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Where is Leaning Tower of Niles?

REVIEWS OF Leaning Tower of Niles IN Illinois

Courtney Purciarello

Pretty cool free thing to do in Niles!

Steve Correll

It's a beautiful replica and well worth the trip if you live in or visit the greater Chicagoland area

Eugenio Rodriguez

A little bit dissapointed, non or less it was nice to visit it.

Juan Los Primos

Wish we could go inside but this is an amazing downsized replica of the Tower of Pisa.

Abhishek Basu

Nicely built, almost an exact replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Top of the tower not accessible.

See Lee

Took many of my families here and they enjoy taking pictures here. Wonderful short stop.


Haha! Looks like the real thing!

Subbu Yadavalli

Perfect replica of PISA leaning tower.

Maria Rosas

The leaning tower of Piza but on a budget hahaha. Good find . It is on a YMCA center

Magda Kirszen

Very nice place to make some good photos

Darcy Funk

Interesting landmark.

Joann Ramirez

Great background but it was fenced in so we couldn't take pictures

Bryce Nickerson

Why go to Europe when you can go to Niles!!?

Shawn Sandefur

You can not go up to the top. It is not open to the public.

Rose Marie

Beautiful. Saved a trip to Italy.

Amy Jiang

Cute place to stop by for a few fun pictures, especially since it's free! Right next to costco (filled up on cheaper gas) and target.

Piyush Gangrade

The tower is good and as the name says it is leaning. Entry to the tower was not open.

Jeremy Foz

Nice little architectural gem in Niles. Not the same size as the original, but a cool "model". They recently did some work to fix it up and the area around with seating is a nice bonus. Great place to sit and relax for a bit to get your mind off things.

Mel Johnson

Closed for work when I was there

Ahmad Tounisi

Great place to see

mohammed abdul haq

Good place to take some snaps!! If not in Italy bring Italy to you!!

Baloys Villaverde

Don't know what to say but it was very nice. For me never being in

Senthil Pillai

Beautiful representation of the actual leaning tower of Pisa. It was airy and crowd-less (is that an actual word??!!). Had a lot of time taking amazing photos. Close to the airport and definite place to visit. Highly recommended. One can park on the lots behind Aldi.

Romeo Leonardo

Nice place

Ms. Malinda

Pretty unique building to see by the road


Nice building

Syed Mohyuddin Shah Mahboob

Good place to visit

Joseph Kerski

Beautiful place and stunning ! Next best thing to the real thing in Italy !

Subathra Vijay

A replica of leaning tower of Pisa. we are not allowed to climb the leaning tower of Niles

Haris Mulasmajic

Very cool tourist attraction, currently under construction.

Amy Cordell

Such a cute attraction.

Jay L

It was interesting and fun. I wish I could have gone inside it.

Deirdre Canniff

Interesting landmark, nice landscaping, would be better if the water features were functioning.

cassie cole

Loved this was such a net thing to see especially since I wont be seeing the real one any time soon. The location for it was clean and peaceful and can be seen from about 5 blocks away

Marcin Tandecki

If you can't make it to Pisa, this is the next best thing. It's a half-size replica of the original, and a pretty cool to thing to see if you're in the area. Make sure you get the photo where you're either pushing over, or supporting it!

rickyy 000

Didnt know this place existed till we passed by. This is more like Chicago's hidden gem i recommend coming day or night both times it stays marvelous!


The leaning tower makes you go hmmm. During the day you can go to the top of it.


It is a very cute tower to visit if you're in the area.

Ivo I

Interesting replica of real one but much smaller

Suman Singh

Good tourist spot for a spring evening.

Rick Fletcher

Basically in a parking lot.

Jason DelaRosa

Beautiful tower. Go here in the morning and take a good sunrise photo.

Maria Lourdes Hernandez

It was great!!! Surprisingly not many people around... nice to check out and enjoy something unique

Ken B

Just stopped in at night. Saw it from outside and took 2 pictures of the tower lit up.

Terry Shreve

fun place

Michael Skelton

Cool place to visit have been to both places and so amazing to see how close they are to each other go here asap

Edwin Chalas

Pretty good looking replica of the real thing

Wayne Swartz

Quite unique but looks like, it is not maintained, or they are working on it not sure which.

K Melendez

Clean and nice place.

Les Hornsby

1/2 scale detailed replica

william sandefur

Not allowed to go inside to the top

Yvette Williams

FUN. FUN, FUN....for simple sight seeing folks!!!!


Good for visiting with kids + there's Target nearby

William Mc Cord

Cool place to see.

Microatlarge Corp

I believe that during the summer this is a very romantic place. This is not a huge but it is still monumental. I go there to see the waterfall there or the springs.

Jonathan Egbert

Very interesting piece of art in Chicago area. My Dad grew up in Southwest Chicago area and never knew about this. Good for a quick stop if you want to see a neat architectural work.

Jenica Schulz

This place is so random but a fun quick stop.

Brownie Dog

Great I came here years ago good destination, pretending that you are in Italy.

Isaiah Ly Buado

Pretty cool. Great for photo ops.

Steve Addison

Nice to see once, but not much to do there. Not open to climb up, so we just looked and took pictures.

tj ven

Looks exactly like the original, actually half the size in all aspects . Nice spot.

Tommy Lytle

I used to live there nice people

Kyle Julle

It’s a fun place to see and for a quick pic.

Fares Alahdab

Nice structure. Interesting to know the history behind it. It's a nice spot to just sit in and hang out at for a while.

Al Larson

Pretty cool.

lucky chocolate

Neat but fenced in.

Brian Sweeney

In a world that is so quickly and with such direction, this delivers exactly what you want out of a miniature tower of Pisa in a YMCA parking lot. You were probably just going to Target and lo! A tower where you too can pretend to be its sole supporter. And be left wondering... Do they ever turn the fountains on?

Monii GaRo

Beautiful place!!!...

Vijay Murugesan

Just a monument replica, a good one for some photo shoot. Can't go up the tower or spend much time here.

Toshen M. Thomas Mulakunnath

Nice place to visit

Debamitra Bhattacharjee

Good for some photos... nothing else to see.

Nancy McClelland

Not much to see here, but it's a sweet idea to hide a water tower, and I love the kitch. Good way to start off a walk to the Cook County Fores Preserves.

Blue & Green Traveling Team

It was amazing to see this! We happen to just pass by it and we just had to stop and take pictures of it. Beautiful architecture!

Derrick Pettis

I always wanted to stop and get a closer look. Finally got the chance. Wow

Sachin Karlekar

Replica of Leaning Tower of Pisa. Need to be refurbished.

John Mgtow

I love going here ever since i first saw this place back in 1998. I have a ton of memories here. There used to be a dance club near here for age 16 and up called Galaxy. This was late 90s early 2000s. Someone died of an extasy overdose so they shut the entire place down. But yea a lot of niles area rappers make music videos at the leaning tower. This is a very cool place!

M Zim

Super fun Northside secret.

Sv N

Make decent exit for cars

Bob Farris

Great place to kill 10 minutes

Vijay B

Love this place also target and Costco is next to it so have fun and shopping both with family

Jacob Greek

Interesting place near Chicago

Veronica Ortiz


Jo Ortman

Fun place to get a picture. Sure would love to see the fountains fixed and working .it would be beautiful

Ken and Alicia Lund

One of the more obscure and serendipitous oddities in suburban America. Fascinating replica and very interesting to visit.

MT Slate

How utterly unexpected to find this replica of the original masterpiece in Illinois! Especially in the middle of Skokie, no less. It is situated on the grounds of a local YMCA rec center.

efrain quiroz

Beautiful place to sit back and enjoy the area

rajat goyal

no need to go to the actual leaning tower of Pisa. u have a good replica (half size of original here). i am sure it would look even more beautiful in snow.

Arnaldo P

Nice replica of the Tower of Pizza.

Juan Jaliper

Second time here after 22 years

Jere Whiteside

It was definitely leaning!

Ozgur Satici

Nice view at night.

Garland Labat

Fascinating replica of the real one.

Eric Pleiss

A half scale replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This Chicago area oddity is a fun stop, not too far off the beaten path. The parking situation is a little weird, no easy in and out, but otherwise a good way to break up a road trip and snap a goofy photo. Probably not worth visiting twice, but fun for the first time visitor.

shivranjani palkonda

I love everything about this place. The staff, the gymnasium, the group exercise classes. They have various activities for adults going on in summer too, like advance swimming lessons.

Jyoti Namdeo

Good place to visit.

Niya Russ

Half-size replica of real leaning tower of Pisa. Great place to take photos. Its currently under construction so the fountains are not in use. Ill be back again.


Cool attraction, exact copy

Mira Kle

The location really isn’t the best but it’s different

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