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5668 W Flying Hawk Ln, Boise, ID 83709, United States

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Where is World Center For Birds of Prey?

REVIEWS OF World Center For Birds of Prey IN Idaho


Super nice staff, fun events and beautiful scenery. So many kinds of bird and so much information - I'd recommend trying to get the the archives tour!

Joseph Webb

Amazing birds, a must see for every one in the area

Farah Kamkar

Small birds sanctuary with beautiful birds. They need our help to save endanger birds and they are doing an amazing job. If you are in Boise definitely go and take your kids with you.

Patrick Stephens

Lots to learn about the birds and there lives. Take the tour you will be glad you did!!!


Absolutely a wonderful place! I will volunteer here one day. The Peregrine Foundation did an excellent job with their Fall Fly-In, and all the birds handlers were wonderful with their charges. I had such a wonderful afternoon and I cannot wait to go back again.

Shaina Lynch

Love the birds and the information. Gorgeous.

Kyle Kunze

Cool but pricey and sad to see the small cages for the birds.

Shauna Wahnschaffe

Not to be missed! It's great to catch a curator's tour in addition to the presentations.

Joanna Hutula

Fantastic! Check the schedule before you go to make sure you make everything you want to see.

Melissa Imlach

I grew up in Boise and had never been to the World Center for Birds of Prey. It was a cool experience to see the birds up close. The guide was knowledgeable and fun. We also enjoyed learning about Falconry at the Archives of Falconry. The views up there were incredible too. It is a must see.

audra koopmann

Very educational and fascinating. The enthusiasm of the staff makes it that much more enjoyable. Definitely a place to put on your list to visit.

r hea

Good place to do a field trip for kids. Our daughter learned a lot about birds of prey. They have a gift shop and some activities too.

Liz Welch

We stopped by on our short Meridian/Boise trip. It's really not out of the way and my kids (5,3,1.5) enjoyed it, as did my husband and I. I'm glad we went

Karl Hussey

Docents extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Beautiful birds of prey for viewing. Tucked away. Educational. Nicely kept facility.

Jennifer Rollins

Wonderful! Very nice and knowledgeable staff. We loved Oliver. He was so adorable with his big eyes and curiosity in people.❤️

William Peterson

Awesome little experience and better work going on. And the gift shop won't Rob you. If you haven't been here, go here.

David Daniels

We never thought we could go. It was unforgettable, and exciting with the birds so close, including the demonstration right in front of us! The snowy day just added to the enjoyment.

T P Driscoll

Very educational and we had the honor of meeting Bob the kestrel.

Daniel Krancer

We absolutley loved our time here. The professionals that operate this facility are kind, patient, dedicated and wonderful to spend time with. It is clear this facility and team are making a real difference to the Raptors and people of our planet. Thank you for all you do!

Thi Burnham

Great place to spend a few hours. The staff are helpful and passionate.

Dalenea Edmonds

Very educational and Staff is fantastic

Willy Cat

Amazing place to learn about Raptors who are essential to our ecosystem. How to prevent their loss and extinction.

Teddi Deppner

Best part: close up look at live raptors during the four daily presentations. Lots of fascinating info about the birds. A fair number of other live raptors in aviaries. Plenty of interpretive displays for all ages, including hands-on stuff for kids. Our family's favorite bird living at the Center: the Harpy Eagle. (Although Schmidt, the peregrine falcon, was beautiful and the one we got to see up close.) Definitely recommend getting to the presentation theater 10-15 minutes early to get the front row seats! They said during October weekends they do raptor flight demonstrations outdoors. Sounds really exciting! Their Condor breeding program is cool, and if you're a nature lover, this is an excellent place to donate to a group doing real good for these endangered bird species (and not just the Condors, but raptors around the world). Nice gift shop with lots of different items for all ages, including t shirts, jewelry, mugs, greeting cards, stuffed animals, bags, pins, hats, and toys.

Royal Woods

This is a fun and educational place to visit. Live birds and displays. They are doing good work protecting the population of birds of prey.

Janice Tsai

Joe is a great educator. He brought out an owl and introduced the characteristics of birds of prey — beaks, talons, and eyes. Albeit a small place, there is a lot to see and learn here, and all the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

Alice Jenkins

Adults and school-age children will enjoy the opportunity to get up close to the lively California Condors, an American bald eagle and many other beautiful birds of prey. We enjoyed the live presentations with the knowlegable staff handling an owl and red tail hawk. The birds are located both indoors and outdoors, so this place is best visited in good weather. We were there on a mild August day, about 75° with little wind. Because the center sits atop a hill, I imagine it could get quite windy, but the view is amazing. There is a lovely picnic area and the exhibits are suitable for wheelchairs and strollers.

Patricia Koleini

The birds are gorgeous. The bird flying show this Fall is inspiring. Lots of good information about conservation.

Kelly B

Really cool birds and very informative. Glad we sort of stumbled into it!

Heather Sarrail

This is a top-notch place. It's very well kept and clean (including restrooms), and is not far off the beaten path. The buildings are in great shape. The grounds are small but beautiful with lots of shade. The docents are knowledgeable and entertaining. There are several live bird demonstrations each day and a falconry heritage tour, too, with lots of artifacts. There are about a dozen or so enclosures, inside and out, in which live birds are living, and you can view them (zoo-like). Most of what they do here (breeding endangered birds of prey for repopulation) is done behind the scenes but the docents can tell you so much about the program.

David Tambur

Great visit especially for a family outing. The birds and the work they do is impressive. Worth the drive.

Frank O'Connor

Great experience! Wonderful raptor viewing. Amazing birds and very knowledgeable staff.

Damn Surfer

10 dollars for maybe a dozen birds on display, one briefing about one bird, and some info to read. It's a nonprofit so all proceeds go to help the birds.


Awesome fall flight show. 4 raptors and their handlers put on an exhibition for an over capacity crowd. Thanks to this group we have California condors and peregrine falcons in our sky's still.


Very entertaining for my 3 year old nephew AND my out of town company. Dont miss the live bird presentation.

Lila Blum

There are 12 birds of prey to see and a 15-minute demo every 2 hours or so. I wished the outdoor bird enclosures looked like they had more interesting things for the birds to do.

Don Pedersen

Great place to visit and learn about the birds of pray.

christopher nichols

Alloy of fun for the family. But wish we had gone in October. They do an out door live demo with falcons

Rick Rose

Quality birds of prey breeding and education center. Docents are well educated and provide excellent information. The falconer museum tour provides access to one-of-a-kind exhibits including an awesome display of Middle Eastern falconry from the 1400s to today.

Erin Vukelich

Fantastic guides and tours! Would highly recommend attending the live bird demonstrations and the Fall Flight shows!

Natalie Krusemeier

This was an amazing experience! I wish it wasn't so expensive, but I understand that a place like this needs income to survive. They are doing Important work. We saw a show with an owl, and our presenters name was Tate. He did a fabulous job, especially considering that the show was full, and there were a lot of little kids due to it being spring break. He did a wonderful job of teaching the kids without interrupting the show. I highly recommend

Jaime Marjanovich

Was a great place to spend the afternoon. Didn't get a chance to check out the library on site but will be back for that. There were 9 of us ranging from 9 years old to 64. There was something for everyone. The staff was friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. The displays and shows were thoughtful and fun. Will be back!

Diane Schultz

Visiting Boise and second time here. Beautiful birds and great to see up close.

Irma Zandl

Beautiful and well-maintained center. Our guide (Sadie?) was fantastic and very knowledgeable. Overall, however, I wish there was MORE here. It seems a little skimpy on displays, birds etc.

James Burns

Beautiful birds that you won’t see anywhere else. So glad Idaho has a program like this to help preserve/grow these unique birds. Also, the trails are not so bad either. They are great for viewing the city and its surroundings, as well as the yearly air show!

Bill Cereske

This is the world center for the preservation of birds of prey. As such it's an experience unlike any other.

Amanda Bledsoe

Very great experience. We got to learn so much and experience so much. There were some amazing things to see and experience. I went to it for my dad who had been dying to go and I didn't really want to go and wasn't very excited. Once I got there it was a game changer. I loved it!

Logan Tueller

Great, knowledgeable staff to walk you through the facility and talk about each bird of prey! Beautiful specimens of living birds and taxidermied

Kelly Davis

This place is amazing! Up close to eagles, vultures, falcons, owls, and condors. Very informative. Recommended!

Chris Acosta

It was really a great experience and we had an awesome time. A group of adults and we weren't out of place at all. Every dollar you spend for entry and from the gift shop goes back to the foundation. Loads of neat birds, one of the staff did a great talk, and she discussed the condor situation as well. Really a must-see for visiting family, and for those who want to learn more about birds of prey.

Jake Reppert

Cool place! Definitely worth a visit. The birds are incredible.

Brandon Adamson

Very cool place, very interesting educational, and a California condor, such a cool animal.


Neat place. Worth a visit

Richard Kimmel

Great place to learn about raptors and history. Great folks and knowledgeable

Mike Lafond

We really liked it. The Falconry center was open for a tour group and we were able to tag along. Very insightful, and then over to the main center and the raptors. My 89 yr. old mother was very happy to see all the raptors and exhibits. We are planning another trip soon.

Jennifer Watt

Gorgeous location and layout. Amazing species on display and an outstanding program. Highly recommend you join the guided tours at 11am and 2:30pm so you can see the falconers museum and the Sheikhs exhibit in the research building as those are the only times it is open to the public and it was very worth the time. Volunteers and staff are highly knowledgeable and friendly and the birds are stunning. Only wish I had come on a weekend in the fall as the free-flights events they described (where the birds are taken out and allowed to fly free) sounds amazing to witness. Very educational center that I highly recommend for anyone visiting the Boise area.


VERY small, but a spectacular display of birds that you won't find in a normal zoo.

Dawn K

The fall flight program was amazing! It was a treat to watch such magnificent creatures wheel around the sky from the hillside amphitheatre, set against a gorgeous mountain backdrop. A real highlight of my trip to Boise (and they do raptor conservation work around the world!!!)

Darrin Pampaian

There is nothing like seeing live birds of prey fly during the Fall Flights!

Senator Martin King

Went there on a Monday morning at 10 am with my 3 daughters and wife. Excellent little spot. Everyone was super friendly, staff was very knowledgeable and haopy to chat. Some really awesome birds can be seen here and really interesting things can be learned! The gentleman doing the presentations (George..? I believe) was super great and friendly. Great dealing with large groups of people. A note to parents going: PLEASE CONTAIN YOUR CHILDREN. We had to split from the main group as we didnt want our daughters to get in trouble for something that the other chikdren might have done. There is a museum/library area with display glass cabinets, while we were there children were walkimg on them and stomping on them as well. Running amok touching everything. They were also screeching at the birds and running and jumping off of things. Please YOU'RE SCARING THESE BIRDS. CONTAIN your chikdren when you are there. Please. Ruins it for the birds and also the people around you. Back to the main point though, this place is AWESOME!!

Free Livingston

It was neat to see these large birds up close. We were there at feesing time...exhilarating!!!

Linda Siu

What a fun trip! This is a quick ride from downtown Boise, you can see lots of birds of prey that are not able to be released, learn about the intervention (and dedication) needed to preserve various species of birds of prey. They are currently working to breed and release the California Condor — amazing work! Absolutely stay for the bird of prey demonstration/talk; wish we could be her in the fall for the outdoor demonstration!

Kyle Taylor

Amazing experience! Loved the visitor center with all the story telling and research areas. Incredible views on the way up, and very cool close-ups with some birds of prey. You can tell the staff are very passionate about their work, it makes for a great experience.

Liz Bishoff

Loved this place. They've done a great job with preservation and story telling. Definitely stop here

Amanda Boley

This is a great place to learn about birds and get to see eagles, Falcons, owls, condors and more up close. The staff is very informative and love to teach everyone about the birds. I learned a lot of interesting facts.

Liz Sherman

Very cool spot! Beautiful birds and the people working there and caring for them are so knowledgeable and passionate about them!

Holzbaer Hamburg

Great place to be....super friendly people

Kelly Walker

Wasn't big but Jeffs live presentation was awesome

Ryan Schumacher

Enjoyable visit. Friendly staff. Very interesting to see and learn about the raptors. Archive area for falconry is only open twice a day, so check times for visit if you want to tour that. Also ask about when the showings of birds are, as they will take a couple out of confinement to present a closer look.

Victoria Vargas

I lived this place it’s so fun and super kid friendly I actually was super scared of vultures and turkeys before hand. I ended up finding and learning and a bird called the turkey vulture (lol how ironic) they are know my favorite bird. I totally recommend this place to visit with a family or some friends and have a fun learning experience. And check out the gift shop that place is cool too

Caleb Bolthouse

Nice place. Small area to explore. Price is Right. Very close encounters with the birds. Light educational content.

Karen Y

The bird sanctuary is such an important place. I am so grateful to have there.

Jonathon Buckler

If you are in Boise do not miss a visit to the World Center for Birds of Prey. Wander the exhibits and do not miss the movie, bird talk, or the falconry tour. Started by the Peregrine Fund to save endangered peregrines it is now investigating disappearing raptors around the globe. They have active programs to reintroduce California condors and Aplomado falcons as well. They do amazing work to analyze the cause of a raptor population is plummeting and then work with locals to reinstate it. Really important work to see.

Gary Allen

Everyone should see this world class facility for raptor conservation. I was very excited to see this photo by my grandfather in the main exhibit. But nothing beats the birds themselves.

Faith Bippes

Kinda lame. Show should gave had birds flying. It was interesting buy boring.

Siva Kumar

Plan to attend fall flights event. It's a great experience to sit and watch eagles and owls flying around you.

Sandra L Wales

Loved everything about it. From the beautiful birds to the informal talks.

Eric Thim

Went there on the spur of the moment. Enjoyed the Falconry Heritage and viewing the Raptors which are on display. Really liked the live bird presentation.

Maurie Denner

World class wildlife exhibit doing important research in raptor life. This is the group on the leading edge of condor restoration! I can't recommend it more strongly.

Douglas Wirnowski

Great destination for any bird enthusiast! Great exhibits and things to see, as well as some great live presentations. Only bummer is you really have to commit an entire day to see it all (falconery tour 11a and live flight at 3p)

Brian Z

Loved it! It's all about the sit down presentation. A volunteer came in a room with the coolest little owl and gives a presentation and answers questions. I thought it was going to be boring and not worth the $10 to get in but ended up being pleasantly surprised. I learned a lot about birds of prey.

stacy stover

The lids really loved this. We had lunch here with the kida. It was fun. Loved how it was clean and so many activities for the kids

Tim Whipple

Great place. I took my class for a field trip. The instructors did a great job.

Aften Flake

Wonderful visit! The staff were amazing with our large family reunion group and even were kind enough to give us a small special presentation. Not a ton of birds to see, but lots of fun information about a wonderful purpose and program.

Stephanie Stout

Great place to visit and take a picnic lunch. Our kids loved having lunch while watching the condors.

adam Lavin

Really cool place. Lots of wild birds you don't get to see every day and it's all very informative and interesting. Would definitely recommend to anyone with kids.

Bill Edmonds

Wonderful show and very informative. Was amazing to be so close to these wonderful creatures.

Margarita Lopez De La Torriente

I remember helping to paint one of the exhibits when I was a teenager. Before that, I can remember going on a field trip with my school and learning about the different birds and their habitats. One thing that really stuck in mind was when we had to dissect one of those things that the owls spit back up after they have finished eating their prey. It's kinda like a hair ball full of bones. It was fun and very memorable. Very good place for the kids to learn and explore.

Holi Brand

Enjoyed the archive center very much. Wish we had more time there. Enjoyed the live demonstrations.

Stephen Barton

We came here with family visiting from Oklahoma. They enjoyed it very much. We arrived a little before opening at 10, but the opened early. It was good that the docent reminded everyone that this is a captive breeding facility and not a zoo. They have several unique species on display, including California Condors. The live bird program was a hit with young and old. You should also experience the history of falconry exhibit. Well worth your time.

Eric Hepner

Small, but has some bird species on display I've never seen before. Doubt you'll see a California Condor anywhere else in the world. Staff is friendly and eager to answer any questions. 8 of us visited for less than $50.

Matt Shapiro

They do absolutely amazing conservation work. Such a great place to learn about raptors & see them up close. Incredible.

Drea Hunt

The staff was very knowledgeable and it was a lot of fun.

Kim Buckmaster

Great place to see some amazing birds.

John Machamer

Super interesting and guides and volunteers very helpful.

W. H.

It was great. Enjoyed the birds, such beautiful creatures would recommend taking the falconry tour.

Jane Platt

Loved the live red tailed hawk demonstration! Fun exhibits.

Nick Grauel

It was really great to support such an amazing effort and see some great birds. I totally recommend checking it out.

Marlene Smith

Really cool. A very small place, but you get to see birds up close. I don't know as I would take small children there. Older kids would be fine if they are interested in birds .

Deon Lee

Interesting presentation by the docent. He was very knowledgeable. They had live birds to learn about. The little eastern screech owl was so cute! I would have liked to see an actual demonstration of flying but I guess I will have to visit in the fall when they do such things.

Thornton Bryan

Amazing over of a kind in the WORLD place

Scott Murray

Very cool experience. Great staff. Need to come in the fall for the flights

Craig Lowary

Great world renowned birds of prey center. We attended a Fall Flight demonstration on a Sunday. The entire event was very well organized and ran smoothly. The staff & volunteers are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Rick Cross

Everyone should have the opportunity to see and meet these beautiful birds.

Zachary Stevens

Wonderful spot. There is a nice collection of birds and the location is wonderful. The staff was super nice and informative. Caught an info session with a red-tailed hawk.missed the last tour of the day to see the library/collection space. It was also a little windy so we didn't do the whole scenic walk, but we did see some quail and rabbits on the grounds.

Riley Winters

The work they do for conservation of raptors is amazing. They helper bring pereguine falcon population back. The birds they have are beautiful. My favorite was the arctic gyrfalcon.

Scott D. Kalter

This was a great experience. The staff is wonderful and the birds are fantastic. Please come see this place and donate to help support their efforts to keep raptor populations viable.

Cristian Arreaza

It is a small educational center. The staff is extremely knowledgable and passionate about conservation. The price for visiting is fair and it goes into conservation. If you live local, I suggest a membership, it's worth it.

Robert Vasquez

There is 54 year old African eagle at the center that is so beautiful it looks like a painting. The harpies are majestic and the owls will move their heads in time with you like they are dancing. We were late to the bird show and one of the staff members brought an owl out just for us. It was great. I would recommend it.

Svend Knutsen

Really friendly, knowledgeable staff. We showed up right before a live demonstration was starting. To make sure we didn't miss it, they postponed collecting admission fees until after the demo. There's so much to learn, see, and do. Staff are quick to answer questions and help explain things in a way that engaged our 2 year old.

Owl Evans

This is a great place to visit. The volunteer staff is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic with their presentations. We were so glad we "found" this on our way from Kansas to Washington State.

Kinita Albertson

Fall Flights is something you should not miss.

Sharon Koskie

A very Interesting place to take the whole family to learn about birds of prey. My favourite the Condor recovery program that they are doing. Take your whole family and enjoy all they have to show you.

Audrae Wear

We loved it! The noon time video, seeing a live bird from the center and being able to take pictures and ask questions was amazing.

Felicia McNulty

I loved visiting here with my children. So many well informed workers and volunteers. Willing to take the time to answer all of our questions. The live viewing of the owl was so fun and informative. The kids loved everything about it. A great way to see some of the beautiful wild raptors up close and personal all the raptors here can’t survive In The wild so what they are doing for them is beautiful. I loved hearing about the breeding program as well I would recommend this to anyone that visits Idaho or Idaho natives it’s such an amazing experience

Christie Carroll

Excellent place to be! Love the falcons, owls, eagles, hawks, condors, and more! We enjoyed learning so much about these beautiful birds of prey. Some birds were 50 years old and loved learning how the condor was almost extinct and this center saved them. Learning more about falconry was amazing as well. Allan gave us a great falconry and hawk lesson and we even got to meet a beautiful hawk named Griffin. Paiton and Valerie were wonderful teachers informing us about the birds. Judy at the gift shop was amazing making us feel invited and welcomed as well. Thank you for this well needed birds of prey sanctuary and learning environment.

Stacy Campbell

This center has many educational displays and some beautiful birds. There is a short trail to explore. It is very informational.

David Berkowitz

This place is such a gift to the world, and the center is a small but so important and fascinating gift to Boise. Best advice though: call ahead to see when the show times are and try to plan your visit to catch one of several they have daily to see even more magic in action.

Debbie Whittaker

Excellent, well planned, very interesting and highly valuable for bird conservation.

Aquanette LeBomba

Neat, well maintained and competently staffed bird center with beautiful birds to see and learn about with wild bunnies hopping around the grounds. They also have a world renowned museum of falconry which was a surprise and very informative. The gift shop was a delight too. If you have even a passing interest in birds this is a "go."

Zach Scott

Must see. Fantastic learning experience. Lots of live birds. Falcons, hawks, eagles, and condors. The staff is great and very knowledgeable. If you are in the boise area make time to visit.

Chris B

This place is absolutely amazing. Make sure you check the schedule online for the live bird shows.

Guy Hadwin

This place was really cool, including the drive to get there. Got there first thing in the morning on a cold, blustery, and rainy day. The facility is not large, but it is run solely on donations and volunteers. The number of birds and the range of the species was pretty extensive. The only people there other than ourselves was a group of guys belonging to a club. As I said in the subject line, the wife and I noticed a LOT of birds of prey for the rest of our trip. Ones we hadn't noticed before.

Karl Vogler

Great road trip stop during our trip back home. Worth a visit.

Ja De

The birds are very interesting and the people who work there love the birds. It was a great experience.

Justin Montoya

Small place but fun to check out the birds. The kid loved it all tho

Gary Kettring

Really great place to learn & see Birds of Prey!

Corey Efaw

Incredible place that supports a lot of important programs.

Misc joshNerica

I'll be sharing this location with friends & encouraging them to take their kids over summer break. My son loved his visit.


There is so much information here about raptors. Our guide, Dick, was engaging, informative and funny. The tour took nearly three hours, and some folks dropped out to see the place on their own. One word of advice: If you have very young children, please explore on your own. They could become bored and fussy on the tour, which is no fun for them or anybody else.

Whitney Sanchez

This place is very informative. They have good exhibits, informative guides and do great conservation work.

Jesse Green

This is truly a hidden gem I had no idea to expect coming to Boise. Not only was Steve highly accommodating to all the guests which were quite a large crowd, but he had much character and history to afford each of us. Definitely interested in coming back for the flight shows in October. Some of the most amazing history of falconry you will find no where else in the world.

Justin Kay

Very informative. The Fall Flights presentation was fun and surprising. You can tell the people there really care about the raptors in their care. Can't beat the view over Boise either.

Jeff Hoffman

Had a great time watching these birds of prey. Amazing to see them close up. Mackenzie brought out an owl to talk about and that was fantastic. Want to go back in the fall when they have some of the birds flying around outside.

Jammie Elkins

It was such an amazing experience for me and my students. Its not every day you get to see such magnificent creatures so up close and personal. The tour guides were amazing. As a teacher I have been on many different types of and these specific guides are in this for the birds and kids. Their knowledge and patience was awe inspiring. I will definitely be back with my family. Many thanks for this wonderful experience!

Stand up Guys!

It was really cool. It brought back memories of elementary school. Cool to see the success they have had.

Chad Allen

Wow! This was Avery be impressive place! If you have ever wanted to have a falcon graze the top of your head (literally) while it blasts past at high speeds, THIS IS YOUR PLACE! It was so cool being so up close and personal with those birds. Plus their conservation efforts are absolutely amazing, considering we only have several falcon species alive still because of this organization. I will definitely go back some day on another trip to Boise.


I have got to say, I am a bit impressed. There isn't really much you can do unescorted, and I would LOVE to view the museum that they don't allow people to walk around freely in (I saw it, but wanted more time in it). This was impressive enough that I donated to the cause. Really impressed. I do wish it was bigger, but that would eat at the funds used to save the falcons.

Hamilton Sanchez

Note: this is not a zoo or a rehab center for birds. This place is really cool. It's quite small, but it's pretty unique to see all sorts of raptors in one place. They have 10 different birds on display at a given time. I'm not sure how often they rotate them out. The information in the interpretive center revolves around education and conservation of bird life as well as how the peregrine fund was made. Every hour and a half or so a show is held where a bird that isn't on display will make an appearance. The volunteer or worker will give facts about the raptor and usually allow some time for photos. Outside of the interpretive center are the archive of falconry, and the interpretive trail. Neither of those I've been able to do so my review is not based on those sections.

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