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1107 Historic Old Rte 66, Staunton, IL 62088, United States

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Where is Henrys Rabbit Ranch?

REVIEWS OF Henrys Rabbit Ranch IN Illinois

Larry Co

Another great stop on Rt 66. Henry let my 8 year old daughter hold a rabbit (he said he never let children that young hold them...) and she got scared and dropped it! I felt terrible!

just some guy

I've seen horse ranches, I've seen cattle ranches, I've even seen Flamingo ranches, now lives seen a rabbit ranch

Sue Bruckner

Great family history. Thanks Mr Henry for opening up for us after hours

Martine SIMON

Marie Carter

I remembered seeing Rich and his sweet bunny Gilbert at the HRS Bunny Expo. Came up here with my friend as a treat for my birthday and had a great time! Rupert the bunny was super cuddly and Gilbert loved being petted and kissed. The owner is just so kind and helpful and really cares about these animals. Loved the old VW collection, especially the ones sticking out of the ground. If anyone knows how to paint, there's a beautiful mural there that needs finishing! We had fun climbing onto the giant rabbit outside too. Couldn't resist a couple souvenirs either! Just an all around fun time and we're excited to go back

Dakoda Taylor

Very cool place, don't be alarmed if both the open sign and the closed sign are up he's there! Mr. Henry had a lot of facts about his history of all his rabbits. The rabbits are very interactive and that will make your visit really fun. The outside of the Rabbit Ranch has 7 VW (rabbits) stuck in the ground, so you shouldn't pass it. All in all it was a very new and fun experience at Henry's Rabbit Ranch!

Ashley Burns

Wonderful kind man with no problems in sharing stories with you!!!! Quaint establishment and the gentleness of his demeanor hands in the air. Wonderful stop to meet a local, pet some bunnies, and have a good laugh. Thanks for having us!!!

M Auralee

We are the rabbits! 99.9% of us wish you had won the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.” The other tenth percent is statistically irrelevant. It’s also important to note you’ve left 99.9% of our filth in our cages and it smells. We all have upper resperatory issues as a result one of us is even missing a lung. The air purifier does nothing but spread the pee smell around. Four of us in cages does not a ranch make. Those of us who are outside and can see your signs you’ve posted, would also like to note that we voted Clinton and we like gun regulation. We’ve made a petition. “Let our people free. We would rather make our way with the snakes in the cornfields of Illinois than remain with 99.9% of our filth. Signed, All the Rabbits of the ‘Ranch.’ Witnessed on this day by all the ‘Ranch’s’ visitors and Mr. Pecot Tontale.”

mohamed chekaf

Miles Fidelman

Yes. Just yes.

Natasha Parker

Pretty cool to see the vws and the rabbits..

Kevin Lanahan

Open sporadically, and down to a few rabbits now, but wonderfully quirky.

Jennifer Fernández

Becky King

Hunter Westfaul

Lives up to its name!

Loretta Killackey

If you live rabbits animals or cars you will love love love this place...owner is very friendly....

Anthony Sowinski

Historic gas station and ranch, worth a quick diversion.

Steve Alexander

Juanan Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) Mandatory stop on Route 66. Very cool site and very curious (Original) Parada obligatoria en la Route 66.muy chulo sitio y muy curioso

John Teschky

Great place! Vintage cars, friendly rabbits, welcoming owner. Well worth a long stop when traveling The Mother Road, Route 66.

Hugo Hackenbush

The store (?) was not open when I passed by (really late Sunday afternoon). But cool grounds are accessible and neat stuff to look at. This strikes me as a place where folks stop and look, take some pictures and leave... I sure can't hold it against the owner for retiring (or trying to) as I didn't see anything to buy - even if I were pre-disposed to buy stuff - which I am not. There were no bunnies hopping around the property...

Arnold Hoag

John Bates

Sherwood McGowan


I got up at 5:30 in the morning to go to Henry's Ra66it Ranch.


Glenda Delrie

Kelly Diller

Owner was so nice and funny, telling stories and letting us pet the rabbits.

WendyNKelly P

Very cool!

henry young

A great nostalgic stop. Nothing fancy, just interesting

Celia Tregidor

Kriszta Fejes

Loved it so much!!!! Henry was so welcoming, it was a pleasure to meet him and his rabbits!! Stop by if you do the route66, won't regret it!! Thank you Henry!!!

Mark Young

Very different and pleasant place. Henry is an experience himself.

Diane Sonnenberg

Enchanting charming place. Love all the bunnies. <3

Alessandro Criachi

Eric Schumacher

Always fun to drop by the Rabbit Ranch to see all the little fuzz buckets on the way to or from St Louis. Rich is a great guy and a friend to all wayward lagomorphs. I've been visiting since the days of the Big Red administration and I need to plan another visit.

Jimmy Noggle

Great guy, neat place to stop!

nuria poch bonjoch

Miguel Angel Villanueva

Andrea Martina

Gavin Shaw

Really cool and unique place to stop by on 66. Rabbits of both kinds and the guy is very nice. I would 100% recommend stopping by for a quirky little stop in and chat.

Cooper Fishing

One of the nicest guys ever, and a nice historical stop on Rt 66!

Oliver Godfrey

El Gato

Henry's has old vw rabbits and route 66 souvenirs and memorabilia, but we were here strictly for the bunnies. What we found was that after being on a road trip for a week, it was really nice to speak with such a genuinely kind soul. Rich Henry shared some stories, and gave us some bunny rearing tips. We will visit again in the future.

Carol Trujillo

Loved visiting here. All the old VW rabbits. Henry and his bunny friends made a nice break He was very informative about the area and the rest of the Illinois stretch of Route 66. Will return if ever in the area.

Jamie Kawolsky

Henry was a very nice man. He said he was working on downsizing so he can travel. He only had 4 bunnies. It is still an interesting stop. A nice place for a photo op.

Don Lewis

Very unique stop along old route 66. Highly recommend stopping in and visit.

Tia Shields

The epitome of Route 66 Roadside Attractions! Old cars and art, a cute gift shop, a fantastic and friendly owner, and of course, bunnies!

Cameron Zwart

Amanda Ferrell

Absolutely amazing

Juany Montalvo

אדם קרן

Henry is very nice and welcoming. Gr8 route 66attraction. Got a picture with phoenix , the handsome ra66it.

Mala KV

Went in the winter when it was so cold so the owner wasn't in. Cool cars and lots of character.

Bill Golden

It's a collection of Old VW Rabbits. Henry also has a big bunny to sit on for selfies. Kinda like the Jackrabbit Trading Post. Meet Henry he's great guy. And step inside his shop to meet his Rescue Rabbits. Among all the great RT 66 memorabilia you'll see the cages of all of Henry's bunnies. One may be out hopping around the shop.

Otto Spalek

(Translated by Google) Nice guy (Original) Netter Kerl

Janet Finley

This "ranch" has all kinds of rabbits. Not just various breeds, but also Volkswagen rabbits, angled out of the ground like those vehicles at the famous Cadillac Ranch. The owner is very knowledgeable, about rabbits, and also Route 66. There also is a large range of souvenirs available for purchase.

avinash kapoor

Gas station with rabbit flare. Run by very nice people. Make it a point to stop here

Corey Slager

José Enrique Rodríguez Gutiérrez

anthony lancaster

He says the semis still run...just won't pass inspection

Adam Wall

Molly Mutschler

Hanne Rasmussen

Danny Greathouse

Letizia Morbidelli

Deborah Boston

Be sure to stop by. Rick Henry is great and you will live meeting Herbert!


(Translated by Google) Very cozy (Original) Muy acogedor

Alberto Alvarez Blas

(Translated by Google) Very nice I loved it is a curious site of Route 66 and Henry is a lovely person greetings (Original) Muy bonito me encantó es un sitio curioso de la Ruta 66 y Henry es una persona encantadora un saludo

Gwenn Bamer

Great little stop and Rich the owner is the real treat to spend time talking too. Stop here it is definitely worth it to truly experience the Rte 66 experience.

Janice Voss

One of the best stops on Route 66. Mr Henry is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Jakob Jarosch

Pretty cool historic place at the Route 66.

Olatz Bolumburu

Un lugar con encanto y el hombre que lo regenta super amable!! Parada recomendadisima para todos los que estén haciendo la ruta o pensando en hacerla!


Robert Marini

Fun place

Tamz Randle

Katie Moest

I read about this stop on Route 66 when I was doing my research before a week-long trip for my dad's birthday. I immediately knew I wanted to stop here, as I'm a fan of both animal rabbits and car rabbits. The place lived up to expectations. Henry was super nice (and helpful!) and the furry rabbits are adorable. Worth stopping in!

richard skelton

What a great and interesting place to stop along route 66. Richard Henry greeted us as soon as we walked in the shop and asked for us to sign his guest book. Great character who is a living part of the mother road. Makes it all worth while.

Neil Bettger

VW Rabbits

Andrade pareja

(Translated by Google) The owner very friendly. (Original) El propietario muy amable.

Rocky Morriss

Very cool

sara king

When it said it was closed we drove past anyway and it happened to be open! What a pleasant surprise! The man at the shop was friendly and the things were well priced.

Crystal Carpenter


Had a great time. It's a must!

Ghetto Princess

Best n coolest place. It's been around my whole life

Sara Neave

I was lucky enough to time my visit while Henry was about - he's a wonderful asset to Route 66. So much history crammed into one place! Love all the VW Rabbits, and loved getting a peek at Waldmire's old car. Absolutely worth a stop!

Dieter Motz

I came for the VW Rabbits; my wife came for the furry bunnies; we both left happy...


JR Davis

Unique little shop and a friendly and informative owner with a kind heart. Appreciate that he provides a good home for the rescue rabbits he takes in. His guest book is filled with signatures of people from all over the world. Highly recommend taking a few minutes to revisit history here.

joe tuite

Mitch Baker

Gosh I loved this place. We had read that the hours were variable so counted ourselves lucky to find it open. Roadside Attractions had said it was a "don't miss" and they were right. Mr. Henry is a lovely man who gave us some history of himself and the ranch. The ranch gets its name from the live rabbits on premise and the VW Rabbits outside. Mr. Henry loves them all. Haha. I befriended a giant rabbit named Gilbert. Stood reverently at the rabbit cemetery on the side of the building and just enjoyed our visit immensely. Great and unique selection of souvenirs of Henry's and Route 66. Definitely a can't miss attraction.


Mike Gibbons

Jostein Myklebust

A special little place on Route66. You need to see rhe place if you're passing by.

Mary Ogrodowski

Good for quick pictures. Owner retired

Stephen Koteles

We love these kinds of places. Met Henry and his rabbits and 27 bikets from Switzerland and a young couple from Ireland.

Tom Tuttle

Fun and friendly place for a quick stop.

Matthew Trowbridge

Great place to visit. Super friendly.

scott barker

Very cool, the owner is very helpful with the tourist attractions on Route 66

Carrie P

Very informative guide, cute rabbit

Volker Wörner

Claudio Tadini

Geniale. Una farm con vecchio distributore dedicato ai conigli. Mai visto un cimitero dedicato ai roditori...

Jason Bollman

Rich is the best.

Christopher Tansy

This guy is awesome, and he has a huge bunny that hangs out in his shop. He's really knowledgeable about route 66 and places not on the normal lists

David Jones

Very cool site

marian pavel

This is must-to-stop place on Route 66!

Timothy Harmon

Great route 66 attraction with friendly owners

Alan Maxuay

(Translated by Google) incredible site and very friendly Henry !! (Original) increible sitio y mu amable Henry!!

Fa elis

Super nice!

Nv Dll

Henry is very nice, he showed us the store although he was in a hurry and gave us some route 66 directions. There are only four rabbits, but they are very cute and I really liked the fact that they are rescued. There are also good photo opportunities outside

Linda Curtis

Rich is very knowledgeable about Rt. 66 and of course his bunnies. He is friendly and welcoming. My kids love it when we stop here. There are so many things to see and hear about. Very cool place


Small and Dusty, friendly and sweet. Four bunny rabbits and lots of Volkswagen rabbits. Some souvenirs and biker clothes. Kids loved it for a short break. Rich Henry is kind and welcoming.

Todd H

Neat little stop on our Route 66 adventure. Unfortunately, the store was closed with a note on the door stating that they had taken one of the bunnies to the veterinarian, but we still got to poke around outside and take some photos. Hopefully we will get to return in the future to check out the shop!

Paul Whap Weber

2 kinds of rabbits Furry kind and rusted kind. We were lucky to catch the place open. Hours vary during the off season, appointments are recommended. The guy in the building I think was the owner.. very amusing to talk to. Wasn't shy about telling us that he much preferred the furry over the And while walking around discovered Rabbithenge. Not sure if it was planned or just sort of happened. I have been to Boathenge and Truckhenge in Topeka. I have been to Paulhenge in Indiana. And have been to a mini Stonehenge, but I don't remember where, maybe Missouri? But now Rabbithenge! Lol

Angela Showalter

Lisa Hayward

So much fun! My son loved seeing all the bunnies and we had a blast exploring outside, especially climbing up the iconic jack rabbit!

Antonio Jesus Garcia Solano

(Translated by Google) Very peculiar site, Henry is very nice which lives with his three rabbits all very clean and affectionate, there is visit if you pass by (Original) Sitio muy peculiar, Henry es muy agradable el cual vive con sus tres conejos todos muy limpios y cariñosos, hay visitarlo si pasas cerca

Justin Cammer

Andy M

Five star place

Jacob Allmer

We found this online while planning our trip and the mention of all the rabbits made it a "must-see" destination. The owner was super friendly and we had great conversation. Make sure you say "Hi" to Herbert when you stop in.

Mark Baker

Sara Boyer

Such fun stories and a must for any VW fanatic! Such a great guy!

Nancy Kustka

Even opened up store for us. Wonderful gentleman.


We love you Gilbert. What a great Papa you have. My daughter (33) and I were able to spend more than an hour talking to Rich and looking at all the wonderful collections at Henry's Rabbit Ranch. Rich gave us great information about the area. (we gave him a little too).Go Snortin' Norman. See you next time we come to Illinois.

Jodi Stokes

Great place. Had a wonderful visit with the owner.

Caleb Peavy

An essential stop for rabbit enthusiasts! If you have small children, please make sure they are quiet and well behaved so as not to agitate the animals!

Rena Lewis


Rosalind Soukal

rosa wennberg gallardo

(Translated by Google) Curious site If you like rabbits (Original) Sitio curioso. Si te gustan los conejos

Roamin' Rich

Rich is a great host!!! A must stop on your Route 66 trip.

Williams Nunes

Lugar simples, mas bonito e organizado. Veja o cemitério dos coelhos ao lado da estátua grande. Detalhe para os carros te.

Amy Lenart

Dan Porter

This was an awesome stop on the last day of our Route 66 trip. We got to meet Elvis and Henry and chat about our trip and the best places to hit before making it to Chicago. We'll definitely swing by on our next trip.

Paul Brooks

Owner is a great historian and very welcoming.


La station service Henry's Rabbit Ranch est un paradis pour lapins amoureusement soignés par Riche et Linda Henry, les propriétaires des lieux qui ont entassé tout un tas de vieux souvenirs. Ici, les célèbres Cadillac d'Amarillo ont été remplacées par de vieilles Volkswagen Golf, les rares Golf que vous croiserez sur la Route 66. Cette station se trouve à la sortie de la ville au 1107 Historic Old Route 66. Vous pouvez lire un autre nom à cette station : Henry's Ra66it Ranch. C'est le premier des trois cimetières à voitures que vous verrez sur la Route 66 avec les Volkswagen Coccinelles du Bug Ranch à Conway (Texas) et un peu plus loin le Cadillac ranch à Amarillo (texas)


Worth a detour for picture taking and rabbit looking


Tracey Vazquez

Has a small gift shop. The man working was very nice and loved petting the bunnies outside. Also has a giant rabbit on the left side of the building for a good photo op.

Colleen Craft

Very nice and helpful

Luke Haruki


Adam Favre

A cool local place. Another must see

Lee DeLay

It is always a joy to stop and talk with Rich about the history of the Mother road and hear the stories of all the rescue

Catherine A.

Quinn Bress

Really really dusty and gross. Over priced crappy "memorabilia." The rabbits were kinda cool though as long as you've never seen a rabbit before.

John Soukal

Wonderful place and such a lovely guy! Beautiful bunnies too.

christian bellei

(Translated by Google) To see absolutely (Original) Da vedere assolutamente

PiecesOf Jana

(Translated by Google) Totally great and Henry is super friendly. We love Gilbert and the other inhabitants of Rabbit Ranch. The VW Rabbits together with the animal Rabbits is strange and at the same time great <3 (Original) Total super und Henry ist super freundlich. Wir lieben Gilbert und die anderen Bewohner der Rabbit Ranch. Die VW Rabbits mit den tierischen Rabbits zusammen ist kurios und gleichzeitig toll <3

Sandra Bundo

Marky Mark

Diana McIntyre

Loretta Martin

My husband and I were looking around outside. Rich came out with a big smile and said we HAD to come in and sign the guest book! Very friendly and full of stories, obviously loves what he does! Gilbert hopped out of his pen to greet us too! This is a top stop on Route 66!

Lindell Ervin

Loida Gutierrez

Christine B

The guy is really nice and there was a rabbit I could hold. It was fun.

Melissa Lackas

Michael J. Wasylenko

Roger Gaudet

Because humping to please

Kacie Werner


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