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Where is Old State Capitol?

REVIEWS OF Old State Capitol IN Illinois

Lisa Ogden

Fun to tour the old State Capitol and see the old artifacts. I didn't realize people in that day used spitoons! Lol

Sean Moore

You go JP..way to get Sprinfield cleaned up and back on the map.

Annette Marie Hintz

The reenactors were there! It was wonderful.

Christian Castillo

There was no tour but the building was in great condition


Feels like I’m in the 1800 every time I go

Jo Konstantin Engel

Great historical place in a calm city

Brian Bononi

Very cool place to take the kids and learn about early American History. It was really awesome to see the place where Lincoln sat and worked on changing our countries future. Loved learning little facts about every corner of this building.

Gloricelly Franceschi

This building is definitely old looking from the outside with its rough hewn columns. Inside is a wealth of history meticulously preserved. Various rooms are available for browsing and the squeaky stairs leading up to the second floor speaks to the age of the building. Amazing to think you are walking in the very footsteps of our (IL) founding fathers. A great must stop location.

Gavin Gilbert

Awsome place being in an old mansion. Great atmosphere and great staff.

Chris Kramer

The only thing that would have made this better is if there was a guided tour.

Craig Williams

Well maintained, great staff, lots of very interesting things to learn about and do not forget to ASK QUESTIONS! The best thing about the Old State Capitol is when it is not busy the guides love it when you stop them to ask lots of questions! I have spent the whole afternoon with out of town folks just wandering the halls and asking lots of questions. While you are there ask to see where President General Grant moved his desk and may surprise you. Don't forget to click like if the review helps


Personally history is very fascinating! This is a glimpse of an important part of Illinois history. Staff seemed very educated. The Senate and house of representatives chambers were my personal favorites.

Thomas Gebhardt

Well preserved. Great place for families

Derek Harris

The Historical Society put on some shows, including performances by the Lincoln Troubadours - incredible voices!

Larry Johnson

Beautiful building. I've visited multiple times, this time for a wedding. And have to say was a great venue for it!

Michael Rudofski

Very cool museum. Worth a look.

Jill Strainer

The Junior Ranger program was fun and the Park Rangers were so nice.

Paranormal Society

Very beautiful building with a lot of history. It is so beautifully designed it takes you back to the days of old Illinois. If you have time it is worth a look here.

Jason Luther

Beautiful building!

Karen Patterson

Illinois history. My dad was one of the restoration workers in the 1960's.

Richard Lightburn

Historic place so you can imagine what life was like back tjen

Kathryn Wilson

Interesting place to wonder through. If you have a group arrange a tour ahead of time. See where Lincoln lay in state. If you see the Lincoln museum first the Old State Capitol is more meaningful.

Omar Ben Haidara

A great place to visit

Larry Paubel

Loved it high lite of our trip.

Michael Lee

Greeted by friendly staff, lots of amazing historical happenings

Joe Kessler

So much history. A great association with Lincoln, Douglas, Grant. The history comes alive program in the Summer is great. Larry Werline as Grant is the best.

Edwin Grider

I visited the Old State Capitol after touring the modern-day state capitol. It was very cool to see the technological and functional differences between the two capitols. At the same time, it was interesting to realize that the fundamental operation of the government hasn't really changed much between Abraham Lincoln's era and now. The visit was especially moving when one of the tour guides gave a very vivid description of President Lincoln laying in state in the representatives hall where he once served. It was amazing to think that ten percent of the country at the time came to Springfield and filed through that same small room to pay their final respects to their fallen leader. The Old State Capitol is a must-see for anyone wanting to retrace Lincoln's steps in Springfield.

K Wojo

Fun building to visit. Rich history, knowledgeable care taker. Underground parking garage is cheap, which is nice, but creepy as only half the lights were working. I imagine half were off to save energy, but it makes the parking garage dimly lit.

Scott Goodwin

Awesome history here.

Samona Moran

Just walked the outside with my daughter. I never been here so it was a nice experience

Amy Giles

Just one of the many great tourist attractions in Downtown Springfield!

Shannon Knight

Really enjoyed looking around. We went on a Monday when it was slower and was able to have someone take us around and tell us about each room and answer all our questions. They have a suggested donation but do not require you to pay to enter. Was interesting to learn how the capital came to Springfield.

Stefan Munker

A beautifully presented historic state capitol. Free admission for donation. Lots of artifacts. Explore at your own leisure or ask one of the knowledgeable guides. A must stop on a visit to Lincoln's town.

Curtis H

Free walk through. Nice gonna dressed up for the era.


We enjoyed our visit to this wonderful town.

M Cohn

We enjoyed our day very much went to the state capitol and to the State Museum walked the streets had lunch went by Lincoln Museum plan on coming back and spending a whole day at the Lincoln Museum we want to bring the train up next time had a wonderful day

John Sorensen

Beautifully restored and well-maintained.

Korhan Raif

Nice stately old building. If you appreciate history recommend you visit and see the exhibits.

Walter Kagy

Very nice, can get up close to exhibits, a little bit of work in progress.

Holly Bentley

Beautiful building. Abraham Lincoln history.

Ed McBride

Kids enjoyed the visit.

Cat Clausen

Go every year. Nice art festival. Great student art also. Very ABRAHAM LINCOLN -!

Randy Eccles

Well preserved historical building.

Margaret Cronin

A little unsafe if walkinh

Midwest Sports

The Old State Capital,brings history to life , nothing like President Lincoln reciting the Gettysburg Address in the chamber

najakajuri Barrett

Weather was terrible Transportation was terrible However it was still nostalgic visiting the State Capitol with my 4th college bound student She was extremely interested in seeing as much as possible before we headed back to the train station to return to Chicago We spent 7hrs together exploring and enjoying history being made during her lifetime I told her she has many more historical moments she'll have to share with her own family one day That's why I try to engage myself into my children lives because once-in-a-lifetime don't always come back around WE NEED EACH OTHER WHETHER WE WANT TO ADMIT IT BUILDING / REBUILDING OUR FAMILY (FAMILIES )

Robert Clark

I very much enjoyed my time in Springfield. Much was learned about the early history of our government. The people we met were all pleasant and helpful which made our time there all the more enjoyable. Thanks!

Popprockets Gaming

I was really interesting to see all of the history and read about it as well.

John Piraino

Great historical site

Daniel Greer

Lots of interesting exhibits, learned a lot about the history of the area

Dragonslayer COC

Great guide and amazing especially if you u like history like me

Bernadette O'Hare

Everyone should go at least one time. It is so interesting and cool to see where our forefathers decided laws, held cases and kept our state running.

Szilard Kiss

Used to visit every capitol on my journey, after 40states done this was one of my personal favorite

Ryan Ruyle

Great spot to visit in a much improved downtown.

Megan Rowe

Great place to visit and the staff was really friendly and informative.

Jackie Bonilla

Alot of homeless asking for money, very sad. It's a ghost town......

Jane Ward

Went to the art festival. It was very nice. Lots of beautiful artwork by some amazingly talented people. The weather was delightful which made it even better!

Alex Schwartz

This was a fascinating bit of Illinois history. Most states don't keep their historic government buildings, so it was great to be able to see how the government once was. They don't charge admission, but there's a suggested donation. I wish the upper level was also open, but the public needs some limits.

Guy E Bouvet III

Car show today. Great weather. Great cars. Fantastic people showing their cars.

O Gandek

Well maintained and didnt get too crowded on the day I visited.

charity jeffs

Don't skip this stop when seeing the Lincoln sites in Springfield!

Marc Embrick

A lot of parts were roped off, no guide just a brief synopsis & off to yourself; it's a beautiful building just needs some love.

Diana Rogers

Excellent site to visit downtown. On this weekend, we went to see the Old Capital Art Fair, a four-block area (+ the area around the Old State Capital) showing talents of craftsmen throughout the country. Excellent place to find some beautiful artwork, have a bite to eat & enjoy the day!

Jan Yates

Excellent tour guide. Very interesting.

Kim Sanchez

First time being here. Was for a naturalization ceremony but it was also Flag Day, what a nice cerenony. My children caught Abe walking around too.

Cheyanne Williams

I go during the art festival/gay pride time of the year and it's accommodating underground parking is lovely. The history shines through, but it can be a little stale year after year growing up here.


History if it's entertaining to you, check it out.

Rory Keylon

Wonderful experience, beautiful building and friendly employees.

Lois richards

Great find downhome food.

Doris Cahill

Architectural wonder. Preserved wonderfully. Self guided in the center of the historic district.

Dave Brandley

It was great to see all this stuff about Lincoln, and a lot of other great history.


Incredible restorations and historical artifacts. Self-guided tour allows as much time as you want to see and enjoy the history.

Chad Meyer

Wife was in town on business so my son and I went on a scavenger hunt of lincoln theme and this was one of the stops .it offers guided tours or self tours one of the volunteers showed us around and told the history of the building and showed us where lincoln did his work and sat .guide was great and keep it interesting for the boy . Free of charge which is always nice !

Joy Hyde

Lots of history and amiable guide!

Christian Arturo

Cool historical site. The kids learned some history and i got to enjoy some nice architecture and got to see how people used to live. Cool spot for a school field trip.

Jon Korsmo

Great historical walk. When paired with the museum it is very interesting. My suggestion is to see the museum down the road first then go to the old capitol. Really puts you into the history.

Arthur Rossi

The toour guider was a very funny guy

Jodi Toennies

Great facts. Our history preserved thank you

J Rose

This is a hidden gem. Lincoln spent a lot of time here and the inside is kept up to look like it did in his time. There are guided tours that are very informational and fun. Check it out while in Springfield.

Felicia Roberts

Great to learn about history. The performance the young people put on was knowledgeable and entertaining

Daniel Boeder

Well maintained, friendly staff, historical building where Lincoln walked, and an ice cream shop across the street. Informative and readily available for self- exploration and learning. What more could you want?

Cheryl B

Amazing History, Guide was super helpful and knowledgeable. Great for families while learning about our History.

Steve Wittry

Great place to visit the past and learn some history.


There were people leading activities for kids when we were there-- demonstrating old time crafts and games. Lots of historical exhibits in each room. Not a busy destination, so we felt free to linger and learn. Really feels like a visit to the past!

mary long

Very knowledgeable volunteer guide. Beautiful building with amazing historical value.

Tian Zhang

It is close to Lincoln Home. You can visit both places together.

Andrew Hall

Everything you can imagine in what's a great state capitol.


If you enjoy history, a must see. You can get through everything in an hour.

Benjapol Piyawanichpong

Nice historical building

mindy logar

This place needs some restoration love but it was really amazing to see a part of government history.

Dorothy OToole

Ii is a great historical place

Knuckle Duster

Piece of history. Building is in pretty good shape. Free admission but donations encouraged. Items could be labeled better with descriptions. Also third floor is closed. Said it is onlly for flag access but I find that hard to believe. Access to many eating places and current state capitol.

Joseph marjan

If you love history this is the place to go check out

Curtis Schleich

We walked through during the art fair. Very interesting displays. We thoroughly enjoyed it. If you're in the area, it's worth your time to go and see it. I especially enjoyed seeing the legislature meeting rooms.

Matthew Abeln

Always a nice and history rich visit. The rooms almost seem like they've never been touched in over 100 years.

Keith Kidd

This is a magnificent building.

Emma Rightnowar

It was a blast from the past

Ashley Giza

Very educational and cool being in a room where Abe Lincoln laid

Dave Bowmaster

They have very well informed volunteers that give great tours of the building. Admission is free.

Al Ewert

Interesting place to visit. Building is in great shape with lots of artifacts.

Maria Town

The hours are all during the workday so it is hard for someone staying in springfeild for a meeting or convention to see anything. Once we got in it was well worth it. Visits are self guided and by donation.

Nicholas Nielson

Neat to be here where history is so abundant. See the building where Abraham lincoln worked for many years and delivered his famous house divided speech. Not a huge building, can see most things in about 30 minutes unless you are reading and examining everything. Definitely worth checking out when in Springfield.

Lawrence Stovall

A very nice and must visit historical site.

Fatima Daugherty

Just enjoy the old state capitol.

Robert Kosin

Walk the stairs that Lincoln climb before becoming President. From the tour one learns that Lincoln spent time in the building, where he tried cases before the Illinois Supreme Court, borrowed books from the state library, and swapped stories with other lawyers and politicians. But its in the House of Representative room that Lincoln's body laying in state, as a crowd of 75,000 mourners filed past to pay their last respects. Pause as history permeates the room, building and city.

T.J. Arundale

The tour is excellent! The grounds are spectacular!!!

Jared Steger

This place makes me feel like I'm back in time. I love historic places so if you love them too check this out. They had a reenactment when my wife and I went and the guy did s fantastic job. So if you are in Springfield this is on my list of places to see while you are the. I thought I remembered taking pictures there but I can't find them on my phone, but do check it out. Any questions just ask!

Chris Dehning

Great tour. Tour guide was very knowledgeable and even was able to answer our questions.

Heather Armstrong

Beautiful landmark but it’s hard to get around in a wheelchair

Michael Walton

Sign up early for tours as it fills out. House has been well maintained and is worth a visit. Learned some interesting insights as to the President's life. If you do visit the house, make sure to also go to the Presidential Library/Museum which really tells the full story in a more animated fashion.

Andrew Taylor

Not a great deal here, but free entry and make sure you stop in on the way through town. Staff explained things well but not a huge amount here. Good stop through town.

Laura Rabe

Wonderful tours. Indoor underground parking.

Jessica Pickard

We love the OSC! It's free to tour with a donation box if you enjoyed. The people who work here are always friendly and very knowledgeable about the history of the building. It's great for locals and tourists alike! If you're coming in during the earlier part of the day park underground in the parking garage for way and direct access into the OSC.

Anthony Street

Free fun. Cheap parking. Great old fashioned architecture. Deep history if you're into that.

Robert Anders

History. Nuff said

Melissa Hills

The docents were friendly and knowledgeable. The exhibits are awe inspiring. A great appetizer for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

Jan Smith

Great knowledgeable staff is very helpful. Interesting history with well presented tours. FREE! They ask for donations, and it is worth it! Good displays, very thorough. The only original part of the building is the outer wall stonework. Everything else is reconstruction, but beautifully done.

Jennie Troxell

It was very interesting, a Lincoln impersonator was there today got to listen to a speach and get a picture.

George Kowalski

Live in Illinois you got to see this place.

Matt Bilinsky

well maintained, fascinating look into our past.You get to walk where Lincoln and Douglas tread.


Free but they have donation boxes. Listened to a lovely accapella group there. Without the added activites there isn't much there though so don't count on it being a long excursion

Carrie Brooks

Interesting and educational for all ages

Linda Medlock

Earth Awareness Fair was soggy and cold this year but still a great group of folks!

Robert Lovell

Terrific docent, many period artifacts though mostly not authentic. Time well spent if history is your thing.

kim slattery

Beautiful old building, glad it's not been torn down!

Sean Patrick Browne

Great town and parade for St Patrick's Day was very good

Laramie Perez

I've been to several states Capitol buildings. This one is nice. You can walk around at your own pace. Lots of cool historical things to see. I liked seeing all the heaters to remind us of what it was like to live and work without central heat and air conditioning.

Joan Genovese

Loved all the history.

Neo Master

Very cool to learn about the history of this amazing building.


There is a lot going one here with live performance. Excellent historical site.

Everett Suderski

Guides are great and very well done

Lyzakiel Ezylryb

Street parking and parking garages are close. Great for a quick see if you're in the area.

alex medina

5☆ from a historical perspective, it's amazing what they have done to preserve Lincoln's memory; his home, office, town and original State Capitol. The town of Springfield it's another matter, although it's easy to access and has some great restaurants, it's seems to be surrounded by poverty and homes in need of repair. I can't understand why legislators haven't been able to attract more industry and help build the local economy.

Bud Price

Wonderful historical tour. Obama announced his bid for president on the steps where Lincoln served in the Illinois house. So wonderful a visit, donation only.


It's the old capital building... you can smell the history

Mark Martinie

Old State Capital Art Fair is stupendous! Bands are playing, food stands available and I see something unique and excitingly different every year that I attend. ;-) Works of art are fairly expensive but these are some of the best artists from the Midwest and beyond in the U. S.

Chris Mills

If you're in the area stop by. It's free to check out and you get some good info about pre-civil war era America.

Social mobile INTERNET office.

Springfield, Illinois is a nice, clean friendly town.

Ric Wright

A must stop if you want to learn about Lincoln. Just a block from the Lincoln museum.

Amber Elizabeth

Very informative curators here. Please ask them questions, the answers will surprise you!

JoAnn Rogahn

An awesome experience to walk the same building that Abe Lincoln worked in the Illinois State Capital. Also suggest seeing the Lincoln Museum and the Lincoln's home where you can get a guided tour!!!

Thomas Sedlacek

Well preserved and the guides are very knowledgeable

Shelly Nienow

Beautiful building with friendly guides .. loved it!!

Hattie Strader

Visiting historical sites are the bomb! Loving It!

Ava Alpaca

amazing. fun historic site.

Damon Cipolla

Cool place to see. Lincoln tried 250 cases there in the Supreme Court. Held his campaign office here and lied in state there as well.

Sigmund Burdin

There was a nice surprise of historical toy cars among other displays more relevant to Illinois history and governance.

Paul Liebau

Historic capitol building staged with original furnishings from the mid-1800's. Enter and tour at your own pace, freewill donations suggested.

Bonnie Leitner

Saw the most fabulous group of kids singing with History Comes Alive!

Rodney Yoswig

Attended the Springfield art fair held on the old state capital plaza. It's a great event if your in the area stop and enjoy a couple of hours.

Cynthia Baker

It's not that interesting when you pass by it everyday.

joe lynch

Very interesting place, wish I had more time.

Andy Moon

As taxpayers of Illinois this is your building and you owe yourself to visit it. You will go through a metal detector but the security people are very friendly and courteous. I encourage you to visit your lawmakers and let them know how you stand on issues that are important to you. The rotunda of the building a spectacular you should see it in person.

Andy Mejia

A very beautiful building

Cameron Kirkendoll

Lot of fun to come look at some old time architecture. It's a great place to visit if you are in springfield. It's free. The people who work there are very educated on its history. Check it out.

Stacy Wilke

Totally worth the drive to this historic building. It's beautifully constructed and maintained. NOTE: If you'd like a quiet experiece, go in the afternoon. Or after school time, as many tours go through educating groups of school kids when we went at 11a.


A great historical building!

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