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5700 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60637, United States

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REVIEWS OF Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago IN Illinois

Minerva Herrera

Lots of fun interactive things to do. We were there for a few hours. We opted for regular tickets and didn't think i missed our on the experiences. Would recommend this place, I learned quite a bit.

Chris Russell

Whether you have kids or not this place offers something for all ages. The exhibits and the special tours make for a much more enriched experience. Old Ben 17 Mine is a must. The U-505 Submarine tour is an absolutely must. Make sure to catch one of the features in the dome. I have been going to the Museum for years and it never gets old.

Kathryn Hill

Lots to see and do, but many of the interesting exhibits and programs require a fee in addition to the initial price of admission. One could easily double or triple the per person cost of the visit just for tickets. Also, the volume of the films is so low that it is very difficult to hear, especially when large groups of people (e.g., kids on field trips) are running around. Since this is obviously a kid-friendly destination, they should ensure that all visitors are able to see and hear the programs.

Nickolas Whidden

This place is so big it is hard to grasp. We planned for couple of hours and my family spent nearly the entire day. There are many cool things to experience. This and aquarium were easily top favorites for the family. Circle this. It is cab or train ride south of the rest of the museum but worth the time and effort.

Miles V

I always love this place, but the attractions really need to be updated. Some of the things they are showing are over 30 years old. Don't get me wrong, it's great for field trips and summer camps, but taking your family is a once in 20 year deal. Please update this place to give me a reason to continue to come here.

Inna Rudneva

Went to this amazing place today! My second time here but last time I went was 5years ago. This place never ceases to amaze me! All the hands on experiments that help you learn how things work! With the storm exhibit I love the wave one! It really shows how waves work and tsunamis occur. Super simple set up but so impressive! We also did the coal mine tour which was so cool! They take you through a real life experience on the day of a mine worker and the equipment they used and actually turn machines on for you. Super informative and fun enough to where kids and adults enjoy it all the same! The submarine tour was my personal favorite though with detailed story telling on how we acquired it and what went on inside of it and how everything works, accompanied with sound effects and the real life setup! Absolutely impressive and fun! Love this place! Would recommend for anyone at any age!

Ken Morgan

Incredible venue for a social gathering. Good food. Quality service. Plenty of attractions, many of which are interactive. Highly recommended for children old enough to appreciate science!

Ashley Pifer

Great place to spend a whole day! Lots to see so definitely plan to be here more than just 3 hours :)

Dan Skvie

Awesome exhibits. A lot of interesting things. I would give 5 stars but I got a little annoyed with extra tickets for most of the exhibits inside. You buy ticket to get in and then you need to buy another ticket if you want see one thing then another and another ..... Soon you will need to buy tickets to use stairs there.

Joshua Williams

I didn't even want to go here, but I'm so glad we did. By far the most fun thing we did in Chicago. My wife and I had a blast, and so did our niece. Finding Wonder Woman in the scale model if the city was definitely a highlight. This is not something to miss if you're touristing in Chicago.

John Ginder

Excellent museum, could spend all day there easily! We truly enjoyed ourselves the short time we were there!

John Mitchell

Reasonably priced given everything to do. We arrived at open. Stayed til close and did not get to see or do everything. All of the exhibits were thorough, informative and fun, and well-maintained. The kids (8, 9 and 10) had a blast. And getting there by bus was convenient and cheap. Highly recommend.

Antoinette Gentry

The Museum of Science and Industry was very fun and interactive. The kids (1,2,5, and 7) all enjoyed themselves. There are so many exhibits to make the time pass by very quickly. I recommend making this a regular place to visit with the kiddos.

Paul Gallas

I first came here when I was a kid. After 40 years, the sentiment of it all was wonderful even though it changed greatly. The U505 exhibit was amazing as usual. But, the problem I'm having is that museums are taking an amusement park approach to exhibits. This is a museum, not 6 flags and when I visit a museum, I expect to be able to explore its entirety and not feel excluded from exhibits because they're priced beyond what I can pay for. The U505 tour is $20 per person. For 5 of us that's out of reach. The mine exhibit, another $12 each. Another $12 to ride the aircraft simulators. Over 5 attractions require addition costs. This turns a museum into a county fair and doesn't warrant an educational experience.

Oleg Somov

Must go must see! Great place to go with your kids, it's entertaining and adventurous. Make you kids love science and get instant increase in natural curiosity. Many hands on practical experiments and exercises. Brain won't be rusty after visit!)

Alexis Shaw

This place is so cool!!!! We got to do the "Wired Wear" exhibit which was VERY cool! We were most excited, though for the Fairy Castle. I have always wanted to see it in person and it was sooooo amazing!!!

Elizabeth Williams

Love this place. Visited today and we were on the fence about taking the coal mine tour. So glad we did, we had Chris as our guide and he was knowledgeable with adding humor too. We were very impressed with this tour. Wish it was included with the entrance fee, but it's not that expensive. This was my boyfriend's first trip here and first time to Chicago too. We will be back!

Denise P

The museum never disappoints. We have been there many times and rarely make it through the whole museum. The submarine tour was great, I highly recommend. This is a great place for families to visit. It can be a little expensive but you just have to search for deals or go on certain days.

Sarah Page

This is hands down the best museum I've ever been to. We have a family membership and always have such a fun time.


This museum was very nice enjoyed it greatly. The 505 was something I had not expected and the extra $18 was worth it to get to go inside as it is something I will never get to do again. Many of the exhibits were interesting and educational . Only down side was the price of parking.

Dan Binder

A great museum and lots of learning fun. As always, we had a great time.

Jrod K

Visited the museum on September 20th at an After hours event! The crowds were low and nearly all the experiences were open to visit. The Submarine U505 exhibit blew me away. Just hearing about it doesn't do the exhibit justice until you walk into the underground sub bunker and see it for yourself! It was a fantastic time and it's an amazing Museum for kids and adults alike. There are uncountable interactive activities and food options as well.. you could easily spend a day or two exploring. Pricewise it isn't the cheapest but well worth the experience.

Kristin Edwards

It was so much fun! There are so many interesting and educational things to see and do. Would be an amazing place to visit with the kiddos!

Cheri Bjork

Love this museum! It would take days to see it all, so plan your visit. Special displays are always great. Children love the coal mine, rocket stuff and trains. Planes and full-size dinosaurs included!

Brandy Greco

I have been to this museum three times over the past few years, and I am always amazed at how many things I still haven't seen. It is a large museum, but worth a day spent wandering through it. Kids enjoy it, and adults do too. The U-boat exhibit is probably one of the best exhibits I have gone through in a long time. We will be back!

Linda Szabo

Wish we had more time. Great museum. Great for kids. Lots of interaction. The submarine was great, but tickets were sold out. The train exhibit was wonderful. Lots to see and do.

Alvin Rasmussen

Was recommended this museum for the German Submarine U-505 and was not disappointed. The submarine tour was well worth it as you got to go inside and see what it was like for the German submariners and imagine how it felt to be on there when it was captured. The rest of the museum is really interesting as well. The whisper room had some great acoustics and the trains and planes really kept us interested. A great place for adults and kids alike. Highly recommend for any families or travellers to Chicago.

Steve Kallal

Great fun for the family. It's big so expect to be walking a lot. Take the time to watch some demonstrations to rest your feet and give the kids some rest. You can take lunch in with you if you want to save some money. Very cool place for sure.

Charles Reed

Fun place to experience some brain power and history while on a weekend jaunt. Chicago has so many fun places to visit and each time I go (once a month) there is something new. Thank you MSI!

Stephen Miller

It had been 60 years since I visited this museum. I was not disappointed. What a wonderful place, so many exhibits; and so many of them are hands on. I am a self-professed science nerd. I loved this place. I've always been a big fan of Nicolas Tesla. The museum has a large Tesla coil. Totally stoked to watch it fire. My wife and I paid only the standard entrance fee, so we didn't go to any of the "special" exhibits. Still spent a happy four hours there. If you find yourself in Chicago and you like science, and you have a few hours to kill; this is the place to go. Don't miss it.

John Fitterer

If you haven't been here lately definitely visit again. We loved the updated U-505 exhibit

Jasmine Gallardo

I love bringing the kids here! There's so much to for me to learn with new exhibits all the time but also the classic exhibits from when I was a child, that's so fun to share with my children. My son loves the model city and could spend hours there. I love looking at the baby chicks come to life (literally). Even my toddler gets to have fun and learn with the children play area. Great for sunny or rainy days!

Lana Helen Fredell

I loved it because my granddaughter was excited and entranced. Interested people talked to her patiently. Fabulous staff, great exhibits.

Marianna Watts

Disappointed how they charged extra for the most interesting exhibits They also RUSHED us through the submarine exhibit. If we pay extra then we should be able to take our time to enjoy it. Has the potential to be an amazing museum with all the items to look at.

Steve Reager

Love this since I was young (66now) Fun to revisit with my Children and Grandkids Try to go whenever I'm back in town Highly recommend it. Thanks Chi town.

Kuldip Shah

Some museum exhibits were good but others lacked more details. It looked like they were trying to put so many things together but some could have been more details. Food court was good. The venue is clean and well maintained. Good staff. My favourites are space and world war 2 exhibits. The review of 3 is because of an extra cost for paid exhibits. Some didn't justify the cost. $10 for virtual reality was not worth at all.

Daniel Le Jeune

What an awesome museum. Although the price is a bit steep, you can easily spend three hours here. You've got everything, from genetics to airplanes to tornadoes. Thoroughly recommended.

Mike Johnson

Great museum. Lots of exhibits, many of which are very kid friendly. My personal favorite was the captured U-boat 505 from WWII. The transportation section has great old cars and planes. Worth the price, if you plan ahead you can order your tickets on line at a discounted price.

Robert Moulton

Excellent job of preserving U-505 which is without a doubt the star of the museum. That's not to say the rest of the museum isn't good just not good enough to make me drive 1350 miles one way. So why only two stars ? For such an important piece of history and one that is an extra fee to have a guided tour you'd think they could find tour guides that might show enthusiasm for the privilege of being a tour guide of such a amazing boat. I really can't say enough about how unimpressed I was with her.(you'd have thought she was giving a tour of the inside of a 2009 Chrysler mini van!) Can't the museum find any WWII enthusiasts...? If you can't than simply go self guided with a tape recording .

Lady E

Loved it. So much better than when I was a kid. Great tour of the U505! Great for people of all ages

Yesenia Rios

Love this place. Very educational and informative. Exhibits are all well put together. As an Illinois resident this is one of my favorite museums to visit.

Jon Ames

Wished the museum inside matched it's grand exterior. Great place to take hype active children. Major issue spending so much for entrance then being required to spend more for each of the good exhibits inside. Hard-pressed to consider a return trip. This used to be a must see now it's just a don't bother

melissa P

One of my favorite places to take the kids. Such a great family place and you can spend a full day there no matter what age your kids are. They have free exhibits such as the mirror maze which is a lot of fun as well as the Tesla coil. They have an area for younger children to play in as well. I truly enjoy the u 505 exhibit. If you pay extra you can actually go on board the submarine. That is just a small amount of what there is to do

Jessica Bockman

The museum is of course incredible, but i wanted to stop to praise the brain food court!!! Best food court I’ve ever seen! Healthy options, homemade options, yummy desserts, huge variety, well organized, clean. Thoroughly Impressed!!!


This was great. But especially for kids. They would love it. We arrived at 2.30pm and got discounted tickets. Which was good.

Orange Xeno

Great place to take your family and watch, read, or listen from "how weather works, technology evolution (past to current and future)" The inside is very stunning and lovely exhibits. I enjoyed my visit. Great opinions of food and drinks if you want to take a break and fuel up.

Zo Wesson

It is one of the finest museums in the country with a myriad of exhibits to dazzle the mind and inspire creativity. I've gone there as a child, taken my children and without a doubt one day my grandchildren.

C Weld

Great museum with a nice variety of exhibits always with something new coming in. Some exhibits have been around since I was a kid, so there's always old favorites to revisit. My favorite has always been the old time main Street and ice cream parlor.

April Sacks

Always a good place for kids cause they can touch everything. Went on Free day and was happy they still has some free attractions. The tornado was the coolest...per my grandson. He also loved the train and plane. Great afternoon.

n l

I enjoyed myself here immensely. Great place to take kids and plenty of stuff to keep adults interested as well. I believe what I enjoyed the most was the mirror maze. The most interesting exhibit however was the u-boat.

Randi Classen

We loved our visit here! It’s definitely worth the $20. I would recommend at least 6+ hours here. We were able to speed through all of the free exhibits in just under 5 hours. It’s very frustrating that all the coolest exhibits cost so much extra, but we still really enjoyed our visit. My favorite part was the biology section (specifically the development of a baby)and playing with the magnets was also so cool. All of the hands-on parts are so fun and entertaining. Highly recommended!

Ignacio Alvarez

Many years ago I would take my children here and not expend any money because it was free. Children from the neighborhood came to this place every day and play and by osmosis learn something and be safe. Recently I comeback and the place was not recognizable any more even a bottle of water will cost you $4.00. I have no idea how the average family can afford to bring their children's here. The exibits are very nice, the price to come and see them, not that great!

Andrew Keith

This is a great place for kids to go and learn about all sorts of thing. You can also go to the shop and get food. I’ve had fun every year we’ve went. I hope you will have fun to.

Chad Brown

Great family experience. Arrived at open and stayed til close. We still didn't have the time to see everything. We'll be back soon!!

Lori Sharum

One of the best museums in Chicago and th United States. We love MSI as there is so much to see, do and learn. One of the favorites for our family is the U-505....amazing piece of history and to learn Chicago's own World War II hero captured the German U-boat! Captain Daniel Gallery has a remarkable story that everyone should learn about.

Julia Burke

I just got back from a week in Chicago and I choose to spend a day in the MSI and I am so glad I did. Although the entrance fee was a bit pricey I believe it was worth it. I was lucky enough to be able to see the new exhibit called Body World, if you are in Chicago or live in Chicago and have the slightest interest in how your body works I highly recommend this exhibit, it took me about 2.5 hours to get through it...awesome!!!!There are also many other cool exhibits there, the Train Story which is amazing..I love trains and anything to do with the history of transportation so it was incredible they had a model of the most of the north of the USA and you could see trains moving in and out of the city to the!There were many biology and physics exhibits...overall they were pretty basic, however I am a Science I am a bit biased :)Anyways, if you do go to Chicago I think this is a must especially if you have the chance to visit Body Worlds!

Doug Smith

Such a fun place! Lots of hands on stuff for kids (and us big kids!) to do and learn. If I lived in Chicago I would be a member for sure!

Kimberly Peterson

I was here for a formal gala and also got to visit some exhibits. Both were great. Have not been in MANY years but plan to return very soon to get a full tour.

John St

Some really great exhibits and good for kids. Unfortunately, there is kind of a tourist trap vibe- only 1 of 5 special attractions is included with city pass, and many attractions are timed entry as well as extra. Still lots to learn here and the submarine exhibit is absolutely amazing.

Will Hagerty

This was a great museum with a really fun and interesting exhibits. You can spend a couple hours or a couple days here depending on what is interesting to you. Their hands on exhibits were really fun, and the interactive activities like the Tesla coil are pretty exciting to. We use the city go past, and we felt like we probably could have gotten our money's worth just auto the museum.

Kent Hungerford

This place was incredible and definitely worth it whether you're a solo traveller like me or a family with kids. So much to see and do. I had a quick(but complete) look through and took about 3 hours to see everything.

Ryan Maluchnik

I love coming here every few years to see the exhibits. The cost can be a little deterring, so I don’t go much more than that. This being said, there is plenty to do and is very family-friendly. The staff is polite and patient, and the facility is clean and up to date. Expect a day of both learning and good times.

constance metzler

The Guest Experience leadership is trash. Being a facilitator was the worst experience of my life. Staff leaders are incredibly rude and disheartening. Not worth the price of admission. They are rude and disrespectful and try to dictate your every move. Hardly giving any positive feedback. Representating the face of the museum of science and industry. Which is the guest service facilitators. If I could give them a 0 star I would.

anthony romano

Absolutely fantastic museum! Well worth the price of admission. We went on a Saturday and only left when the place closed and we had come in when it opened. So much to see, look at and enjoy. U-boat is the crown jewel but we also enjoyed all the other exhibits we had the chance to view.

Omar Ihmoud

A great place to visit. Recommended for all ages! It is huge! And will take you more than one visit to quickly explore the exhibits! And maybe days to actually look into them! If you are nearby (100 miles) or less, get the membership that will allow you access and parking!

Justin Tate

Was a great experience for all ages. Military rates were awesome. Trying to park and find entrance was interesting. We spent the entire day there and if we paid for the extras we would have been there longer.

Misty Hooker

It's really a huge, a bit overwhelming, museum do look interesting facts and history! I know my review is a bit generic, but there's so much there it's hard to simply explain. We spent most of our time in the 505 German ship area. The food was good and drinks aplenty! But if you're like us, too many people in one area is a bit unnerving.

Robin Krautbauer

Wow very cool place to spend the day at. Great for kids and adults alike. We need to go back for more. Nice cafeteria.

Quinn Kelly

This museum is absolutely amazing. Young or old a I guarantee, you will love this museum! Every exhibit you could imagine or think of, from the incubater that hatches chicks, all the way to and underground coal mine tour, a life size submarine and plane model, and giant train set that shows you Chicago's old train routes.

Sarah Debs

I have loved this museum since I was a young kid to now an adult. I truly believe it has so much amazing things for all ages. Can be a bit pricey for the entire family but there is so much to do for the entire day, you wont be disappointed. And there is always such great new exhibits that come and go every few months

Robert Van Natta

Phenomenal facility brimming with excellent exhibits. This museum is TOP NOTCH for anyone visiting the city of Chicago. Don't miss out!

LaReyna Griffin

The wired to wear exhibit was amazing - great to see pieces from people around the world. Also the mirror exhibit (free) was wonderful - trippy and def for the older child. Overall a solid 2.5-3 hour visit and could still see more.

Geoff Grant

Parking for Members is free and by scanning your Membership Card. All exhibits are user friendly, except where the water is with the baseball size plastic balls is for registering access. Get ready to get help - very user unfriendly. Good food and ice cream. Prices are a little high to support the museum. Kid side stations are worth it as the demonstrations are chemically easy to understand even by adults.

Mackenzie Carpe

Best museum we did in Chicago! So many cool experiences and hands on fun for kids. Well worth the price. The museum absorbs crowds really well too, so it didn't seem packed.

Debra Wiedemann

Definitely one of the best museums I have been to! Easy navigation through the exhibit areas! The Fairy Castle is just amazing - you could spend an hour just looking at this! The food was reasonable and the facility is very well maintained! We will definitely come back someday!

Orlando Rashid

If you like science, excellent experience for kids and adults. There is so much to see! We spent over 4 hours in there and didn’t get to see everything before they closed. You can spend the whole day there. So plan to go early.

Heriberto Soto

Entertaining and educational - oh, for the kids too! Seriously, had so much fun at this place with my kids. If you’re from out of town traveling with kids - this place is a must!

Caryn Birchler

My family loves this museum. It has a great variety of exhibits, hands on experiences, and so many things to do.


Last Time I Was Here It Was May 2019 But I Had A Great Experience. It Was My Field Trip And My Favorite Was The Glacier When You Touched It. Take This One On A 12 Year Old And You'll Have Alot If Fun

Felipe Salinas

Very large science museum with several interesting exhibits. I am 40 yr old male who has kids, but was in Chicago for work. I can definitely see that if my kids were here I would have had a much better time, especially since we would have interacted more than I did at each exhibit. I would have liked at least a little more adult centered info (or at least some more in-depth info at the exhibits). If here alone, you may feel really out of place if you are older.

Stuart PIles

I have been going to the Museum of Science and Industry for over 65 years. It is one of the finest places to visit in Chicago. From downtown, to the lake front, to the parks and theaters, this is an adventure that must not be missed. There are so many things to see at the Museum of Science and Industry from a coal mine to one of the greatest model railroads to a farm exhibit. There is even a street from the early 1900s with a movie theater that shows silent films. So many things to see. If you have never been to this museum, please take some time to visit it. You will not be disappointed

David Word

The museum was awesome. Went with my son for a day trip. He had a blast. There was a lot of things to keep his interest. A must see if visiting Chicago area.

Simona Todorova

I came here as a recommendation by many of my coworkers, and I'm so glad I did! Haven't really seen anything like it. I'm definitely more of an artsy girl myself, and try to steer clear of science museums, but this place made me rethink that. So many exhibits to see, super interactive, and extremely educational. Everything was so well thought out and flowed quite seamlessly that I ended up spending around 3 hours there and only left because the museum was closing early that day. My favorite part was definitely the Apollo 11 movie they had showing in the dome theater, as well as the astronaut equipment on display and the U-Boat and the story behind it. I promise, it's not just for little kids!

Dimitris Protsios

A place to remember. A great experience. Give yourself plenty of time because it has lots for everyone. Especially if you have children with you. The U-505 is a must see and take the guided tour too. So many interesting things from the past and many current stuff too. If you are an aviation enthusiast there is a nice flight simulator experience for you. Do not miss it visit Chicago. A day at the museum can be nicely combined with a visit to Hyde Park after as it is in the same area.

Chris Ray

Great place to take the kids. Had a lot of fun there and kids learned a lot of things. The experiments they have and the way they set up exhibits are incredible. Happy to go again next time I'm in chicago.

James Bulford

The museum itself is 5 stars, but had to give it 3 stars. Spent an extra $100 for the kids and I to do coal mine and wearable tech which totally wasn't worth it. The coal miner is interesting if you have any interest in the industry, but quickly becomes boring for kids. Wearable tech was mostly pointless. A couple of interactive exhibits. But otherwise a picture with a description or a piece of clothing that either doesn't or never did work. I can take a picture or hang a shirt up and say it makes you fly.... doesn't mean anything if you can't actually see it do anything.

Catherine Ashton

One of my favorite places in Chicago! Eclectic, fun, and historical for the whole family. Pro tip: park in the back (metered) and avoid paying an arm and a leg for parking underground.

Phoenix Fier

Just browsed the Wired to Wear exhibit for the first time. That was great! I wish it were longer. Then we did the patterns exhibit, which I've wanted to see for a while now. Going to admit that I did get lost in the mirror maze, but I didn't hit myself, at least, like I thought I might. The dead ends were really cool and informative. The Museum of Science and Industry never disappoints me.

Gerrit Don

Well worth the visit. I spent about 4 hours here, and wish I had more time. The coal mine tour was excellent. The tour guide was very entertaining. The German U505 Exhibit was very impressive. Many great exhibits. Awesome experience for all ages.

Daniel Eastham

I live in a city very proud of it's science museum. Patriotically, I was very proud of it too. Was. This place blows it out of the water. It's one of the most incredible places I have ever been too, with truly engrossing exhibits. Actually getting to go on a real U-Boat, in a whole wing designed to look like a submarine pen? Wow! Not to mention the weather simulators, the interactive displays on thermal dynamics and hundreds of other incredible things (a whole train?!)... Definitely a world-leading institute.

Josh Dunlop

You have to pay extra to see the things worth seeing. The U-boat tour is an absolute must, but after you watch the movie 'Das Boot'. You will have so much more appreciation for the sub after watching that. The Smart House tour is cool too. What technologies reduce our carbon and electric footprint? I liked the mine tour too. It takes you below ground to see what it is like to work in a coal mine, and should not be missed. There are a lot of old race cars, bicycles, and ship models as well as a space exhibit.

Beau Butterfield

Impressive and immersive to say the least. One of the largest museums of its type that I have seen. Easily could spend an entire day here exploring all of the interactive exhibits. Good for all ages and really has a lot to offer for different interests.

Annie Racicot

MSI is a wonderful museum. I'ts a great place to take family members of all ages. The exhibits are very interesting and the staff is knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend.

Joshua Wagner

I love this museum, and so do my kids. It's gotten more expensive recently as you have to pay for more and more "experiences". The U-Boat tour is cool, but you're hurried through without much time to really get a good look, so that's a little disappointing (especially considering there is an extra fee to go inside). Still a great museum, as long as you're prepared for $60+ per person (which includes two "experiences")

Ildefonso Mozas

Awesome. It deserves two or three days here! Perfect for kids all ages.

Bo Brickle

This museum was interesting and had a lot of interactive exhibits. I would not recommend the coal mine experience. It was not very informative, and the tour guide was very soft-spoken, and it was loud in the area. Other than that the rest of the exhibits were excellent.

Tristan Realubit

Awesome place. we have membership and go 7 -8 times a year, comes with free parking and entrance to members lounge for free coffee or hot chocolate. My kids love it, so much things for them to see, learn and keep busy.

Ольга Демидова

It would be more interesting for children than for adults. The most disappointing was the cost of parking and that you have to pay for each additional experience

Lauren McGrew

Had a great time here and wish we had more time to spend! Do yourself a favor and start on the second floor. We started on the first and it was a little lame, except for the U505 exhibit that was amazing! We also saw a film in the dome theater which was cool. We were able to get in pretty quickly with our GoCity passes. I really wish we could have seen the YOU! Exhibit because it looked really cool. You’ll probably want at least 3 hours to spend here.

Oma G

We all love the Museum of Science and Industry. Took my children several times a year while they were growing up. Now it is my grandchildren turn and my grandson could live there as there is so much to learn and see. Even the cafeteria offers great food at a reasonable price for a museum. Recommend it highly.

Meagan Conery

This meseum has been a favorite since I was a kid. Now I am bringing my own kids here and they always have a blast. We got a season pass so we can go at different times of the year. The Christmas trees are a must see.

Lauren Carruth

Such an amazing museum... Perfect for little ones who want to touch and experience everything! Huge place that is a great visit as-is, but also offer lots of additional exhibits and activities if interested (for additional cost). Keep an eye out for the pop-up activities throughout - My kid loved making and taking home some slime from one of them!

David J Weinerman

Huge museum, and yet all well maintained. Spent 3 hours there and easily could have used another few hours.

Anton Topilskii

I believe this is the simply the best museum in Chicago. I really liked the hurricane installation, the wave generator and lightning demonstration. The collection of automobiles is quite impressive as well. The museum is really huge and it is completely possible to spend the entire day here.

Hanna N.

I feel like we could spend three days here. So much amazing things to see. My children were constantly mesmerized by each new place we discovered. So much beauty to see here. Worth every single penny!

Serena Round

My husband and I had a blast last summer and we can't wait to visit this summer again. There's so much to do here. Make sure you go there with extra time to enjoy the many exhibitions you can attend. We attended the mega dome movie theater amd watched a movie about planet earth. You'll love it. This place is huge so you will need a map and staff help for directions.

Bob Brennaman

One of the better science museums we have been to with kids. Definitely worth the drive to get to. Lots of hands on things to do.

Tamie Fernandez

Great museum! Too much to see and do in just one day. If going with a group research and ask pointy questions before you buy the food vouchers. We will not purchase them again unless they make some changes. The choices were too limited and you could not use the $ spent for it toward anything else which was quite frustrating. I personally don't drink soda and would have come out spending less without the voucher.

laura R cordova

Great museum. You'll need time to see everything. We enjoyed the mine train experience but didn't really love the chicken exhibition

Wyatt Determan

Awesome place, my only complaint was that many of the exhibits charged an extra fee. Which would really add up quick! Missed the main exhibit, which looked really cool because it was $12 more.

Anthony A

My most favorite museum in Chicago. Make sure to try the special exhibits. When I went the Fab Lab is a must do for any family! The 3D printing experience was fun and definitely would spark the imagination and creativity for anyone of any age. The U-boat exhibit was a little pricey, so we skipped that one.


I had tons of fun at the museum. I loved the model train set and the flight simulator was amazing. I got to have a full day with my mom, which is a thing that is getting rarer and rerer for me. So it was very fun overall. If you want to go, you simply must do the submarine tour and the coal mine tour. You will enjoy it a ton.

Patricia Carnevalli de Miranda

I LOVE THIS PLACE. The most interactive museum I've been to. The kids didn't want to leave even when they were closing it's doors. It's expensive BUT totally worth it. And there's always events happening for all ages. And the highlight is Tesla's coil exhibition.

Brooke Todd

Had a pretty fun time. Lot of cool things to learn and see. Kids loved the Idea Factory and all of the tornado stuff. Spent from 9:30 - about 3pm here. Food was SUPER expensive.

Darren Wacker

World Class museum. Loved my time there. Well worth a visit. Fascinating!!

Andrea Celleri

This museum is huge! There is a lot to see and you can easily spend the entire day there. It is very child friendly and has very diverse exhibits. Personally, I enjoyed the submarine, space and genetic exhibits.

Joy Ramey

My 10 year old & I visited today & wished we had spent the entire day here. Very interactive & child-friendly. We LOVED the U-boat exhibit & the science storm area. The Tesla coil was fascinating!

Hannah Smith

The building is huge but not much content. You have to pay extra for additional exhibits Lots of exhibits don't work, such as the exhibit with machine with drops bouncing the magnet didn't seem to work. Seemed to be missing a magnet. This one, amongst others also required a lot of force to actually move it, such as the one with the stress lines being moved with a magnet and rotated. The droplet experiment didn't make a noticeable difference to the fire, which meant that people just ignored it. The exhibit with the periodic table and the magnet picking up the elements didn't work either. So many ignorant people and exhibits that don't force you to actually engage or learn the science behind it. One man to his teenage daughter 'Oh look, you can make your own colours on the wall'. No, that's not what the experiment is about, it's about how different coloured lights change the appearance of objects. There were lots of children pressing buttons without reading anything. Such as the hot air balloon experiment with a 10 year old child repeatedly pressing the release button which wasn't active, without her and her parent reading that the temperature needs to be in the correct zone before it is active. So many of the exhibits and interactive elements don't actually force you to learn the science behind it and are more trial and error, thus useless. This was clear in the firework interactive experiment which was a list of ingredients that you had to drag into a bowl for a colour. You had to click and open it to read what it is used for and where it comes from. There weren't any non combustible elements which tricked you and forced you to actually read and learn which materials are necessary for the firework. Some dubious facts. Bicycles were originally ridden indoors for sport in huge velodromes before they became commonplace. 'Before bicycles became commonplace, they were ridden indoors for sport. Huge areas, or velodromes, were built to ride these new and still dangerous bicycles'. Really? I'm pretty sure that they were common before velodromes were built, even if they were built for sport. It also closes at 4pm. Really early. There is not really anything specific to Chicago.

Caleb P

Fantastic. There's so much to do and see you could easily spend a few days here exploring and seeing everything depending on how thorough you are. I highly recommend getting the extra tickets to do all the extras it's well worth it. Just be warned though, this museum is massive and at times can seem quite overwhelming. Great place to bring the kids, or just your wife.

David Finseth

One of the best interactive museums in the city. Great for all ages to get your science on.

Benjamin William

A great museum with a lot of various exhibits both for kids and adults. It seems that any science field that you could be interested in is represented here. Must visit for everybody

Chui Ming Tang

A huge museum with many interactive displays. For the experience exhibits you will need to pick up timed tickets before you enter so I would plan around that first. A lot of the cool exhibits cost extra so plan ahead and research which ones you want to do. We came here one hour before closing which is definitely not enough time. We were mainly able to check out the mirror maze which was fun and short. Because we came at the last hour, tickets were half price which was a nice surprise (I didn’t see this on the website).

Karl Schantz

The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry is absolutely a great time for kids of all ages! There are plenty of wonderful interactive exhibits and activities for everyone in this huge, beautiful, old Museum which dates back to the Chicago World's Fair. It is relatively affordable. Parking is expensive ($22 for the day), but that is to be expected near downtown Chicago.

Kev Salda

Very fun place for people of all ages! Very recommended to go to, if you want to explore more for science!!

Aaron Piper

It's a great experience. However there are clearly a few well dated exhibits. I can understand the monumental amount of funds and work required to change the things in the museum but I do believe there are a few that could be revamped or changed. One big area is the old time main street. There is nothing even really there other than an ice cream store and a old time moving picture theater. The items that were newer were clearly the star attractions, especially the interactive ones. It was still fun.


Took my family (2 teen kids) for the first time for July fourth. It was a hot day but inside it was very clean, cool and well maintained. Food court is awesome, bit on the expensive side but thats the case with most tourist places anyway. Museum is great, with lots of visuals and great explanations. You can literally spend whole day and still won’t be able to finish everything. Must visit if you’re new to Chicago

Ashish Agarwal

This is so much fun place. We were there since morning from the time of opening till the museum closed, but still we were not able to complete everything. There are lots of things to explore and learn. Kids would have fun.

Ben Townsend

Great fun for our 8 and 4 year olds. We should have planned for about four hours to really enjoy the entire museum. Regrettably, we did not because we didn't think the 4 year old would be engaged for that long. We were wrong. We could have stayed there all day and the kids would have been content....I don't think I would have been though. 4 hours is enough.

Megan Hutchinson

Great new exhibits. We love coming here with the family pass. Save lots of money. We will be back many times through the fall and winter to get out and learn!

Finley Burch

Coming from Seattle, I was amazed by the sheer size of the museum. There are plenty of exhibits to see and interact with, as well as guided experiences that require special ticket purchases. I got to experience the coal mine tour, which included demonstrations of real mining equipment. I would highly recommend that experience in particular.

Mykel Lammert

Onve of the best experiences I've had at a museum. They had amazing exhibits, the kids loved it, and it was very reasonably priced at the time. Prices change periodically & make sure you car pool if you are going with anyone because parking downtown is always expensive. Amazing experience though, many good memories.

Dominic Zhu

Very nice museum with the nice water Idea Factory. I really like that U505 that they put in one exhibit with activities surrounding it. I want to come back whenever I can.

Joanne Deangelo

We decided to stop by last minute and it was a blast! They do offer a military discount so don’t forget to bring your military ID as well. The best thing I could recommend is to take an Uber because it’s very hard to find close parking or parking that’s cheap. You could always get discounts and passes during the year for free admission as well. I love going throughout the year because they have different exhibits that they show and displayed. Very interactive and a fun place for the family or even a field trip.

Leaf Fael

Absolutely amazing! Take your time and plan a whole day here! Read about the location before coming, it has a cool history! Tennis shoes are a must. The gift shop has unique options! The museum uses stairwells to teach concepts...not an inch is wasted here! The cafe has really good food options too. Parking $22. ASTC reciprocal partner.

Ian Holland

I have never left a review for anything before this. I feel I have to express my disappointment however with this museum for 2 reasons. Firstly, I have never seen a museum with so much interior space and so few actual exhibits. There’s lots of replicated interactive stuff for kids but very little of actual historical interest. Secondly, is the cost. $38 to get in then another $18 to look inside the sub, another $20 for the mine, and $12 for the space shuttle experience. A packet of crisps from the vending machine is $3 and a bottle of water another $3. I find these costs to get the full experience very expensive, I’m just glad I didn’t have to try and do it with my family.

Bob Goodson

Our second visit, this time with the grandsons. This place is phenomenal! Our faves were the Fab Lab and the U505 exhibit. All staff were friendly and very patient with our talkative grandsons. Our only suggestion for improvement is the museum store. The store could use more t-shirts for kids and a model of the U505. An incredible day and highly recommended!

Bayan Almohaimeed

I enjoyed my time at the museum. They have a huge collection of scientific experiments. You can touch and try most of them. It gave me a chance to learn and have fun at the same time. I got to try the flight simulator at the planes section, it was awesome! I liked they way they presented and organized the science projects.

Matt Morstad

So much to see, we planned on spending 2 hours and spent closer to 5. Kids absolutely love this place and the WWII u-boat was the highlight for parents and kids. Super cool.

Omar Abhari

Loved this place and so did the kids. Some must try attractions include the Makers United workshop where kids get to build a small LED watch-like wristband. The coal mine tour was really cool, and the tour guide, Chris, was super, even with all the "miner" jokes :) The space center was great. He fab lab is really cool for kids (6+) especially the 3D printing workshop. Need at least two days to cover most exhibits and attractions. Oter honorable mentioms include the 505 submarine

A Federico RE

Excellent place to go with the family. If you really wanna enjoy it you must go as soon as it opens, as it has too much to see, coming here and not paying for the U-Boat your is a nonsense (18$) is the master piece of the place. You can definitely spend a whole day here without getting bored

James Chrispen

Too much to see in the little time we had there, would like to return some day and see everything it has to offer


We love this place! Joined as members and attended an open house tonight. The access and perks of this one evening were worth the price of membership. Everyone is always friendly and the exhibits are fun and interesting.

Cheryl Ridenour

A really interesting place for adults and children - ages 5 to 95. A wide variety of exhibits to interest everyone. You will even learn a thing or two - guaranteed. We also had lunch on campus and the food was good, a good variety and served in a clean setting. A must see for visitors. Could have spent more time there looking at everything. Beautiful building - and huge! What a gem for the city of Chicago!

Jovita Lazdinis

Amazing museum for the kids and adults!!! I'm sure we will be back again... Unfortunately we planned to spent where only one day but to see everything you would really need to two days!

Xiaohan Wang

My favorite here is the genetic science show: egg to chicken. Very impressive demonstration. I can feel how weak the life is at its origin but how strong it’s going to be.

Michael Mulholland

What a wonderful experience! The building is huge and absolutely beautiful. Plan on getting there early and staying for the whole day. Some of the exhibits require an extra ticket purchase. I would highly recommend buying the tickets to see the German U-Boat. Seeing this massive submarine is magnificent. The museum also offers a "coal mine" tour for an extra fee. I wouldn't recommend this exhibit unless you are interested in this topic

Bill Mintz

I have been enjoying this place since I was a small child. It continues to evolve and change. Great place. You could miss the wearable tech.


The must-visit place in Chicago. Even for a science illiterate person like me enjoyed very much the exhibition. Although some special exhibition required additional payment, if you visit this museum on a “free pass day”, I think the general expense is not that high. I am planning to have another visit at this place.

Benjamin Werden

Such an awesome museum. Plenty of things to do and see. It's great for kids and adults. Many hands on exhibits. You must visit the weather room, complete with tornado and Tesla coil. Extremely educational and fun for all. Plan on it being an all day event. We spent most of the day but still didn't see all of it. Many things inside have an extra cost, but we didn't do any of them and still didn't see everything that didn't cost extra. Will definitely return again sometime. The u boat exhibit was probably one of my personal favorites!


This museum and its temporary exhibits are amazing. The setup let’s you move extremely easy through the exhibits and not miss anything. 10/10

Brandi Stotts-Quezaire

Man, going here was a trip down memory lane. They had some new exhibits and some old classics( I still can't believe they still have the cow milking exhibit!), it's been almost thirty years since I was there on my second grade class trip to the museum, it felt like it was just yesterday though. The older I get somethings change, but I'm glad not all things have.

Olga Mago

An incredibly must-see visit. A lot of fun and new things are there. We enjoyed and will definitely come more to see it!!!

Charlotte Smith

Fantastic museum! Well worth the price of admission. We went on a Saturday and only left when the place closed and we had come in when it opened. So much to see, look at and enjoy. U-boat is the crown jewel but we also enjoyed all the other exhibits we had the chance to view.

Yadi D

To start this is one of my favorites museums so much to see and learn. I love it. I go every year with my kids and I like taking people when they tell me they have never been here.


Really fun place to visit. I haven't been here in a long time, but I really want to go back soon. Me and my classmates didn't get bored and had an awesome time. That was 8 years ago though, but I'm pretty sure it's even better now.


A great museum, with a wealth of information and learning opportunities. Beautiful architecture and a full size U-boat submarine

Upallnit Coleman

Great museum to go to, esoecislly with young children (or being a child at heart). Lots of interactive science displays, with videos and live people explaining each one. Makes me love and appreciate science.

Isabelle Ku

Excellent. Spend an entire day there, it was so big and interesting. Lots of fascinating exhibits and demonstrations. Also lots of hands-on activities to demonstrate different physical and scientific phenomenon. I really liked the storm section, the railroad display of Seattle to Chicago, the fairy tale castle, and the submarine. It was also busy when we went. Not as crowded as the aquarium, but still plenty of people. The staff were also friendly and informative.

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