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Where is Bahá'í House of Worship?

REVIEWS OF Bahá'í House of Worship IN Illinois

Patrick Johnopolos

Beautiful and worth seeing. The architecture is fantastic and the fountains with pools calming. It is a good place to pray or meditate with no charge or pressure.

Radim Svoboda

It's not only an architectural marvel, it's also an inspiring story. An attempt for the religion of Gods, or in their own words: everyone is welcome. The stunning structure and absolutely gorgeous gardens are indeed super welcoming and will wow you all year round

Kochumani c j

This is one of the 8 bahai temples in the world at present. Bahai faith is an independent world religion practiced through out the world. More than 5 million people. The beautifully constructed is encircled with flowering garden. The building is construted with nine sided structure covered by a single, majestic dome. This symbolizing the unity of all people and religion under God. The building and the garden form a single, sacred space where all people are invited to pray to God and meditate in an atmosphere of beauty and light.

Savan Ghetiya

Very beautiful place and open to all religions.. Very well maintained.. Will definitely be back to look in detail as we were short on time today for our visit. A reason most definitely to come back to Chicago!

Leopold Cuevas

Beautiful Temple, peaceful interior and gardens, highly recommend. Just a skip and a jump from Chicago. Read up on the history and Baha'i beliefs and vision. Peace to all.

Zakia Khan

Love this place. It is amazingly beauityfull and calm and clean.

Altamush Jindani

Always a pleasure to visit this house of worship. Located in the beautiful city of Wilmette, this place opens its doors to visitors except at worship times. The greenery is second to none and fountains add to its beauty. They also have a visitor's center where one can learn more about the temple and roots of Bahá'í. A must go if you are travelling to Chicago.

Bunny Cheng

Great place, lots of amazing history, free parking, nice staff amazing temple, awesome gardens and so peaceful. Would love to have s wedding here.

Lashaun Price

I haven't been to the Baha'i house of worship since the mid 80s. I love taking the drive on Sheridan Road it's such a beautiful sight, I wanted to take my daughter to see the Baha'i House of Worship simple and all its Glory. This is a very historic place and it's simply beautiful on the inside and out.

I. Rich Solomon

Beautiful and peaceful place to visit, explore the history of Baha'i faith and its adjoining grounds gorgeous as well.

Meredith Gerber

Visiting the Baha'i house of worship was incredibly peaceful. It feels like a little oasis of serenity in the greater Chicago area. The entrance is free of charge and the Baha'i are welcoming and accomadating to all faiths and walks of life. The stunning & intricate architecture and the colorful gardens make this a breath-taking and refreshing place for reflection.

Kinjal Jani

Great temple. Awesome architecture design. Very quiet place for meditation.

Bbalila USA

Very nice Architecture & Peaceful place. Should visit this place while n Chicago area.

Ben Brownlee

This temple is Amazingly beautiful. I was there taking photos with fam for my cousins wedding.

Tevs S

Absolutely love love this place! Stunning inside and out. Great area to just walk around and enjoy a beautiful, sunny day outdoors!

Heidi Vila

This my go-to place to meditate or to just to get away from the busyness of life. I always feel a sense of calm whenever I'm here.

Hao Wuliao

Good place of a photo shooting and praying in peace. The temple is gorgeous and the garden is adorable. They have a free parking for temple visitors which is nice.

Jim Norman

An amazing architectural house of worship must see. The building and the gardens are beautiful and peaceful. Even Ferris Buehler had to stop.

Kasia Cyran

This place is so peaceful and almost surreal. The design is so intricate and unique. I really fell in love with it . It’s a must see!

Marcilio Sales

The most beautiful place I've ever seen in my life. You need to see this it is really beautiful. I cannot explain to someone that has never seen it what is it like. One cannot spend his life without seeing and feeling this place, it is a really welcoming place and you don't need to be religious, or from this religion to enjoy this place. You need to go and see this temple, it s perfect

Nick Caputo

You may not find another place that lets you be in quite as peaceful of a state as this. Short of walking on a cloud or something, it really is entirely built to calm you, provide a place to meditate and focus on being happy.

Darin Fisher

Everyone was friendly and polite. Both the architecture and gardens were gorgeous and pristine! I would highly recommend giving this place a visit, even if only to check out the structure and gardens! There's a welcome center near the parking lot with tons of historical information.

Zim Zeisler

Such a beautiful place. Great for everything from weddings to study dates. This is a great place to clear your mind and enjoy your surroundings. This is also a great place to take children. I cannot talk this place up enough, its absolutely beautiful.

Andrew French

Interesting place, interesting religion, amazing spaces. Informative staff and experience. The nine sided worship space is a testament to creative architecture.


Been to it a couple times but never walked in... always looked just at the building, but so much more to learn on the inside. The attention to detail though is beyond astonishing. Very peaceful place.

Shankar Mahato

Great place to visit. We had a very nice time.peaceful , serene, beautiful. Definitely a must go for all irrespective of the faith you follow. Great place to bring young ones. People are helpful. Parking is easy and you will get slot. I will revisit again

Stephanie Rodrigues

This is one of my favorites places in Chicago. It's peaceful and you can enjoy the whole environment. I love spending time in here, close to the lake, amazing vibes, impressive architecture and such a nice history.

Olivia Perovic

Most amazing and peaceful place, and everyone says hi to you!

Scott Deyo

From the most basic perspective, this place is beautiful! The architecture is amazing and then surrounding grounds beautiful. Regardless of what you think about the religion practiced here, it is a beautiful, welcoming space, worthy of a visit.

Martin Rusinak

One of my favorite places in the world to come for some daily calm and peace. Beautiful and quiet interior. Just being here makes You feel instantly better!

William Clove

This was a very cool place to go. The architecture is so intricately beautiful it's breathtaking. The grounds are gorgeous and well manicured. It's a quiet, peaceful place.

Julio H

So informative and very welcoming. The information that you get from your visit here is amazing and all the staff are friendly.

Essence M.

The external grounds of this building are immaculate and expansive, just like the inside of the building. This place is an adventure and an architectural gem. Go here to explore, be in awe (or just read and write like I do) in peaceful environment inside. You'll want to also want capture the intricate and unique design of the ceiling. It's gorgeous.

Todd Borisy

Absolutely beautiful house of worship and the grounds around the building are magnificent. I would highly recommend at stop here. Make sure you have a bit of time for some meditation or prayer. All denominations or those that are spiritual are welcome.

Svitlana Fartushok

The architecture is stunning. When you go inside your soul relaxes! The beautiful white exterior and the many steps makes it feel so regal and divine.

Shilpa Aggarwal

Such a breathtaking architecture of the Baha'i temple...the temple surroundings are one of the most scenic and beautiful ones. Very peaceful and quite inside; perfect for meditating. 200 meters away from the beach. Very scenic, majestic and mesmerizing. A must visit indeed.

Jovan Peric

I take my kids for a nice afternoon walk. We visit this place few times a year at least. If you are planning on going there make sure you take your camera and go there in afternoon. The lightning is just awesome for photography.

Christiana Lawson

Peaceful, beautiful, informative. A place to recharge. ♡

Akhilesh Singh Sengar

Interesting beautiful place and well maintained. Baha’i House of Worship is open to the public every day of the year. It has a remarkable architecture and the history of Baha'i religion is explained in detail. You can spend a couple of hours there and then there is the beach and park right over the road.

Fadil Mehmedi

Found my new favorite. I've been preching the cores of this wonderful religion for a while now. I'm disappointed at myself for not knowing about it

Mary Hansen

A serene beautiful House of Worship, welcoming people of all Faiths. The unique nine sided building is enhanced by nine meticulously landscaped gardens. Each garden has a fountain. The interior is exquisite. The nearby Visitor's Center has an educational film about the architectural design and construction history of the building, a bookstore, and ample free parking. An unforgettable experience.

Ashley parke

Possibly the most peaceful and calming places I've ever been to. The temple is too beautiful to describe in words. Great location to recenter your inner self.

Nick Clarizio

Absolutely gorgeous and we'll maintained. Contains a plethora of history as well. A peaceful place suitable for many occasions.

Brett Kho

Phenomenal and relaxing place. Come when there's few people. Visitors center is smaller than it used to be...

Hussain Mandviwala

Excellent place, the architecture and the detailed design really gets to you and is amazing that this place was built in 1953 and it is kept so pristine. Great place if you want to come in and just reconnect spiritually or if you want to come in for photography sessions. This place is a hidden gem

Meghana Raja

Incredibly beautiful structure inside and out. The grounds are impeccably manicured and so beautiful as well. The overall effect is breathtaking. The dome is also intricately detailed on the inside as well. The overall effect on the inside is a spacious, revered space. It was very interesting to visit and learn about the Baha'i faith and practices.

Megan Staples

The building itself was magnificent on the outside. The inside of the dome was also spectacular, but the inside was plainer than I imagined and you couldn't take pictures inside. There is a little book of bahai prayers just inside the door when you walk in. I wish I had been able to hear the choir. Also I thought the gardens would be grander.

Robbie Sharda

In my opinion one of the best temples I have ever seen. Very peaceful

Sohayl Moshtael

Very serene and beautiful environment. Helps one to experience individual spiritual quiet time without interference by others... The doors are open to anyone regardless of religious belief race or gender ... Some of the most loving people I have met.

Antionette Hairston

I visit this site once per year since the early 1990s. This is the most ornate building in the western hemisphere. I feel closer to God with each visit.

John O'Connell

Actually visited many, many years ago!!! Was getting directions for a friend. Architectural marvel, not to mention the truly peaceful, spiritual atmosphere. Would recommend everyone visit on their trip to Chicago!!!

Ken Grooms

Incredible and intricate architecture set in serene gardens. The auditorium is wonderful for meditation. It was enlightening to learn of the history and purpose of this place of worship

Shanta Adkins

The pictures that I have seen my whole life do not do this place Justice. Wow, I am in awe! Mere words can not describe!!!

Dale Sanderson

Beautiful Building & Gardens. Very interesting Religion. Very Welcoming and knowledgeable dosens.

Gini Keating

Beautiful and welcoming to all. A lovely place to walk in the garden, look inside the building, and enjoy the visitor center.

Tom dmyterko

This is a wonderful place to visit if you are in the area. It's a one of s kind architectural masterpiece which has some of the most detail oriented pieces on its outer structure. It is a very calm place which is great to pray, meditate, or just relax near one of many outdoor ponds. The landscaping is perfect, the upkeep is immaculate and it really is a treasure that you need to see it to believe it.

Vanessa Oertel

One of the most amazing things to see in person.


A good place to meditate upon open to all your religions. Massive structure well maintained. Clean environment and elegant structures. The art work is really good for our eyes to view. It has a good garden around the building with fountain.

İpek Er

Purify your soul and meditate. This Holy Place has a remarkable architecture and the history of Baha'i religion is explained in detail. Being the Baha'i House of Worship for the North America, it-in my humble opinion-a must see in Chicago. It takes about an hour and half with a bicycle and an hour by car. Parking is available.

Lesley Pierce

Beautiful! Make it a stop if your in the area, you won't be disappointed!!

Camila Matamala-Ost

Such an incredibly spiritual and beautiful place. The gardens are in full bloom right now. And the temple itself is open to folks of all Faiths and no Faiths. Be sure to check out the beautiful visitor center to learn more!


The architecture is phenomenal! Take away the religiosity and you're left with an amazing building, but that is all.

Mark & Amy Smellie

Indescribably beautiful architecture, a contemplative interior, and formal gardens all around. Well worth a visit.

kranthi juvva

Best place to experience silence and patience. Beautiful architecture..

Amogh Bhuskute

Very nice and peaceful place. Gardens and surroundings are beautiful and well maintained. Some facilities (washrooms) are only at welcome center which closes early than actual temple, so do note this points while visiting.

Peter Phan

Went during Chicago biennial architecture open house. Awesome.

Fariborz Zaer

Breathtaking structure, serene surroundings, magnificent gardens, gentle people, unifying faith, thought provoking teachings. A "must visit" for Chicago tourists and locals equally.

Katya Shinkareva

A beautiful site not just on inside of the Baha’i temple but on the outside, too. There are always beautiful flowers and flowing fountains during the spring and summer time. The temple is a place for anyone of any religion to be able to pray. Also, there is a museum and gift shop downstairs!

Serena Round

My husband and I visited this temple in the north side of Chicago, I originally thought it was located in Evanston but its actually in Wilmette. We took the red line to Howard and then the purple line all the way to Linden. Once you get off the purple line you only walk 3 blocks and there is this majestic architecture piece of art. On the outside Its breathtaking and inside very peaceful.

Rachel Spudic

Absolutely breathtaking. The temple and gardens are truly spectacular, and the welcome center offers guests a nice snapshot of the Baha'i faith. Take a stroll around the grounds and enjoy their beauty. A great place for photos as well!

Siddharth Singh

Simply beautiful! The architecture is almost enchanting and mystical. It's places like these which make me appreciate the wonders and beauties of our planet. A truly tranquil and wonderful place. I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to go!


Marvelous architecture, the structural detail is very impressive. The gardens are very well kept and the inside is very peaceful....the staff was very welcoming, they even started a presentation for our group prior to our self guided tour of the grounds. This is a must see attraction for all.

Donna Bella

This place is absolutely breathtaking! Had the best time meditating here. Very calm and peaceful. Will definitely be back.

Coyote Prophet

Beautiful building and grounds. Nothing like it in this city or state or country. A true architectural gem.

Pamela Avellanosa

Definitely a must see in Illinois. Great wonder in architecture.. The detail is soo exquisite.. It's hard to believe it's real. Great place to catch a glimpse of sunset

Marilyn Kane

Magnificent and symbolic architecture. Beautiful grounds...everything so well maintained.


The Temple is beautiful, along with the gardens surrounding it. It's very peaceful. Highly recommended.

Kevin L

Beautiful and well-maintained. A good place to meditate

Isaac Oben

Very peaceful and quiet for Daily meditation. The gardens are gorgeous and well kept. Walk around the gardens for a peaceful and meditative experience. A must visit if you are in the Chicago area.

Sharon Rauschenbach

Very quiet place to rest and meditate say beautiful flowers around

Gary McWilliams

Beautiful architecture. Lovely grounds. Quiet gardens.

Nisha Katti

What a gorgeous temple and an interesting faith to learn about. They're open until 10pm which is GREAT. I didn't know anything about Baha'i and they had various educational materials for me to sit and peruse as I took in the beauty within the structure. The views from outdoors are incredible, I'd recommend staying for sunset!

Wei Li

A little surprise to meet this wonderful place. The energy of the meditation hall is so pure and strong.

Romi Herrera

Only 7 baháí temples in the world.. If you are in Chicago should visit this one.. Very nice and peaceful

Deborah Williams

Beautiful place for prayer and worship and just all around beautiful

Richard Wilson

First of all, it is a unique and beautiful building. The gardens and reflecting pools around it are lovely and very pleasant to visit. Inside, there are comfortable chairs, and far above you is the dome of the ceiling which is a beautiful lattice pierced by sunlight. The atmosphere inside and out warms the spirit and draws one towards a higher plane.

Francisco O

Great piece of art, you are not expecting to find in Evanston. Definitely would recommend the visit

Vivienne Sullivan

This is one of the most peaceful places that I have visited. The gardens were great. The architecture of the Temple is. amazing

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