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951 Chicago Ave, Oak Park, IL 60302, United States

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Where is Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio?

REVIEWS OF Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio IN Illinois

Colin Taylor

Simply fantastic. A must see. Tale a walk around the other FLW houses in the area

Gwendolyn Webber

Driving around Oak Park is aweinspiring. Gorgeous designs from FLW are everywhere. Visiting his studio/home where he created his masterpieces is fun and informative. My 7 month old decided to stay outside and play with her daddy

Christopher Perry

Make sure to clarify photography policy. We were told before the tour began, that flash photography inside the house during the guided tour was permitted, by the Curator. Halfway through the tour, our tour guides husband (why he was there is anybody's guess) literally yelled at us about flash photography being prohibited. He proceeded to bird dog us, and give us the stink eye the rest of the tour. We attempted to ask the guide for clarification, but she let her husband speak for her.

Dave Speakman

Loved it. Tom was my guide and he obviously knows and loves all things FLW. Highly recommended.

Archie Overby

A must for FLW lovers. Highly recommend!

Karen Aigner

Interesting house and very beautiful architecture. Unfortunately, the guide was easily rattled by simple questions and was visibly and rudely irritated when a member of the tour had to step to the side to answer an emergency call. He rudely asked her to leave the house rather than ask if everything was all right. He did not even explain how to rejoin the tour. Awful.

KahWee Teng

Great tour of the interior. Very well remodeled.

James Heath

You've got to see this place!

Kevin Krueger

If you're into FLW and the Prairie aesthetic, this is definitely a must visit. I think the tour guide really improved the tour because they were so passionate about bringing stories and information from the family life at the home.

Bill Griesmyer

We really enjoyed a private tour.

Jennifer Sitze Martin

Awesome seeing the start of Wright’s career. He created so much of this neighborhood. It was a great afternoon. I also visited Unity Temple. The audio tour was quite nice and talked of his philosophy.

Sarthak Banga

Wright! The name says it all.. what a design! Wonderful place to visit.. excellent maintenance!

J Ross

Had a wonderful tour guide. The house was amazing

Vincent Finney

Excellent knowledgeable tour guides. A beautiful home with beautiful history. Come visit!

Jared Billman

FANTASTIC tour of the studio and home! The guide was knowledgeable and very receptive to questions. Be sure to walk through the neighborhood and see the other homes he designed as well— several plaques help point out their history. The church he designed (Unity Temple) is also a short 10 minute walk away and WELL worth the visit!


Holy hell this place is boring

Bart Connors Szczarba

A delight. Don't miss this American Historic site.

Kyle Johnson

The Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio is a historic house designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Located at 951 Chicago Avenue in Oak Park, Illinois, the house has been restored by the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust to its appearance in 1909, the last year Frank Lloyd Wright lived there with his family. Frank Lloyd Wright purchased the property and built the home in 1889 with a $5,000 loan from his employer Louis Sullivan. He was 22 at the time, and recently married to Catherine Tobin. The Wrights raised six children in the home. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 and declared a National Historic Landmark four years later. Cool place

Reirui Ri

Great to see the origin of prairie house style architecture. The staffs are super knowledgeable and the neighborhood is also a must see. Highly suggest neighborhood walking tour.

Jay Smith

Really enjoyed the tour and the house has great character. Many photo opportunities and a nice gift shop. Most of the staff are friendly and informative. I highly recommend!

Eelco van Wijk

Where FLW got his start. Great tour!

Dave Brent

A fabulous and rich history of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Ruby DJ

It’s kind of small for the amount of money they charge, but the tour was fascinating, combined with the walking tour of the other FLW houses in Oak Park, it’s the perfect thing to do with out if town visitors on a nice day.

Peter Lee

Beautiful done for Prairie Style, a must place to visit and see who was Frank Lloyd Wright and his legacy.

Nate Ariss

Carol gave a great tour and was very informative. I suggest the longer tour. If you are a student there is a large discount.

Joseph Hammond

It’s wonderful seeing how Wright’s designs evolved at this site and stepping into his studio is an otherworldly experience

Jessica Torres

If you love history, architecture and/or Frank Lloyd Wright you should visit this house. Little gift shop on site, street parking or you can get here using public transportation. Definitely on the "to visit" list if you are in Chicago, next spot the Oak Park neighborhood for more FLW.

Claire D

Fantastic! Terrible public transportation options so took a Lyft from Logan Square a trip in its own right. (But relatively cheap given public transportation would have to make an enormous boom a rang loop) Well organized tours which won't tax your attention span lol. The house doubled as his home and presentation space, where he would "wow" clients. That area has a fascinating round room with contraptions for raising charts. You reach this via a space designed to draw your attention to the stain glass ceiling and this is the iconic piece associated with the house (I bought a small version that allows light to pass through about 10" & a fridge magnet) So Maybe treats! From outside you wouldn't imagine but the rooms are small: fireplace snug, etc. The information from the tour guide is Essential to your enjoyment trust me. The explanations of the size and design intent of chairs is worth the price of admission. Because they were raising children in the home there are several aspects which reflect his philosophy of education. Observe carefully the children's playroom replete with stage, a piano story to die for, cabinets displaying educational blocks, and the play of light. Ditto the semi-connecting bedrooms. I was gobsmacked by too many things to keep describing. Do Not try to just look at the outside. Having said that though tour the street at the corner of the house. It's a short walk from which you will see examples of similar astonishing architecture. We walked down ending at an adorable little park with shade on a quiet spot from which we then called our Lyft back. I'm not a great walker so you can do this! Please go. If you are in love with American Arts and Crafts movement it will be Nirvana.

Zigurd Mednieks

If you are interested in understanding an architecture designer's mind you can do no better than to visit the Frank Lloyd Wright home in studio in Oak Park. He lived there for a large part of his life, and the lives of his children. The design of the residence and workspace reflect his design mind in intimate and contrasting ways.

William Taylor

The tour guide was very knowledgeable and took great care to make sure the group was enjoying themselves. It was really cool to see the different architecture styles of Mr. Wright within his own home and office. Highly recommend spending the money and time to check this out.

Eddie Medrano

Amazing architectural gem in Chicago's very own backyard. The hour long tour is informative and at $18, not outrageously priced.

Kat Woollin

This is my absolute favorite historic site and place for a day trip in general. We went during the little bit of snow over Christmas which was super pretty, and even though it was cold, walking through the area was a delight. The houses in the neighborhood are lovely, there are some pretty churches and the streets are tidy and photogenic. The house is stunning, it's amazing to think how old it is, there are aspects of this house that you could still see being used today and it's also amazing to look around and be about to see how much care FLW put into it. He is hands down my favorite architect and walking round the place he developed his style was hugely meaningful to me. The tour guide was thorough an clearly knew her stuff and enjoyed herself. I found her a little frustrating in places where she treated the group like children. However the guides are volunteers and they do good work in sharing information and protecting the house. The gift shop is not your standard gift shop either. The products are lovely and well thought out but expensive. I realised that one of the books I bought had a massive markup on it so watch out and unless it's produced by the foundation, there's a chance you could pay less elsewhere. I don't exactly mind as I'm happy to support their good work but it was a bit of a shock to realise just how much more I'd paid.

Masumi Yoneyama

We took the combo tour of the studio home and a self guided audio tour of the neighborhood. The tour guide was excellent. Extremely knowledgeable and had some funny facts about the family and the house. We learned a lot and enjoyed it immensely. The walking tour was great too even though we had terrible weather. Would definitely recommend it!

Doug Lewis

Fascinating trip back through time. I am inspired to learn more about this iconic American architect. His vision seems unique, and lovingly presented by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Carlos Meza

If you’re in Chicago, the trip all the way to Oak Park is worth it. Take the tour of the house and buy a FLW T-Shirt at the gift shop

john pratscher

A must do while you're in the neighborhood.... Classic for sure Beautiful and innovative homes

Jerame Cramer

Loved the tour! Furnished home and studio, one of America's great architects. Walk the neighborhood as well to see other Victorian and prairie homes.

Maria Lopez

Loved the settinng and the tour

Michael Salazar

A must visit for any local and lover of architecture

Roberto Marabotto

A must if you enjoy last century architecture and the whole neighborhood is amazing

Diego Duarte

Great place, amazing architecture and tours. Highly recommended and many tourist.

Sarah Tobias

Highly recommend this tour and experience. The docents are experienced and love what they do. You will learn so much about Frank Lloyd Wright and his family. Rooms within rooms, his early years finding his personal style, and preserving American history.

Rodrigo Diz

Simply was an introduction to the initiation of a genius of architecture. A single and singular sole that was all about creativity and innovation. It made me want to know more of this man.

love travel

Beautiful architectural house, no two r alike in this historic homes

Simon Han

What an experience! The tour guide was super informative and approachable. Talked about Wright’s influences, signature architectural touches, and life story behind the great 20th century architect. Highly recommend walking around the neighborhood as well. You’ll see lots of houses designed or redesigned by Wright. Definitely worth a visit if you know a little about architecture.

Kari Kail

Fun tour, had a great time!

David Garcia

I did the hour long tour, learned so much in so little time I got to take dozens of incredible pictures. Afterwards I walked around the neighborhood checking out the other homes Wright there in the area. Then I headed over to Unity Temple which was a short walk away. I would highly recommend.

Ian Cross

Piece of history. Prairie houses now surrounded by suburbs

Susan Dahl

This house is fantastic but I wonder what it was like inside his head!!!

Jaime Jamieson

This is an American treasure! We went on the FLW Plus tour, and were in awe for an entire day!! Thank goodness for people who recognize the value of their homes, renovating and restoring them to the grandeur FLW originally intended. A shout out to the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust and all of the work they do! The volunteers on the Plus tour were amazing, and the event was SO well organized - we walked and waited in lines, and enjoyed every single minute of it! I'm a fan and supporter for life!! You gotta go!

Li-or Squire

House and studio of great architecture! Take the tour- its worth the price!

3rd Gen Painting and Remodeling

As a local house painter in Oak Park, the Frank Lloyd Wright tour gave us some fantastic insight into some of the historic homes we've painted in Oak Park and River Forest. Seriously, taking the tour and a stroll down the blocks of Victorian era historic homes in Oak Park have to be at the top of the to-do list if you are visiting Chicago. Even if you've lived in Chicago your whole life (like us) and haven't taken the Frank Lloyd Wright tours, we highly recommend taking a weekend to do so. Certainly, weekdays are best in terms of avoiding the crowds and if you are able to get in and get out between 10am-2pm, you'll avoid Chicagoland's traffic (also historic in nature). All in all, a great bucket list item for any Chicago tourist, Chicago native, or home architecture aficionado!

Mark Dingley

Outside of downtown in Oak Park, well worth the trip. Tour was very informative. Would try the walking tour in warmer weather.

Heather Hunt

Highly recommend to those interested in Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture and creative process. The tour of his home and studio are led by very knowledgeable volunteers who offer a comprehensive understanding of his life and work.

Julia Burke

I was hesitant at first to dedicate 6 hours to a bus tour of Frank Lloyd Wright sites around Chicago. However, it was a great decision to book this tour. The transportation logistics on it's own pay for the tour. You get to travel in a nice and comfortable bus from downtown to Oak Park and then to Robie House while hearing about Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) and many other topics as you travel. You also get a nice break for lunch at a nice restaurant in Oak Park. In our case it was Windberies but I'm not sure if that changes from time to time.Bill, our guide, was a great story teller and really made the day just fly by. Starting at the Rookery he discussed the history of the building and FLW role in it's restoration. Then at Unity Church he discussed all aspects of design and renovation of the church. My favorite part was the walking tour between Unity Church and FLW home and studio. During the short walk we passed through several Wright homes in Oak Park. Finally, visited Robie House which is under renovations so I will definitely do this tour again or visit Robie once it's done to see it fully restored.

J DeChicchis

The docent guiding our small group tour was very good. The pace was slow enough to permit actual study of various details.

Rick Burger

Very informational, really cool and the people they're wad very nice and knowledgeable. Easy to go Graham.

Andie Wixom

It was ok. The tour guide wasn’t super engaging, but he wasn’t bad. We had more fun walking the neighborhood and seeing the homes.

Angela Tseng

If you're into 20th century architecture, this is a must stop if you're every in the Chicago area. It's a nice drive and plenty of parking in the surrounding streets. Bonus: There is a church designed by Mr. Wright just down the street! Ask about it from the docent and they'll share with you how to find it!

Leo KL Tjon

Excellent architectural designs a welcome Atmosphere and Tranquility.

kristina elshoff

I didn't have time to your but parking on street was easy and was still able to walk around building and gift shop for classic FLW aights

Scott Sigman

A unique place, with character and history. Like an experiment in living spaces, yet merely a man's home and studio. Momentous yet sublime.

marcos diaz

Nice clean place learned a lot tour is a must

Laura Ann

Fascinating house and definitely worth the trip. Very informative tour guide and well restored building

Daniel Ryan

This was an excellent, informative and entertaining tour. Great value. Jim is an engaging and knowledgeable guide.

Stephen Q

What an amazing man. I hat an amazing career. Thanks to the foundation for presentation efforts allows us all to know the man behind the legend.

Rachel Lawmaster

Great home to visit to understand the early married years of FLW's life. This is unlike any other home he designed, yet you can still see "him" in it. Lots of great history and knowledgeable tour guides. On street free parking. Definitely see this house if you are in Oak Park.

Samuel Waggoner

A huge FLW fan, I thoroughly enjoyed touring his home along with the self guided walking tour we took after the home tour. Our docent was very knowledgeable with the house, the rooms and the furnishings. It was fun to then explore the other homes FLW designed in the area and marvel at his work. The house is easy to get to from Chicago- just take the subway and walk a few short blocks from the Oak Park Station. Pass by the birthplace home of Ernest Hemingway and after your tour, walk thru the town of Oak Park. A wonderful afternoon learning about architectural history.

Brian Thornton

You must see this fascinating house and studio. Take guided tour otherwise you won't hear the quirky history of family life in this well preserved gem. Easy to get to by train and a short walk through leafy parks and streets. A real highlight for design buffs.

Gene C

Enjoyed the tour and the insight provided by our interpreter, Barbara.

Steven Carini

Great tour. Beautiful houses. Toured the house and studio, then took the walking tour thru the neighborhood.

D Largent

One third of all of Frank Lloyd Wright's work was done here. Very interesting tour. We've toured three Frank Lloyd Wright homes in the past eight months. Touring multiple places is like putting together a puzzle. You get more information at each place that helps you understand the man and his work as well as the time in which he lived and worked.


Must see. Parking on the street Freindlt staff.

Thomas Cala

A great glimpse into Wright’s first home and office. Well preserved

DeAnna Perry

Great tour to learn interesting facts and information about Frank Lloyd Wright and his designs.

Kenny Lutz

Really enjoyed the tour. We took the longer tour that included the neighborhood. Our guide was really informative. If you have any interest in FLW, check it out.

Tony Vezner

Excellently preserved architectural masterpiece. The volunteers who do the tours are knowledgeable and helpful. The place offers so much insight into the man and his sense of design.

Patrick Donoghue

A fantastic look into the history of Wright.

Emilia Ellsworth

I am a great fan of FLW work. The house and studio was his laboratory of ideas where he experimented with forms and material to create a unique style.

Sharon Flanagan

Great tribute to a genius mind!

Eric Doll

Super great spot to explore prairie style architecture. Such a neat home. Lots of really cool details to see. Doesn't seem to be falling in a state of disrepair. Really huge ginkgo tree in the side yard. The whole neighborhood is really beautiful as well. Worth driving around a bit.

Bennie Good

Very nice tour. An interesting look into the early life of an architect-genius. We had to wait about an hour for our tour, so we had time to walk around Oak Park and see several FLW homes. Our tour guide, Mary, did a nice job getting us through the home and studio. Highly recommend this if you have time.

Sharon Kelly

Terrific tour and gift shop. Informative and friendly guide.

Adrienne Felice

I'm not fond of Wright or his sub-standard, leaky buildings. But despite his egocentricity the man somehow became famous. The tour, on the other hand, offered by the Chicago Architecture group was amazing with a great, knowledgeable and fun docent.

John Frederick Troelstrup

It is authentic Wright and beautifully maintained

Yu-Chung Chen

The tour is $15/90mins really good!

Nicole Sivieri

it is a cool space. the tour guide was horrible! just didnt want to be there and spoke a mile a minute and rushed everyone

Pedro Medeiros

Amazing place to visit in Chicago. Thank you, David, for the tour!

Ana Montes

I am so happy that I got to come to this place. Definitely worth it


A fascinating place, the home and studio of, arguably, america's greatest architect and designer. the house is chock full of Frank Lloyd wright's 'trademark' designs and features. a great place for any fans of architecture, an informative tour, while in the area take some time to explore the local neighbourhood where there are a many examples of Frank Lloyd Wright's work dotted about.

Debora Pinzur

I've been to the FLW Home and Studio and it never fails to leave me awestruck. The innovative and artistic approach to architecture puts Wright in a field of his own. The edifice is outstanding and the docents are all professional and knowledgeable. Don't miss this tour when you're visiting the Chicago area.

Martha Sepulveda

Chicago Architecture Foundation's tour was amazing. The best part was all our tour guides!

Antonia Creteanu

I love this museum located on one of the most spectacular streets in Oak Park, IL. No matter what you think about the man, Frank Lloyd Wright the architect was a master at creating unusual, spectacular, unique living spaces that feel majestic and totally comfortable tat the same time. Once a year, the foundation also puts up a great house walk, where private residences designed by FLW and other influential architects are open to the public.

Andrew Taylor

Really interesting Home and museum with very friendly and knowledgable staff and volunteers. We did he 3 hour tour that was very detailed and covered both the house, studio and wider neighbourhood. The only thing that could have improved the tour would be some context on what other architects of his period were doing so you know what was different about what he did. Found reading about his life interesting after the tour.

Leonel Barragán

For Architecture students, professionals and admirers this place is worth visiting as well as the ample array of homes and buildings nearby in Oak Park near Chicago, IL. Allow plenty of wait time for paid daily scheduled tours and visit to the gift shop which at times can get crowded and rushed. Additional time needed to drive to all locations described in map for purchase at the gift shop. Nothing is free or gifted there as are all Frank Lloyd Wright's works throughout the USA.

Yury Lag

Love Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. The museum is very interesting. In addition, there are several other buildings of Wright. A walking tour of the area is available as well.

Kathleen Schalk

Once again I volunteered at the annual Frank Lloyd Wright House walk, and once again it was a blast! Everyone from the attendees to the volunteers to the administration who plans and oversees this event is so lovely to be around and work with. I am going to do it again next year...for the 9th time!

Donna Melpolder

Great tour of his house and Studio. Guide very knowledgeable about the history of both the house and his career. We felt a bit rushed to finish in a timely manner ..about an hour considering we did not start on time. We had to skip one room. Although the outside did not fit the typical FLW style the interior was everything I expected his style to be. It was interesting to see some some houses he designed in his neighborhood.

Garret K

This is an awesome place if you like Frank Lloyd Wright. Or if you are a fan of architecture in general. The friendly docents gave lots of information on the home and Frank Lloyd Wright's background. It's very cool to see this living monument to the great architect. We did this as part of the Wright Plus Walking Tour.

Laura Gammons

This is where he lived and it is very cool to learn how he developed his style, as is evidence here.

Ted Reis

Beautiful tour and home, highly recommend if you love architecture and prairie design

M Stewart

You have to tour this iconic home and museum when you are in the area. It is just the tip of the iceberg for local architecture. Ive been on the tour a few times. Its worth seeing it a few different times of year. At least summer and holiday time. Also love the bookstore/gift shop. A great place to buy gifts for local ir out of town friends.

Sher Simpson

What a talented man. Beautiful home, all wood. Take the tour, well worth it. Any language welcomed. Great staff, excellent tour guide.

Quinn B

Fascinating look at where Frank Lloyd Wright got his start as an independent architect. It was very hot the day we toured so we mostly stayed inside, but I didn’t feel like we missed out on anything. Very well preserved with a very knowledgeable docent. Highly recommended.

Juan Elias Robledo

Lot of history. Great staff and a very poetic experience

K Gates

Worth the trip out to Oak Park. We booked our tickets in advance online for the Oak Park Combo tour. The home and studio are simply amazing and our guide did an amazing job telling the story of Wright's life and his work. FLW is an artist and an innovator and his home and studio are just beautiful spaces. After the guided tour of his home and studio we did the neighborhood audio tour. It was really cool to learn about some of his other works. If you do the combo tour, I recommend doing your guided home and studio tour first because if you are late they will start without you and you will miss some things. Do the neighborhood walking tour after seeing the home and studio.

thomas ott

We had a very good docent. The property speaks for itself.

Nadijka Lypova

Beatuful museum, great guide and tour definitely worth the price

Sharon Hinkle

Did the walking Oak Park 3 hour tour. It was incredible.

Mauro F Cardoso Lins

Good tour. Very interesting info by analyzing the aspects of the house of an architecture genius

Scott Andrew

As famous and respected as FLW is and was, his architecture is still underappreciated. If those of you who commented here enjoyed seeing the tour of his home and studio, you would also love see the site of the largest amount of his work at any one location. That happens to be in Lakeland, FL on the campus of Florida Southern College. The oldest private college or university in the state of Florida was designed by FLW. How do I know? Even though I'm from the north side of Chicago, I currently live an hour from Florida Southern College and I graduated from there in 1992. It's halfway between Orlando and Tampa so check it out, you'll really enjoy seeing all the buildings he designed. One of a kind Architect and it's a one of a kind campus.

Kevin Werner

A good way to start a day of exploring. The guide we had was friendly and knowledgeable. Exploring the restored home was educational. I am sure we missed out many of the details, but there is plenty to take in. Everyone from 11 to 45 enjoyed the house. I recommend buying the map and walking the neighborhood to see some of the other homes. Also, the Unity Temple is well worth the time and money.

Brienne Diebolt-Brown

If you love Frank Lloyd Wright, beautiful homes, inspired architecture, this is phenomenal. I dragged my elementary-aged kids along, and they really enjoyed the nearby park as well.

Ayax Conde

I really enjoyed this tour. If you are in Chicago, it would be a shame to miss it.

Chuck Sherman

We came to Oak Park after reading an article in the Washington Post about Frank Lloyd Wright. His home and studio explained a lot about the thought that went into his design, his history with the Sullivan firm, and his family. A lot to appreciate and vice versa. He seemed to having a charming way of controlling just about everything. Had I met him in person, I think we would have been rolling around on the floor in about a minute. Just like Mr. Kaufman. Didn't realize how her was a precursor to the art deco movement. He had a major influence on how we actually live our lives to this day. And I suspect he knew it.

D Wilson

Highly recommend! Fascinating hit about the man and his work.

Monick Gary

I love the talent of Mr. Wright.

Emma Tumman

Really easy to get to from downtown on the Green line. It's a bit of a walk from the station, but worth it. The tour was incredibly informative, and gave a real insight into FLWs life. The house has some incredible features and quirks. They have a gift shop, but no cafe. There are restrooms in the shop. There are also a lot of stairs in the house tour that you can't avoid. Definitely worth the trip.

Svetlana Mitrovski

Fantastic view into one of true American architects.

Calico Jack

It is simply amazing to actually walk through the spaces Wright designed and lived in. Seeing his innovation, his sense of showmanship in person is priceless for anyone who appreciates his work and his contribution to the idea of The Architect as a celebrity. One surprise for me is how modestly sized the spaces are. He could adapt to making a small space seem magical, or making a large space seem intimate. Wealthy clients got larger spaces, more expensive materials and more daring engineering, but the same thoughtfulness was applied to all.

Danae Stuertz

Beautiful home and neighborhood. Inyeresting and Informative tour.

John Hooley

Wonderful history of a remarkable architect!

Jamie Barth

We live in Chicago, but hadn't before visited FLW's home and studio. It was a real treat to see the space. Our guide was excellent. She led a smallish group (15 people or so) through this special space. The information offered brought great light to Wright's life and work, as well as giving it a very personal spin. It was a delight to learn more about the origins of many of my favorite Wright designs. Learning more about life in general during that time brought great context as well. I'd strongly recommend this space to any visitors to Chicago, as well as current and future residents.

Peter Chanthanakone

Great American history on an amazing designer. Excellent tour guide I had... Lots to see around the neighborhood

Leslie Seawright

Although added onto and remodeled several times, this house is incredible. It is easy to see FLW's style develop as he adds on to the home. We visited Robie and the Studio. I don't think I would skip either one. They both had excellent guides, and it is important to see how FLW wanted to live versus how he designed for others. The murals in his home are remarkable for instance, and I don't see those in his other homes.

Manuel Ocana

Absolutely Amazing. On site is way better than Photographies

Warren Cope

Book time online ahead of arriving. The tour includes some stairs, but not too much. Interesting tour guide gives a history and expansion changes in the house. Good summary and excellent renovation and updating to be close to house when Wright lived and worked there. Small gift shop has interesting mementos and pricing was reasonable. Access to two restrooms in the gift shop area.

Shavar Babb

Loved this place. If you haven't had an appreciation for architecture I dare you to leave the Frank Lloyd Wright house without one!

Krystalin Williams

Amazing facts and history. If you like architecture this is a great place for you.

Michelle Turenne-Smith

Historically restored architectural gem located on the magnificent Oak Park neighborhood near Chicago. Different tour offerings of which we selected a 3 hour walking tour. 1 hour in the house, 1.5 in the neighborhood and .5 at the Unity Temple. Some of these were named Unesco World Heritage Site. Very knowledgeable Docent. Nice gift shop. A must see!

David Schick

Amazingly well restored, really neat to see the evolution of his early work.

Katie Karnehm

The tour is excellent and gives great insight into Frank Lloyd Wright's early work.

Ann Marta

Laid out beautifully, convenient access and helpful staff. A wonderful place :)

Cheryl Anderson

Excellent tour of Wright's home and studio and fun to take the self-guided walking tour of the other early Wright houses in the neighbourhood.

Sara Croft

This was a very interesting tour that a recommend for anyone interested in Frank Lloyd Wright's background of design. The tour was of his home and studio. The most interesting thing learned was that he built around a tree instead of cutting it down when wanting to add his studio to the house. The tree is still growing through the house to this day.

Darlene B

Every May, I make it a point to go to the Frank Lloyd Wright house walk. Have been attending for the last 24 years.

Meena Murthy Kakkar

It's beautifully maintained. Excellent tour guide. And an amazing store!

Christopher Allison

Amazing place. If you are at all interested in homes, architecture, design, or art, it doesn't disappoint.

Route 45

Great tour to directly learn about the Wright family (prior to his departure), his architectural style, preferences and influences for his home and studio. Our docent stayed within the history of his time living in this Oak Park landmark with little bits and pieces about the children and Catherine. We purchased our tickets in the lovely gift shop instead of online. It was a busy Sunday and a gorgeous autumn day, but we had no problems fitting into one of the groups with a wait of about 25 minutes, which allowed us plenty of time to browse. It is also worthwhile to walk around this area taking in all the amazing homes and places of worship. The architecture around the neighborhood is astounding!

Raiford Palmer

Worth the trip. The heart of Prairie Style and Wright. Don't miss the tour and for bonus points go see Robie House in Chicago. Lovingly restored home and workplace of FLLW. Great docents give the tours - and the place has a very nice gift shop with a great selection.

Charlotte Buchanan

Fun tour! Great neighborhood, plan on including lunch or dinner in Oak Park during your visit.

Stephanie Manchester

This was a super interesting place to visit! I wish I could live here

Dani ie

Excellent tour and guide, highly reccommended

Gail Hayes

Loved the tour. Left wanting to see more!

Jason Morgan

We took a wonderful tour, the Wright Around Oak Park tour, which included a detailed showing of Wright's house and studio (an hour or so), and then another hour-plus tour of houses in the neighborhood. It was a lot of architecture and history, but was well worth it for any Wright fans or people interested in American residential design. My only small compaint was the tour didn't sufficiently locate Wright in the overall picture of American architecture of the time. It is a must see, in my opinion. And so easy to get to from the Loop.

Eagle Eye

Fine home from a fine architect. Studio with some nice products.

Simpson Chung

Tour explains the origins of the architect well. You can see the ramping progression of his work and experience as you tour through his home from the beginning to the end.

Anabel Pachano-Arismendi

Amazing house. He was a really great architect, the tour is very enlightening and has a lot of details to pay attention to. Recommended

Jeff Chuchman

Incredible to see. Have been a Frank Lloyd Wright fan for years, the neighborhood tour was an added bonus

Heather Cowieson

If you love architecture like me it's a must see. Different from his others. On chicago st. Oak park il usa

Ron Ray

This is a beautiful prairie home in which Mr. Wright himself lived for approximately 20 years. It was the first of his many prairie homes and is a testament to the importance of his work over the last century-plus years. There are too many things to note about the experience of walking through his first suggestion is to let your mind take in the surroundings as you walk through and leave the questions behind. People on your tour will already have many questions of their own, allowing you to walk back in to time and enjoy his work.

Mr. Jim Allen

It is simply amazing to actually walk through the spaces Wright designed and lived in. Seeing his innovation, his sense of showmanship in person is priceless for anyone who appreciates his work and his contribution to the idea of The Architect as a celebrity. One surprise for me is how modestly sized the spaces are. He could adapt to making a small space seem magical, or making a large space seem intimate. Wealthy clients got larger spaces, more expensive materials and more daring engineering, but the same thoughtfulness was applied to all.

Sam Gibson

Amazing place. So grateful it has been preserved. Frank was a great tour guide.

Jay Guards

Amazing tour, wonderful must see experience

Tylee Staggs

Absolutely incredible! Just amazing! Very educational! He was so talented and created Fantastic designs. Great tour and well worth the hour.

Amogh Prabhu

Great tour, loved the ceilings in the house. The gift store is on the expensive side. Oak Park is a great neighborhood to walk around with or without the walking tour.

Desiree Shawn

Amazing architecture. The whole tour was satisfying and interesting too. The tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly.

Ron Champa

Excellent experience. Our tour guide, Melissa was very informative. She was a volunteer. I recomend this to anyone who likes architecture

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