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Newdale, ID 83436, United States

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Where is Teton Dam?

REVIEWS OF Teton Dam IN Idaho

Jay Stump

Bryan Sperry

Interesting history of a local disaster.

Sariah Southwick

Christopher Jones

There is nothing there

Bryan Grover

Beautiful area! I recommend visiting if you are in the area.

Mandi Avila

Could not find a safe way to get to the dam. The map took us down a questionable dirt road that led to a steep decline. Didn't look safe or easy to get back up. With little kids, I didn't want to walk down it to go the rest of the way... There was a lot of graffiti, beer bottles, and trash at the top and could clearly see it at the bottom. Would not recommend it if you have kids.

Sydney Johnson

Carlton Jensen

Very fun place to go. Very interesting and tragic history with its collapse and subsequent flood. There are a few structures still present with tons of graffiti. There are a few trails that are accessible to 4x4 vehicles into the bottom of the canyon. It was a very fun place to explore. The road to the dam is slightly rough but a car can access it with careful driving and dry conditions.

McKay Williams

Beautiful area, but I went looking for some bouldering and couldn’t find it.

Megan Berry

Alma Hansen

Full of adventure and fun. Beautiful views full of natural wonders and a reminder of how small and powerless we are as mere humans

Jarrid Barzee

Teton Dam preceded me by a few years. In 76' when it let loose, I wasn't yet born. Substantial destruction ensued. Though only few in number, the individually experienced devastations are recounted and combined and create a vivid story that I envision. My family (also Grandparents, Cousins, Aunt's, Uncle's, etc. that also survived the experienc) lived in a house that did survive the disaster of the Teton dam collapse. Our house had extensive damage, but repair was possible. At even 20 miles of distance in between (I admit, I have possessed a moderately undereducated understanding of the area I grew up in) the house where we lived and the dam, still, at 20 miles, water with enough force to take and sweep away entire houses came through the valley of the Snake River Plain, the damages felt as far west as the Little Lost, on the rim/edge of the Snake River Plain. Perceivably, a countless number of vehicles were reduced to salvage. And though few in number, sadly, when the water came and went, it did take with it some human lives. I recall in memory, at 3, playing often on a mountain of wreckage of house materials. Mostly of old cedar shingles and all the wooden bits. The guts of one small town forever changed after the collapse of the Teton Dam. We lived in Roberts. I never did, until recent to this post, realize how I greatly underestimated the vast size of Teton Dam and how much water was displaced behind it, until coming to take a look in person. This is a very cool stop to make when in this area of Idaho. I would count on at least 90 minutes or 2 hours to look around and to absorb it all in. If you take to geology, this is a great place to spend the day. The rockhound would prefer to make the less common entrance; giving a recommendation to the house of a northwest footing, providing the view to looking east, and across an old dried up reservoir, take then to the boots, hiking sidehill and down. Aim north(ish) until, noticably, the old and the new provide some insight. Really is a remarkable place. Not sure why an earthen dam was choice and constructed here.

Josh Bauman

Kade Godfrey

Michael Cook

Madison Haughawout

Hilton Shumway

Not a ton to see. Parts of the landscape are pretty though. The roads can be rough, I took a sedan and it was rough.

Andrew Walker

History was made here. It was fun to come see. Left side of the dam was destroyed by the water, right side was removed later. Not much is here not even a sign it's just a view.

Tyler R

Great fishing perfect with kids

Ethan McCord

A good place to go if you know what to look for.

Michael Rasmussen

Good fishing

Aaron Wilkey

Great place to go bouldering with a stunning walk along the riverside.

Zachary Delano

Beautiful place, although there's a ton of ants that will crawl on you if you're not constantly on the move.

Andy Gregory

Ian Gleaves

I love it here. Great view, nice river. If you like climbing and bouldering this places is great

Scott Tomlinson

Awesome place to hike and explore. No place on Earth can you walk around a failed reservoir and dam like this.

The legend 27

Zachary Preheim

Charlene C

I didn't get to drive down to the bottom, but it was still a very serene place.

Larry Benavidez

Lisa Gifford

Carrie Vandersloot

Nice place, very interesting history.

Norville Rogers

It's a perfect place for a hike

Joseph Despain

Meghan Harris

Audri Demars

Wear your hiking shoes

Tyler Wyman

Check the hell hole out

Jacob Piece

I didnt know what happened here before I went there. (I'm from utah) So watch a video or two before you go. Its Stunning area, Went fishing and caught a ton. While the mountain goats watch you from the cliffs! Amazing. Going back soon.

Aiden Worth

Incredibly beautiful place that's secluded and away from people. BEWARE there are rattlesnakes on the sides of the path so be careful when hiking. The path is steep but not too difficult and the river is beautiful to watch on the rocks. Swimming is possible but also dangerous due to the fast current. Overall its one of my favorite places near Rexburg but I'm well aware of the dangers and am careful in my visits to this place. I would suggest reading the history of the Teton Dam before visiting, it adds to the experience of visiting this place.

Drew Hill

Very beautiful with rich history but not really a attraction worth seeing. LOTS of rattle snakes. And also satin worshippers do preform things here at this place which of ur like me is very creepy. Lots of different holes and things where people do weird dances and things at night. Don't come here at night or at Halloween. Creepy place with a bad vibe. Trust me on this

Ericka Garcia

It was a very wonderful experience. I recommend taking the hike down to the river.

cole bitnoff

Very pretty and very historical

Caleb Skousen

Go if you want to have a bit of an adventure, don't be afraid to get out and explore around, there is a lot to see here. It's beautiful! I've spent many a Saturday out here.

Mitch Larsen

Mike Malloy

John Stinger

Such a beautiful place with a great View!

Samuel Cook

Really beautiful site

Gilmar Gatto Filho

Orisis Seibert

Interesting to view, but no interpretative signs. Be sure to stop in at the Rexburg museum between 10a-2p and view the info there

Shyla Clinton

Emma Allison

Joshua Wilson

Such destruction! It's amazing to see how devastating it was when this dam broke! Be careful, this site can be dangerous.

Tanner Buker

John McDonald

Alexis Moser

Lambert Kids

David Kite

It was a hole in the ground.

Jeff Trafelet

Very cool place, view, & history.

sharissa robins

William Groeniger

Historically relevant area. Stunning views are present from the canyon rim down to the present Teton River location.


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