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Where is Tautphaus Park?

REVIEWS OF Tautphaus Park IN Idaho

Dane The Great

Nice clean big park.

April F

This park has the zoo, Funland amusement park, several play structures, baseball diamonds, and a skate park. It also has ice rinks (indoor and outdoor) and a groomed cross country trail in the winter. Great park!

StapleS Girls

Love playing games under there lights. Amazing community park. Great for the family's

Dan Eckman

Park was a little dirty. I am from out of town and had been there before, but remember it being cleaner. The city could come in and do a refresh on the grounds. Nonetheless my boys did have fun.

Khalea Allen

Only drawback is that we were in the middle of the park and quite away from any restrooms. Cool, clean, and lots if space. Nice spot to bring a blanket or camp chair.

Jenny Taylor

Fun, unique place for my children to play. Quite and surrounded with trees. However, the pavilion tables were all really diry and there are no benches around the park.

chad wood

Love it it's very quite there

Robert Foremaster

big park for everyone

Wayne Lawrence

We go here all of the time my boys love it

Scott Royce

Great for family! We go once a year

Byron Jared Sessions

The Idaho falls tournament was really fun. The teams were evenly matched making for some intense hockey. Everyone was so nice too, we'll play there anytime.


Haven't been to this place since I was a kid. It's great to see it looking so wonderful. The zoo itself has come so far, looking like a great place for both the visitors, and the animals!

Amy Christensen

Zoo, theme park, playground, ball fields

Austin Ward

It has a nice large ice skating rink. I have not been to the other parts of the park, but I assume the rest is just as nice.

Jasmine Nichole Hall

Very nice handicap accessible playground, pretty landscaping, lots of trees and shade

Shelley Hannig

A tidy little zoo, obviously much beloved by the staff working there. A very nice selection of animals for a small zoo, with comfortable enclosures. Quite a few primates.

Elizabeth Wood

I've visited so many times since I was a kid and it's still a good park. Old, but good. :)

Jonathan Blaine

We visited the park just before the fourth of July. There is a lot of shade and many pavilions to rent. It was perfect for my sisters twin baby reveal. We had a lot of people come and the accommodations were sufficient. The grass is well maintained. Unfortunately, we had to move another group from the pavilion my sister rented. They agreed to move without much of a fuss though. All in all it was a wonderful event.

Jordyn Quilimaco

I go here quite often. Always seems to be very clean and welcoming. Dont like going over by the skate park due to people who are there seem to think it's cool to speed right there and dont care if it's an adult or a child crossing to get to their vehicle.

Ashly Knox

Because all my kids can play here even my 2 year old. And it doesn't scare me I just watch my littles run and play. Other parks are to advanced for wee ones

whitney ammon

Love taking the kids

Roger Hunt

Always a great time. Zoo and the rides. A great skate park plus so much more.

Kenneth Baxter IV

Great area for all kinds of a activities

Quinn Dexter

Really quaint little park right in town. Has a carousel and a water park for kids. Really nice.

Mark Carlson

Clean playgrounds. Great place for families

Chris Bohman

Love this park. Great place to let kids play. Also it has lots of shady areas and well tended grass.

Tracy Anderson

A big little Park with a great little zoo too!!

Jim Hamilton

Parts of the road needs fixed but overall all nice park

Michael Macdonald

Great park, lots of trees, grass, skate park, zoo, kid playground. Very clean. Clean bathrooms.

sandee westfall

Weather was a little chilli ,loved seeing the animals. Got some cool picks.

Josh Johnson

This is a great Park! We are lucky to have it. It's very clean, it's very large with lots of grass and a great place to play baseball throw a frisbee, run your dog or just hang out with your family.à

lindy snyder

Super great park to go to! My busy toddler loves it here.


Great, my puppy goes there for training

QuincyD Mares

There is so much to do here I definitely recommend for a good summer day time trip!

Greg Rix

Cross country track set with two lanes, just enough snow today, saw 5 other skiers. Great 1mile lap, did three laps and cruised home. What a blessing to have this amazing park.

Big Dog Transportation LLC

Equal Access Playground is Perfect for kids

Ashley Doll

Fun park. Lots of variety, open spaces and activities.

Jennifer Welch

I have alot of great memories with my son and friends and sisters there.

Diannia Tieken

Clean, fun place for family

Rick Hopkins

Great park to relax. The zoo is also there

Curtis Magnuson

Great place for events, family get togethers and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Amanda Rose

Clean zoo with lots of animals to see!

Martin A Goetz

Cool restrooms

Erlanz Hubert

Very nice place to enjoy with friends and family

Huntress S Thompson

My family loves going here, the slides are the best.

kpn it 2gthr timeaftertime

Chill out and watch a ball game after work. Tons of other stuff, nice zoo, skate park, and entertainment space. Do what you want there and a lot of it is free.

Kelli Means

Cute easy access park. Playground is accessible to all. Great place to bring the kids to have a picnic and play. There is a ton of parking. So buses are welcome.

Angela Stone

Such a wonderful park and gift for the citizens of Idaho Falls. We love this place. Beautiful trees, playgrounds, great pavilions and even a cool skate park. We love picnics and then enjoying the zoo. This is probably one of the prettiest places in Idaho Falls.

Betty Anderl

Quiet place to watch the fireworks.

Jan A. Cullen

It's a great park for people of all ages. There is a skateboard park baseball fields and plenty of playground equipment for the children to play on. I love to go there for walks with my dog. I often take a picnic lunch, and relax under the beautiful big trees.

Adam Boone

This park has multiple softball/baseball fields and several sets of playground toys. Also a good amount of open space available for use.

Emma-Lea Jacklin Warsaw

Cool place, big park, real nice. Got a park, and a carnival thing and 4+ ball fields, and a skate park, and an ice rink and a zoo, real cool.

nicholas jones

Nice park with mature trees, a zoo, and a mini amusement park!

Jeff Beltran

Soft playground.

Edna Hill

Such a great park, lot's to do.... enjoy some time at the zoo... our zoo has quite the variety of different animals

Eugene Engmann

Lots of things for kids to do and have fun.

Jammie Sasser

Lots to do. Need to update two of the playgrounds. They aren't very big. But it is an amazing park

Jeff Call

Great family park. A little of everything here.

Jill Williams

Play ground could use some cleaning

Ben Curran

The local Belegarth chapter meets here every Wednesday and Saturday during the nicer parts of the year. I love it.

Kattelina Scorp

Love this park, love the events.

Stuart Stansifer

Big park. A lot of picnic space, a skate park and a zoo as well!

Monica Hillman

Great place for families to hang out, big play ground, places for bike riding, and etc...

Aaron Wilson

Our neighborhood park is part of the reason we moved into our current home. It has a ton of nice playgrounds, a skate park, a skating rink, a few softball fields, a zoo, and a ton of other amenities. They are currently improving the zoo can't wait to see what they build.

Krista Williams

Love love this place

Neil Holverson

Great place for a picnic with lots of shade and picnic tables as well as shelters. Has a special needs playground that has lots of specialized equipment for any number of needs. Has lots of other playgrounds as well. Has a small number of rides such as a carousel and a ferris wheel. It has a very nice and modern zoo as well as a year round ice skating rink. Has a skateboard park. Great place to watch a softball game during the summer. If you like to play horseshoes there are a large number of horseshoe pits. Has tennis courts as well. The park is rather large and is well maintained with lots of open grassy areas to run and play on.

Scott Doman

Great place to go and take the family!

Scott Lancaster

Clean... safe...lots of shade on hot summers day

Karol Taylor

Very clean and well kept. Toys for all ages to play. There is a skate park, baseball diamonds, shelters for picnics, zoo and carnival rides. Lots of shade

joseph perry

Love to take my grandkids there

Beth Ludema

This park is fantastic! Once you figure out how to get around, the road map is totally confusing.

DM 45

Great park.............With lots of activities including a baseball park, zoo, skatepark, open areas, and small amusement park.

Quinton Goodman

It's a great place to take the family and spend an afternoon. There's normally always a baseball or softball game going on, plenty of people at the skate park and there's even a basketball court. There's a zoo and a little amusement park also, it is a good time.

Sairiah McCormick

It's is definately one of the best family and public friendly recreational activity spots around downtown Idaho Falls. Beautiful scenery and few super neat playgrounds too. Plus there is always the skate park and evem the Idaho Falls Zoo too!

Robo Gamer55

It was raining but it was cool little park

Cody Norris

This park is one of the bigger parks in Idaho Falls. The play ground was one of the first to be overhauled with new equipment. There are a few other small playground sets in the area. There is sufficient space for picnics and places to hold birthday parties. Tautphaus also has the local Zoo in it and a mini fun land that hosts a few small rides, miniature golf, and an arcade. The park is also home to the Idaho Falls Ice Skating Rink and a fair share of Baseball, Softball, Tennis Courts, and Horse Shoe Pits.

Miekle Wyatt

I've lived here almost all my life and I love this park especially now I think it's a safe clean park to hang out at

Ron Jorde

Nicely kept, and well maintained for its age.

James Cook

Nice park and facilities. Definitely a plus to the city

Desiree Foresee

I love the family atmosphere and I really ain't like that events that they have here, although some of the events are way overpriced, $15 a person to get in was very unimpressed with that however besides that it's a cool place

Roger Prows

Great small town park

Jessica hale

Great family place

Christina Fernandez

Great place to take family

La W

Fun park to stop at. They also have a zoo hear by with a few carnival rides. Plus, a huge baseball diamond.

Trisha Petersen

The park here is really cute and has a great amount of slides and toys for kids.

Matthew Clark

A lot of great family activities

Sean Mcniel

It's just and awesome park. Beautiful trees, big, has a zoo and carnival rides, just love it!!

Brian Hunt

Such a great home town zoo. They do a lot of conservation work and community development. The park itself is also fairly large. It has a skate park, carousel, small ferris wheel, and large open spaces.

Rich Hill

Beautiful park love the tree's and the park is very clean.

Griffin Benchmark

One of the best kids toy parks in town. It's very busy usually.

Joewyx Lugo

Good place for kids to play

Steven Empey

Always has been a nice place for a picnic, or a reunion. Zoo has improved over time.

Maria Forgit

A great park with much to offer like the zoo, ice rink, skate park and picnic areas.

Jordan and Courtney Jardine

Great environment, lovely location

RC Hughes

It is a great place to take your kids or grand kids

Amma Christensen

This park is awesome! The play ground is so big and they have so many things for the kids to play with. They have musical instruments and swings and slides and monkey bars and dizzy spinners and an electronic game where you chase lights. There is also a covered pavilion with picnic tables.


Great fu. Family place ppl needto clean up garbage though

Paul Cosson

Love this park. Big and out of sight

Kimberly Carlson

What an awesome set up. They have something for everyone & specialize with things for special needs kids.

Richard Smith

BIG park with lots of options though some are a bit dated...

Wyatt Zohner

There got the firecracker 5k. Very enjoyable

Kreg Overstreet

Beautiful park with lots to do and the zoo is a must see!

brenda chase

Great variety of entertainment. Includes baseball diamonds, several play areas for children, a carnival area with rides and food service, tenis courts,a great zoo and a hockey arena! We have been frequenting this area for years.

michelle johnson

Good place to take the kids. Lots to do around the park.

Jacob Zohner

My second favorite part in Idaho falls. If you're from out of town and looking for a park for whatever reason, this would be the place. For locals, I would recommend Kate curley.

Richard Hernandez

Nice place to go the zoo is lots of fun the people that work there are great

Sabrina Slonim

The park setting is beautiful. The equipment appears to be a little old but most everything is in working order. I did notice one swing was missing. There is plenty for all age ranges to enjoy from toddler to tween.

Sheila Nedrow

The zoo is a great place to spend an afternoon. We are looking forward to Boo at the Zoo.

Brenden Escobar

Great for family and friends beautiful park

Jo Jolley

All kinds of great places for picnics. The best skate park within 500 miles.

Tiffany Imlay

Fantastic job. Love how the zoo is planned out seems like it goes on forever. The habitats are set up in a way that looks really nice. Every time I've been here the animals are out and moving around. Great place for families and little kids can see into the habitats. They also offer a petting zoo.

Nugget Does Stuff

Love to hangout at the skatepark and ride scooters with friends

Maria Burnitzki

Cool playground for kids. A+

Mac Bizzo

Lots to do here next to the zoo.

Nichole Jones

It's beautiful!

Paul Griffin

Fun but busy... Check busy times on Google maps and pay attention. If it says busy, it's busy.

Angrod Losshelin

As always the park is not overcrowded or miskept, its clean and big. Perfect for kids or pups.

Frank Albert

Nice little park for the kids, close to zoo, baseball diamonds, lots of shade. Playground is padded for little accidents.

Aaron Green

This place is great especially for kids! Even big kids like me. There are musical "toys" to experience with your kids. But bring some mallets ( I just found some sticks, which wasn't as easy as you would expect at a park with big beautiful trees everywhere.) The place was well maintained except for the fact that the mallets that should have been tied down there are missing. Overall a great park!

Caitlin Croft

A wide variety of playgrounds, the zoo is located in the same area, there is a skate park, during the summer they have a little area where kids can ride basic rides you’d see at a fair, picnic shelters and tables, areas with fields to play baseball, the ice skating rink is in this area as well, at the entrance is a water fountain kids can play in and bathrooms throughout the grounds. Be prepared for it to be very busy during the summer!!

kalonie linares

RArely Go but its good

Alisha Tew-Day

Large open outdoor area great for work or family picnics and birthdays.

Kimberle Leeds'Cardona

We LOVE going to the playground!

Ronald Nitz

Here for the Cinco de Mayo Festival. Had a lot of fun.

Scott Nelson

I go here for the skate park. Met some great guys who have gone pro, congrats to them. A nice park with a little bit for all kinds of bmx and skating.

Brian Hester

The accessable playground equipment was impressive. My grand niece was super thrilled to spin in the spinner, and even I enjoyed some of the parts.

Bron Spencer

My kids love to go to the squishy Park.

justin johnson

One of the better parks in Idaho falls, it not huge but it's pretty and has some good walking paths

Chris Obay

Always beautiful!

Gil Bachar

Very nice park with a lot of activities. The zoo is close by. We spent 3 hours here with our two girls.

donna saurus

Softball fields were well maintained.

Leslie Jones

love my neighborhood park!

Maddi LaMont

Very inclusive and many different activities there: swings musical instruments, games, and a play set.

Rob Call

One of the best parks around. A lot of people can be here and it still doesn't feel crowded.

Shawn Figueroa

Beautiful park with skate park my daughter and I shredded in.

Jereme Ogren

Fun and safe place for kids to play

Karen Barzee

Love this park! great events held here and a great little zoo too, tennis courts, playground basketball, and a skaters bowl too. of course baseball diamonds as well lots of trees bathrooms been enjoyin this park for many years

Al Evans

Fun place, beautiful park

Wil Davis

Awesome with the wife and î

Alisha Day

This park is spacious with baseball fields and the zoo tucked in nicely. Great place for family outings. No litter and well cared for.

Griffin Moeller

Great animals! Nice skating rink

Brenda Fravel

Nice zoo

linda romrell

We have always enjoyed going to Tautphaus park!

Jessie Williams

I work at a catering company and we did a gig here yesterday. VERY clean shelters were a plus in case it were to rain. I have always loved this place. I have lived in Idaho falls all my life and this park had always been my favorite.

Sharon h a l l

Great park. It has something for everyone. The children section was sp fin

john lindula

fun nice clean

Kyle Larsen

Love Tautphaus Park. Tons of shade, skate park, softball fields galore, zoo, picnic shelters, tennis courts, equal access playground, and ice skating rink (in the winter). They don't come much better than this. Well done Idaho Falls Parks and Rec!

Pamela Kerns

Just like stepping back in time! The amusement rides were well maintained and I enjoyed seeing my kids riding the octopus just like I did as a child.

Windy Uhach

Beautiful, big park. Tennis courts, skate park, shelters, an all access playground and a zoo.

Rachel Zaladonis

Love Tautphaus Park, so much to do

Kai Brown

Great place for a family

Tyson B

My Kids loved this place !!

Trina Truman

I love this park! The play ground is fun. Lots of area and options to have a picnic or play at the playgrounds. They even have a skate park. Clean and very well taken care of.

The artisan of objects

I've been coming to this park ever since I was a little kid there is always something to do and the park is always in good condition.

matt queen

Great location for get togethers. The zoo is amazing for this size of city.

Brandon Hadfield

Love riding my bike here

Brittany Hargis

I love the newest playground installment, but on a hot summer day the equipment is waaaay too hot. I hope that trees or other shading are added to help with this one day. On a cool day, my toddler LOVES this park.

Oded Paz

We were vendors at the Idaho Kid's Fair and it was great!!!

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