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REVIEWS OF Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum IN Illinois

Cindy Leeth

Wonderful learning experience for all ages. We got to see the release of the new butterflies. It was amazing.

Aliens R Real

Fun place if you visit the butterfly garden very tropical inside the garden nice outdoor spaces too

Jordan Walker

This museum is always fun to visit. There are plenty of fun activities for kids and things to just look at. My favorite is always the butterfly room. There are so many beautiful butterflies, as well as a few birds. Occasionally the butterflies even land on you, which is pretty cool. Military gets in for free which is nice for those who serve this country and their families.

Aleks Jimenez

Love walking through the garden.

Dan Logan

A great experience for the whole family

Gomez Gonzalez Gomez

Great place for kids there's so much you can learn.

Ashlie Bee

This is a really cool place to learn more about the animals and nature around you the coolest part were the butterflies but I was disappointed when i overheard someone say that they have to get new butterflies every single day because they die very quickly in the room they are in and I did see a ton of dead butterflies and I saw one with part of its wing dangling off. Then we visited the bird area and that was not what I thought it was going to be at all I belive it was going to be similar to the butterflies room but it wasn't it was just a deck outside that you have to hope there are birds around.

Gregory Levi

Nice museum for kids, I want to take my great-nephew there.


Fun museum. I took my kindergarten class ton a field trip here. There is a lot for little ones to interact with and some exhibits for older children too. I recommend it for families visiting Chicago with children up to age 8. If you have older children, I would check out a different museum.

James Slinkard

Great place to check out, kids will love it

General Grievous

Lots of reptiles. And by reptiles I mean these wicked, giant dinosaurs that I was almost certain were going to eat me. Dinosaurs as in "sars", not "sores". People who say sores must be the mentally stable people of this world.

Erin Zamojski

This museum is great, if you're an adult is worth the visit just for the butterflies. If you've got kids it's fantastic fun for them to experience nature at their level.

Andre Crowley

I liked the butterfly exhibit and the outside walking trail..

Kathy Carr

I envisioned it to be a bigger place but it was an okay adventure for a family outing.

Beliz Senyuz-Saybasili

This is a nice place for kids, they offer winter break and summer break camps, and they allow kids to interact with animals. However, I don't feel like that's the best environment for animals. Snakes in tiny spaces with plastic plants, cockroaches left to eat mold and die...

Riccardo Poloni

Great museum about nature and wildlife of North America. There is a special part for kids with miniaturized rivers and lakes to explain how the water is managed. There are many freshwater animals from North America and interactive toys. At the second floor there's a big greenhouse with butterflies from the tropics flying around. At the third floor a point to observe birds. There's a ticket to pay!

S Desmier

This place could be so amazing if it was refurbished and modernized. Half of the exhibits are non functioning, very dated and worn out. But if you want to time travel to the early to mid 1990's, it's the place to go!


Loved the butterfly exhibit. Only downfall no parking lot,street parking.

Hira Danish

Perfect for a summery day with 3 and 5 year old.

Ken Stahl

Always love visiting here. The butterfly conservatory is nice. The museum is fun for kids and adults alike!

Emanuel Leon

I visited that museum because in it enjoy many natural things.

Dyfed Richards

Tired. Needs some love. Great content and super idea. Way too many school kids running riot... where are the parents, teachers or staff? Super insightful content to the midwest flora and wildlife.

Christiane Cast

Absolutely wonderful place to explore and learn and escape the cold during the winter! Absolutely beautiful during the foliage of the summer for a walk around the building after a tour inside!

Carolyn Riley

My family and I were here as a treat for my grandson. It was smaller than I thought but I would definitely recommend it. The exhibits were interesting and my grandson couldn't stop running around from one to the other. The best part of our visit was the butterfly garden.. truly a must see.

Megan Virginie Stephenson

A very nice and informative museum. Great for kids. Affordable price and right next to lincoln Park

Alex Dannenbring

Had a great time there during the recent volunteer fair. Lots to see and do for kids and adults.


The Nature Museum is located in picturesque Lincoln Park. Make a day of it - do the Conservatory, Zoo, & Nature Museum with or without kids. The Nature Museum has rotating exhibits as well as permanent collections that get you closer to the native flora & fauna of the area - inside the museum & out. The best part, though, is the butterfly haven. Go sit among the butterflies, birds, & blooms. That's worth the (low!) price of admission alone.

Stefanus Handoko

this is really a good place to learn about nature, all students from Pre K up to High School should spend more to study about botany .....better to plant also herbal plants

Marilyn Zatz

This is a fabulous place for young and & old. Be sure to bring a camera. The butterflies will thrill you as if your still will land on on you most anywhere, & the variety is amazing.

jason robles

It was really nice but kind of small for the Illinois resident price

Jesse Resendez

Very nice and relaxing. This place is not for everyone but if your into this sort of thing it's worth the trip.

Saeed Valizadeh

Nothing very special. To be fair, the butterfly garden is fun. I think this place is ideal for children.

Michael Vu

The Nature Museum is a small family-friendly gallery with interacting exhibits. The exhibits were not as engaging as I envisioned, and some were not functional. However, I would say the highlight of the museum is their butterfly house which contains so many exotic species of butterflies and birds.

Taylor Taylor

Great service! With a smile and smoke.

Viviene Banks

This is a hidden gem in the middle of the park. It was great to come across and enter this museum. It’s small but there is so much to see. It’s a great place to learn about nature. They had a wide variety of activities. I loved the Butterfly Haven. It was very peaceful to sit in there and relax while observing the different types of butterflies.

Jane Members

I'm not too fond of butterflies but this place is gorgeous. Seeing different butterflies fly around you. I wanted the blue butterfly to land on me so I can take a pic of it. As soon as I was leaving, As I was tooking a pic, it flew past and I got a pic of it. When I find the pic, I will definitely post it. It was an amazing experience! Everyone needs to visit this place at least once. Across the street is Lincoln Park Zoo and a walk tra

Zachary Owens

Wonderful for my kids (4 and 2)! Slice of nature in the heart of Chicago.

Raquel Jefferson

My kids had an amazing time! All about Nature! The butterfly room was the best part! Water tables, interactive exhibits and tree house jungle gyms for kids!

Lenz Joseph

Thurs. free day but every day 2 p.m. they let out approx. 40 butterflies from around the world into Haven it's awesome place 1 p.m. they feed reptiles Etc

the NOC Girls Jones

Every time my family (ages 1-11yrs) and I visit, they enjoy it as if it's their first time! I really like the hands on exhibits that they have and being able to see the insects and animals up close. And not forgetting the cost is really good compared to the amount of things to see! Definitely recommended a visit or 3!

Christine McWilliams

Had a great time with 3 kiddos exploring the museum. I like that there were employees around for question and we loved all the different hands on activities

Pat Hays

Small low key place, great for small children though butterfly exhibit for all ages


Just had a wonderful time today with my 9 yr old! Helpful staff and great place for kids to spend a rainy or snowy day at.

Flea J

This is one of my favorite museums and under rated. There is so much to learn here and the little ones love it. They have the butterfly haven. And you can see them be released. If you go on Thursdays it's a free day for IL residents.

Lily Berry

My son absolutely loved it here!! Great educational and fun place for children of all ages.

becca itkowitz

We had a wonderful time meeting turtles and finding out about IL wildlife! Pack a snack but if you forget there are healthy options in the gift shop! A vending machine with salads, fruits, pasta and quinoa bowls were available as well as clean snack bars and drinks. The kids and I spend hours u til we we're just too tires to look anymore. They loved the interactive bird dance area. We had some good laughs there.

Jasmin Sanchez

Cheap and fun for the whole family. Perfect place to learn and appreciate our planet

Magical Potato

It's a very nice museum eith many activites for kids. From animals to golf this place is filled with many interactive areas and several activities. You can be with butterflies, play in a house, view many animals, play with water (etc) all while learning! Thanks Kanye, very cool!

Carolyn King

Always a great time! My daughter loves it. Great activities and exhibits!

Erik Maassen

Just the right size for half day trips plus you have the Zoo and Conservatory close by. You can usually park on Cannon Drive and walk in but not always. Love the butterfly garden and good exhibits for the little ones. More focused for kids then adults, also a great place to escape the winter blahs. Only wish they had a little cafe for sandwiches, salad, snacks and soup. A true gem of a place.

Milli Bradford

The kids love this... Interactive and educational!


It will be a very interesting place for children. Especially butterfly'room was very beautiful.

Nancy Caswell

Wonderful educational experience for families with young children. There's programs for adults too.

Ruthie Crossen

The butterflies are so cool!

S. Samusen

a must stop place really nice to take a look at nature here

Adam Sarwar

I love this place, it’s so beautiful!

Nabeel Zeeshan

We purchased their yearly membership last year, and it has been a great decision. Peggy is full of fun things, whether you're into nature, bugs, frogs, animals or water. It has something for everyone. Their butterfly haven is awesome to take your kid and hang out. It's not like butterflies are going to come and sit on you, but you can definitely get up close and personal with the ones that are nibbling on fruits. Everyday 2pm (at least in the summer), they release new butterflies into the haven, so it's fun to watch. We purchased their yearly membership and go there almost twice a month, every other weekend, either when the weather is too hot or too cold, it's a super convenient indoor place where you kid can have fun, explore, and learn. Every first weekend of the month, they have "Critter Connection" where they bring out snakes, turtles, salamanders and you can be hands-on with them i.e. touch and hold them. Staff is super friendly. We love hanging out here.

Malachi Jones

I went and was greeted horribly. Couldn't even grasp what was happening until someone helped.

Tyson Thompson

If you are interested in a quiet place to see amazing place to learn about nature, this is the place.....I'm impressed

Tracey Cherrett

Great place to take your kids... They can run and learn

Victor Batie

All of this right in the Chi city limits. This is another oart of Lincoln Park that you must check out.


My daughter loved the Dora and Diego play exhibit, as well as, the butterfly release. I loved it too. I'm looking forward to returning when it's warm out again to enjoy the outdoor gardens.

Charmin Edwards

Amazing place! Magnificent displays and they carry Rocyalox in their gift shop and perfect gift for girls hair. They have a ladybug, butterfly and a bumble bee!!

Pankaj Sharma

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is a nature museum located in Chicago. Its was great fun and learning

robert frampton

Great learning opportunity for children of all ages.

Julian Brodsky

This is an often overlooked Chicago museum, possibly because of it's location. It's definitely worth checking out. Where else can you walk through a beautiful butterfly haven in Chicago? Unforgettable!

john davis

Great for you and old children

Diana Ruiz

Beautiful place.

Sunil Sangle

A perfect place to taki kids in winter months. Lot of indoor activities.

Natalia Rasavong

Good museum to spend few hours with the kids. Lots of interactive exhibits and information to learn. Kids really enjoyed their time here.

Shirley Taylor

Wonderful place to take kids.

Chad O'Farrell

Great spot to bring the family! Wasn't too busy compared to the other museums/destinations in Chicago.

Natlie Richmond

Awesome! Really kid friendly..

Sachin Agarwal

Good for kids and adults. Fun few hours. Loved the giant Atlas Moth butterfly.

Graciela Diaz

It was a good experience my grandson and his friends had a lot of fun. They learn about turtles, beetles and other animals.

Imelda Perez

I definitely recommend this place it's a beautiful place to have a wonderful day with family and friends

Lenka Donovalová

Was so much fun. Kids loved it. They didn't want to leave.

Dahlia English

Love the butterfly house. Museum was geared more towards kids than I expected. Would like to see a few more adult exhibits, but enjoyed the time there. Will try again in the future. Believe it's a good teaching till for kids as well.

Miroslaw M. Wodzynski

I love to go and sit in the butterfly room. It is very relaxing for me.

Erinn Groeltz

We love the nature museum. Lots of hands on experiences for the kids. The butterfly release is always exciting. The rotating exhibits mix things up a bit. Staff is kind and informative.

Selina Ducksworth

Awesome place for kids and adults. Hard to find parking but what can you say, its down town. Also butterfly room needs better supervision, people where stepping into the habitats and picking up the butterflies by their wings when there is clearly a video and signs that say Do Not Touch/Do Not Pick Up By Wings. The staff on site was on her phone the whole time not realizing what was happening. This is why you'll see some b-flies with broken and damaged wings :( otherwise good place for the family.

Delilah Santiago

I came here on a school field trip on 1/18/19. I must say it was better than I thought. The staff was very friendly. However the only thing I didn't like was that when me and my group of kids that I was chaperoning were in the play area in the lower level (basement) the security guard said schools weren't allowed in this area. I feel like this should have been mentioned ahead of time and if your a facility catered solely to children then nothing should be off limits. This is why I gave 4 stars, if not I would have gave 5.

Sol Kim

It's a great museum for families with young children, with fantastic butterfly haven and a large reptile/amphibian collection. Their food options could be better considering it caters mainly to such families. There's no restaurant and barely a vending machine.

Taijon Steward

Mostly kid targeted museum but still interesting and fun enough for a post or pre-date outing in Lincoln Park

Jaime V

Small but very well kept natural history museum. I really enjoyed the Bird of Paradise exhibition!

JoMarie Burns

It was awesome. As A Chicagoan, I'm ashamed that I'd never been there. I was there as a chaperone for a summer camp. The personally guide tour of the different habitats was interactive. The guide engaged the kids in discussion, they were able to sketch their findings like real scientists. The indoor part was colorful and inviting. Definitely a must see for all ages!

Samuel Waggoner

We went to see the Thomas D Mangelsen wildlife photography exhibit and it did not disappoint! The photographs are amazing and are beautifully displayed. There is also a static display of prairie wildlife which is very well done. The museum caters to children and looks like it does a great job of it - very hands on, staff running the meet the animal exhibits were very patient and friendly. We were three adults and some were of the larger kids groups were a little overwhelming at times but the photography exhibit was (mostly) a quiet haven and should not be missed.

Jossalin H

Couldn't find anything wrong with this place other than the dead butterflies in the butterfly room. Other than that the trip is worth it. It is definitely somewhere you want to take your child/children to explore while educating them :)

Beverley Holeman

What a wonderful place to bring the kids. A lot of hands on exploring for kids and adults. Kids can dress up as frogs, beavers and bugs. Staff very friendly as they answered questions about turtles.

dan i

Butterfly exhibit well worth the money...everything else is for the kids. Will definitely visit again for the butterflies.

Tim Cox

Okay to start off they need better security We came here two years ago visiting and touring around the area and because there's no security cameras around the premises over $1,000 worth of items ranging from stuffed animals two laptops and phones although the museum is fun and an awesome experience we probably wouldn't be coming back

Scott Allen

Lots of family fun

Mike Walker

A nice quiet museum with a lot of interesting things to see. If you're interested in nature this is a great place to learn about what Chicago was like before all the humans showed up. Some of the exhibits talk about the animals of the area, some about the land and lake. And no visit would be complete without a trip through the butterfly garden. And there's a whole lot that we didn't get to see. Worth way more than the admission price. Great for all ages!

Brittany Crabtree

Great place for learning, quality family fun

Ember U

Great place for kids and families. The 7 and under play area and story time are fun, and the butterfly room cannot be missed! Beware of the water table room in case your kids get soaked!

Zina Ibrahim

Such a calming , educational, and beautiful place to spend few hours at while kids and play and learn at the same time , parking is free ! Admission is responsible , location is wonderful by lake Michigan . Handicap accessible through the entire place . Staff are super friendly . Definitely will go again

Jim Thorson

The best part was the butterfly garden. I could spend hours in there. There was a fun play area for little kids. Your children will enjoy the museum more if they can read.

Maria Marin

Beautiful place I went with my daughter in her field trip definitely going back again

Kirk B

Great experience, every time we go. Good place to eat, plenty of fish and turtles to observe, a play area, and great learning exhibits. And it's not too expensive!

Michelle Mickey V.

Very educational Be prepared to walk

Amit Goel

It's good for 3-4 yrs old kiddoo

Vivek Rana

Wonderful butterfly collections. Kids play areas - water and land play areas that also serve as learning opportunities. Great staff! Good indoor activity.

Monica Newton

Lovely little Oasis in Lincoln Park, especially the butterfly sanctuary.

Judy Dunscomb

Really great science/ natural history museum with exhibits that engaged my 9 and 11 year old boys and my husband and me as well. The butterfly garden included some stunning specimens and everyone enjoyed trying to figure out who was who using the id cards the offer. Great for a day when outdoors isn't a good option and a really big museum is too much.

Joe Daviduke

my daughter had a blast with the butterfly exhibition. she was even able to learn to cast a fishing line in the lagoon behind the place from one of the instructors. would recommend to everyone

Paul Angileri

This is a great museum that is geared toward kids, but that parents can appreciate too. They have manicured gardens to watch the warm weather insects go about their business, a pond with piers to observe marine life, a butterfly and moth room, and more. My daughter was very interested in the taxidermy the on-site scientists were doing, and how willing and ready they were to answer questions. Great lakefront location too!

Sarah Ladino

Magical butterfly room!

Riell Anania

Beautiful place! New butterflies are released at 2pm. Didn't get to see as much of it as I wanted due to time, but I'd definitely come back. Prices are pretty good too.

Misael Torres

Great place for kids to learn about germs, reptiles & a few animals.

Emilly 5

Beautiful location and extremely fair prices

Erica Bear

Fun place to learn and explore for all ages! Nestled in a beautiful green space, this museum offers a variety of enriching experiences, from art galleries, to interactive life-sized exhibits. I very much enjoyed the

John Kempner

Awesome garden with ever changing floral beauty. The best part is that there is no entry fees and you can come back often to keep track of seasonal changes.

Serene Meal

Love love it here!

John Sweetwood

The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is ideal for children 4 - 10 with many varied interactive exhibits as well as a small collection of live animals (frogs, turtles, snakes, etc and of course the famous butterfly room). It is reasonably priced compared to the other larger, Chicago museums and is just across the street from the Lincoln Park Zoo and a short walk to the lakefront so it can easily be part of a full day in the Lincoln Park area. There are tables to eat if you bring along food and some snacks and light food is available for purchase from a vending area.

Celeste Jackson

Best butterfly room ever

Mila B

really interesting natural museum. good for families

Girl Scout GCNWI Troop #25891

Always a great place for preschool-elementary school kids. Especially on rainy days. Butterfly room is awesome!

Rama Thoopal

A smashing place to get kids acquainted with all creatures great and small...well, mostly small. The river play area is a hot favourite as kids manage locks and dams. The butterfly garden both in and outside the museum is spectacular. I loved the Eating Right exhibit and the Green Home too. Has a sweet toddler play area as well.

Nalinibhavani Emani

The butterfly garden is heaven , it’s so beautiful and they released new butterflies every day afternoon 2 pm. Thursday is free for Illinois residents ,kids loves this place

Lili Josh

I love this museum!

Reema Gandhi

What other than a Museum Day could be better to visit a Museum? Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum turned out better than I thought it would be. Multiple hands-on exhibits for kids are a great way to educate them about how Nature works. Indoor Butterfly Room is one of a kind experience and meant for all ages. The interesting thing on the rooftop, even if you don't end up spotting birds you can hear them chirping through the speakers installed. More fun time at a small play area for kids. Please note that there's no dedicated food court inside. Just a food dispensing machine on the first floor having Salad and Sandwich options. PS- Stroller/Wheelchair available to rent.

Cassandra Miller

The butterfly haven is so magical it's indoors and they release new butterflies everyday! This is a cool inexpensive adventure that you can have with almost anyone. Its free to Chicago residents on Thursdays. They feed the turtles and they have a list of the days activities on their website.

Mojospapi Mikospapi

Toddler kid loves it. Especially the butterfly haven. Nice that they accept memberships from reciprocal museums

Juliza Gramajo

Great place for small and big kid. Really good exhibition

Chris Martin

Great place for the family. The butterfly room is absolutely enchanting. My 4 and 8 year old grand sons were in awe of these beautiful creatures landing on people and flying all about them like moving rainbows. There is nothing like it.

Bill Rowland

Great place to spend the day with kids or yourselves if preferred. learn a lot about everything to do with nature.

Hava Shalit

Great experience for little children!

Kim Kelly

Beautiful, peaceful place even at this time of year. I can't wait to go back in the summer!


Be prepared for kids! The exhibits are often hip high, and very simple. It's obviously meant mostly for kids. The butterfly room, however, is worth admission alone. Tons of butterflies and birds liven up the space. It's a nice break from winter. Some exhibits are a little more adult friendly, but I'd love the whole second floor to be dedicated to adults, since I felt that I didn't learn much from the exhibits.

Gregory Rosic

Fun and interesting museum. I have a 3 yo and he liked the indoor play area and the boots. Exhibits were interesting enough to keep an adult entertained as well.

Pat Ricalde

The butterfly release was amazing. My 8 and 5 year olds didn’t want to leave. It entertained them for hours.

Erik Colon

Great place to take kids, really affordable but parking can be a pain. They do sell food and snacks but you're also welcome to bring your own food. Overall if you can't think of where to take your little one take a trip to Peggy notebaert.

Joe Maxwell

Great for kids, adults not so much. Butterfly garden is a good time for everyone though

Rahshida Walker

Love the Nature Museum! It's so informative and engaging for kids and adults. It's just the right size to hold your attention w/ changing exhibits to keep you coming back.

john rothenbuhler

Very cool nature museum. They have a bunch of neat animals.

Jezeniah Keys

It was awesome i loved the butterfly haven.

Irna Cecilia

One of the best museums we've ever visited. So many activity, information, and applicable knowledge for children and also for us parents. My daughter (2y.o) had tons of fun, and I believe 12y.o can also have fun here (there's super cute mini golf inside). Price is $9 for adult and $6 for kids 2y.o and up. There's only mini cafe inside, so pack your own lunch.

Maria Ramaro

This place is so interactive, the children really enjoy being there and learning whole they have fun.

Stephanie Berlanga

Perfect for 3 to 8 year olds. Nice exhibits. Beautiful art.

Dave Thomas

We love the Peggy Notebaert Museum. It is a wonderful place to go with kids and is especially great during the cold months in Chicago. There are a number of interactive exhibits for the kids and plenty to keep adults interested as well. We love the warmth of the butterfly room, the crazy bugs downstairs, and my daughter has always loved playing in the water room with the examples of sewer systems.

Leaf Fael

We were sorely disappointed by this place. It starts with no easy parking. The place is small-medium in size. No cafe. Sparse gift shop. A lot of taxidermied creatures in cases with little educational value. A room with some live creatures. A room with a few hands-on activities. There are more rooms but not memorable. The place had an odd funk too, maybe from the under stairs water feature? Definately not recommended for ages 8+. Other museums of this nature (see other reviews) have more to offer.

Daphne Tayi

We have a wonderful time, now they don't want to go home.

321 and me

I was here attending Chicago's Volunteer Expo and seeing the sights. There's was some fun and interactive things to play with as you go through. I'm not sure about the prices because it was free with the expo. Would be more fun for someone with kids.

Tara Samuels

Great place for children who love nature and they have lots of displays

Joy Smith

We were suitably impressed with the plant life and displays.

Jeanette KruseBaron

You have to see this for yourself. An excellent nature venue for everyone, and we pretty much met up and mingled with school children, seniors and families. This facility is meant to be explored both inside and out. Our three year old grandson had a ball in the exhibits. The highlight is the butterfly release with a nice staff intro. Parking in this city neighborhood by the lakefront is at a premium, so patience is needed is you drive. Suggest nearby public transit.

Bobbi Potts

I enjoyed the butterflies but for me it was the best part. Seems child oriented.

Amanda Dobson

This is a great museum to take a day trip to. I went with family and the kids had a blast. There are quite a few different things to do and see. There are a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy.

Lourdes Z.

Free admission every Thursday and daily butterfly releases at 2pm. The butterfly haven is breathtaking. So many different varieties of beautiful butterflies.


Great experience! My favorite exhibit had to be the butterfly enclosure. The butterflies were beautiful and flying all around us. You must be careful because they may be on the floor or if you touch them incorrectly they become injured easily.

Qeren hap-puwk Yisra'el

Nice place. It has lots of activities for young children. The staff are friendly.

Rose Meccia

What a wonderful surprise. Found parking right outside did not go broke paying for parking. I could even afford to check my coat. LOVED the butterfly release!! Very relaxing and fun. My new little buddy sat with me for an hour. Had to have a staff member relocate him. Loved it.

julie angileri

Gorgeous place. It is extremely affordable for families with only nine dollars per adult and six dollars per child under 12. You can easily spent several hours here looking at the butterfly exhibit and pursuing the grounds outside. The water area it was very popular and this was the hands on exhibits. There was so much to learn about energy and water conservation, animals, plants and wildlife.

David in STL

Nice Museum, good place to take your children...

The Guys

I have no idea how we lived in Chicago so long and never knew about this place! This place is absolutely amazing and so clean!my only wish is that they had a little cafe inside but I definitely wouldn't take any stars off for that because this place is still amazing and they let you bring food in. I just didn't know that it in advance.

Charlotte Smith

If you're interested in nature this is a great place to learn about what Chicago was like before all the humans showed up. Some of the exhibits talk about the animals of the area, some about the land and lake. And no visit would be complete without a trip through the butterfly garden. And there's a whole lot that we didn't get to see. Worth way more than the admission price. Great for all ages!

Carlos Saldana

Great experience for school field trip. They set us up and give us open access pretty much. It would be nice to have more staff around to explain the exhibits to students as they progress through museum. The highlight was the butterfly exhibit.

Sarah Lundin

Absolutely my favorite part BUTTERFLIES!!

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