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REVIEWS OF Anderson Japanese Gardens IN Illinois

Courtney Purciarello

What an amazing place. I've gone there a few times over the years and it is still in great condition and just as beautiful. Very serene there. Tons of seating all around the ponds for you to sit and look at the beautiful scenery.

Janet Factor

These gardens are marvelous, far more authentic than most American versions of the art. They are crafted with exquisite attention to detail that one could linger for hours appreciating. A calming, contemplative place. Come here if you need one. The beauty will feed your soul.

Selena Furr

This was simply divine... Serenity at it's finest. Could feel the presence of the Lord. It was truly an amazing experience and worth the drive!

C Nva

Great food ,great service with good view

Big Chuck da Yooderhas

Awesome place, completely worth a day trip!!! Bring your kids and feed the fish, enjoy the sights and a great meal inside if your interested.

Hannah Szubski

It's a beautiful place and has so many peaceful placea to relax and enjoy the day. A lot of the places looked exactly like they do in Japan. I'm very impressed.

Greg T

Lovely garden not too far from Chicago. I really enjoyed my time here with my partner.

Neil Ritter

As advertised. Little crowded on a Saturday. Would recommend weekday, quiet enhances the experience. Grounds are spectacular. You go go here a few times a year and enjoy everytime. Different seasons change the vibe and worth the visits.

Brenton Rawhoof

This garden is spectacular and an absolute treasure to the area! If you haven't visited I highly recommend it. It is so relaxing either walking through the garden or simply finding a spot to just stop and relax. Last year I found out they actually offer a membership so you could stop by there everyday after work to decompress if you wanted to. I am strongly considering the membership. Either way, you owe it to yourself to check out this beautiful garden!


Great place to explore...very slowly. It is meant for quiet reflection and peaceful meandering around. Tuesday nights there are really great concerts to come and listen to with food vendors and beer vendors. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy great scenery and music together.

Deb Rydlewicz

What an amazing place!! We plan to go back in fall.

Rhema Mary James

Beautiful outdoor setting!!! Energizes mind and soul

Ryan Hake

I always love visiting! It's like an escape near the city. So relaxing and peaceful. You can and are even encouraged to feed the fish, ducks, and turtles. You can buy a bag of food for only $1! Gorgeous gardens and waterfalls to be seen!

Ellen Oliver

First time there, I WILL be going back soon. Food was great - fresh, flavorful, beautiful presentation - service very good, prices reasonable, view (inside & out of dining room) lovely & peaceful.

Thomas Waller

Beautifully executed tranquil garden with a variety of scenes. Great place to spend an afternoon. Lunch was excellent.

Tina Rippy

A gem of a garden. Very beautiful. Summer concerts. And a restaurant overlooking the garden.

Luzelle Neri

This place was always so relaxing to visit. A bit of a drive from my place but will gladly drive to it

L Jones

When not crowded, it's so serene and beautiful. Colorful in the Spring when the Azaleas are blooming and Fall when leaves are turning colors.

Mary Cunat

Love this place. Family friendly and beautiful spaces.

Jorge Cassinelli

The food, the service, the attention and the sights are outstanding. The variety of customers ages and races is a testament to the wide appeal of this venue.


Beautiful place! The garden is so well kept that I thought the grass was fake! Turns out it's just super maintained. You can also feed the koi fish in the ponds there, which a lot of the times, the ducks come to steal the food. We also saw Chipmunks around 4-5 times. I would definitely go again. There is a gift shop with authentic Japanese items, drinks, and snacks.

Priyanka Roy

Nicely landscaped and well maintained. Very picturesque. Totally worth the admission fee and a nice relaxing hangout place for the warm days of the year!

Tina Papa

Good place to visit for a quick nature walk. It's not as big as I thought it would be. It literally took us 30 minutes to walk through everything. The restaurant also closes at 3 on the weekends which is pretty early, in my opinion.

Kathryn Sweet

Went on a Friday in late October. Beautiful place. Will be back in the Spring.

Kevin Thompson

Always beautiful. No photography allowed now which saddens me, but I understand because so many will abuse the privilege and break the rules. But it is a great place to come, relax, and take in the beauty.

Sherry Kamradt

Lovely walking through the gardens. Good quality tasty lunch. Great service.

Adri N.W. Chicago

My family and I went on the day they had the Japanese festival and we had so much fun. We enjoyed the beautiful tranquil gardens, and enjoyed feeding all the different kinds of koi fish that they had. We definitely will return in the fall.

Adrienne Olson

Beautiful, but I lost a $100 bill there today

Inga Autukaite

Beautiful but very small place. Has a nice restaurant with delicious food.

Laurel Hays

One of the most beautiful, tranquil places in the world, a wonderful Japanese Garden to visit full of winding paths, waterfalls, Koi fish, ponds, landscaped trees & lawns and sitting nooks. We drive 1:15 just to come here and enjoy the natural beauty and peace. For only $1 you can buy koi fish food, and the Chipmunks love it too. a wonderful place to meander with family, take beautiful pictures, or reflect on life.


WoW, I think we went to the place at the perfect time for the fall. So beautiful and lively. I wish they would open up more so we can went up into the hill and see more. This is a much see location if you are in the neighborhood. 这个公园很漂亮。十月的风景实在是太美了。 Highly recommend.

Jim Manley

Wonderful gardens. The grounds are very well kept by the gardeners. It's beautiful in any season. There's no better way to spend a few hours than walking around Anderson's. The docents are knowledgeable and ready to share information and answer questions. The facilities are very well kept. Always a pleasant experience.

Dulce Peek

Just loved it ❤️. It was our first time, now I'm spreading the word.

Gino J

Not the biggest garden but enough to walk around and enjoy nature with a Japanese theme. Their resto serves really good food with great prices.

David Young

Great place to spend just walking around and discovering. Restaurant was good. Food service was a little slow. Koi pond was very active once you added fish food. The shelters were great to have while walking the park. Especially when day was over 90° for most of the time. When parking it was busy, so we had to circle many times prior to entering Gardens.


We visit Anderson Gardens yearly, and love it every time. We usually go on a weekday yo avoid the crowds and weddings. We did go on a Sunday and ended up encountering a LOT of people! However, we still enjoyed the trip. The gardens were gorgeous as always, and the koi fish were hungry! It really is like walking into another world. I would recommend anyone visiting Rockford checks it out at least once. There are plenty of places to rest if you are not usually an active person, and an accessible path for those with wheelchairs or strollers. If you're looking for a nicer restaurant to have breakfast or lunch at, I'd recommend checking out Fresco as well!

Jeff Cadieux

So tranquil and so serene. Beautiful scenery in the fall. Best to get there early or later in the day to avoid screaming unattended kids so you can actually enjoy the walk

Randy Kim

, Intimate although it does attract a good crowd, not as nice it large as the Japanese gardens at the Chicago Botanical Garden.

BJ Hatcher

A beautiful walk and immaculately cared for garden.

Hánah N.

This place was so nice and peaceful. You can feed the koi fish and ducks. You can drink water from one of their springs. The plants and scenery are beautiful. It is 12 acres though, so it’s a lot to walk through. It’s probably better to go during the spring than the summer.

Angel Chow

What a lovely gem of a place! Beautiful gardens and ponds! The quiet beauty right in the middle of the city is amazing.

Priya Vadaya

Perfect place for nature lovers ! The restaurant offers amazing food and the garden is a perfect escape to be amidst nature. Beautiful landscaping . They even had a deal on father's day ....admission for father's day was free for all fathers - something that I found to be pretty sweet.

Kelly Murphy

The gardens are tranquil and beautiful. We had the opportunity to have wagashi and tea tasting in the tea house. I would recommend any workshop or lecture they have.

Christine Schoell

Beautiful environment though disappointed at how limited it felt. It seem nearly every path that went somewhere cool looking said 'staff only'. Why was so much blocked off? Why weren't the guests informed of this? Only one sign gave reason: Private Property, and then ofcourse the ones about not entering the Japanese style buildings. Just felt pretty amateur.


A gem in the city. Drove down here from Madison in the fall and was really impressed. Didn't like the overpriced tea service where we weren't allowed to actually drink any tea, but the grounds are marvelous. Looks like a postcard at every turn. Reminded me of when I lived in DC and visited the arboretum often. Planning a trip back here for the spring!

Jeremy Everson

A very nice garden with quiet meandering paths and beautiful water features. We visited for a wedding but I recommend coming and spending some time here if you are in the area.

Ana Lilia E.Z

The place is nice but I think that decorations could be better, I suggest you save your money because it does not deserve the price.

Nate and Melissa Nelsen

So beautiful. A must-see in Rockford. Peaceful, calming waking paths, ponds, reflection areas, and an amazing venue for booking events.

Leland Nolan

A beautiful fall day and a nice easy hike through this awesome garden!

Sid Bratkovich

Beautiful place to visit. Half is designed as an old style Japanese garden and the other half is designed as a modern Japanese garden. Lots of quiet areas to relax and contemplate life. Concerts on Tuesday nights.

Beth Niedoborski

The garden is very pretty, but it was almost a chore keeping track of what areas are closed off, for staff only. The visitor center was friendly and the restaurant looked nice, but we did not eat there. Entry is $10 which seems high based on the size of the place.

Stephanie Scheider

Went for the live music they have on Tuesday nights. You can bring your own food and non alcoholic drinks. A lot of fun

John wegner

So tranquil. Just an amazing place.

Evan Lemerand

Loved it and will go back. Only took 1 1/2 hours to see everything open and we took our time and fed fish. A lot was closed so couldn't see it.vdrove 3 hours each way just to see this place. A lot of work went into this place!

Erik Olson

It is so beautiful here. A treasure in the heart of the city.

Gina Bunger

Beautiful, serene & the water sounds are calming. Magnificent views every way you turn.

Robert Archer

Absolutely beautiful! We traveled all the way from Indy to Rockford to visit and it was worth every mile. Check out the YouTube videos. We hope to go back in the Springtime next year.

Stephanie Olson

Beautiful grounds. Excellent place for a family afternoon

Jack Otto

This garden is gorgeous! There are so many things to see on the walking paths. It's great fun to feed the koi fish (and ducks). I would recommend this place to anyone who enjoys a peaceful walk through nature.

Goddess of Trauma

Beautiful and so peaceful! The wildlife is good to see...squirrels, bees, butterflies, dragonflies, and really pretty koi fish and ducks... a nice place to walk or just to sit....lots of benches to sit on just where you need them. Beautiful foot bridges. The gift shop is lovely and the restaurant is pretty good...we did have to ask for hotter water for the tea, it at first came out with lukewarm water that would not brew it properly. But they were nice about it all.

Shari Brennan

Wonderful surprises around every corner. Excellent mix of ponds, waterfalls, and japense landscaping.

Margaret Krinion

Awesome gardens for everyone to see and enjoy especially on a '815 Day'.

Gabriel Lopez

Great place to enjoy nature and surround yourself with the Japanese culture. Explore the world of the Japanese zen gardens, traditional architecture, ceremonies and activities throughout the year. Also explore the gift shop and take home some apparel, tea sets and more.

pisica vesela

Very nice Japanese gardens, we went on a Sunday morning in August and it was not crowded. Make sure you take a paper map from the ticket counter, it has valuable information. The koy fish are huge and you can buy food for them a the ticket counter. Really nice place.

Joel Gonzalez

Very tranquil, serene place. Good for you to meditate, read a book and just relax from the daily grind. Restaurant has very good tasty food.

Cynthia White

Beautiful, peaceful, just a great place to feel calm. Get away from our chaotic life. Didn't want to leave. Only $10/person.

Lisa Koch

Very nice place. I think the directional signs could be better & garden names labeled. If my mother had not been here before, we would have missed a section of the garden. I will definitely drive the 2 hours to visit again.

Ra Cruel

Always a great place to visit. Family friendly, good place to reflect, meditate and clear ones head. Kids can feed the ducks and fish. If you haven't been here ,you have to visit.

iliyan iliev

Pretty and quiet place. It worth going there.

Beverly Shaw

Wow! Make the trip to see this lovely garden. It’s beautiful with lots of intimate spaces. The restaurant is also very nice and overlooks the garden.

Nikki Lawson

Beautiful place. I'm sure it's gorgeous in the spring when everything is in bloom

Denisse Clark

I definitely need to come back and explore all that it has to offer.

Douglas Nelson

This is an absolute treasure. Every detail is so intentional. We have been to many Japanese gardens and this is the best.

Mark Henderson

I've been coming to gardens as early as 1999. Even went a few times during my attendance at harlem high school. Brought my family up on vacation to see the gardens and it's just as beautiful as I remember it. They've got a care, gift shop, and you can even buy food to fees the koi fish which my daughter absolutely loved! Great day trip for the family!

Gayle Baers-Booth

Great time walking thru those gardens were so tranquil Weather very good 4 walking

gaziya k

Best time to go would be Spring so you can see the Cherry Blossom Trees. We went on labor day weekend so it wasn't that great...crowded, damp, and hot.

Brin Londo

I think it's beautiful but the paths are NOT paved as stated on the website which makes navigating a wheelchair extremely difficult and the employees are very rude. I'd love to give them 5 stars if they changed those two things.

Mickey Swart

As always, so serene and peaceful: The koi are plump, colorful, and plentiful, and their babies are growing; the ducks and their families are splashing happily in the various ponds. The waterfalls are soothing and relaxing, and the birdsong and insect trills add to the harmony. The lily pads appeal to the eye, and the trees and plants combine for a beautiful natural painting. The gift shop has a new look with updated shelving and many new items. Now--anytime--is a perfect time to visit the garden and delight all your senses!


Attended a wedding here. It is a very beautiful setting. A little disappointing to find they locked up the bathroom and gift shop before the wedding was over and we could not find anyone who worked there. Thought that was odd considering how many patrons were still there.

Ann Kossman

Anderson Japanese Garden is a gem in the city of Rockford. A beautiful, peaceful garden, where you can sit back and enjoy nature. The gardens are immaculate and beautifully groomed. A must see to visitors and citizens alike!!


This is *the* must see attraction in Rockford Illinois. That's not just from some out-of-towner, life long locals confirm this! After your walk, make sure to have lunch at the restaurant. The food is great.

Laura Hill

Great place! The restaurant has great food and the gardens are beautiful and well maintained. Wear comfortable shoes!

John Borucki

Was very nice. Not set up on trails for handicap wheel chair, or walkers. Good ponds and lots of fish to look at.

John Jewell

This a wonderful resource. Anderson’s Japanese Gardens was named finest Japanese Garden in the country in 2007. One of the most beautiful gardens my wife snd I have ever visited. Definitely worth spending a day. They have a great restaurant serving breakfast and lunch - open until 2pm. You can tour the gardens then stop back at the drink bar for latte, espresso or handcrafted fruit drink.

Terry Jaworski

Loved the many waterfalls and feeding the fish and ducks. The hostas were in bloom. Going to visit in the fall when Japanese maples are changing color

Heather Paar

I was happy to finally go there. Very beautiful.

Michelle Cusimano

Absolutely beautiful serene environment. Taking a Tai chi class right now with a spectacular setting in the background and an amazing instructor.

Shataqua Henderson

Beautiful garden very tranquil I will be going back soon.

Marquita Bryson

Very beautiful and relaxing. I loved the small waterfall.

tina henson

The food was delicious. And the garden is beautiful

Al Cox

If you are looking for a place to zen (relax) then this is the place to go. The grounds has many plants and many places that you can sit and relax. In addition to that you can feed the koi fish and take many pictures of your experience. I had a great relaxing time strolling around the grounds.

b kin

Going from “Hachi Sushi Rockford ”to andeeson Japanese garden is a bit strange, but you know they were close to each other and the weather was great. Since the weather is just warming up, it was not it all it's glory yet but was great to let the kids run off some steam and take in the views.

Amanda Finlayson

Beautiful gardens, a great place to take pictures. They also have great place in the garden to sit and relax

Christy Comstock

Overall, a very beautiful place. However, not 10 minutes aftering purchasing our admission passes, we were pestered and followed by an elderly man working there. He must have seen my camera, as he claimed we either cannot take pictures for commercial use or must have a photography pass as he assumed I was taking senior pictures (we have been out of school for almost 10 years) or with the press. After explaining it was for personal use (no different than snapping some pictures with a cellphone), he proceeded to say we must still return to the front office or cannot continue our journey around the gardens. This was very confusing as we had done nothing against their policy and had barely stepped foot anywhere. He continued to follow us back to the office and made us feel extremely uncomfortable as we were unsure of what the real issue was, so we chose to leave. Completely ruined our time there after we had driven over 2 hours to be there only to stay for merely 20 minutes. Not impressed with our experience with staff and will not return.

Alejandro Garcia

Such a peaceful walk thru in observing all of the natural beauty of various plants, stomes/boulders and various water ponds and small brooks. I took many photos..

Jaime Davila

Anderson's Japanese garden is very nice, but can be far from city. Many beautiful locations and amazing shots that can be taken.

Hannah Terpstra

Absolutely worth all the hype, I encourage you to go in the early morning when there aren't as many visitors. I loved all the quiet places to sit close to the water, the koi fish are friendly and the tea ceremony patio is a beautiful contemplative celebration of a foreign culture. Make sure to accept a map of the garden as it comes with informative details about the garden's layout and history.

Denise Fitzpatrick

A wonderful place to find your center. I was lucky enough to take part in a private tour led by Anita, an experienced and kind docent (there were eight of us). We came away refreshed and inspired. Not only are the gardens stunningly beautiful, but it's also great fun to feed the koi (which are almost as big as small dolphins!) I've visited Japanese gardens in Kyoto as well as several in the U.S. (Brooklyn, Portland, Ore., and Delray Beach, Fla.) and this one ranks among the best.

Randy McKay

Took about 2 hours of moseying. Very nice. Well kept trails. Wife and I loved it.


What an awesome place to spend a few hours in Rockford. We ventured to Rockford to check out this garden, and we were not disappointed. We had some recent storms and rains that impacted parts of the gardens, but they were running business as normal for patrons anyway. The ponds and waterways were full and flowing nicely. The river that runs through was very nice and soothing to experience. I love the waterfall! So darn cool! They have decorated the grounds with some really cool walkways, bridges and art features. The koi in the pools are so fun to watch and you can feed them. There were a couple of places that were off limits to us, but I felt as though we were able to have a space to ourselves as there wasn't a lot of patron traffic the afternoon we were there. The teahouse is so nice. There was a man giving a tour and he was explaining the teahouse when we walked up. He was very informational on the teahouse and the japanese tea experience. If you want a cool place to hang out and be in nature, this is an affordable place to do so. It's also a great place to take photos. The ever changing colors of nature are abundant here. I'm sure you would experience a completely different place each time you visited. I'm sure to go back myself.

ken spaanem

My first visit was surprisingly amazing! My grandson's wedding was there and the place is beautiful!

Shannon Smith

LOOKING FOR TRANQUILITY? This is the place. Take a day and escape from stress...this is the jewel of Rockford....WELL worth a visit. You will leave refreshed and serene. Here are some photos from their current concert season on Tuesday evenings.

Lori Shinabarger

This is a must go place. This has changed over the last 5 years. They now have a restaurant. It is a mini walk through the gardens of Japan. So get ready to be wowed by the beauty!

Bunny Sherwood-DeLaNorte

Adored this place, very pretty and peaceful. I've been there a few times and enjoyed it more each time I feel.

Doug Bunger

Beautiful. Loved the waterfalls. We took a tour and I learned much more than just wandering around.

Mary Samerdyke

Even on a rainy day, this garden was beautiful. So many interesting features like bridges and structures in addition to the plants. Wheelchair accessible paths are coming soon and will make it easier for people with mobility issues to completely enjoy the garden.

Chris Leighty

We really really like fresco at the gardens. The menu has a twist and and is always interesting. Service always top notch. But I would skip if you have a big party. Just doesn't seem to be in their wheelhouse.

Theresa Kleinfelder

Peaceful place. Friendly staff. Do many beautiful paths and plants to enjoy

Jean Gehrke

I've been wanting to visit here for quite some time, but didn't make it until today. What I saw was beautiful & peaceful. Didn't get to go through the entire gardens this trip due to rain. But it was still worth it. Took a lot of pictures. I was there for a class so it worked out well. Planning my next trip when the sun is out.

Mrs. Julier

I liked it. It was crowded but beautiful scenery and you can feed the fish and ducks. A lot of walking if it’s a very hot day so I recommend you go when it’s not so hot and humid.

Joshua Olson

The gardens provide a great atmosphere for a nice relaxing stroll. It is well designed with manicured trees, multiple koi ponds, streams, waterfalls, bridges, and various areas to sit and take it all in.

Vikas Kapil

Well maintained Japanese garden , with bamboo fountains and rock structure. A good place to spend time. They have a good cafe as well inside the campus

Jarret Michael

Beautiful gardens and two ponds with koi fish. You can purchase fish food at the visitors center to feed the fish. Be prepared for the geese, ducks, and an occasional turtle to get in on the action too.

Marg Chauvin

This may be the best Japanese Gardens I have visited and probably due to the intense planting in a compact space. The grounds host streams, waterfalls, and tea houses in a preaceful, lovely, and well maintained setting. It's also the perfect setting for their Summer Tuesday evening concerts with a grassy area that can hold several hundred guests along with a few food booths. Or stroll the grounds and use one of the many well placed benches during the concert as the sound can be heard throughout the garden area.

K Pederson

Serene, tranquil, many more adjectives can I use to describe this place? It was beautiful.

Adreanna Sommer

I only got to see a very small portion but what I did see what absolutely beautiful. cant wait to go back!!

Mistress Blood

Beautiful place to just hang out. So much to see. I miss home, lol

Cal Cooke

Good food at there restraunt and great 1rst time experience

Latrice Jones

I give this place an ABSOLUTE 5. The food was amazing, which made it reasonably priced. The garden tour was marvelous! ❤ You can take some great photos and feed the fish during your tour. Waterfalls are beautiful. I would reccomend this place to everyone!

Carolyn Packard

Gorgeous setting with beautifully arranged landscaping

Jenn Temple

Nice place to stroll around. Had expected more diverse plants but the gardens and water features were beautiful.

Regina Stanmar

Absolutely beautiful! Wonderful restaurant on site. Great place for kids and adults.

Joanna Dowling

I have been visiting the gardens for ten years. I have enjoyed lovely walks here with my children, visiting family and on my own. It is a place you can return to time and again with each visit offering a unique experience. Anderson Gardens is a peaceful and restorative natural retreat. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

T.L. Comstock

Such a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere. Great place to go when you need to wind down.

Cassandra Bonn

Beautiful gardens! Spent hours here since there were so many paths to take and all very well designed. Also, i recommend grabbing a treat bag for the ducks and koi. Lots of fun to watch those little guys go nuts :)


Nice place to spend a quiet day exploring the gardens and water features. There's a great restaurant open for breakfast and lunch, along with a gift shop, and most evenings there is some form of entertainment along with food vendors.

Sandy Castle

Absolutely beautiful. A must see anytime spring through fall. Learn what a deer chase is. See lovely waterfalls built intentionly to maximize the sound of moving water. See the guest house built using Japanese construction and philosophy. If you have a mind to putting any sort of pond or water feature in your yard you must go to Anderson Gardens for inspiration.

Krishna Vaidyanathan Iyer

Well maintained. Not sure I agree with the high entry fee! They could charge half of what they are charging currently.

Stephan Kieu

We stop here every time we drive past the city. Love it.

Ajibade Adebiyi

Relaxing, soothing trees and plants obviously


Such a gem in Rockford! A very tranquil and inviting space. Definitely recommend.

Very Teri

Lovely, peaceful and healthy walking paths. Pond koi were gorgeous, little black catfish were a surprise and the frisky polliwogs were an unexpected delight! Excellent break from this busy world!

Rodlynne Nevitt

Anderson Gardens is beautiful. Every time I go I see something different. It's so serine.

Anne Kuhl

The gardens were absolutely beautiful. It's a wonderful place for relaxation and meditation. Definitely recommended if you're near (or not near, we made a 3 hour drive) the area

Will Tyler

Great scenery with very clean trails. Not as much plant variety as I expected.

Demetra Kamaris

BEAUTIFUL!! The gift shop is filled with lots of interesting items. The grounds its self are stunning. I love that you can buy food to feed the koi fish.

Brittany Canty

Very beautiful and peaceful. Lots of little places to sit and just relax. Really nice restaurant and gift shop as well.

nicole langel

The staff was super friendly and the gardens were absolutely stunning. Everything seems very thoughtfully placed. I wish there was an option to feed the fish without being on a tour, maybe there is and we didn't know. But I can understand and respect why this may not be an option, for fish health and water clarity. Overall we loved it and are hoping to get the membership so we can enjoy it more often!

Dwight Forschen

Went for Salvation Army Summer garden ministry 7:00am Tuesdays Lasts less than a hour.

Elise O'Hare

Meet some friends for lunch and mimosas! Was a very nice setting with good food. The menu isn’t very large but they have something for everyone. While we were eating we saw two turkeys walking around in the snowy gardens! Great time and can’t wait to go back in the summer to see the gardens!

Julie Bailey

Beautiful place. Nice trails to walk, also seating through out.

Lissette Brito

Lovely cafe restaurant with wonderful views of garden. Ask for the summer menu and try the mahi mahi. Small portions but perfect for a light lunch.

Margaret Wayman

Beautiful fall colors. First time visiting in autumn. Loved it.

Sue Cleary

Absolutely beautiful! We picked the best time to see the gardens! The colors were spectacular!!! Lunch was exceptional! The cafe has large picture windows which gave us a spectacular view of the Autumn leaves! I am looking forward to my next visit!

Richard G

Really a wonderful place to spend a few hours. Well cared for and a truly hidden gem.

Susan Baumgartner

Seriously awesome. Even rave reviews from my teen sons. One described at as "amazing and really relaxing".

Delisa Buckingham-Taylor

Beautiful, restful, and meditative garden with plenty of quiet spots for reflection and conversation. Definitely worth the trip.

Andrew Bohnenkamp

An absolute must see spot. The gardens are amazing to go through, and the beauty is almost unworldly. Kids and adults alike will enjoy it, and feeding the koi fish is especially enjoyable.

James J Zaraza

Otherworldly experience. Quiet place to read or feed the fish.

Douglas Sizelove

Amazing location. Beautiful gardens. Very peaceful and zen like

Carl Young

Very beautiful and very calming highly recommends $10 to get in


Totally loved it. Calm, serene, clean and peaceful, fascinating come on a weekday.

Mujtaba Mohammed

So nice and beautiful very soothing and calming

Erika Giambeluca

The staff was extremely rude to my mother and I because we took pictures in the garden. If it was against there policy they could have nicely told us not to take anymore. Instead we got attitude and eye rolls and told it was clearly indicated on the website. Maybe it should be clearly posted in the gardens too.

Jeff Alaniz

My wife and I went for a Sunday brunch. We were able to be seated right away and the host allowed us to select our table. Once we were sat our waters were poured by a non-server who seemed to spill the water all over the floor, but we were entertained and just laughed. Our actual server was amazing and was very patient. It seemed as if she knew we were just there to relax. My wife ordered Steak and Eggs and I ordered the Steak and Eggs Oscar. We were both very pleased with our dished and our steaks were cooked perfectly. The flavor of the food coupled with the drinks was amazing. We are looking forward to another dining experience at the Japanese Gardens.

Denise Domanico-Thirtle

My kids and I enjoyed this garden. It felt very authentic. The koi ponds were beautiful and the waterfall and the pagoda were the highlights.

Brenda Nesbitt

Went for mothers day last year with my oldest daughter and her mother in law Ann. Had a great time and visit. Ate lunch there too, was delicious

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Millennium Park
Millennium Park
Tourist Attraction - Illinois