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REVIEWS OF Silverwood Theme Park IN Idaho

Sophie Oye

I have gone here every year since kindergarten and now I am a sophomore. This is a great place to spend time with friends and family. Some things can be expensive like all parks but it is definitely worth it. And sometimes the lines are super long but it is worth the wait.

Kristine Cincotta

We took the kids here and had a great time. The only issue (which unfortunately cam be expected) is the cost. It's about $56/person to gain entry, not to mention the food and drinks that you will need to actually spend the day here. There are lots of rides and attractions though. The train ride was by far our favorite.

Saul Castillo

Silverwoods is a fun, and mostly clean theme park. Their are rides for everyone, but their is one ride that I believe is lacking harnessing to secure the riders, like wise some rides are on the intensity level. But the children will find great rides, the magic show is great, offers good pizza inside. Price I say it's a more than great price for a whole day of fun. Much cheaper than Disney parks. So over all a well park with just a few flaws, but a great place to spend your money, but also to have spend your time and great memories in silverwoods

Suzanne Shelvock

The park was clean. The food selection was very limited. I would love to see more options. We enjoyed the water park and the rides. I did however receive Whiplash when riding the corkscrew. Be careful!

Birgit Bellis

The cleanest water/theme park I have been to. It is reasonably priced as well. We have been coming for several years on our summer vacation, it is a fun and refreshing way to spend the day.

Matt Koppelman

The lines can be long but it's not bad, especially when comparing to a major theme park. I think the rides are good, with a couple of actually thrilling rides, like Aftershock. Lines in the water park, Boulder Beach, take longer. The water park admission comes with the theme park admission. We rented a locker and switched to the theme park in the afternoon for the hot hours. I would recommend bringing some cheap flip flops so your feet don't get burnt up on the concrete while you wait for your next ride. if you want to get food while you're at the water park be ready to wait a long time, like an hour or so. If you want to rent a cabana for the day, better book it up month ahead. The positive side? Great rides.

Simon Fickinger

Silverwood is our Pacific Northwest amusement park. It is fun, family friendly, and a solid day's entertainment. Old school, timber roller coasters, kid rides, and modern thrill rides, all for $35.00, and a decent water park to boot.

Lindsey Jensen

Went recently on a family road trip and stopped here for the day. We mostly went to the water park since that’s what the kids were mostly interested in and we all had a great time there. A good variety of things to do for different ages, cleaned than other water parks we’ve been to and the soft serve ice cream was one of our favorites ever. Had a great time and would go again :)

Ben Schweitzer

We have been bringing our family to Silverwood for many years. We generally visit twice per summer. Our most recent visit this June was the best so far. The park & rides have been refurbished and spruced up. The staff was wonderful and anxiously engaged in quality customer service. Our family of 8 has kids ranging from 4 to 20 and two of us in our not-so-late 40's. There are rides that everyone enjoyed multiple times. This includes Boulder Beach. The food is good and prices are not out of line. There is no shortage of shade throughout the park and the various plants and flowers make the place look amazing.

WG Gamingthomas

Enjoyed the train ride they had in the park and loved the funny drama and acting they had going on the train, also the bandits that came and "robbed" asked people for money for a charity for children. The log ride was worth the waiting in line and had a machine you could put a quarter in to soak other people on the dock outside of the attraction, bumper boats were about the same way and same if not more fun and also had a pay to spray feature for a simple quarter. If i had the time i would have gotten a 2 day pass and stayed at a motel near by so i could come back and have more fun.

Vern Medgard

Lots of fun, good rides and slides. Priced fairly well for a big theme park. We went on labor day weekend (sat) and the lines were very long, we've been on a weekday in the past and it was great. Will go back

Beau Baggenstoss

My family and friends just spent the day at your park. I rented out two Cabanas (12 and 13) for 8/10/19 and was very disappointed with the service we were given. The wait times for our food and drinks were ridiculous and the number of times we saw our waitress was abysmal. I expected, for the cost of these Cabanas I expect adequate service and timeliness. This was a Saturday and we were told that ALL of the Cabanas were being handled by a SINGLE waitress. That is terrible customer service and in no way supports the costs of your Cabanas. This in no way reflects how hard our waitress was working. This is on the management staff for not adapting the circumstances. All 14 Cabanas were rented and to have a single person responsible sets this poor person up to fail.

Alice Russell

Fun, lots of rides to choose from for any age. The flowers and gardens are fantastic. Not a lot of food selection but it isn’t crazy expensive like some places. Kids beg to come every year.

Ghen Williams

Was fantastic. Long lines on some rides. Have 3 and 6 years old kids , so rides are limited for them coz they have a height limit.. will wait couple more years then will come back.

Barbara Brinton

I always love going to Silverwood. My favorite ride by far is the Aftershock, though I love all of the coasters, and I love the fun spinning motion of the Tilt-A-Whirl as my second favorite. I always loved the exciting stunt shows on the train expedition. Marshall Jack and his stunt team are top-notch and always entertaining :-).

Roberta Farmer

This place is awesome and fun, but i recommend a scooter if your disabled or bad back and hips like me, i had a rough time walking this huge place but i still did, i had blisters on my feet. But i loved it here wished i would've brought my purse because the walk was so far away that i didn't want to walk and grab it at the rv park. So i didn't get to buy my kid's more stuff


When I went here last year loved it. No long lines. Cheap delicious food. Great attractions. Loved the magic show. Just overall great place for a vacation


Fun for the whole family! It's more affordable than taking kids to the fair, and a better value than taking them for the day to our local water park!! We go every year and love it, the magic show is awesome and the train ride is a blast. We pack snacks and drink lots of water so we don't have a ton of additional costs. Definitely a fun experience.....however some of the wait times are far longer than we have ever experienced at Disneyland, so be prepared to spend time in lines and prepare the kids accordingly if they are little.

Jamie Barrow

Spent two days at the park. Get there early if you want to avoid lines. The Silverwood (rides) side of the park is ok, nothing too exciting. The Boulder Beach side was awesome. Staff were fantastic, both sides are very clean. In the afternoon the lines were long on both sides, not sure how you could resolve that (shade would be nice for the lines). Only suggestions for beach side are you need change rooms, more shade opportunities and a hot tub would have been nice for the evening. Looking forward to going back.


Scarywood was a blast! Definitely creepy! I think my favorite part of the park was the clown area. I also loved the 3D rock house but it was too short.

Jeremy Rainbow

Such a great place to go with the family. The magic show is a blast, great rides for all ages, and a water park to enjoy when it's hot out. Highly recommend.

Mark Beck

The park is a pretty good amusement park. Themed with a roughly western theme. There aren't a huge amount of big rides, but it's supplemented with a good number of carnival rides. The water park is also functional. Highlights are the wave pool and the lazy river. We experienced a number of ride breakdowns, but they were usually fixed within an hour or so. Food is reasonably priced as they allow external food. Be sure to get a soft serve ice cream cone. It's an experience.

Wesley Hurst

It's great the PNW has an amusement park. Don't expect it to be Six Flags or Disney though. Ride lines were 20-40 minutes ALL day on a Wednesday in late August. The kid walking the paved path sweeping gravel needs to yield park-goers, holy cow. He actually swept over my bare ankle with the broom AND I swung wide to give him space. Fun rides though. Good time, but not good enough to ever pay full price. Bring your own towels! Get a map. To save money bring snacks, lunch and dinner. If you hate lines try to do the rides during the hot part of the day when normal people would be at Boulder Beach.

paul marsh

Loved it! Affordable close to home with lots of rides and things to do for all ages. Their train ride was a hit with our grandsons

Joyce Mccoy

Need to improve speed and quality at food and drink spots. It was hard to access bottled water. Waited long periods in 3 places before getting a bottle of water. Rides and park are well kept. This is our third year in a row. Food quality is my only complaint.

Jay Warcat

This place has a great selection of rides and activities. Unfortunately it gets so over crowded that the lines to get in a ride are too long and the water park doesn't provide enough shade. The staff is always friendly, the bathrooms are clean, (one toilette sprays all over when other toilets are flushed, YIKES). The magic show theater used to have AC, but was also too hot, and the show needs some help, maybe the actors are over heated and unable to perform their best, you could see the assistant climbing up from the floor in order to "re-appear" from the past.

Ruth King

This place is amazing! The rides, especially the Aftershock ride, was the best! The kiddie area was wonderful and the little ones had a great time. We all loved the magic show with Nick Norton, a must see, was one of the families favorite and the family meal deal was great. The staff is unbelievable. They work so hard to make sure your visit is enjoyable. The park is unbelievably clean considering the amount of people. On the way home it was decided that Silverwood needed to be a yearly destination! Will definitely be back! ❤

Jason Schraeder

Tons of fun for the whole family. We did one day of rides (great coasters) and one day at the water park(great slides). With a few late night rides thrown in on day two. The food was quite good and reasonably priced. The staff was friendly and the lifeguards were exceptionally attentive in the water areas. Made my 8 yr old birthday a real treat. We'll be back.

tina Putnam

I love this place! They did a great job w planting tree's for shade all along waiting lines as well as misters. Plenty of landscape and and places to sit in shade. Makes a big difference when it's HOT!

Breanna Post

We love Silverwood and Boulder Beach. The magic show is top notch and one of Our favorite must do activities. We have been going here since it was just a small air strip with a couple rides. The staff is nice, they are great about being clean and big on safety.

Trina Hilzendeger

So many things to do. First time my husband's been to boulder beach and it made him feel like a kid again! Loved being able to just relax and enjoy family without work responsibilities. Did the Panic Plunge for the first and only time lol, but definitely had to try it once. Also, loved the chicken strips! And such a great price for all the food you actually get! If you've never been here, you SURELY need to visit!!!


Great place. You have to go for 2 days, theres no way you'll do even half in just one day. Staff was awesome and I LOVED IDAHO!!!! This state actually trusts its citizens unlike my nanny state of Washington. Anyway We had such a great time we will be back and we're probably moving to Idaho.

P Est

A pretty good park considering the area. Fun rides and the lines were reasonable for a summer day. Food is pretty good with cheap prices compared to any other park I've been to. Although you can't bring coolers in, you are able to bring unopened non-alcoholic drinks and food in. Games seem to make it fairly easy to win something, also unlike bigger parks. Overall, great experience.

Brittaney Scholes

A fun family friendly day. We were in town visiting from Utah, and although silverwood is much smaller than Lagoon that we have in Utah, it’s jam packed full of fun activities and rides. We really loved the day we spent there and packed in as much as we possibly could in the one day we had.

Jordan Mayorga

Good place to take the kids. Fairly well priced compared to some others. Food isn't over-priced either. Lines can get a little long, but not overly so and that is to be expected at a theme park.

Nohemi Camacho-Lopez

Great time with family and friends. Food is cheap and best funnel cakes! Enjoyed a magic show while there, went from August 25-26, no long lines...

ka Bloom

We love it here! We take our company employees every year and it’s our biggest event! They are great to work with! Food at the bbq pit is great and reasonably priced! Fun day for everyone!

James Rivera

ScaryWood was super fun! Parking is reasonable and the facilities are clean. I have always enjoyed coming here, since I was a kid. Don't forget to bring your relatives here when they are in town!

Ryan S

Silverwood is wonderful. What stood out to me was that it was fairly inexpensive (parking is $5), not too crowded even in August, and has pretty nice employees. I recommend one day for Silverwood and one day for Boulder beach. We crammed everything into one day and missed quite a bit.

Stevenkarissa Hunt

Just visited Silverwood on the second to last weekend it will be open this year. Except for scary wood. The park was just as clean and friendly as the first weekend it was open. I am always satisfied with the quality of entertainment at the amusement park. Thanks for another great year Silverwood.

Jesse N

Was at haunted Universal studios a number of years back and these guys did some of it better. Highly recommend the 3d attraction very well done.

Cammie Pablo

The BEST place to take your family for FUN!! The staff throughout the park is wonderful and the cleanliness completely astonished me!! This park goes above and beyond in exceeding expectations. My kids (ages 5 - 14) all had a blast!! Make sure you try the fish n chips from High Noon Saloon!

David Conaway

Second visit here. Great place to visit although Labor Day weekend was crazy busy. I will not make that mistake again. Lines were long for everything, rides and food. It's a great park. We stayed in the RV park which is the only way to do Silverwood in my opinion. Boulder Beach was great, get there early to find a spot.

Michael Martin

I absolutely LOVE the park and the rides! The employees were very friendly and helpful. One HUGE PROBLEM!! The park does not open until 11am!!! SERIOUSLY???? THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!

Evelyne Smith

So much fun for the whole family I enjoyed more than Disney land. I even passed out and had to go get my blood drawn and the people at the ER offered me the last doughnut ❤️ I still had the time of my life. Favorite is parts were the Magic show and the train ride. Thank you silver wood for providing me with a great experience I will be back soon.!! ❤️

Leslie Brooks

Lots of fun, they could really use a fast pass system or at least to be more efficient and methodical in loading rides so that all seats are always full. Expect to spend about 40 minutes for each ride, especially the coasters. Food on the grounds is reasonably priced and you will find it easy to stay from opening until close

Ethan Glenn

One of the best theme park I have been to. The water park is so much fun and my family and I love going to the rides after the water side of the park closes. My family tries to stop by every year. It is too much fun to pass by.

Nathan Rynning

Favorite theme park! I’ve been here many times boulder beach is where I spend most of my time during the day than I hit the theme park later in the day when the lines have gotten smaller. Also my tradition is to always get a big ol cotton candy ice cream waffle cone

Sam Morris

Great rides, usually not a huge wait. The staff is awesome, most of them are extremely enthused to be there. Best rollercoaster selection in the region.

Michael Warren

Took my 7yr old, just over 48" and could go on almost everything on his own. Combined with the water park....Awesome time. We also stayed in the RVpark, super convenient!

Audrey Heinan

First time at Silverwood today and really loved it! Nice atmosphere, charming old fashioned theme, fun rides and unique entertainment. The employees went out of their way to make it enjoyable to the full for us, and I appreciated the many times they showed amazing consideration, like ensuring everyone got on a ride before closing time, or workers at concession stands checking for food allergies. Everything seemed reasonably priced, as well. And the kids LOVED the water park! Many thanks to all the Silverwood staff and employees; we're DEFINITELY coming back!

Kevin Gunn

We went late September. Longest line we stops in was 15 minutes. Great, relaxed atmosphere. Looking forward to going back.

Terry VanderWoude

Great place for the family. Wish they had better lighting on the pathways after dark and exit needs to have better lights. It was a wonderful day with the grandchildren and we had so much fun.

Gilbert Esser

Lot of food stands, 15 $ whole pizza not bad for a theme park. We did 3 haunts and 6 rides which included 3 major rides. Many people as excited about it as us. My personal disappointment, not allowed to wear a costume. I find that sad, I understand no masks but a helloween costume....

Kristina Mason

Place is awesome, very big and magical like Disneyland. We did it in one day but so much to do, highly recommend doing 2 days! So much fun though. Do expect some long lines depending on the day.

Veronica Randall

A great day of fun for the whole family! Unlike a lot of larger theme parks, Silverwood offers a wide variety of attractions (with an entire water park within the theme park that doesn't cost extra) PLUS plenty of shady, beautiful quiet areas and places to sit and rest, for a fraction of the price. Lots of delicious food and treat options that won't break the bank, too. The float-up bar in the middle of the Lazy River is my favorite!

Becky Dale

Our family of 4 split up due to ages of our kids and while near the roller coasters (far side of the park), my phone died. I stopped in over 10 shops between Timber Terror and the Information booth (with my son in tow) trying to locate a phone to use to simply call my husband and arrange a plan to meet up again. Every shop/restaurant told me "We don't have phones to make outside calls and we can't bring personal cell phones into the park." I completely understand - if this is in fact true - that the employees couldn't do anything, but no one offered to use the in-park phone to call someone that could help. No one showed any sort of empathy or ability to care that someone who had paid to enjoy the park had an unforeseen problem arise that they could easily help solve. The fact the park has water rides, roller coasters, etc makes this even more absurd to me. This has to be something that occurs regularly and the employees/park policy just simply don't care. If they won't let customers use a phone for a call, put pay phones around or something! We ended up wasting so much time just trying to find each other that we weren't able to do as many rides as we'd planned. Had a single employee shown any sort of consideration for our situation, it would have been resolved in minutes rather than hours. Also, the ride operators in the toddler area are either high or hung over. Boulder Beach has terrible signage and you rarely see any staff to ask for assistance (as if they'd help if you could find them...). Don't waste your money on a park that genuinely doesn't care about the people who visit.

MelanieM Friesz

Scarywood was AMAZING! had such a blast riding rides & the haunted houses were extremely creepy. Had a great time

Silvia Madrigal

Amazing costumer service! Tyler from the private cabanas is so sweet and helpful. All the bathroom are clean and food is amazing for the price! Definitely going back to both places

Mike W

Always a fun time here! Went in the middle of the week so it wasn't terribly crowded. I suggest packing a picnic and go out and eat lunch. Saves money and is a nice break from the crowds. Just remember to get your hands stamped before leaving.

Catherine Mumm

Fun fun fun. My family recently visited. We had planned to be there at opening but we slept in so we were a couple hours late. But we stayed until close! We had a great time on many of the amusement rides. We loved the water park, especially on such a hot day. The meals and snacks were great and a fair price. We hope to visit again soon!

Christina Morgan

Loved it!!! Clean, courteous employees, great rides at both water park and amusement park. Food on the park was good too! BBQ Buffet was excellent!

Jonathan Springer

Huge place with so much to do. We went in at about 115 and left the waterpark just before it closed at 7. Lockers are 10 dollars a day to rent. Get there early to get a place to put your stuff. We didn't make it to the amusement park, it definitely would take 2 full days to explore the entire place. Kids have to be over 42 inches tall to ride most of the slides. They can even do the larger slides as well. They are very strict on the height requirements and when life jackets are required. The two wave pools are a lot of fun, kids spent a lot of time in the water. We forgot to re apply sunscreen and got burnt. You can bring your own food into the park as well. No water fountains I could find so bring your own water as well. Overall was a blast.

David Westlake

Fun for everybody. While driving home my wife remarked about how friendly every employee was. Not only friendly but seemed happy to help. This makes a huge difference when trying to enjoy a theme park with the family. They filled our own water bottles and even asked if we wanted ice. We visited boulder beach until about 4;30 then changed clothes and went to the other park. I highly recommend visiting if the chance presents itself.

Timber Lockhart

I’m so so so happy that they serve the beyond burger here! I had one and it was delicious! Yay for vegetarian options! Also I’m very impressed with the stunning flowers and landscaping throughout the park. My only mild complaint is that actual children were running the Aftershock roller coaster when I went. The staff were literally running, shouting, and joking crudely at a bit more than what would be appropriate around a supervisor perhaps. I know it’s an amusement park but I’d expect some level of professionalism I guess. Other than that what a great day at the theme park!

Casey Potts

Had a great time! The lines are long but it is the only show in town. Staff was great. Food prices are fair and the food was great.


I've been going to Silverwood ever since I was a wee one. Almost every single summer my family and I take a trip all the way from Oregon just to come here. The rides are so fun and the snacks you can find around the park are tasty too. Silverwood is honestly one of my best happy places.

Christopher Adkison

Our family had a great time there today. The last place we had been to that compares to Silverwood was Magic Mountain in CA. Silverwood is a much cleaner place and the staff was great. Also need to give a shout out to the magicians at the magic show, great performance!

Tayler Abel

The rides are fun! And the kids enjoyed the kid area. But most of the lines were really long and it took an hour of waiting to go on less than a two minute ride. Also waited in line for atleast an hour for an elephant ear. Bathroom lines are also very long and slow moving. I think the park should accommodate to the amount of people they have there.

Terran Helland

It was incredible. So we'll put together, and organized. Highly recommend. Will be back.


We always have fun when we come here. The crowds have gotten more... Interesting the last 5 years or so but still a good time.


Took my daughter (2) here with my fiance and parents, and were had an absolute blast! I was concerned with the helicopter ride for the kids as my daughters leg went outside and she looked to be having a hard time staying in the ride. I wish the ride operator would have stopped the ride sooner but everyone was safe, just a concerned parent.

Kelsey Delashaw

So much fun here! I camped here and went to the park for 2 days. Love the water slides and roller coasters. Friendly staff and the park is pretty clean.

Lisa Selinger

Love this place so much fun! We’ve been here a few times before but this was our first time to take in Boulder beach as well on a hot summers day. Was not disappointed it is huge and the play areas for the kids and slides are great! I dare say it was almost comparable to the beautiful water parks owned by Disney World in Florida. We stayed all day from opening until close with our 4 and 7 year old they had a great day and were exhausted by the end. No one wanted to leave though. Thanks Silverwood!

chavala boynton

Sooo many fun rides, water slides and fun activities to do for all ages. Loved the newer coaster After shock. And timber terror never disappoints.

Allison Byrne

My whole family loved it here. We spent the whole day from open to close. Water park first then the rides. Worth the trip from Canada. Would definitely visit again.

Clara Gobin

Such a family fun place in the summer time. Don't go here during the cold months when it's scarywood with your young ones because they will get scared and possibly have nightmares.but during the summer time it is a blast. If you have toddlers there even is a toddler section with the smaller rides that keeps them talking about it for months and even years after. :) The only downer is everything at this park is a bit expensive but all in all great place!

Mark Ferris

Great family place and one of the best theme parks I have been too. Always a great time with family. Roller coasters are legit. Train ride is relaxing. And they have beer and a smoking section inside park. If you like this review, please like.

Wayne Jacobs

Great theme park. Scarywood is amazing in October as well. Season passes are the best way to go.

Jodi Bozarth

I go here with my family almost every year since i was not even a year old. Its worth going there in the summer. My favorite place is the water park where the water slides are long and fun to do with a family. I recommend this for a family trip. PS, The elephant ears are heaven!!! (Not a actual elephants ears)


Silverwood is one of the coolest places on earth. I take my family there at least one time a year. I Highly recommend checking silverwood out it's so much fun. The campground is first class with all the amenities available. Super cool. And getting better. Also check out scarywood!

Dennis Donoghue

Great park. They handle a large summer crowd quickly! Lines were long, but moved quickly. The staff were friendly and efficient. Made for an enjoyable ride home.


Kool Cactus has fantastic food and employees are extremely friendly. Lines might be a bit long but worth waiting for. Maybe a few more employees would help. The rest of the park is fun for kids and adults. The water park is exceptional. Fun place to spend the day. Would be nice if they opened earlier.


Really fun. A must to do list in the summer. There is an RV trailer park, and many famous rides in the tri-state such as Timber Terror and Tremors. There is even a water park. The only problem is that there is a lot of people, so try to get there early.


Clean, navigable, shady theme park. We also spent very little time waiting in lines for rides. The children's area has a lot of ride options for the younger set. First time going and I was impressed. Magic show was a nice break in the day and surprisingly impressive.

Thomas Stahlke

Outstanding, well-cared-for theme park! Silverwood has a variety of rides which makes it an excellent choice for families. Boulder Beach gives a nice change of pace for a portion of the day

Red Ace Art

My favorite theme park! The best rides, and they all fit with the theme! The train ride and kids zone is Great for young ones, and they even have a kids zone in Boulder beach! Ride operators and other workers are always friendly, and overall I really liked this place.

Zach Mohr

The rides are a ton of fun and the staff are usually pretty kind. The facility’s are clean and the food here is actually pretty good. If you can get a week day off to go I would highly recommend that, instead of a weekend.

Samm Roehrick

We always have so much fun at Silverwood, whether it’s just us adults or the kids join us. We came here with a 6 year old, 2 year old, and pregnant lady- but there was no shortage of fun to be had! Definitely need at least two days to experience the whole park because you can easily spend an entire day in each part. The train ride is a must if you have kids! Staff is friendly. Medical staff was ready to help when we needed some bandaids after a fall.


Great value compared to other theme parks. Great rides in theme park and water park. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Very clean too. Great for adults and kids.

Hailey Moore

Excellently priced, staff was great. Boulder beach is kinda a hot mess and would benefit from more accessibility; very inconvenient to not know what requires life vests until you've already climbed through two levels of water with a four year old, and having it would be cool to have life jackets posted consistently throughout the park. Otherwise most excellent

Mackenzie Spence

Do you love fun? Do you love rollercoasters? Do you love water parks? This is your place then! Even if you don’t like amusement park rides, you can take a trip to boulder beach and spend the day by the pool or in the wave pool. If you are a thrill seeker, take a ride on the aftershock for a real adrenaline rush! This place is great for adults and kids.

Matt Minnihan

Great family fun! Silverwood has grown big time since I was a kid. Now my wife and I love to take our kids there. Really enjoy having the amusement park, rides, and shops, + the water park all in one place. It’s awesome :-)

Melissa Nelson

Rides for all ages. We stayed from opening to closing on a Sunday in August. The only long lines were for the roller coasters (45 to 1 hr) and the water rides. We didn't see any shows but rode all the rights we wanted to and a couple of them 3 and 4 times. We had chicken strips and fries at a barbecue place that was delicious with large portions and only paid $7. We also played some carnival games they were fun and we also want some stuffed animals.

Clint Novak

What an amazing park! Staff is super friendly and they have a great collection of rides. Make sure to ride the train!!

Christina Dickens

Love this place. Food is delicious and reasonably priced considering it's a theme park .you get good size portions. Always very kept up and clean and flowers so pretty . Rides are fun and exciting. Boulder beach is a blast. Good family place. We went twice this summer and plan buy family season passes next year.

Schae Foster

We had a fantastic time at Silverwood Theme Park. They have delicious food, the ride operators are fun to watch & interact with, & they have enjoyable rides for everyone! The parking was only $5 for the day. My only complaint was the location for parking. It's on the opposite side of the freeway from the park & there weren't any signs posted to point us in the right direction. We accidentally ended up at the employee entrance; you don't even see the sign saying 'Employee & Staff Entrance' until you've already turned down the road. All in all, they definitely put the amusement in amusement park!

Kylee Bennett

Great place! Was busy when we went mid August but lines were not to terrible. Loved it! Great for all ages!

Sam Crossett

I've been going to Silverwood for years, I love the park and it's generally well run with lots of attractions for everyone. This was my first time in Scarywood. The actors, Haunted houses and decorations are very spooky! The fog machines are a little bit intense though, the fog even coveres the highway next to the resort and can be a little drying on your throat and eyes.

Ava Miller

My family and I decided to go to Silverwood for the first time. It was so much fun going on all the water activities and the lazy river. We had so much fun doing all the activities even if the lines were a little long, the whole trip was worth it. Now, we are thinking about going again next year!

Ben McClary

My family has been to Disneyland Disney world universal studios and several other theme parks and we have never had as good an experience as we have had at Silverwood. The staff is very friendly, the crowds are not stifling, the attractions are fun, and the prices are actually fairly reasonable! We have taken two family trips there now and gone into the park on back to back days both times. It is definitely a family favorite!

Isabella Valentine

I enjoyed this place. If you're going to go here, I suggest you bring sunscreen and you bring some water. This place is perfect for dates and times out with the family. There were no mistakes at this park, and the rides were incredible. I'm extremely happy I got to go here and make memories with others. Going with will be a blast.

Shane June

Silverwood. Enough said! Hahaha no this was a blast, had a great time with the family. Been coming here since I was a wee lad. I still remember the airshows! Garfield is still the mascot which is great. I stay away from boulder beach personally (too many people for me) but I went when it first came out. It amazing to see how it as evolved over the years and I hope it is here to stay for a long time. I will continue to go as often as I can.

Cody Iverson

Scarywood is fun for the family and isn't to frightening to where you wouldn't bring younger children along. GF's 9yr old did just fine. Go toward the water park for one of the main haunted houses, then try to hit the 3D attraction, it's the best one. Went on a Thursday was able to hit most everything but rides were still 30- 45min lines.

Bryan Cles

Similar to Knott's Berry farm California from the 80s. Brings back some great nostalgia and has some awesome wood coasters. The corkscrew brings me back to hours in line as a teen in the hot California sun but without the lines! Aftershock is a world class coaster that will please some of the most hardcore coaster riders. It is a phenomenal coaster and Silverwood is a fun filled family theme park. I'll be back again soon.

Julie Silbar

Boulder Beach is so much fun! For those of us who don't necessarily like roller coasters it is a great alternative! And they have many food options which is nice!!

Judy Oliver

As always, it was great!!! Lots of fun and many new things to do. I love going there and seeing all of the happy people... Well done Silverwood, another fine time was received. Well worth the time and money. I feel like a kid again, and I'm in my late 60's. Thanks for the great time. We are lucky to have you so close... Judy

Katherine Witherspoon

The rides were fun enough a bit on the small side. The food was good and well priced. The staff was inexperienced and were extremely rude at every stand, nor could they seem to even fake a smile. It was by far the worst customer service ever!

Gabrielle Feasel

Waited an hour and a half to get two baskets of chicken strips. Not very many signs for directing you into the entrance, so it got very confusing when there was just a mass horde of people migrating through the gates. Only giving three stars instead of two because I love the atmosphere. Suggestions to the owners: More signs, and arrows on ground to let you know where you are headed. The entrance needs specified lines to direct people and keep them organized. Less guessing. At night, you can barely see. More lighting, could even be smaller lights at the edges of the trails. Anything! It is really dark in some parts. More maps in more places. Maybe by the large directories that are already up? Self service kiosks for ordering food, then have those extra cashier's working on making the food. It would be way more time efficient for the customers, who would love nothing more than spend time with their friends and families, riding all of the great rides together!!

Gwen Chambers

Scarywood was a lot of fun this year (actually got a little spooked). I just wish they would let less people in or have more options for attractions because you spend most of your night in lines for a five minute event. (Sorry for the poor quality photo, was the only one I got)


A fun place! One side is a waterpark that is huge and the other side is lots of fun rides that include some of the most thrill seeking roller coasters! Fabulous place for the whole family.

Deborah Kelly

I've always loved (for myself and family).. Silverwood. I had bought (at really good prices), season passes for many years. The food you buy there is plentiful, tasteful and within a fair price range. Overall the park is clean, and the young staff are friendly and helpful. I do wish.. for the crowd they expect to draw at Bolder Beach, that there were more lounges or beach chairs. Maybe they could stack them up like they do the tubes for the lazy river. It's disappointing to pay all that and not have a place to sit or relax. Although they've gone up in price, I like the locker system for your personal items that you wish not to carry.

Mona Batt

Great amusement park! Clean facilities and rides. The all you can eat all day long BBQ is super good. Well worth the $$. We arrived early so parking was close. Bought the tickets online. No problem even for this tech challenged grandmother. Good times!

Chavala Stockton

Sooooooo much fun! Great, great amusement park! Was hard to pack in everything in one day. Definitely will go for another day next time

Rachel Baysinger

Always a blast for the whole family. I love that I can take my children to the same place I made so many memories as a child! The rides, magic show, and boulder beach are all great for all ages. There is also a campground right across the street for easy access. If you have the time, save a lot of money and get a 2 day pass, especially if you are doing the water park as well. Time goes quick here!

Rick Pummel

I have been impressed to see how Silverwood has matured as a theme park over the years. I feel they have a fantastic park these days, and yet it is still very affordable. They seem to have resisted the temptation to price things so that a normal family can't afford it. The gift shop items are even reasonably priced, which is something that really makes me like them.

Carrie West

We always love it here. The rides. The foods. The sounds. The smells. The staff. Never disappoints. This was our first time coming on a Saturday though. We won't make that mistake again.

Stacy Jones

My families first time there. We went today and we reserved a cabana. The best experience EVER! The staff are amazing, friendly and fast!! I wish I remembered their names! Its fantastic that I feel comfortable enough to let my son and his friend go off on their own! Can NOT wait for the roller coasters and rides tomorrow, even if its supposed to rain!

Karina Aragon

This place was AMAZING!!! The cast members are super friendly and accommodating, the snacks and food are pretty delish, and overall the rides are awesome. The longest I waited for a line was like 35 minutes which was not bad AT ALL. And it was a Saturday that I went with family so that goes to show how quickly you can get on the rides. It's super fun!

Scott Giltner

Decently priced food what you would expect. The buffet in the back of the park was awesome! Wish that it opened earlier than 11 though. Great park I like to go about once a year I make it. I really like that combo of water and theme park. After shock is by far my favorite

Cecilee Shull

Loved the variety of rides and water park amenities. Gave only 3 stars for the LACK of security and support during a 7 pm severe thunderstorm. The tunnel out of the park was packed with humanity trying to leave the park for the safety of their cars. NO employees present to guide the human traffic or to advise on safety. Horrible way to end a day!! No help or support to leave the parking lot either. No guides to advance the traffic quickly. I think who ever owns this place is looking for a future lawsuit over lack of safety and guidance. Unfortunate events!

jeffrey manabat

We had great experience here at the water park. Overall the kids enjoyed it. The only concern I have is there is no shower area where you really wash (use soap and shampoo) yourself thoroughly after using the swimming pools. There is outside shower only. You can rinse with water and that’s it. The wash room needs to be clean more frequently as well. The food in the restaurant was good. Big portion too.

Lori Pierce

Fun, family oriented. Good customer service. Too crowded though-they May need to start doing a little more crowd management as some of the water activities were hard to do because there were so many people.

Derek Woods

So much fun. If you want to hang out with Mickey, head to Disney. If you want to have fun with your family, come here. We also stayed in RV park, very convenient and comfortable.

Tadgh B

Talk about a great day. Let me get the complaint out of the way. They charge for parking! What kind of jag off charges its customers to park when they charge the pants off of them when they get to the park? Okay, that being said It was a great day! The kids had a great time. The food was real good at the buffet and the all you can drink wristbands were perfect. They had plenty to do for all age groups and heights. Everyone left the park in a extremely happy mood. We will do this again next year and when the kids get a bit older maybe a season pass. We may also try out the RV park next to it. This would have been 5 stars if they didn't charge for parking.

Darrin Switzer

I loved the experience we had. Park was clean and food was reasonably priced. We attended on two consecutive weekdays and the crowds were manageable. Some waiting in lines but no more than 20 to 25 minutes. Great experiences.

Steve Austin

Two days is about the bare minimum it'll take to visit all of the rides and enjoy the water park. Worth every penny and every mole to get there. There's not one thing hockey or strange about the rides. They take your safety very seriously. Do not miss the magic show or the train ride. Compared to other parks in the US the price of food is cheap. Get there early to get a locker or pick a chair at the beach. My son and I went for two days it was a blast. Souvenirs are inexpensive. Midway games cost extra and are just like a fair and are difficult to win but worth it. Parking is easy. Don't take a bag or cooler of you're getting there as they open. The lines are HUGE. it's better to walk in with your towels and swim suit in your hand and get your bags later as the lines will really slow you down. The roller coasters are fast the most we spent in line was an hour and 10 minutes. It's a great time. Stay in Spirit Lake over night its a great little town only 15 minutes from the park.

Tim Steinman

Gosh, what a safe environment for your family. I really looked at the rides and their representatives and the general cleanliness of Silverwood and found everything to be well maintained. Friendly and warm representatives eager to answer questions are everywhere. Silverwood is a clean, well maintained theme park. Very well done folks!

Joanna Oster

Really fun! The rides and games were fun, the food was good and the people were nice. Just like every amusement park the lines are really long, each ride took about an hour including the wait time. We got VIP cards which are supposed to be used for games and food, but they were not working for games and they could only take $25 off so we couldn’t get all our money back. There was also a huge thunderstorm coming and it would have been nice to have been warned because hard rain and lightning is never fun at a water park.

James Solomon

Great time! Excellent kiddie pool area where we spent most of our time. But the wave pool looked good. We didn't spend a lot of time in amusement park area because kids enjoyed swimming so much.

Shakara Gunderson

Value! Ticket prices for our family of five were gray, food value was even better. Kids had a lot of fun. The lines move quicker on the waterpark side so we enjoyed that a lot on a hot day.

Trinity Kaeding

Always amazed at how fun it is!! I've been going here since I couldn't walk and have many faund memories here. Always kind staff, always good food and ALWAYS have fun (just remember to go with people you actually like

Jennifer Adamson

Our first time there this August and we were very impressed! We've been to Disneyland several times, so didn't know what to expect...... we were not disappointed! Silverwood was clean, reasonably priced, fun and our entire group of 9 (with varying ages and thrill-seeking levels) all had a great time. The staff was wonderful - friendly, helpful, courteous and hospitable. We would recommend Silverwood to anyone and will definitely be back!

Brandon Krenzler

This place is nothing short of amazing- Silverwood is a Pacific Northwest gem, bringing families closer together with fun and experience. This is our second time here this summer - we came for one day in July and quickly realized that we would have to come back again to fully enjoy the park. One day for the dry side and one day for the wet side is the best advice anyone can get. The food is great, it is not that standard fair food- it is dine in quality in the buildings. I do wish there were more vegetarian options, but I see that they added a beyond burger recently, so that helps a lot! The lines are moderate- as the rides are so much fun, so be sure to bring a backpack with water. The owner of this park has created a whimsical escape that every family should consider. Silverwood has just become an annual trip for our family. Come and enjoy!

Carolyn Digsby

What a fun four days we spent here with close family friends. The park is very clean and not to crowded. Liked it better then Disney parks.

Jamie Higgins

Must get there before opening and stay all day of your gona do everything or get a good parking spot. I'd recommend the two day pass and camp there or near by. It's almost impossible if you have little ones that go to the kiddie area and still ride the big ones and go to the water park.

Shauna Ackett

Smaller than expected but loved the water park! Enjoyed the theme park as well although maintenance on the rides without communication made for over an hour and a half wait! Maybe a heads up through the guests in line would make for happier visitors! Overall we enjoyed the park!

Alec Hope

This is the perfect place to go for a family day out or a fun date with the gal or fella. If you aren't a fan of amusement park rides, you can go to Boulder beach for a day on the water or lounging by the pool. Would definitely suggest making a trip to Silverwood if you are looking to get your fix of excitement.

Benjamin Ault

Well keep clean grounds, much better than 6flags or wild waves that are just a slab of concrete with rides on it. Not as many rollercoasters as bigger name parks, but plenty of range to get your heart and stomach all cranked up. Water park has amazing group slides. Highly recommend.

ed funkhouser

Such a wonderful place. We have annual passes and come here often. The grandkids love it. Would be nice to have some additional rides but what they have are very good.

Derrick Woo

Fun place to spend the day or evening. I'd recommend coming after 4:00 for the discounted rate. The crowds can be smaller too, so you'll get more rides in if the line ups aren't long.

Annie Bauer

I had an excellent time at Silverwood Theme Park last weekend. The park looked very nice with great scenery, very friendly staff and the roller coasters were a lot of fun. Lindy's Restaurant was beautiful with Victorian theme and the food was delicious. My favorite thing at Silverwood Theme Park is Corkscrew roller coaster.

Leonora Nicolaysen

Gotta say, I'm from Los Angeles and grew up visiting Disneyland, magic mountain and Knott's Berry farm. I like Silverwood more! The staff are sincerely warm and helpful, right down to the parking attendants. The food is in incredibly reasonable in price and quite good. Even the lines aren't bad. But don't ask me what my favorite ride is! I'll never tell because the lines would get longer! I never regret buying a season pass. It's worth it.

Jeff Brummer

Super fun park! I would give 5 stars if 1) they would staff their food vendor spots with enough people. It took a good 15 minutes in line and another 25 minutes to get our food. We fought for a table but they could have a few more of those. Day 2 we are going to smuggle in more food so we don’t have to deal with it. Loss of revenue to Silverwood. 2). This could be your solution to problem 1. Take the $5 you charge for parking and bundle that into the ticket price if it is a profit center. 99% of people since Silverwood is in the middle of nowhere are driving there so just include in ticket price. Take those 8-10 employees at the parking booth and put them in food courts so they keep their jobs. Win win. You don’t waste guest’s time paying for parking (outside) and waiting to get their food (inside).

Omar Tirhi

Good rides and decently priced food, but god it's the slowest place ever. Everything took forever from ride lines to waiting for the food to be made. It seemed like it was very poorly managed when it came to time. Most other amusement parks with long lines move a lot faster. Not exactly sure why this place is this way, but it is. The quarter to spray people on the log ride is super fun though.

Franki Weitzel

Scary wood was so much fun! The actors were top notch and the haunted houses excellent

Valerie Taylor- Haines

Love the rides and during the summer the water park is a blast. I live in Woodinville, Washington but was born in Spokane. I go back home every year and Silverwood is closer than flying to the theme parks in California which I have been to many times over the years.

Amy Coleman

It was a fun day! They do need to add s few new coasters the wooden ones are really rough and there is a lot of people so a few more adult rides would be nice. On the water park side it would be nice to have warm showers available. there were three outside the changing room but glacier cold water my head went numb.

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