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REVIEWS OF Lincoln Park Conservatory IN Illinois

The Scarlet Speedster

Good and free open area.

Shawn Zhao

Great family time.

Miguel Fernandez

Absolutely beautiful. This was a great place to spend time with my friends. The wide variety of plants is just astounding. I am particularly fond of the shy ferns that shrink when you touch them. There are also public restrooms on site, that's always a plus. The fact that it's free to go here makes it a no brainier five star review.

Frances Knapp

I can't give enough accolades here. Everyone loved our visit. The orchid room and the fragrant flowers were amazing. I could have sat they all day and read a book. You must go and see all of the flowers!!

Jordan Boulger

This is one of my favorite places in Chicago. There are lots of things to see in the conservatory, the zoo is right next door, and the garden/lawn in front is amazing in nicer weather. Inside the conservatory is a great place to get away from bad weather; heat, rain, or cold. It's not a huge building, so don't plan to stay all day. But with so much other great stuff withing walking distance, you can make a day out of the area.

Ralph Loza

One of my favorite winter hangs (but great year round!) I love the sound installations that play in the fern room

karime silva

A peaceful and wonderful place to enjoy nature , every day of the year on a big city

Maya McCray

Beautiful flowers and art. It was filled with a peaceful ambiance ☮️

Michael Castelluccio

Beautiful array of flowers and plants! Free admission!

Melisa Reyes

Beautiful to visit. True gem in the city. Wish parking were easier. Signage to get around from space to space could be better.

Jag Singh

Awesome natural getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city :)

Roxanne Westfall

Loved the behind the scenes tour during Open House Chicago.

Osama Alzahrani

The number of plants there is astonishing, and the entrance is free.


Very nice greenhouse and it’s free! Not a lot in Chicago or any major city is free so it’s nice when something like this is! It definitely helped break up a hot day and avoid a rogue storm that was passing by.

NsR Bxggie

A total oasis, this is a place where you can go and find complete piece of mind. To the point where you wouldn't even want to leave. This is a very family friendly place, with lots to see... This would make a great memorable, wedding spot too. I suggest everyone too go, and please donate as well to help keep this beautiful place up and running. This place also offer volunteer opportunities, I recommend it to broaden your horizons.

Tina Medina

Relaxing small place to see. Good for picture backgrounds.

Joaquin Reyes

Great place to relax, enjoy, learn. Bring a friend , camera, notebook, or just your self and your feet. Make sure to ask the volunteers lots of question they are filled with knowledge and just as much curiosity as you are.

lefty tripoli

What a peaceful experience. I've been going to the conservatory since my childhood days. Love this place.

James Mckinlay

I love the variety of Plants! My Boys loved the Bowls in the pools... They reminded me of windchimes!

Paul Ling Sing Zan

Small place so expect it to only be a quick stop. Beautiful spot nonetheless!

Heather Tackett

Felt like walking through a peice of beaven

Alice M

The rotating art exhibits are always very well done amd the place as a whole is so enjoyable. Great for sketching!

Michael Damato

Fantastic public gardens, worth visiting anytime you're near the lakeshore

Ruzi Babaeva

Very good place for having rest!

Carrie Wacker

Beautiful plants things I haven't seen before!

Patrick Thomas

So beautiful and peaceful here. Wonderful way to spend an hour or two.

Christopher Hall

One of my favorite places in Chicago. We took a friend from the Netherlands there and he was just enchanted and loved every minute of it. The docents are knowledgable and interesting, the plants are, of course, just stunning. I really have to come back more often to keep the beauty and serenity from here with me in my daily life.

Jesse Milbrandt

It's on the warm side but that is to be expected. The plants are beautiful and it is a nice quiet place to stroll.

Kelley Farrell

I used to live across the street and the conservatory was such a great place to go and relax. On rainy days, I'd grab a book, head on over and curl up on a bench to read. Also, I've been known to take my tiny friends to the fern room to "search for dinosaurs" (plastic dino figures hidden in the foliage) and the train display in the flower room during the holidays! Other good-to-know info: entry is free, bathrooms (very clean) are by the entrance, and it's easy to navigate with a wide stroller (except the fern room which has stairs)

Meredith Rutherford

So beautiful. We went during the Spring Show which was just breathtaking. We were immediately greeted by staff member, Brian, who really knew his stuff and was super friendly. Can't wait to come back! If you love flowers, gardening, etc, this is a must see!

Bill Wells

Just wonderful displays. Free admission. Fascinating and dense, loved the Fern Room.

Brendan McCrea

Great Rainy Day visit to free Conservatory. Built 1869 for Columbian Expbition. Ancient ferns orchids. Chicago Gem that needs some public funding or a donor for repairs.


This conservatory is much bigger than how it looks from the front. There are so many different variety of ferns, flowers, orchids, and trees. This is wonderful to walk through especially during the Chicago winters. It's right next to Lincoln Park Zoo and best of all, it's free.

Cynthia Edmonds

The conservatory is especially lovely as a winter reprieve, but interesting to children and adults all year. Remember that you're not supposed to touch the plants, many of which are delicate. We saw a few people pull off flowers and photograph it without thinking through the consequences of even ten people per day doing that.

Leoveta Jeffries

It was great my sister act as if she had died and gone to flower heaven. It made me smile to see her enjoy herself so much.

Virna Garcia

I love this place it's free to the public excellent variety of plants.

Warren Baczynski

Free. What else can I say? Bring a bag, bring a cooler, bring snacks. It's important to support them, but if you cant afford their food and just want to have a fun day out checking out the animals. You can't go wrong with going here. Check out the penguins. 10/10

Heather Alvarez

Need a place to just get away and breathe... this is your sanctuary. Always lovely. Find a bench and just sit.

Keila Gomar

Nice flowers, plants and fountains.

Jorge Landa

Looking for a nice , relaxing place? This would be great place to visit ! Especially by the fountain.

Laís Petri

This is an amazing experience in the middle of the city. Awesome collection of plants from all over the world!!

Kathleen Resendiz

Viewing the Lincoln Park Conservatory was breathtaking. From start to finish I was amazed by it's beauty. I kept thinking how old these gigantic plants had to be. Just gorgeous.

Olivia Parasca

It's nice but I saw people there. And they were starting at me so nah

Ali Ezzeddine

Amazing selection of trees and plants that can send you to many different places in the world just by being there. Fantastic experience. Kid friendly too!

Alexis Neal

Another great place to visit that's completely FREE!!! Just like the zoo, donations are welcomed and deserved. If you go in the colder months, be sure to wear layers, it's very warm and humid in the Palm House. It's absolutely beautiful!! I could spend hours reading on one of the many benches listening to the chiming bowls and rain sounds.

Sylvia Wong

Beautiful location and very well maintained

Nino Arobelidze

Lincoln Park Conservatory is a Brilliant place to visit any time of year but especially so for when the sunlight gets sparse in the Chi (basically anytime during the colder months.) Spaces like this one, filled with tropical plants and humid air, will fill you with good energy and jumpstart your mood. The only downside is that you might be tempted to forage fruits from the plants, like papaya and oranges. But alas, please Don't eat anything off this landmark but do come by and drop a donation if you are able, as the Lincoln Park Conservatory is one of the only free conservatories in the country.

Dawn Peters

An oasis in the winter! What a lovely place for a walk. It is so well planned & gorgeous

J Weiss

Friendly guides a great place to take a break from the snow. Layer so you can be comfortable it is tropical. Make sure to find the sensitive fern and smell the gardinias if in bloom!

Andre Barreto

It is beautiful this time of the year. And I grey depression hit you, go reenergize at Botcania Garda.

Davis Nell

Had a nice day visiting that amazing place

Ana Munoz

It's beautiful and peaceful. Great place to visit. I will definitely be back in the fall.

S. Samusen

right on the lake . nice vibes

Shane Soliday

Definitely a beautiful place. Small but worth the visit. There are different rooms for different types of plants

Neema Pourian

Must visit for any trip to Chicago! It's free, well kept, and climate controlled. Highly recommend checking it out.

Rebecca Alvarado

Love all the warmth and beautiful plant life. The show house room is gorgeous as always

Kaitlyn Kirk

This place is beautiful. We made a day of going to the zoo & the conservatory while we were visiting Chicago. Especially for a free attraction, the conservatory was very clean & well-maintained - with lots of different rooms and plants. We really enjoyed strolling through for a relaxing afternoon activity.

Janet Long

Beautiful little place, reminded me of home.

Kevin Liang

It's not as big as Garfield Conservatory, which I highly recommend. But the varieties of plants and displays still worth a visit when you visit the nearby Lincoln Park Zoo.

juan lujano

Nice place to enjoy with family and friends.

Brittany Erikson

Incredible. My husband and I like visiting conservatories when we visit cities, and this one was really something. So incredibly lush and green with some large trees fruiting plants we've not only never seen, but a few we've never even heard of.

Jane Hamidi

Have been visiting this conservatory for 30 plus years, never disappointing!

David Villa

I always have a great time coming to the zoo it's a great activity for the kids too Explorer

Sara Chamboullides

This is a wonderful, free little gem in this beautiful city. Outside of the conservatory is a gorgeous view of the skyline past a beautiful park. It's small enough to not get lost but big enough to kill an hour or 2. Great place to bring kids or take photos!

Pankaj Sharma

Very nice place for family and children. Good commute by cta chicago

Seriana Gamble

Pretty place and got amazing pictures

Anupa D.

Plenty of blooming plants and folks walking around trying to help. Lovely musical pond, orchid garden, tropical plants etc. No labels an plants so it's hard to know what many are.

Mykyta Shuliahin

Wonderful place. Cinematic location with great amount of fern, palms, and flowers. Warm corner in the cold city which you can enter do free.

Carlos Carbajal III

Nice place to walk around a pretend you're in a mini tropical rainforest.

Paula D'Urbano

Absolutely stunning!!! Do not miss this place. Loved the fern room. And all the plants and flowers. It's free!

Roaring Bison

This place always very pleasing to the eye with the flowers and plants it has to offer the viewer. Great opportunity for taking great photos with family shots and of the plants.

Sharon Renee

It was so beautiful in there. The plants and flowers were amazing. I loved going there. They have a bathroom in there as well.

Taylor Williams

The conservatory was shockingly bigger than we thought. We loved the different rooms and the greenery was great.

T Shafi

This place is cool. Actually, it is very warm in there. A lot smaller than Garfield Conservatory, but still worth a brief visit, especially on a cold day in Chicago!

DJ Southpaw

Very beautiful and free admission. There is quite a variety of plants, trees and flowers. There are also 2 singing bowl ponds. Very tranquil and zen like outside.

kashif sultan

A wonderful stop while at the Lincoln zoo they have an amazing selection of plants and trees

Samuel Waggoner

So many cool plants from around the world. Ferns and orchids. Water lily pond. Koi fish. Vines. Coffee plants or are they trees - either way they have them. The building itself is also pretty cool. You can see all sorts of old mechanical parts that probably opened up sections and doors that are no longer in use. There is no admission fee, but I did notice that there was off-street parking for $26!!! Just walk. The city is very pedestrian friendly and we felt safe at all times.

Veta Hicks

Beautiful. A must see if going to Lincoln Park. It's located right outside the zoo.

Jay Guelfi

Absolutely beautiful! The building dates to the late 1800's and is full of plants of every kind.

Mary Eastman

Gorgeous place to visit and take a break from the heat.

Frederic Bailey

Its very relaxing to go here in the morning or evening stroll. Love the atmosphere :)

Yvette Mulkawy

Nice but recommend to go on a hot day.

alex coyle

This place is just magical, my daughter is in love with this Oasis in a concrete jungle!

Oacia Fair

I had to stop here before leaving Chicago and it was beautiful. I took my little brothers and they even liked it, asking for pictures in the gardens. The flowers were beautiful and I loved the different biomes. it was so peaceful and beautiful, a great place to be. Plus: Admission and parking was free, but I would have paid to be there.

Nicolle Grant

Wonderful botanical garden with free admission and free street parking located in Lincoln Park. What more could one ask for? The zoo is just down the block. The park is vast open space filled with a beautiful fountain and a plethora of flowers. The conservatory itself is stunning and gives off very tranquil vibes. I’m sure the place is usually packed but I went on a Sunday morning when it opened at 9 am and no one else was there. Recommend for families, couples, literally anyone who actually appreciates botany and nature.

Alison Wyatt

Nice place to escape to and get some fresh air

Steve Dondelinger

Must see! Immaculate presentation and a wonderful gem right near the zoo.

Kate Truscello

One of my favorite places in the city. Great place to have a free outing with friends or family.

Rodney Hess

Very well maintained collection of tropical plants. Smelled great.

A Google User

Beautiful place, although you can not park in any flirt, and usually on weekends is quite busy.

MobilePhoneGamer 72

Lovely place. Full of lovely specimens. Free to get in on certain days and certain times

Nicole M

The conservatory was beautiful. There's free admission. Kid friendly. I loved the orchid room. There were even turtles walking around.

Les Johnson

Beautiful place. Very serene and intriguing.

Parissa Amnes

One of my favorite free activities in the city, it is near the Lincoln Park Zoo and they do a nice job curating an environment with beautiful plants and art. Being a conservatory/greenhouse, it feels tropical inside which is nice during the winter. We didn't run into any staff while we were there and some parts of it are tough with a stroller, however it is beautiful and free! Highly recommend!

David Rios

What a Chicago treasure. A great place for a walk with family, friends,or romantic lover's.

Rebecca-Lynn Douglas

This was the surprise highlight of our most recent trip to Chicago! I love plants, and this conservatory was brimming with beautiful blooms and trees, ferns and fronds! There were a number of exotic and impressive plants and trees. I truly loved this place.

Aye-mi Van

This botanical garden was beautiful. We spent more time here than we thought we would.

Kim Ackerman

We stopped here on Dec 29th before going to the zoo to see the lights. It was the most amazing poinsettia display I have ever seen. The wide variety of orchids was also impressive. Great stop to warm up as well after we walked in the snow.

Stacy Corwin

Unfortunately, we only got to enjoy a brief visit as part of a Chicago bus tour we took. We will definitely go back when we have a LOT more time. It was absolutely beautiful!!

Heidi Zurcher-Neely

Great place to visit on a cool late winter early spring day. It made you forget it wasn't spring yet as everything was so nice and beautiful and warm inside.

Ava Mitchell

Always a pleasure going too Lincoln Park Zoo it's more like a carnival now

Captian Kuz adam

Its super cool to see at those plant from all round the world in one spot

Sarah Helser

Loved the flowers ! Definitely a must see if you love flowers and nature

Shawn Humphrey

Wow this place is amazing. I'm not super into plants but I had a blast here. The whole place is immaculately maintained and beautiful. The staff is great and extremely knowledgeable. The plants have great names like flaming sword and Lady of the night. I had a blast here, definitely check this place out even if your not a plant person. It's 100% free and amazing. Keep up the great work Chicago!

A Wilson Webb

More exotic plants found here vs. Smithsonian gardens.

Christopher Straughn

This is a gem in Lincoln Park. With four rooms, it's a great place to spend a half an hour, especially in winter as the halls are warm and humid. If you want to get away from the crowds at the zoo, come here.

Eugene Carter

Ever kind of plant, beautiful gardens. Next to the zoo.

Marty Bhatia

I am just back to Chicago visiting for a short bit. In that time I will come here more than once. It's one of the best conservatory experience especially for the size and location. I like to nature bathe. It's the perfect environment. I learn something every time I go. There is often some mixed media like sound in some rooms and places for kids to interact. This is a gem in the city.

Anu Sarathy

it is free, and the green house tropical garden is very nice.


Great beautiful place to just walk around in

Hannah B.

The fact that it's free, makes it 100x better! The place is just awe inspiring! I took so many amazing photos in there and it really is bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. It is VERY well maintained and cared for, and the selection of plants and flowers are beautiful! My personal favorite room was the orchid room, I never knew there are so many different types of orchids. Definitely a place to go if you need to get away from the city for a bit and if you just love plants in general. OH, and did I mention it's FREE??

Ian Waters

Great escape from the city. They have various exhibitions that rotate through one of the rooms that are really amazing!

LC DeVine

I enjoyed the beautiful plants, some I had never seen before, volunteers were super nice. Great to be able to have a outing that didn't cost us anything. Thanks to all that donate to keep this wonderful place open.

Jessica Fabian

Loved their flowers!

Madeleine Austin

I always love the conservatory. It's free, there is a rotating flower exhibit in one of the rooms, the plants are well-tended, and it's wonderfully peaceful. The fern room usually has excellent sound exhibits that elevate the experience, and there are benches in almost every room for resting/relaxing. You can sponsor a bench in someone's honor, as well. This is a great place to visit in any weather and makes a beautiful backdrop for photos. Just be sure to get permission to do a shoot first!

Bill Peterson

Great picnic spot and beautiful conservatory

Guerda Fleurant

This conservatory was very beautiful and it had many beautiful plants from all over the world. 10 out of 10 would recommend!

Leah Lawson

This is a wonderful place to take a moment away from rainy/snowy weather. I only wish it was bigger.

Oleksandra Shuliahina

One word, BEAUTIFUL. Amazing Oasis in the great of the city. Come here to relax, reflect, smell the flowers, take some cute insta photos. Can't believe this place is free! 100% recommend it.

Liz Johnson

Gorgeous place! Cant wait to go back highly recommend! It is free and you can find free street parking around it as well!

Cristian Bravo

It was a huge and really beautiful park. The zoo is way smaller than what you would think. Overall, it's a pretty good plan.

Rose Thomas

A must see when in Chicago! So beautiful, full of life and peaceful. Currently, spring flowers in full bloom and a special exhibit for visitors to see and hear-floating bowls that give off a soothing chime add they delicately bounce off one another.

Kevin Doelling

Great to visit on a colder day. Awesome sights inside. Free too! Really great variety in plantlife.

Leonardo Ramos

it's a beautiful and quiet place. if you wanna relax dont hesitate and visit this beautiful place

Shaun Paul Kennedy

One of my favorite places to go in the city!

Le PieroPi

Love coming here every zoo visit. ♥️


The Lincoln Park Conservatory is a free location to visit (donations are suggested). The conservatory is very well maintained and full of both natural as well as architectural beauty. A must do for visitors and locals alike.

Colleen O'Connor

This place is yet another wonderful free place to visit in Chicago! I went for the holidays and really enjoyed all of the festive decorations and train displays! The staff there is also extremely knowledgeable and were a pleasure to talk to!

Mustafa Ibraheem

Not really what I expected. Garfield Park Conservatory is way better

Ed Luisette Kraal

I always love this place. I bring family and friends here all the time

Elena Podmareva

What a great place to visit with the family! Unique plants, variety of orchids, fountains, turtles, fishes. Entrance is free. Restrooms available

Isabelle Cassagnol

Nice place for a family outing or a cute date spot. A nice selection of flowers and plants.

Martina Umpleby

A great place to walk around with the kids for free! The staff were friendly and engaging and made the experience so fun for my young nephews by giving them a "hunt and find" activity

Kianu popokaula

parking is pain, other things are amazing ..the green space always attracted my imagination

Mila Z

Visited the park in rainy day in May. That was so pleasant - such a lovely place full of colors and, plants and flowers, big and small. (Free admission, welcoming stuff). If you didn’t get any guide – you are not lost here – every plant and exhibit it described , unknown flowers recognized and remembered. We met a small group of kids age of 5 (!). It was so nice for them to visit such a place of beauty to enjoy and love the nature. Great place to relax and admire !

Roberto C Calderon

You will find different plants and trees from around the world. It's a great experience to learn all kinds of vegetation.

Mirn Sca

Lovely garden and awesome place to play Pokemon as a start up

Sue Cleary

Beautifully maintained greenhouses. Always so magical! Never grow tired of visiting there.


lots of flowers and plants bit humid but its necessary for plants nice place to take pictures

OjosClaros LabiosRosas

It's just peaceful and smells amazing. I love to come in here a few times in the year, i wish i could stay

Rebecca Aronhalt Yokum

A magical wonderland! Very cool architecture and a lush abundance of plants. The fern room is particularly great.

Jaclyn Kwiatkowski

Super neat! I love the different themed rooms! Such cool plants. The fern room is to die for. Its free too! Close to the lily pond! Make a stop! There are huge carp in ponds inside as well.

charles woodward

Still a great place to visit.all those excotic plants.

Tyler Hanyzewski

Place is beautiful as always. Could have used a bench though

Matt Malec

I love visiting the Conservatory! Especially in spring, when it's still cold outside, and I get a chance to see the flowers in bloom; it gives me hope that summer is coming! It's divided into different rooms, which, though relatively small overall, makes it a long and breath-taking experience. At times, staff is present to provide extra botanical information! It's also free!... though they do accept donations at the door...

Master iOqY

Totally worth a stop when visiting the Lincoln Park zoo just a short bus ride north of the Loop. Free admission. Opens an hour before the zoo at 9am so suggest going here first before the zoo. Lots of exotic plants, flowers, and trees. They also always seem to have art installations imbedded within the gardens all within a art deco-ish dome. Art and creativity never goes out of place anywhere in Chicago.

Anabel Pachano-Arismendi

Nice place, beautiful plants and flowers. Recommended


Its a beautiful conservatory. I enjoy the fern room. The orchids are stunning. They have seversl display places that feature different plants through the year. If you plan on taking wedding, family, or any other kind of proffessional photo you need a permit.

Scott Fenstermacher

What a beautiful place to spend an afternoon. The water gardens are relaxing and tranquil.

Janice Drew

Located just outside the Lincoln Park Zoo, this conservatory is worth the visit. Admission is free, and there are clean restrooms near the entrance. Each section of the building features different types of plants, with my favorite being the orchid room. The fish pond at the entrance is pretty, and the various tropical plants are interesting and beautiful. If you visit during the Christmas season you'll see many different poinsettia species that have been placed throughout the displays. Take a camera and enjoy!

juan guillen

Located right in Lincoln Park and next to the Zoo. Beautiful, historical, and informative.

Roger Bohn

To have a wedding ceremony in the back-end of the Conservatory, which is not heated, on March 2, was ludicrous. Parking only added to unpleasant experience. ...Found out later that the bride opted to not bother with the offered heat, so as not to disturb the plants' preferred cool temperature. It was "her day" after all!

Allen Goldberg

Lincoln Park Conservancy is a brilliant jewel surrounded by many natural setting. The natural beauty is breathtaking. Ver welcoming.

Aline McWilliams

Interesting park right on the edge of IL, saw a coyote but he kept his distance. It's right next to Dodgers stadium so if it's baseball season check the schedule, traffic could turn into a nightmare very quickly. Go early morning and parking should be available.

Sean Bragman

The conservatory is a beautiful place and it is free! It's located next to the free zoo in Lincoln Park. This is a nice place to walk around and see many varieties of beautiful plants you might not see in Chicago elsewhere. If you enjoy the beautiful plants, you will enjoy this place!

Anti-Climactic Wolfie

Most beautiful conservatory I have ever seen.

Jessica Guzmán

Absolutely beautiful plants that would not survive the harsh weather here. Nice to see the array of plants and trees. 100% free to enter. Will recommend and come again.

Rahul Bhat

Good to spend time with the plants. Worth the time. Loved it

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