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REVIEWS OF 875 North Michigan Avenue IN Illinois

Nadia Haywas

On clear day, you can see forever. We purchased the tickets that included a bar beverage. Cocktails were pleasing, beer and wine also available. The wait in line was quite long, as it was a beautiful day - and people were lining up to see the sunset. A satisfying experience.

Tim Ostrander Jr

Great tourist spot. If you plan on going to the top, do it at night, the views are so much better

Deb R

Go for the view! Spectacular! Be prepared for some ear popping of the quick elelvator ride up though.

Justin Wise

The View from the top was good.. Meeting new friends while going with family was the best part!


I love tilt! I also tasted really good ice cream on the same floor. It wasn't expensive! Especially so good at night!

David Cano H.

Great views at the top, cool environment with the bar up there. Shame you have to pay $8 more fot the 'Tilt'

John Ward

Great view, awesome dinner. Gf bread was terrific

Matthew Tatham

Could be a lot better if they put in the effort but the view is cool

Christine Sauddin

Spectacular! Amazing! I'm afraid of heights but it's an awesome view from the 94th floor. Especially at night with all the lights on in the city. Doing the 360 Tilt was crazy too but it was a great experience.

Paranormal Society

Such an amazing place that gives you great views of the city. The view is almost even better and night and you are able to see how far the lights of the city reach and view over the lake and navy pier. It such an amazing experience. It is best when it is not peak time as it took over 2 hours to get the tour completed. But it was well worth it in the end.

Alexis M

This building is so tall. I loved the view but can be a bit scary if you're close to the window. I really didn't want to purchase any expensive food, just wanted to see the view!

Aakash Pardeshi

Amazing. Pleasant . Even if you have an argument with anyone, go here and look at the amazing view. Sure will calm you down.

Ghantasala Veerapratap

Loved this place .. only complain I have is that they should advertise more about their no food or drinks policy.. it's a summer visit and everyone will have something hot or cold to drink..

Steve Gieser

A 100-story skyscraper built in 1968 and located on the Magnificent Mile. It’s an iconic part of Chicago’s skyline. Views from the sky deck are nice, but not as good as from the top of Willis Tower. The bar and restaurant on the 95th floor offer incredible views through the giant windows. The food is only average and it’s overpriced.

Jay Purugganan

If you're visiting Chicago or a local that hasn't been, this is a must. You get to appreciate just how beautiful the city of Chicago is. All the architecture is just stunning. The TILT is ok, not necessary. Just look down at one of the other glass window panes and you'll probably feel the same way. The photos are a nice souvenir too, I think it was $25 for 1 or like $35 for all. I feel like the best time to visit is close to sunset and evening. But it also means more people would want the same. More people means longer waiting in line. What's nice though, is you can stay up there as long as you want (until closing time of course). Would highly recommend visiting the John Hancock Center 360 Observatory.

Kevin L

My friend told me that this would be a good place to see the Chicago skyline and he was correct. I didn't opt for the tilt experience where you stand in the glass box and the box moves, but it was still nice views all around. We got really lucky with the weather but I'd imagine during the winter if you see all the snow covered buildings it would also be very nice.

Ashley Weems

Very cool place to check out. The tilt ride was not as scary as I thought it'd be. Definitely worth trying once. The observation deck was cool. Got a lot of good city pictures.

Reinaldo Velásquez S.

Cool visit, awesome views, there is a bar on the top so having a drink is a must.

Myke Wing

A brilliant piece of modern architecture. Still iconic - but not as awe-inspiring as I expected. A nice range of retail outlets bring a sprinkling of colour skirt the ground levels, and give an excuse to slow down (maybe spend). The 360° visitors restaurant gives great views - not for faint-hearted. Staff mostly courteous and efficient, some obviously enjoy their roles more than others.

Oleg Somov

Astonishing building! A landmark that represents the unique style of the modern Chicago. Great views open from the top floors. We went to the bar on 96th floor, it's free and you can spend a great night city views from there. On weekends you can expect a line to get seated by the windows, but normally that would take approximately 10-20 minutes. Staff is very polite.

Tyrone Taylor

Was there for the signature room. Great vibe, scenery and ambiance.

Lisa Mauri Thomas

Signature Room! Always worth a visit. I'm up there every time I'm in Chicago. Can't beat the views and food is delicious. But ladies, keep an eye out... the 96th floor women's bathroom often has guys in there 'taking pictures of the view' from that vantage point (even though view from 95th floor common space is the same).

Kerrie Green

A very beautiful place. At the very top offers a great view of the city. True, there are very large queues of tourists. And you need to wait your turn long enough to look at the beautiful view of the city. When I visited this site, the entrance ticket cost $ 18. I think it is not expensive for such a beautiful view and adrenaline.

John Co

This place is a mist go for Chicago. 96th floor. The women's bathroom has a great view of the city, and no, I did not see it myself :). Best time to go is just right before sunset so you get to see daylight, sunset, and evening settings.

Julio Fox

Outstanding place for a chill out session with a fantastic drink in your hand. While you sip on your drink, you can enjoy unforgettable views of Chicago than are just spectacular. The experience is a bit costly but worth every penny. If you get hungry, there is a luxurious restaurant on the floor just below.

Michael Uy

We came up here instead of doing the 360 tour. The old fashioned I had was fantastic. My companion had a mimosa and she liked it too. Great views of the city below and the wait staff is extremely friendly. Highly recommended!

Jafaar Ali

Hands down this is awesome place to visit you in Chi town go see it yourself.....


Beautiful place, had a great time! Good for groups and little escapades!

Marc Pelejà Vicente

Probably one of the most beautiful buildings in Chicago. Amazed with the structure of it. Views of the restaurant on the top worth a visit.

Jed Pulley

Such a fun place to spend the evening! Loved the area too (albeit traffic was terrible, but what're you gonna do) The city is beautiful at night as well!

Dylan Becker

Interesting to see such a large structure, you wouldn't be able to tell from a photo, it's absolutely breathtaking.

Ketsup OnPizza

Good stop if your passing in the Windy City! Very iconic.

Loretta Macri

Beautiful views and the Tilt was fun. We got there at Happy Hour on a day with a fashion show and local expo highlighting the shops in Old Town.


It was a mesmerizing experience, it was quite gloomy the day we went on the top but still got good view, I would recommend to go on a bright sunny day so once can see the horizon. I wish there was a glass elevator to go on the top. There is a skywalk area on top where you can get fresh air which I really enjoyed.

seyit şahin

John Hancock Tower is one the tallest buildings in Chicago. The signature room at the rooftop has the best view of the city. A Chicago trip without visiting John Hancock Center is an incomplete one.

Yvonne M

We brought family members here to go to top floor and view. It was a little overcast but view was still great. There was a 30-minute line for the windows that tilt out over the side, so we skipped. The building is beautiful and clean. The elevator travels at too speed. Expect your ears to pop both up and down. The restrooms are clean. We stopped in to the Starbucks on the main floor. This is a busy place due to tourists, but staff are friendly, quick and efficient. There are a lot of homeless in Chicago, as expected. They will approach you at your outside seating at Starbucks, so be aware if this makes you uncomfortable. One homeless man was brazen enough to come enter the Starbucks and approach people in line. I honestly don't know if the staff even noticed. He left after about five minutes.

Edward Crawford

Wow! what a view it was. Was there few days ago and enjoyed the amazing view of the whole city which was so heart shaking. Will also visit again for experiencing same enjoyment and also enjoyed drinks with my friend here.

Richard Lin

The bar on the top floor has amazing view and it is free to get up. Money saving tips from walking tour guide.

M. A. Mohammadi

This place does not need a review really. It’s just awesome. Quick tip is to go to the cocktail bar instead of the observatory and pay for a couple cocktails, sit and enjoy the view for a while rather than pay for the ticket upstairs. Although the seats may be limited next to the windows.

Oscar Pachano

Willis tower or 360 Chicago? The eternal city dilemma. Not to me though, I can tell you that 360 is the right choice if you can only do one. Now here is why: 360 Chicago has more centric view of the city, the area where you spend most of your time in is a lot nicer here too! And last but definitely not least, the direction you gave when using the "tilt" is a lot better that the one using the skydeck, it's a real view of the city!


Love it. You have a great view of the Willis (Sears) tower and all the other buildings plus the Navy pier. I did the tilt out ride, my palms were sweating but I didn't back out, I stayed in there. I would highly recommend doing both the night and day it's just a few bucks more. There are interactive maps to help you Identify buildings and things. I've always gone during the week and it's never been really crowed.

Bernice Crues

Love the new Starbucks on the ground floor! Always crowded but the food and coffee are spectacular!

Ravi Natalia

Great place to have a drink and enjoy the scenery! Parking is very expensive about $40 less than 2 hours or so. They also have pics available that you can buy from them. It’s worth it if you haven’t been there before. It’s right on magnificent mile so you definitely won’t miss it. Food is a bit pricey so I would go else where for a meal unless you want to impress your date!

Arianne Campbell

beautiful views, and they were very accommodating as we tried to watch the nfl playoffs from the observation deck (it was non-bears too, the following day was the parkey kick so that thankfully didn't mar our visit lol)

Ambarish Vaidya M

The views from the top are amazing. Also found really good parking spot nearby using spothero. The day we went on there was zero cisibility in the morning. So i would definitely check the weather before planning a trip here. Views are amazing. The tilit experience is exhilarating.

shum Shum

Everything was great and comparable in price to other things in the area. Tilt was a hoot for the kids and the view was amazing. We would definitely recommend though its probably a one time thing as there is not much else to do.

Raoul Gabiam

Wonderful views of Chicago. We went to the lounge which is on the 96th floor. Free, but they expect you to order from the bar. Which, may or may not be a better deal than the observation deck, which costs $22 per person. Relatively short lines on a weekday- mid afternoon. Ridiculously long lines and wait on weekends.

Lorenzo Lopez

The observatory is great when there's no fog otherwise it's a great experience.

LaToya Kimbrough

I haven't been here in years. Still as great as I remembered. I use to come all the time Just to see my beautiful city from the top. Also, been to a few events at the signature room. Seems like a great place to work for the ambiance.

Kameron S

This review is for the observation deck located om the 95th floor. This is a one place that everyone should visit at least once maybe twice (once in day and another at night). Search online for deals and you can save as much as 50% each ticket. We didn't do the Tilt attraction but looks like the people that did had a lot of fun. Chicago is a beautiful city and the views from atop John Hancock Center are incredible. We went on a Friday night and there was literally less than 5 minute wait. Coming down there was a wait of about 10 minutes. I know it can get crowded with love mg waits so maybe check before you go but our experience pretty quick. The L train has a stop just a couple blocks away.

Junnie Swinton

Along the Magnificent Mile and Water Tower Plaza. Many stores and restaurants. For $30 you can get general admission to 360 degree observation deck and experience the Tilt. The Tilt is trippy. Doesn't appear to be much, but hanging out 30 degrees from the the 94th floor you will get a reaction. Views of all of Chicago and Lake Michigan is amazing. The Bar not too bad. Cell phone reception wasn't the best when on the 94th floor so be mindful of that. I have T-Mobile as a carrier. Come visit and enjoy.

Sarena Fritch

The John Hancock Tower is an architectural marvel! Visited the Signature Lounge at the 96th for a night-cap following dinner and enjoyed amazing views of the city below! On the way out, we came across across an awe-inspiring sculpture from Wolfgang Buttress. (Yes, that's really his name.) The artwork, Lucent, represents the 3,106 brightest stars visible by the naked eye in the Northern Hemisphere. Made of fibre-optics, polished steel, and water, it stopped us in our tracks as we gazed in wonderment.


The view was as good as the food. The service was perfect and very friendly. It is luxury and I really recommend this place. This is THE thing to do in Chicago.

Van Tran

Very nice building, particularly the Signature Lounge. You can get the best view in the city for $10-20 drink. The drink I had was not bad. The elevator ride takes a long time, including wait time.

Sai Teja

Forget skydeck and visit the Signature lounge in John Hancock center. You will have a breathtaking view and good food/drinks without much queue if you book in advance.

Jennifer Rivero

Loved the chocolate martini and the views were amazing! Great place to be with friends. Definitely going back.

javier boughton

Great place to shop! Dont miss the upper floors!

Håkon Kvalø Langtvedt

The view is of course absolutely stunning. The tilted section takes up much of the view to the south. The elevators could have been a little more exciting and updated with screen and entertaining content.

Steve Formoso

Such an awesome experience in this tower! The views are incredible and cannot be beat. Tilt is scary but do try it! Staff are friendly and the price is decent

Yanay Viera Lorenzo

Oh oh that was scary!! And exciting! The view is amazing. It’s better when it’s sunny and the pictures are clear.

Dana Davidson

Amazing views. My personal favorite view of the city. I also love the bar at the top. Fancy drinks and beautiful views.


Less waiting than Willis Tower and good views. Tilt looks great

Brad Kosar

Easy to access off Michigan Ave. Lots of store options and a large, clean public restroom

Warren Hess

It's observation deck was really good and accessible.

Phil Garnier

Great views of the city from the Signature Room on the 96th floor. They have happy hour there on Monday through Friday.

JT Stachler

We had drinks on the top floor, which were good, but this place is all about the views of Chicago. Incredible!

Eric Lambert

Very pricey drinks, great views and service

Rocky Mosquera

The Signature Lounge, located on the tower's top floor, provides the unique experience of enjoying a drink while overlooking the city (literally).

Anthony Green

Olivias has the best food at a reasonable price. I recommend this place to everyone

Oleg Burakov

Awesome views of Chicago, you can buy tickets for 2 visits - like in the morning & at sunset - views are different, but all of them breathtaking. Tilt platform is interesting and not expensive (~$8) - make sure you are planning to try it, they will suggest to take pictures of you before tilt and you can buy them afterwards. There is bar as well - you can buy a glass of wine while enjoying sunset. it's also not so crowdy (especially in the morning and during the day) as Wiilis tower and about the same fun and views. Small souvenir shop is also available.

Meghana Raja

The 360 Chicago Observatory is so great!!! You get amazing views in all directions with some information about the history of the building and the things you see in all directions. You can see the city and the beaches and Navy Pier. There's a cafe up there is you want to have a snack or coffee while enjoying the view. I personally didn't try the tilt, which looked terrifying but awesome.

Caio Cruz

It's very crowded, yet a must go places in Chicago. There is a fee of an item on the Menu, and there's nothing under 10 dollars. The night view I would describe as good, but daylight and sunset hours are the best. Service is not great but it's understandable.

Nathan Diones

Absolutely one of the most amazing architecture pieces ever built. If you happen to be in the area and can catch a sunset here your friends will be envious. Nice place to have dinner and or a couple cocktails on the top floor. Definitely a must visit if you're in Chicago.

Joseph Lewis

Fantastic view of the city and the lake from the top, with gift shop and snack bar, and decent restaurants out front

Jude Ibe

Went to the building to eat at the Signature room. Parking was $20 through SpotHero. Very easy to use scan in and that’s it no tickets just drive out. It recognized our car. If you want lots of space park on the route going down.

Aishwarya Patankar

I think I like this better than the Willis Tower. It's a lot less crowded and there is a bar with seating and couches. And you get a better view of the lake. Because it is lower, the view is less like a map and you see the buildings more clearly.


Way up high and scenic too. This is a fantastic tower to visit. I had the pleasure of enjoying the great views. Daytime is spectacular. Bring the kids. It is windy. You can view downtown Chicago real well and the Sears Tower too. This is a must visit for all tourists if you are in the area. The elevator ride is amazingly fast too. Night views are quiet and peaceful. Enjoy this place. Go online to view details soon. It is wonderful day or night. Just beautiful. Wow! Keep this site on your list!!

Angelica Turrieta

Good views and great photo opportunities. We did not experience long lines and went straight through. Save your

Stuart Parker

Great view of the city of Chicago. If you get the drink with a view the drink is reasonably priced, but there could be more seating to drink with the view. Also get the tilt experience it is a great view and bit of adrenaline rush, however would be nice to be able to take own photos.

Manieshia Hampton

I had the best time at John Hancock Center Shopping! There are pop up boutiques, alongside some of my favorite shops! I can Never go wrong with White House Black Market! The sale in this store was most rewarding. The service at the Victoria Secret was amazing. I found so many gems in other shops! There is a Macy’s on the first floor which is always a stop. There’s discounted parking for shoppers as well. I suggest parking after 5:00pm for the $10.00 unlimited hours parking special.

Leidy Ramon

As a tourist I loved it, the day we went there they were celebrating national Mexican month so they had few groups dancing and singing, also few vendors with Mexican food and handmade shirts and stuff liked that. A tip would be if you really like sunsets go around where the sunset is gonna happen so you still get to see the city with light, enjoy the sunset and also stay a little longer to watch it at night, it’s quiet beautiful! “The Tilt”is worth it if you wanna experience a little adrenaline.

Malica Alexandre

Stunning views and plenty of space to spread out so everyone can enjoy the view. They also have a small snack shop so you can have a beer or tea well enjoying the view .

Angele Means

The Entertainment was Good the food not so much. The ambience was intriguing!


Visit the lounge bar rather than the observatory. It's free to access, has the same incredible view and you'll have some money left to spend in a drink up there!

George Westfall

Had a great time and a great view. Well worth the price of admission.

Christian Schickling

Stunning view across the windy city. Get up to the café, have a drink (prices are okay, given the really special spot) and admire Chicago from above!!

Mark B

Great view for free, however too busy to really appreciate a stay on Marathon weekend. Next time I would book a meal there.

Brian Thornton

Great venue to sip a rose and take in the view. Meals are well priced and presented well.Professional waitstaff who look after you. The real hero though is the view across the lake and down on all that art deco architecture.


(Judging off of the Signature Room, Best Buy, and Chase bank) Exceptional service and quality for just about everything. Customer service is ready at a moments notice and is very accommodating. Food at the Signature Room was excellent. Best Buy will answer near to every question you can throw at them regarding sales and services. Chase bank has a very clean office and the tellers are very polite.


The Signature Lounge is fantastic. There's an unbelievable view of the city and it's a great place to take your parents, your partner, or just a group of friends. I have come here dressed both formally and informally. Note: it is not kid-friendly so hire a babysitter before you patronize this exquisite establishment. It is one of Chicago's best kept secrets.

Evan Cobb

Such an amazing place that gives you great views of the city. The view is almost even better and night and you are able to see how far the lights of the city reach and view over the lake and navy pier. It such an amazing experience. It is best when it is not peak time as it took over 2 hours to get the tour completed. But it was well worth it in the end.

Swagatam Saha

One of the best view of Chicago one can ever get..

Debosmita Kundu

This is my first time experience at a skyscraper. The experience is amazing. The view from the tilt is mesmerizing. To be honest, I was scared when they start tilting it for the third time. But the view is beautiful. And best thing about 360 Chicago observatory desk is you can spend as much time as you want and can enjoy scenic beauty.

Mohammed Amro Hadi

Magnificent structure and architectural masterpiece standing tall with impressive views of the Windy City Chicago, you can see the whole Michigan Lake, Lake shore drive and the very famous brand street in the world - Michigan Avenue. Observatory with Glass walls on all 4 sides to maximize the viewing experience, best veiw time is during the day.

Boria B

Being a touristy spot that doesn't mean that your bar has to be mediocre. Get some more beer selection and make your cocktails a little bit better. This place could be one of the best spots in the city, but instead the waitresses just try to get you out the door right after you buy one drink and put the bill on the table right away.

Teresa Calle

The view from the bar on the 95 the floor is amazing. Cocktails are expensive but creative and satisfying. If you want a partial, incredible view of the lake and Navy Pier go straight to the bathroom. The view and selfies are free!!

Akshay Nair

Watch 360' of the top view of the city. 'Tilt' is a must do, great experience. Use 'city pass' or Groupon. Tilt is $8.

Niclas Bork

Amazing view. Better go up to the 96. Floor to enjoy a Drink in a breathtaking Hight instead of Paying a lot of Money only for the view.

Max Fiordalisi

Sort of expensive, but worth it for the views. We spent the extra money to get a drink from the bar. That wasn't worth it, which is why I'm deducting a star. You could tell that things had a funny taste when they were mixing the drinks. I sort of doubt that a proper cleaning procedure was done or something... Both our drinks had a plastic-ish taste... But who are we kidding, you're not here for the drinks right!? The views are amazing. We can middle of the afternoon on a Friday, the weather was lousy but we were still able to see for miles. I wouldn't hesitate going up here if the weather is sketchy, it'll still be worth it. I also like how you can stay up as long as you want. So, you can plan to hang out for a while, hit the little shop, grab a drink, do the tilt thing (that costs extra, not really worth it) and just hang out. Really cool views of the city. Puts things in perspective.

Matt Hotelling

Awesome View, great food. Worked out well for business meetings and Catering.

Charlie Schafer

Has restaurants and stores on the bottom few floors. I've personally never been to the restaurants at the bottom. The observation deck is on the 94th floor and is a little expensive but you can stay as long as you want and the views are incredible. There is a bar/restaurant on the 95th floor and its expensive. Amazing views but it's a tourist attraction so Its priced like one.

Dee Dee Martin

If you’re traveling downtown- it’s central location makes it great for parking. The lobby is a photo stop on its own! Little Secret- no need to pay to go to observatory. Take the elevator to the 96th floor. There is a casual bar/restaurant, above signature room. All ages. It’s the best FREE view of the City. Grab desert & visit the women’s restroom for the absolute best view of the City!

Demetrius McClendon

Absolutely stunning views of the city! Drinks are a bit pricey in the Signature room but for what you get to experience, it is worth it. Also, the John Hancock floor gives amazing background information and history of Chicago.

Max Klopsch

Awesome view of the city. You can see the Willis Tower from here too. If you go to the cocktail bar (entry through the lobby) you don't have to pay entry and can spend your money on food or drink instead. There's some drinks for around $10 and cocktails for around $15. The drinks are quite nice. Make sure you ask for a window seat as you will otherwise not be able to move later to one. It's perfectly ok to ask for this and the wait is not too long. Insider tip: The view from the women's bathroom is amazing! Also you don't have to pay anything if you just go up and look from the entrance lobby and the women's bathroom and then leave again. But you will miss out on the view to the North and West.

Luiz Galdino

Nice views! The Tilt is hyped up but fun.

Marissa A

Amazing view pricey worth it you can't afford to eat here 95th floor at least have a drink for the view.

Sadaf Najam

One of the tallest skyscrapers in Chicago Amongst the fastest elevator of North America 40 seconds 94th floor A 360 view of the city 30 degree tilt view of the city

Bora Bora

Resident's rate at 8 dollars is a good rate but 22 for out of state is a tad much. The view is good. I've been to majority of the towers around the world so the tilt is an unique option to add for additional $ but as far as things to do, not very impressed. Something to look into: special dining, love note section maybe. Other countries have love locks connected to their towers but I don't think chicago can add any more infrastructure for that.

Diana Byrns

360 degree Chicago! Nice view from the top! Tilt is kind of expensive & not exciting enough!

Jagan Gnanasambandam

If you want to look at the beauty of the Chicago downtown, you have to visit Hancock tower. I went to the Hancock tower at night and the view was breathtaking. You can see the twilight on one side and a night on the other side. The building were lit and it was a view to remember. But if you wanted to see the lake view, night time is not the best, because you won’t be able to see anything properly in the dark. I was lucky to see the light of the full moon gleaming on the waters. The tilt was an additional $8 but it was worth it.

Knowledge applied is wisdom

Go see the amazing view! Grab a drink & have a chat

Levi Manselle

An absolute must. Experience breath taking views from all 4 corners of the famous Hancock Center Tower, see the beauty of Lake Michigan from above a bird's eye view, watch ant sized vehicles hustle and bustle below, or witness the sun setting before your eyes from the comfort of the observation lounge. Great place to hang out, take a gazillion photos, or test your fear of heights with the tilt experience. Highly recommended.


The views are amazing, but the customer service could be much better. It’s kind of pricey but it’s what it is in places like this.

Charles Bush

Don't bother buying your ticket online, because it won't be sent to you and you'll have to wait in the 45 minute line regardless. Skydeck is better

nikhilesh singh Tak

Amazing veiw from the lounge. Go around 5ish.. you will see view light.. stay for some time some time so that you can enjoy the views when lights come up

Darryl Jones

The staff is very helpful and will assist with your visit to any of the business tenants in the building. They also manage an express elevator to the Signature room for fine dining or a drink while enjoying a fantastic view. Security is always very polite.

Bobbi MacPherson

The tilt ride is a great addition. Even a thrill seeker will be impressed.

Michael Duffy

It's a tall building. Had a meeting there. Nothing crazy about it. Not sure why a building needs a review. "The best building, tremendous windows. Very classy!"

Joel Gratcyk

Amazing views of the city. Great special event spaces. Pricey parking.

Lisa Weber

To start with. Elevator ride up 94 flights took about 20 seconds. Y ears popped twice. Awesome views. Tilt was so worth it, be brave.

Chip Crawford

This is a must stop if you're in the Chicago area. Amazing views of the city and there is a nice bar/lounge up top. Go early or plan on waiting a bit.

Mike St John

The tilt at the top of the tower in 360 Chicago was impressive. The views from here are breathtaking. On top of that, the elevators are incredibly fast. There is also a bar and a small restaurant on the top with views of the entire city


Great place to go if you would like a view over Chicago. However, it is not easy to get a good spot in the bar in the top of the tower.

Parthiban Durairaj

Breathtaking views of Lake Michigan on one side and Chicago city on the other side. Hancock tower is a must watch experience if you are visiting Chicago. You can see the beauty of Willis tower and Trump tower from here. If you have to choose between Willis tower vs Hancock tower, my vote is for Hancock tower as have better views.

Hollando Mathurin

Again another wonderful views of Chicago but the price to go up there was too much but other than that it was great

Linda Davis

Arrived near sundown, so we enjoyed the day view from the top AND the darkness / lit Chicago city scape! The biggest “WOW moment” was entering the women’s RR and seeing the city through the glass wall right across from the RR stalls- took my breath away

Toby Howe

Nice view from male toilet and from the bar. Pretty tall for a building.

sarah latsch

We went up to the 360 observation deck and we enjoyed the view.

Robert Rubiani

The ambiance was excellent. The 10oz. sirloin was delicious. I tasted the 14oz. Ribeye as well ... Very tender.

Kelly Jablecki

A must stop every trip to Chicago. Nothing like a cocktail overlooking the skyline. No fee to get in, but expect to wait and expect a crowd. Worth it!

AJ Telford

Brilliant place to go visit. It's very expensive and the food and cocktails don't live up to the price at all. The que was very long and had to even wait to get back down. The view was amazing and worth the trip

Akshay Rao

Skip the Willis Tower.. Come here to get a great view of Lake Michigan and do the Tilt! You'll not regret it.. Great views of the city.. The Bar's great too!

John Adams

It is a very nice place but if you go for 360 Chicago, try to find some discounted tickets online.

Neil Williamson

brilliant view of the city go up to restaurant on 95 floor save you paying for observation lounge on 96 floor

Nathan Combs

The view from the Lounge on the 96th floor is amazing and the drinks are delicious. A bit pricey but worth it for the view.

Alex Beal

Sears* may be taller, but the Hancock has way shorter lines and a better view. I guess on a clear day you can see Wisconsin from the Sears* but if I wanted to see Wisconsin I'd go there. What I want is nice unobstructed views of downtown, the lake, and the City and you get all that here.

Jesus Aldana

Highly recommended. The views are amazing and relatively cheap. Don't recommend the outstanding view though, do don't see anything different

Ola Brzozowska

If you haven't been there, the view is worth this 25 dollars, movement experience cost additionally 8 dollars. I recommend it only for people with strong nerves, the glass wall and floor are really moving :) A dinner in the 95th floor in the Signature room makes also an impression, although don't expect the waiters to be nice, nevertheless don't worry, the food is very good:)

Sarah Witiarz

Love the bar and view. Wish I couldve taken my own pic during the tilt

Robert Peters

Awesome place. Not for the faint of heart though. You can feel the building move when windy

Daniel Valentino

The Signature Room Bar at the top of the Hancock Building is one of my favorite places to meet-up with friends, have a drink, and see the city. This visit was to go to one of the shops in the shopping plaza. It isn't too large, and not too crowded considering that it is along the Magnificent Mile and a center of tourism for Chicago. It is also adjacent to the Ritz Carlton, which has another great bar to meet-up with friends.

Eric Pond

360 Degree Viewing Platform and Tilt are a great way to see the City. Definitely recommend it!

Roland Boswell

Went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Great meal. So much food that we had to pack a doggie bag.

Miguel Ceja

Great experience! Amazing views! Awesome staff! Great drink selection

Marius C

One of the best views in Chicago. Cool place to take the kids(observation area)

Cathy Ohanlon

Omg.... brilliant. Some height up.. and u have to do the tilt... at night is best....

Francisco L.

Apparently the ladies room in the signature lounge has a great view of the city. Nothing in the men's room

Warren Harrison

This was a really cool place that we just visited during a trip through Chicago this past spring. I love the architecture in the city. Very creative, beautiful and true to its industrious roots. Chicago really has the best of both worlds. Not in the middle of nowhere, but the people are still really cool and down to earth. Plus they're huge sports fans. I love coming here.


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