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REVIEWS OF Six Flags Great America IN Illinois

Piper Lindhe

We love six flags. Very clean park, very friendly employees. I wish they had a "test seat" at every roller coaster though because my husband was too tall for a lot of them. It made it easier when we could try it out before we waited in line. Love the addition of the Members Lounge to charge phones/sit in air conditioning. Definitely recommend membership with the dining package. Makes for a much more relaxing trip.

Marshall Bennett

I love this place. Get the season pass. Makes it so much better

Vanessa Grimes

Is this place ever bad? No! Sometimes it's crazy busy, long waits, long walks, and more. But always fun. Kept pretty clean. And if you are close enough, picking the right days/times and using your pass, makes for great days.

Jeffrey Peters

VERY busy for a Sunday in October. The lines for food were almost as long as for the rides. LAFF is still a great show. Looking forward to Holiday in the Park II.

Kiyomi Akiyama

Normally I go a ton during fright fest - love the monsters. Went there recently and they were kind enough to stop for pictures if asked, and the food was awesome. I have a diamond member pass so I get lunch / dinner / snack. I find it totally worth it if I go enough. However, they could have improved on the bathroom care the last time I went. The bathrooms were frequently out of toilet paper.

Bryan Rojas

The amount of rides and places to eat food helps offset the amount of time you spend in line. Lines will always be an issue, but planning ahead can help in saving you time and money. Consider bringing 'coupons' from the coca cola and takis deals as well as planning a trip one day early for the best amount of savings if you don't plan to buy a season pass.

Brad S

One star is for parking an getting into the park. Once you enter main entrance they have 3 to 4 lanes going into one lane to get into the back parking lot. On top of that they rarely have enough security directing traffic or directing traffic correctly. The front gate has improved so much for entering the park. Now if they would do the same for parking and getting into the park.

Jessica Smith

My daughter is 8 and a huge fan of roller coasters. We live about forty minutes away, so a season pass is a great value for us. We love hanging out for a few hours and hitting up some rides. Our favorites are The Viper and Triple Play. The park is always clean and the staff is very friendly. This year I splurged on the picture package, and I can't wait to make a memory book out of all of the photos.

Justina Krupa

Love it here!! I was very pleasantly surprised with the fact that there are so many options for toddlers and younger kids. I was worried about coming with my 1.5 year old but we spent the whole day there and never ran out of things to do. There is a section dedicated to rides for young kids and there are other family rides that she was able to ride on with us.

Ayesh Ayesh

Much cleaner than it used to be. Park is clean and tidy. Some rides were showing their age but others looked new. Theming is nice and extensive in some areas. Range of thrill rides is the best I’ve seen. Overall experience was OK but there is a lot of loud foul language on the ride platforms from guests and no one does anything about it. F & B is outrageous. Price of a bottle soda is $5.50. Price of a small cup of dipping dots $9. Too expensive by any standard and they do not allow you to bring any of your own food inside the park. They confiscated my child’s P&B sandwich at security bag check stating that no outside food and beverages are allowed. They did “allow” me to keep the juice boxes I brought.

Ramon Gimenez

It was bring a friend free day in the middle of the week, lines were short, workers were upbeat. Plenty of attractions for the whole family. If you're going to go more than once or even with a 3 or more people i recommend the membership, lots of perks with it and it's cheaper than the 1 day ticket.

Wubba Bubba

Rides are fun and so are the water parks. But it gets negated by some of it's outrageous prices. $5.50 for a water bottle in vending machines??? Are you serious? If you're planning on going to six flags, it'll be fun but make sure to be prepared for anything because before you know it, you probably spent a lot of money without even noticing.

tapan chaddarwala

If you like theme parks this is the place to go!! A perfect summer getaway! Make sure to get the Platinum pass , it helps during the peak summer season! Raging bull and Maxx force rides are the best. Visit the logger's run if you want to get wet!!

Sam Wiersma

Love six flags been going for as long as I can remember. The new roller coaster is short but it's worth the wait and worth the ride.

Angelique Jay

I love this place for nostalgia reasons, try to come every year to see new things but it is getting worn down and more dirty with each year. I hope to see more improvements and upgrades on the dated areas. A shop vac, pressure cleaning is much needed in many areas. I know they can do better than recent years.

Jen Miller

Always a good time. The fright fest is fun during the day! My kids under age 11 were ready to leave as soon as the ghouls were released. Had one of the best smoked turkey legs there on our most recent visit.

Tara Atchison-Green

We went on a super super humid day, the park was at capacity. Lots of lines but they moved pretty quickly. Had a great day! We are pass holders from another state and used our passes at Great America.

Daniel S

Had a great time going to fright feast this year, will be going next year as well. Awesome part was getting the wristband to past the lines for the haunted houses

William Huben

Great if you don't plan to eat or drink at the park. Six bucks for a soda and only Coke products. For the price you should be able to get Coke or Pepsi.

Rhonda Miller

I don't like roller coasters. I just go because my sons father likes to go. Plus this was the first time my son has been.

Alexander Amaya

Wow I can believe how amazing is that place I been in Duperman and Batman so wonderful definitely I will visit this place for sure!!! I love it

Alexis M

I LOVE THIS PLACE! Okay, I have three kids I love to take here along with my husband. I feel like the variety of rides is amazing, and they have rides for everyone! Whenever we come here, we literally go on every ride the kids want to go on! We love all of the rides so much! Every single ride has a different aspect than the next. They are all so unique and make the park what it is today! A family favorite is the Goliath though! Everybody in my family loves the intensity of the Goliath and the memorable moments on it! If you don't like big rides, they also have a kid area, along with some more tiny coasters! Everybody in my family loves to ride on the coasters! We all ride together and Six Flags Great America ensures for a memorable, amazing day! Have fun!

Gaming's Impurity

This was my 3rd time going. And I have to admit that they keep the Park Very Clean! And the customer service is superb. Out of all of the parks I have went to this one is the best by far. 5/5 Am going again.


The thriller rides were really fun. Food selection was great. Long lines, though. Lots of rides for kids and the experience was awesome.

Jon and Jordan Bauer

Well its Great America. Still awesome as it always has been through the years. 4 stars only because the in and out plus parking and pedestrians cross paths just at entry. Makes it hard to get in and took even longer to get out. In addition is super crowded. A days pass wasted on only a couple of rides in a 4 hour period. Yes some waits are over an hour long. But other than that, season passes is the way to go so you can enjoy it and the money spent is worth it then.

Katie Richmond

I have been going here since I was 14 years old! I started off going a few times each summer and fright fest every year! As the years went by, I got a season pass starting when I was 18. I just turned 25. My boyfriend and I have memberships, as well as season flash passes! Both are 1000% worth it! We have already gone 7 times this season, and will go a bunch more. I love how they added on holiday in the park! It was a wonderful experience. All of the employees are always super friendly and helpful! Other than the prices being high on things (5.49$ for a powerade) it is a great place to go. They have something for everyone! Also, hurricane harbor is always fun :)

GeomDash25 Roblox and Geometry Dash

This place was amazing! It had lots of awesome stuff to do there! We drank water and soda and we did eat funnel cake. We went on lots of rides and it was fun! This place, should definitely have five stars! No one star, no two stars, no three stars, not even 4 stars! Give it only five stars!

Jon McCourt

The rides are awesome. The food is expensive but comparable to any other theme park. Lines are very long and the park could improve the loading and unloading times by staffing better. Other than that, it's great. Expect to spend around 8-10 hours at the park if you want to ride most of the big stuff.

Andrea Gorecki

Definitely a fun day but with any amusement park, waiting 60+ minutes for a 2-minute long ride is really annoying. I understand that this is not Six Flags fault so if you can go during a weekday during the school year I would recommend that over going on a weekend. If that isn't possible, just be prepared for long wait times.

Jet Kaneshiro

Pretty good, but you pay extra for EVERYTHING. Parking is 30 bucks, but you can buy a pass. Go carts are extra, and food is pretty pricey, so if you come often, youll need to buy ANOTHER pass. But really fun rides and okay line times. If you get to the park early, you can get on any ride without any lines.

Casiquire Ziphonium

This is an interesting park. Really great selection of rides and roller coasters, plenty for kids or for people like me who like the bigger more intense rides. The big issue that seems to be plaguing the park is related to operations. The lines for just about any service really get out of hand. The front entrance is a total mess, mobs of people trying to file in. Guest services will have an hour long wait and only three windows open. Then when i was in the park it took me a half hour to find a locker that actually reads credit cards. I tried three different ones, and called my bank thinking maybe my card was broken, but they said there were no transaction attempts. The machines are simply not functioning. I only found one locker that actually accepted a credit card. Also apparently if you update your membership type their computer doesn't automatically find the newest one? Systems all around really need improving. The employees are great. They're all doing their best and have helped me out plenty.

Agrin Jones

This was my first time ever going and the park has it’s pros and cons. Had a pass for the all you can eat buffet and ice cream. It’s not a good idea to eat before getting on rides food should settle if you catch my drift. Enjoyed getting on the rides and just viewing the amusement park. You can’t bring your water in but you can get cups of ice/ water from the food stands. The wait time for getting on the rides are a hour and time on rides are no more then a minute. Food and candy stands are very steep. This is one way to get your adrenaline pumping. Overall my family and I had an amazing time. Will be back again on a much cooler day.


My family and I went today for a couple hours and got a main meal, snack, drinks, and went on a bunch of rides. For only being there for 3 hours, we went all the rides we wanted to with little lines (and without flash passes!) and with very kind and friendly employees, at the restaurant and as ride operators and employees helping with the flash pass users. The restrooms were extremely clean, the bathrooms were as well. Great experience, definitely will come back when back in town.

Jenna Funk

The park is amazing. All of the employees are very nice. I have the season pass as well as the dining pass. I go 7-12> times a year. Since I buy a season pass every year. The rollar coasters are very fun and its always worth the wait in line.

Courtnie Schmidt

Membership is DEFINITELY worth it! If you plan on spending the whole day at the park, I'd recommend packing a lunch. All food/merchandise etc. Is ridiculously overpriced.

Wesley Pundsack

Terrific place. Absolutely wonderful. The rides were great, ride operators were funny and the park overall was clean.

Ryan Jay

Very fun place to go with friends or family, however the water park seems a little less than expected, and the lines are so outrageous due to lack of things to do. Also, having to pay for your own inner tube for the lazy river is just lazy and money-grubbing. I would never go back to the water park side again. However I'd definitely go back to the roller coaster part.

jan Baker

No suprise but lines are too long. Best to get there early. Getting the food season pass is a good financial decision for me, but. I won't do the food or drink deal again because it takes too long to get my drink, food and snack.

Brian Wolosek

Not a cheap day look forward to spending a lot of money especially if you're planning on eating there. My eight year old son and I split a small chicken tender meal and it was over $20. Ticket prices were not bad, but if you wanted to not wait all day for a ride fast pass ticket prices are astronomical. Overall worth buying the fast passes because we are only in the park on an average of 4 hours a day two days in a row and got to ride almost 12 to 15 rides a day and night time frame with the flash pass.

shaggy 710

Had a blast. Never gets old love the rides and the experience that comes with it. Can't wait to go again

Ryan Tuttle

Don't even try to go on a busy day. Even with discount tickets, we spent a few hundred dollars to get our family through the gates and went on less than 10 rides between open and close. And while I'm willing to deal with inflated prices, paying almost $100 for three burgers and fries is insane. As is $70 for two funnel cakes. And $35 for a soda is the height of insanity.

Nicholas Petronella

Fun rides, however, long lines for them. Most restaurants/food shops are closed making other places a long wait. Lots of line jumpers making it a less enjoyable experience. Park is clean. Fright fest is a fun time with the ambience.

Vivian Jelinek

I love this park! Recommend! There are rides for smaller kids, total ride people and inbetweeners.

Kraze Nomad

Love this park have been going here for many years..... let me tell ya something.... the customer service has taken a dive bomb. It's the worst it has ever been. Absolutely no sense of urgency when ordering food. Employees just want to argue with you over everything. The wait times just to get on a ride are ridiculous.... love the rides most of the coasters are great...... here again the employees just suck....then to top it off..... The bathrooms smell just as bad as an outhouse.

Douglas A.

Been here only a couple of hours and loving every minute. Clean park with lots of little scenes. Can't wait till dark!

Eric Hoogeveen

I have gone to Six Flags Great America many times over the past several decades. It has always been a mostly fun time, especially when it is not super busy. It really sucks to wait in line 45-90 minutes for a 2 minute ride. That being said, I have seen this park deteriorate over the years. They do have several new roller coasters, which is great, but the infrastructure seems to be neglected. Much of it can use a new coat of paint, and many wooden structures need parts replaced. There used to be employees walking around sweeping up garbage throughout the park in order to keep a clean appearance. I did not see anyone doing so until near closing time. The bathrooms were horrendous. I never saw any employees cleaning in the bathrooms all day. The urine smell was terrible, and the floors were disgusting. Not like I remember from years past. The park entrance fee is reasonable, but parking is way overpriced. Concession prices are just pathetic, bordering on thievery. Really a disappointing turn-off. Gouging customers really takes away from what should be a fun experience. Many places closed early, and many of the “Refill Stations” were closed. Defeats the purpose of selling way overpriced refillable beverages. Also, several smaller rides could have used more than one employee in order to make lines move faster. It was painful to watch the sole ride operator checking every seatbelt and harness, make announcements, and then finally getting to operating the ride. There were some carnival games with 2-3 employees, but only one for busy rides. Misplaced resources for sure. The park is a good time with lots of fun, but my aforementioned points just take away from the experience, and should be addressed by management. That’s my $0.02.

Abigail Schmitz

Very fun park with accommodating staff. Seemed safe. Great rides, and easy park to maneuver. Meal deal we purchased was confusing. Gate prices are high, so seek admission discounts before coming!

Brittany A

Fun. But I was told that my son and I were the last to be accepted as lunch for our dining pass and we were not able to eat after waiting an HOUR AND A HALF in line...

Ella Preston

It was AMAZING. The staff was very helpful especially an staff member named Debbie M. She was very helpful,joyful, and smiley she went above and beyond to make sure that all our questions were thoroughly answered and we got the best discount possible. She was very kind and professional. We were very impressed with her. And we just wanted you to know that employees like Debbie M are your greatest asset to your company that make us want to come back again and again. Please give Debbie M a raise.

Jennifer Rulien-White

We have had season passes for 7 years! Six flags is always very clean and the staff is very friendly and helpful. My kids are now 10 and 11 and riding everything and loving it. Fright fest monsters come out at 6 p.m. we like to be out of there by then. Kids 12 and under can wear a costume to fright fest.

kayla clarke

I loved this place. The hurricane harbor was absolutely amazing. A good tip is to get there early so you will have a chance to get in all the slides without a long wait. It was my first time visiting and I can't wait to go back. The rides are awesome and kinda scary but it's sooo fun. The food is kinda expensive but it seem to have good quality. There's a lot of walking and climbing stairs but it's good exercise and it's not too exhausting.

Shane McAuliff

Purchased 6 tickets last night, even splurged for the "Fast passes" to avoid lines. We show up with our tickets which showed "suspended". They tell us to go to guest services. The line for guest services is outrageous, equivalent to an opening day roller coaster line. There's no phone or online support. Glad I got the flash passes since we'll have a few less hours to ride.

Håkon Kvalø Langtvedt

Many rides. Something for everyone. Some of the rides and place could use a little upgrade and a some fresh paint. Overall a fun place for the entire family. We visited during Fright fest. Alot of dining locations. But I could not see much of any healthy options. Mostly fast food. But I guess you don't wisit this place to a culinary experience anyway.

tj mumbower

Sorry no photos this time. We went there as a family and spent a lot and I say a lot of money. It is a small Park with good roller coasters but they charge way too much I felt like I went to Disney. If you can find the deals I would recommend going to this place. To save a few dollars pack a cooler leave it in your car and go out to the parking lot and eat.

Peter Garcia

Love everything about 6 flags... we've been a member for over 7 years and every year they have improvements that's surpasses the year before.

Brian McLeod

Its a great amusement park to check out while it is open during the season! If you are a roller coaster enthusiast, Great America is going to be your paradise. If you have people in your party that is not a fan of coasters, there is other rides and shows for them. In the last several years, Great America has been on the upswing and has improved their service quality significantly and their cleanliness for the park. "Cleanest Park in the World"? Probably not. But it is really really clean. I do wish the ascetics of the park would be updated. A few coasters need a good paint job (AMERICAN EAGLE!) and some of the buildings look way out dated. Otherwise, if you live in Chicago and you don't want to drive to Florida to get your coaster fix, Great America has plenty to offer for everyone!

Brian Elston

Enjoyed it a lot. Very fun roller coasters, which was all we did all day. Should have more single rider lines

Jonathan Hill

First of all, this place is very pricey. Admission, extra attractions, souvenirs, carnival games, food are all over priced. But, if you are a fan of thrill rides this is the place to go. If you aren't into that, there are some lesser rides and shows that are slower speed. Plan to spend a whole day here or buy a season pass to get your money's worth

Tom Wolf

Been going to this park since the 80's. It is in relatively good shape. The grounds could use seem weeds pulled and trees trimmed, but overall it appears to have handle the years well. Many top roller coasters to ride. Food and drink is still a small mortgage. Good time was had.

John Blue

A Great family place place for all including parents with some great rides and some awesome roller coasters. I like the scenic railway to relax and get to another part of the park, but it's been closed for an unknown reason and hope it opens back up. It's really clean with some good food options and wish they used a rice cooker so it wouldn't be dried out and didnt over cook the orange chicken. chinese food should be good, but they screw it up.

Vertrise Ray

Awesome we have a ball every time we come! We was able to hit all the major rides. A fast past is a must depending on time of year you go.


Great place for the whole family. Food was pricey, about $13 for one person, I paid for 8. Wish there was a deal for ordering that many. Hurricane Harbor was perfect for a hot afternoon.

James McDermott

Read the fine print on your membership pass. Need 45 days notice after a year to cancel. Plus they don't care if you used the pass for 30 minutes and moved away. Would not get a annual pass again.

Tim Namovicz

Great rides but they never really go that extra mile for the overall experience of the guests. They focus on what can we charge you and never give it back to the guest with an amazing theme park, instead we get extreme rides surround by extreme bland, no effort and dullness. Whole families visit your park,some older people dont like rides so how about we bring back the shows or add some attractions.$9 a pretzel i figure someone could afford something decent

B Jones

They have some great coasters, however lines were horrible. We spent the money on the VIP pass and it was so worth it. We arrived around 11AM and had rode all the rides by 5. I did feel bad for the people without the pass as it would have been impossible to ride all the rides in a day with the lines. Park was clean and all the staff we encountered were friendly.

Carl Dzoga

So much fun for the family! And definitely not just the rides. The shows and the other attractions are a great way to pass the time while waiting for the line on your favorite ride to ease up or to relax your feet for a bit. Definitely something for everyone in the family!

Susie Zanis

I had a good time at 6 flags but I feel like there's some things that need to be updated especially when it comes to the bathrooms and the over all information provided when buying a ticket. I was disappointed to find that a lot of the shops were not open when I was there and also I wish there were more rides that didn't have so many spins and flips I'll always love the raging bull but some of the new coasters they have are just too intense.

kara smith-laubenstein

We are annual Season Pass holders. My children love Great America, I love going with them. The park shows its age - it's not as bright and shiny as it used to be. They could do with some TLC to the non "money making" areas of the park (coverings around ride mechanics, broken fences, dingy decorations in park areas, entertainment, etc.). Six Flags is all about making money - nothing is free here! Even with a Season Pass and a Dining Plan someone is always spending more money and thus getting better service. It's a shame. BUT, my children love the rides, characters, shows, and experiences at Great America. I will keep coming for them.

Buffy Esslinger

We love Six Flags! This is our second year getting a season pass, totally worth it. Rides for all ages. Fright Fest is always great, so is the Holiday in the Park.

Evan Grzelak

Someone needs to supervise the Fast Pass pickup area. Waiting an hour to pick up the “fast pass” shouldn’t take more than a ride wait time. People behind counter seem like they don’t really know what they are doing. Otherwise fun park!

Tim Kirby

We had a great time once again! The park is clean, employees helpful and friendly and waits for rides tolerable. We can't wait for the fall and winter seasons!

jeremy erickson

Typical theme park complaints. Lines to long for rides and especially too long for food. I have been to theme parks all over the country and never seen lines that were this bad for food.

Florencia Lopez

It's allright. Its too many people during Halloween time to wait in the line for the rides. Scary actors is fun to watch tho. Thanks for the day. I had a great time

Ellie fork

The first time I went here I was 8 and I haven’t had a bad experience since. The park is really clean and the rides are all very fun. The park is better for thrill seekers but there are also shows and rides for kids. They also normally get a new ride every other year. The food is a bit pricey but if you live close I would recommend getting the season pass with a dining pass. The lines are a bit long mid July- early August but if you come during the week it’s normally less busy. I personally love going during the rain some of the rides are closed but the ones that are open are empty and you can ride over and over ( once my sister rode Goliath 6 times in a row) Also of you have a small child they have this thing where you can have one person wait at the exit and than once you ride the ride you switch with the person at the exit and they ride the ride. Fright fest is terrifying and the costumes and actors make it seem so real. Hurricane harbor is pretty good but If you just wanna get wet they also have 2 log rides and a pirate ride. I would really recommend getting a season pass if you going to visit the park more than 3 times. This park really is amazing and good for all ages, I would recommend this park to everyone!

Monique Lieske

Went to Six Flags for Fright Fest on 10/07 with my husband. The lines for ANYTHING were hideously long!! I would bet the park was well over it's capacity limit!! In 8 hours we were only able to go on one ride! This visit has ruined the experience of Fright Fest for me, I used to LOVE IT!! I would NEVER go to this event again!

Josh Marshall

I am a diamond elite member to the park and have liked the changes I have seen this past season. Keep up the good work.

David Kolssak

Went on a really nice fall day and apparently everyone thought it was a good idea to go too... no rides ridden. Lines were crazy. Try again next year

Olga Bello

Freight fest wasn't as spooky or well costumed as I had remembered in the past. Still fun for the rides but not all the hype it makes .they had no characters or music during the day at all. And we left at 8 still not all that!! Hope it gets better for the sake of the tradition use to be better.

Sophia Fajardo

This place is a great place to come with you're family! With kids rides for the little ones to have fun and fast fun roller coasters for the adults to enjoy and great food service! Also there is an amazing water park to enjoy in the summer! Looking forward to come back many times this summer, so you should be expecting me. I come to this amusement park every year with my family and it never let's me down! I highly reccomend this place!

Terrence Mims

Season Membership w/food pass is A GREAT Value. If you go a few times a year it's more then paid for. Sometimes we go every other week.

Will Scruggs

I went for the first time tonight and had an absolutely wonderful time. The park was very clean, the staff members were very kind, and the atmosphere was outstanding. I'll definetly be going back.

Christine Campos

Its good. Always had a great time. Park is always clean. I like that they get kids all over the world and give them jobs but when they can't speak English clear enough to take food orders it makes things difficult. They should maybe have some English training for these kids.

Jennifer Weyeneth

Great day at the park! Lines were short enough to cover all the rides (and our favorites twice or more!). Friendly staff, clean park, easy to get in and out. Loved the all day meal pass! A lot of food and activity!


Rides fun. My kids love thrill rides. Yet you have to put up with horrible customer service and terrible food. The prices are outrageous. My family tries to make a yearly trip and every time we leave we are dissatisfied. You need so much patience in lines for rides and even trying to get food or drinks refilled. Each is equally long. We made two trips this year and encountered MANY rides needing maintenance. Such a frustrating day!!!

Giordanny Alvarado

Get the monthly pass makes the experience 100 times better! Especially with the dining pass my family and I can go and not worry about eating either! I love the coaster choices and love how they add to the park!

Jay Marie

With the flash pass the lines went incredibly quick. Great rides with the anticipation . The gladiator was amazing if you can handle a BIG DROP, it feels long but in the end its amazing. The X-Flight was also an amazing ride . It was very smooth

David Zahn

Great rides. Lines are always long and time estimates from this point including times in app are way off! One said 30 min but was 90 min - another ride in the app showed 10 min but when we walked there 5 min later the sign at the entrance showed 45 min. Checked app again standing there and it was still wrong. The food had always been way overpriced! $6 for a soda, $2 for adding cheese on a burger. $30 just to park. They do what they can to get you there the upscope way too much. One time is a hard value intentionally. Better long term deal with season pass and meal deal with lower prices for food. Again, rides are awesome though.

Jaclyn Jennetten

Fun place for the family. Do the memberships not the season pass. Lines tend to be long but it's expected. Go in even numbers unless you want single riders. Get the meal pass snack lunch and dinner save you a lot of money


Great rides, decent wait, since now a days it's not over populated (in the best way possible) actually decent prices if you get high level memberships. My biggest complaint is that every single arcade is broken, as well the food isn't very good quality

William Aguiar

It is a very good option in the summer. Nice rides and staff friendly. I recommend getting the season pass if you visit at least twice per season.

Chuck G

Great America is awesome. Yes some days are super busy, but there's something for everyone. We like to just go walk around for a couple laps... if a ride time looks attractive, we'll go get in line. We have a season pass with the food pass. Living nearby, go for a walk and get something to snack on. Bugs and friends get my vote

Steve Collins

Huge underrated six flags park. Lots of coasters and good operations, although the crowds can be pretty heavy. Can be hard to grab food with all the long lines everywhere. Also keep in mind during fright fest that the haunted houses are an extra $35 charge. Still very fun just getting in all the coasters and rides.

gus garcia

Diamond Member Unite lol

Justice B

Six flags? More like baby flags. Every attraction here is a baby ride, made for small children who dont have developed brains yet. I want a REAL thrill. When you get that, give me a call. 2 outta 5.

Chris Dehning

Variety of rides is great. Staff is friendly. Food tastes good. Would definitely come back if we lived closer.

Kyle J

It's hard to hate Six Flags. This place is great. We came on a Monday in June, and it was pretty awesome. Lines weren't too long. Food was tasty. We sprung for the day food pass when we bought our tickets online. Totally worth it!! We got two meals ($13 each without a drink), a cup with unlimited refills all day ($17), and a snack for only $32 each. It took the stress out of deciding what to do about food, and it was a good deal to boot. The cup made it easier to stay well hydrated throughout the day. Money well spent on a fun day full of memories!

Stefanie Surmeier

We love going to fright fest every year and do all the haunted houses. We are diamond elite members since 2 years now. But this years Fright fest was a bit disappointing. There were only a few scares walking around. Definitely not as many as last year. We arrived at the park on Friday at 730pm and only saw like 5 clowns walking around. By 11pm there was nobody out in the park scarying people anymore.

Christina Tomlinson

Great fun. Went 5 times this year. Midweek days equal shorter lines. Avoid bring a friend free days unless you are using the offer. Fright fest is a blast. Park clean but some restrooms are disgusting.

Wol Jinju Vinson

This is a great place full of fun and shows with thrilling rides and silly characters. I loved going in a week day when there was less people so the rides were faster to get one and everything was a shorter wait even Superman which to me was super scary and fun. The outfits and merch are great and there are tons of food options with plenty of food to fed 2 with each plate.

Brooke Shogren

I love six flags, however for fright fest this weekend was absolutely insane with people on Sunday. It rained on Saturday and they closed early at 9pm. I'm sure that has something to do with it but I have never seen it so busy. If we didn't have skip the line passes, we probably wouldn't have went on any rides at all.

Lauren Coffey

My regular parks are King's Island and Cedar Point. Any Six Flags park I go to there are always issues and this park was no different. Other park guests are rude and the operations of the park needs alot of work including the efficiency of the speed of getting the coaster trains out to keep lines shorter along with fast pass and always keeping 2 cashiers in every shop. Also, the parks need better upkeep. Cedar Fair does a great job with everything they do and is why they will always remain on top.

Mark Sliozis

There was one young gentleman working Justice League tonight, I failed to catch his name. He realized my son was torn on getting on the ride which we ultimately did not. He chased us down after we left the ride platform and offered a few solutions to allow us to ride, he really went above and beyond, doing everything for customer satisfaction. I understand not everybody there is out for the A+ experience, but this guy really wanted my son to have a good time at the park, it was really a standout moment.

Jarrell Williams

Get more bang for your buck if you get the membership. Lots of perks and money saving opportunities within the park

Kristen Barba

Great fun. Only wish as a season pass holder it wasn't so expensive for haunted houses during the Fright Fest. Otherwise this is a wonderful place for family and friends.

Mz. Zee

Great place to have fun. I lost my phone and my baby's diaper bag on labor day. I put in a report on my lost items and by the end of the week they found my diaper bag with all my daughter's stuff inside. They couldn't find the phone assuming some goof picked it up and took off with it because when I kept calling my phone someone who found it turned it off but i was thrilled they found the bag cause it was expensive. Thank you six flags! Your customer service is awesome! The only small complaint I have is the bees were everywhere attacking my baby and I and think maybe something should be done about that for the safety of others especially to those who could be allergic to bee stings

Alla Atari

Great place for the family or teenagers to hang out. The rides are great, the facility is well maintained, nice staff and security. Food is ridiculously expensive but what theme park isn't. I reccomend getting the season passes its well worth the money if your planning on going more than once!!

Brandon Quintero

Great place for the family and friends to have fun. The only think I dislike was the long lines but that is expect at such a Great park! It should be noted that Great America is actually pretty clean when compared to other theme parks in America.

Brittani Pfountz

Not as clean as six flags st. Louis but it has some great coasters! It's also mostly flat walking so that part was great. Our hometown 6 flags (st.louis) is mostly hills. So this was a nice surprise!

Mike Greenstone

Obviously it’s a fun place for the rides and being outside when the weather is nice, but I just can’t stand the consumerism aspect. Everything is money money money. But if you can look past that, you might actually have a good time!

Darryl Jones

Great selection of roller coasters for both young and older kids. I like that they continue to maintain the "Whizzer" which I believe is the only spiral-lift roller coaster left in the United States. I'm also happy that they continue to maintain their classic wood-frame roller coasters for that sounds and feel that you don't experience on the newer style all-metal roller coaster tracks. We typically buy season tickets which is a good deal for anyone who plans to visit more than once per. I like that they've started staying open and decorating for the holiday/Christmas season. Many people don't know that you can get hot chocolate and s'mores in December while enjoying the holiday music and lights.

Matt Harris

Great rides but they're all too short. The park could be cleaner. It's a great discount park. Hurricane harbor is great too!


Nice place to visit. Needs more rides for those who don't like g-forces thrust upon them. Otherwise, no complaints here.

Paul Bachowski

July 4, 2019 Max Force opened where the old pictorium once stood. Amazing compressed air ride going 0-78mph in 1.7 seconds that will scare you i the first few times you hear it. Ride Max Force and Goliath and the other handful of rides that make it all worthwhile.

David Vogel

Vast improvements since last visited 4 years ago. Coke refill stations are nice addition. Dining pass is way better than the old version.

Sumeyra Celep

It would've been better if the game workers were a bit nicer. But overall, the rides are fun and safe, the foods are great and the games are really fun! Six fFlags is a good place to go out with your family and friends. So, grab your friends and go to Six Flags!

Kathy Fuentes

We always have a good experience. The park is clean, staff is friendly. You can bring in bottled water and small snacks. Or, bring lunch and go out to your car. The downside is that you have to wait in the full line again to get back in. We have a membership which pays for itself if you go twice. The perks are good, except when you have to buy a reduced ticket for your friend, and have to wait in 2 lines to get in. Go early to get on your favorite rides, or expect to wait 90 minutes after lunch.

Hunter Montgomery

Had a lot of fun but noticed something small as we were leaving that really bummed me out. My wife and I decided we should try the go karts. looked fun so, why not? and I'm in line I'm paying attention trying to see which car is faster but I notice that when a particular kart is passing a couple others they end up getting passed. we get in the karts and I'm doing well, turns out if you do well they limit your revs and slow you WAY down. I wasn't sure if that was the case. maybe it was just the car. maybe just my imagination because a little girl with her dad kept mocking me. however while pulling into the paddock I decided to try and floor it like out on the track when I had no one in front of me. I barely moved. so they definitely have the ability to slow you. Guess they have to make sure no one loses and gets their feelings hurt

Dixie Normous

Had to wait in lines in the sun with no cover, saw one girl pass out in line probably from the heat. Customer service was horrible in regards to a parking charge dispute. If your into thrill rides this is the place to go.


Love visiting this Six Flags. Love how they've made improvements with wait time on rides, but I think there is more that they can do to make it run more efficiently. If possible avoid going on weekends since that is when they are the busiest.

Stacia Mathis Greenwood

So different from the 6 flags where I live. Roller coasters were awesome!!! Superman is my favorite

Amanda Gipe

Always love this place. People are nice and the six flags crew is always at the top of their game in customer service. I recommend this place for all ages.

Mario Evans-Franco

We had a fun day with the family and friends. I highly recommend the Platinum All Season Pass with snack lunch and dinner. We brought a friends on the Free Entrance Benefit on certain dates. We saved a lot of money! Not too crowded either.

Ray's World

I'm a diamond member. It is so worth it. The rides are fast and fun. They have something for the whole family. The park employees are so helpful. Also, six flags hires people with disabilities :) Wonderful. The park is clean and the food is decent. They give you alot for the price. So if you are with friends you will be able to share. Fast check in time. The only thing that I don't like is the wait time ( but no matter where you go it's going to be like that)

Dylan Surovy

It was great as usual. Not to far walks. Always something to do. I reccomend heaters around the park though, for when it starts getting into colder seasons. Me snd my friends were cold but we survived. Also the staff is hilarious.

Veranique Pruitt

The family had a blast! Even my 3 years old son had fun. He was able to get on some rides.

Spencer Bev

Another great Six Flags park. This place has a great coaster collection. My favorite rides were Raging Bull and American Eagle. The park operations were smooth and the place looked nice. Would recommend for traveler's and roller coaster enthusiasts.

Tiffany Grace

Membership pass is a best bet. It's a really good deal. Restrooms could be better

Ken Pike

5 stars for rides, admittedly I had the platinum line cutters pack. The food situation is ludicrous. Eat a big meal before going in then just have water all day. I had a great time then enjoyed some white castle take out to close out the day. My family really enjoyed themselves. I would go back and not buy food at the park again.

Dennis Gillespie

Went on labor day weekend and had great parking and it was not too crowded. Went on five roller coasters within first two hours. Food is way too expensive. Didn't like they charge you to ride the go carts and a couple other rides. We pay to get in and ride rides, don't need to pay more to ride the rides I already paid for. Was FUN!!

Barbara Huba

It's worth the money to buy a GOLD season pass & Premium food season pass or the Diamond Elite membership. They more than make up for it on just 2 visits. Last year they started the Last Call fall festival with craft beer & Oktoberfest-type food vendors & this year is Great Am's 2nd year for Holiday in the Park lights festival, which I'm very excited for.

Neal deBuhr

The good: The rides were very fun, my wife and I loved them. Had to purchase passes to bypass lines, but that's to be expected. The bad: Worst customer service I've ever encountered. We purchased a pass for food that was supposed to give us lunch, snack, dinner and unlimited drinks. We walked in and asked where to go to activate it. They sent us to another person because they didn't know. The other person sent us to members services, who sent us to pass services, who sent us to a vendor, who sent us to the front gate, who sent us to a restaurant. Then, at the restaurant, there were 5 people in front of us, and it took 40 minutes to get to the cashier, who wouldn't recognize our food ticket and argued, telling us it didn't exist. So we had to get the manager, show him the emails and signs, which were all over the park, and then he sent us to customer service, who sent us to a place called trolley treats. We spent well over 4 hours in lines before going on rides. Customer service offered us 2 passes to skip lines as compensation for 4 hours of our time. It was a horrible experience. I'll also add the high was 68 and there was no one at the waterpark, so I could only imagine how bad it would be on an actually nice day.

marcin makowski

Close to home. Cheap season pass. Also - if tr you plan go there few times - good option is dining pass. For about $80 (per year!!!) - at every visit you have free lunch, free dinner, free snack and unlimited drinks.

Shital Chaudhary

Six flags is no doubt fun place for everyone to enjoy and love. While I enjoyed the park, I wish they'd really do something about those long lines. Instead of trying to help the lines, they should find ways to decrease it.

Sharon Campbell

It was great. Too crowded and I think parents just dropped their kids off too have time to themselves. People should be have better manners. Over all things were great. Was there 4yrs ago and was much scarier. Six Flags needs too do more house keeping inside where customers wait to go on the rides.

Kyle Harris

They won’t honor some diamond elite membership benefits. Even though the benefits are indicated on their websites. Their excuse was those benefits were for the last year. They haven’t taken them off from their website. Buy a basic membership! Don’t waste money buy the others. Since they have nothing different.

Mario Garcia

Always has good rides. Even though the lines are long, it's fun talking with everyone seeing where they are from. I'll return.

HDM Reviews

This place rocks!!! I’ve been going here for years and have never had a bad time. All the coasters are so much fun. I recommend going on a Monday, the lines for me and my group were slim to none, get there early too, so you don’t have to deal with too many crowds. The longest we waited in line was for Joker, where the ride was stopped due to a lady losing her flip flops on the ride, and Dark Knight stopping due to a power outage, other than that, we got on everything we wanted to in the day we were there, and even did the water park, which was cool, but super crowded! All in all would recommend, go on a weekday and on a hot day, it won’t be crowded and you’ll get your moneys worth!

Sherri Mohrman

Was a great time! Spent money on the dining plan for the day and will never do it again. There doesn't seem to be enough time to ensure you get both meals and snack during the times they allow especially when you have to wait an hour in the food line each time. We literally stood in line for food or refills for 3.5 hours during our day. They really need to hire more food staff. I'd definantly go again but I'll pass on the food.

Cynthia Nations

A great fun place to go rather you have a family or it's just you. Easily spend the whole day there having fun. There's something for everyone here. The food was excellent and served in a timely manner. Employees are always happy to help you.

Liz Compton

Always a fun time at six flags but fright fest was pretty disappointing this year. Not enough scarers and the ones that were there weren't doing a good job at surprising and really scaring people. Hope it's better next year

Susana Rodriguez

Okay to began with I LOVE this place, however I do not think it is fair that I have to wait in line almost an 1 and half and once I’m at the cashier they do not want to accept my lunch pass because lunch time had ended. I would really reconsider hiring more staff for the kitchen or have the current staff more faster for a better experience!!

Eric Grochowski

Six flags great America is a great place to visit for the day! They have a great selection of rides for young and old, and the staff are very nice. The rollercoasters are amazing and it's just an overall great place to be. The only thing you have to remember is that you will be spending a decent amount of money for parking, entry, and food.

Susan Medina

I come every year with my kids. We all have a blast. This is my favorite summer outing. They have the best coasters here! Prices are high but manageable with a season pass. I always pack a lunch to eat in the car so I only have to purchase one meal in the park. There are tons of drink refill stations to refill water bottles or purchase a refillable cup for free soda beverages. The food options have definitely improved in the last few years. They are bringing in more healthy and less fried options. There are plenty of restaurants and shops that offer air conditioning or a place to duck out of the rain. I witnessed the process of adding an additional train to one of the coasters. They are very thorough and safety conscience. I have never felt unsafe on any of their coasters. The park is very clean and employees are always pleasant. I have never had a bad experience in this park.

Wesley Kempton

We had a fun time at fright fest. We went on a Sunday and only got to enjoy 4 rides. Most of the roller coasters were 120min wait times with minimal entertainment while in line. A sign in the park said it was voted cleanest theme park but there is garbage littered throughout the park especially amongst bushes and behind fenced areas. The best part about our visit was the musical that was performed and I highly recommend seeing that if you visit. Overall, wouldn’t return unless they can fix their wait times. I considered it overpriced for the lack luster experience.

T Bal

Lots of fun if you are a season pass holder. We are so parking is included and we spent the 1st half of the day at the water park and the second on rides. We went on a Thursday so the lines were not long and everyone was able to enjoy their favorite rodes. We have gold cups, so refills all day which makes it worth it to have them. They are approximately 20 each and for a large family like ours works. We bought 6 cups. We ate at a restaurant in the Southwest territory and had the nachos and pulled pork so everyone had some. They cost around 16 dollars each. The handicapped stalls are not really big enough for a wheelchair and their supplies and hard to transfer to. They had some type of pink box in front of the disabled sink and dryer, so we had to make do. She could not do this alone so be prepared to help. Six flags could do a little better for the disabled but they try. They have a chair to lower your person down into the pool and while it works slowly it works good. They staff was extremely helpful and kind. All in all my girl had a great time at the pool and enjoys it very much. We didnt go in the wave pool but it looks like a lot of fun.

makethebestofit 1111

Overall had somewhat a decent experience with the family but the prices are way too high, at least let the patrons bring in a bottle of water if you have to walk that far to a water faucet in that kind of heat. not everyone has $20 to pay for a bottle of water. Not to mention you can't drink the water because there's always a boil order in effect.

Mel Z

If you research beforehand and decide in advance what you want to spend money on, it's a fantastic park. An employee in the sports bar and grill made our experience great, I wish I had a link on the receipt to give him a review in particular!

Bridgette Bunch

My family loves Six Flags. The employees are always as helpful as they can be, the food selections are wonderful, the rides are amazing, and the park has always been pretty clean. We also love the shows! I'm so glad we decided to be Six Flag Great America membership pass holders! Worth every penny!


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