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Where is Shawnee National Forest?

REVIEWS OF Shawnee National Forest IN Illinois

sandy pierce

What a beautiful day Sunday was. Rebecca and I took our dogs to Giant City. We walked and played in the ditch. Enjoyed the blessing from God of His creation.

Jaycie Drue

Absolutely beautiful! I've come here my whole life. One thing If you go... IF YOU BROUGHT IT IN; YOU PACK IT OUT! RESPECT OUR FORESTS, PLEASE! ❤✌

Vanessa Grimes

So many great spots here. And so much amazing history. We will absolutely be back again to rediscover new places here. Stunning.

Echo Preston

I traveled all over the country and Hike thousands of miles in National and state parks. And no matter where I go I always look forward to my opportunities to come back to Shawnee National an explorer

Anthony Knowles

The manager was on his job and he changed the clean the coffee creamer quicker then but I have seen

Bill Norris

We were in the area taking in the sites and doing some geocaching. You would certainly be doing a disservice to yourself if you didn't stop here and experience it. I came across an advertisement for The best Waterfalls and Wineries in Illinois, the pictures appeared appealing so we loaded up and made the 6 hour ride south to experience Jackson Falls. Cool place, I was intrigued by the area moreover by the rock climbers. The area is majestic just to taken in all there is to offer.

Kenneth Ryen

72nd hmmHello this is Rick Schilly. We have hall cleaning this week. Sam would like us to do it 5 Friday. Hope you can make it! By the way it is Sam / Dawne 32nd wedding anniversary tomorrow. I told him to take his wife out and celebrate. We can take care of

Bryan Williams

An Awesome place to take a Boy Scout troop

Jacob Wheeler

Beautiful and different from mother's cave in rock, state park is not very big. You can walk around entire park in an hour and a half but you want to take your time there's so much to see wait till the river is at summer pool stage or cave will be flooded.

Jennifer Gulley

Beautiful and unspoiled natural wilderness area. The kind that is hard to find anymore. The people are warm and welcoming. Southern hospitality cant be beat.

Tuck Williams

Unique topography and natural beauty

Wilson Lenidrik

That the nice place to se

Darcy Rosebeck

Love bringing the horses here! Great trails riding and great people! The forest is amazing!

Matt Johnson

Absolutely beautiful place to visit and walk around.

Ty Zach

Camping, playground, pavilions, walking, hiking, equestrian and more. It's a great place. Mostly unmanned except maintenance.

A Kiss

Beautiful place! Very peaceful.

Keith French

I travel here often as I host photography workshops here. The fall is the best, however if you come to see the waterfalls then early spring is your best bet.

Ricci Jones

Sooooo pretty here. Spent 2 weeks at Jackson Falls and it was incredible. A lot of bugs and some rain but to be expected this time of year!

e green

Nice landscape I feel at one with nature

Ed Kuyrkendall

Go there the most beautiful places everyone it's just so lovely with the sun shining down on it

travis&joleesa mayberry

Love the sounds of all the birds!! Perfect date place for active couples. Lots of areas have picnic tables.

Todd Ricketts

Was just passing through this trip but in my younger years road trail for 20 years through the forest was some of the most beautiful scenery ever

Wendy W

This place was so fun. I can't wait to visit again!

Randy Hise

You can spend months exploring. Rim Rock is one of my favorite hikes.

Steven Simpson

Free it's beautiful clean nice place to go with the family if you like to hike

Adam Caulk

Went to Larue Pine Hills in Oct hoping to see snakes moving into the bluff, but the constant downpour may have deterred them from moving. Did see a few tree frogs, persimmons and more pawpaws than you could shake a stick at.

Todd Bayne

One the nicest spread out national forests I have seen. Place is huge acreage wise.

Justin Moss

So, the Garden of the Gods isn't like Colorado Springs and the Illinois Ozarks aren't like NW Arkansas/SW Missouri. With that said, the DOI has done a great job with this historical place and made it accessable to the public from many avenues of approach. If you are in the area it's worth a stop by to see the natural wonders and beauty abundant to the area. It's a large, hilly, wooded area surrounded by Illinois farm country in a hard working farming community.

Jenny Temple

The rocks were interesting, but the rest of the hiking was so so. The trails were a bit dull, not much wildlife or any kind of water (creeks, lakes, ponds, etc) to enjoy. If you love rock formations, it is a great place, but if you are more interested in will probably be disappointed. Also LOOK OUT for ticks! We pulled about 6-8 off of us in the short time we were there.

Lisa Riley

Beautiful place to hike and just be in nature.

Most Time

Gives the heart gladness, takes the mind to peace, offers the heart rest...the natural treasure I have known the longest, friends since childhood. Always here, the first sign of home, a place to hide, play and become my best.

Susan Cranford

I love Shawnee Forest my late husband and I used to hike these trails all the time. I do not know where the waterfall is I have never found it.

Kevin Rust

Just lovely rural experience close to the STL metro area. Highly recommend!

Jon Walter

I loved the campground and playgrounds. Lots of space with well manicured grass. 4 stars because of the old dilapidated well structure that is an eyesore along with the rust water that surrounds it. Also check out the giant stone along the creek with all the initials and names carved into it.

Pedro Garcia

Quick friendly service food was nice and hot

Jordan Loman

Amazing trails and beautiful forest. Great place to bring the family including dogs. Our dogs have a blast and our daughter loves to run the trails

Tariq Shihadah

Beautiful forest with seemingly endless bounds. It's green, deep, loud and lively with wildlife, and very well maintained. The trails are clean and secure, and the area has pretty good roads and are accessible. Would certainly recommend it to folks who are looking for hiking or exploring opportunities, though it is a bit more than beginner-level, so bring some good shoes, a water bottle, and a hat!

Ernest Butler

good hunting and fishing beautiful senrea

Jon Zapp

This entire area is beautiful. Picturesque forest lined roadways dotted with lots of great pit stops and quaint little towns. The Shawnee wine trail is also embedded in the area. Great for a day trip or a full on vacation.

Laci Rees

So much fun and a major change of scenery from Central Illinois!

Billy McFarland

Visit Bald Knob Cross with oldest daughter and husband. Had a very awesome day.

Jeff Winters

So pretty. Be care of the poison ivy in the summer. You don't have worry about it so much in the winter.

Toni Morris

Trail was beautiful, though upper section of the long loop is grown over.

Michelle Haddock

Cave in Rock state park. Under utilized park with electric hookups. Nice view of a simple cave. No fee to visit. Neat ferry ride to cross river when comming Kentucky, hway 91.

Mark VanPatton

Really enjoyed our time there. Pleasant hiking and beautiful scenery. Highly recommended to those looking for a nice and easy walk/hike. Incredible when the leaves are changing in the early fall. We will definitely go back!! Recommended!


Garden of the Gods is breath takingly beautiful..if you explore the paths off the main course beware of ticks..before you venture out make sure you spray down with repellent.. I highly recommend wearing a hat and socks with tennis shoes or hiking boots..however, don't allow natures pesky pests stop you from experiencing this lil heaven on earth

Kent Hall

I liked the scenic portions of the trails for overnight hiking, but it could use better trail markers and certain sections were torn up by horses.

anthony esker

When we stayed by cave in rock there are No mosquitoes. it makes a night by the fire really enjoyable. the scenery is incredible and the pace is great.

Dixie Foster

Beautiful and great place for rockhounders

Lee Sykes

One of the best trail riding destinations in country.

Nathanael Burnett

Some beautiful nature scenes. I've mostly been there on horse back. INDIAN KITCHEN is a must see!

Sue Alloway

What can I say. Area is just BREATHTAKING !!!


Great place to go get your bike blessed and see the sights beautiful countryside go visit it

Keith Braswell

Such a beautiful and amazing place to visit

Missy Sinks

Great place! Down at Little Grassy area today! Camp Manitowa Cedar Point

Jim Keller

I was recently here with my favorite person near sunset. Inspiring beauty is all i can say.

Scott Shasteen

Found a friendly little copper head today.

Gene Dodd

A beautiful place to visit. One of southern Illinois best attractions.

Robert McCain

I have lived near the Shawnee forest for 68 years and I have a wonderful experience ever time I see it and visit it. It is truly is a gift from God. Five stars plus............... Is not enough.

Lacy Mclendon

The Shawnee National Forest in pretty sure we call this Rock Springs my favorite Blues ever in the whole wide world

Griffin Rieger

I visited the Little Grand Canyon trail, and had a great time. The trail has a relative easy section to the main overlook. After that, you can turn back, or continue to the canyon. This was my favorite part, as most of it has no designated path. It is difficult terrain, but if you are willing to climb a little, it's a great time.

Raistlin Orr

Beautiful place to see if you're a nature lover.

Kevin LaShure

Hiking here was great! The park is well kept up and maintained. Highly recommend visiting here if you are in the area.

Bob Mcmanus

Beautiful terrain, many awesome trails to hike

Karen Orr

Water Fall is Beautiful ❤️ very Scenic Area .

Jennifet Pierce

I love Shawnee National Forrest. The hiking among Creek beds and cliff overhangs makes for a beautiful hike.

Patrick Grubbs

Massive amounts of history and exploring have fun and enjoy

Roger Lawrence

Amazing place visit often. It's good for your soul

Jaimee Saville

If you get a chance to visit this place you definitely need to. It is one of the most beautiful places I have come across in the State of Illinois! Garden of the gods is absolutely breathtaking.

Jodi Sunday

Great horse trails with beautiful scenery!

Karen Dunn

There's no place better to get back to nature. Magnificent rock bluffs and lots of Hocking trails for all skill levels. Beautiful photo ops!

Nik Goldberg

Who knew, Illinois is more than flat farm land (corn fields) -- we have beautiful trees and forests with trails and waterfalls!

Gabby Clark

It's very pretty and the night sky is amazing to watch

Judy Rhine

Covers most of southern Illinois. Affords scenic drives through deep woods, hunting and a great place to see wildlife.

elizabeth moore

It's beautiful, the air is clean. Great place to take the family for a fun day that doesn't cost anything. There are all manner of attractions, from waterfalls to wildlife. There is hiking for everyone, labeled with how far the trail is, and marked according to difficulty level (is it steep, or Rocky terrain, dangerous areas). Some areas have picnic tables and playground equipment. Visit the Shawnee National Forest! It's good for your physical and mental health

Danielle Owen

Unbelievably gorgeous! Well marked trails, very well maintained. Can't wait to go back!

Kay Lesley

The park, lodge, and views incredible

Cummins Real power

Just drove interstate passed the exit. I liked what I gotta see.

Kristal Dean

Shawnee National Forest has so much to offer, that is family friendly, clean, and maintained! Enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, wildlife observing, family picnics, playground, a restuarant and so much more!

Zavar Abidi

Awesome place to go hiking, climbing or rock climbing. One of the hidden gems of the Midwest. Plus free camping and parking!

D Hoover

Beautiful nice drive thru the forest.

Paul Huntington

This place is magnificent! Beautiful and so much to do! From trails to swimming to camping it's a must see!

Little Egypt Adventures

If you like nature walks hiking and beautiful views I highly recommend you check this out.

Austin Beasley

Great place to get away with family or even by yourself. Plenty of scenery and places to hang. Pic nics or birthdays alike this was a fun experience. Highly recommend for anyone

Steve Albert

The Shawnee National Forest is a magical place. It is gentle and intimate if you don't mind the ticks and snakes. 15,000 years ago, the glaciers stopped just North of here, leaving a natural beauty. If you stop for a moment you can hear the forest singing of its history and beauty.

Stephen Baker

If you are looking for a great family getaway and want to get back to nature this is the place. With so many options and different types of environments to visit the Shawnee National Forest is a great way for families to have some great outdoor fun.

Douglas Clearwater Henson

The Shawnee National Forest is makes Illinois an actual state worth visiting. The Rainbow Family Gatherings happen every Oct 1st through 14th. There is the river to river horse ride. Garden of the Gods. Little Grand Canyon. And many other beautiful hiking and camping spots. Not to mention some great fishing holes!

James Diercks

Really enjoyed our stay. Would be 5 stars except no soap in restrooms, hand dryers don't work and toilet stalls won't close correctly, if at all.

Paul F.

Historic and beautiful as well as majestic! Don't be fooled by the beauty; Steep cliffs, poisonous snakes are but a few of the dangers.

Rachel V

I highly recommend a visit to Shawnee! We stayed around the Pope County area. Garden of the God's and Cave In Rock are 2 must see spots. This is such a great family place to unplug and see some amazing views. Lots of lodging options in a variety of price ranges. Tons of stops including trails of varying difficulty.

Scott Smith

Truly a great place for exploring with splendid nature.

Megan Fox

It's a National forest, one, so what's not to love. Two, there are so many hidden gems and so much history down here it's amazing. I felt I had seen all the beauty the Midwest had to offer but after moving here I realized how small I am in the grand scheme of things. If you enjoy waterfalls, creeks, amazing rock formations, and exploring nature then you need to treat yourself to a weekend here!

Angie Moland

Beautiful place . Someone did a great job for out veterans. My Dad, brother, sister, aunt, cousins, and uncles all Havre served and some still are.

Shannon Fr

Beautiful hilly wooded IL of yore. Before we stripped this state down to flat corn land, this is what it used to be.

Jessica Lister

I ran a 50K portion of the Monarch Ultra through Shawnee on the Tunnel Hill Trail. Awesome experience!

Verner Earls

Beautiful, the southern tip of Illinois - River to River and filled with State Parks, Cabins and Wineries. Prettiest part of the whole State!

Stephanie Frederick

Love this area of Illinois. We've gone in all kinds of weather and can always find things to do and have fun. If you have never been or it's been a while since you were there, you need to go! It's worth the trip!

Bella Bambina

The most beautiful place in Illinois. Must see quint town of Alto Pass go to bluffs, just outside of town, you can view Missouri Illinois n Kentucky with the beautiful view of Bald Knob Cross. If they still have Easter Sunrise services at the cross it should be on your bucket list even if you aren't very religious.


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