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REVIEWS OF Chicago Cultural Center IN Illinois

Beth Waltz

"The architecture of this building is beautiful to behold, and we had a great time playing with Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests. Free to enter!

Michelle Daily

Attended a concert there last week. The pianist was world known. BEAUTIFUL!

Derek Berry

Really wonderful place! Military Art Exhibit is so powerful.

Howard Sizek

Always learn something here. Stretches my thinking about the places in Chicago! Interesting exhibits.

Greg Boss

If your a local this might have more relevance. As a visitor this wasn't very informative or interesting. Very hard to discern what points or purpose the displays served.

Robert Lake

The marble walls and ceiling are AMAZING! Great sound as well.

Victor Ojeda Jr

It was great. Went with a friend to hear a concert. I forgot the young pianist name,she was awesome. It lasted about 45mins. It was a large crowd. It's always free,my friend told me. First time there for a concert. Very nice experience. This was classical music. If you like music of any kind, give it a try.

Jacob Danielson

Lots of great things on display here. Close to other tourist areas so it's not out of the way to check out. Great stop in the area for some free fun. The place looks really nice as well with great architecture and a good layout. Be sure to check the map as there are other places inside not open to the public.

Tamika Guiton

This place is a real gem of Chicago and it's right across the street from Millennium Park attractions. No visitor should miss this amazing attraction that is so unusual and breathtaking. The mosaic jewel like Tiffany structures are absolutely beautiful. It's a photographer's paradise. Every floor and each room has something beyond amazing in it. Even in the cold weather it's the perfect free place to visit because it is inside and warm. You can get incredible views of Millineum park from the upper windows there that are just beautiful and makes for great photos. Besides the structure of the building there are also always great cultural events and art exhibits there and they also give tours. Make sure you have an hour to spend there to take in the amazing views and structures there. It is definitely a hidden gem of Chicago more should know about it's easy assess and great location.

Jeffrey Powers

Great FREE museum in Chicago. I'll say that again, FREE. Enjoy the architecture of this building, which includes a Tiffany glass domed dealing, amazing mosaics, and marble. Lots of interesting g cultural galleries spanning a variety if topics. Stop by and have a look, and its FREE.

Jason Caternolo

Lots of spaces to wander through in this building, architecture is interesting hints of roman-ticism strewn through some of the art. There's a lot of appropriation mentioned in the building which can feel a little overwhelming and desensitizing. It's also free to visit so go and walk around.


If you like the decorative arts, it's worth making a side trip to see the two ceilings in this building. Note that the space is sometimes used for events (like weddings and such) and so is often closed. But there are also lots of materials about cultural happenings around the city if you like to partake in such activities while traveling.

CJ Flynn

It's an interesting place Im glad it's still standing and not demolished.

Veronica Jurek

The best gem in downtown Chicago. Amazing architecture and rotating galleries keep me stopping by whenever I get the chance. An awesome respite from the city's hustle and bustle. I always feel renewed after visiting.

Bbalila USA

Interior of this building is Very beautiful. Must see place for architecture lovers.

Jessica Diep

Beautiful architecture inside. There are free walking tours that you can sign up for at the front desk. Each tour guide has a unique spin on their knowledge of Chicago so every tour is different!

Lametha Callahan

Cause my beautiful daughter won a reward there and it was so beautiful

Oleg Somov

Beautiful and well-maintained building. Perfect for events like wedding or award ceremony.

chris raven

Awesome amazing and beautiful building. Very ornate and lots of detail in the small mosaic tile flooring throughout a lot of the building. The Tiffany stained glass window is the largest in the world and a must see.... also free tours are given of the stained glass window!

Tony Hawa

Just an amazing place to visit unbelievable how the marble cover every single inch from the floor to the walls to the sealing,, so beautiful


It was a great wxperience here. It has a unique and gorgeous architecture. The entrance fee is free.

David Henri

Beautiful building and decorations, but not much to visit.

Shahzad Daudi

What a great hidden gem! Never knew that this place was here, but my son pulled me inside to "just see one room" and we discovered so much in the whole building! Definitely drop in and check this place out... its right off Michigan Ave too!


Absolutely gorgeous. Its a must thing to do if in Chicago. Go visit the gorgeous Tiffany Dome!

Rosystraveladventures G

There are many free places you can go to in Chicago and the Chicago Cultural Center is one of them. A lot of people may not know, but it features the largest Tiffany-stained glass dome in the world! I went on a rainy day and it was beautiful. I plan to go back on a sunny day to see the light shine thru the glass. Apart from that, there are art exhibitions, musical performances, etc. If you are familiar with the pedway system, there is access indoors so you don't have to go outside on a rainy day like I did! Go online and read about it then plan your visit :)

Machou T.

Beautiful landmark that is free and open to the public. Chicago has so much to offer and the Cultural Center embodies that. Worth a detour to and enjoy the architecture inside and out.

Brian Hartman

Such an amazing building inside and out! Gorgeous architecture and it’s FREE! Previously a library and a veterans home for the northern army after the civil war. The two glass are amazing. One is the largest Tiffany glass dome in the world and the other just as amazing. The details everywhere are breathtaking!! A must see just across the street from the Millennium Park.

John Sellers

This place has amazing architecture and decorations and Exhibits. It is located right across from Millennium Park. I don't think it would appeal much to anyone under 21. They had an interesting exhibit on the musicians and artists of Brownsville when I was there. You would need to take public transportation or pay the expensive downtown rates for parking.

D Reyntjens

Walked in here on a whim, just to check it out really quickly, no clue what was inside. Ended up staying for a good 2 hours (could have stayed much longer). What a great place, beautiful architecture, interesting exhibits, live piano music playing, all free of charge! I would recommend it to anyone, really awesome place!

ira Wesley

I had a pre-arranged pick up at the building and back of it 1:30 Garland. The culture center is beautiful


I absolutely enjoyed my trip to Cultural Center. Even though there was a construction going on, I was still able to see this stained glass on the ceiling and it was so so beautiful. There were other nice exhibitions. Worth visiting.

Kushal Shah

Nice cultural center. And it is free!

Angie Macgruder

Looking forward to seeing the inside.

Adrian Moran

Stunning architectural gem, filled with art exhibits and free concerts. Chicago is so lucky to have this place.

Nitsana Lazerus

A great center for seniors classes and activities. Free exhibits. Encourages creativity. Story core....and more!! Explore!!

John B

A grand old building with a lot of deco fittings and two beautiful ornate domes.

Laura Wilson

Beautiful architecture and art exhibitions. Nice place to learn of the history of Chicago. And it's free!

Ariele Altman

Great experience with amazing exhibitions. I'd definitely visit again.

Hilary M

Great free exhibits that have some permanent and others rotating exhibits. It gave me a greater appreciation for the rich culture in Chicago, especially for parts the populations that have had a lot of struggles. The gun violence, veterans trauma, and water struggles abroad exhibits on the first floor spoke the most to me personally.

Samantha Walker

When you have events can we please have more public Outlets or way that we can use Outlets to charge our devices that we usually have to use when we come there for events. Other than that the establishment is amazing most of the staff is nice and it's just a beautiful piece of Chicago.

Deb C

Unfortunately many of the rooms, exhibits were off limits because preparations for another exhibit and concert . Free admission. Be sure to speak to the person in information booth. She provided lots of info and also directed us to visit the dome in Macy's store. Beautiful mosaics and domes. The Proverbs on the walls 3rd floor and other mosaics. Interesting that the Center was at one time a library . A MUST to visit !

jessica bastidas

It is definitely an icon place to visit! We took our engagement photos there and they came out stunning!

Sahian Del Valle

I lived in Chicago my whole life and I didn't know this place existed until I had to do a school trip. I had an amazing experience. The art was incredible and inspiring.

Lee Milligan

This is a gem of an old building (don't miss the Tiffany glass dome) repurposed to house the Cultural Center. The free movies on Wednesday nights from May through September are super!

Hannah Soltys

stunning building architecturally, and free. If you have never been in, I cannot recommend it enough. The building is large and covered in beautiful mosaics. The Tiffany glass dome is absolutely stunning and so are the staircases. The building also hosts exhibitions that are changed out regularly.

joseph mccormick

Always a place of interest. Stimed onto a wonderful pianist from china who gave an enjoyable performance

Traci Galindo

I went to a free concert and LOVED it! Beautiful building.


Of course you have to find this sculpture. It is iconic. A pretty location little walk to get there but worth it.

Shawnna Mcmichael

Make sure you have plenty of time to stroll through to see everything. I had three teens with me and end up having to show them how to work a rotary phone to play music, which was comical. Within walking distance of lots of tourists attractions. Well worth the stop.


I show this AMAZING building on my walking tours, and I even recommend it when I give boat tours as a suggestion of a MUST-SEE building in Chicago. So many visitors walk right by this building on their way to Millennium Park, and they miss the stunning interior. On behalf of Inside Chicago Walking Tours, THANK YOU to the staff and city for maintaining such a beautiful Chicago gem!

tim chung

Must see. Incredible mosiac everywhere

Victor Batie

As an event chef, I'm always working behind the scenes. I've worked in many great venues here in chicago and chicago land area. Working at places like; MSI, J G Shedd Aquarium, The Planetarium, Morton Arboritum and The Cultural Center has always been a source of pride and enjoyment for me. I Been Blessed!

Camiah Mingorance

Beautiful modern art exhibits on the first floor with fascinating stories and thought provoking perspectives. The third floor is a stunning gallery with an enormous Tiffany glass dome. It used to be a public library and has been saved from destruction eight times, I believe, for it's historical value. Stunningly beautiful. It's free to the public and I would highly recommend a slow walk through.

Vanessa Senecal

I love the cultural center! It's like a museum, but free and completely centered around Chicago. There is so much to learn at the cultural center! They have many bits of information and antiques on display. However, there is variety as well! There is a children's workshop area for the kids, and rotating galleries for the more art-oriented folks who visit. It is definitely a worthwhile stop for anyone wanting a peek into the history of Chicago; its smaller size and clear orientation allow for quick visits.

John Hirlinger

This is a neat little place to visit in Chicago. You don’t need to spend a ton of time here, but do at least try to go and see their Tiffany glass dome, which is quite incredible.


Absolutely beautiful interior and several great art exhibits. Really enjoyed my visit!

Dirk Mitchell

Amazing building there are mosaics all over the place. This is a nice downtown location that has different art and culture exhibits attached to the library. It is a very comfortable space that doesnt cost anything to visit. If you are walking around Chicago this is the perfect place to take a break and walk through to see some very nice Architecture and great art.

Bridget Delaney

Amazing Museum! Loved the Jazz exhibit. We also did the Chicago Greeter Tour of Millennium Park, which is an absolute must!

Julia Burke

What a great place to spend a rainy day! The outside of the building is spectacular architecturally, and the inside is even better. Be sure to check out the masterpiece Tiffany Glass ceilings on the second and third floors. Numerous free exhibits abound in the building, and it is clearly a cultural hub for all sorts of activities. It is close to millennium Park, too, so it is easy to add to your itinerary. My only complaint is the insufferable wedding parties blocking public spaces to take photos; pretending their particular wedding is somehow unique, even though everyone else is getting pictures from the very same place, or places. Is this a Cultural Centre, or photo-op location?

Monica Katich

An excellent place to visit. Free.

Josh Rodriguez

It has very beautiful stained glass work and mosaics everywhere. The dome is magnificent. And it was fun trying to read all the different inscriptions in various languages. I managed to read the Hebrew, Latin, Spanish, and French pretty well. I figured out the German after a while. The Italian was harder for me, and I had no idea about the Greek, Egyptian, and Arabic. I pulled out only one Greek root word, and I at least recognized a letter or two in Arabic. Chinese and Egyptian, I knew nothing. Also lots of interesting little designs all around if you look for them. We had fun exploring. Great view of surrounding area from large upstairs windows. Other exhibits were closed when we went. The building was formerly the Chicago city library from the late 1800s. Very cool building.

Andy Witt

Great place to visit! Me and my sons went here last weekend. They really liked it and I was nicely impressed.

Maggie Brauer

Epic. Beautiful. Always come to visit when I am in Chicago. Art exhibits and architecture. Plan for more than an hours visit, or pop in to see just one side (two sides, 2&3 level, elevator access)

Case Michielsen

I can't recommend this place highly enough. A wonderful public space offering stimulating exhibits of art and culture, and admission is always free. I am always grateful whenever I get the chance to visit.

Jeff Bailey

This place is amazing I've never seen a collection of this size. If you are into history and culture of different ethnic groups you don't want to miss this place. I recommend getting City pass save half price

Nab H

Went there for a special event. It is a great venue especially the hall a beautiful fresco designs. It used to the library so it has the names of famous authors like Milton, Shakespeare etc. inscribed into the wall.

Marsha Pare

Beautiful Tiffany crystal ceiling...awesome!!

Claudia Hacker

Our son got married here. Everyone is still taking about what a fabulous venue this is. Absolutely stunning wherever you look!

Yadira Medrano

This place is amazing. Got to hear personal stories which made me incredibly emotional. The music Rhythm and Blues was incredible!

Malica Alexandre

Beautiful glassworks and great place to stop for free and cool off , get info guides about things to do around Chicago, or take s free class.

Bobby Chu

Considering this is free, there is not much to dislike. The domed roof architecture is awesome (head to the second floor). There was a variety of exhibition when I went. Good place to take a break from sightseeing and/or escaping from the rain.

Jaime V

Chicago’s original library. Beautiful building & Tiffany art work

Samuel Waggoner

We stopped here as a part of a walking food tour. This is the former Chicago Library and is now a space open to the public and available for special events. The domes are lovely, as are the mosaic tile decorations throughout -- the attention to detail is amazing. It breaks my heart to think this was almost torn down! Amazing place with stunning Tiffany mosaics and interior decorations. Just across Michigan Ave from Millennium park entrance. Definitely worth to stop by.

Marti Kirsch

Nice place to find out about tours of the city - architectural and such. Good selection of books in the gift shop

Iain Short

An ornate building currently hosting the Architectural Biennial 2019 exhibition. The exhibition content was quite varied and interesting in places but the overall effect was of isolated topics held together by the fact they were related to architecture and the built environment and nothing more.

deborah whitehead

CHICAGO is my kind Of Town for many different reasons to mention ....I can show better than tell YOU...enjoy the ride :)

Chaim Wax

Great architecture. Confusing building. Except for 1st floor front and back of building ate not open to both sides so totally different elevator systems

Ricardo De Leon

Gorgeous building with wonderful history. Found out about this place after 3 years in Chicago. Just the history behind it worth while the visit. But the largest Tiffany dome in the world is a site to see. It's close to places like the Art Institute which make it's a great place to visit real quick and take some pictures. Plus it's free to go in

Satwinder Singh

Another architectural wonder in Chicago. I visited this twice, once on the walking tour by Chicago Architect Center and then I came back to see it all and immerse myself in. The domes and ceilings are just exquisite. The place has so many varieties of marble, stained glass, wood, metals, you cannot not stop and over spend the time. The entrance has all the poets and writers and ancient philosophers' names in mosaic. The entrance on the south side was very regal, although I wish the ceiling was higher. Biennial was on and it was all free for the public. Some of the exhibits were just out of this world - so unique and capturing, that I had to peel myself from this place to move on to the next destination.

Ana Távora

Worth the visit. Free entrance, access to clean washrooms and interesting exhibitions


A lovely place to spend an hour or two. The architecture is pretty and the exhibits are interesting. Free art for all!

Deborah DICKERSON -Seamster

Great free place to sit and relax and enjoy a little art work. I love you can bring food in and eat, use your computer or just be alone with your thoughts

Ali Burns

2 beautiful Tiffany glass domes and rotating exhibits make this free art and cultural center a must see in Chicago.

Stevenson Rocket

Just one of the most beautiful buildings I've been in and it's free. Marble staircases seem to weave through each other like an Escher drawing and they take you up to a room with the most magnificent Tiffany glass domed ceiling. It's very close to the Bean sculpture and the hop on hop of bus stop and worth taking a slight diversion to go and have a look.

Antonio Iaffaldano

Look for the impressive stained glass dome of the memorial.

Nick Lichirie

The tiffany glass dome is one of the best I have seen to date. Absolutely stunning

İpek Er

I went to a piano concert here that enchanted me. This building is remarkable.

Gaea Lady

The cultural center is a gem of a place in Chicago. Free concerts, art exhibitions, gorgeous architecture, and a wonderful senior center to boot. Favorite place!!

Carolyn Chatman

Educational Diverse Calm aesthetic s Historical Highly recommend a visit


If you love Art Deco architecture, mosaic tile details and ornamentation as this is a fantastic place to visit for free. The galleries are disjointed but vast in their offerings to serve many different groups of visitors. The Tiffany glass dome is by far the most impressive aspect of the building showcasing elegance and grandeur that is just not replicated these days. Other than a very rude security guard I enjoyed myself immensely.

David Fisk

Great place to explore! Make sure you check out all the floors

amber eisinger

The Tiffany Dome is exquisite! Such beautiful detail in every part of this building. Its an architectural masterpiece!

Allison Hartje

Absolutely breathtaking inside. If you have never been, take even just a few minutes to check it out. And make sure to look at all the ceilings!

Stacie Thorpe-Burnett

We were suppose to have lunch at their facility for a school field trip and was informed that there was a place to eat there, but they then told us that they didn't have a place for us and scheduled a private party. 60 students were displaced and were hungry. I was not pleased.

Wendy Bouchard

First-time experience enjoying open house Chicago. It was phenomenal. Would recommend to everyone. We had an exceptional guide by the name of Margaret. She took the time to give us not only the detail on the buildings but also information about the owners and builders


Great place to visit. It is free and is quite a magnificent building. It is well wort a few minutes. If you have10 minutes run in quickly just to get a feel for how great the building is. You can certainly spend an hour easily especially if you sit down for a couple minutes and just admire the atmosphere.

William Hoadley

The Domes are like nothing I had ever seen. Enjoyed the exibits and side shows. Recommend you get a map of the Cultural Center help you get around and see the shows they have throughout the Center.


On this day there was a beautiful piano performance and there was much to appreciate between the building's decor and exhibits.

Natalie On

This was the old library and lovely to see the Tiffany dome and the intricate references to the history of the use of the building. There are many rolling events that take place, helpful staff at the entrance and great place to stop near Millennium Park to rest, use restrooms and rehydrate.

Warren Smyth

A fascinating place with some wonderful exhibits, the exterior of the building is also impressive, definitely worth a visit

Despierta Mexico Esta Temblando

A nourishing way to pamper your soul! They offer a Lot of free events and the staff is kind and always willing to help! Beautiful place, great accustics! A gift for the city and by the City!

Angeli S

My best friend and I did a free walking tour from here. The lady who did our tour was so full on knowledge and really made the tour personable. I wasn’t expecting much from a free tour, but she really gave it her all. I appreciated it very much!

Richard Cotton

Such an amazing place to see. It’s free to walk around and enjoy. Don’t miss this stop on your stay in Chicago.

Brian Bopp

This building is the star of the show! Formerly the Chicago Library, this place has all the class and artsy decor that modern architects only dream about. Mosaics adorn majestic stairwells. Intricate patterns on the ceiling of the Civil War room will give you neck strain. The modern exhibits present a mere shade of grey in a building that boasts a full palette of glorious color, perhaps best displayed in the two Tiffany glass domes. Who could read a book with all that beauty overhead?

Tarah Cantrell

This building is one of the coolest things about Chicago. The exhibits are always interesting, and the building is warm and well-kept. The best part is that it's totally free, even for most of their public events. Even if you're only passing through Chicago be sure to stop in and catch a glimpse of all the incredible artistic endeavours being put on display at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Sue Cohn

This is my go to spot when I have a guest with me that has never been there. The Tiffany decorated interior is out of this world. Make sure to stop by the information desk and get a map. Visit all floors via the stairs(if you're able) and push the elevator button just so you can also see the interior of the elevator. Get to BOTH domes. They have free music often. There are rotating exhibits and permanent ones. This is a DON'T MISS! Oh did I mention that it is free?

Michelle Marshall

A must see if you are in Chicago on Michigan Avenue. In fact, this place would be first on my list of places to see if visiting Chicago. Enter from the south Washington Street doorway and walk up the well detailed stairwell. Marble railings and stairs. Mosaic tiled walls and ceilings. Famous names you will easily recognize from the great works of science and arts. If you're especially lucky, you may come across a musical performance on the second floor open performance room. This room, in itself is worth a visit to marvel in the intricate and beautiful design and finish. Enjoy! Movie trivia: The famous roof scene from "The Untouchables" with Kevin Costner, was filmed here.

Chelle Ham

Beautiful place and always free. There was a film crew filming an episode of Chicago Fire so some of the museum was closed off when I was there. Would have loved to see all of the exhibits but admittedly it was neat to see the crew! The exhibits were nice and the center is in a great location. I would love to come back and I'd recommend this place to anyone in the area.

Heather Mills

Great place to spend a relaxing morning or afternoon admitting artwork. Exhibits, restrooms, drinking water fountains, and benches for seating.

Irfan Ahmed

Very nice architecture on the second floor. Really high ceilings with lots of detail.

Victor Wang

Great spot that has the mixed feeling of a grand library and a museum. Lots of exhibits and showings here on a wide variety of subjects concerning Chicago from modern art to modern film. A little bit of historical information used for setting the scene for the needs and plans for the future. Unique exhibits covering modern art, to easy-to-understand graphical public notices. Some of the special exhibits are also quite unique with one on Brazil’s São Paulo region’s housing costs and how micro apartments are being created to lower housing costs and make it more affordable for the vast majority of low income residents. Completely free so there’s no excuse to not swing by.

Cris Garcia

There's so much to learn about Chicago and the best place to start is at CAC. The tours are both entertained educational. You will feel time fly. Highly recommend.

Alka Kolipakam

The building is old style architecture. Welcome Centre gives useful information about the city. Story Corps is an interesting section in which you can hear stories of different people about things that changed their lives etc. The two halls inside, GAR and Preston Bradley Halls are awe inspiring. Worth a visit if there's an hour or two to spare

Krystal Aranda

Very welcoming, the staff was very friendly. It's free, so that's always a plus. They also have free tours right now for the Bilennial exhibit. It was very clean and overall beautiful.

Sharon Nerad

It makes a great reception hall. Photo opportunities abound. A must see if you like mosaic tile work. The sidewalk in front of the main entrance is under construction. There is little street parking but a pay lot is in walking distance. Art show on first floor was partially off limits. Not sure of the reason we were just asked to leave when we followed the exhibit to a room with paper people. The kids with us left their toys behind and a guide found us on another floor to return them. Beautiful building.

A Federico RE

An good place for cultural activities and art, it's good to either go alone or with family and/or friends

Britini Rios

We went to a kids music performance today: they have this most Fridays. Plus, it was in the beautiful dome on the 3rd floor. Great accessible culture.


I've mainly visited here for events I've been part of, but I can't speak enough about the importance of this place and other cultural institutions in Chicago. I highly recommend making a visit whenever you can. There's always new cultural history to learn or add to your knowledge of. Nothing's sugar coated, either.

Katrina Ta

I haven’t had to chance to really explore this museum but it was super cool during my short visits. I love Chicago and it’s nice to learn more about the culture of this wonderful city.

Ian Tan

The stained glass is great and this is a wonderful place to visit if you indulge yourself in admiring the varied architecture Chicago has to offer.

mehashka bl

It's beautiful and so many different things to see and do.

Mark Mohon

Great stained glass dome and mosaics by Frank Lloyd-Wright. Really nice exhibit of American jazz posters and music. And, hey, it is the home of Story Corps!

Kelly Oldfield

Oh my gosh, this was the most beautiful building I have ever visited. The interior is covered with Tiffany-glass mosiacs everywhere! We got lost in the beauty and inspiration here. I could have stayed for hours if time had permitted. If you ever visit Chicago, and you like cultural & artistic things, do yourself a favor and put this place on your "to-do" list.

Brian Fisher

Wow. Free entry to this work of art. It is like being inside of a Tiffany jewelry box.

Ellen Kuo

Walked in on a whim because it was the midst of a heat wave and we needed AC (also it was free). Stayed for 2 hours because of the exhibits! Well thought out exhibits in a beautiful building. Highly recommend if you're around the Millennium Park area and looking for something else to do that's close by.

Cyrus Webb

Met some friends here for a book event. Loved the atmosphere and the information that was shared by the tour guides. Wish I had more time to explore it. Have to go back again for sure.

Lauren Kelly

Great hidden (but not really) gem of a landmark! The Tiffany dome was mesmerizing. But even beyond that, there were gorgeous mosaics all throughout the building and awesome art and cultural exhibits to explore. Will definitely be back to check out new exhibits!

William McCord

The cultural center is beautiful. The history and the attention to detail is stunning. I joined one of the free guided tours and it was really interesting. I thought it was cool that it was originally built as the Chicago library after The Great Chicago fire.

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