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REVIEWS OF Adler Planetarium IN Illinois

Mandy Raven

Visited the planetarium in August. Had a truly magical experience. Ben at the front desk was absolutely amazing and helped us track down new tickets when we lost our original ones! Thank you for going above and beyond!!!

Erik Morgan

This is an incredibly cool place. In the planetarium it was interesting to me and my nephew. We looked at the stars, studied the planets and the solar system. They have a very interesting show that will be interesting for adults too. In the hall, clean, clean, the staff is friendly and always tell you where to go.

Hari S

One the worst planetarium. Seat for the shows at Grainer theaters was not retractable to the back

Shweta Bhiwapurkar

Good place, although wish there were more exhibits/shows. You get a good deal with city pass since it gives admission at a discounted price and includes 2 shows. The shows are good...i especially liked imagine the moon. It was rainy so could not enjoy the view around but i am sure it would have been splendid. Food is pricey, parking $20. Helpful staff. I am especially thankful to one of the employee who helped us with a plastic sheet for stroller since it was raining heavy n my daughter was asleep.

Chris Jones

I came in 2013 and they didnt have any actual star projection show available. (The kind where they project the stars against a dome. )I thought maybe it was a fluke as any respectable planetarium has these. Came back in 2019 and still, only theatre style movies for what they call "sky shows." We walked the entire thing in 30m and was not engaged at all. They also had several elementary school field trips with hundreds of kids running wild all over. If we were not engaged you can imagine these kids were not either. We walked out without even watching the sky shows we paid for after about 45m. The climate control was non existent, it was uncomfortable. I do not like the trend of museums getting rid of physical exhibits in favor of a touchscreen with 3 slides. Terrible experience and will not return for a third chance.

Stephen Brooks

The Live experience show we went to was amazing so much so that we stayed for an extra couple hours to watch some of the other options and just were eager to learn! The staff who helped us were very kind and excited to teach us!

Mother Bean

I loved everything about the Alder Planetarium. There was so much to learn. It wasn't the biggest place, but the amount of information is astronomical (haha)! My favorite part was writing the letters to Mr. Lovell and the actual ship that went to space! My mind was blown! There were also a bunch of hands on, interactive activities to do. It's a good place for kids and adults, I love it!! It was an experience out of this world ;)

Inna Rudneva

My husband and I had expiring city passes so we made it to the planetarium right before they closed and only were able to see the last showing they had to offer there. So I can’t really rate the whole museum but just the theater. We watched “imagine the moon”. That was an awesome show. Super fun and informative and creative but there were a few aspects that I really didn’t like. The room is like a dome and the screen is all around you and above you. But the chairs don’t recline or even just don’t lean back, so you’re straining your neck for thirty minutes just looking up. Also you’re missing the whole back part of the screen cuz you’re just facing the one side. I was honestly a little disappointed with the logistics of the show because of how uncomfortable the seating arrangement is for watching it. The idea of a dome screen is very cool and gives you a fun experience of everything seeming 3D without wearing the glasses but the seating threw me off. As for the rest of the museum I didn’t get to see so can’t say anything. Really excited to come back and explore it fully!

Donny Nuckles

Once you get done with the Field Museum you have to stop by The Adler Planetarium. Amazing collection of historic space and astronomy objects.

Ray Zajeski

The absolute best location for weddings with outstanding views of Chicago. Cocktail hour is held outside and overlooks the lake and the Chicago skyline. Magnificent picture view, especially in the fall when the sun is setting. Management/catering keeps everything moving. The only problem with the location is that the enormous windows on the inside steam up and the Chicago view is gone. I wish there was a way they could fix that. Still, fun location!! Ray – The Connexion Band

Ravneet Kaur

My love for museums and technology brought me here. Very informative. Great for all age groups.

Sherwin Jen

Pretty nice to visit. Take a walk from the loop to the planetarium in a cool and sunny day is super relaxing

Bailey Anderson

When I lived in Milwaukee I would drive all the way to Chicago just to visit this place at least once a year. If you are interested in Space then you will love the Adler Planetarium. The shows are incredible. Truly one of the best planetariums in America.

Andrea Braeckman

Interesting exhibits educational shows helpful staff

Paranormal Society

We had such a great time here and we got to see some amazing things. This place is amazing for families and being around lake Michigan helps with view and makes it all even more amazing. Parking was a breeze and was very easy to get thru. We enjoyed out time here.

Christopher Roza

Awesome place to visit! The shows were great, well worth the time and money.

Oskar Kovac W

Best place to capture breathtaking and memorable moments of sunset. Or to have a romantic sunset moment or anything. Even during night. Friday nights you can enjoy the night over the Chicago skyline by drinks. I believe this is one of the best places in the city.

Tim Schofield

Amazing place, friendly staff. Definitely worth a stop if you're in the area ! (Right by aquarium & field museum) Winter hours :: Closed Tuesdays & Wednesdays**

Walter Rosato

Such a lovely group of staff people.. A place to visit during the period of summer days


Wonderful! The exhibits here make astronomical knowledge very interesting, you can get up close to know/interact. If you are an astronomical fans, you will not be bored.

Myle N

Runs a bit hot inside because of the windows, but content was decent and educational. Expect heavy reading.

Gordon Judd

There is so much information and many activities to do!!! The shows are amazing!!! If you have issues with motion sickness it can be a little disorienting due to the show making you feel like the whole room is moving. I found that it helps if you use your hand to block everything except for the actual screen. Cover up the the sight of the other patrons and floor!!

pablo silva

A wonderful place to visit with friends and family whether you've never been here before or have visited many times before. The staff was wonderful, the information was informative, and the history was rich. I hope to make a similar trip down the line in the future.

Matthew Yost

The Chicago City Sky experience is great, and Alex was very funny for my show on Tuesday at 3:30!

Mathioli Ramalingam

A good place to spend a half day. They had a telescope to look at the sun.

Shannon Knight

This is a big place to visit. I felt the layout was a bit rough. You would enter in one area, it would bring you out somewhere else and you would have to backtrack to next exhibit. The kids loved all the hands on activities. Also employees or volunteers had telescopes set up to show how they work. There were many helpful employees ready to answer questions and give information.

Heather Ahern

Great staff. Good shows. Great descriptive words from the lady who brought us into the old Star machine. Great view of the lake outside. Fun experience.

Jacob Pink

The Adler Planetarium was not exactly what i was expecting, but i have never been to one before. It was a pretty cool place and the view of lake michigan as you are coming up on it is pretty amazing. My girlfriend and i saw two of the shows there which were really really cool. I would recommend going here if your looking for something to do.

Hailey Johnson

I did not think this was going to be fun and wow was I blown away. We had the cityPass and so that made admission cheaper. Looking at all the different exhibits was informative and inspiring. There were different shows you could attend and one was on the stars and astrology which I very much enjoyed. This really can take quite a few hours so plan accordingly.

Crystal Segovia

Loved loved the shows. Big thanks to jesse for making out show that much more special. 1st time visit. Wont be our last. Highly recommend for kids 5/6 up. So much to learn. Great view too.

Samuel Koerner

Great view of the city, lots of interesting information in the planetarium

Raquel Jefferson

We only go here maybe once a year, I feel like they don't change or add much like the other Museums. Still a must see if you have never been!

Alvin Rasmussen

My three girls (ages 15 and 10 yr old twins) loved this place. There was so much to see and do. The highlight was when we happened upon a room with an astrophysicist discussing the demotion of Pluto as a planet. It was fascinating! I can't get over how much we enjoyed the Planetarium. I would highly suggest a visit. The exhibits were great and the layout of the building was interesting. The only slight complaint, there didn't seem to be a lot of staff. So we wandered a lot, not know where were were. This caused some fun surprises but it would have been nice to have a little assistance.

Michelle Enriquez

The Adler planetarium is informative, but lacks new exhibits and is small in size. I visited when I was 8 years old and not much change has happened over the course of the years. While I love the Adler I hope they remodel soon and add newer exhibits or family friendly features for the curious young minds. The play area was great but some of the items were worn down. My 3 and 2 year olds are moon obsessed and loved the view of the planets hanging above. Then later found themselves making a hover craft in the activity room. Please bring back the solar eclipse glasses as well. I very much enjoyed mine and did not find any in the gift shop. Last but not least I enjoy the sights of the sky via telescope. My littles are small but we could use a family friendly night at the Adler to view the sky through their large telescope.

Pallavi Bhat

I was excited to visit this planetarium with my parents. Caught two shows, out of which only one was interesting. The exhibits are nice. And the best part I liked was the view from the cafeteria. And just outside the cafe, one can get the best view of the Chicago skyline.

William J Belmonte Jr

Had a GREAT Visit, 1st time there in over 50, Liked it so much, totally Different. YES, we JOINED

Sean Morley

Tourist trap. Don’t bother. Boring as dirt. Every other exhibit is an additional cost.. better off going over to the beach or walking along the lake

6 1

Need to be cleaned a little bit more. Some stuff didnt work at all (the planet exploration car...)

Coach Carter

We were there last weekend and used our City Passes. The experience was great. I highly recommend their theaters. Their cafeteria was packed, and that's because the food was good. I really enjoyed the pizza they had. We would love to go back.

B gentle

The best place to take kids to run around to learn about to see things take the kiss

Tracy Carnevale

Great place for the family. I don't have any other planetarium experiences to compare it too, but it was clean, informational, and had a good time.

syed zain

Loved it One of the must visit places in Chicago Would definitely go again.

J Fabricius

I remember some of the areas from my childhood field trips. Which was interesting as I never thought I had been here before. I regret going on a Friday, wasn't a fan of the children running around. The show we we're going to see was sold out sadly. My companion would have rated it over fives stars if possible. It's not huge, is interesting. I would probably have rated higher had I been able to see the sky show. Others probably enjoy it more than I do.

Eddy C

visited Jan 1st using Chicago Travel Pass extremely good value with Travel Pass, a lot of things to see, the shows are great!!!! would definitely visit again as didn't get a chance to tour the whole planetarium

Jessica Lee Simerson

Wasn't bad. Better for kids cause it's more for them. I did enjoy the show.


Great place to learn about planets and space. Good for kids! Multiple shows available (7 in total) but they are a half hour each and the counters will not allow you to book more than 2 at once, nor are you allowed to book any within 30 minutes of each other. If you want to see all of them, plan to spend a whole day here. Other than the shows, the exhibits are actually that big so you won't spend a lot of time walking through them.. there are some activity areas for kids too.

Dylan Chisnell

Very easy place to get lost in wunderlust. These shows really get you thinking about how vast our universe really is! The hosts/speakers were great as well. Coolest thing to see for me was that they host a 21+ night once a month. Love seeing kids learn, but sometimes it's nice to get away from the little ones.

Patty S

Space is cool! A little hard to get to in terms of parking but otherwise awesome.

Marianne Paige

This is a fantastic place to spend time with the family. The domed theater provides and awesome and inspiring time. The interactive exhibits and the variety of exhibits provides fun for all ages. The Historic Atwood Sphere is a great walk back in time and is worth the visit. Overall the facility os clean and large enough that even when it is crowded there is still enough room to move around and see everything.

Robin Kerfeld

Was wonderful! Be prepared to spend the day there. Great shows! Krista the staff who narrated the show's was friendly and knowledgeable. I definitely did not have enough time. Would go back for another round, if I am ever in Chicago again.

Luis DeSilva Marquez

Really good location with amazing views. When i go there to visit my friends I go there to run or just to chill out and enjoy the view. It is great place for taking pictures. It is very clean so you can take your kids or you can just walk you pet. Early in the morning in really nice.

dwiyanita saesarianti

Went there today and enjoy the Skywatch live show, hosted by Krista (hope I spelled her name correctly), and it was awesome; making me want to do the sky watching tonight and tomorrow early morning

Kori Downard

I learned a lot! We took our three year old and she was less than impressed. They have a lot of buttons to push but not very much hand on other than that. We loved the shows! That was my kiddo’s favorite part, and the staff were great. The whole place is set up like a maze though, the bathrooms seem difficult to get to and I was always running into a fork and not knowing which path to take or how to get back after.

Andrea Compson

Great place to visit with children! Friendly and helpful staff, fantastic and unique programs, many interesting and interactive exhibits.

M Bell

A fun little place to visit. The displays were cool and the show in the auditorium was very interesting. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. If you are in Chicago it's definitely worth paying a visit if you are interested in outer space and astronomy.

Tuba Taskan

Very cool place to learn about space! We learned and had fun all day. Telescope area is a must see. Definitely recommend to anyone who is interested in space.

Anthony Genovese

This is a great place to visit, great exhibits, shows and history.

Huasong Tang

Great place to dedicate 2-3 hours to learn about the US space program and our universe. Absolutely gorgeous location.

Madeline Hooks

A great place for the young and the old. I visited with my parents and siblings. My dad is handicapped, so thankfully there is a handicapped entrance. Entrance fee is decent, but adding a planetarium show makes it pricier. However, the shows are good and leave you wanting to learn more. We saw a show about the space exploration and the use of the Hubble telescope. Great info and pictures. Left us in awe of the universe. Loads of information about stars and planets, history of studies of the universe, and hands on activities. Perspective is from a Big Bang point of view. We were there for 3 hours and could have easily been there longer.

Mrs. Sparling

Amazing museum with incredible staff. Hector pulled my girls into an electricity demonstration and was so fascinating my oldest has decided to be a scientist. This is a must see in Chicago. Also the food is reasonable and delicious in the cafeteria.

Tyler Lohrmann

Definitely worth seeing the dome shows but some of the exhibits are a little lack luster and out dated. Great place for kids

Johnna Dykstra

It's a nice planatarium. However, if you don't buy the extra stuff, you run out of things to see rather quickly. I got in with a free ticket, but I don't think I'd return if I had to pay full price.

Danielle Ross

It was very nice to look around. I wish there were more exhibits with constellations though. Had the city pass so we were able to go to two shows. Both shows were absolutely awesome and the best part of the museum in my opinion. The moon section was a close second favorite.

Kayley Toth

I would like to give a shoutout to Jayne, working in the Atwood Experience. My friends and I had a good laugh with her during our time there.

mahathi reddy

Great place to have some fun and get some knowledge at same time.


Great place for all ages. The cafe has one of the most beautiful views of the city. It is worth coming just to grab a drink and enjoy the view.

Courtney Webb

The Adler Planetarium was a cool place to visit. The history exhibits were very nice and gave a lot of historical facts.

Suraj hm

The ninth planet is the best show

Diana Chen

Inspiring to think about the Universe and our understanding of it so far. There are many interactive areas that will entertain the kids. We saw two shows. The first was about traveling through our solar system in 2096 which was an entertaining story. The second was about searching for planet nine which had a documentary style, soothing narration, and interstellar darkness that put some of the audience to sleep!

Julia Burke

We had one day in Chicago and spent about 3hrs here with the kids, ages 5 and 7. Lots of hands-on activities, great for kids - they could have spent the whole day here.I stress: great for kids and interesting for adults. But if you have limited time in Chicago and don’t have kids, I’d probably skip this one. While it’s a terrific planetarium and architecturally interesting, it’s exhibits are not particularly unique to Chicago as a city. You can spend more time in the Field museum or at the art institute and see more things there that you can’t see anywhere else in the world. With that said, if we lived near Chicago, the planetarium is probably one of the places we’d go to often. Definitely one of the biggest and best planetariums we’ve been to with a lot of great artifacts. Spend a little extra for a show.

Konamaneti Sreenivasa Reddy.

The place may not be as great as new age planetarium, but definitely a great Piece of wonder considering it's time of commission almost 9 decades ago. Unlike 360° seating it had one side facing seating. The shows are highly informative and quality screening. Thanks to the great people who donated a great sum, for the science sharing center.

Mauren Kaufmann

Great place to visit with children! Friendly and helpful staff, fantastic and unique programs, many interesting and interactive exhibits.


I have experienced Adler Planetarium in two different ways. The first one is when you go during the day and you get to read all the facts and enjoy the movies. The other is when you get to stay for a sleep over and enjoy the night inside the Planetarium. Both experiences have being mesmerizing. In overall, I will say Adler Planetarium is more family friendly but I still believe everyone should have a one time experience.

Ryan Smith

This is a fantastic place to spend time with the family. The domed theater provides and awesome and inspiring time. The interactive exhibits and the variety of exhibits provides fun for all ages. The Historic Atwood Sphere is a great walk back in time and is worth the visit. Overall the facility os clean and large enough that even when it is crowded there is still enough room to move around and see everything.

Vanessa Navejas

This place is awesome the staff is very friendly and helpful. They put on some really good star shows. My son had a blast, we only went to 3 shows but cant wait to go back to check out more. They also have a neat play area for little kids, it is really neat especially if you need to rest from walking around and your kids wants to play. The gift shop is pretty neat and have some pretty cool selections.

Alien X Inc.

I love the view of the skyline from the planetarium. It's breathtaking!! Great for family trips. very convenient as well

Our Time

My son is really into space and astronauts right now and there was a whole lot he was able to interact with there was a very nice place definitely love to go back

Robert Lepage

Excellent hands on attractions for the kids and tons of interesting info to learn about.

Insomnia Perennis

Very interesting Place! I have been on July and I spent about three hours inside. Maybe more. Shows are good. Live experiences are fun. Perfect way to visual things we can Imagine only. A very good position to take a look at the city from the lake. I recommend it . Alessandra from Rome

Corpse Grinder

Turned me away twice because the dome wasn't open, only to find out the dome was open the whole time. What the hell, guys? Is it something I said?

Natalie Jasinski

I've been to the Planetarium with my family during the day but LOVE coming here once the sun sets. It's a gorgeous spot for star gazing & getting a nice night time view of the city. A perfect date note spot at well... all you need are some snacks & wine!

Neha S

The Planetarium is a bit bigger than I was expecting and it was more interesting than I was anticipating after reading some other reviews. I think it is definitely a great place both for children and adults. The adults who left reviews saying it's not a good place for adults, don't really care to learn and aren't open minded about space and our universe. My husband and I found it interesting and a good way to spend some time together and be out of the house and to learn more. We spent about 3-4 hours here. I had the Chicago Go Explorer Pass through Groupon and 2 shows and the old planetarium exhibit was included in our ticket. Pretty good deal and definitely worth it for that reduced price. Not sure I would have wanted to spend the full price of admission plus extra for the shows. The Cosmic show was better than the Night Sky one. If you have been to any of the NASA locations (we had gone to the one in Galveston), it can be a bit repetitive, but they do have some interesting additional things to look at and learn about. Also -- we had lunch at their cafe which has limited hours, so keep that in mind, it was quite overpriced (expected but still annoying) and they didn't have some of what we wanted. The food itself was NOT worth the price, so if you can eat elsewhere, then do so. Overall, good way to spend some time out.

Vivien E

What an outstanding experience for the price. You should definitely get the all access and watch as many shows as you can. Both theaters are dome style and the shows are top notch! Highly recommend!

Humna Farid

The view of Chicago from their cafe is amazing. They have lots of informative movies on space. There are a lot of activities for little kids. It’s a good place for school field trips.

Samuel Waggoner

We were told the best skyline views for the summer fireworks were from the Adler Planetarium. If you prefer enjoying daylight and museum activities just go for it ! We enjoyed every minute of it, from the movies to the exhibits ! Yes everything is in English only. Everyone enjoyed the shows. Night time sky and flight around the solar system. Great hands on experience for kids.

Grace Augustin

The Adler Planetarium has always been a favorite of mine. I loved it as a kid and still love it now as an adult. I love its location on the Museum campus- a friend and I actually got to visit both the Shedd and the Planetarium on the same day! I agree with others that it is a bit like a maze, but I suppose for me that was just part of the adventure. One of my favorite exhibits is still the one that teaches you about all the planets (although it does seem a bit smaller than when I was a kid). As my friend and I walked around, a worker got our attention and told us about an astronaut giving a talk in the next room! That was super exciting. And another highlight of my visit is that we got to go to the Imagine the Moon showing. It's truly spectacular. I've always loved the moon, but this show gave me a deeper appreciation of our moon. I often look up into the sky and think of that show as I look up at the moon.

Andres Echeverria

What a great place to spend the day, ideal for kids. Personnel very friendly and the kids had an excellent day!

Ki Duk Park

From here to downtown night view was good

Debra Wiedemann

If you love the NASA program, you will love this place. Gemini 12, Lovell, Hidden Figures are all represented here. The star show was an "average you can see at any Planetarium " show.

Vishwa Sai Haneesha

It’s one of the most beautiful and oldest planetarium I have ever visited. Don’t get fooled by the name, it looks brand new, super clean and can easily spend around 3hrs-4hrs there. Their shows are amazing. Definitely plan on attending “Destination solar system show” the host takes your on a time machine and ... I will leave the rest for you to experience. MUST go place. Many tourists with city pass end up choosing 360 Chicago over planetarium as 360 Chicago is a great tourist attraction too, try on attending both if possible. It’s totally worth it!!

Michael Dawes

There is so much to do in the area, we had the least amount of time in the Planetarium. It was very enjoyable and memorable. Well worth the cost and time to experience.

Frecky Lewis

Adler Planetarium always seems to take a backseat to the Field Museum, but don't let that deter you from visiting. The staff clearly love what they do and are eager to share their knowledge with visitors. Planet X makes a fun spot for your little ones to burn off some energy and maybe learn a thing or two while doing so.

Sakura Batata

It's not a big planetarium,but you will see enough expositions.

Sobuj Khan

this is a wonderful building,nice walk around here

Greg Sparling

Great place to spend a day with the family. Not sure I would go with no kids. Highly recommend that if your thinking about coming back that your upgrade to the family membership. Your kids can bring in friends with them for free plus two adults. You also get access to unlimited videos (2 shows at a time). Food is reasonable priced (see photo of menu) and if you buy a membership be sure to ask for the free cookie coupon along with your 10% discount on the restaurant food.

Rachel Watt

Really great place to have a lovely family day out. My kids loved it.

Brandon W

The Gemini capsule on display was my favorite. Easy to spend half a day absorbing the information and exhibits. Some of the material is dated, as with any museum would have with ongoing missions.

Larisa Kova

My kids love this planetarium museum. They learned a lot about the stars and galaxies. There are lots of restaurants available so food is not a problem. We will definitely visit again.

Drew Schweinfurth

Best planetarium in Chicago! So many different events that you cannot go here with the family and not have fun!

antonieta zacarias

It has great views in the cafeteria area for pictures of the Chicago skyline. Shows are amazing.


The night view over the coast of Chicago is awesome.

Will Johnson

If you are in Chicago and trying to see and do really cool things. Make sure you put this place on your list. Great shows and exhibits. Educate yourself!!!

Shannon Twigg

I think I had more fun than the kids did.

Karla Smith

The views to and from this place are great, I really love coming to visit with my family and friends.

Jennifer Coronado

Took our 4 & 6 year olds here & they had a blast! We also enjoyed it. Lot's to do & learn & pretty much everything is interactive.

Alistar Lavonia

We visited here last weekend and my family loved it. The kids explored the place and they learned a lot about the planets and the solar system. We will definitely go back again.

Toni Arroyo

Went with my husband and teen aged son. My son enjoyed it. My husband and I felt it was boring, for the most part. Lots of examples of the first telescopes and sundials, that was interesting. But that's pretty much all there was. A couple of interactive exhibits, but not many. Lockers were listed on map, but not available for use. Food in cafe is way overpriced . Got 3 sandwiches (deli cold sandwiches, like you'd find at a gas station), 3 drinks and one of the worst cupcakes I've ever eaten... All for $37. Overall, small. Could have easily seen all the exhibits in an hour. Just a very disappointing overall experience. Biggest highlight was a worker putting on an interactive display. She was friendly and very knowledgeable.

Andrew Darling

This is a fun planetarium, but it was more focused on children and space exploration that I expected. I anticipated more information about stars. It was very planet and space travel focused...not a bad thing at all. Just not what I expected. The solar system movie was cute, but definitely aimed at small children. Seats are comfortable, so parents take this chance to get some sleep. The woman doing the show did a great job. If you have children interested in space at all, you should take them here! The staff were very friendly and helpful as well.

Matt Zupon

Awesome experience in the Adler planetarium today. Make sure you purchase the skyshows + Atwood Sphere for a great time!

Matthew Parker

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. My 5 year old had a blast. Only 4 stars because if you have limited time the Aquarium and museum are much better. I’ve been to the aquarium with him several times and he always asks to go back. He won’t ask to go back here...

Danielle Graziana

walks here are great and refreshingly nice every time

Nick K

Very fun and general admission tickets offer a nice museum for pretty cheap. Highly recommend. My rocket went further than my sister's which made my girlfriend and I pretty happy. There was a great view of the skyline too. The skyline is pretty cool. I wish Detroit had a planetarium. I think I'm going to visit the Detroit Science Center pretty soon I think that'd be fun. What more could you ask for?

Jane zhao

Very good place for learning experience and exploring the planet with my kids!


We were able to see a couple movies with our city pass (had a list to choose from), 'pilot a lander' in the simulator, and the rest was pretty much reading screens or plaques. The gift shop was pricey, as expected- tshirts ranging from $20-$30, sweatshirts from about $45-$50. They did have really cool solar globes of planets that spin! ($200!)

Yu Cao

there are full of kids,it likes a kindergarten. In the movie theater, some kids are yelling and crying, it is really annoying.

Diana Byrns

Great movie to see & place to visit!

Mandy Kirby

Nice planetarium . The show was really good.

Sonja Jackson

Great experience, lucky to have a museum of this type in the city.

John Sampson

Just purchased 2 tickets for the imagine the moon presentation Probably the worst $50 I have spent in my tour of the US. Entered the planetarium at 3.15pm and kicked out straight after the presentation. Me and my wife were out in the cold within 45mins. No opertunity to look round the planetarium. Very sad that no one pointed out that the planetarium was about to close. Definitely give this a miss. The art institute couldn't have been better. Go there instead.

Alberto Nicanor Rosario Mendez

First time in a planetarium. Loved it. Space is scary, but fascinating

Miguel Balderas

I love the Adler planetarium. It's definitely a must go. Buy the Chicago city pass and go to the planetarium. It's awesome! They have a kind of 3d projection with and awesome audio system.

Sachin Shinde


Evgeny Zeldin

Customer service it's terrible. Half hour of waiting in different lines. And this is called priority pass.

Steven Hauptmann

It’s got a lot of interactive stuff for kids, better if you have teens so they can read the directions.

Isaiah Wilson

The shows here are a must see! Great information and fun for kids! Lots of labs and hands on experiences, but the highlight was the shows Skywatch Love with Terry and Destination Solar System with Jesse! They both did a great job of explaining everything and being super helpful.

Thea Banis

Really beautiful planetarium but please note this place has an extremely small exhibit. You could probably finish a whole walk about in an hour, so don't select a showing that's so far out! The shows are pretty cool, but not mind blowing. I watched the Chicago Night Lights one and it was okay. Good place for families to kill some time maybe before going to Soldier Field since you avoid the crazy traffic.

Mandy KidsTv

We loved to explore the universe! We enjoyed Adler Planetarium for the first time, awesome experience on our first visit.

Debkalpa Goswami

Shows are good; permanent exhibits in the museum are not worth the entry fee though.

Ashish Agarwal

It has been a great experience at the Alder planetarium. The exhibits are very interesting and shows are must watch. Café at the planetarium has yummy and good food. Believe it or even at reasonable prices. Compared to Navy pier, the pricing for parking is reasonable as well and makes it affordable for the family visits.

Joseph Wallner

little bit pricey food place but I love surroundings

Ted Mall

Entertain, inform, fascinate...and on the way of doing that, educate all comers to vistas and mysteries of our cosmos. Exhibits about our solar system, Galaxy and the universe abound with a great number especially designed for younger patrons. space travel is another theme. Multiple theater like settings provide ongoing presentations. Additionally, Doan observatory offers a study through the 20" telescope. The day we were there, it was aimed towards Jupiter and it's moons. Whether you are interested in astronomy or cosmology, Adler is a great place to visit. Many amenities round out the experience.

Tyler Do

A little underwhelming. The theater was really cool tho.

Wendy Huang

Not my cup of tea. It didn't take long to walk around the whole place but I could see children enjoying this more. Most of the interactive things were just zooming in on planets or a moon.

Greg Lucas

When I lived in Milwaukee I would drive all the way to Chicago just to visit this place at least once a year. If you are interested in Space then you will love the Adler Planetarium. The shows are incredible. Truly one of the best planetariums in America.

Cal Romens

I bought tickets online for the September 6th show and was not able to find parking due to a tailgating event that they were hosting. Event staff did not know where we could park for the planetarium and the planetarium itself wasn't answering the phone! When we tried to park in front to run in and check we were told we could not park there. We got there at 2:40 for our 3:30 show and no one answered the phone or knew where we could park to make the show. When I called back to ask for a refund they told me I should've gotten there earlier since they close at four and there are no refunds. I'm very disapointed as I was really looking forward to the show and now I'm not only out the $70 I spent but I'm also not going to be able to see a show there until next year.

Ken V

It's small. Can be covered in an hour, unless you pay extra to watch the movies. The Apollo and Gemini exhibit is cool. Otherwise it's pretty basic.

Vasil Svolopoulos

A hidden gem of the city, I'm confident that this place spurned my interest as a kid in space ships and engineering. A fascinating place for kids and adults alike.

Mārtiņš Belte

For the (one time) price, not worth it. They did a pretty good job at historical bits and pieces but once you enter it's very lackluster. It would work better off if the first area was impressive, then the less impressive stuff and then impressive stuff again as in order of walking. Right now it is like less impressive stuff, more impressive stuff but finally you have to return to less impressive area because it's near entry. I hope that makes sense.

priyanka kulkarni

The advertisements in airport at exaggeration. Most of the stuff were for kids. There were not enough interactive. Too small for what they charge. I fell asleep in one of the shows about moon as the voice was so mechanical. I would not recommend it to the tourists visiting from outside.

Alex Beal

I hadn't been there in...30 years when I took the kids (8, 11) last week. It's remarkable how much they've updated, added, and modernized the place. It's a great hands-on experience for kids with tons of fun AND informative exhibits. It's probably the least famous of the "museum campus" but I think it's probably the best.

Jesus Aldana

Awesome. Try the sky night Live. They don't let to take pictures so can't show it but it's nice

cj ussov

Really nice spot come here with your family on the weekend gets a little bit busy and that amazing spot


Great planetarium with informative exhibits and high quality shows. Best one I have seen so far internationally. Recommended for adults and older children that can stay quiet during shows.

J.W. Braun

This is a first class planetarium and a must see for anyone that can go.

David Mallory

An interesting place that seems like it would be really cool, but it was surprisingly small that you can look at all of the stuff there in about half an hour. The stuff they do have is very neat and they offer special shows about space, but the one show I watched was plagued with technical issues and a person narrating was speaking too fast for some to understand.


My children recently took an interest to the solar system, and this was the perfect place to expand the entire family's knowledge on the subject while spending quality time together. They had a good mix of interesting pieces to look at, interactive displays for all ages to enjoy, as well as some educational and playful areas for younger children. We watched the destination solar system show and would highly recommend it for all ages. It was educational and fun for our whole family. The host was great and stuck around to answer questions after the show.

Pedro Montes

Cool science museum to take the family to. They have different kinds of specials prices all year round, make sure to ask.

Dan Loves

I am a former student of astonomy and have a great and heavy experiences with space this the best thing about Chicago to me for me

Walker Van Dixhorn

The Adler Planetarium is a beautiful public museum dedicated to the study of astronomy and astrophysics. It is located on the northeast tip of Northerly Island, and offers one of the best possible views of the entire Chicago skyline. Adler offers a wide variety of events throughout the year. My personal favorite is “Adler After Dark”, a monthly event with a different theme each month (for example, Across the Universe was a great event with a Beatles theme).

Anabel Pachano-Arismendi

Beautiful location. Enrichment experience, very interesting and fun

Lorena Rodríguez

It's one of the coolest museum in Chicago city, you can learn different things about our universe and history, physics, and so and so far. Thus, you have a great view for the Chicago's lake and it's 3D dimensions and interaction.

Pooja Ghodasara

We had a great experience at the museum but the staff member who checked us in from the stroller and wheelchair entrance was extremely rude. The minute we walked in she was being very short. She did not want us to ask her any questions. Perhaps she was having a bad day but I am sorry we did not do anything to her. As we walked off she was whispering things to the other checking agent. We were completely blown away from the unfriendliness from this staff member. Too bad I forgot to get her name.

Geoffrey Reed

Great place to spend a day with the family. Not sure I would go with no kids. Highly recommend that if your thinking about coming back that your upgrade to the family membership. Your kids can bring in friends with them for free plus two adults. You also get access to unlimited videos (2 shows at a time). Food is reasonable priced (see photo of menu) and if you buy a membership be sure to ask for the free cookie coupon along with your 10% discount on the restaurant food.

Olga Mago

Wanna see stars and experience cosmo things? All such things you will find there! I enjoyed and got a lot of new information!

Charlotte Smith

For the (one time) price, not worth it. They did a pretty good job at historical bits and pieces but once you enter it's not worth it.

Anados Defered

"The stars, like dust, encircle me in living mists of light"...-Asimov Our first blanket. Covering everything. Everywhere. With starlight. Moonlight. Before I knew about reflected or refracted light. Saw that scintillating twinkle low in the evening sky. And wondered. So much to see. And understand. Constellations. Galaxies. Shooting stars. Centuries before Brahe Kepler & Copernicus described what revolved around what. Jules Verne wrote of space travel. Later Willy Ley. I started with a cheap telescope. Bought books about the stars. Planets. Spent hours pouring over them. Then came here. Whole new vistas opened. How cultural identity & development was inextricably tied to its relationship to the stars. Exhibits and virtual exploration. Up close and personal. Unimpeded views and informed explanations of what I saw in the sky. What I yearn to see more. Know more. What is a rogue planet? How did parts of the universe evolve? Yes at a price - cheap compared to a walk through space and time. There are free days for Illinois residents Great for kids. Features like Planet Explorers are included with price of admission; Destination Solar System - with all access pass. Parking $$ still steep - not under Adler's control. Handicapped accessibility throughout. The beauty of this place, their wonderful staff - is the opportunity to use the tools, interactive displays Adler provides to harness our inherent sense of wonder. To not just foster interest but instill an even deeper desire to know more about the miraculous universe in which we dwell. To explore. Evermore. Where no Man has gone before.

Ron Gagne

Great place to watch the sun set. Beautiful even on a winter afternoon. Great views even from the parking area. There's a reason this is the most photographed places in chicago. It is beautiful! The surrounding area is great for walking and taking photos as well. It was well worth the drive to check it out, everything is very picturesque with the waves crashing against the rocks that are covered in greenery and bright flowers. just natural beauty, definitely add this to your "must see" items. you have to check out the universe show amazing

Isabelle Ku

Awesome. Very sad we couldn't spend more time here, but we were on a time limit and we sped through everything. We did two sky shows and definitely recommend the Planet Nine. I'm not sure if I agree that there's another planet out there (considering its proposed orbit compared to the orbits of the other eight planets), but it was very interesting to learn about these new discoveries and the hunt for planet nine. I would also recommend a jacket for the theater. Very cold, but the chairs were very comfortable. We also did the Atwood Sphere, and our guide was awesome. The entire experience is 10 minutes and fits 8 people at a time. The sphere is mainly the constellations, but the guide was very interesting and informative. We covered a lot of questions and information during our 10 minutes. This is a great place to bring kids and I highly recommend it.

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