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REVIEWS OF Dana Thomas House IN Illinois

Jill Jones

What a stunning home built in 1909. Springfield must have thought at the time a spaceship had landed south of town. The interior is like walking into a FLR stained glass window that are sparkling throughout the many rooms and levels of this large house. The angular designs bathed in natural hues are something everyone deserves to experience. Admission is Free.

James Kemp

This is a major site for FL Wright enthusiasts. Access and parking are limited.

Andrew De Young

Beautiful house, fascinating design. Nice tour for a ten dollar donation and there is a movie before the tour. Our guide was knowledgable and told the history well. We ran into another tour that was talking loudly which made it hard to hear our guide. Other than that, excellent!

Gloricelly Franceschi

We stopped by for an outdoor photo opportunity. Streetside parking was easy. Getting pictures of the architectural elements of the home was easily accessible including the garden. Did not enter the home so I cannot comment on the interior. A very grand home.


Fascinating history, great tour. Best to visit when sunny to get the full effect of the stained glass.

Adulting Email

Very rude staff, barely got to see much of the amazing place. I regret donating the money for the "tour" I will NOT come back the tour guide was a unpleasant annoying bummer the WHOLE time

Robert S

The tour was very informative. The art of the house is a one of a kind experience. Our tour guide was very nice and direct. You cannot bring food or beverages in the house. You are not allowed to take pictures, as well.

Raagul N

Trip to this house built by Frank Lloyd Wright has highly piqued my non-existent interest in architectural designs. The tour guide had a lot of facts and information to share with us and the entire tour was enjoyable. Highly recommended.

sawyer gabbert

Love this House, great tour, worth seeing have been multiple times

KaMeshia M

My visit was great! I was impressed!!

Aaron W.

If you're visiting Springfield this is definitely a free fun tour to do. Although i recommend a donation for they rely on the generosity. Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture and eye for design is something you need to see for yourself. You also learn a lot about the house's history and how it is involved with Springfield. Ms. Dana has an amazing history of her own as well.

Jason Luther

A beautiful house. Well worth the tour. Frank Lloyd Wright is a genus.

Dave Juergens

One of the best historic homes tours I've ever been to in my entire life. Go enjoy and contribute to the upkeep and restoration process

Eric See

Stunningly beautiful. Highly recommend a visit to this wonderful example of Wright's architecture and art. A thorough tour by knowledgeable staff.

Silvia Dias

One-of-a-kind Frank Loyd Wright house. A breathtaking experience.Tour guide was very knowledgeable and passionate about the history and details about the house. Highly recommend it!!

ilsa sanchez

Great home by my favorite architect!

G. Walker

Great tour guide and very informative. My husband and I have been to over 100 of FLW homes and this is a favorite of ours. Definitely recommend checking this home out.

Shawn Bullington

One of the best and expansive examples of Frank Llyod Wright's architectural vision. Similar elements to other properties, but demonstrated on many more levels.

Bob Pelshaw

Incredible experience! I've been a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright for years but never experienced a house he designed in person. Wow! I want to see more! The staff was passionate about their jobs, knowledgeable amd friendly. I recommend highly!

Margo English

Stopped by here last week. Was thrilled with the tour. The Association for Rural and Small Libraries will be meeting in Springfield Sept 12-15th. Any public librarian would love the ending of this tour. I am recommending it.

Scott Goodwin

We missed the tour times, could not go inside.

Angela Scheufele

The Christmas tour at the dana-thomas house was beautiful. The craftsmanship and unique design was really interesting. It's amazing this house is valued at 92 million in today's dollars! If you're in the Springfield area it's definitely worth stopping and checking out.

Stefan Munker

This home is absolutely fascinating in its architectural style and sheer size. Whether you are familiar with Frank Loyd Wright or not you should see this place. The tour was excellent and explained a lot of features in the context of the home's ownership and restoration history.

Craig Martin

Beautiful, unique, Frank Lloyd Wright design. Hoos tour

Chandra Yerra

Place to visit. 1901 built building which is awesome.


As part of a writing camp hosted at the Vachel Lindsay house, we came to the Dana-Thomas house to see the stage that we were set to perform at. We tried to be as respectful as possible, carefully listening to the guide who led us to the performance area. We then began to carefully and quietly walk through the house, hoping to absorb some of its beautiful history and spirit. At one point during our self-guided experience, one of the camp’s mentors (an adult, mind you) accidentally sat on a piece of furniture, and was carrying a water bottle (as we had not been told not to bring drinks inside). She was corrected by a staff member and returned to us slightly embarrassed and very apologetic. We then returned to the stage area, and not very long after, we were met by a tour guide. She immediately began explaining that we were not to sit on the furniture, carry beverages, or guide ourselves. Her message was important, but her manner was harsh and demeaning. She was very condescending, and ignored one of our mentors in favor of the other, showing an extreme lack of understanding. Were it not for the upcoming performance, I would refuse to return.

Lisa Whelpley

Beautiful and not to miss when in Springfield.


I have been fortunate enough to visit several Frank Lloyd Wright homes, and I'm glad I was able to cross this one off the list. This is an excellent example of Wright's work with some features that you dont see in his homes including a basement. Our guide was more thank knowledgeable of the house and the role of the owner and it's long history. Thank you very much for opening this up and maintaining it so very well.

Gary Shepard

Incredible Frank Lloyd Wright home

Dino Guy

This is an amazing house. I wouldn't want to live there, but it was interesting seeing history. It's definitely worth visiting. I will be going back again sometime to see what else I can learn.

Leah D.

Absolutely amazing art glass and FLW interiors. Great tour guide! Highlights were dining room table & chairs and 4 massive chandeliers in the room along with garden breeze way abutting the sleeping porch. Indoor planters as is typical with FLW, but with beautiful art glass ceiling panels to let the light in for the plants.

Sándor Bokor

Wow. It was a very interesting place to visit. I would recommend to visit this place. It is free-ish to visit, but there is a suggested donation per person.

Lisa Regan-Vienop

Harder than it should be to see this historic home. Can't book a tour ahead and tour times are not listed online. Staff seems overwhelmed, confused and not communicating well. Only come if you have the patience to wait. Perhaps your time is better off just taking a photo of the exterior. NOT worth the 10 dollar suggested donation unless they get more and better trained staff.

Jane Fuhrman

Very neat house. Important step for Wright and lots of unique elements

Jayanti Addleman

Gorgeous and beautifully maintained. If you have any interest in architecture or Frank Lloyd Wright, make sure you go. Only problem I had was that no photos were allowed inside, but I completely understand why we couldn't take pictures. Great spot to visit.

Rachel Fitch

Very interesting tour!

Cora van Leeuwen

Beautifull place. The guide seemed to enjoy the house just as much as the visitors. Very much worth the visit.

Bill Key

interesting tour of a unique F. L. Wright house, wow

Melissa Cornfield

Tour was very interesting, the guide seemed super knowledgeable and passionate about the designs.

Rocio Hurtado

I can't believe i waited so long to take this tour. The tour guide was so captovating and knowledgable. It is truly one of Springfield's best experiences.

Erik Anderson

This place was super cool. I'm not a big architecture buff and I don't know much about Frank Lloyd Wright, but I loved this house. I would never want to live there b/c it's just not my style, but I so appreciated how integrated the house was together, how purposeful everything that was included was, and all of the architectural details and sight lines. And to think he built that style of house in 1902, people must have thought he was utterly insane. It looks so different from other stuff that was being built at that time. The tour is well worth the time and the donation they suggest and I would highly recommend it to anyone in Springfield for a visit.

joseph mccormick

Excellent tour. Very cool house


This is the first Frank Lloyd Wright house I have been to and will now be looking to visit more if the opportunity comes up in my travels. The tour was really interesting and of course the architecture and furniture and stained glass windows were all brilliant. The tour guide was engaging and knowledgeable. I had a really nice time here.

Susan Luehrs

This is a must see if visiting Springfield, IL! Our tour was guided and the guide was extremely knowledgeable about the home. Very interesting and beautiful!

Katie Willi

Amazing home, such beautiful preservation. And wonderful tour guide!!! Can't wait to come back again

Scott McCutchan

Had a fabulous time--even the kids. Our guide was a female volunteer and was so much fun. The house is amazing! Made me want to get to know the life of it's owner and Frank Lloyd Wright. I wish we could have taken photos inside.

Pradnya Deshpande

We went to Springfield for a two day trip and I think this tour was a highlight of the whole time spent there. It was such an informative and enjoyable experience. The guides gave us insightful information and made the whole experience amazing! Definitely worth the wait! I would recommend to pre-book it so that you can plan the rest of your day accordingly. But definitely a must see.

Dawn Marciniak

Ross our guide was amazing! Thank you!!!

Amy Truesdale

I love the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. This house did not disappoint me.

Mark Cawley

Only my 2nd Wright home, this was an amazing experience! Our docent was new but knowledgeable. A must-see for any Springfield visit.

Morgan McKee

Gorgeous house and friendly staff. Definitely a must visit for both visitors and Springfield locals alike.

Susan Schmidt

Cool place!

Brittany Deweese

If you love genius architect designs, you will love any of Frank Lloyd Wrights structures. This one will not disappoint. The large stately home is full of detailed, functioning craftsmanship as well as beautifully designed stain glass windows. Only a few rooms in the home, don't have stain glass, the kitchen being one of them. We visited at a time that the home was decorated for Christmas. It was absolutely stunning. The tour is free, however donations are appreciated.


Incredible! Gotta Love Frank Lloyd Wright! Free tour but suggested donation. Parking is Free don't trust visitor guide. I made my donation by dropping a fortune in the gift shop. Cool stuff

Brandon Williams

Didn’t take a house tour but it was super nice from the outside. Will def take a tour if I’m ever back in town.

Rory Keylon

We are so incredibly blessed to have this amazingly beautiful home in our own backyard. It's a stunning piece of architecture I've visited many times and Christmas is the best time to go when they put on their luminaria walk. Be prepared for a crowd in cold weather but it's so worth it.

Steve Flickinger

Very informative tour. Beautiful.

L Rhodes

This was awe inspiring place to visit. The adults, teens, and children who viewed it in our tour group found it interesting and couldn't wait to see what surprise there was to be found in each room. The tour guides are knowledgeable and were open to answering questions. We plan to go back during winter time to see the house decorated for the holidays.


Great tour and guide. Amazing architecture and exquisite restorations. Fun to imagine the noises and activity from the heyday of this house.

Chad Meyer

Really great tour of house .our guide was really informative of the history and architect .might be hard to keep attention for younger kids but I enjoyed it !

Robert Finley

This was my second visit to the home. It is a Frank Lloyd Wright design. It definitely is a must see if you are in Springfield Illinois or traveling threw on I-55.

Kirk Nussbaum

Very informative. Great place for those interested in architecture or Frank Lloyd Wright. No admission fee, suggested donations.

Bob Reynolds

Beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright house. Free tour.

Nick P

Beautifull house, with a guide who explains everything well and takes the time for you to look around and ask questions

Kathlyn Edwards

This place is a treasure. They have over 90% of the original furniture from the house. The over 100 year old style of Frank Lloyd Wright is on full detailed glory. The building has amazing windows and architecture. It is gorgeous! The tours are each unique, so going more than once is worth it. They often do special events, such as decorating for the holidays. Highly recommend going here!

tom e

Definitely worth the 1.5 hours I spent along with the 10 dollar donation. Tour guide was very knowledgable. Highly suggest if you like this type of architecture.

Joel Squire

A unique and well preserved building.

Georgellen Burnett

Worth all the effort but do your research before you go. Our guide knew very little about FLW or his theories of architecture and design.

Samual Abney

I highly recommend you visit here, it is a stunning example of beautiful architecture.

Nathan Ryder

Who doesn't like to poke through other people's houses?! Very interesting tour of an amazing house! It could be a challenge for little kids to keep their hands to themselves because of all the amazing surfaces there are to touch and feel but it's not allowed. If you have any interest in design, architecture, or art you must take this tour. There are some very interesting local history stories that go along with this house too. I can't imagine living here! No charge for the hour-long tour but donations are accepted.

AnYuan Bao

Very beautiful and large house, many rooms and levels. Staff of visitor center is friendly and kind. It’s pity if you come to Springfield but not visit this house.

Steve Wittry

Worth the visit. Great tour, lots of good tidbits of info about the original homeowner.

Dolores McLaughlin

What I treasure!!! I learn something new every time we go!

janet bundy

Really cool place to see !


A house you would love to live in.

Daniel Massey

A great museum, a great tour, and some great staff.

Jeff Burkee

Frank Loyd Wright at his best...again!

D Largent

This is a central Illinois treasure that wasn't accessible to me (not open to the public) when I was growing up there. The only downside to this place is that you can't take photos inside. But, we loved this house. Very impressive.

Keith Butcher

Stunningly beautiful home. I was lucky enough to see it when it was decorated for the holidays which was a special treat. Highly recommended.

Keith Kidd

Stunning example of Frank Lyod Wright's work. If you come to Springfield, do yoursel a favor and visit this gem.

Robin Fox

Beautiful house. A must see if you are a Frank Lloyd Wright fan or if you just love beautiful architecture.

Joni Walls

I've been wanting to bring my husband here for a while. He has bone cancer and most days can't do much. Today however we looked up and it says 9-5pm. So we drove all the way there. Parked. He managed to walk around the building to the entrance that way the exit is next to the car. We get all the way around the building is 3:50pm... The sign says last tour at 4pm. We're thinking awesome perfect timing.... The doors locked. I ring the bell, with everything going on and the expensive stuff in the house maybe they keep it locked. Lady comes to the door and says no the last tour is 3:45ish. Change the sign then. It's so hard to get to the wheel chair entrance. I was irritated. I don't think these people understand how hard it was for him to get there just to turn around and walk all the way back to the car because the lazy people decided to close early. The website says 5pm and the sign says last tour starts at 4pm. We were there at 3:50pm. Forty five minute drive there and a fifteen minute walk to the entrance for nothing. CHANGE YOUR HOURS. I'll be back at some point and your $10 suggested donation is going in my gas tank!!!

Rodney Bensken

Beautiful home, guide was well informed. A must if you like old homes.

Linda Evans

Frank Lloyd Wright designed this house. In it's day it was probably surrounded by a better neighborhood. But the home is so well preserved one forgets what is outside once the tour starts. There's just so much about this house I think it would be best if you went to see it. It is handicap accessible. I stayed in the kitchen with my sister who was in a wheelchair while my other sisters went with the tour upstairs to the bedrooms. I've been to Springfield many times but this is the first time we ever stopped at this house. I would definitely chore it again when I go back to Springfield.


One of the most interesting architectural tours I’ve taken. It was the perfect mix of talk about the architecture and talk about the very interesting life of Dana Thomas who commissioned and funded the work.

Patrick Lavelle

F.L.W. nice architecture but NOT my style of home. 12000 sf and two bedrooms. Seriously. The lighting was poor...but I get it. Kept to the original design. I can tell you that the tour guide was fabulous and kept the stroll down memory lane interesting.

Fowler Jones

Simply amazing.

Dave Carpenter

Great experience. Learned new information.

Franklin Young

A remodeling job done by Frank Lloyd Wright.! It was originally an Italianate mansion. What makes this house so special is it has today most of the original furniture designed by FLW including the Goddess of architecture! In addition to a music room with hidden orchestra pit, it has a bowling lane in the basement. I highly recommend the guided tour of the house. While in Springfield, if you are looking for a break from all the Lincoln "stuff", this is the place to go!

Keith Barry

This is one of the most fabulous houses I have ever seen, in terms of conception, design & execution. It brings influences from the Far East, anticipates Modernism & brings the outside in. Both concept and the small details stun. It was brought to life by a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide, who clearly had a passion both for her job and her vocation. Unfortunately, when our tour had finished the shop was closed so we could not buy any souvenirs or make a donation. A shame as we would have liked to have made a contribution. A real must see.

Beth Ballinger

My son loved the tour, he's still talking about it. Allacent is an amazing guide

David Baker

My wife drags me to houses and generally speaking I just following her and rolling through my list of nice things to say, and smiling. However, this is a good place. Guys you are going to find this interesting.

Ken Gordhamer

Truly astounding architecture.

Karen Carty

Beautifully restored example of Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture. Just be warned there are 16 levels in the house with some narrow, claustrophobic hallways and LOTS of stairs. We went on a VERY hot summer morning, and many of the rooms were warm and stuffy in the upper levels which I think caused my husband to get a little light-headed during the tour. Our tour guide did a good job keeping the herd together and explaining the history of the house. My favorite area I think was the children's library lined with beautiful bookcases and padded seating areas perfectly designed for use--Mr. Wright's trademark. So many built-ins throughout the house would be welcome in today's homes. Definitely glad we checked it out. Maybe not the best idea for very young children who tire easily and are used to touching everything or the elderly who have problems with stairs. The house is not handicapped accessible.

Ben Cedarberg

Amazing tour and house. Interesting and fun for kids and adults. Tour is free.

Teresa Cleveland

Fun, historic, meaningful and pleasant way to spend the afternoon. Plus free!

Beth Peters

Beautiful place to visit. Just wish they didn't rush through the tour, need more time to 'see' the home

Jason Wever

Beautiful and fascinating place to visit in Springfield. A very unique building in the long line of Frank Lloyd Wright's career. The architecture and interior design is something you can't see many places and the staff are very knowledgeable and friendly

Danielle Clatch

One of the best Frank Lloyd Wright homes to visit. If you're in Springfield, IL this is a must see. The tour is wonderfully detailed and the house itself is gorgeous. The gift shop is a bit pricey but helps sustain the operation and has one of a kind souvenirs.

Cyber Terrapin

Wonderful experience. The house is a work of art. Stained glass throughout with quarter sawn oak furniture throughout.

Laramie Perez

Visit This Place!!!!! Wow. I can't post pictures because photography is prohibited from the inside. I have visited several of Wright's houses and this one is by far the most interesting and beautiful. The outside is striking by itself but the interior far surpasses it. It's like walking through layers of a delicious cake. Everything is hand made and built specifically for the purpose of being there. Everything from the chairs, the lights, the windows, the doors, everything. I cannot recommend this more than enough. It is a hidden gem in the mode of Illinois.

Christopher Durkin

Tour was informative and interesting. I'd never want to live in this house- would be constantly bumping my head- but the tour guide did a great job. There's no admission fee but it is recommended you make a donation.

Kevin Gibbons

It's a classic FLW house with a few unique spots. your enjoyment level however, will depend on which guide you get, hence the three stars.

John Mihich

What a great your. The house is a great example of Wright house.

Sharon Cargile

Great for kitty cats to hide and pounce

RICK Bohanan

Great I reccomend everyone take time to see it

Sabrina Montague

I injoyed visiting the Dana Thomas HOUSE it is a Beautiful house that Frank Lloyd Wright did. I saw the house on a family trip in 2016.

Julie Schetley

Looking forward to going back. Limited tours on Easter. House is beautiful on the outside.

Regina Albanese

Frank Lloyd Wright at his best. All of the original furniture and art glass. Guides are knowledgeable and friendly. Fantastic gift shop. Tour starts in the Carriage House, which is accessed through the Courtyard. Allow about an hour and a half. House is decorated for Christmas and is a Springfield holiday tradition. It's the kind of place you want to visit again and again. It's that special.

Brian O'Neal

If you like Frank Lloyd Wright, this is a must. If you are not familiar with him, then this is a must. It's a real treasure.

Amber Elizabeth

One of the most beautiful FLR homes in the world! A must see when visiting Springfield. The curators who work there are very knowledgeable. A+

Shelly Nienow

Brilliant design!! Frank Lloyd Wright's best!! Definitely worth seeing

Angela Way

Amazing an option of donation only. Fantastic tour!

Jamie Pluister

How amazing this home is! If u are a Frank Lloyd Wright fan, you have to check it out! Side note...don't go until after 3pm or wait til the end of May cuz the tour buses of kids ruins your tour. Only one tour guide

Barbara Krueger

Wonderful home to see. Springfield should be so grateful the Thomas business kept it original and to the ex Governor Jim Thompson for raising so much money to get so many original pieces back where they belong. At Holiday Walk had Jason a very good guide. Such a great history and such a great example of Frank Lloyd Wrights work. Donation is your admittance. Parking lot is free adjacent to the west.

Brian Fox Ellis

This is one of the best-preserved Frank Lloyd Wright houses you will ever see! And the tour guides are friendly and knowledgeable.

Jakob De Vreese

Simply a must see. Completely restored in its former glory with respect for the original owners and the architect.

Jeffrey Wetzel

Interesting home with the latest amenities for the day.

Central Paint Management

No taking photos inside. Many areas closed off from viewing but.... Still many great features like: Built-ins, nooks, vaulted or cathedral ceilings, glass, figures, molding and more. Mr. Wright’s furniture looks very uncomfortable to use, it may have just been art. Notice the spans and thicknesses of floor sections and rafters which Mr. Wright used in dual purposes of support and defining space. Not common or cost effective in modern building. Before you show up check the hours online, Google Map the parking and plan to make a donation!

Gus Mullin

I've been here many times over the years and it never disappoints. Every time I discover something new. The guides are amazing, the gift shop is top notch and their special events are fun. This is an absolute must see site. Beautiful stained glass, wonderfully imaginative styling, a true masterpiece hidden away in boring old Springfield. (I'm kidding, if you know where to go Spfld can be a very fun place.)

David Clark

They lose a star because my tour guide didn't know what he was talking about. I have been to many Frank Lloyd Wright properties and this one is a must visit. Definitely in the top five in the nation. This is a Wright "remodel" because it was built around an existing house. There are many unique things inside such as rare lamps and fixtures. The restoration of this home was top notch. You can almost feel the ghost of Dana Thomas.

Darrell Weber

Very impressive, lots of details

Andy Mejia

The windows are pretty

Mark Van Moer

Possibly one of the best-preserved of the Prairie style homes. It's in fantastic condition overall and has a tremendous amount of the original furnishings. Tours take about an hour which is just about the right amount of time. The tour guide we had was extremely knowledgeable and gave a delightful tour.

Tanya Campbell

Unbelievably amazing, so many original pieces, a must see architectural beauty by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Eric Jackson

Frank was way ahead of his time, basically a priceless display of artwork imho.

Travis Spurling

If you're in the Springfield Illinois area this is a must see if you're into architecture and handcrafted building. Some of the guides have a dry sense of humor but don't let that keep you from looking at a great piece of History.

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