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REVIEWS OF Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center IN Illinois

Rebecca Meadors

It was amazing so detailed & love the fact they have tour guides & a self guided tour. I'm from Cincinnati & came on a day where admission was free even still I found the museum totally worth the price . My friend and I went on a guided tour with Dayla I think or something like that and she was great , very detailed & told amazing stories on the side. I really recommend , this is definitely a hidden treasure .

Julian Quintero

It was interesting how they express what occurred in the museum. It looked really modern and it was cool

Bruce Claver

My wife wanted a membership. I thought she was nuts. She finally got me to go and I found it absolutely incredible. I wanted to read everything but that would have taken hours, like a full day. The new hologram show where you ask a hologram of a former survivor questions is really cool, especially when they tell their stories. It is kid friendly and the local middle schools go there on field trips. They should have built a larger and more comfortable theater for special events but overall, it's not to be missed. We need to remember mankind's histories or we are destined to repeat mankind's histories.

Timothy Funke

Easy to get to, going to Ohare...check it out!

Jay Cone

Great experience!

Thu Pham

Amazing museum. Love the symbolism in their architectural design plans. Docents are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Avital Tidhar

Important to know and to learn. Also an additional presentation on slavery and a temporary exhibitions that changes every few months.

Ashley Purpura

Beautiful and moving. I appreciate all the work that has been put into this museum and also to share other people's stories as well. Thank you

Dave DeNormandie

Very well done Museum. Loved the hologram theater Q and A.

Melissa Jones

Definitely a must visit. So much to see and experience. My daughter and I definitely want to go back

O Penar

Although it is based on a rough subject, this place is great to visit. It taught us many different things and the people working there were extremely kind.

Jurnee Yohe

Very informative and cool to see all the artifacts and learn about history and how it affected so many people. I do not think I would ever go back just because I did not find it interesting and I was kinda bored. Though if your into history I think that you would enjoy it.

yasmeen guadalupe

Spent about 3.5 hours here and still didn't get to see it all. Very educationally. There's a hologram experience presentation but if you have to choose between that and a guided tour I would say go with the guided tour. My family and I got a mini tour from Ron (while he rerouted us around the construction site), his parents are Holocaust survivors and gave us a little backstory which we all enjoyed learning about!

Aakash Pardeshi

Heart touching place. Stays in your mind for long. The staff are very helpful with everything you need.

Michael Levin

It's a supiurb learning experience

Darryl Thompson Powell

This museum covers more than the holocaust by lifting human rights issues that affect all people today. Be sure to see the holographic show.

traci margolis

It was as interesting, educational and very moving.

Lisa Burkhart

Very moving, very educational experience. The guided tour is excellent, but allow several hours so that you can view exhibits on your own, as well. Don't miss the hologram, which is interactive.

Gina Driskell

An outstanding somber experience. The structure itself reminds you of confinement. The permanent exhibit fully captures holocaust experience. It is a conversation starter. A true piece of history explained.

underlust papyrus

I can't explain the experience you have to for own... It is a place to go and get humbled for sure. Loved it!

Eli Mayerfeld

Excellent exhibits and knowledgeable staff

Voice in the Void

Great museum. One that you cannot miss going to. Especially in this day and age.

Gerald Hallsten

Great place to learn about a real historical tragedy. Hologram with live question and answers from survivor was awesome. Learned new information too. Small but nice book store. Had vending food machines, but no other food choices - wish they had more food availability. Offered Veteran Discount.

andrea jones

It was wonderful I had a great time and the guide was very informative

Teresa Bodle

It was an emotional experience for me.It is such a wealth of information. The pictures, video clips,and don't forget to go to the hologram theater. You can spend a few hours in here. I'm glad we came

Elena Dritsas

In Evanston area for sons wedding and happened upon this museum, so glad we did... started out on our own when we caught up with the guided tour so we joined... Steven, the docent, was AWESOME! Very personable and knowledgeable, spent time in every section but kept the tour moving... always asked if anyone had comments/questions before moving on to ensure it wasn’t too fast/slow. Our 10 year old is not a fan of guided tours but Steven even held his attention the entire time.

Ron Vilbar

Everyone should visit this place at least once. The images can be graphic and there is a lot of sadness as well as hope. Definitely go with a guide as there is a lot of poignant symbolism that can be missed.

Genevieve Kai

Very educational, and I’m hit with the reality every time I go

Janet McGill

I was visiting the area and realized I had never been here. Enjoyable visit. I thought maybe it would be depressing. It was not. It was uplifting. Excellent exhibits, some of which change. Nice gift/book store. I would come again next time I visit the area.

Allan Gruen

From a family of holocaust survivors, largest intact from Frankfort. Docent reinforced everything my father and uncle was so reluctant to detail. Moving, well displayed and presented. Definitely worth taking a free tour with a docent to reinforce everything that is clearly displayed and described. Spent 4 hours one day and will spend at least that amount again revisiting. A must see hidden gem in Skokie. May be too graphic for young children.

Ania Solek

A beautiful yet haunting experience. Enjoyed it very much, and I will definitely come back again to see EVERYTHING, there was so much to explore and learn about, I couldn't fit it in one trip!

Anita Hoffman

A very moving and enlightening experience. I visited two days in a row. It is a difficult yet hopeful message the museum gives to visitors. The hologram is amazing and I felt blessed that Sam Harris was in the audience and I was able to to shake his hand at the end. This is a must go to for everyone.

Chessa Harris

Amazing museum. Tells the story of this incredible tragedy with taste and honesty. Nothing just for shock value. I love the connection to local survivors. I think more people should go, it might tip the scales of bigotry that have seemed to have a resurgence in our country.

Sokha darranick

Informative and professional. Nice staff.

Mary Hodgkins

This was an amazing experience. The main exhibit is so complete. Even if you thought you knew a lot about this subject, I guarantee you will learn more. The Holographic Theater was such a unique experience that it should not be missed. The museum also celebrates other heroes and their fight against predjudice and intolerance. I came away feeling very humble and grateful that this museum exists so we never forget.

Rose Opio

Great museum! The cost is low, & the exhibits are beautiful. The kids and I learned much more information that was not mentioned in school text. We also got to view the slave trade exhibition, in which we enjoyed just as much as the holocaust exhibit.


Great. Keeping History from repeating itself. Nice museum.

Wendy Musto

Touched my heart. Will return.


Very engaging

Amy Jessup Tilford

The people were so nice and organized. My students went right in. Our group tour guide made it such a special experience with her very personal accounts. If you are studying the haulacost this is a must see experience!

S ramirez

This place takes you back in time. If you like history and are curious about the Holocaust please visit. The interactive hologram exhibit was powerful highly recommend.

Deanna White

It was a awesome experience for me and my kids we really enjoyed it.

JoAnne Berg

The Bill Graham Rock and Roll experience was amazing!

Isabel Morales

Totally worth it, a very inspiring and meaningful place, where you can get touch by the important history events that mark humanity. Con: there was a construction in process in the middle of the exhibition so we didn't get to experience an important part of the museum. Pro: The hologram was awesome

John Sigman

Tells what happened to the Jewish people during world war II


A must to visit for making sure that Never Again will remain a reality

Zainab Mahmood

Great experience I went for the student Leadership Day event the things we talked about really were interesting.

Madeleine Gerrish

Incredible museum inclusive of all injustices against humanity. The permanent exhibit is incredible and the special exhibits should not be missed. This is a museum you can go to again and again!


This was my 4th trip here for a class field trip. Our docents have always been so informed and passionate. Many of them have stories of their own family members. They do a great job engaging students and getting them thinking. It has been such a powerful experience going to this museum and hearing the survivors speak. I recommend any and all middle schools and high schools to attend.

mjed shackour

Thanks it tell you real history of people suffered a lot and we should learn to live together work together love each other and help each other

Nicole Golda

Ron is an amazing guider!! He is very kind, nice, and teaches you many things that are worth to know!! The whole museum is incredible and it’s worth to visit it. My visit was very emotional, I cried but it was worth it.. if i could rate this more than a 5 star, I would give it a 100 star

Rick Reingold

Impressive exhibit of the atrosity of the holocaust.

Carrie Connection

Unusual exhibits that deal with the plight of many different people of the world. On your exit, look through their fabulous gift & book shop.

Jeremy Adams

An amazing experience they setup the museum to be like you are in the history yourself. You cannot help to be emotional and drawn to the experience, I feel brand new having experienced the history offered in this place. I recommend everyone experience it

tracy baldwin

A must-see for ages middle school and up. A moving, impactful, important and inspiring museum.

Chela p

While driving to Chicago we seen a sign that said Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center. I had no idea that they actually had this in Illinois. Well on our way back to Wisconsin we had enough time to make a stop here, luckily they close late on Thursday's. It's a very informative place and very detailed I gotta say. You can see videos of survivors. A timeline of events of how everything started. There was this one frame they showed in the millions of how many Jewish people lived in Germany and what was left after WWII was over. They had pictures of many of the concentration camps, death squads killing of men, woman and children. It's horrible how they even had actual video of this, before you enter this particular room they do warn you about the graphic details you will see. There are some parts where they don't allow you to take pictures or video. This is definitely a place that should be visited, to learn some history and make sure it's never repeated again. We would return again especially since in the last 30 minutes we rushed through it.

Diana Mayorga

Omg! Such an amazing museum.

Eilo Betoushana

Never forget! There are no words to describe this.

Naomi Law

Several people from the Galesburg area and I visited in April 2019. It is a beautiful and educational experience. Not beautiful because of the horror but beautiful because of the resiliency of the people. The Museum is a tribute to the people who died and those who survived. It is well worth a visit.

Blimmo D. Clown

Had a very deep and personal experience in this place. Just a word of advice and you can laugh at me if want. If you are 'sensitive' to things be wary around the rail car they have in there. It hit me like a ton of bricks and I am still recovering.


Very interesting and moving. The holographic videos are really cool. I highly recommend checking out this museum.

Amanda Sweetpeach

Nice museum

Carmen Mendez

Really interesting to see all the artifacts and learn up close about what really happened. But i just wish there were more to it, to be honest it's all just a long hall way with picture and artifacts along with videos of people who survived and telling their story. I wish there were more to it. I would have like to experience some real life situations of what happened. But either way it was fun. Thank you for the experience.

Wayne Teal

A must visit musuem. Powerful.

Anne Marie Dando

Very informative and moving. I will never forget what I learned today and the brave survivors that were represented and willing to share their horrific experiences. Your strength is so inspiring to me. Thank you. God bless you all.

Michael Bertorelli

it's an informative building with friendly staff that always had information to give and we're proud to work and happy to work at place, a place where everyone should go to learn about the Holocaust. Also there's a lovely little lady that works in the gift shop who was so cheery and she was a joy to talk to before leaving the museum

Christy Hradek

A great way to spend a meaningful day and to commit to the importance of human rights for all to heal our planet and our souls.

brad fox

Incredible museum. Exhibits are well done with emotion.

Rosa Vandiford

My school took a field trip here. It was amazing. It was wonderful yet sad to see all the pictures of the holocaust victims and all of their belongings. It broke my heart. We met a Holocaust survivor and it was amazing. It was the best field trip I've ever had.

Robin Daniels

So worth visiting!! Heartbreaking and horrible how racism and genocide can go hand in hand.

Melissa C

I was in the area and decided to check it out. Very emotional experience. I'm glad I went. There is so much to see. The museum is very well laid out. The only thing I would do differently is go when there are not as many school kids on field trips.

David Welbel

Wonderful as always.

EvanTheLyon 41

Amazing place to come, so much to learn. The environment give that effect of sadness, great place to see the story of the events

Derrick Gillard

The only thing I can say is that your life and understanding of the Jewish people would never be complete without spending several hours here. The gift shop has everything. The lady, Myra, I think was soooooo awesome! I apologize if I spelled her name wrong. We will be back again.

Bro. Donald Thielsen

Amazing tour and Well informed and educated docents! Quite an impression!

iwona rybczynska

You must see this place. It was an incredible and not forgettable experience. You must have a guide to get a full understanding of what you are looking at. The museum shows a very touching movie. The highlight is a hologram with one of the survivors.

Zur Kreimer

Very serious and strong educational place.

Monika Thormann

Very interesting. A lot to see and learn.


I feel very grateful that I had the chance to visit this museum with my family. On the day we visited, a holocaust survivor was sitting at a desk. I did not get to talk to her as our youngest was hungry and wanted to leave, but I respect her commitment very much and I wish I could talk to her. The exhibits are exceptionally well done. This museum deserves a much wider recognition. It's only 13 miles from O'Hare. Highly recommended.

Jerome R'quavius

Horrible and disgraceful experience. The staff was very rascist to my family and me. A employee (called Mike) stopped my mother and siblings upon entering the museum, calling us, "Uncivilized beasts with no connection to Jews nor their culture." Security then came up and escorted us off the property on grounds of, "Harming the experience of others." This experience really discourages others from museums and historical sights. I'm extremely dissapointed in America right now.

Michael Gerson

A truly amazing place! In addition to exhibits that feature thought provoking educational photography, stories, mementos and several interactive activities about the holocaust and other ethnic and racial atrocities, it has two very unique exhibits. In one, a holocaust survivor hologram tells his or her story and answers audience questions. Beyond keeping survivor memories alive beyond their lives, it should go a long way toward helping that we never forget! Additionally, a virtual reality tour of train cars, the trip and visit to a concentration camp is available. This is done in the virtual company of a survivor who explains what and where things happened to him, his family and others.

Joanne Pass

Amazing museum explaining in detail the horrors that occurred under Hitler and nazism. There is a hologram presentation with a survivor. It looks as if they are on the stage. You hear his or her story then can ask questions and the survivor will answer.

Patricia H

Special place to understand & learn what truly happened to people ~ very personal ~ such a wonderful memorial GO

Alexandyr R-W

Very informative and so much to do and see. There were a bunch of school groups so it made going through the museum very difficult so probably better to come on the weekends. We also did the hologram and that was very different but informative. I would probably stay for a couple holograms.

JD McQueen

Very well said out museum with in-depth exhibits.

Bethany B

Blown away at how world-class this is. Try to go with a docent so that you can get at sense of the logic of the architecture - it's a whole meta experience in and of itself!

Ashlynn McBride

Annette was a wonderful, knowledgeable, and kind tour guide! I highly recommend visiting this museum at least once in your life!!!

Nancie veldhuizen

Such a great learning experience. The only thing i really did not like was when we were in the haligram exhibit the woman running it had to talk about todays politics. Totally turned me off. Nothing to do with history

Bill Michalides

Very moving and emotional, some of the images really stuck in my mind and touched my heart. One close up photograph in particular, of a young woman with two small children waiting to be executed really went right through me. Incredibly powerful to see.

Nate Janke

This museum had the most interesting artifacts ever from WW2. The atmosphere was quiet and dark as a Holocaust museum should be.

Ronda Orasco

Really nice place lots of history

Ember U

A valuable and somber experience. One of the better holocaust museums I've been to. The holographic theater is an amazing way to keep stories alive.

rose rainer

It was an amazing experience! I learned so much from Ms. Nanci. This is one of the most atrocious events in man’s history! I was deeply moved and vow to always speak up!With knowledge comes power. Thank you to Ms. Nanci and the museum staff!

Joe Marcus

Wonderful museum where you can learn the sufferer of the Jewish people during the second world war

Hunter Combs

The information that the museum had was amazing. I reccomend going just to see history right before your eyes. The person that lead my group around was amazing as well. She had all her facts down, and was very engaging. This is a very great place to go to even if it is based on a horrible event in history.

Propht Droid

Very well designed museum. Didn't have a chance to visit the rotating exhibits, but I'd like to go back for that.

Brett Mastey

Didn't budget enough time to see it all. Have to return! Plan on a few hours minimum.

Vlog Galore

A suprising place to visit! The staff were very knowledgeable with all the historical facts of the holocaust. This place has exceeded my expectations even though is smaller than your traditional museums. For non-locals, its near by a Mall and nature trail park.

Raeanda Edwards

I learned about the holocaust in scholl but the tour i got was awesome and very very education and i learned a lot more.

Sandra Druba

Very nice laid out well. Very educational... Allow enough time to see everything. They have tours. But there is mostly reading on everything.

Nancy De La Huerta

Went on a school field trip. The docent talked way too much with her own agenda and the kids hardly got to see the exhibits. In addition she didn't stick with the schedule and the kids ended up having 5 minutes to eat lunch before they were very rudely rushed out of the lunchroom.

Arthur Horton

Not a good place for little kids but for people who want to know and understand history.

Reynaldo Rios

So sad yet so informative of the evil of indifference. Never again never forget.

melelia pitts

was there for a job. clean and good imfo on history


Really interesting place to walk around with informative exhibits! Learned a few things about the Holocaust that I didn't know prior to visiting. They have a train car inside that was used to transport people to concentration camps. You can walk inside and it's definitely an experience that brings pause and reflection.

shelly schwetz

Great kids area on standing up to bullies.

crazy chicken hobo

Had a great time, very emotional.

David Diego Rodriguez

Excellent historical museum!

Marcia Nickels

The history within this building is so moving.

Melanie Sarabia

Learned a lot from going to see AND understand MORE of what truly happened then.

Jason Kinnaman

Excellent museum from a dark period in history.

Borris Powell

The main exhibit at Illinois Holocaust museum is always eye opening, gut-wrenching, informative and humanizing. "Sold Lives" A detailed exhibit of the Louisiana slave trade. It is worth your time to see the exhibit before it leaves on August 25th 2009!

Sergi Yavorski

They have lots of documents on Holocaust, great guides and impressive exhibition.

Diane Popper

This museum is a place that should be on everyone's "must see" list. Not to be missed is the hologram show.

Jason Hill

This museum is off the beaten path but well worth a visit. This museum is dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust and making sure that future generations understand what happened in the hopes of making sure it never happens again. There are engaging cutting edge displays and artifacts. The stories will move you to tears.

Connie Foytrck

What a place for everyone.Beautiful so educational.Everyone needs to go at least once

Audrey Mika

Going here was an incredible and possibly life-changing experience. You will definitely need a guide to get the most information and stories. I learned a lot from my tour guide, who did a really good job. The architecture is all symbolic, which is explained on the website. This museum has inspired me to learn more and I think everyone should visit it.

Phil Maki

Very well done museum. A great learning experience. Hard to describe, very moving.

Paul Garrett

Excellent presentation of a horrific time in history

Michele Daniel

Very informative and beautiful museum. The free docent-led tour was really engaging and I learned a lot. The temporary exhibit on the American slave trade was a bit too simplistic and lacking. The museum is currently going under a lot of construction, but they gave everyone a free ticket to come back to make up for it.

Leone Ryan

I found this museum very insightful and meaningful. The facts are conveyed in a precise and thorough fashion and you feel as if you are meeting the people involved in person. Would go back again.

Kaitlyn Hollman

While the museum was a great experience and the audio tour was extremely interesting, going on a weekday while there was school tours really disrupted the experience. In general, they had too many students for such small exhibit areas making it difficult for the public to see them or move around the groups.

Alinuru dot com Yasin

A haunting reminder of things past... One can only imagine the stark reality at that time. Kindness requires understanding of the past with mutual respect of our differences. By accepting the differences, human beings can cooperate and need not go down that path again.

Jess Willson

This is a great museum with a lot to see. We had a good guide that took us through that had great info for us. So interesting to see authentic artifacts. Also, listened to a speaker at the end that lived her first 3 years in the Warsaw Ghetto. Amazing story. This is the 3rd largest holocaust museum in the world behind the one in D.C. and one in Israel.

David H

This is a beautiful facility and a place everyone should make time to visit. The displays are curated with great thought and there are amazing educational opportunities here as well. It's an important and special museum. Parking lot is large.

Kelsey Jacobi

Beautiful, comprehensive, inspiring and intriguing museum. If I well worth spending a day here. If you are interested in history and learning this is a great place to go. There is a ton of artifacts to go and look at and even a very cool interactive hologram of a holocaust survivor that you can learn from. Highly recommend.

Mario C

Was very impressed with this museum. I highly recommend it to everyone. Our guide is the daughter of two survivors. She was very knowledgeable with a lot of stories. Security is over the top but definitely worth seeing.

Veelow mUy mAlo

Very knowledgeable tour guide

Melinda Rhodes

This is a place everyone should visit. We must never forget. This museum had the exhibit - The Last Goodbye for several months. I scheduled the 20m virtual tour close to a month in advance. We are not close to Skokie, 1hr. 22m drive from Capron, Il. Somehow another person was also scheduled in the time slot I had and it seemed as though I would not be able to view the event. Believe me, the museum is an entire day event without this 20m virtual tour, but I was truly disappointed. It was booked solidly through the final day. I would say the museum staff, which I believe quite a few are volunteer, worked tirelessly to manage me into an already full schedule, so ultimately, I did see the virtual tour ~ wonderful. In addition to the main section of the museum which they say is about a three hour self guided tour, they have a holographic theatre (permanent exhibit) with survivor, Sam Harris telling his story and a question and answer session immediately following. Its hard to say a wonderful place because the museum documents horrific unimaginable crimes, but this is necessary documentation and they have carried out the assorted stories beautifully. This holocaust museum, I am told, is second in size only to NY museum. (USA) This is a not to be missed place. The only improvement I would say would be for there to be a small café where you could have a bite to eat, or a cup of tea or coffee. They do have a area of vending machines we were told on the lower level, we did not go see it. The museum is a great and humbling experience. Don't miss it.

Frank Ferko

1st time visitor. Very well done! The holographic special program was excellent. On par with Washington DC Holocaust Museum only smaller and limited. Worth the trip!

Jearlean Paul

This Museum is a gem of a place. Took grandkids to learn some history . The Purchase Lives Special Exhibition brought sadness to me, to think and see what my ancestors had gone through. Never knew of this place until I received a flier. Would love to go to again.

scott eigenbauer

I went with my son a few years ago for a school field trip as a Chaperone. Every child should have to attend a Holocaust Museum in order to Graduate High School. It is a very somber and moving experience. Even though I am half German, I am also half Ukrainian and I lost Family members to the Holocaust. One exhibition, with a wall full of empty old picture frames, will forever live with me. I cried.

Jenni Antonicic

A must-visit for any citizen, both for history and contemporary issues of atrocity. Rich in demonstrating the traumatic impact of oppression on culture and also the resilient potential of all peoples.

Jason Rubio

Highly recommended, the virtual reality tour is a must , the museum is small compared to the national Holocaust museum but it stands on it own with some unique exibits.

Ron Dilger

A story to remember.

daniel ziko

Good place interesting place

Matt Godbolt

Harrowing, moving, educational and with a great call to action. We took our kids (8 and 10), and there was a lot for then to see and do. A lot of really interesting and important discussions were sparked.

Brad L

Very nicely organized and informative museum. I understand the need for security, but I didn't like feeling I was constantly being watched.

Naomi Spears

This was my first time visiting the Illinois Holocaust Museum and I loved it! I went to see the Purchased Lives exhibit and I learned many things that I didn't know before. To be honest, some of the things I learned really upset me since many of the events that occurred negatively impacted my heritage. I encourage anyone to learn and understand their roots so they can preserve the history that is being erased from (or not included in) the history books. I highly recommend this museum and the exhibits on display here! :)

Martha Sigurdson

It was a very informative place, and the information was heart-stirring. The only thing I might suggest is that more benches be added for those people who need to get off their feet! The guided tour was rather long, for those who can’t stand for long periods of time.

Zachary Yench

A must-visit.

David Lefeber

Lot of history here. Great place if you like to learn more about the Holocaust.

Richard Lee

It is odd, to say the least, to be asked to review a museum dedicated to the shoah. This museum is incredibly thoughtful from the architecture through the exhibits. It is powerful and thought provoking. We can respond today only by marking and remembering and working so that it never happens again.

Sy Guzman

Incredible museum! Take a guided tour and watch the hologram, both are worth the time! Big thanks to all the docents and staff who made today's visit possible!


Educational with intriguing stories and diagrams with interactiveness. One of the better Holocaust museums

Jesse Storm

An amazing musem. It really helped me see the human element to the history.

Jesus Neri

Very educational. The stories shared at the museum are really eye opening. You'll need several hours to go through this museum. Definitely make sure you plan a trip to this museum.

Kirstjen Lorenz

I sorted the Illinois Holocaust Museum was a really good small museum. It was very successful in talking about genocide generally and how small actions can propel movements either to the negative or the positive whether we stand up to hatred and bigotry or whether we acquiesce to those things and how are actions today still matter not obviously for the Holocaust specifically but for human rights and genocide generally that goes on throughout the world.I thought that they did a good job of expanding it to not be a Jewish thing specifically but to also relate to anti-Muslim bigotry anti-immigrant bigotry and similar things going on right now.

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