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4155 Shoshone Falls Grade, Twin Falls, ID 83301, United States

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Where is Shoshone Falls Park?

REVIEWS OF Shoshone Falls Park IN Idaho

KN Yurk

very cool view, but the star is actually farther over in the same park at the lake. nice facilities and a lot of green grass/shade and fun for all. fish,swim, diving board,hike, cliff jump (although it is discouraged and only small cliffs unless you hike all the way to end of lake and to the separate hidden lakes). There is lots of parking but this place gets popular since there arent many great places to swim in the vicinity. entry is paid but only $5 and goes to the city to maintain this clean venue.

Robyn Ivins

The falls were spectacular! Haven't seen that much water coming off them for a long time! Be aware though, you must have cash, no check or card is accepted at the gate. $5 per vehicle

David Sandidge

It was awesome! Green grass, clean picnic tables and a cool gift shop! Definitely a great time and a must see!

John Emery

My Wife and I stopped here on our way to Boise.. And I am so glad we did! It was Great! A MUST see! There are bathrooms and a snack bar!

Nicole Hardman

Such a beautiful gem right outside Twin Falls! Everyone needs to go, it's so close and absolutely beautiful. There are plenty of hiking/ running trails. A cute park to have a picnic or play with your dog. A lake to partake in watersports. Everything you need for the perfect day. It cost $5 to enter, but if you arrive before 10am, the gates are open.

Anna Stephenson

The Shoshone Falls are beautiful. There is a great lookout point. Every time I go they look different!

Matthew Clark

Nice place to visit while passing through. Would recommend you bring a picnic basket and walking shoes and enjoy the sites. Parking was tight, but we were able to find a spot. $5/ day pass was quite reasonable.

Tamara Jones

Beautiful place! A must see! Take the family. Plan for couple days to explore all the surrounding areas too! Natural ice caves etc. Can't wait to go back and stay in Rv Park and enjoy it all again!

Debora Beilin

The Falls are incredibly beautiful, the double rainbows in the early morning were stunning.

JamiSue Sharp

Come see these amazing falls.. They are beautiful year round.. You can pay 5$ to drive a car down to the bottom parking lot or park up above and walk down a windy road that has no sidewalk.. Worth the 5$. There is a large grassy area to play, relax, have a picnic, anything.. Benches and bathrooms located by the falls. If you want to swim head up to Dierkes Lake located close to the entrance where you pay.. it has a diving board and board walk around the swimming hole.. Play area and beach as well. Lots to do and hiking trails as well.

Steve Welch

It was a nice family outing. From my understanding we didn't see the falls fully opened up but was still pretty cool. Large grassy areas and picnic tables for lunch. Overall worth the drive to see it.

Maureen Vopinek

This was amazingly beautiful. Your jaw just drops as soon as you round the corner. It is truly the Niagara Falls of the west. It's glorious!

Ryo Tadashi

Gorgeous view, a ton of mist. Chilly weather may have been the best time to come, as the cool wind and mist carried from the falls is enough to beat out the sweat of hiking. Perfect time to go, too, as all the snow melt in the mountains has run down to activate all the waterfalls and streams

James Porter

Always beautiful. The flow can change through out the year. Was lower than usual on Monday evening, but still awesome! I would suggest you go there if you pass Twin Falls.

Savanna Williams

Pet friendly. Rv accessible. $5/car. Beautiful, must-see. Doesn't require a lot of time and definitely worth the stop!!

Anya Patterson

Perfect time of the year to come it’s not super hot or cold just the right temperature. The trail is paved. Starting from the park, the trail is up hill, not a lot of shade, and it can be draining on a hot day. It is a very beautiful area.the ravine is amazing, a giant crack in the Earth, where the river runs and there are various waterfalls. The entrance fee is something like $5.00 and well worth it. The falls are breathtaking. Makes for great photos! There is a concession stand and lots of interesting historical info and photos about the falls. Also the exposed eroded rock was very cool...which would not be visible in the springtime high flow. My wife was ecstatic and beside herself that we were almost led to blow off this spectacle. Beautiful and a definite must see. Dogs are allowed in this area too.

Susan Anderson

First time there. Loved it. The falls weren't flowing as much as they usually do in spring (so I was told) but still very beautiful. Went to the lights and laser show, it was good, the people were friendly and in good spirits even tho it rained the whole time.

A 2

Great park to visit... You can feel the power of the water fall... Only 5$ vehicle entrance fee... Dogs are welcome on a leash... I will definitely travel here again some day...

Jennifer Quillin

Definitely worth the quick side trip! We went on Friday afternoon in late June. Parked in the lower parking lot and felt the waterfall spray on our faces as we got out of the car! Glorious! You can stand at the top and see everything, or walk down to one of several platforms to get a closer look. Surrounded by beautiful parks. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy.

Trina Buan

Stunning!!! Do yourself a favor, grab some food and have a picnic. There is a souvenir booth, the prices weren't too bad. If you are in the area take the time and go check it out!!

Polar Bear

This is probably the most beautiful and biggest waterfall I have ever seen. It is so impressive. A must see when in the area!

Mike Venter

Beautiful water fall on the Snake River. It's a pity the natural beauty is spoilt by houses up the falls and the hydro electric power station with weirs built to divert water. But definitely worth a visit

Chaitanya Reddy Mettu

Had absolute blast visiting this place. This was dropped in our route despite initial plan of visiting (small crowds) due to hectic schedule, but glad we were able to visit the place. It's like mini Niagara and very sweet place. Glad, we could make it. It's gearing for closure for winter though. The rainbow added nice little touch to our snaps.

Laura Ruiz

BEAUTIFUL!! Bring a jacket as you may get cold check the website to see the water flow before you visit, we came at a great time of the year and saw a good water.flow and amount of water. And you can bring a picnic too, it a beautiful place for individuals to visit and have a fun picnic :) Entrance is $5

Lisa Lewis Riddle

Spectacular falls in an area you'd least expect them. My husband drove through this part of Idaho a few years ago and had no idea they were here until he was researching for our current road trip. Worth the drive!

lanny pichoff

This was our 3rd time to visit. On our first trip my wife and I rode 5500 miles on a bike so we stopped in at a local Harley Dealer and they told us about the falls. It is one of the most amazing views I have ever seen.

Nicolas Van Tomme

Nice falls but it's impossible for me to give 5 stars after seeing Niagara Falls and Victoria falls (Zimbabwe)

John Ames

This place is absolutely gorgeous! If you are anywhere near this place and have a few minutes to stop and see the sites you will not be disappointed!

Gretchka Pujols-García

Awe inspiring and breathtaking. The perfect place to be in the moment and absorbed in the surroundings. Wish I had my bike with me!


I love looking at the falls. Recently the price to drive down to see them has gone up and they removed the penny press that used to be by the concessions, so that made me sad, but I still love to look at the falls and feel like it is worth it to stop and see them. I have never taken the time to hike or explore the surrounding area; for me they are usually a last stop near sunset on the way home, so I don't take the time but someday I would like to.

Tom & Jeannie Miller

Magical. Awe inspiring. Top rated Falls we have seen. Stay at Twin Falls. Lots to see here. $5 park fee is waived if you have National Park Pass.

Russell Scattone

Awesome landmark to visit. Happen to visit during one of the highest flows. Bring umbrella or hoodie during high flows as the spray will get you wet.

Tiffany Pineda

Came all the way from Roy Utah to come here and it met all my expectations and more. This place is absolutely breath taking and walking around you can feel the mist from the falls. When going here it’s not super crowded plus helps we went on a Wednesday, it’s peaceful and really relaxing. Perfect time of the year to come it’s not super hot or cold just the right temperature.

Greg Secrist

For $5 a car, this is absolutely worth it! Breathtakingly beautiful. The fee to get in also allows you to visit and swim at Dierkes lake.

LaDonna Henslee

Not exactly the ‘Niagara of the West’ but it is a beautiful falls

Santhosh Kumar R

Beautiful falls! The GPS might try to take you to the other side of the canyon, so just be aware. There's a $5 entry fee.

Bon Manhkong

This park is so clean and well maintained. Waterfall and River is so beautiful. Dogs are allowed in the waterfall area but not the lake.

Brenda Clayville

This is one of my favorite parks. I love coming to admire the beautiful water falls. There is a 4 mile round trip walk up the canyon, picnic area and a great place to hang out.

Brenda Tully

Been to some Falls through out the States and I have to say this one has a different experience. There are many hiking trails, a snack shack, picnic areas and definitely has a personal touch. The falls are very pretty. This is enjoyable even on the warmest of days... even saw some lizards.

Stacy Pauley

Absolutely a must stop and see! Beautiful! The park is extremely clean and well taken care of.

Ron Withers

Often times called the Niagara of the west, these falls are impressive and a must see in the magic valley. The falls are subject to changes in the flow of the river, so spring time and early summer tend to be the best. There is a live feed online, so you can check it out before taking the drive. It does cost $5 per vehicle, but that is a small price to pay for what you get to see and experience.

Kimberly Hall

This is the best $5 you can spend that I know of! It's a beautiful place...every part of truly have to see it to get the real experience and understand that you're in a magical wonderland of nature!! I've been twice now, and i know that anytime I'm heading towards Twin Falls or that area, I'll always stop to see the falls❤

chad rose

Great place to boat and swim. Views are phenomenal. Only complaint is boaters could utilize the parking lot better, a little lazy on the way they park truck and empty trailer while boating.

Angela Zivait

Its best in spring when the falls are fuller but beautiful year round. Great place to take people visiting Twin or new in town.

Hilary Neilson

Gorgeous!! There was a giant rainbow when I went which I'm guessing is semi-permanent. Makes for great photos! There is a concession stand and lots of interesting historical info and photos about the falls. Also, to make your $5 entry fee even more worth it, you get entry to the upper swimming lakes with cliff jumping and supervised swimming!

Laine Harbaugh

They need to update Google maps to send the people driving to the correct area. Not to a private community with no trespassing signs.

Hannah O'Brien

Pay the extra fee to go all the way down into the park. Its a wonderful and beautiful place

Dustin Allen

Beautiful waterfall. Breathtaking in early fall, especially when there has been a heavy winter. Also lots of places to picnic or sit on the grass. The falls are surprisingly muted just a few feet from the ravine. Definitely a ruckus when you are on the lookouts though.

Dennis Goddard

It is over 200 ft. Higher then Niagra falls and beautiful

Nathan Buss

Beautiful. The waterfall is breathtaking. The park itself is extremely clean and well kept. The staff are friendly and the park wasn't over crowded on the weekend. Well worth the two hour drive and five dollars for parking.

Neil Hinch

Just amazing. A must see if you're in the area. $5 to get in. Beautiful and out of place in the farmland of Idaho.

Quila Bright

The falls are gorgeous, no doubt. There is a $5 per car charge. It was pretty busy when we went. I wish there was a playground for my kids. I didn't go up to the lake up top, there may have been a playground up there.

Heather Williams

restrooms, concessions, historical information and spectacular views. This gem on the Snake River is one of our favorite places to explore. The falls are gorgeous no matter the season.

Sid Unrau

the park has an upper parking lot, view area where you don't have to pay anything, but you also can't see very much. I did not go down to the actual pay area, and I heard it is very beautiful. However, we were just on our way in the middle of an 8 hour trip and we did not want to spend more time. It is a very beautiful area.the ravine is amazing, a giant crack in the Earth, where the river runs and there are various waterfalls.

Josie Cervantes

What an awesome experience! Also known as the Niagra falls of the West. Scenic various overlooking the Falls. A must in Idaho.

Julie Phillips

Phenomenal A+ gorgeous, don't miss. Got in free with senior national Park pass, easy drive in, special RV parking. Took dog. Very short walk for beautiful views of the water falls and gorge. Icing on the cake was a rainbow viewable from the walk bridge jutting out for photography. Dogs might get feet caught in the holes of the steps down to that bridge. This is a must see if you are anywhere near it!

Heather Hamilton

This is an amazing and beautiful hidden gem. You can camp, swim, fish, and just all out enjoy this Oasis with the whole family no matter ability level. There's beautiful greenery to explore!

Zeta Wolf

My husband found this beautiful place with an amazing view! We arrived there right before sunset and got some incredible pictures!! Fantastic place for a picnic I even saw a grill there! We were there kind of late and the security came to close up and he was very polite and friendly!! Awesome experience!

Adan Luna Beltran

This is a majestic site for pictures. Also great place for a picnic or a small hike. I just wish they would expand there gift shop.

Rose Vassallo

Went to Shoshone Falls at Twin Falls Idaho today. It was beautiful. The camp host where we are staying said that the water isn't flowing as much right now because they're running irrigation water off of it, best time to come is April or May to see it full power.

Senator Martin King

Great attraction here in Twin Falls. Well maintained bathrooms and park areas. In the immeadiate viewing area there is a walking trail that will take you all the way to the visitor center and even beyond that (if you are a walker). If you choose to go further into the park there is a lake for swimming and docks, walking trails, and a small kids park. When going to this park bring 5$ cash it's easier, they also take card but doesnt always work. You don't have to pay after 8pm or if you come in on foot, but the park does close at 10 pm.

Brian Barnes

Beautiful falls even though the water flow was lite. The park setting and overlook was amazing and a must do if you have the time.

Gretchen Rowe

This is a really beautiful place to go! Photos can't do it justice. I went in early May, so it wasn't busy yet, but I'm sure it gets a lot of visitors in the summer. There are quite a few different lookout areas and hiking and biking trails to enjoy. There's a lovely lake near the entrance that I'd like to go back to. The entrance fee is only $5, and I would definitely consider that worth the price. There are also picnic tables and historic information areas very close by. You do have to look at the map to see what you're interested in hiking, otherwise it could potentially feel like you came, saw it, and left. But I spent a few hours there and wished I had more time to explore. Be sure to stay on the marked trails and keep out of areas marked with caution tape! I ignored some caution tape to explore some old side trails and ended up getting into poison ivy.

Trick Shotz Basketball

VERY, VERY PRETTY!! The scenery here is beyond all other. The Waterfall is GORGEOUS! The surrounding grassy areas are full or wildlife, beautiful trees, and many plants. This is a must see!

Michelle Beck

The waterfall was beautiful. Only 4 stars though because, as of 6/13/19, all the hiking trails were blocked off. I feel like if I'm paying to get into this park I want to be able to see most it, not just the falls.


Beautiful and breathtaking! Great place to bring your family.

Shonni Nelson

Beautiful falls and park! The "low" water didn't hurt the view at all. Well worth the $5 entrance fee

Mark Rau

Go in Spring time, Spring time Spring time or when the local news says there are traffic jams on the road leading into the canyon. Hold onto your stuff tightly while at the overlook so you can still take pictures looking down at all the stuff from other people who did not hold onto their stuff tightly enough.

Dan G

Pretty place. Amazing contrast to rolling dry plains just one-block away.

Michael E Hattaway

Very picturesque landscape with the natural beauty of the sounds and sights of a water fall. Value added for the entrance fee is that there are walking trails and pull over stops for exploring the area. Definitely worth a stop over when you are in the area.

Greg Camack

Beautiful Park, animal friendly (on leash) and easy RV parking, even with a tow vehicle. They also accept Nation Parks Access Pass for free access. Well worth the side trip to get there...

Matthew Marshall

Breathtaking natural glory. Pictures don't do it justice. Plus there are hiking trails all around and multiple incredible views hidden along the path to the summit. Bring water! I couldn't find a water fountain and 2$ per water bottle gets old quick

Richard Brown

The waterfall looks really cool and in the spring it looks like Niagra falls. It is a nice place to stop when driving through Idaho.

Andrew Osborne

Awesome views!!! Take the kids, go for a walk, enjoy some family time... Worth every minute.

Thomas Kenji Melot

This place was nice, great view of the falls and a nice open, hilly park with some souvineers for sale Side note: the guy collecting entrance fees may have been some random goon shaking down park visitors, no way of knowing if it was official or not. Just some dude in a plaid shirt and baseball cap with a huge handful of cash. No badge, no uniform, he wasn't even standing inside the entrance booth. Very strange.

William Johnson

It's a gorgeous place for sure but come in the morning or else you'll get stuck in a long line waiting to get into the park. Not many places to see the falls from the overhang considering all the tourists who helplessly need to take selfies with each family member. You'll probably need an hour to visit this place. And see what it has to offer. There's a hidden lake up on top that has swimming so fun for the whole family

Eco Savvy Mama

Just beautiful! The sight. The sound. The smell. You can also see the Snake River and Canyon. Worth seeing!

Lydsi Lara

To think I almost decided to cancel this part of our trip. It ended up being our favorite! It's beautiful. Going this time of year (Oct/Nov) was perfect because there aren't as many people, parking/access was free and we were able to get nice pictures and enjoy the view all to ourselves for a while. Simply Memorable

Brian Eggleton

We stopped in to enjoy the view and see the Snake River inside its Idaho lava flow canyon while making a picnic lunch off the interstate and out of the car. There is shade and picnic tables and nice grass and lots of parking. Worth the $5 cash entry! Also swimming at Dierkes Lake if you or your kids need a dip during a hot summer Idaho adventure. We'll be back with time for a swim next time we're going by in the summer.

Kelsey M

Always a beautiful stop! And this time I got some post cards.


Not as big as Niagara Falls in Buffalo, New York but this waterfall is still huge. I actually like this better than Niagara. I don't know why not a lot of people know it, this is a hidden gem in Idaho. There is a beautiful park here too for family picnic. There is a lake kids and adults can swim around. If you are ever in Twin Falls Idaho, make sure to visit this park. You won't regret it.

Victor Sarria

I guess this place was nicer in the past. They are building an extension of the hydraulic powerplant so the views are now worse than in previous pictures posted. Entrance is 5$ and I don't recommend a visit unless you are passing by near this place.

Laguna Beach Bob

Fantastic view. A little interesting history and that's about it. Still worth the $5 admission.

tim cochran

This is the coolest spot i strongly suggest you visit it well worth the distraction of driving there.

Patricia Flores

Its the best five dollars i have ever spent!!!!! Roads are a little narrow, plenty of parking, there's a concession stand with great and reasonably priced souvenirs. AMAZING view, no matter were you view the falls, chances are youll get a nice breeze, park is really well maintained!!!! Pictures do not do this place justice, there is a reason this is referred to the Niagara Falls of the west.

Troy Bartlett

Shoshone Falls is a real hidden gem. We had passed by this location a number of times on our way to Boise or Oregon and never new about it! The entrance fee is something like $5.00 and well worth it. The falls are breathtaking. Looking forward to visiting this place at different times including next winter! Next year we are planning on kayaking along this river, just down from the falls.

Chad Reynolds

Love it here. Water flow is down quite a bit but still absolutely beautiful!!

Ayzee Kay

One of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced! We stopped here on our way back to Canada from our stay in Salt Lake City. The park is beautiful and there was a full rainbow over the falls the day we visited. It's free to get into the park if you vehicle has a handicap permit. Can't recommend enough if you are in the area. It's phenomenal.

paul shaw

Great views, veteran friendly. Very nice place to stop and just take in the beauty of nature

Jessica Charfauros

$5 per car, entrance fee. Totally worth it! Family and I took a short trip for Labor day. Wonderful experience. Beautiful views. If planning on hiking stay hydrated....bring lots of water.

Yv Desind

Beautiful. Amazing views and will give you a sense of magic.

Stephen Richardson

If coming through Idaho add this to the list of things to do. It's amazing.

Adam James

This has a great view of Shoshone Falls, and the surrounding canyon. The fee to enter is $5/vehicle and I feel that price is appropriate. There's great locations for a picnic and a little area to walk around. Certainly an oasis in Southern Idaho. 6

Mary O'Malley

A main feature of the Snake River Canyon Rim, the Falls are amazing. The point of coming here is to see the Falls (spectacular) and enjoy the park. There are several viewing vistas including some that one has to walk a way to get to. There are also bathroom facilities and a concession stand. One can travel here by car or by hiking the Snake River Canyon Rim trail. As a hiker, I was a little disappointed there were not more marked trails other than the Canyon Rim. But that lack is offset at the Falls next door neighbor -- Dierckes Lake Park.

Steven Teter

it was a great time to go the water was going full bore over the falls. They've improved it since I was down there the last time.

Wyld Thyng

This was one of the best waterfalls I have ever seen. It was sunny, there was a beautiful rainbow leading right into the bottom of the waterfall. Would definitely take the detour to check it out

Derik Goodall

Most people were just going to the falls. It was $5 to get in (but you could park and walk if you did not want to pay) so I took advantage of everything the park offered. There are some trails to explore the park . If you drive to the lake and look at the trail map, the trails took me through some interesting terain and rock out croppings. The trails were easy to moderate and were mostly paths wore down over time. There were also a few small trails around the falls to get a few other views that most people overlook. The lake in the park was nice and you could also explore that and several folks were fishing that. At the falls the also had a snack shop open. Nice set up. It is a simple drive just outside of town. I went in late September and was cool and rainy but was a nice stop. Could see how folks could make it a longer experience in nicer weather.

John Winter

Wonderful place to walk with the wife its beautiful but to many Californians i wish they would stay home

Ash E

This place is peaceful and so beautiful! There are places to picnic and nature watch! The drive down can be steep, so be careful!

Becky Cavanaugh

Great place to go for a nice spring or summer day. We like to go in the spring when the water level is higher. Nice picnic areas. Love this place! Cost is $5 per car, cash only.

N Machunze

This was this most beautiful hike aroynd the canyon. These falls are twice the height of Niagara Falls. The hike around canyon is paved but a great workout. Total hiking area is 7 miles. We loved it.

Jarlin De leon

My family and I had a blast!! We truly enjoyed seeing the waterfalls. It's a bit scary to stand and the edge of the cliff though.

David Roberts

Well worth the time to visit and the $5 per vehicle entry fee. Great spaces for picnics and an awe-inspiring view of the falls. Highly recommended!

Kevin webb

What an AWESOME experience. Loved they place, great views and falls were amazing to enjoy. Nice open area with picnic tables and lush green open areas. Great for families and pets.

Samantha R

We visited during low traffic - end of October on a late Thursday afternoon. It was beautiful and relatively easy to access. It's not right off the freeway but you take a nice route. We stayed just 5 minutes. There's only so long I can look at a waterfall. :) Worth the stop if you're going through Twin Falls!

Ken Crabtree

Park is very clean and well-maintained and has lots of vantage points for photo-taking. Lots of trees and picnic areas for the family. And the Falls is always breathtaking to watch.

Missy Welsh

Beautiful park, lush grass and ample parking. Cute concession stand with quite an assortment of food/snacks and souvenirs. Great info stations also provide historical details of people and milestone events.

Shelly Linford

A must see waterfall when you are near Twin Falls Idaho. Located pretty close to the freeway this waterfall is fantastic for the whole family. There is a small entrance fee but it is worth every penny. Once you park, you take a short walk to see the falls. There are bathrooms and picnic areas right by the parking.

Omar Hernandez

Nice place, but way too much development around the falls. Takes away from its natural beauty.

Devan Lennon

Stunning views. Not much to do other than picnic and see the falls. There are restrooms and a little snack bar where you can also purchase souvenirs. Picnic areas as well. Beautiful and a definite must see. Dogs are allowed in this area too. We did see people kayaking to the bottom of the falls but I don't know where they were able to get in.

Steve B Jones

Just enjoyed a late September 1st time visit to the falls; earlier I asked a local if they were worth the 10 minute drive out of town but he said "well springtime is far better cuz there's not a lot of flow this time of year". Let ME tell you I'm glad we ignored that advice!! The falls were beautiful - actually split up into several falls - and plenty big. Also the exposed eroded rock was very cool...which would not be visible in the springtime high flow. My wife was ecstatic and beside herself that we were almost led to blow off this spectacle

Jenifer Pavlova

Super pretty! Great over looks and prices to get in is only $5! The park is very clean and the people are very nice! Would recommend for everyone to visit!

Lily Holt

Beautiful view points. Multiple views. Very affordable price per vehicle. Not too crowded. Unfortunately rather unclean bathroom facilities but that's an easy fix. Definitely recommend.

Kimberly Ruffin

This is a great park. You do have to pay to enter a small fee but it's well worth it. If you have a Idaho parks pass it's included. They have amazing views pretty much all year long. Bathroom and snacks and some small suiveniors.

Marilynn Bunce

I loved the falls. Such a pretty place. You guys need to have bill boards up for advertising. You would get tons more people!

Mary Defeo

What an amazing and breathtaking set of falls. So amazed that itnis here in the middle of nowhere. Definitely worth making the trip to see.


Absolutely stunning! We have driven to this park many times, but this time we kayaked up from the Perrine Bridge past Pillar Falls. Fantastic day!

Lucie S

What a beautiful surprise. Great place for an easy hike or maybe sone rock climbing if it's allowed. The Twin Falls are GORGEOUS

Tami Walker

One of my favorites! I will never get tired of this beauty! The fall is always less flow than spring, but the water taken from the river for irrigation grows a lot of crops in the valley! Respect to our water, beauty and our farmers!

William Fulton

Gorgeous falls. Much better than Niagara. A little difficult to find, but when you get there, you have found the Jewell of Twin Falls, Idaho. Note. The falls are supplied by winter and rain runoff, meaning that in dry times, the flowing water is restricted and not much water goes over the edges. Best time to visit is late spring or early summer. It is flowing at pretty much peak flow right now, but is controlled by the flood gates of the lake above. We have seen it at peak times and at almost no flow times. Both were beautiful but very different. Adds to the mystique of the falls!

Jade Ryals

Really cool, empty on the weekdays. Good for a nice jaunt with some elevation and great views.

Michelle Ruth

Very cool sight to see! Parking is limited but people seem to come and go pretty fast. The views are phenomenal..snacks are available and there’s a bathroom as well. Also a cute spot for a picnic as there are lots of grassy hills to rest on

Ashley Courtright

This place is beautiful but when we paid, the ranger told us that our state park sticker didn't work for there because "they weren't a state park." My parents went there a couple weeks prior and used their sticker with no problem. So I lost my $5. I feel like this gentleman was taking peoples money.

RJ9 Omega

The waterfall is great and it's possible to see a double rainbow! The place is kept really nice. There's also a little gift shop with a penny press if you're into collecting those.

Byron Dike

Cool spot worth stopping at just a few minutes off the highway

Doreen Vaughn

This place is awesome!!! It's called the Niagara Falls of the west ..... Beautiful

gLynn VanGrimbergen

July 14th & still running! Gorgeous! Just a note of caution, if you are a Big Rig RV(we are 40’ motor home) they let you go down. However it is really not a good idea. Very narrow, winding road with rocks jutting out. Cars driving WAY too fast for the conditions. You will enjoy it more if you take your tow vehicle. Wish we could have stayed longer to hike or picnic but so limited in RV parking we didn’t want to “hog” it. I only give it 4 instead of 5 because somewhere someone needs to say don’t bring your BIG rig. Seniors your National Park pass works


Great quick stop over in our RV in October. A nice place for a picnic lunch. No camping. Bathrooms available. No fee when we stopped.

Randy Martin

I didn't even know about this. Just happened to reserve a hotel in Twin Falls for the night and then saw photos and looked it up. I had to go see it and I wasn't disappointed. Amazing falls. They call it the Niagara of the West. This is a do not miss!

Steve Ellsworth

Truly a sight to see. The Niagara of the West. Price of admission gets you access to the viewing area and the lake above the falls. A well maintained park overall.

Eric Turnquist

The falls are great. During the summer months the falls have part of the water used for irrigation, so you'll still see the falls, just not as wide across. Still worth going.


Absolutely jaw droppingly gorgeous!!! Nice info posters with fun history, great lookout point, however the stairs didn't make me feel safe and I'm 30. Being elderly or handicap they would make me nervous. Or anytime in the winter they would be scary as well. Also, I will add, this spot was hard to find if you don't know Shoshone falls. I looked for Twinfalls. And was sent on a wild goose chase.

Brett Cutler

WOW! Incredibly beautiful and awe inspiring! My soul immediately felt at peace!

Frank Perez

The park is well kept up. There’s a small snack shop that has popcorn, candy, hot dogs, pretzels with good prices for the food but way overpriced for the souvenirs. Overall it’s a beautiful waterfall, worth seeing.

Junior Hernandez

I visited on a Sunday in July. Parking lot was full, but we found parking lot. There is an easy view to the falls in this park, and then there is the long trail. The trail is paved. Starting from the park, the trail is up hill, not a lot of shade, and it can be draining on a hot day. So take a lot of water, and go dress appropriately! The trail has nice views of the falls, the river, and the canyon. Expect to spend 3 hours to fully enjoy this!

Thad Torix

Exactly as it should be, this place remains unchanged for the most part over the last few decades. The gift shop had just the right amount of choices for my family and I can't wait to bring them back!

E.P. McDonough

Visit Shoshone Falls, it's the Niagara Falls of the West. The park offers a great space to relax and picnic. The overlook has many places to see the falls, take pictures, and enjoy the beauty of the Snake River cutting it's way through the rock and spilling over the falls. Very picturesque and very worth the stop. $5 per car. Large vehicles and articulated trucks and trailers are discouraged as space is limited.

Justin Small

We were stunned by the beauty and magnitude of these falls. Definitely a must see if you’re ticking off scenic sites of the western US. Crazy to think Evil Kenevil attempted to jump over this canyon.

Helen Martinez

Not much needs to be said about visiting the Shoshone Falls fantastic views all-around impressive would totally return again one day, love the special effect of the rainbow against the mist of the water fall. Totally beautiful and amazing... It's the closest falls I'll ever see besides Niagara falls which I hope to see one day!

Jeremy Thomas

Amazing view of the falls, completely unexpected surprise! Driving into this park is interesting because everything nearby is flat and empty, then all of sudden you start driving down a canyon and come across these unbelievable falls. Well worth a stop!

Nikki Gale

Absolutely beautiful! It's a pretty quick stop off of the interstate and a great sight to see. Very accessible for anyone.

Lynn Roberts

Omg!! This beautiful place is a must see !! The pictures I have came out so beautiful and it's the site where evil kenevil did his last jump! And it's even cooler bc you can go and see it 1st hand. Also that big bridge there always has people jumping ( base jumping ) from it. It's such a great place to visit and only 5$ per car or 20$ per bus load!!! It's a ton of American and Chinese history there!

Niklas Bungardt

Just astonishing. Love it and will come back for sure.

Cynthia Rockwood

Great falls view! Better late in the day and it faces mostly westerly. Supposedly even more awesome in spring when water flow is high but I keep catching it in fall. Beautiful.

Benjamin Turner

Beautiful waterfall in a nice park with gorgeous canyon views and many overlooks. You can stand just above, right next to, in front of, a little further away, or higher and further out on an overlook reachable via well maintained, paved trail further up. This trail continues to another waterfall, more canyon views, and is all around delightful. This park is very much handicap friendly, child friendly, and you can either get soaked or not, and search for exactly the angle you're after. There are benches, tables, green grass, etc surrounding the main area, so you can certainly settle in for an extended outing complete with picnic if you so choose while your friend walks the rim. For my group, I was that guy going for a walk.

ankit mehta

Fun place for family picnic. Ample amount of parking. But they do have a per vehicle charge of $5. This is city park so state park passes don't work here.

Isaac Fenison

Great scenic view of this falls from many areas!! You can walk down the trail a bit more to find different views of the water fall. Great all around place and enjoyed the stay while I was here.

Joni Baxter

Beautiful place. Narrow winding road to get to the viewing site. They have bleachers for the disabled to sit. There is a small gift and snack shop. Also restrooms. The falls are better in the spring when there is more water coming over them.

Forrest Ihler

Place is never a let down. Being an Idaho Native I’ve been here several times but always seem to forget how amazingly beautiful it is. I always recommend this Niagara of the west to any of my friends passing through this area. The nice thing too is that it’s so easily accessible and just right outside of Twin Falls. The drive down to the parking is beautiful in itself as well.

Suzanne Ainey

Beautiful! If I had the time, I'd spend hours each time we stop enjoying the falls. We went out of our way by 4 hours to visit and it's well worth the diversion!

Jason Palmer

Great view areas for taking pictures. I'd bring a towel because the mist from the waterfall can get heavy at times. Parking was good even for vehicles pulling camping trailers. There was a lot of grass areas for relaxing and doing a picnic

Morgan Kugler

Neat park. We were able to drive our 34' class a (no dinghy) down to the oversized parking. There is one or two very tight turns that can be an issue if there is oncoming traffic but everyone we passed was kind enough to give us room and we were lucky no one else was coming around the corners at the same time.

Amber Morris

This place is Amazing. The falls are so beautiful when they are all running. This place is definitely worth the drive. There are also trails to walk and a park and swimming area right up the road. Must see to appreciate.

Michelle Bird

Beautiful! Well kept park and it has beautiful view spots!

matthew rummler

Impressive falls (if you can get a sense of scale they are quite high). In the spring the falls are impressive in the amount of water, but you can't see as well. Parking is limited but seemed sufficient.

Laura Aeder

Lunch stop on a long drive. A huge comfy grassy hill with shade from trees and a beautiful view. Nice picnic. After lunch walked a few feet to the overlook. Wow!

Angie Allen

The path from Eastland Road down into the canyon at Shoshone Falls was beautiful. Flowers blooming right now, the falls flowing and animals to see! It's 6 miles round trip. The walk back however is harder then I thought it would be. Lots of uphill walking.

Balbir Bains

Best time to see them is in the spring when they are releasing large quantities of water

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