recommend going through the exhibit on prehistoric life and seeing Sue the dinosaur - it will also teach you about extinction, our planet, and the affect our species has on the world around us.

Kev Salda

It's pretty good, but it felt kinda short to me. Maybe not my kinda thing, but I recommend you check it out!

Benjamin Hoffman

Warning: Except for the dinosaur fossils, this place is not very child friendly. This place has so much to see that I spent 4 hours in just the west side if the first floor without realizing. Probably could spend a day and half seeing everything. Some of the items can only be seen at the Field Museum. Certain exhibits were obviously old or out-of-date. I have been to the Met and the Smithsonian and the Field is definitely competitive.

Nelson M

I've been here twice and I still haven't been able to see the complete museum in a day, it's absolutely massive with incredibly detailed facts and information. Their featured exhibitions are Immense (Inside Ancient Egypt), Immersive (Fantastic Bug Encounter!) and Breathtaking (Wildlife Photographer of the Year. I can't even start to talk about the massive display of Máximo and Sue without thinking about all the other things that can be seen there, it's quite literally too much to take in all in one go. It's easily one of my favorite places to visit of all time and would love to go there again.

Kirtiman Paul

Amazing Features and Exhibits.. Amazing Collection of Fossils.. Amazing and Scary Mummies... Amazing Experience..Sue is Spectacular ! Thank You Field !

Ted Mall

Not just a museum but a research, preservation and learning center as well, the Field Museum showcases natural history and cultural exhibits from all over the world. As you enter, the life size display of Sue, the Tyrannosaurus rex greets you as she rises to over 4.0 m (13 ft) tall at the hips and 12.3 meters (40 ft) long estimated at between 8.4–14 metric tons (9.26–15.4 short tons). Special visiting exhibits showcase objects from all over the world. Child friendly areas delight the young in all of us.

Wendy Huang

They really thought about this museum. It’s very interactive and interesting. The T-Rex was pretty cool. It took us several hours to walk around. The videos were well made. And I really liked the animated ones. They had games and they were very fun. There was a little kid who thought they were too hard though.

Irfan Ahmed

Very exciting to observe the different types of art, culture, science and history they have to offer. We went on a Sunday and it wasn’t too busy. The insect room was very unique.

Ryan Johnson

One of my favorite places to go in Chicago! If you are a history buff, it’s super interesting. Also, I would consider this a great place for kids. Tickets can be a little expensive if you are not used to the cost, but I think it’s worth it. Lots of awesome exhibits!

Chris Fuerth

I've had season passes to the Royal Ontario museum for a number of years. It's a museum that seems to do more with much less space. You can walk all day at the field and see dinner great stuff, but there are also some misses. I quite liked the bird, mineral and plant halls, but some displays, like Tibet seem like an afterthought.

jean chuchna

This place is huge plan on spending at least 3 hours there. Displays are in chronological order so you can start in the age of dinosaurs and before and progress to more recent history. I was not aware of 5 times of total destruction of life on earth Great time spent there

Abraham Azar

Better than NY and DC and that's saying a lot. This museum is fantastic! You'll need a deep pocket book ($25+/person) and 3-6 hours to really enjoy it all.

Christie Gangnath

Spent 4 hours here and didn't even see everything. Such a great location and beautiful museum. Would definitely recommend this for kids or adults! The Dinosaurs exhibit is amazing!

Anthony Camera

Overall, the best museum featuring nature and science exhibits that I have had the pleasure to visit. Worth the cost, although I would recommend planning an early visit in the morning in order to take full advantage of all of the attractions and exhibits.

Bob Goodson

Our second visit, this time with the grandsons. This place is amazing even better than the first time. So much to see, especially through the eyes of the boys (ages 8 and 11). Lots of hands on exhibits. Special kudos to all of museum staff who couldn't have been more friendly and great with the kids. We barely scratched the surface but came away a bit tired, but incredibly fulfilled! Highly recommended!

Jennifer Brown

Wonderful museum. Awesome displays. Great for family fun.

Don Manuel Presents

One of the most coolest museums ever. From Sue the Trex, the the big encounter and the Egyptian exhibit. A must visit place when in Chicago

Cheryl Ridenour

Great value on a City Pass! My favorite Chicago museum. If you love science, insects, dinosaurs, history - this is the place. It’s a beautiful building inside and out. And such a great location right on the museum campus. Take a whole day for EACH museum. You won’t regret it. I could have easily taken 2 days to see everything. We also ate lunch here with kids. Good variety & quality of food. Easy walk after to Maggy Daily Park, the Bean or lakeside. Location can’t be beat.

Ian Tan

A very interesting and in depth collect albeit a little smaller than you would hope expect compared to the other major museums around the world. Of course the field has its own brilliance with Sue's presence in the auditorium like no other.

Jim gill

Great place to bring kids. They seem to work very hard to keep it clean. The membership is a good deal. It pays for itself in two visits. They seem to change exhibits every few months so there is always something new.

Teresa Balogh

Amazing museum. I spent about 4 hours exploring the museum with a basic pass (none of the special exhibits). It was wonderful and very interesting and varied.

Scott T.

Awesome museum. There's so much here to look at and enjoy. I would have killed to see the dinosaur fossils as a kid.

Ian CransonsKnees

Absolute beast of a place, demands more than one visit and contains far more information than you can easily digest in one sitting. A truly world class collection of artifacts and displays. Highlight of our visit was the National Geographic wildlife photography display, truly stunning images. Full of things that you will not see elsewhere. Great for all the family to visit together. Plenty of amenities and spots to take a break and rest. I'd imagine it's possible to get lost in there! A must do if you are spending any length of time in Chicago.


Great day to enjoy some new showcases at the field museum. The history on brewing and how it influenced the area was new to me. we also enjoyed many other areas and interacting with the local guides.

Christopher Telisak

Amazing museum! Very interesting. Very expensive! I would set aside at least 4 hours to experience it all.

Sadeep M

Plan to spend a full day at the museum. It's worth it. The cafeteria doesn't have too many options. One Veggie burger on the menu. Bring your own food. There are areas on the lower level where you can eat with the family. All in all a good experience.


The field museum is my go-to mini vacation. I've been coming here since grade school in the 50's. Now, as a long time member, I try to come about once a month. SUE, Maximo & all the dinos are my favorite, but there is so much more here to see & learn. I find comfort in the 125-year history, the stunning architecture & all the knowledge here. Time spent at the Field Museum is never wasted.

Olga Mago

It’s a lovely museum to explore for the individual or a family group. A lot of things to see, so better to come as early as possible. And when you are tired you can fill you up with snack or hot meal from a cozy museum cafe. There are great things to see, from dinosaurs bones to Egyptian and much more. The stuff are great. Everything is super great! Sounds like I work there

Cayla Priest

Had a fun afternoon at the Field Museum! Really enjoyed the bug experience - way more than I thought I would! It was really interactive & beautiful. The building itself is impressive and so pretty. In an area full of lots of attractions & nice views of the water and city!

Rene Sawicki

Very knowledgeable venue. The collection was amazing. Perfect place to explore some unique stuff.


I have to give the dinosaur exhibit top marks. The recreations are spectacular, the fossils great and the whole exhibit is designed to view and theorize about what once was. Despite offering answers, it also poses many questions. Many exhibits, and a great place for kids who love dinosaurs (most kids). Would recommend this museum above all other for those traveling in to Chicago out of town.

Kenneth Ling

Definitely got my monies worth going here. A lot of very interesting things to watch, read, feel and listen to. Unfortunately the food in the cafeteria could have been a bit better but at least they had their own craft beer! Overall a good experience.

Fedra A

Overall great museum but some exhibits were being remade and thus were closed/not accessible. The dinosaurs and display of how the earth evolved over the years was displayed really well. The gift shop has a wide range of different souvenirs for kids as well as adults and was for the most part reasonably priced. A bit of a downside for me was the smell of naphthalene at some areas of the museum.

super man

This place is great for people that love history about different cultures and history of the land I always enjoy coming to the museum

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