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REVIEWS OF Starved Rock State Park IN Illinois

Hatim Bookwala

PARKING!!! Make sure you reach early enough if you are visiting on a weekend. We could not manage a parking in the main at 11:00 a.m on a nice Saturday. Had to then park at the overflow lot which is a good 15-20 minute walk to the visitor centre and trailheads. The trails are all pretty nice and kid- friendly. If you are planning to go to the St Louis canyon (which I highly recommend you should) you could park at the small space designated for that outside the park (search in maps) and hike about half a mile to get to the canyon. Overall it was an enjoyable day for us with a good hike and beautiful views.

Paola Batic

The visitor center was very informative and nice. Lots of different walking trails, the ones we did all had quite a bit of stairs. Unfortunately the waterfalls were all dry. A lot of signs throughout the park warn people about entering the waterways with good reason; was told the water is contaminated with pesticides and animal waste, will get very ill if you swim. It's a shame.

Thomas Lerner

I've been hiking here all my life, and it's always a great time! The visitor center has plenty of accomodations before you set out, as well as a restaurant and a beer garden nearby! The trail itself sprawls out in many directions but has plenty of scenic overlooks and canyons to keep you busy while you're hiking. Trails are blazed perfectly and maintained, and have diverse terrain. The infamous stairs are a daunting task to tackle but rewards you with unparalleled views in the area!

Corey Pittman

This place is amazing. A lot of great trails, overlooks, and of course waterfalls. Great for the kiddos and pet friendly! Just try to get here early (11am or earlier) as it does get packed quick. *pro tip when driving up; just tell the traffic director that you have reservations at the lodge to get good parking ;)

Guillermo Hernandez

Hauntingly beautiful. I would love to visit in the fall with the changing colors. I visited Labor Day weekend (really my fault by the way) and there was so many people. I really recommend your visit.

Matt Zver

The waterfalls are spectacular. Many of the trails have wooden walkways and decks. You can walk as little as a mile or as much as ten miles, and there's plenty to see.

Joe Davila

I cant say enough about this beautiful State park. The trails are awesome, the views even better. Since it is Illinois number one attraction, dont expect much seclusion. I know the staff does their best to keep the grounds clean, it's just a shame that people throw their trash along the trails. Dogs are welcome and try to stop by the Lodge for a quick lunch, a cocktail or a nice dinner in the rustic restaurant on site. They do have e cabins for rent and the lodge has accommodations for stays but the weekends book up quick. It's a wonderful park to spend the say hiking, eagle watching or just relaxing.

ajain thomas

Awesome place. Well maintained. Nice place to go out with family.

Linda Wasik

We love going here. Love the walking trails.We have taken a couple of the tours they offer. We really enjoyed them. We also have been to some of their Luncheon Shows they were great.

Berseker Mayan

A unique part of Illinois that is quickly being destroyed by the ignorance of the masses that come to visit. While the park itself is beautiful (cliffs and waterfalls in Illinois!), the throngs crowding the hiking paths show an indifference to the natural environment. There is litter in the streams, gang tags on the stairs, people selfishly going off trail to take photos, and many of the visitors exhibit little trail etiquette. While I salute the State's effort to keep the park free and accessible, it is apparent it will become necessary for fees to be imposed to limit attendance. The lodge itself is quaint and historic, reminiscent of the great lodges of the national parks, but at much more subdued level.

Elijah Wasson

A beautiful place indeed, just need some more signs to label where you are at and where you are going. Although, most of the fun comes from trying to figure that out. All the waterfalls and trails were nice and the park isn't busy at all if you start early in the morning. Otherwise, people from the lodge come out later and then the trails closer to the lodge become busier. Just a tip.

P Mc

What a great place. If you like hiking through woods and canyons this is the place for you. They have a great snack bar and a souvenir shop. The star of this place are the trails. Grab a map at the shop and head out. We did a 6 mile hike and was it beautiful. Down by the Illinois River and up in the canyons are so many nice places to picnic. I can't say enough about this place. There is a water fall, however, it wasn't flowing this late in the season. That just gives me a other reason to come back next year early in the spring time.

Koady Hawkins

Amazing place. Hiking and canoeing or kyaking near by. Also wineries and nice restaurants.

Joseph Webster

I hadn't visited this park in almost 15-years and was disappointed at what changes had taken place since. The lodge, parking lot, and trails have been maintained well, but this place has become completely taken over by invasive species. Interesting that state government workers can't be bothered fixing a problem created by a government. If I want to admire the beauty of honeysuckle and autumn olive, I'll save the drive and walk around my neighborhood

Dan Carpenter

Awesome If you don't like to walk, don't go here. I wouldn't recommend this for small kids. You will end up carrying them for a long time. All viewing areas do not have any restroom facilities. Most trails are not kind to strollers. You can walk for a long time before u get back to the lodge or visitor bldg. Only 1 waterfall now. Spring, the water will flow and the experience would be even more eventful. The shortest trek to one of the viewing areas is .3 mi.

Santosh Shankergowda

It’s a great park for hiking. The canyons are awesome and worth the hike. It could be great if the following things are improved. 1. The staff are a bit rude, there will be plenty of parking yet they don’t allow you to park. They don’t even say where else you can park. 2. Eve though the hikes/trails are marked, some paths have lot of steps and I have seen people working hard on the steps. However for the same trail there are alternate paths and they have less steps. If they create better trail maps it will be much more fun

pete steele

Beautiful state park with well kept trails. I will never understand how people could litter in such a beautiful place, it is disgusting but it is NOT the parks' fault. The hotel and restaurant area are great too!

Angela Grimm

Awesome place to hike for the day. We did a decent chunk of the trail, saw amazing water falls and ended up hiking 7.5 miles in total. You can do more or less if you like, depending how much you want to see and walk. We liked that as we walked further, the trails and water falls had less traffic and weren't as busy with people.

Ellis Olson

It is a good place if you like hiking. Most trails are wet and/or sandy. I like the little hidden beach.

Zack Toepper

Horrible. Don’t book the sunset cabin. We arrived early and hiked which was great. We checked in around 4pm. The cabin had 4 separate units all with walls so thin they gave us complimentary ear plugs on the night stand! Every conversation was heard through the walls like you were standing in the same room. When you walk into the cabin it smells like an bonfire. Now I like a fire in the fireplace and a bonfire as much as the next guy but the whole room smelled like fire. The night stand had a clear sticky substance on it(draw your own conclusions). The staff was very pleasant. When my wife and I went to the desk and asked to check out. They offered us a room in the lodge. We politely declined and they refunded our money. Very nice park and polite staff. But horrible cabins. Won’t be staying here again. We left and booked a room at a place down the road

Susan Middleton

Took my elderly parents (92 and 94) for a drive. The helpful guide told us where we could get a good view without leaving the vehicle. Went to the Illinois Waterway Visitor's Center on the opposite side of the river. Thank you.

Michael Sandoval

Great picnic area. Lots of families having a good time. The park is very popular so the park can get crowded. Very nice trails.

Esme Ramirez

Beautiful spot!! Love going when it's not too crowded. Be prepare to do lots of walking & hiking, bring some water.

Mark Tollefson

Very pretty park with historical background. It is a nice walk up to "the rock" itself. Appeared to be wheel chair accessible if you have a helper to assist. Great views of the river and lock ans dam from the top. The lodge is large and comfortable. A historic log structure. I have always had good meals there.

Tammy Wilson

What a wonderful day out on trails with friends. Beautiful weather and scenery!

Connor Dall

One of my favorite places to visit each fall! The lodge is a great place to unwind and have a drink. The state park itself is gorgeous. A great place to make memories!

Kevin Valenzuela

What an amazing place to go for a long hike. The scenery is definitely breathtaking to say the least. From being near the treetops all the way down to the canyons, I loved every second of it. You need to be prepared to walk some long trails, so bring plenty of water and snacks. Also, make sure to bring some really good hiking boots for the muddy trails and river paths by the canyons.

Adam Sovereen

This place is great. Huge park with lots of trails. And the trails for most of the park are clearly identified with a walking path and very worn walk ways. You can decide how adventurous you want to be and what kind of path you want to walk on. Plus it's super easy to find your way back to the visitor center. Downside is if you go on a weekend or a day kids have off school its packed and you have to hike 2 miles out before you get to actually be alone in the woods. I've been here 5-6 times and I have a good hike everytime. Recommended to get in early for a good parking spot and a clear path!


Pretty trail and a great family place to eat and have a great day. I loved it!

Kaia Tammen

Crazy crowded, and unfortunately the falls were pretty dry--not sure if that's typical for August? But overall a fun day hike. Very dog friendly, good for kids, and has some neat opportunities to learn about the area history--did you know the french were the first europeans settlers of illinois, arriving in 1680?? That was a fun fact I picked up from one of the lookout points.

Nancy G

Long walking trails but so worth the walk with all the beautiful scenery and wonderful waterfalls ❤️

Javier Ayala

Beautiful park with several canyons and waterfalls. Amazing place to have a break from the city.

Heather Gloe

Beautiful hike but if you want to see waterfalls go in the early spring. Other than that it had a wonderful walking trail and clean! Restaurant was too pricey. But overall it was beautiful!

James Gabriel

Great place for hiking, several trails for novice and intermediate hikers to enjoy. We spent over half a day hiking 4 different trails. We enjoyed our day wandering through the park.

Mariana Diaz

Went here almost two months ago with my best friend and it was absolutely gorgeous. It’s free entry and they keep the area super clean and well preserved. We went pretty early right before summer officially started so it was cool and not crowded at all. Just make sure to dress according to the weather and wear actual hiking shoes, not just the ones you take to the gym, there’s a definite difference that i had to learn the hard way lmao


Beautiful state park to visit. Worth the trip. Many different areas to explore. Be sure to visit the canyons.

Otto Rascon

The perfect place to enjoy nature and time with your family as you hike through this beautiful land.

bianca barajas

Well marked trails and options for all levels of hikers. Parking was convenient and the trails were maintained and felt safe. The lodge was helpful in guiding us to a trail the younger hikers would be able to endure. We had a wonderful time and will be back!

Nick Van Buskirk

Was a good time. Very good workout. Only reason for 4 stars is that a lot of the trails aren't maintained and there are a lot of graffiti marks that should be cleaned or removed.

Sarah Lensink

Beautiful! We camped in a tent and hiked canyons during the day. Bring GOOD shoes! Bring an extra pair of socks. Get ready to walk up stairs. But mostly some of the most beautiful views. We had lunch outside at thr lodge with a couple beers after a couple hours of walking and that was perfect. Below is partly the trail to the rock, Wildcat Canyon, and Illinois Canyon. You can also rent Kayaks.

Kyle T.

Great hiking trails in the fall. If you're close it is definitely worth the drive to check out. There will be crowds on the weekends though.

Brent Leopold

Great park, went hiking on the trails. Very well maintained. Beautiful waterfalls throughout.

Jeffrey Bucholc

Beautiful day of hiking. Took lots of pictures. Leaves haven't turned yet. Have to go back in a few weeks.

Anil Pochampally

I was looking for a weekend trip and we are searching for a short trip. i saw good reviews and just a 1.5 hour Drive. I went to the park around 04:00 PM and started my walk..i have visited only few canyons until its dark but those were best.. French canyon is just a walk away from the visitors office and if you take a little more walk.. La selle Canyon is the best i have seen.. I felt that we are in a different world. with full of trees and greenery and beautiful water falls.. i recommend all the Chicago residents a must go location.

Sbfx Dv

Always a great way to enjoy the foliage and great outdoors. We come for the amazing autumn colors and to breath the clean air away from the city. Will be back soon, thanks!

David Doyle

Great classic lodge. Cool rooms, and cabins. The restaurant is wonderful, offering breakfast lunch and dinner. All separate servings are delicious. And of course, the views in the park are not to be missed.

Curtis Achterhof

Awesome hiking. A must see especially when the waterfalls are going. Majority of the hiking is easily doable with younger kids.

Alan Mead

Starved Rock is always a good walk on a nice day. We like the Starved Rock and Eagle Cliff trails. You should also see French Canyon. These are all fairly short easy walks with some stairs. Go on a week day if possible, because it gets very crowded on weekends. Utica has a lot of fun shops on 178. Never stayed at the lodge but the grounds are attractive and it's very close to the visitor's center. The camp ground is at least a mile away.

Carrie Burns

Came to this place after wanting to go for two years. Although it was a nice hike, and enjoyable, it was not what I was expecting. There were zero falls, every canyon& cliff were bone dry probably due to lack of rain, understandable but still I was disappointed as this was the main reason for my 3 hour venture there. It was packed with hundreds of people. So we were consistantly having to stop on our hike and move over to let others pass. The views are beautiful. I didn't see too much wildlife except for some chipmunks. It's still a nice place to enjoy though.

Shruti Jit

Good place to visit with your friends and family. Mini trek. Quick 1 day trip

Jason Rowe

Starved Rock is always a great place to go and connect with nature. The trails are fun and are a definite workout. Make sure to grab some food at the restaurant and if the weather is nice eat on the back patio. The views are incredible!

Renee of Digital Evolution Marketing

Always enjoy coming to Starved Rock. The entire park is well labeled, indicating if your walking Away or Back Towards the main entrance/visitor center, so it would be pretty hard to get lost. Different paths available for different levels of difficulty. Basically the tougher paths just involve a lot more stair climbing to get the the higher elevations.

Courtenay O'Connell

Inside the Visitor Center, we walked around the educational area, learning about Starved Rock. Looked in the gift shop - books, patches, and stuffed birds - but didn't buy anything. We felt sorry for the two Gars, Catfish and Crappie fish in a tank that looked too small. We didn't take one of the hiking maps. No energy to hike in this heat (94°). In the other section of the Visitor Center, we bought a tee shirt for $10, and lunch for $10 (chicken strips, baked cod sandwich). Both were good and hit the spot. The young people behind the counter were friendly and got our food out in a timely manner. The fudge looked delicious and so did the ice cream. Before leaving, we filled our water bottles at the water fountain which was big enough to accommodate our bottles. We walked around the outside, noticing the large number of people picnicking and enjoying nature. We also saw people next to fishing poles, leaning against the wall overlooking the serene waters. We wanted to hike out to the rock formations, but we’ll do it next time in cooler weather and earlier in the day. The parking lot was almost full, and it is huge. Handicapped spaces were mostly empty. If it were cooler, this would be a perfect place to hike & relax.

Chetan Srinivas

Was a great experience for my girls. Perfect weather to hike but unfortunately no water to be seen on Day 1. Next day at the St Louis Canyon, we got lucky with a small stream of water falls and my 8 year old had fun in the water. Directions placed very well all along the trails and the ice creams were yummy at the store located near the Visitor Center!!!!

Jeffrey OConnell

Immensely improved if you have been here in the past. Clearly marked trails and markers depicting what you are viewing. The trails were clean, debris-free , and as close to safe as can be achieved. I saw a bullfrog that despite the people bellowed loudly in France Canyon. You can take long or short walks with the free map available at the Visitor Center. They let you borrow dog bowls with your drivers license too! Dogs are welcome too. But please consider the heat and distances with Fido.

Michael MacDonald

My girlfriend and I were both former Adirondack residents and looking for nice place to visit on one of our days off together. This park was great, it's free so pretty much first come first serve on parking. The visitor parking was full by time we got there around 11:30 (a Saturday) but we wanted to park further down road, closer to some of the trails that we wanted to hike. Make sure to either wear shoes or boots you don't care get dirty or wet s some of trails are very muddy and you have to cross small water ways with just small logs. Definitely will be going back to hike the trails we didn't get too, as the ones we did hike had beautiful cavern walls, waterfalls and views.

l u n a

A breath of fresh air. This park is definitely worth the long drive. Its such a beautiful environment, clear views of the water. I would suggest bringing a jacket or sweatshirt in case to keep you warm!

Amanda Leftwich

Love this park so much. There is so much to do. The hiking spots are a lot of fun.

Heidi Marie

Beautiful! My only regret is that I didn't take more photos for this review. The Lodge boast a warm, cozy, campy feel complete with rustic wooden furniture. Theres reserved parking for Lodge guest. A wonderful Restaurant and large areas available for party's/weddings etc. The cafe serves up a delicious, quick breakfasts (hot muffins, scones, sandwiches & drinks). The main trails are paved and have rest areas along the way. Hiking to see Starved Rock or Lovers Leap? Be prepared to climb stairs, I think I counted 152 in the first set. Although you can drive down to a small area to bypass. It's definitely on our will return list!! Call and make your reservation today!!

Stephanie Taleski

Great area for an easy hike! There are quite a few areas with stairs though so keep that in mind. Paths are nice and clean, and there’s lots of space off the trails for picnics and such. Not the most exciting, but still nice for a little trip in my opinion. I’m giving it 4 starts only because it does get very crowded.

Andrew Harrington

If tired of flat plains in IL this is a great getaway 2 hours from Chicago. Best when the many waterfalls over the cliffs are running strong or in January to see scores of bald eagles flying over the open oxygenated fish ladened water below the IL river dam, and roosting on the refuge just below the dam, when the rest of the river is iced over. Rangers loan binoculars too. Historic old lodge. Miles of hiking trails along River and through canyons. If you are into transportation technology you can visit the public area across the river from the park overlooking the locks.

Herb Teeter

I love going here. Winter with my children and brought back all the memories of when I walked these paths as a child. We had a great time lots of fun things to look at and places to explore. Very happy to see that everything is still very accessible and well maintained. Only explored about a quarter of the park will continue to go until the boys have seen it all. great memories for me and my family.

Chris Whitaker

Starved Rock is beautiful! I’ve been here in the summer and now in the fall and it’s just stunning. There is a wide array of hiking trails with differing levels of difficulty. I went on a Sunday and at 3:00pm there were many people arriving. There’s nothing wrong with that, but of course there are many that don’t understand being respectful of everyone else on the trail. One young man was carrying a Bluetooth speaker and blasting music which detracts from the experience. But as you keep moving everyone thins out and you’re able to enjoy the peace and beauty around you. If you have the time and opportunity to go to Starved Rock, I highly recommend it in any season. The history of the park is fascinating. I hope you go and enjoy!

Corrine Papak

Nature at its finest! Easy to read walking path signs and maps prior to entrance of trail and all throughout. You can hangout, picnic, hike, take photos, relax or exercise (lots of stairs- in some areas). Beautiful! Gift shop, snack shop, nature and restrooms.

Amanda Segobiano

Such a beautiful place. My first time there and it was amazing. Definitely a lot of walking up and down stairs but totally worth it. We only did a small section of the park but it was absolutely beautiful. Will be back again this time I will be better prepared. ❤

Nicole Scantlin

I love all of the different waterfall canyons and overlooks. I recommend grabbing a copy of the trail map from the vistors' center. The French and Wildcat canyons have waterfalls that you can go into the water underneath. The trails and stairs all have sand on them, which I found strange. It seemed a little slippery. I witnessed a lady in high heeled wedge sandals I highly recommend the proper sneakers. I saw lots of dogs and children on the seems to be the perfect place to get outside and explore with the family.

Paula Travers

A definite place to see in the fall. Took the trolley ride, brunch included. A truly beautiful place with tons of history. Highly recommend.

Blake Eric

Great place for being in Illinois. There is a TON of stairs at this park, so be prepared for that. The best hike is along the water, but that’s often very muddy, so bring boots and a change of shoes. We ended up destroying my car. There is also a nice little restaurant in the lodge. However, if you go to Ottawa their is a great brewery that has A+ food. It’s also a GORGEOUS drive, so do that instead and you won’t regret it. Happy trails!

Beth Hurley

We went for a day trip with our dog. It's about an hour and 45 minutes away from Chicago. There are some great views and a cute restaurant at the top with good food with indoor and outdoor seating. It was a lot of fun and we saw a lot of families having picnics and fishing. In the fall Bald Eagles come and we are looking forward to heading back. In short, it's great way to take in great views and get a little exercise without breaking the bank.

Stephen Romero

Definitely a place to visit if you're in Illinois. Really long trails and a lot of somewhat off the trail climbing areas where others have left their mark. It's a truly beautiful place and different from anything else you'll see in the state, well aside from the few other state parks. Bring water and fishing gear if you want as well!

Elaine Filus

Who would have thought this was Illinois! Beautiful trails along the Illinois River, at the river level or up on the bluff, connect a series of canyons, each with a waterfall. The amount of water flowing is dependent on the amount of rain... but the more rain the muddier the trails can get. Some transition points between river trail and bluff trail involve multi-story staircases. We counted 150 steps at one... great exercise, but perhaps challenging for some. French, LaSalle, and St. Louis Canyons were favorites. The Veranda cafe at the Lodge has good food and even better views.

Leonardo Tanoue

Very nice hiking hiking trails! The visitor center is super nice too, you can go in to get a map and directions/information to the different trails. The visitor center also has bathrooms, a little gift shop and ice cream. The trails have a lot of stairs and sections with wood platforms so you don't need heavy duty hiking gear or anything. There's also a lodge and restaurant close to the lodge.

Nichi S

Nice place to go hiking and see some nature! Remember it's hiking not walking so the trails can get a little muddy, sandy, uneven, lots of ups and downs. Bring lots of water and an extra pair of socks! I think we got 4-5 miles in! Lots of fun.

Taylor Latanski

Breathtaking scenery. The hikes weren’t too strenuous but some required you to cross a river- I recommend water shoes! Make sure to see all the canyons as that’s where you’ll find the waterfalls. They said they are best in the spring but they were still flowing in July. Stop by the visitor center for sure!

Eric Hill

I have been coming here since I was a little boy with my father and now I get to bring my family here. I first showed this place to my wife when we were just dating and she loved it, since then we always go back with our children and go to the same waterfall that we had one of our first dates on. Such a great kid friendly place with lots to experience for adults and kids. If you love nature then this is the place to go in Illinois.

Jorene Cicero

Most scenic park with many trails from easy to difficult. Cliffs to climb and river views. Boating available.ive been going here for over 65 years. First with parents, later, my children, next with grandchildren; now to leisurely enjoy with husband. Lodge and cabins too.

Abigail Dickens

Decided to eat outside since we were at the state park. Biggest mistake ever. Eat inside, trust me. It was such a disappointment. The outside grill patio menu & food was absolutely terrible. I didn’t even bother to eat anymore after my first few bites. The service was SO slow for only a few tables. The only reason I gave it more than one star was because of the trails. I enjoyed the canyons and waterfalls.

Dave Jar

my entire family loves the park. it is very dog friendly, must have seen 50 happy doggos. the trails are family friendly. the maps they provide are a bit off, and the maps on a trail would benefit from a small "you are here l" arrow instead of a big circle that blocks out forks in paths. not a complaint, just a would be nicer if... still 5 star rating though

Tim Stark

Nice park with lots of trails with only roughly about 200 MILLION stairs! Lots of scenery and a ton of stairs!

Susan Rohr

Beautiful place, relaxing, opportunity for some good exercise. Great way to get in touch with nature

Pat Dougherty

A true nature experience . The colors were amazing. There are many activities during the year. Boat excursions, trolley trips, hiking.

Martha Carrillo

Took a short weekend vacation midsummer to this place since it is only a couple of hours away from where we live and it was so worth it. The trails were beautiful and even though I was a little nervous at first thinking it might be a hard hike it was actually really enjoyable and everything was marked in a way that I felt safe. Waterfalls are said to be best at the beginning of spring, but even during midsummer they were amazing. So peaceful and just wonderful to be surrounded by nature.

Warren Skipper

This is probably the closest, most extraordinary piece of nature from Chicago. There are a collection of trails throughout with many points of entry and various lookout points. This is a major destination during breaks and short holidays so it can get crowded. Pets are welcome as well. The hiking can be as simple or complex as you prefer with many paths provided. It isn't advised to scale the cliffs. A must-go if you live in the Chicago area!

George Proano

I love walking here. The weather was great and the trails have been fixed.

Paula D'Urbano

Very nice state park for a walk on the weekend. Really enjoyed visiting it! Definitely worth the drive up there.

Lynn Jakse

Love it! So many different trails and canyons to explore, most with waterfalls when conditions are right. Wildflowers bloom everywhere in the Spring and Summer, Ice formations adorn the Winter and spectacular colors fill the forest in the Fall.

Cody Albright

Cool place with a bunch of history. Would recommend checking out the visitors center before going on your walk / hike so you can get your maps and check out the displays. The display of the fortress at the top of Starved Rock was extremely detailed and was very cool to see. I recommend getting there early as parking was almost impossible after Noon.

Jeff Grindler

Great scenery...casual dining and an old school place to visit make the park enjoyable today as much as it was 40 plus years ago. Nice fall colors to see in a relaxed setting. plenty of hiking trails for those who enjoy that venture. Senior-friendly access is good for all.

Daniel Fontana

Always fun. Walk the trails, eat at the lodge, fish. Great times!

jim wilson

Love visiting this time of year. Beautiful waterfalls, great food at the Veranda where you can dine outdoors overlooking part of the park.

Jazmin Munoz

Great hiking experience! Hiked for about 5 hours and still had a trail left. The canyons were somewhat dry. They recommend to come and view them after a rainy day or when the winter has transitioned to Spring. Open all year!

Ted Sterling

I actually thought about giving Starved Rock a negative review just to protect our "hidden jewel." Recent reports have indicated that there are so many visitors every year that the infrastructure is crumbling - and to a certain degree, it is. One or more trails have been shut down & vandalism has increased. There was also an recent incident where a guest disregarded a barrier, fell & died. Hopefully word will reach our governor and/or legislators and money will be allocated for repairs and maintenance. Until then, visit if you must, but treat our "hidden jewel" gently.

balu subramanya

A must visit place for all the people who loves to trek. There are around 7 waterfalls but the force of the water is small. I suggest you not to visit on weekends and on public holidays as it will be too crowded and it will be hard to get parking slots.

Steven Grandinetti

Always highly recommended. Up here again for a second year, and it's beautiful. Hey fellow tourists, help us out and stop littering and carving graffiti all over. Its appalling. Especially because many of you cant spell.

Mindy Gregory

Beautiful. Come prepared to climb a million stairs. In recent years has become very crowded so anticipate that it may back up in places closest to the visitor center. Strollers can't go very far here.

outdoor guy

Great park, walked ten miles on dirt or wood plank walkways. Ate on the deck the Strawberry salad was fantastic. Nice waterfalls, 3 inches of rain the weekend before. Waterfalls depend on rain fall to be active. Will go back in the fall.

Donna Lesicko

Beautiful water falls to hike to. Stayed at the lodge. Room was small but comfy!! And clean! Food was delicious and all the staff was helpful and nice. Rick Lindy and the Wild Ones put on a fantastic musical show at the lodge. If you want to see all the water falls, be prepared to hike a lot! Wear good hiking shoes and if you have short legs, like me, take a hiking stick!!! If you don’t like hiking, plenty of beautiful scenery to see sitting outside on the veranda and relaxing!

gaziya k

Great place for picnics, fishing, barbeques, outdoor parties. Kid friendly. Large space for camping. There are 11 waterfalls. Beautiful place to hike. We usually go fishing. You'll find quite a bunch if you go early morning.

Carla Dacon

I go at least once a year in the fall. I go to the lesser known trails to avoid the crowds. Wish Illinois would fix the road to St. Louis of my favs. Go in Feb and see it Frozen....with the water starting to fall! Gorgeous!

Nicole Karellas

AMAZING! Kids had a great time .. kinda hard to find certain trails but kids walked for hours and didn’t get tired were too amazed

Brittany Renee Jones

Great hiking for all ages... 13 mile strip with different canyons and 1 waterfall. You'll never get lost, signs are all along the trails.

Luna SilverWolf

Went out for a date with my boyfriend and the trails were fun to hike and a great workout! There were a few loose metal steps on some of the trails but overall they were well kept with the funding they have. The restaurant in the lodge was nice and cozy atmosphere, our waitress was wonderful, and the food was to die for and didn't break the bank.

Jodi Westerhold

Local resident and I love our state parks. I wish that people who are visiting from out of town would seriously take heed to the warnings, stay on marked trails and be responsible when visiting the State parks. They are beautiful parks with amazing views, canyons, waterfalls and trails. No one's hiking trip should result in a funeral. Please be respectful and responsible and enjoy the true beauty of the park....

Scott Meyer

Campground was clean and fairly well kept. Our site was a little more secluded which was nice. But the campground was down the road from the park itself which was a little weird. The park was very nice but the trails are not exactly well maintained (under funded). This should be made into a National Park so it can be properly funded as it gets over 3 million visitors per year. We went on hikes to the waterfalls after it rained an inch the day before and they were flowing pretty good.

Christian Whiting

Great place to visit and hike. Get there early if you want to avoid the crowds and get decent parking. If having a picnic tables and grills are available but again will require you to get there early. Admission and parking are free, park is dog friendly. Be prepared for lots of stairs, steeper steps by canyons. 5 miles here is like 10 miles on flatter ground.

Marciano Siniscalchi

Only an hour and a half from Chicago, so it's an easy day trip. Light hiking in the woods, and spectacular little "canyons" to explore. Nice views of the Illinois river. Frankly, after living in Chicago for 18+ years, you come to expect that everything around you is flat flat flat. And yet, Starved Rock is a little gem of a destination that challenges that perception. (Galena is also worth seeing for some geological action, but it's farther from the city.)


Fall time was really nice to visit. We registered for the Oktoberfest dinner that had authentic german cuisine. I was chosen for the stein hoisting competition and had a FANTASTIC time. Best. Day. Ever. 6/5 stars

Chris W

Beautiful place to relax actively. But ... someone forgot about this place. It was once well taken care of. But now instead of fixing things they posting threats. Some pathways are closed due to bad conditions. And they threatening that You can be arrested if You go there!! Under what crime committed? It's ridicules!! Shame on You!

Sharon Knight

It is as if your in the Ozarks though still in IL. It is a gorgeous area. The lodge is spectacular and the dining is delicious and reasonable served by a friendly staff. Week days are my preferred time to visit. It is crowded weekends. There is great live entertainment for groups but everyone can hear & enjoy. Needs to be more handicap friendly though. There are eagles in the area nesting along the river here. There are waterfalls, forests and for those capable, a hike up a small mountain top to view an incredible view. There is interesting historical accounts of this as well. Well worth visiting. The best IL has to offer.

Kimberly Booth

So great to get out in nature. I just wish some of the trails were better marked.

Christopher Carter

Need to chard for parking so they can keep all of the trails fresh and safe

Maria Marz

The whole time I was at starved rock was completely relaxing to me. I stayed to nights at their lodge, and I must say it was great, too. They have an indoor swimming pool. And the trails are majestic.

Matthew Bond

Such a great area to hike. Be sure to take a picture of the map, #lifehack This will help you find your way around much easier. The waterfall was a bit cold, but so much fun. Our kid had a blast and I would seriously recommend this place to anyone.

Giorgi Gioshvili

Amazing state park in IL, easy drive from Chicago. Fall is particularly wonderful here when leaves turn, ground is carpeted with foliage and subtle breeze reminds us of the final days of summer.

mel tet

Such a beautiful place to go for the day or the weekend. Lots to explore inside the park. From the trails to fishing and all the picnic areas. There's just about something for everyone. And it's not to far from town where there is more to do.

paul massura

Classic location to enjoy nature that's reasonably close by to the Chicagoland area. Accommodations were comfortable and nightly entertainment on the weekend was enjoyable.

John Anderson

Lots of easy walking but requires steps. Short intervals to picturesque settings, if you want water go in the spring, off days would help control population encounters.

Geoff Fellows

Great history. Great hikes. Sometimes it's a bit busy. I prefer the off beaten path butnits nice to see everything they have through well maintained trails.

Kayla Szarafinski

It's an amazing trip. I've been here in both summer and winter and both seasons have complimented this park. Come prepared with lots of water and comfortable shoes. It's a one way trail so you have to come back however far you go! But it's so fun and the LaSalle Canyon is the one to go to ☺️

Den in

The food, service, grounds, and staff were all phenomenal. The lodge amenities were perfect for kids and adults but the adult private swim time was really a nice touch. Gophers, chipmunks, eagles, snakes, pelicans and the canyons were all awe-inspiring.

Mike Armstrong

Beautiful scenery. Best Canyons in Illinois. Remind me of Southern Utah's canyons. Currently (summer2019) parking lots closed for resurfacing, so parking is a little issue. I would recommend the park put more way signs at middle access points.

Wendy Rogers

Lovely surroundings and many activities. Hotel and cabins to rent. Great food. Tours, cruises and rafting available daily.

Rick Livings

Took a little hike to a canyon and saw a few waterfalls, nice! Pat King sucks unless you get there real early. Ate breakfast at the Lodge. Inexpensive and tasty. There is also a buffet in the same restaurant. I wasn't aware of that at the time.

Peter Phan

Just know there will be crowds. At least it's free. Approachable pathway made of boardwalks and dirt. Also includes some long staircases.

Ashiqur Rahman

A great place spend a day with nature. There are several trails. Some are smaller and kids friendly and some requires a good amount of hiking through the mud. Really enjoyed hiking here.

Joanne Clifford

Great family friendly hikes.. A beautiful place to take you away from city life. Drive from Chicago took no more than a couple of hours

Love Farmer

Large, beautiful Park! Hiking paths, bird-watching, fishing in the river, watching water go over the dam, scenic scenic scenic! Has a beautiful Lodge to stay at also. Peaceful. Camping. Lots to do here.

Gowri Dulanjalee Adhikari

Good hike for a difference. Lot of free parking. Restaurant and visitor center inside. Good ice cream

Viraj Gadgil

Nice and big park to visit for light to moderate level hiking near Chicago. Total trails are approximately 13miles long and you come to visit different canyons on the way. There are two entrances- one that takes you directly to visiting center and the other to the lodging from where you need to descend down via staircase. I used the lateral option. Well maintained park with signs direct you point to point. If passionate about hiking, go early as parking near visiting center is limited and you can enjoy the total hike. Visiting center offers restrooms and restaurants, maps of parks. Parking is free.

Paige Vanderbok

Absolutely fun and beautiful place to go at any time of the year really. The hikes are super fun and its surrounded by cute little towns. I enjoy my time every time I'm here. Can't wait to go back.

Dan Kemble

This is one of the most beautiful parks in the Midwest. Panoramic views from atop Starved Rock. History and nature at their best converge here. The numerous trails and waterfalls are an adventure unto themselves. The lodge is comfortable and the food is good. Book far in advance if you want to see fall colors.

Ashley Fulton

A beautiful hidden spot to visit. We had an amazing time. It was pretty packed though so I'd reccomend getting there as early as you can. We will definitely be back to explore again.

Kim Sriner

Great place to hike and explore nature! All the trails are connected, so you can make your hike as short or as long as you'd like. Lots of maps and signs throughout the trails to know where you're going. However, all of them only have the distance to the visitors center listed, rather than listing each trail- section length (ie, how far Illinois Canyon from the parking lot next to it isn't listed). There's also a few places that split off and don't have maps near them, so it's helpful to snag a hard copy map or take a picture with your phone.

Ashley Allyouneedtoknow

Beautiful place to comfortably hike. Just beware that if you have dogs, there are certain metal steps near the dining place that are harmful to their paws. Other than that, clean and peaceful adventures await you

Asha Banthia

Very peaceful and a nice place to explore. Have been to more scenic parks but a nice mini getaway and the company was good. Waterfalls were dried up. Visitor lodge bathrooms were clean which was a bonus.

Rhonda Birk

Our only mistake about coming here was coming on Labor day.... CRAZY busy. Just happy we arrived early enough to get a parking spot. A number of different trails for hiking. If you plan on hiking up to the top of Starved Rock, be prepared for all up hill with lots of stairs. It is paved, and only a 1/2 mile round trip, so short hike. The visitor center is nice, with some displays. The 1930's era old lodge and cabins are nice. Go into the lodge and look around. There is a restaurant inside, but we didn't eat there. We packed picnic lunches and hiked into the trails with them. Just please remember whatever you hike in with, pack it back out to put in a garbage can.

David Link

Went in the morning during the week and the place still had quite a bit of people. Scenery was amazing, plenty of pictures. Only downside was seeing the early riser fishermen having multiple poles in the water and they weren't even near them!

Mike Jacobs Jr.

Trails are easy enough for a whole family to go hiking. My five-year-old and eight-year-old loved it and had no problems. Can get crowded and it's a long walk to the bathroom so make sure you go before hand.

Pat Roznowski

This is a good place to get out enjoy tbe outdoors. Lots of trails. Good history. Trails are marked well .lots of parking place to eat or you can do a picnic. Lots to see that we did not get to. Would love to go back and see more

James Franke

It's a wonderful park. Slightly over-loved, but lately the graffiti seems to be less of an issue. Definitely worth a visit, though I suspect everyone in Illinois has been here a few times already. The hike from the lodge to the trail split to St Louis canyon is still one of my favorite spots in IL.

Johnny Saxour

The brunch is awesome about $20 per person so worth it. I would definitely recommend for family friends place to get together and eat some great food.

K. K.

Love it. I’ve been coming here since I was a little girl. Great memories growing up. I’m glad I get to share them with my daughter. Place is clean and well maintained! Fishermen can get rude, but other than that it’s wonderful!

Sergio Díaz

Really nice play, miles of trails easy for beginners like me (some places super muddy), super friendly staff in the visitor center. Food is good in the restaurant. Only downside is the amount of people there, getting a spot to park was hard (we arrived late morning), once inside, it doesn't look that crowded though. Highly recommend

Riana Pinto

A nice place for a good hike. Scenic routes pictique destinations like water falls. I had a picnic with my family at Starved Rock...the day was beautiful...we brought our own lunch...had a beautiful hike...the day was well spent. There are restaurant inside as well if you don't feel like bringing your lunch.

Gina Ellis

I love living in the starved Rock area It's so beautiful and historical if you take the time to learn more about it. Also a wonderful place for a wedding and reception

Debra De Crane

It was wonderful. Hot but wonderful. Boat trip a very nice option. Finished the day with dinner at Cajun Connection. Yum. Happy Anniversary to us.

lisa marsh

We always enjoy hiking the park. This time we also stopped in the book shop. Got some great deals on clearance table. Bookshop staff super pleasant

Rafal Stefaniak

I love this park. It has everything a hiker needs to be able to explore the nature, enjoy birds chirping, and most importantly relax from the busy work week. The trail is pretty long, especially if you cross the street that cuts across the park and continue on. I usually spend 4 hours hiking with friends, so if you're like me, be prepared to spend half a day in the park. Make sure to pack some snacks, and most importantly water.

John Robish

Bring your walking shoes and some water! Lots of stairs to be walked but all of it is worth it for the scenery and views. A beautiful place I try to visit at least once a year.

Arita Gonzalez

Loved this place. The trails are clearly marked and easy to figure out. Great for family's and walking your dog.

Toby R

Great place to visit for a hike. Miles of trails with canyons, bluffs and waterfalls. Wildlife can be see most of the time as well as wild flowers and mushrooms depending on when you visit. It unfortunately has become so popular and the American public has become such uncaring stewards of nature that water bottles, trash and graffiti are also now common. They try to keep the park as clean as possible but If everyone did their part it would remain enjoyable for everyone. We also visit the lodge and eat at the restaurant. Food menu is limited but very good. They also have a weekend brunch that is worth checking out. The lounge at the rear of the lodge has a veranda that you can eat at or just have a drink and enjoy the scenery. Nice place to visit during the week when it is a bit quieter than on the weekends.

David Reuter

One of my favorite places to hike since I was a kid. The canyons and sandstone bluffs are beautiful, and when the waterfalls are pouring into the canyons it can be breathtaking! Our favorite time to come is is during the fall color change!

Ace Photo

This park has always been organized and well maintained. I recommend hiking the cliffs early morning or late in the day to avoid the heat. Canyons are good during the hot times of the day. The canyons are awesome and lots of trails to connect them. Bring sturdy foot wear. Things get muddy. Don't forget sunscreen bug spray. You can pack a lunch or eat at the visitor center, in Utica or Ottawa.

Jessica Baby

Very nice but a lot of stairs so bring your gym shoes and get ready for a workout!

Aishwarya nandapurkar

Lovely hangout very close to Chicago for a day out. There are many waterfalls in this park but those are operational only in rains so better time to visit would be after a good rainfall.

Denise Domanico-Thirtle

If you love nature and hiking there is no reason not to spend the day roaming around this park. It is so beautiful! It has well maintained trails, for the most part. There was one or two paths that need repair enough to maybe close them off until they are fixed. We have never stayed at the Lodge so I can't comment on that portion.

Jory Wheeler

Hiking was great. Parking was terrible! Only overflow parking was available and no-one there to manage. Completely packed with people parking in areas preventing larger vehicles to exit.

Joseph Gabriel

What a gift to the midwest! A jewel of natural wonder among the plains. Nestled among the woods are many hiking trails winding up and down, crossing streams, and leading to various waterfalls. At the end of an invigorating hike is the lodge. Built of stout wooden logs, it features a large central communal area, perfect for meeting people. The dining room and Back Door Lounge offer some delicious and hearty food options, as well as outdoor dining. I saw a great Jimmy Buffett tribute band there last night. So much fun! They also have rooms for rent and a few outdoor cabins to stay in this place!


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