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337 East Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601, United States

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REVIEWS OF Museum Campus IN Illinois

Marie Johnson

We toured the Aquarium. Went to Navy Pier on the water Taxi. Had lunch at Harry Cary's, and went on the Faris wheel. Look up free Museum days.Get there early for cheaper parking, it goes from $25. to $50. . A pretzel is $5.59. :) LOL.. Ya only live once....go for it! It was a great day.

Mike Johnson

It's a nice place to walk around, and adds a nice touch of nature in the middle of a large city. On our trips through we have never had any issues, and it always looks well maintained by the park staff.

Stan B

It was awesome. I could have spent days in there and still not seen everything.

Shailesh Haladkar

Museum Campus is a 57-acre park in Chicago. Museum Campus sits adjacent to Northerly island along the waterfront.It holds within five most favorite attractions of the city. The five attractions are — 1)Adler Planetarium. 2)America's first planetarium – the Shedd Aquarium. 3)The Field Museum of Natural History. 4)Soldier Field, home of the NFL Chicago Bears football team. 5)The Lakeside Center of McCormick Place.

Parth Lineswala

The most awesome place and a must visit place when you are in Chicago. It has the best view of city

David Lazar

Excellent museum for Flora, fauna, civilizations and cultures around the world and from prehistory to the current time

Betty Crater

You need DAYS to see it all. But it is incredible! I live the gems and Jade section. China and Sue are awesome!

Esai Rodriguez

It was smaller than I remembered, but it's a nice museum to revisit if you have the time

Rosemary Lobato

This museum is so beautiful. Especially the Ancient Americas section. My son goes crazy for all of the dinosaur skeletons- it’s a fun place to take the family. Also, the Mold-a-ramas are really cool.


Only visited the Shedd Aquarium this time, but had lots of fun. Plan to visit again to see the Field Museum and Adler Planetarium.

Brian McGlade

Great area ! Beautiful parks. Great museums. Nice walking along Lake Michigan


My Favorite Kim & Carlos Chicago Style Hot Dogs is Located There .. Greatest Hot Dogs in Chicago

Rob M

This was great place for the whole family, military discount great, one show was enough for three kids, food a little expensive but was good though. Great place to kick their imagination and get off those hand held games. Oh and on the Southside of the building is a small beach. Pay the twenty for parking it's next to the planetarium. Did not go to museum yet but will soon. Spent big share of the day between both beach and planetarium.

Nakita Benjamin

Great educational day for children with good attention spans... because it will take a whole day and a half to see half of each. If going without kids, it should be relaxing and intriguing

Andrea Braeckman

One of my favorite places to visit in chicago. The exhibits are great pricing on food and gifts are around the same prices as amusement parks.

Keith Warner

Its Chi town. A good place to stop in.

Andy H

We attended the Adler After Dark event that was very well put together. Amazing drinks, scavenger hunt, and great atmosphere. Also they have all gender bathrooms! They had specialty drinks for the Pride themed Adler After Dark event. They had plenty of bars set up and spread out. We ordered a pizza and it came out quick and delicious!

John Ginder

The campus was amazing, so many amazing and exceptional museums. The cafe were also very good in each location. The staff was knowledgeable and seemed to really enjoy the chance to share.

Elvia Montoya

A great place to learn and to walk. My little one enjoys to go.

Mitul Gandhi

The best place to take friends and family visiting Chicago. The view of the Chicago skyline from the waterfront is breathtaking. It's a fantastic spot for pictures they can take back with them of Chicago.

Stacia Gray

I was honestly impressed with the overall animal diversity at this aquarium, however my experience was slightly dissatisfied because of the crowding of children there. I was a visiting tourist but I expected to have a lot more visitation at the exhibit due to the price I paid. I would've liked this place to have an adults section because screaming children are not what I want to encounter on vacation. Staff was very polite and the 4D movies are a must see!!

Zuhayr Mohammed

I loved the photo gallery it gives you all the details from who shot the picture what camera they were using and where it was shot.

Teresa Benton

Museum campus is nice. We visited the Planetarium. We were dropped off by an Uber and left on the Chicago tour bus. The planetarium came with two shows that were pretty cool. My 4 y.o. enjoyed her visit.

Noel Maldonado

Great to experience. The astronomers that were there are all nice and answer all you questions while waiting in line. The magnification was not as good as I would have thought. I seen Saturn on my visit. I have seen Saturn on my telescope at home and it looked very similar.

Teresa Bodle

So much to see, it's a great place to spend the day.The Field Museum is Huge.Take the whole family and make it a day of discovery

xo ox

Nice view of the skyline!!!! Lovers lane

Marisa Arevalo

Loved visiting The Field Museum on cool rainy days. There was a highlight tour at 11 am and I learned so much from our tour guide Yvonne. Go next Wednesday Oct. 9th: Free for Illinois residents.

Jonathon M

Such a great place to learn all sorts of things about natural history. If you're into nature, biology, and history definitely stop here. They have dinosaur fossils, accurate taxidermy, anthropological exhibits, and plenty of other natural science for you to discover

Jonathan Douglas

Lovely setting along the lake to enjoy the many museums and attractions on offer, or just take in the lake and skyline. The only downside is parking, where it will cost you an arm and a leg to park in spots that are quite a hike to where you probably want to be (unless Soldier Field is your destination). Given that public transportation also isn't very convenient (other than the bus), best to take a cab or ride share, or carpool.

Edward McClendon

Great if you can go on a free day. Dolphin show was a huge disappointment. There was no music or talking so the audience didn't even know the show started. After a few minutes, the trainers left and the audience was still started. You could hear rumblings like is that it. We stayed for a couple of minutes but soon realized, yep that's it. Not what we expected. Seeing the other tanks was nice and the large shark tank was so crowded it was impossible to get a good view. We're glad this was a free day because if we would have paid we would have been even more disappointed.

Lauren Pagel

One of the best museums I've been to. The layout is very easy to follow and the exhibits are all very well displayed and interesting. The Gemstone Hall was my favorite...I could've spent hours in there. And of course, seeing Sue up close and personal was great. They have an informative video that plays every few minutes about her. Definitely worth the price. A must see if you visit the city!

Charles Bronson

Great place to take the family especially if you wanna WoW the kiddos. The Adler Planetarium has very awesome and visually mind blowing educational shows for learning about the solar system.

Colleen Rawson

Enjoyed that science and industry museum there are a lot of interesting things to see one of the largest train model layout I have ever seen. World war II Nazi sub is a well-done exhibit. Most of the special things require an additional fee beyond the standard admission. There is a cafeteria that serves a great Chicago hot dog. Parking is $25


Fantastic time at the Field Museum, right after the Chicago marathon! Weta Workshop's insect exhibit really blew us out of the park. :)

Lindsey Smith

Outside of shedd's aquarium. Great place for all ages to to visit. Very nice dolphin show. And many other attractions.

Marcin Dyszewski

Clean and very good signs of how to get to the different museums in the area.

Maiya Jones

Has a beautiful view of the lake. Very scenic, nice walking and bike path. Nice pla e to visit with the family.

Cynthia Fitzpatrick

We went on a free day. The views of Lake Michigan are beautiful. They had nice interactive exhibits for kids. One area was based on the planets and the other area was based off of space exploration. They also had movies to watch for $13 a show. We chose to go there for a few hours and not do the movies.

Tony D. Hernandez

Movies in the park was a blast! Hot chocolate, marshmallows on an open pit fire, Mars brand assorted candies, other tea or coffee choice. It was truly enjoyable.

John Scuras

Good stop before the Bears games! Free shuttle and $8 parking.

Melissa C.

What an awesome experience! I took some out of town guests to the Shedd Aquarium and I was just as excited as they were. Can't wait to go again!

Kat Bach

It's great for the family, date night, exploration... Good time had by all

Inez Suen

I have always loved the Field Museum and it never disappoints. It’s great for all ages and there is something there for anyone. Class A museum and incredible staff

David Hunke

Highly recommend if you're in Chicago and well worth the trip. Great location with stunning views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago Skyline. Quality exhibits and reasonably priced.

Nick Jones

Beautiful park area with amazingly easy access. Food options are sparse unless you want junk food. Great place to hang out on the weekend.

Marcus Flournoy

Cool place in the summer. Especially for concerts and scenery.

Reem A.Asad

Interesting and well presented items. Can be engaging for every age. The temporary exhibits add to the variety. Finally the staff is just wonderful!


The Sheds Aquarium and Museum are both well worth the money. There are plenty of things to do here for the kids, and the museum has excellent facilities for toddlers to use the restroom.

Ken F

Riding Bike The Drive, Lake Shore Drive is closed to only bicyclists. Afterwards cruising the campus is great

Robert Moore

Interesting place. The entire park is good for walking around. The Field Museum was really nice. There are several spots to get good pictures of the Chicago Waterfront and Lake Michigan. Highly recommend for any tourist visiting Chicago.

David Newman

We went to the Planetarium just for something to do. If you have children in school, nice place to visit. For older adults, kind of boaring. The best thing was the Planetarium show. We went to 3 of them.

Mark Lindberg

Great way to spend a day. Wish parking was better. Always have a fund day though.

jessie johnson

What a gorgeous place to didn't a day in downtown Chicago! There are several food vendors nearby and so many sites to see for both tourists and locals. I believe this place is very family-friendly but also perfect for couples and those of you walking solo.

Aninditta Rao

Everytime I visit I am fascinated by the collection and natural history information displayed at the Field Museum. Evolving Planet, Plants of the world, Meteorites, Geology and of course the dinosaurs and fossils. Absolutely marvelous way to spend half a day. Take time to sit on a bench outside at the museum campus and take in the views of the city and lake. A must do when in Chicago.

Kevin Brown

My home town will always be a great place to come back too.

Iona Wilcher

Fantastic view of the lake, but admissions are astronomical. $15 - $20 is enough. Stop expanding.

David Muscarella

Great time at the Adler Planetarium. The nephew's loved all the interactive exhibits

Davene Davis

I love Chicago museums and you have some of the most iconic ones right here.

Chuck Martin

Museum, aquarium and planetarium all together. Great way for geeks to spend time in Chicago. Be sure to get the Citypass to save money on these attractions.

sandra cichocki

I love this area of the city. It's gorgeous with the big museums all in one locale. If you're up for a stroll around, you'll find some of the best views in the city out here.

Eric Steelman

We had alot of fun here at the planetarium. The kids loved it especially the show where they took us around the solar system.

Samantha Moreno

Love the Big Bus Tours. Michael was awesome so passionate about the city he grew up in. Best tour guide ever. He knew so so much. But was also so young. We will be back soon and hope to get michael again on our big bus tours.

Grishma Bheda

Visited the Adler Planetarium which is good to know about space and achievements. Watch one fo their shows which are good. I watched Skywatch. The first whole weekend of the month you get free general admission if you have Bank of America debit/credit card.

Andre Barreto

Forget Navy Pier, for a taste of some of the best of Chicago head here insteas. It is for sports fans, for museum lovers, nature enthusiastics and everyone in between

Vishnu K. Lakdawala

Excellent aquarium. So much to see. Very well maintained.

Carlos Amador, Jr.

If you've got the time, spend some time here. You've got three major Chicago attractions. With influx of ride shares and boaters, be prepared to wait for buses. Or, if the day's nice, walk on the lake front path.

Mary Biancalana

Chicago's Museum campus it's a credit to Modern urban planning. It is very easy to walk between these major museums in a safe and uncongested way. There are plenty of other options for transportation including taking a human powered bicycle rickshaw, the water taxi, and even bicycles to rent. This probably has the most beautiful view of the Chicago City skyline including its beautiful Lake Michigan. I give this area 5 stars and recommend all visitors come to this area if they have time to see this lovely part of the Great city of Chicago.

Jessica Gaff

The dolphins are so freaking cute... OMG. They are incredible creatures with such unique personalities. Hearing them squeak spoke to my inner child. They are percious. It is a pretty cool experience and loved petting the sting rays. They come right up to the edge. We watched a dolphin show and watched them feed the beluga whales.

Jamie Glisson

Such a great area! However our favorite stop was the hotdog stand for the authentic Chicago style hotdogs. We ate them on the steps of the field museum the visited the museum. After that we walked around a but and grabbed some city rental bikes and headed back towards Millennium Park.

griff infinity

Best place to ride on the lake in Chicago. Great view headed north. Nice to sit and watch boats move from marina to the lake. Chill spot without the North Side overcrowding...

TheGrinch 7x

One of the best places to work by/at. Love the scenery and overall majestic atmosphere of the campus surroundings.

George Niemi jr

Many museums located here on a large campus. You could easily spend a day at each one of them. The planetarium was my favorite.

Amanda Sweetpeach

Great museum, educational, interesting, be prepared to pay $26 dollars to park in the parking lot unless you take public transportation.

Rachel Lyndsey

Went for the fourth of July to stay away from the crowds at Navy Pier. Fireworks were 15 minutes long and the place was nicely packed. Parking was not easy so rode bus out to campus, one bus full of people on the way back to the train system. Highly recommend the campus for the fireworks.

Royal Harris

Fantastic history museum. Everything from the beginning of time that's happened on the earth is in this museum. You could easily spend days exploring the 3 levels of history in this building.

Jack Vick

Great way to spend the day. If you go early enough during the week, you can find free parking.

David Sherman

What a great experience. This is a fun place to take the family when you're in Chicago visiting or you live here. With all the museums close by you can have an incredible day visiting, learning and all a wonderful area. You can also spend the day just in the area taking in the lake shore. This is a place to learn about many things. I only review The Best of the Best. This is an area that you can explore and is definitely the best. Don't think about it just go and enjoy with your family. Trust me, it'll be the best decision you made in a long time. Share and like.

n l

Very scenic area. Good views of downtown and the lake if you are trying to get some good pictures. Not a speck of trash in sight and seemed to be a very safe place to walk around or jog. We were there early morning and again in the late afternoon.

Alex Grippy

We went to the aquarium, it was really cool with a large variety of displays that we weren't able to see all of because they closed not long after we got through the line. The line is the reason for only 4 stars, waited about 45 minutes just to get into the aquarium, there was only one person doing tickets for GA people and one for people who have season passes. Besides the long wait time it was still worth it to see the animals.

Southern Prairie Cattle

Great place to relax clean restroom and clean shower if you need one at no charge

edward schrey

Spent the day at the Field Museum what a great place to bring the family there is something there for any age group. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Andre Tharpe

The architect used to make the building is a treasure it self. The history, facts and exhibits is another plus great place to visit.

Kevin Winklepleck

I took a day to visit the Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum, spending about half the day in each. While I enjoyed both attractions very much, I'd definitely suggest spending a whole day at each attraction you're interested in. Each place has so many interesting exhibits that you'll wish you had more time to visit. I encourage everyone visiting the area to check out at least one of the locations during your trip.

Aboma Galatta

This is a really cool area to visit. Aquarium, planetarium, museums. Soldier Field. Etc. Just fun to walk through as well. Great exercise area. #citylife

Rob Bijl

Here you can spent your Day quite easily.

Phil Spencer

The kids loved this place! I enjoyed coming here as a child and now bringing my own here is a full circle experience. It was definitely busy but the flow is set up in such a way that it never seemed overcrowded. Lots of stroller accessibility if you need it. Definitely going to be bringing everybody back here at some point.

Jon Ferlise

All the museums in Chicago are amazing. Having traveled the world, I can say that these museums are absolutely world-class. Some of the best you will find anywhere. Buy the City Pass if you plan to be in town for a week or longer.

Konamaneti Sreenivasa Reddy.

Huge place all-round, neatly paved shore of sweet Michigan Lake, stadium seating to view the skyline and the boats sailing through, vivid flowers, green grass . A nice place to spend leisure time with family. Kids will enjoy deep the area. A jewel among many... of this lovely area.

Tree Toker 3 Taker

As a Piña Colada campus worker, this area attracts several tourists & intuitive groups! This family friendly area has a variety of attractions & food for every 50 feet one comes across, never littered, very safe area! I cant complain about one thing, even if I tried my hardest to do so

Jessica Chrzan

Great museums, and the history behind them is amazing too! Such Chicago landmarks, a must-see when visiting!

Bill Breen

What a great place. Not just for kids. It's for everyone. And you'll come with some knowledge you wouldn't have known

Nadia Ali

The aquarium is quite literally one of my most favorite places in Chicago!

Justin Tate

We did the Shedd aquarium and enjoyed it but wasn't impressed compared to others we have been to. Parking was really confusing but once we figured it out we realized it was going to be a walk there. The outside "food court" for the campus was a joke. Food quality was terrible and they only accepted cash.

Rishi Alain Mungal

You need at least 3 full days to enjoy the museum campus and the 3 major attractions contained within it - the Field Museum of Natural History, the Shedd Aquarium and the Adler Planetarium. Reserve a day for each to get the maximum benefit out of the knowledge and fun that they have to offer. Great for families

Scott P

This place is huge and nice. Was going to go with 3 stars, because parking is far away and very expensive, and then you have to pay another substantial amount just to get into the museum. Then even more of you want to see certain exhibits. Going to a museum, to learn, like in a library, shouldn't really break a family's budget. It also seemed very warm in there in my opinion, and it was quite difficult to find your way around, it is very large and labyrinth like. But the building is very very nice, and there are some absolutely awesome things in there. And the location, on the lake shore, is quite scenic. I saw the lions of Tsavo, that made the whole experience for me. Hope I spelled that right. Been waiting decades to see those guys. Was really cool. Chicago in general really needs to look into toning down the pricing on just about everything. When it takes over an hour to get anywhere, even if it's a few miles away, because they have done nothing with the infrastructure, kind of sticks in your crawl that everything in the city seems way overpriced. Where's the money going?

Tracey Mattos

Great aquarium full of a wide variety of aquatic life. Only my second time there and now that I live here, will go a lot more. The wild area where the aquarium was over your head was amazing. Dolphin show was equally amazing.

Michael Limmer

One of the best in the nation. Great docents. Lots to see

Annette Jones

The after hour event's are wonderful, a different crowd appears when the stars come out. The events start with arranging the chairs and tables for the crowds of people the will come to share the space for a Wedding or Party going on. So come out and enjoy the place morning ,noon, or night.

Cu Phung

Best place to visit in Chicago. You can spend a whole day in the museum with all the exhibit available. Be sure to visit Sue, the most complete T-Rex fossil.

Jacqueline Ruiz

Fabulous place to go and staff is always ready to assist you in case you have any questions. Many new exhibitions!

Derrick Curtsinger

The museum and the aquarium was awesome and the grounds were attractive and tidy. Easily a two day attraction.

Sheila Johnson

It's a beautiful place with beautiful views, but no benches anywhere. Getting there needs patience with traffic, so factor that into your plans.

andres lopez

Great, fun, exciting place. I visited for Hamilton: the Exhibition. Was really interesting. If you are a history buff and love Hamilton and the founding of the constitution, definetly recommend. Staff was nice and informed everyone repecfully about when pictures/videos can be taken.

Aaron Degler

Excellent. The exhibits are great and well presented as most people state. Some information just doesn't change so there isn't a reason to update the exhibit (hence why the Field Museum is also known as the Natural HISTORY Museum). Beautiful taxidermy. The fact that lots of these items are real examples is mind boggling. There is FAR too much good stuff for one photo example to do it justice. Everybody finds their favorite.

Sandeep Pinjerla

Don’t see any other place beautiful than this in Chicago. At dusk or in the night, this is the best place to view amazing skyline. During summer nights, this is the best place to watch fireworks. There is also paid parking along the street and can also be reached by ferry easily from different parts of the city.

Nousheen Merchant

Serenity ;) I love this place we usually go for sailing before its get very humid. So it was a great experience with our instructor "K" and couple who joined us. If you like adventurous person go and look for adaptive adventures and sign up for more.

Heather Homa

My kids love this place! Buy your tickets online to help get in quicker and easier. Super busy in there, but overall a fun family visit. Spent majority of time down of lower level watching the larger animals in tanks. Did the 4D movie, quick but kids enjoyed as well. Cost for 4 of us was around $ not the cheapest but spent afternoon there.

Billy Allen

The Field Museum remains as one of the most informative, important, and awe inspiring places in the nation to go to learn about animals, dinosaurs, human cultures, and our evolutionary roots. This is a stop that will be fun for all ages and is well worth the price of admission. I would plan on committing to anywhere from two to five hours to fully examine all of the exhibits and artifacts; though it could probably be rushed in 90 minutes if necessary.

chris banta

The museum campus was a great venue for an evening Soiree, and had great views of the city and water.

George Trimis

Solid natural history museum. I enjoyed the Egyptian Exhibit, but lighting was poor. They had good examples of hieroglyphics in their original colors. The write-ups for the exhibits we're geared towards small children. Probably one of the best Egyptian collections in the US, but not as good as the Met in New York.


Beach over there is great because it isn’t crowded. Has more gravel and rocks than sand. The grass allows you to barbecue and you can find sea glass on the beach which my son loves to collect.

Kim Mallory

So much fun! So much to see! Bring the kids, there is plenty to do! Loved the Egyptian and China exhibits. Seeing Sue up close is one expierence I will never forget. Give yourself lots of time to truly take in everything.

Kelley Schroyer

The campus is easy to navigate to get to the museum you want to go to. Very clean and has a beautiful view of Lake Michigan.

Henry Jacobson

Kids always have fun at the 3 campus location museum and aquarium:)

Nicole M

Beautiful place to walk & the scenery is stunning. We were in the area for the Bears opening game. The Shedd, The Planetarium & The Field Museum are all in the general area.

Žarko Aleksić

Quite interesting museum. Plenty of interactive exhibits. A little bit more focused on kids activities than adults. Can't blame them for that. One of the most disappointing experience at the museum was the show "the secrets of the universe". If you value your time, choose another movie. It's not about science as much as it is about personal journey of CERN scientists. Everyone seemed disappointed after the show was over. Coal mine exhibit / experience was surprisingly good.

Jayy smooth

Museum campus is an awesome place to take the family and have fun and learning the process even if you don't go in the museum's you still can learn there is beautiful buildings around artwork and a gorgeous park with a beach in it.

Sharyn Meffin

Beautiful foreshore walk and wonderful park surrounds museum campus. Clean and pleasant place

Judy Buelow

Was amazing. Really enjoyed the Hall at Gems. I am a rockhound and loved the history and more. And the souvenir pennies! Easy way to have small piece of the history to remember later.


Several museums worth checking out all in one area. I really enjoyed the Field Museum. I could spend the whole day there. The Aquarium is way overpriced so my family skipped it.

Marcia Nickels

It is a wonderful place to walk around. There are many options to choose from. Walking outside in that area and Burnham Harbor on a nice day is relaxing.

Christopher Berckmans

Beautiful place with wondrous attractions. You need at least a day per museum to even see part of it.

Adrianna Hodges

Loved the field museum! Awesome attractions/exhibits! If you have a long walk there, I'd recommend the train or an Uber because we did a lot of walking there from a restaurant, a lot of walking at the museum, and then walked all the way back to Navy Pier. My feet were definitely hurting!

Sandra Kosierowski

There are so many things to see. We barely brushed the surface in 4 hours! My kids who are 9 and 12 enjoyed themselves. It's also super awesome that they allow the reciprocal program!!!

jessica munZing

It's beautiful. Clean. Well taken care. Safe. The city is finally doing something good . Total tourist attraction, but amazing to play a tourist in your own town. We love this place

Maureen Rzasa

What a beautiful landscaped Campus overlooking Lake Michigan. It's breathtaking.

devo n

Beautiful lake front area.....3 museums. The grassy areas are really nice, a few spots to get some food. The lakefront is beautiful from here!

Mary Radek

Kind of expensive between parking ($25.) And admission for my family was $140., but it is a very rewarding experience. I can visit through the end of the year on this admission (would have to pay for parking of course) plus got a really nice tote bah included.

Joelle Mbatchou

So many museums can be found here! My favorite still remains the field museum. It's also a nice place to do a picnic or just lounge outside as there is a very nice lawn in front of the field museum. I'd also recommend walking by the pier that leads to Adler planetarium; you'll get an amazing view of the Chicago skyline.

Steve Bird

Beautiful wide open area for Bears fans to have PreGame fun. Music ,food ,and lots of beer which, by the way, is cheaper than it is inside Soldier Field. All in all it's a great time. They have it Right On.

Pete Horeyseck

Love this place. Field Museum is so interesting to visit, wish every time I could see more.

David Thomas

Five stars for the view near the Adler Planetarium. The museum campus is beautiful all the time. But get there at night for some spectacular views of the city.


My son enjoyed it as well as I did. It was fun to watch and experience the exhibits took me back to my childhood.

Mike St John

This place has the giant Field Museum, the Shedd Aquarium, and the Alder Planetarium to it. The alder is cool, and also a bust currently as they are remodeling some of the best attractions. The Shedd is a great place for seeing all types of aquatic animals. The field Museum is massive with tons of exhibits of every type of natural beauty from rocks, to dinosaurs to plants to animals


This campus is impressive...multiple popular museums in one area however these museums are very large so it’s a bit of a walk between them, but no worriers there’s many pedi-cabs in front of each that can quickly get to each one..

Mark Swift

Went to the Field Museum only but was just due to a lack of time to visit the other museums. Really liked how all the museums were right within walking distance and didn't require a lot of time to travel and park at different places throughout the City.

Tom Bazan

Several great opportunities are within walking distance of each other. Catching everything would take more than a day...but would be well worth the trip! Plus, the shore gives a fantastic the view of the Chicago skyline.

Yota Xiong

First time in Chicao and visited the pier. Great place to walk around. Parking fee is outrageous. We parked at the pier. We lost track of time and ended up on the outside of the pier 15 minutes before closing. Were trying to find our way to the garage. Going back into the pier was the only way back to our car. Srcurities were rude. Instead of giving us direction to the garage, they just kept telling us to leave. Very unfriendly employees.

Krystal Aranda

Absolutely beautiful museum! They have a wide array of exhibits and fun activities! It is very well kept and definitely a must see when visiting Chicago. The dinosaur fossil exhibits are jaw-dropping and it will blow your mind.

Shital Chaudhary

It was very cool to see dinosours fossils! Highly recommend to anyone who is interested in biology and previous history. Lots of things to learn.

Jackie Sanguy

Great food. Dynamic views of lake Michigan with all the lovely sail boats. We went there on a very sunny day

The Tax Lady

Absolutely loved the Museum Campus! A lot of interesting information to see and learn about. Great for the whole family and family reunions.

Wojciech B

Always something to see and do. Nice walk along the lake.

Cheryl Ridenour

Get a City Pass. Visit all of the Chicago Museums - Shedd Aquarium, The Field Museum and Adler Planetarium. They each take the better part of a day to see. They are all fabulous in their own way. They are great for children and adults. You will do a lot of walking but there are places to sit and rest if you need it. There are places to eat on site. Don’t forget to walk down the sidewalk between the Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium and have a great free photo op with the entire Chicago skyline in the background!

Sean Perkins

Great place to take a stroll. The buildings are awe inspiring. The art decor of the buildings leave you wondering how it was put together. Thank you for a wonderful experience

Jimmy Silva

This was for a beer fest... Great time if you can do it.

imthatbitchsis xo

I absolutely love that Chicago has so many different museums! The Shedd is one of my favorites. Along with the Planetarium. Highly recommend

Debra Plants

Beautiful walk to all Museums and taxi boat ride to Navy Pier, open and beautiful. Biking, jogging, and A few Hot dog stands

Lisa Montgomery

Omg this place is breath taking! Please dont take my word come see for yourself.


Great aquarium but you have to pay for extras. Make sure you buy tickets online ahead of time, it will save you a line wait...I literally bought my tickets on my phone at the door and walked right in otherwise it was a 30-45 minute wait. The aquarium itself is spectacular but you do have to pay for extras and certain shows.

Andrea Bird

Easily accessible from the expressway. Parking was a flat rate for the day. Trolleys were available to take you around the museum campus at no charge. We went to see the Hamilton Exhibit ( which is now closed & moving). We stayed to eat & enjoy the lake view.

Laurencio Ronquillo

This area is superb. Whether a walk jog or bike ride the views and paths are great. On top it has a few museums and statues walking distance from each other. Parking lots are nearby and public transportation is very handy This is great to go and spend all day checking things out. Eating from vendors and just relaxing enjoying the whole experience.

Javier Carlos

This is a pretty cool place I would stop here if you have a chance. If you look at my photo you will see a very happy customer. He was smiling because he was able to get so many things to look at how happy he is smiling definitely come here if you’re ever visiting in the areaThis is a pretty cool place I would stop here if you have a chance. If you look at my photo you will see a very happy customer. He was smiling because he was able to get so many things to look at how happy he is smiling definitely come here if you are ever visiting in the area.

Jeremy Zorkocy

A little pricey, but the Aquarium was great, a good 3 hours and you can see it all.

Chris Homer

The Field Museum was one of my best museum experiences to date! The sheer number of quality exhibits is staggering. You could spend a couple days here and still not see it all, so plan accordingly! Highlights were Sue, the T-Rex, and the exhibit which walks you through the evolution of life on Earth. The dioramas were a lot of fun as well. I cannot recommend this place enough!

Charlotte Smith

Chicago's Museum campus it's a credit to Modern urban planning. It is very easy to walk between these major museums in a safe and uncongested way. There are plenty of other options for transportation including taking a human-powered bicycle rickshaw, the water taxi, and even bicycles to rent.

Kentonas Jacksonas

Location, location, location. By car or public transport, very easy to park also. Either take two days to vist or make multiple visits to really explore this great museum.

Adam L Maldonado

Very fun and creative atmosphere that was entertaining for my 16 month old son who was very engaged throughout the museum. My wife, he and I really enjoyed ourselves and it took me back years ago to when I last went. Can't wait to go again. Side note, food in the cafe is expensive but good. For kids the mac and cheese was really good.

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