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REVIEWS OF Ste. Chapelle Winery IN Idaho

josey evanoff

The place was beautiful and the scenery amazing. The staff and service was less than desirable. Very impersonal and inattentive. Now that I've seen the place in person I have zero reason to go back.

Carol Lofsvold

Absolutely a lovely setting for a winery. Nice deck; great indoor seating; appetizers available (no meals); outstanding selection of wine for tastings.

Jessica Cox

My favorite winery in the Valley.

Linda Munsey

Jim Ciardelli

Victor Batlle



Nice people, great service, really good products

Kerrin Darnell


G Travis Stone

Be advised that their "case club" membership is 30% more expensive than purchasing the same product at the grocery store (they mislead, and carefully conceal the fact that they are comparing 750 ml bottles to 1.5 ltrs, even when asked); it seems their only concern is getting a person signed up for a screwing today; a credit card on file with your new membership; and a commitment to another screwing in six months. Anyways, same crooked tactics and plain old deception that most of us are used to these days, with absolute disregard for the inconvenience perpetrated upon the prospective customers who (us anyways) certainly will not be back for more. To me, this sort of devious, manipulative conduct is extremely offensive. A lack of integrity should not be imposed on others as a game of "catch me if you can."

Jim Paulson

We really enjoy our visits to Ste. Chappelle Winery. Great views and staff. Jamie and Jen are the main two ladies that keep us congrats back. Looking forward to the 2018 Summer Concert Series.

Charles Dennis

The view is amazing and the employees are very kind and helpful

James Peoples

It costs $5 to taste five different wines or $10 for five off specialized wines list. Offer appetizers also. Beautiful views and great tasting wines. Great country drive. Loved the experience. Helpful staff. I'm sure I'll do this again.

Rachael Rinehart

We had our wedding at Ste Chapelle and Mary + team were great to work with! The venue was incredibly beautiful and the staff very accommodating.

Keith Evans

What a lovely place to spend an afternoon. Beautiful view of he valley, orchards, and vineyards. Oh, and the wine and appetizers were amazing. Definitely the place to have a wedding or visit in the Boise area.

Noah Cisco Nesbitt

Great ambiance and amazing wines! A great place to spend some time!

Dana Fillmore

Great wine and a lovely view.

Cherie Ward

Their wine selection is one of the best. Great atmosphere and always have very relaxing concerts during the summer.

Robert Cude

Great, everyone was super nice and good wine. Beautiful view!

Zachary O'Neill

It was alright, place is a little understaffed it seemed. The wine was ok but the surrounding area has much more to offer. This place was extremely touristy and the customer environment was far from welcoming. If you like to sit and glare this the spot for you!

Katherine White

Linda Smith

Had a great time with the family



Sandy Young


J Burt

Phillip Stich

Great day at Ste Chapelle. Wonderful time with family visiting. Great wine and spent the rest of the day on the beautiful grounds.

Kimberly Bright

The staff is the best and the wine is great. It's like hanging out with family.

Shadow Stagner

A Beautiful - clean - relaxing place. Friendly. Great accommodation.

Juan Guillermo Boza

Es un lugar encantador porque no solo puedes ver los viñedos sino las producciones de melocotones, peras y manzanas. Desde luego que lo mejor son los vinos . Si puedes ir al concierto con degustación es inolvidable.

Sara Nutsch

My sister and I visited the winery yesterday. We had a Groupon for two flights of wine and an appetizer. You get to choose between two different wine flights and a variety of appetizers. We chose the Pecan Crusted Brie that is served with sliced apples and crackers. The food and wine were delicious, the atmosphere was inviting, scenery beautiful, and the staff was very friendly. We even got to keep our wine glasses! Such an awesome place. It feels like you are in Tuscany rather than just outside of Boise. The only suggestion I have is to stay open later into the evening so the patio can be fully enjoyed in cooler temps.

Katherine Westover

A couple weeks ago I went with a party to the winery. Our reservation was misplaced and there was no place for us to be on the patio but Sue was extremely helpful, she totally saved/improved the experience! She found a place for us and was completely responsible for our opportunity to have a great time! Thank you Sue

Kathryn Peterman

Really nice ambiance and scenery! The location is beautiful for sitting outside and enjoying a glass of wine on a sunny day. The staff is friendly and knowledgable about their goods and services. I recommend trying their flights so you can sample a bigger variety.

Cheri Blumenfeld

tina Putnam

I am second guessing my membership. My friend and I came to pick up my wine and wanted to do a tasting and order a meat and cheese plate. Had help for 2 tastings. I order wasn't put through. The gentleman saw us waiting. Never acknowledged us. This is twice now. The other lady was helping the other couple and then both disappeared in back after my bottles were placed on the counter. She had asked if I wanted to exchange anything but then took off before I could answer. I was excited to join because I love the view and the wine, but unfortunately the service has been incredibly lacking!



Tony Jaocbs

Wife loves the wine and love the Pretzels!

Telori Watson Volk

Moriko Walker

Good wine, excellant selection. a bit crowded with a bachelorette party of 10 in there at the time still excellant quality of service

Anthony Courville

Had to put together a fast wedding for my son. The staff was awesome and the venue was gorgeous! Very very excellent! And the price was more than reasonable for the amount of service we received!!

Tom Woolf

Very good wine but when doing the tasting I was asked if I had already done my last wine by one of the staff that was helping another group. Very rude. Wonderful wine and great atmosphere otherwise.

Melissa Evans

Fabulous wines, friendly servers and yummy food!

James Russell

Wine tasting was fantastic, affordable wines.

Emily B

Jacob Newton

Amazing winery with a gorgeous view! The prices are very reasonable and you can spend a nice relaxing afternoon or evening here and enjoy yourself.

Mary Ann Boothe

Friendly people and great wine with amazing views

Rhonda Hostetler

shaun anderson

It was horrible, I will tell everyone I know not to go there

fred sallee

This is a perfect place to spend an afternoon. Good wine. Spectacular view, and great public relations by the employees.

Mathel Castleton

Such a beautiful view and friendly staff. Always busy but plenty of room.

Darin Stubbs

Beautiful Venue .... amazing staff that are so polite and helpful ...and some pretty darn good wine!!

Belinda Mcnamara

Catherine Yvonne

My absolute favorite winery in Boise! This is a super delayed review - my bestie and I went in August but all the wine is delicious. We bought several bottles of the huckleberry champagne and it's become an absolute necessity for any event! Everyone at the winery is so nice and knowledgeable. And they love what they do! You can never go wrong with a visit here!

Pamela K. Brown

Julie Hubbard

I visited Ste. Chapelle Winery several times during my visit to Caldwell it was just wonderful! The view, the people, and the wine were exquisite!

Jon Howard

Great place

Robert Ross

This is Idaho's largest winery. The tasting room has all of their wines priced moderately and they have a restaurant on site as well. There is patio seating and there are concerts every Sunday across from the tasting room at the St Chapelle event center. As a bonus Sawtooth winery has their tasting room just down the hill.

Vince Leedy

Great view. Set on deck. Ordered spinach dip and wine. Great service. Will return.


Just recently I moved back to Boise and did a little wine tasting tour on a Sunday afternoon. Even though I had not been impressed with Ste Chapelle wines in the past I decided to stop by anyways to find out what had changed since my last visit a few years back. When I entered the tasting room I noticed it had been completely renovated, nice! And now has a nice, slick zodiac tasting bar. Even better than the tasting room itself were the wines I tasted, mostly their premium whites and reds. The quality level of these wines were nothing what I had been used to from the past. Tremendous improvement. Great wines. I learned that there is a new wine maker. It sure shows! Keep up the good work. Also the wine samples were better than in other winery I went to that day. At the other wineries they 'spit in your glass twice' and call it a sample... lol. At Ste Chapelle you actually can see your wine sample with the naked eye. Also, before I forget, they added a nice deck outside, which will be great in the summer. A large awning and misters would be great to add in the near future as the deck will transform into a barbecue in the summer. Or, install a trellis and let wine do the shade on the long run. Sunday events with music are overpriced. in the old days they were for free. Either make entry free and leave the wine overpriced or leave the entry charge and reduce the price of wine. Looks like greed is is commonplace now everywhere.

Nick McLean

Good time

Fred Bilbrey

Nice setting beautiful scenery weather was great today wine as usual was great. If you folks haven't tried San Chapelle wine try it

Brad Iverson-Long

Julian Garcia

Lo mejor en viñeras muy buenos vinos

Jan Frazier

Great wine, food, staff and location!

Matt Cantrill

Great atmosphere. Good staff. Went to Mothers Day concert. Too crowded, long lines and no Porta potties made for a disappointing experience. The venue itself is very pleasant though.

Cynthia Concepcion curiel

I went in yesterday and I totally forgot about bringing her wine out no napkins, and when asked to bring some to our table the guy that was there gave us a bad attitude

Mike Pollard

I'm a Ste. Chapelle wine club member and fan of their incredible wines.

Rebecca Barnhardt

Jim Bockerstette

My mother loved it. She is a tea totaler and her only complaint was that the wine samples were too small.


Friendly staff and great wine. The tasting room is inviting and they have food as well. You can either sit inside or out on the deck to enjoy the view.

Mike Taylor

Nickolas Calhoun

Joni Park

Nice atmosphere, nice employees great wine and appetizers

Sam Mead

Joe Marini

Amy Nicole

Scottie Burke

If you like your wine with a lot of sugar added after the fermentation process then go here. I worked for them for 4 years and they add thousands of pounds of sugar to it and hide the sugar from the public. So if your a diabetic I would not recommend this wine, or Kool-Aid.

Douglas Strong

We are from Wyoming and have enjoyed Ste. Chapelle for 20 + years. We came to the Boise area with the sole purpose of visiting the winery. Our experience was PHENOMENAL!! We were well taken care of in our wine tasting by Ashley, served with a beautiful smile by Jen, and given a phenomenal tour by Jaymi!! This is our new favorite get away!! Can't wait to see the girls again!! The setting and atmosphere are parrell to Tuscanny!

Bryant Rudd

Friendly, fun and lively atmosphere with great wine and lots of laughing people! Great way to spend an afternoon.

Tawnia Grant

Tracy Chen

A pleasant experience. Cute ambiance and amazing staff. Super impressed! Really liked their Riesling.

Randy Hawkey

Alex G

Wine is okay, but I went to one of their concert series and the meat and cheese plate was essentially Kraft deli sliced cheese and meats on a plate. AT A WINERY. You don't need a chef to make a decent meat and cheese plate ESPECIALLY to go with wine.

Kirk Erickson

Noe Ayala

What an amazing place! Great wine. Food and what a beautiful place! Will be going there again in August when I visit. Highly recommend!

Jason Smith

Great wine, good food, great scenery. Family friendly.


We love St. Chapelle. I was struck by just how generous God is to us.

Earl Rigby

Doñald Marshall

Was my wife and my first time there. We didn't think about bringing chairs to the park. This nice young lady brought us some. We had a great time and we will be back

William Carper

Great place to go, lots of knowledge and very friendly

Steven Bryan

Robert Runyan

One of the better wines and location in the valley. You will not be disappointed. If you are looking for one of the best go here

Billy Rihani

Love the soft red wine ❤❤❤

Mary Hammer

Went on a wine tasting tour, visited 4 wineries, St Chapelle was by far the worst experience the service was horrible and the wine was mediocre at best. I purchased several bottles of wine at each of the other wineries not one at Ste Chapelle. I won’t go back and will not recommend to anyone!

Sandi Layton

Great place for wine and hors d'oeuvres. Relaxing and great view.

Steve Daylong

Good wine, friendly and helpful staff.

Cyndi Blue

Wonderful wine, great view, and yummy snacks

Lisa Ro

Service was great. Amazing views. Great wine

Angela Cleverdon

We had a great time! Wonderful live music, great wine and food.

Paul Branham

Great wine and cheese. Always a favorite with a wonderful view of the valley.

Candy Kober

Rude disappointed.

Mark Kittleson

Excellent wines. Generous pours! Thank you for that. And beautiful ambiance and views. Highly recommended.

Leah Light

We've been very impressed with Ste. Chapelle Winery, with the quality of their wines, and their friendly employee service. The building itself and the setting is beautiful. Last summer we were there and took in one of their concerns in the park. Very fun!

Erik M

So dilcuois, muhc wien. Graeps are goood.

Connor Pogue

Grace Tucker

An awesome way to spend and afternoon:)

Sean Flores

Good wine, pleasant atmosphere, all in all great place.

Jim Reed

wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Friendly staff, great bands, dancing, picnics & wine tasting under huge shade trees.

Ernie Whittredge

Great views,didn't try the wine still worth the trip. Just sat in Adirondack chairs on lawn ,in total awe of Gods work. Peaceful

Jaymi Howard

I wish I could come more often, what a fun place

Bryon Howell

Very nice atmosphere..

Wayne Wilson

Great venue on a quiet Friday afternoon. Did two flights and an appetizer. Had a groupon. Solid wifi.

Sandra Appelhans

Beautiful country. Knowledgeable people to tell about which wine is dry or whatever. Tour was very informative. Prices seemed to be reasonable

stanley bonilla

Tanya Pesaturo

Michael Kuhn

Great Fathers Day concert. Wine was good also! :)

Sharon Exler

Wonderful winery and really friendly, helpful people. Haven't found any place with better wine or service. There different levels of wine club fits everyone's needs and tastes.

RZR 495

Good tasting wine and nice place. Food was good. Place was busy, so service was a bit rushed, but that’s a little expected with the amount of people who came in. Check it out

Sadie Tomsha

Montana Webb

The servers were so nice and helpful it really made the experience! The views are fantastic and I love the food!


Great wine, great view, great atmosphere. Loved it!

Jeremy Holmes

Stop here every time we come through the area. Staff are fun and the tastings are great. Thanks for the great Idaho wine memories!

Joe Landry

Mothers Day 2016 Was very unorganized . Long lines for restrooms, Long lines for beverages. Ste Chapelle raised prices on beverages and entry to the event 25% for bad service. The Fabulous Chancellers were great. We are planning to go on Fathers day. Hope they get better for this event, because this has been a fun time for all families. Thanks Joe Landry

Quintin Golay

We had a great time hanging out at the tasting room. Need to go back real soon. We arrived a half hour before closing. Didn't have enough time to enjoy the deck and view of the vineyard.

karli garcia

First winery I have ever been to. I love Ste. Chapelle.

Rebecca Freeman

This winery was a favorite of ours about 2 years ago. Good wine, gorgeous location, awesome atmosphere. Now? We got ignored by an extremely unprofessional staff, we were given wine that wasn't even thiers and was awful, and took 45 minutes to taste 5 wines when it wasn't even busy! Very saddened to see this happen to what used to be one of my faves.

Beth Henderson

Great wine and a beautiful location!

Jeffrey Brockman

M Monahan

I like the location and the wine. Very professionally done, gorgeous views. We signed up for their wine club so just we would have an excuse to go!

Darren D

We hosted our wedding there in May 2015. The venue was beautiful and we were very please however the staff was a little difficult to work with. The required that beer be payed for in cash but we lived 5 hours away and had to remind them 3 or 4 times that we agreed to me paying them with a cashiers check and they would pay the cash. Also they remodeled the area between when I signed the contract and the wedding so the original gazebo we planned to use was gone and a deck was in its place which we would have to pay extra to rent. They didn't notify us of this change so we only found out because we made a trip to plan out our ceremony a few months before hand. Because of this change, where we held the ceremony was a pretty steep slope which was a bit annoying. They also offered us the bridal sweet at no extra charge, which was nice, but when we arrived, it was being remodeled so we couldn't use it. During the wedding prep we discovered that providing water was not in the contract so we were going to have to buy bottled water for our guests. Fortunately a relative talked sense into them and we filled a beverage dispenser with water from the tap. Overall we were satisfied but the staff needs to be more accommodating rather than adding stress about nit-picky things in an already stressful time.

Jason M

Derrick Wyatt

Great local wine!

Kurt Johnson

George Nikonenko

This place is really unique and amazing. Beautiful architecture, good wine & food, and great service. We came on a Sunday, and it wasn't too crowded. I thought the service was very friendly. We had different people switch on and off with us when we were doing the wine tasting at the counter, every one of them was great. Inside the building is a nice lounge area, with plenty of windows. Decorations are a nice touch. Outside is a big balcony with a great view. Wine is great, food was tasty (or maybe I was just really hungry). Apparently there is a higher lounge area (at the top of the building) that I heard about, although I'm not 100% sure. Will update when we go next time (next week lol). Overall, very pleasant experience. Don't have any complaints, 5 stars EASY...

Aaron Blue

Sweet wines for the local palette


Very beautiful, been out there a few times. Wine is superb and the atmosphere is exceptional. It's just to bad they don't offer more food! Or that there isn't a restaurant on site!

Tony Aguilera

marty garrett

Cindy Schafer

Went on a wine tour. This was least favorite of 4. Beautiful building. Wine on the $5 tasting list was so sweet, I had to dump. Not worth it for me. Could have gone for Premium wine list but I was kind of over it by then.

Michelle Clifford

Wonderful place and Jen was exceptional for service. I can't believe I haven't been here sooner. They have the best wine! Looking forward to visiting again soon!

Matt McCourt

My Father and Grandparents think this place is great you have wine and thing for people who can’t drink the wine plus a scenic view

Farkhunda A

I love this winery! The patio is beautiful and staff are friendly and genuine!

James Fristad

Okay, all in all. The wine is okay: maybe a little better than supermarket offerings. Ambiance indoors is, well, is helped by a sweeping view of the Snake River Valley yonder. Beyond that, the setup is efficient, most notably. A pleasant, helpful sales staff is at hand. All in all an okay (that word again) if one part of a larger area winery tour. Probably not, however, a destination by itself unless there's concert there on the meadow down the hill..

yvette cervantes

elmus miles

Great place fantastic people

Jim Peterson

Kimberly Hall

Great wine, nice views, and offer snacks as well.

Nicholas Rohde

Tasty wine. Pretty spendy though so I highly recommend the Groupon. Would be nice to receive more education on each wine as I've experienced elsewhere.

Chirelle Pearson

This place is really good! Food & wine were both delicious! It was really really busy though. I feel like people could literally not pay their tab & leave without anyone knowing. Took a little bit to get appetizers but worth the wait. Wine tasting is between $5-10 for 5 wines. Beautiful location! Outside patio area is really nice. Hard to find a seat under an umbrella though. Worth the trip.

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